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[ Short, fluffy. ]



Erik was in the middle of talking with a group of his guy friends from his youth before they stepped out for more protesting and solidarity. All of the men are wearing black from head to toe, poster boards with various quotes such as:

Unapologetically BLACK

The new racism is to deny that racism EXISTS

Skin color is not reasonable suspicion


Justice for Breonna Taylor

Erik was in the middle of writing on another poster board when he heard his ten year old daughter, True, call for him. Her voice was shaky and small, the sound of it causing his chest to tighten. Erik recapped the permanent marker before turning to his beautiful daughter with sepia skin, her cheeks wet from her fresh hot tears.

“What’s going on, True? why are you crying?” Erik pulled out one of his dining room chairs, grasping True’s tiny hands in his, bringing her closer to him with urgent eyes.

“I was gonna tell mama but she’s sleeping and she might go over there,” True looked down at her pink converse.

“Listen, whatever you were gonna tell your mama you can tell me,” Erik squeezes both of his daughters shoulders, “Talk to me, baby, what happened?”

“Kimberly, across the street,” True timidly pointed towards the open window that was sending a warm draft throughout the dining room, “She said I was ugly.”

Erik could feel his friends movements behind him still. True averted her eyes to look at the wall, trying her hardest not to break down and cry.

“Okay…why did Kimberly call you ugly?” Erik spoke calmly.

“She said my skin looks like tar…it reminds her of an apes skin.”

Erik’s eyes flickered with rage as he watched his daughter cry before him. How dare this little white girl say that about his beautiful black daughter? How dare she make a joke that her ancestors before her would have made about his daughter? He wanted to charge over there and bang down Kimberly’s door. That all sounded perfect but all it will lead to is the police being called; the pigs.

“True…I want to tell you something,” Erik cleared his throat; raspy voice strong and abrasive because of his anger towards what Kimberly said, “there is this quote from Marcus Garvey…it says the black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of natural greatness,” Erik gently takes True’s face into his hands, his thumbs wiping away her overflowing tears.

“Your skin is a glorious masterpiece, the sun kisses your skin like no other, hey,” Erik soothes True, “black women, black girls; there are different shades of beauty. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Kimberly’s words shouldn’t matter, you know why? Because Kimberly isn’t my baby girl. Kimberly could never be you because no matter what shade of melanin you are, know that your skin tone is brilliant. You, my princess are phenomenally made!”

“You’re a gift, baby girl!” One of Erik’s friends says, the others following suit with more compliments and encouraging words.

“That melanin tho!” Another one shouted, causing everyone to chuckle and True to blush.

“Black girl magic PERIOD,” Erik says pulling his daughter in for a hug, “I want you to repeat after me, True…I love my dark skin.”

“…I love my dark skin,” She says while keeping eye contact with her father.

“I am a strong melanin princess,” Erik playfully squeezes True’s Afro puffs.

True giggles, “I am a strong melanin princess.”

“I am impressively dripping in black beauty, and can’t NOBODY tell me otherwise, say it.”

“I am impressively drippin’ in black beauty and can’t NOBODY tell me otherwise!!!” True shouts, Erik’s friends wolf whistling and clapping in the background.

“SEE, that’s what I’m taking about. You are my beautiful, chocolate, princess. Kimberly ain’t got nothing on you, she envies you.”

“Thanks daddy,” True gave him a wide braces filled smile before wrapping her arms around Erik’s broad shoulders, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too, True,” Erik kisses her kinky hairline, “Now, remember what I say. You gotta love yourself, baby girl.”

Erik stood up from his seat, grabbing his permanent marker and handing it over to True, “Before I go, I want you to write something powerful on this poster board that represents all the black girls in the world, okay?”

True uncaps the marker, walking up to the poster board. She stood there, staring at the black canvas, unsure of exactly what to say. She gasps, leaning over to write something out. Erik watches his daughter write big letters across the white poster board with a wide dimpled smile.

“Black girl MAGIC!!!” She shouted before holding up the poster board for the others to see, “Daddy! I wanna go protest with you!”

“Okay,” Erik simply says, “We’re meeting for a rally, call on the spirts of the fallen and our ancestors to be with us. Remember, Asé?”

“That means amen, right?” True says.

“Yes. It is an African philosophical concept through which the Yoruba of Nigeria conceive the power to make things happen and produce change. It is given by Olodumare to everything - gods, ancestors, spirits,” Erik stands fully, “I am root of your root, soil of your soil, bone of your bone, and blood of your blood. Love, love, love, asé.”

“Will we say asé for Breonna Taylor?” True says with wide hopeful eyes, “She still didn’t get justice.”

Erik smiles proudly at his daughter for knowing her name, “Of course. For all those who deserve justice and who didn’t deserve to be taken away from us. All of our people.”

A knock came to the door, a hard knock like the police. Erik shared a look with his friends before walking to the door. Before he opened it Erik peeked out of the living room curtains, holding a hand up to his friends to let them know that everything was okay. Erik had to watch his back, he was a strong voice for the Oakland community. Opening the door, Kimberly and her mother, Suzanne are standing there. Suzanne looked startled for a second but she gathered herself, turning a blazing eye on Kimberly.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Erik, but I overheard my daughter say something very, very cruel to True while they were writing with chalk on the pavement,” Suzanne looked embarrassed, her eyes avoiding Erik’s, “Is there something you have to say to True!”

Kimberly twisted her foot on the steps, her face solem and her long, black hair shieldjng her eyes, “I’m sorry True for calling you a monkey.”

