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gotham-exclusive · 2 days ago
Dick: I’m dating Wally
Jason: Damn, I knew your standards were low but I didn’t realise they were that low
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Tumblr media
I wanted to give the speedsters some wings so naturally they had to be hummingbirds. Also the wings glow because it looks cool. Bart's telling Wally a very funny joke about Jay, Barry and Max (who also have wings) but I couldn't think of one so fill in the blank!
One day I might add a background but that day is not today....
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snaileer · a day ago
YJ/DP Crossover 10
After Aqualad and Superboy nearly get plowed over by both stray crutches and Phantom, the rest of the team wisely stands to the sidelines and lets them have their reunion. Even Red Huntress steps away, leaving while the two talk.
The kid on crutches- Tucker- seems ecstatic to see his friend, and judging by the way he’s glowing, so is Phantom.
“Phantom! I can’t believe you’re back! You’ve been missing for so long! We tried to find you, I swear, but the boomerang never came back and we couldn’t find your ecto-signature and Vlad was acting all shifty and stuff and then your parents-“
Danny holds out a hand to stop him, “I know, Tuck, I already went by there. They didn’t remember me, even when I tried to explain it..”
“It’s not their fault! It’s Plasmius! After you disappeared he did something and it’s like they forgot they had a son at all!” Tucker gestures with a wave of his crutch.
Robin shouts as he ducks to avoid loosing his head, “Watch where you’re swinging that thing, man!” He scowls and brushes down his hair.
“Wait, Plasmius did what-“
“Oh my god, I almost just decapitated Robin… oh my god, am I a fugitive of the Justice League now?” Tucker looks at Phantom with panic, “I can’t afford to be a fugitive, Phantom! I don’t have enough portable chargers!”
Phantom grabs his friend by the shoulders and shakes roughly, “Tucker, you are fine! Batman is not going to kill you! Now, tell me what Vlad did!”
“He erased you!”
Phantom reels back like he’s been struck.
“We only kind of know how he did it, and we’re working on being able to fix it but..” Tucker avoids making eye contact, “Listen, when you disappeared, me and Sam tried to cover for you, said you were at some space camp. When you didn’t come back after two weeks… we knew somebody had to know, had to do something. We went to your parents, they didn’t even know you existed! They thought we were just some classmates of Jazz’s and-“ Tucker watches as Phantom slowly sinks in the air till he’s not even floating anymore. “It was a mess, a big giant mess, and Vlad- well, Plasmius- he wiped your parent’s memories but nobody else, and when you didn’t turn up and nobody could find you, we told everybody you were at boarding school,”
“But… where’s Jazz, couldn’t she jog their memories?” Danny says, pleading.
“We tried… She was away at college, and obviously we called her back but.. the moment she stepped into town, Plasmius went after her. She decided she had to stay out of Amity, so she’s been driving around the states, looking for you. I think she still is-“ Tucker swept his hand out again, this time hitting Robin when he didn’t duck fast enough.
“Sorry,” he winced.
“I knew it was Plasmius! I knew it! Gah.. this is such a mess! I just wish I could rememb—Ah!” Phantom hits the ground with a thump, Tucker’s hand clamped over his mouth.
“No wishes!”
“Oh my gosh, sorry, I totally forgot,” Danny smiles wistfully, “Man, Amity is so weird I actually missed it….” He dims, “I missed so much time..”
“Sorry, wishes? What’s the big deal with that?” Artemis asks.
Tucker stands as he looks at the team grimly and holds up his fingers, “Two words, kids: Weaponized. Genie.” He pauses, “In a thermos. Five words. Eh, close enough.”
Tucker shrugs and turns back to Danny, “You said you’re sure Batman’s not gonna come after me for hitting Robin, right?”
“He won’t,” Robin dabs at the bruise on his forehead, “but I might,” He says with a glare.
“I think you’re good, man,” Danny chuckles and put his hands on his hips like Superman, “I mean, I’m practically part of the Justice League now anyways.”
Wally smirks, “ehhhhh… That’s a bit of an exaggeration, we’re more like ‘Team who wouldn’t stop sneaking on missions till they finally gave in and gave us one,’ but sure, Phantom ‘You’re part of the Justice League’, despite the fact that you’ve been here the shortest,” Wally said with a roll of his eyes.
Phantom quickly floats between them to block Tucker’s view, “And that’s Kid Flash, also known as the Skeptic Grump…him you can feel free to decapitate with a crutch.”
“Duly noted,” Tucker says.
“Why do you have crutches, man?” Danny asks, looking at the bulky cast on Tucker’s foot.
Dani rolls her eyes, “He was ‘hurt in the line of duty’," She stressed the finger quotes, “and now he gets to sit out of actually doing anything.”
Tucker crosses his arms and raises his chin in defiant pride, “I was bravely injured in the midst of a rescue mission.” He pauses at Danny’s doubtful look, “I have a great responsibility, dude! I’m the 4th in command!” Tucker says and puffs out his chest.
