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Perbanyak sabar.. tidak semua hal terjadi secepat yang kita perkirakan, dan sesuai dengan yang diinginkan.

Terkadang, kita “dipaksa” belajar menerima segala sesuatunya terjadi sesuai dengan kehendakNya; sesuai dengan apa yang sebenar-benarnya kita butuhkan — bukan berdasarkan apa yang kita inginkan.

Yang Esa jauh lebih memahami kita dibandingkan diri kita sendiri, karena toh Dia yang menciptakan kita. Sementara pengetahuan kita, serba terbatas — sebatas ilmu yang Dia berikan, atau sebatas hati yang mudah goyah. Sebatas pikiran yang gampang tersesat, sebatas perasaan yang tidak menentu.

Bersabarlah, dengan sebuah kesabaran yang indah. Yang maksimal. Yang diperluas batasannya. Yang tidak terpatok oleh hasil dan sekadar harapan. Sabarlah, dengan sebaik-baik sabar. Kesabaran demi Sang Pencipta yang telah memberikan segalanya. Bersabarlah, karena sabarmu bagian dari rasa syukurmu.

—DFS— (sebuah pesan untuk diriku sendiri)

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The Monsters and their Lovers. 

Sawamura Daichi

There were rumors that there was a class of shapeshifters in the nearby forest. In fact, the forest was named Murder’s Woods for the over abundance of crows. If you walk through the woods, expect groups of crows. They fly to the branches, following you every step, their eyes never leaving you. There were whispers that the crows were the shapeshifters; waiting for the perfect way to attack. You walked through the forest, a basket in your hand, the crows sitting atop the branches; they use their voices to call to each other; a smile graces your lips as you continue the path. A hand harshly pulls you from the shoulder, the basket in your hand drops, you gasp when a knife slides against your cheek.

“Monster!” The man shouts, “You’re one of them shapeshifters.”

Blood trickles down your cheek, your hand cups the dripping blood. The crows shriek, they drop their wings, falling from the branches to circle the man in a swarm. Your eyes widen, behind you a crow drops; leaves circling, feathers withering as fur grows. A wolf emerges, a growl on its lips as it brushes against your thigh. The crows follow suit, their raspy shrieks replaced with snapping growls. Your eyes shut, the man’s screeches dissipate as a wolf drags him further into the forest; the other wolves follow suit. One wolf lingers, it circles you; your knees give out. The wolf lets out a whine, when you open your eyes, the wolf is sitting in front of you. Your hands brush against it’s fur.


The wolf’s tongue drags against your cut cheek, the whine disappearing; the fur sheds and a male sits across from you, “Are you alright?”

“I’m perfect now that you’re here.” You look to the basket, pulling out a small blanket to hand to the man, “But please, cover up.”

The wolves howl into the night, he catches the faint smell of blood; a hand resting on your back as he leads you home.

Kuroo Tetsuro

It was three in the morning. The witching hour. It was a rule to never stay out during the witching hour. That’s when the creatures come out. They feed on the weak, the innocent, anyone walking the streets. The braver ones broke into homes, took what they called theirs, destroying lives for entertainment. You heard a scream from down the block, your footsteps quicken; laughter follows behind you. You can’t help but to continuously look over your shoulder. Despite it being summer, the witching hour practically made snow fall.

“And where do you think you’re going.” A cackle comes from the alleyway you’ve just passed. When you look over your shoulder, you see a group of men coming from the dark shadows, eyes sharpening on your figure, their tongues slither as they begin to move towards you, “Come back and play with us.”

You begin to bolt, they cackle loudly as they begin to chase. Your heart pounding, eyes brimming with tears, you turn the corner, slamming into the chest of a man. Fear radiates from your body as you look up, “Tetsu!” You bawl, shaking to your feet.

“She’s ours.” The group of men have caught up.

Kuroo narrows his eyes onto the men, a hiss on his lips, “I don’t think so.” Kuroo pulls you to your feet, he drags his fingers to the neck of your shirt, yanking the cloth to expose your shoulder. The outlining of a cat sits nestled on your collarbone, “She’s been marked.”