“And I am terribly sorry for this,” Suzanne has a hand clutched to her chest, “I don’t know where Kimberly heard this from but we did not teach her to talk like that. You should be ashamed of yourself-

“Kimberly is a child, children absorb everything around them. Not to cause problems but…maybe Kimberly heard it from her other white friends? Maybe they don’t like True so they told her to call my daughter a monkey.” Erik gave Suzanne a stern look as if he were watching her suspiciously.

Suzanne blinked at Erik with confusion, “I think I would know if my daughters friends said anything like that, Kimberly, did Rebecca and Sabrina say anything to you today about True?”

Kimberly looked like she wanted to hide. True didn’t take her eyes off of her so-called-friend. She knew the truth but she wanted to hear Kimberly say it. True grasps Erik’s hand tighter. Erik looked down at her, her silence enough to let him know that there was more to the story.

“Kimberly!” Suzanne shouts.

“Rebecca doesn’t like that I play with True. She says that her father thinks all black people are infectious and corrupt.”

“WHAT!!!” Suzanne’s voice boomed like she was holding a megaphone to her mouth, “Kimberly, why would you allow your friend to say those things about True? Why would you say things like that? I am so embarrassed right now,” Suzanne points a stern finger at Kimberly, “apologize again!”

Kimberly angrily wipes away her tears with the back of her hand, “I’m sorry True! I’m sorry I said that!”

“I accept your apology,” True leaned into Erik’s solid body, “But I can’t be friends with you anymore.”

Suzanne felt True’s words as if she were the girls friend. Kimberly angrily storms off across the street, running up her porch and into the house.

“True, I know what Kimberly said was very mean but…you don’t want to be friends with her?” Suzanne looked offended.

“No, she doesn’t. I’m sure those girls have picked on my daughter and the fact that Kimberly knows that shows that she will do it again. My daughter doesn’t feel comfortable with your child,” Erik wrapped a comforting hand around True’s shoulder, protecting her guarding her.

“Well,” Suzanne turns to leave, “I’m sorry again, True.” She looked like she wanted to say more on her daughters behalf but instead she walked back to her home.

“Did I do the right thing, daddy?” True asks, looking up at her fathers with sad eyes.

“You did what was best for you, that’s the right thing, baby girl,” Erik kisses True on top of her head, “Let’s not tell your mom about this just yet, you know she will raise hell about it.”

“Yeah, let’s just go protest,” True pulls her fathers hand back inside, “Let’s go, daddy, we have to get out there!”

“Haha, okay, Princess.”

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Warnings: Language. Repeated use of N-Word, Light Smut (Oral)

Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader 

A/N: I’ve been off my game and haven’t had much inspiration to write, so hopefully this imagine is something worth reading 🤷🏼‍♀️ 
I’d love some requests though! 

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Originally posted by unfcollection

I do NOT own this image

Summary: Adjusting to your new normal comes with some hurdles

Pairing: Erik KIllmonger x Reader

Words: 2081

Warnings: Little itty bitty angst, little bit of drama

A/N: Thank you for the response to the last two parts I appreciate it so much. I can’t wait for the rest of this story to unfold. I hope you enjoy this chapter if you do please like and share. Also I finished my classes for the semester so hopefully I’ll be able to get updates out quicker.

PrologueChapter 1


That night you drove across town to Kayla’s place she forced you to eat and take the vitamins that the doctor recommended and get some sleep. When you woke up the next day you began your new normal.

For the past three months, there was a routine of sorts between you and Kayla. You’d wake up early and cook her breakfast, a thank you for her generosity when she left for work you’d start your work assignments for the week, and depending on the day Kayla’s brother, Matt would drive you down to the library to do your online classwork. You had taken Kayla’s advice and enrolled part-time to take the last few classes you’d need to finish out your degree.

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Pull Up

A/N: I do not know what this is lol

Pairing: Black!Reader x Crazy!Erik/Gamer!Erik

Warnings: Profanity, Use of the N word, Mentions of violence

Word Count: ~2.3k

Summary: Erik is talking a tough game while playing Call of Duty with your young nephew. You don’t like it and decide to pay him a visit. (Based on MBJ’s reputation of being a shit talker on video game servers.)


Originally posted by moviesandotherdrugs

My legs cross as my straightened back allows my breaths to flow through my lungs with ease. Deep inhales through my nose are followed by whistling exhales through the small heart shaped hole in the center of my puckered lips. Redundancy is my best friend as I continue to deep dive into my mind, swimming in the direction of inner peace.

“Zia! They cursing on the game!”

Inner peace my black ass.

These legs of mine uncross themselves as my back slouches. I knew I wouldn’t get shit done with these two here but I tried to get my yoga in anyway. “What’s wrong?” I open my eyes to see my six-year-old nephew standing in front of my face. His twin sister sits on the couch behind him with her face nearly pressed against the iPad she brought with her. She hadn’t bothered me once this morning and that was when I knew it was only the boys.

Isaiah’s small stubby fingers are wrapped around the playstation controller. It was one of two that belongs to my boyfriend’s Sony gaming console. “I was playing the game and they start cursing.” His syllables bled together when he spoke the letter ‘R’. It was progress. His speech coach has been putting in overtime to help my baby beat out that inner Elmer Fud.

“Who cursing?” My brows twist at the idea of someone yelling at a six-year-old on Call Of Duty. I know it gets rough and I know Isaiah does not play like he is six but if you can’t tell the mic is muted for a reason, you’re a weirdo. “It’s the same one?”

“Yes,” Isaiah nods. “I- I turned the mic on because—“

I point at my nephew with my pupils. He knows what this look means. “You turned on the microphone after I told you not to because why, Isaiah?”

“I was telling him to be nice! I’m just a kid,” he says, repeating what I told my boyfriend last night.