“And first in vanity, as always Tuck,” Phantom laughs.
“Someone’s gotta admire all this greatness, otherwise it goes to waste! Speaking of..” Tucker whips around to extend a hand to Artemis, “The name’s Tucker Foley, TF, as in Too Fine,” He smiles, “And don’t worry, the green skin is not a dealbreaker,” Tucker winks and shoots a pair of finger guns at M’gann.
“Oh god, there’s another one,” Artemis says as she reluctantly shakes his hand.
“I wonder if my initials can do that… WW.. Way wonderful? Way….?” Wally says under his breath, thinking hard.
“Torturing them already, Foley?” Huntress asks as she re-enters the room.
“You know it, Red. If you won’t lock this down, somebody’s gotta,” Tucker waggles his eyebrows.
“Blech,” She gagged, “Did you contact Manson? She say how soon she’d get here?”
“Actually she said to meet her at ‘The Spot’ which was like super vague but honestly I think she was just more preoccupied with trying to escape her parent’s gala tonight,” Tucker says, raising his PDA to show a calendar event named ‘Manson Gala’ on the screen.
Val’s eyes widen under her visor, “She said that? That exactly? The Spot?”
“Yeah..?” Tucker looks up from his PDA, “Why?”
Huntress starts moving immediately, “Suit up, Justice Kids, we have a heist to carry out,”
Aqualad steps in front of her, “Please wait. Red Huntress, we cannot just go rushing in, we are heroes and-“
“Listen, Fish Boy,” Huntress says, rising up on her hover board to get in Aqualad’s face, “Heroes or not, Vlad’s plans are what AMITy needs to beat him, and this might be our only chance to get them. As AMITy’s commander, you either get with us or get out of the way, but I’m getting those plans.”
Aqualad looks stunned for a second, the rest of his team sending cursory glances and wondering if this is going to get physical.
“I… understand that, but this team has regulations, people we have to report to.. Phantom,” Aqualad turns to him, “Surely you can agree, this is not the time to be acting rashly,”
Phantom looks conflicted for second, looking between Val and the Team.
And Tucker. And Dani.
He sighs, “Call Batman if you need to, but if Huntress says this has to happen now, then I’m going with her. It could be our chance to take down Vlad,.. Plasmius, the Guys in White…this could be it, Aqualad.”
“Are you sure about this, Phantom? You just got here, just got your memories back and-“
“But I’m not the only one suffering because of him,” Phantom cuts in, “I’m sure, Kaldur,” he says firmly.
Aqualad nods, “Then we will be with you.”
“How ever ill-advised it may be,” Artemis grumbles, only to get elbowed sharply by Robin, “What?? It is!” She whisper-yells back.
Red Huntress looks at them with begrudgment and doubt, “Do what you gotta do, but whoever’s coming, meet me outside in 10. We don’t have time to spare.” Huntress says with military precision and turns to Dani and Tucker, “Foley, make sure Manson knows we’re coming and she’s ready. Then take Dani and help her get past the defenses to get Fenton gear,” she looks to Dani, “Stock up and fly it to us at Vlad’s mansion. We’re gonna need a lot. Spector-deflectors and thermoses especially. Don’t get caught.”
Dani smirks at Valerie and gives Phantom a wry look, “I never do,”
“Good. Keep that record, and make sure to keep Foley out of trouble, I’ll rally the rest of the forces.”
Both of them nod and Valerie leaves the group, an audible shout of ‘Get your pampered butt over here, Dash!’ fading as she descends the stairs.
Danny looks at Tucker, “Has it really been like this the whole time I was gone?”
Tucker shrugs, “I mean, more or less, yeah. If it makes you feel any better, I think the town will appreciate you more when you come back, now that they know everything you do for them.”
Phantom grimaces, “It really doesn’t.” He looks over the railing at the organizing crowd of highschoolers preparing to fight Vlad, “I should have been here. Should’ve been able to stop this, to protect you guys.”
“Phantom,” Superboy says sharply, “What the GIW did was out of your control.” He looks ready to fight Phantom on it, but if anybody would know about secret evil organizations, it’s SB, so Phantom lets it go.
“So it was the GIW?” Tucker asks.
“Yeah, you guys didn’t know?”
“I mean, we had our suspicions, but you have a surprisingly large number of enemies,” Dani says, popping into existence on Superboy’s shoulder. Superboy startles and nearly falls over until he regains his balance.
“I still bet Plasmius has something to do with it, but that might just be the permanent soul deep grudge I have for him,” Dani shrugs noncommittally, then looks down at Superboy, “Do you have any of those Clone-Buddy? Wait you have a name, right?”
“Uh… yes? And also yes? And why are you on my shoulder? And don’t call me that.” Superboy finally seems to catch up with her words enough to be irritated at them.
“Yeesh, fine, I thought we were bonding,” Dani says as she floats over to Tucker.