The men turn away. You look at Kuroo, you smack him in the chest and he lowly laughs, “You’re the worst.” You spit out, walking pass him with your arms crossed.

Kuroo chuckles, arms wrapping around your waist, “Come on, isn’t this fun?”

“No.” You can feel the way others stare at you, hunger in their eyes when they take in your scent, “I want to go home.” It was unbearable, the way he loved to dangle you in front of others, “I don’t feel safe.”

He tightens his hold, fingers gripping the neck of your shirt, his tongue drags against his mark, “No one can touch you.” He whispers in your ear, “They’ll burn in hell before they can.”

Oikawa Tooru

The palace sat neatly a top a hill, large and vast it stretched just as large as the city below it. Commoners gazed up at the monarchy’s household with envy. The villagers were divided on their ruler, some loyal to their king, others whispered rumors about the evil hiding behind the innocent face of the dictator. It was no doubt that he was obsessed with you; his queen, his one true love, ruler of his heart. He’d cross oceans for you; he started a war for your hand in marriage. When he met you, an engagement ring rested on your finger, one too unfitting for your beauty. His soldiers charged into battle and in less than a year; he placed a wedding ring far grander on your delicate finger.

The citizens were getting restless, they were asking for more resources, more money, more food, more support. The king was utterly distracted, fingers dancing on your hip, kisses on your cheek, you tried to pull away when an interviewer approached.

“Are you denying me?” He whispers in your ear as the camera is being set up.

You look to him, “Of course not, my king. I just thought it would be wiser to have some civility when the camera rolls.”

Oikawa grins, his finger touching your nose briefly, “You’re so smart.”

As he pulls away to straighten himself, he doesn’t miss the way your body relaxes when he removes his hand. He watches as your eyes suddenly light up at the entrance of a mere guard. He catches the fleeting glances between you and the guard, a red dust on your cheeks. Oikawa is irritated.

You sneak through the castle, a skip in your step as you reach the tower. When you open the doors, a smile graces your lips, “My love.” Silence strikes you when Oikawa is seated on a chair, “My king.” Your voice falls, in his hand rests a bloodied sword, the family symbol of the guard engraved onto the steel.

“My queen.” The sword falls onto the ground, he’s brushing his bloodstained hands into your hair. The blood of your lover sticks to your cheeks as he cleans your tears, “It’s okay. You’re safe now.”

Kita Shinsuke

It was crazy, it was preposterous; yet the villagers thought that if it worked, then it must be the only way. It was a tale as old as time, it was something outsiders could never understand. Outsiders gossiped about the unusualness of the village, when drought reached nearby cities and towns, this particular village only experienced prosperity. When war broke out, soldiers were lost amongst fog trying to find the last standing town; wounded warriors brought stories of the fog, shouting nonsense of foxes tearing men apart.

“Is that her?” Someone whispers with astonishment, “The bride of the fox spirit.”

You turn when someone addresses your title, curious to who whispered. The twins behind you halt in their steps, their eyes peering at the outsider in the village; their scent was dreadful.

“Excuse me!” They approach, the boys hold back the person, “Please help me! My village is burning.”

“She doesn’t talk to outsiders.” The twins speak together.

You had gotten used to the sight, the begs and pleads of outsiders at your feet; you had to turn a cold shoulder. The village’s prize possession, that’s what you were. Given to the fox spirit as its bride, you would be written down as the twentieth wife.

“I am home.” You state upon reaching the shrine, “My husband.”

A gust of wind brushes against your skin, an air of red encircles your figure, arms wrap themselves around your waist. A chin rested on your shoulder, your body stiffens, he presses a kiss to your neck.

“Kita.” You pull away, turning to him, in your hand resting some fried tofu, “I would have brought more but Osamu and Atsumu ate a lot of them.” You feed him; he can smell it; the slight fear running through your veins.