My sister’s a dental hygienist and the office is always crazy after halloween. Today she found out her babysitter had the flu and she had no one else to watch the kids besides myself. The moment she found out she would be needed at the office earlier than usual today, we agreed the kids should come the night before.

It was last night that my nephew discovered Call of Duty. My boyfriend, Travis, had been playing all day in the living room with it being his day off. The breaks he took between matches were short and only for food or sex. Travis isn’t around any kids except my niece and nephew. He had no idea a six-year-old should not be playing a shooting game. I was baking cupcakes with my niece, Ayanna, and did not realize what Travis introduced him to until after I walked into the room to hand Isaiah the spoon he wanted to lick. By that time, the damage was done. So when Travis said, ‘he can play whatever, whenever he wants’ while referring to Isaiah and his gaming system as he got ready for work this morning, I had no problem letting him play while I did my afternoon yoga.

I just forgot a minor but major detail. I disconnected the microphone to keep Issuah from talking to strangers but that did not keep the strangers from talking to him. Playing under Travis’ gamertag makes it look like it is Travis. Now, I have to curse out a chat room full of grown men for yelling at my nephew.

“Let me see.” I take the headset from my nephew. He climbs onto Me and Travis’ bed as he watches me connect to equipment. “Hello?” My attitude is apparent in my tone.

A clear voice replies through the noise heard on the other end. “You done went and got your girl to talk shit for you, bruh? Man, you a whole bitch, my nigga! Matter a’ fact, you probably don’t even got no bitches, this probably ya’ auntie or somethin’! How you doin’, mama?”

My eyes roll at the fluent shit talking. It was like he had no control on this case of diarrhea. The switch from shit talking to a seductive, yet satire, tone was the last straw for me. “This is nobody’s mother, okay? My six-year-old nephew is playing under my boyfriend’s tag and you need to watch how you’re talking on here…” I squint. “King Kill M-X-Onger,” I say in disgust. “It’s just a game. You need to relax.”

“It wasn’t just a game when I was beating your nigga’s ass all day yesterday and through the night. I don’t give a fuck who got the controller, tell them niggas to stop taking my fuckin’ kills.”

Isaiah yells from the bed. “That’s not nice!”

“Oh, grow the hell up. He’s six,” I snap back in annoyance.

“I don’t give a fuck if he was six or sixty-six, sweetheart. That nigga gone need to stay the fuck out my way!”

My neck snaps back in an appalled status as I turn my head to look at my wide-eyed nephew. He couldn’t completely comprehend the vocabulary of the conversation but he saw my face and he knew there were bad words being exchanged in angry tones. My arms fold across my chest as Isaiah awkwardly climbs down from the bed and scurries out of the bedroom. Now, I’m about to get real disrespectful in this bitch.

I reply, “Bitch ass nigga, you gone watch who the fuck you talking to. Only a lame pussy boy gone talk to a woman and a child like that. Watch who the fuck you yelling at from your mother’s basement before I snap your fucking neck and pull your tongue out your mouth.”

“You ain’t gone do shit but keep yelling on your bitch ass boyfriend’s headset at some nigga you don’t even know,” he retorted with a chuckle. The disrespect is on his behalf is reaching new limits. “I’m supposed to be scared of some female?”

“This female will beat the black off you!”

“You talking big shit. Pull the fuck up then,” he barks. “Pull the fuck up. 9436 West Neptune Blvd. Apartment J4. Since you talking big shit. I’m not hiding, babygirl. I don’t hit women. Come see me and get met with this chrome barrel.”

This man is crazy.

I shout back with anger fueling my veins. “After you kiss my ass and this glock, bitch!” As if I was snapping a flip phone shut, I snatch off the headset and toss it across the room before I unplug the entire system. My heaving chest lifts my feet as I pace around my room. “I don’t know who the fuck…” I cut myself off, attempting to calm down and breathe. I can hear the devil’s voice ringing in my head.

Pull the fuck up. 9436 West Neptune Blvd. Apartment J4.

Pull the fuck up. 9436 West Neptune Blvd. Apartment J4.

Pull the fuck up. 9436 West Neptune Blvd. Apartment J4.

It is not until I settle down in the living room, Isaiah and Ayanna sitting on the center rug as they play Uno, that I take a moment to think over the address that was given by the angry voice on the other side of the headset. It begins to settle in my mind that my sister lives in an apartment building. The address? 9436 West Neptune Blvd. She is Apartment D7 on the fourth floor of the ten floors within the apartment complex. The thought sits in my brain for another five hours as I watch over my niece and nephew.

The idea of someone so bluntly disrespecting my family boils within my blood. It is the internet that gives people the largest balls, I am sure of it. King Killmxnger only said what he said because he thought he was untouchable. People like him need to be taught lessons… at least, that is what I believe. I was bullied growing up and one thing I strongly advocate for is the world understanding that anybody can be touched. This thought is exactly what drives me to strap myself with protection before hiding the gun with an oversized hoodie that matches my jeans.

Just as I finish adjusting my hoodie over the lump, Ayanna comes running into the room. “Zia, can we go to McDonald’s on the way home?”

“Yes,” I smile. I know their mother does not feel like cooking after this shift. Loni deserves a break and I’ll happily give it to her.

The McDonald’s stop is quick. Nuggets for everyone! For just a second, the punk bitch from earlier off of my mind until we get in the elevator. Isaiah and Ayanna walk in before while I remain hot on their tails. Only one other person is in the elevator. He stands at maybe 6’3, beautiful brown skin that was mostly hidden beneath a navy blue bomber jacket that reminds me of my uniform I was forced to wear during active duty. My eyes bounce between the kids and the expensive watch on his wrist. A low cut beard with crisp lines rests on the perimeter of his jaw.