“Superboy just doesn’t really like physical contact much, sorry Dani,” M’gann says as she gets closer to Superboy.
Dani waves a hand, “It’s fine, call me when he hits clone puberty and gets over the identity issues,” She shrugs with a smile, “It happens to us all.”
Superboy looks away defiantly, ignoring the comment. At least she said he could still call her.
“Come on, Dani, I need to make sure Sam gets our message and I have the tech needed to hack the Fent-“ Tucker freezes with a look at Phantom.
Phantom waves it off, “It’s fine Tuck, it’s not like I didn’t break in my fair share of times, but uhh..” Phantoms pauses, looking down and blushing a bit, “Say hi to Sam for me will you? So she knows I’m back?”
Tucker smiles, “You got it, bro.”
Just as he turns to leave with Dani, Robin stops the two of them, “Hang on, I’ve been ignoring it, but I have to know, why did Dani look so different when we first came in?”
The Amity park residents exchange a look like they’re deciding whether or not to tell them something…
“Phantom, we talked about this, we’re your team, you need to be honest with us,” Aqualad says.
Dani looks to Phantom with a shrug, “It’s your secret, cuz'.”
Phantom lands softly on the ground and returns the look, “That’s just the thing, Dani, I don’t think it is anymore.”
Dani stutters back, “You mean..-“
Tucker remains silent, rocking back on his crutches as horror and grief write themselves across his face.
Phantom turns away, back towards the team, “Dani looked like that because she’s a halfa. Dani’s not a full ghost, she’s half-dead, half-alive, a Halfa.”
Phantom pauses, “It’s what I used to be.”
“Used to?”
On Ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36374176/chapters/90685825. (Cleaner Writing)
Part 1: https://snaileer.tumblr.com/post/661211386227064832/yjdp-crossover (Has spoilers)
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timdrakequotes · a day ago
Kid Flash: Is it me, or is Tim more brooding since he returned?
Superboy: Nah. He’s focusing. Looking for clues. Then again, it could just be the cowl. It does give off that solitary vibe.
--Bart Allen with Conner Kent on Tim Drake (Teen Titans #94 – The Power of Myth)
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random-jot · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shook to learn that these guys have the same voice actor, what-
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moonlit-imagines · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: young justice fandom is way under appreciated
requested by anonymous
Wally had a real hard time keeping his eyes off you during class. It didn’t get much easier once he realized how smart you were. And there you were, just a few seats away. He was absolutely desperate to sit next to you. “Dude,” he whispered to your classmate one seat over, “dude, can you switch seats with me?”
“What? No.” He whispered back, trying to ignore the guy hovering over his shoulder.
“Please, man. I know you have Daniels next. I’m the student aide and I’m grading papers. You help me, I help you.” He bargained with the stubborn student, who grunted as he got up and found his new seat, while Wally got his dream seat right beside you. “Hey, babe.” He leaned near you.
“Oh, hi. Wally, right?” You asked him and boosted his confidence through the roof.
“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” He smooth talked you as you took notes from the board, chuckling at his kind of lame joke. “So, uh, I wanted to ask if you’d like to study with me for this exam coming up? I’d love to get to know you better, too.” You looked over at him, propping your head up with the hand that had the pencil in it.
“Okay.” You agreed nonchalantly. “Do you have a time in mind?” Wally’s face lit up, but he immediately put himself back in “cool guy mode,” clearing his throat.
“Uh, I was thinking maybe right after this. If you’re free, that is—”
taglist: @ravenmoore14 // @summersimmerus // @azazel-nyx // @simsrecs // @xoxobabydolls // @ravenstrueluv // @cicatraize //
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melonlthawne · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
He tried to grow his hair out but it came out brown : (
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squijim · 2 days ago
dc going back to the basic flash costume when they peaked with the red and silver costume for wally is my villain origin story
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goldengauntlet · 2 days ago
DC drawing Flash Fam/Characters they actually like: 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DC drawing Wally West: 
Tumblr media
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cootiekid · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Flash #781 by Brandon Peterson
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tamdrry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Made this for Halloween as request on IG so let’s pretend it’s not November yet
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sinigangbot · 3 months ago
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place your bets
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wrongyoungjustice · 2 months ago
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cry <3
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ghostpainters · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Young Justice: The Jukebox
Wally West/Artemis Crock  and   Dick Grayson/Zatanna Zatara
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gunbatman · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrectbatfam · 12 days ago
[at the movies]
Jason: How do you want your popcorn, sweet or salty?
Wally, making heart eyes at Dick: I want them like him.
Jason, third-wheeling: They don't make ugly popcorn.
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oathofoaksart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a lil warm up of m’boy
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Tumblr media
This is a wip that I probably won't finish so I just decided to post it
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if-elseworlds · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about that discussion people were having a while back on @fastestloseralive's blog about the flashfam having a turtle
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sohotthateveryonedied · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
we were too busy thinking about the already dead characters it never occurred to us they'd go after the living 😭
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