  He holds your wrist, your eyes stared into his. Kita lowers himself to you, nosing brushing against your; your lips beginning to quiver, “I’m sorry.” He whispers on your lips, “I’m sorry they took your life to give to me.” Tears fall from your eyes; you cling to him out of desperation. 

Bokuto Koutarou

It’s been said that when someone is lost; an owl will lead the way. If you choose to follow the owl, be mindful that where they lead you may not be home. Word began to spread, disappearances of people between nearby towns. The sound of owls calling out to each other in the night, it signaled a disappearance. People began to leave for their homes when the sun started to set, doors locked, windows shut, streets empty. It was best to try and sleep through the night, it was best to try and pretend like the hooting of owls wasn’t right outside the windows.

You felt as though you had walked passed the same path ten minutes ago. Your nerves were at its peak, the sun passed the horizon; the moon accompanied you. A lump in your throat as you watched an owl fly above, you watched the direction it flew; your foot moved in temptation to follow.

“Are you lost?”

You jump in your spot, a small shriek from your lips. You whip your head around, looking at the male. It was a person; someone you hadn’t seen before. For a second you think his eyes glowed with a yellow tint, but his friendly smile puts you at ease, “Yeah. I’m just trying to find my way back to the main city.”

“I can help you.” He reaches a hand out, “I’m Bokuto Koutarou.”

“Thanks so much, I’m Y/n.” He extends a hand in the direction of the path he’s leading you on, “Are you from here? I don’t think I’ve seen you in town before.”

He laughs, “I’m actually new, I’m trying to find a place to settle.”

You’re grinning, “Oh, this is a great place. Despite the owls lately.” Your eyes follow the way another owl flies overhead, “Something about them, seems creepy. I’m glad I’m not alone right now, they say that if you see an owl at night when you’re alone; you’ll disappear.”

Bokuto’s eyes widen, “Are you trying to scare me?”

 “Are you scared?” You whisper to him, you halt in your step, peering up at him with a playful grin. You lean into him, on your toes, your voice near his ear, “You should be.” Your fingers burn an imprint onto the back of his hand.

“Witch.” Bokuto hisses as he pulls away from you. The back of his hand burning as a mark grows, “Seriously.”

You grin, “Owls are a rare catch. Come now, we must go home.”

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Youth In A Nutshell

We didn’t date until later, but I’ve always had a crush on him since middle school, which is my most committed accomplishment to this day.

I once thought of Kita and me as childhood sweethearts that would bloom into lovers eventually, gradually. But, we were nothing like that.

We were just kids that went to the same school, lived close together… I being the struggling type, he being the very very amazing type.

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I just know that he’d be sitting there like 🙂 while you run your fingers through his hair and his hair is probably so damn soft 😭😭

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//haikyuu but i make them tiktok boys//

Notes: when asked hcs or a thread, @moncymonce​ responded with yes, so now there’s both


  • He makes story times about the volleyball team
  • He genuinely has enough content to last him y e a r s because the team is always doing something dumb as fuck
  • A very popular story time tiktoker because people think his voice is soothing
  • He always tells his stories in the bathroom mirror
  • If it’s a really long story or if it’s just too off the walls that he can’t fully wrap his head around it, he’ll sit in the sink
  • Suga duets his tiktoks with videos of the boys being dumb just toshow that Daichi literally can’t make this shit up


  • He’s one of those POV tiktokers
  • But, like, not just ANY POV tiktoker
  • He’s one of the ones who make like 20 part POVs and you see the first part on your For You Page so you obviously have to go find the rest
  • So you’re stuck scrolling through his page for 30 minutes trying to find the part two to this tiktok only to give up because you’re pretty sure that you’ve gone through his entire page and you can’t find it to save your life
  • Lots of followers and likes because he’s pretty
  • His comments are literally flooded with people asking if he’s single