His mumble is one of distraction as his fingers tap the keypad on his screen. “What floor?”

“Four,” exclaims Ayanna. She is known to keep a hidden excitement on standby when it comes to certain strangers. Isaiah, too interested in the toy from his Happy Meal, pays us all dust. “Four, please.”

The stranger glances behind himself. His brows furrow as he glances at me. Quickly, he realizes I’m far too grown to have such an adorable tone. His eyes drop down to Ayanna, a soft smile sprawling across his lips. I watch him for a second. He’s quite attractive but not worth giving up my two year relationship. Ayanna innocent stares back at him as I hold back my own smile at the exchange. The smile fades as he turns back to the elevator and clicks two buttons. One for the tenth floor and one for the fourth. The ding comes quick. I murmur a soft expression of gratitude as we exit the compacted space. The moment we enter my sister’s space, Loni sends the kids to put their overnight bags in their rooms. Officially alone, I break the silence.

“There was this big ass, marine built nigga in the elevator. He was cute but he caught me off guard,” I joke.

Loni leaves me standing at the door as she heads into the kitchen. I follow, not wanting to sit with my gun on my hip. “Brown skinned, dreads with the sides faded?” I nod my head and lean up against the counter. “Yeah, that’s Erik’s fine ass. He lives on like the ninth floor. Remember my friend Selene?”

“I can’t stand that bitch.”

Laughing, Loni pulls the food I bought her out of its brown paper bag and places it on the counter. “Yeah, they had a thing for a bit until like last year? Apparently, she only dates men with two legs and anything more is just too much for her after a while.” I nod with an impressed expression. I’m not surprised that he’s packing. “Anyway, you said what about somebody yelling at Isaiah?”

“Some mothafucka was talking big shit like he’s untouchable. So, he’s about to be touched. He lives in your building,” I say.

“Y/N, you are a veteran,” scolds Loni. “Don’t go looking for some weirdo on the internet who finds joy in shit talking to a six-year-old. His life is obviously sad enough.”

My nose scrunches beneath my squinting eyes that once rolled. “So? I was honorably discharged. What the fuck they gone do?” Loni stares me down. “Listen, he was yelling and cursing even after I told him Isaiah was a kid. It’s probably some twenty-two year old steroid user who plays video games between shots in his ass,” I explain. “So just tell me where J4 is so I can go scare him and curse him out.”

“Do you have your gun,” she asks.

I lie. “No, I don’t need it. I’m not hurting anybody, Loni. I’m just about to show him that this is not a game.”

“If you and Travis weren’t letting him play these games to sta—“

Smacking my lips, I drop my head at my older sister. “Loni, where is J4 at? If you don’t tell me, I’ll find it myself.”

Loni groans, dropping her chicken nugget in the container of barbecue sauce. She reluctantly gives up the information. “It’s on the tenth floor,” she says with closed eyes as she picks up her Coca Cola and wraps her lips around the straw. I smile. “Isaiah, Ayanna!! Come say bye to your Zia, she’s leaving early.”

I kiss my niece, my nephew, and even my sister before I go. I am mindful of the cameras watching me as I make my way up to the tenth floor. In the blindspot is where I put a silencer on my gun in case I use it. My phone says my boyfriend will be off of work in two hours, meaning I have to work fast. I can hear the voice echoing in my head as I walk around the corner and into the direction of where my final stop should be, I feel the anger I once felt earlier make its grand return. Two more steps to the right and here it is. Apartment J4. I glance around the floor to assure it is deserted. Unfortunately I cannot greet the punk with my own glock, the hallway camera is in visible sight. My fingers press against the peep hole to keep my identity disclosed.

The door swings open. “Why the fuck are you knocking on my door like you’re the—“ The same annoyed voive from earlier cuts itself off.


Something in me is slightly surprised but now is not the time. I place my hands in my hoodie’s pocket, gripping my gun. “You talked big shit on the game so I pulled the fuck up. Where’s the barrel, bitch,” I ask. Erik pulls the silver weapon from thin air and points it directly in my face. I can see down the barrel.

“Right here,” he says. Extending his hand out further, he presses the cold metal against my eyebrow bone. “You got some nerve pulling up to my spot like this.” Erik’s eyes narrow at me as his thumb runs along the edge of the gun’s handle.

Without feeling a single bit of intimidation, I calmly pull my weapon from my pocket and place it against his chest. His eyes drop down to catch a glimpse of what this ‘female’ is working with. Erik’s face remaibs stone cold. I can tell he did not expect this when his breathing pattern subtly changes. I press my own barrel against the left side of his chest, directly on his heart.

“You said pull up,” I remind him and the gun is cocked, his own still pressed against my left eyebrow. “I’ll kill you,” I state.

He dropped the gun from my brow. “Then do it:”

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Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language (chapter is short)


You and Erik lay in bed together. His arms were wrapped around you as you laid in between his legs.

“Erik, I have a question” you look up at him.

“Wussup” he looks down at you.

“A few questions actually…first, are you fertile? Can I get pregnant by you?”

Erik laughs.

“I’m sorry” he apologizes while still laughing.

“No I’m not fertile. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a human. There are components of me that are human like, like my dick for example. But I don’t actually produce fertile cum. We good” he smiled and kissed the top of your head.

“Okay…well how long will you be alive?”

“Forever. Unless you shut me down”

“How do I—“

“I don’t fucking know. Next question” his mood changed with a quickness.

“Do you have emotions like a human? Do you cry?”

“You added emotions to me, for whatever reason. Yes, I can cry and get angry”

“I added emotions because I wanted to share something with you…”


“I’m pregnant…” you bite your bottom lip nervously.

“Pregnant? Wow. From the nigga before?”

“Yes…it’s hard for me to talk about. But he died before I could tell him that we were having a baby…” you wipe a stray tear from your eye and snuggle back into Eriks chest.

“Hm. So we’re having a baby then? I hate kids but we’ll make it work”

“You hate kids? How do you even know that?”

“I just do” he shrugs.

“Do you sleep?”

“Nah. I can’t get tired”

“So what will you do during the night?”

“Watch you, I guess. I want to ask you something”

“Okay” you sit up to give him your full undivided attention.

“You said I can’t go outside cause people will recognize me. Maybe we should just move”

You raise your eyebrows at him, confused. This robot nigga expected you to up and move? You just bought this house.

“No…I couldn’t do that. Me and Erik just bought this house—“

“I’m trying to be nice but you’re making it hard” he smiles with clear anger in his eyes. I don’t want to live in this house and I don’t want to be stuck in this house for the rest of my fucking life. List this bitch or I will” Erik pushes you away before he gets out of bed to walk into the bathroom.


You wake up the next morning and see a bouquet of roses and a note next to you.

Smiling, you sit up sore. You walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror seeing bite marks, hickies, and bruises on your body.

“What the fuck” you whisper to yourself.

“Good morning” Eriks voice scares the shit out of you causing you to jump.

“What the fuck Erik!? I have a doctors appointment today!”

“You mad? You wasn’t mad last night”

“Erik, I don’t even remember last night. You do know I’m pregnant right?”

“Yea, you told me” he brushed his teeth.

“Okay so you know that we can’t have rough sex like that…”

“Okay” he rinses his mouth with mouthwash and exits the bathroom.

“Erik! I’m serious!”

“I heard you Y/N. Also, I listed the house. Took my own pictures and shit. It looks good” he swiped deodorant under his arms and pulled a white T-shirt over his head before sliding into a pair of light wash destroyed denim jeans. He put on a gold cross necklace, gold slugs in his mouth and a gold Rolex on his wrist.

“Erik, I need you to slow down. I never agreed to sell this house” you sit on the bed and watch him get dressed.

“You ain’t have to” he shrugs and puts on a pair of white socks then pulls on his all white forces. He looked really cute. You couldn’t even lie. His fresh fade, facial hair low. The small diamonds in his ears. Erik from before definitely didn’t dress like this. He always dressed business casual.

“Get dressed so we can go” he sprays on some new cologne and looks at you.

“Where are we going?”

“Your appointment”


“Don’t fight me on this. It’s my baby, I’m going”

“But Erik, my doctor knows Erik-you-Erik. She knows. If she sees you—“


You get dressed and Erik leaves the room.

About 20 minutes later, you begin walking downstairs when you hear Erik laughing with someone. You step into the living room to see your parents standing there. Your mouth falls open.

“Mom? Dad? I swear I can explain”

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Pt. 7

Pairing: Android!Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

You panic and jump into your car hoping to catch up to him.

“Fucking idiot!” You yell. How could he be so fucking reckless? What if someone sees him?

You try calling his cellphone in hopes that he grabbed it before he left the house.

“Wussup princess?” He says nonchalantly.

“Erik! What the hell is wrong with you!? I told you that you can’t leave the house”

“I’m about to go get my haircut. That way we can go out together and I can get out that big ass house. Why the fuck you live in the middle of nowhere?”

“Erik, no. You can’t be seen in public. What don’t you understand?”

“You think I’m stupid? I have on sunglasses and I’m wearing all black. Nobody will know it’s me. Okay? Now chill out”

“Erik you think this is a joke but it’s not!” Your voice becomes shaky.

“Are you crying?” He questions.

“Yes. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you Erik…I can’t go through another loss” you say wiping your eyes.

“I’m sorry…look, I’ll get my haircut and I promise I’ll be back. Okay?”

“Fine. Just please be safe”

“I will. See you soon”

Five hours passed and you sat on the couch a nervous wreck. Erik was supposed to get a haircut and come back. That was it. Maybe he got caught. You weren’t sure because he stopped answering his cellphone.

“Garage door open”

You stood up as you heard the car pull back into the garage then the house door opened.

“Babygirl! Where you at?” Erik yelled.

“Right here. Where the hell did you go!?”

“Hey calm down. I told you I would be straight” he walked into the living room and your eyes go from hard to soft. Erik had completely cut his hair and facial hair off. He looked completely different. A good different. The locs were nice on him and his mustache but now, he looked younger. More attractive in a way.

“Oh now you can’t speak? You was talkin’ all that shit before” he laughed.

“I-you just look really good…like college Erik. He had a fade and I used to love it. I loved his locs too but…wow”

“You keep saying ‘He’ like I’m not right here. You mean me?” He stepped closer to you.

“Yea…you” you smile.

“You’ll warm up to me eventually” he says before placing a kiss on your forehead and walking away. You follow him upstairs to the bedroom. He had bags in his hands and you were curious why he was gone for so long.

“What is all this?” You sit on the edge of the bed.

“I went shopping. That dead nigga ain’t have no style. Where the fuck did he work? Wearing only suits and shit” Erik began pulling clothes from the bags.

“He was a broker” you say while looking at his new threads.

“A broker? So he was smart as shit. Or, I’m smart as shit” he nods his head.

“You are him. How did you forget?”

“You upgraded my hardware. And you customized me one final time. Whatever I said to you before I arrived on your doorstep, I don’t remember. I remember small details of my life like we’re married and…Nah that’s it. We’re married”

“You don’t remember? How—“

“Fuck everything before. You too uptight for me right now. I’m here and I want to get to know you again. You cool with that?”