  • This bitch makes thirst traps and you can’t convince me otherwise
  • Okay, but hear me out.
  • His page didn’t start as thirst traps.  He was on the educational side of tiktok and he would post videos showing people how to solve Chemistry equations and Calculus problems
  • But he and Bokuto were just dicking around one day and made a shirtless dance video that went viral and he gained like 20K followers in a few days
  • Imagine their surprise when they see him just teaching you how to find bond angles 
  • His views went down and he lost followers, so what did this bitch do?  He started teaching without a shirt on smh
  • So now he’s just known as “the hot shirtless tutor guy” on tiktok


  • Bokuto also never has a shirt on in his tiktoks, but he’s not thirst trapping.  He just likes to lounge around after practice without a shirt and that just happens to be the same time he makes tiktoks
  • He makes reaction videos
  • But, Bo reacts to everything
  • Cute puppy videos?  He’s duetting it
  • A cool art video?  DUETTED
  • Someone posts a “put a finger down challenge?” It may be about being a girl and he’s still going to duet and play along
  • Everyone loves him because he gets so hype about every tiktok he duets. 
  • Some tagged him in a video of them ironing a shirt and Bokuto just stared in awe, commenting about how satisfying it was to watch
  • He must be protected at all costs


  • Bold of you to assume he has a tiktok
  • But, on the off chance that he does-
  • He posts workout videos
  • No audios
  • No filters
  • Just Ushijima in his room doing push-ups or him in the gym doing deadlifts
  • The quality is also really bad??? But no one cares because he’s still hot.
  • Sometimes people will ask for tips or will thirst for him and Ushi would LOVE to do a video response to them, but the poor boy just can’t figure out how 
  • He did it once on accident so, somewhere on the depths of his page is a tiktok of him unknowingly replying to a comment, but it’s just this really unflattering angle of him staring at his phone.
  • It got like a million views and people thought it was hilarious and Ushijima has no memory of ever making that video.


  • He also thirst traps
  • But, he built this persona of being really charismatic?  So, before he started thirst trapping, he posted a lot of videos of him telling stories or making jokes
  • Everyone was like “oh my god he’s so sweet! So cute! So pure!”
  • Yeah that’s what he wants you to think
  • He just didn’t want to look like a straight tiktok fuck boy
  • He did one of those videos of him grabbing a blanket and showing off his hands
  • It has like 200K comments of people just telling him that his hands would be a great necklace
  • To keep up his act of the sweet dorky tiktok thirst trap boy, he ends every thirst trap with a really unflattering cut of him being “embarrassed”
  • Shut up, suguru.  You’re not slick.  We all know that you did this without any hint of embarrassment


  • Plant videos
  • And they’re so aesthetic and wonderful
  • Sometimes he’ll give plant facts
  • Other times he’ll do a short little story time
  • All while watering his plants 
  • He doesn’t understand why he has so many followers?  He’s literally just watering his plants?
  • Sometimes they’ll switch to like cleaning videos where he’s helping his grandma around the house, so he’ll be scrubbing the counters and talking about his day
  • And it’s genuinely just a really relaxing atmosphere so a lot of people follow just to have a brief minute of this nice homey feeling
  • His most popular tiktok is a video of him and his grandma out in the garden and it starts off as just Kita asking her to wave to the camera, but she pinches his cheek and says, “Isn’t my grandson so handsome?” and insert one super blushy and smiley kita here with only a shy objection

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Aku ingin terbang sebebas-bebasnya.

Berlarian di alam tanpa batas.

Namun, aku malah berakhir di sebuah ruangan persegi kecil yang mana cahaya bahkan sulit untuk menjangkaunya.

Aku tertinggal.


Tak ada rantai padahal.

Tak ada ikatan yang terpasang.

Namun, aku seperti merasakannya.


Aku menyadari satu hal.

Aku yang mengurung diriku sendiri.

Apa yang harus ku lakukan?


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//general dating headcannons//

Characters: Daishou Suguru/ Kita Shinsuke/ Yamaguchi Tadashi

Warnings: i don’t think any??

Word Count: 2K (~650 a piece)

Notes: i am soft for kita shinsuke. that is all.