“I’m trying. I really am”

“Take your time, ma. I’m not rushing you. But stop looking at me like a fucking freak”


You ended up falling asleep. This baby had you exhausted. You woke up and seen it was 9pm. You descend the stairs and see Erik sitting on the couch, slouched, watching tv.

“You sleep good?” He asks.

“Yea” you sit on the couch next to him but leaving space.

“I won’t bite you. C’mere” he smirked and held his arms out. You hadn’t touched him since he got here. You decided to give it a try. You crawl into his lap and straddle him. You looked down at his chest to avoid his eyes.

“Look at me” he touched your chin softly.

“You wanna explore me so you’ll feel more comfortable?” He asks.

“Sure” you get off his lap and he stands up to strip.

As he pulls his clothes from his body, you watch with eager eyes.

“You like what you see?” He asks spinning around slowly.


“Can we try something?” He asks.


“You gotta lay back and spread your legs”

You look at him crazy.

“Just do it. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop. I promise” he sweet talks you and you lay on your back on the couch.

“Y/N, babygirl you know you gotta come up out them underwear. How can I satisfy my woman if her panties is cockblocking? Actually, you know what, fuck it” he gets on his knees in front of you and you watch him carefully. He grabs your neck roughly with one hand and the other hand practically rips your underwear to shreds as he pulls them to the side.

“I want this pussy and you playing!” His face dives into your center. His tongue flicking over your clit. You hated yourself for enjoying it. It felt wrong. Your morality couldn’t fight the lust that overcame you. You needed this. You did want this. You missed this.

“When are you going to stop being so damn stubborn and relax? Huh? Cause I know you wanna cum but you holding it. Release that shit” he growled from between your legs.

“Did you just…growl at me?” You ask.

“Shut the fuck up and cum!” He spit on your pussy then went back to eating it aggressively. Like a dog eating a steak or a bone. He was determined to get his prize.

“Scream my fucking name! I wanna hear that shit”

“Mmm. Fuck!” You shout out at the top of your lungs. His tongue was so deep inside you. His lips latched onto your pussy as he pleased you with a purpose.

“Scream my name!” His grip on your neck became harder.

“Erik! Oh my god!” You moaned. He had two fingers inside of you now.

“You really enjoying this shit. Pussy is gushy as fuck” he dug his two fingers into you before focusing only on your G-Spot. Using the ‘come here’ motion, he added a third finger and your walls clenched around them. He kept his eyes on you while licking his lips.

“Cum for daddy. Please” he kissed your stomach.

“Daddy! Oooo fuck!” You moved your hips to match his finger thrusts. “Daddy please don’t stop! It feels too good. Daddy!” You moan. You had thrown your morals out the window and allowed yourself to enjoy this moment. Erik from before, never ate your pussy this good. This was the work of a demon.

“Aight. Hold that shit then” he rose from the floor and stood up. I want my dick sucked” he grabbed his dick and swung it around. It amazed you how he was just like a human. His body wasn’t metal hard. He was just muscular and soft.

“Get on your knees and suck daddy’s dick” he grabbed your hair in his fist tightly and made you look at him.

“Do you hear me?”

“Yes” you say.

“Do you…cum?” You ask curiously.

“Oh trust me, as sweet as that pussy taste, I’m cumming all up in that shit. I wanna see my nut dripping out that pink pussy”

“Okay” you whisper out. Your pussy was doing flips.

“Can you just fuck me…? Please. I just really want to be fucked” you begged.

“Aww how cute. Babygirl just wanna be fucked” he squatted to be face to face with you.

“You lucky you fine as shit. If you wanna get fucked, you better bend that ass over this ugly ass couch and arch yo shit!”

“Okay” you smile.

“Hold the fuck up” he grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you towards him. “When you speak to daddy, you better show me some goddamn respect. That ‘okay’ and ‘Mhm’ bullshit ain’t about to fly with me. Understand?”

“Y-Yes daddy” you say. Your eyes never leaving his.

“Good girl. Now arch!”

He was pounding into you with a vengeance. 11 inches was definitely too much and you told him but he didn’t care. He was focused on giving you a nut and giving himself one. He had your hair in his fist, extending your head back. The other hand gripped your hip as he dug his fingernails into your hot skin.

“Fuck-this-tight-pussy!” He said between each stroke.

“Hold on!” You reach back to stop him but he only grins and goes harder.

“Erik! Nooo!” You scream and cum all over his big black dick.

“There you go. That shit feel good?” He reaches under you and strums your clit.

“Daddy…yes. So good” you pant.

“Who’s juicy pussy is this!?” He pulled your hair harder and slid his dick all the way out before slamming back into you.

“YOURS DADDY!” You scream and cum again.

“That’s fuckin’ right! You belong to me. I own you and this pussy. Don’t forget that shit!”

“Daddy I won’t!” You grip the top of the couch as it slides across the floor with every powerful thrust that Erik delivers.

“Repeat that shit! Tell me you belong to me” he smacked your ass hard.

“I belong to you daddy! I’m all yours! This pussy belongs to you and only you!” Your walls clench around his dick.

“That’s right. She tryna keep daddy right where he belong. Right in this pussy. Imma sleep with my dick in you tonight to make you feel good. Clench my dick all night with these tight walls”

“Daddy! Please cum in me. I need to feel it” you look back at him and for a moment, you caught him off guard. His strokes became sloppy. He pushed your face into the couch and went crazy in the pussy, beating it up real good before he came deep inside you. He stroked slowly before pulling out.

“Hold that ass open” he commanded and you reached back to spread your cheeks. His cum dripped out of your pussy.

“That some good shit. Yo pussy is messy and creamy”

You turn over to your back and hold your legs up.

“Is this a better view?” You ask innocently.

“Girl you must wanna get fucked again. You want me buried deep in that pussy?” He leans down to kiss you while also sticking two of his fat fingers back into your pussy.


“Cum one more time and we can go to bed. I know you tired”

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For starters, I hate writing sex scenes. Sex in itself is amazing but having to articulate it through writing is hard for me. I feel that sometimes sex scenes can be repetitive. And I’m afraid that my sex scenes will eventually get boring. Thankfully they haven’t.

How do I write sex scenes: Porn.

**I personally write smut so much better when I’m horny 🤷🏼‍♀️

When I wrote Porn Star Erik, I watched solo videos of (black) men and listened to their dialogue. That helped me tremendously and the sex in that fic is hot.

**I also use solo videos of men (their dialogue) to help me write when I speak from a male perspective to a female character during sex.

When I write for male and female sexual encounters, I sometimes use my own experiences to inspire me. That, or I will watch a porn and see how they interact and talk to one another. How they touch, their facial expressions, positions, etc…

Writing for female and female sexual encounters, easy since I’m a woman that loves women and I know how I like to be touched, etc… that, and porn as well.

Writing for male and male sexual encounters, I have a few requests to do a gay/bi male character, I haven’t done them yet (in detail) but I did write a quick fic where a male character has sex with another man. Porn helped me with that as well.

Long story short:

-Watch porn for the dialogue and visuals.

-Check out some accounts on here (tumblr) the pictures and videos can definitely give you some inspiration.

-Don’t try too hard, don’t force it (?) I’ve read some stories where the sex/interaction felt forced.

-Don’t rush the sex. Let it happen naturally.

-Be as descriptive as possible. It helps the reader visualize what’s actually happening.

-Find YOUR writing style. Not everyone writes smut the same. Some do. But when you find what you’re comfortable writing, it makes it 10x easier.

-Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re anything like me, I hate my writing sometimes (particularly the sex scenes) but once I post it and the positive feedback I get, it lets me know that I’m doing something good.

I know I forgot to add a few things to this list but maybe other writers can add to it to help you out. Hopefully I helped ❤️✨

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally decided to just go for it. I read a lot of Black Panther fan fiction, especially Erik Killmonger fics (they’re my favorite). I have decided to write reviews for the ones I read. I will discuss what is working in the stories and what could be better. I am an artist and love discussing works of art! I don’t know what to call this yet, but maybe it will come to me along the way. I am open to request just limit the fics to the ones about Erik Killmonger Stevens ( did I mention he was my favorite). So here we go with my first review. 

Title: Boy Next Door Crazy Erik PRT 1&2

Author: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes

Okay so this first story I would like to review comes from one of my favorite authors of the fan fiction world. @nahimjustfeelingit-writes has a nice curated master list, and its hard to just pick one. So that’s why I am starting with this one and will review others if this takes off. I reread the fics all the time like its my first time reading them, and I end up falling in love all over again. Yeah they’re that good. However I’m kicking this review off with fics I have not read multiple times. Yes it was my first time reading them. So here we go…

First impression based off the title: how crazy is Erik going to be? Like we all know that Erik is one crazy motha-SHUT YO MOUTH. So how can you top that.  Well before I even finished the part one I was screaming RUN BITHC RUN, and granted the fic is written where the reader could insert their name for the reader, I was yelling at myself. And anytime a nigga says to you “you have me, I’m all you need”, sis prepare your self to fight b/c he has you all the way…

This fic took me on a rollercoaster ride. A good one at that. One that you are about to have a heart attack just waiting in line for.  I was terrified reading this I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen next. The fic was written well and flowed well. I could feel all the emotions that ran through Erik, and there was a lot of them. And the smut…yess the smut. As always well written.  So when it came to the sex I was all for it and it didn’t disappoint. you could almost feel for Erik knowing his background and his childhood. Well I didn’t think I would say this but Erik definitely has Joe beat. Only a man with the nickname Killmonger could do that. Well done @nahimjustfeelingit-writes can’t wait to read the next one!

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Pairing: Erik x Black!Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff? Death

A/N: Chapters are short on purpose to build anticipation.

Part Two


You and Erik were newlyweds. Only two months into your marriage and you were both still madly in love with one another. He was an amazing husband, friend, and soon to be father. You hadn’t told him yet, but you were a few weeks pregnant. You decided to wait until after you both move into your brand new home that you purchased before the wedding. The beautiful five bedroom, four and a half bathroom home sat on three acres of land. Erik wanted to be out of the city stating that after a long day at work, he wanted to come home to peace and quiet. You agreed and here you both were, unpacking boxes and setting up your new furniture.

“Baby! Why you buy this ugly ass couch?” Erik called from the living room. You were in the kitchen putting away the white dishes that you spotted at Pottery Barn. Erik thought it was ridiculous that you would spend over $200 on a 6 set of plain ass dishes.

“Stop talking about my couch! I love that emerald green. Plus it’s velvet. Think of all the hot sex we’ll have on it” you say walking into the living room to see him sitting in a sea of bubble wrap.

“If you say so. It’s still ugly as fuck” he flips the couch upright and stands back to look at it.

“Still ugly” you both laugh. He wraps his arm around your waist and kisses the side of your head.


Dinner was takeout. You were both too tired to cook. And for once, you were both too tired to have sex. After getting into bed, Erik snuggled up behind you and wrapped his arms around your body.

“You know I love you right? You’re the best thing to ever happen to me” he whispered into your ear.

“I love you too baby. So much” you say back.