Daishou Suguru

  • He’s a top tier boyfriend and no one is allowed to tell me otherwise
  • He is a first-class WEENIE for his s/o and would genuinely do anything for them
  • But noooo y’all hate him smh
  • Daishou is the kind of person who puts every important date of your relationship in his phone.  He is never missing your anniversary or your birthday or any other important relationship dates.  
  • He’s a good morning/good night texter too.  I know that everyone thinks he’s an asshole, but after being broken up with for focusing too much on a club, he doesn’t want you to feel like he only cares about volleyball.  If he’s going to be busy for a few hours, he’s going to tell you so you don’t think he’s just flat out ignoring you
  • I promise, he will let you do anything to him if you just ask.  Want to try to curl his hair?  Cool, just please don’t burn him.  You want to pluck his eyebrows?  Go ahead.  He doesn’t mind.  Did you see this really cute nail design that you want to try? Suguru already has his hand held out towards you so you can practice.
  • He’s not telling anyone that he does all of this so willingly though.  He has to maintain some essence of coolness
  • Literally the whole volleyball team knows that he’s a total simp, so idk who the hell he thinks he’s hiding it from
  • His love language is quality time, so as long as he’s with you, he’s perfectly content.  Daishou will happily just sit next to you for hours, sending each other memes or stupid tiktoks.
  • When it comes to actually going out on dates, he’s really simple.  He likes picnics in the park or taking hikes or going stargazing.  It feels very intimate to him and allows a certain degree of vulnerability that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • You guys went stargazing on your first date and he brought you flowers and the two of you shared snacks it was all very cute and there was no way that you weren’t going to go on a second date with him
  • Speaking of flowers-
  • One time you made him mad over something really stupid and he brought you some flowers as a partial apology for him being overdramatic, but the card just said “fuck you” in really pretty lettering, but there was a really small, “but also, I love you” on the other side.
  • The two of you pick up random hobbies together?  For no other reason than the two of you spend an awful lot of time just sitting at each other’s house?  So, you decided to do something other than just sit on your phones for h o u r s
  • You’ve made those giant arm-knitted blankets together.  One time, you tried to make soap, but it didn’t smell good so that hobby got scrapped.  You’ve tried to learn how to roller skate together, but Daishou almost broke his arm so you thought maybe something less dangerous like puzzles.  But, those got old really fast.
  • Please for the love of god run your hand over his arms.  He will be putty in your hands.  He loves it so much.
  • Better yet?  Put your hands on his biceps when he kisses you and he’s a happy boy.  His arms are the feature that he’s most proud of, so knowing that you like them too is a big boost to his ego.
  • He has two main nicknames for you smh.  When he’s teasing or just being a little shit, he calls you sweetheart.  If he actually wants to be affectionate, Daishou calls you babygirl.
  • He’ll pull you into his lap and pepper your face in kisses while telling you, “I love you, babygirl, you know that?”
  • If you call him ‘Sugu’ or just ‘ru’ he may actually die right there.   It just plucks something in his heart that sends him to cloud-9.  
  • Suguru really is a fantastic boyfriend who just wants you to be happy ;-; He wants you to smile and laugh and be comfortable around him, because he’s here for the long-haul.  When Daishou falls in love, he falls hard

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Inarizaki third years at their graduation featuring the photobombing second years =w= 

This concludes the wave of Inarizaki based arts =w= I’ve been meaning to draw the third years at their graduation for a while, and here it is! It was so nice to draw all of them smiling together, I hope you like it!

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he makes sure the camera doesnt get your face, now watching you to get in trouble at your job. luckily his job he’s his own boss so he can use the side money of caming with his face on screen. “cmon get off on the pillow, princess.” shin coos and rubs your thigh, watching you hump the pillow sheet mercilessly. “n-not enough, sir. more please.” you whine and he tsks, smacking your thigh. as you lurch forward a chocked moan was pushed out of your mouth. “what did i say. cmon dont embarrass me in front of everyone, honey.”

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