You wake up the next morning. Windows open, fresh air blowing throughout your master bedroom, sheer curtains blowing in the wind. You smile as the sun kisses your smooth brown skin as you stretch out. Noticing Erik is gone because he went to work, you climb out of bed to get your day started. You were an online teacher/tutor and worked whenever you felt like it. In your free time you enjoyed drawing and painting.

You walk downstairs to see coffee was already made and a cute sticky note on the counter.

“I love you beautiful. I’ll see you after work”

You smile as you stick the note back onto the white marble countertop. Pouring yourself a small cup of black coffee, you carry it back upstairs to your office area. You work for maybe two hours when there’s a knock at the front door. You pull out your cellphone to look at the security camera. Two police officers. You raise your eyebrows confused and get up to answer the door.

“Hi officers. Can I help you?” You ask, palms sweaty and heart beating fast.

“Ma’am, are you Mrs. Stevens?” The female officer asks.

“Y-yes? What’s this about?” Your voice was shaky.

“Ma’am…your husband Erik, he was involved in a fatal accident this morning. He was pronounced dead upon arrival….” her voice faded out and your entire world turned upside down. Everything around you was blurry and the sound was distorted.

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Thanos is the most popular MCU villain because he is a fully fleshed-out character with a personality, goals, regrets, and fears as opposed to the one-dimensional plot devices all the other Big Bads are.

Same goes for Killmonger.

Also, Loki is not and has never been evil.

I said what I said.

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quarantine diaries: may 25 2020

season 1 episode 11: “The Calm”

  • kane at 2:51 is my mood on a hot summers day 
  • side note: you know how the first rule of improve is to just accept. i think that this is just what this show is but just with a lot of added chaos
  • who is this new love interest for clarke. he looks like finns little brother
  • ohmygosh are they making raven and bellamy a thing now…they really be planting these plot points early on in the episode
  • raven an entrepreneur. she was 100% ready with a spiel for walkie-talkies. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SMALL BUSINESSES!!
  • take one down pass it down…this guy is singing 99 bottle of beer instead of screaming for help. i mean i guess it worked. kane did find him. note-to-self: instead of screaming for help just start singing 99 bottle of beer 
  • i straight up thought that kane was gonna cut off wick’s arm with that ax. honest to god i thought we were going to have a 127 hours situation. i was worried there for a hot second
  • “we’re the ones being hunted”-finn. the most dangerous game anyone? its one of my favorite short stories
  • ***gasp when they got clarke and finn*** sorry myles you can’t third wheel on this crazy date no more.
  • yess more of anya. my queen.
  • charlotte that you??…. thank god its not. literally i was scared that they did that ‘well you didn’t see the body so this character actually survived’ and they brought her back.
  • wait so are you tell me that after all these years that grounders only they designated only one person to be a healer and if that healer is gone then what? they’re just fucked? and they need clarke (a girl who isn’t even a doctor waht?) ok sure. i love how these grounders have their priorities straight with child soldiers but they don’t have any kids learning how to be healers.
  • anya you can try to blame clarke and the grounders all you want. but really tris’ injuries are on you. you wanted her to see battle. then here it fucking is.
  • that was rude raven. poor monty. she literally broke the radio specifically when he asked her not to then walked away not even taking the radio with her. somebody is moody today.
  • “time to move on” oooh indeed. time to move the fuck on. 
  • fuck it ok. i ship it. cuz might as well plus ngl they look good together (but tbh i could ship bellamy anyone and everyone). yolo. but at this rate its only a matter of times that STDs take over the 100 before the grounders.
  • thank you grey’s anatomy! i actually recognize the procedure clarke is preforming on tris.
  • this bromance between kane and jaha is strong. since my ship between bellamy and wells didn’t pan out imma ship these two because i can
  • you’re just throwing out medical terms here clarke while finn looks hella confused. yeah finn you’re dead. clarke won’t be able to save her.
  • what is this music playing while clakre gets trying to do a blood transfusion. imagine if grey’s anatomy was shot and release with same music…
  • sooo basically if you’re a child in show. you have one fate. and that fate is death. tris. charlotte. that one girl saying that history of the ark and the bomb explodes. this show really dont give a rats ass about children
  • the saltiest “ok” -raven (34:38) its mood but monty really had to bring up myles another human being for raven to care about the well-being of clarke and finn. she really is still salty about clarke and finn.
  • **gasp** abby. i fucking knew it
  • these grounders out here with these scars like killmonger. plz tell me that michael b jordan is the ultimate leader/commander of the grounders. cuz ill join them. i will 
  • clarke really watched the life leave that guys eyes. i did not think she had it in her. she’s not even humming no more like she did when she killed atom. yeah i guess she’s isnt trying to soothe the guy but clarke has officially embraced the darkness
  • monty. monty. monty. monty please fucking report. you cannot die on me man. 
  • wow that trap snatched clarke up real quick.
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“This moment in time
To the deepest waters some’s incline
The day changes, such is time
The darkness comes, but I feel fine
I see a rainbow without sunshine
Could touch a star, but I decline
I know I’m nearer to the divine
For in the darkest hour, I still shine…”

Mozez —“Baby Blue”

Two Years Ago…

Blade walked into his heavily secured waterfront warehouse and saw his munitions expert Kai Matisse working methodically at his work station piecing together new vampire body explosives. Explosives that imploded better…quieter. Less messy.

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One Shot

Synopsis: Its the middle of quarantine, you and your boyfriend are out of work. To fill the time, Erik plays Modern Warfare all day everyday.

Pairing: Gamer!Erik (is that a thing?) x FemaleReader (any race or body type)

Warnings: Language, Smut (Spanking, and aftercare)

A/N: Erik and reader have an understanding in their relationship and safe word during sex. Erik enjoys pushing her to her limit.

Shoutout to my fellow gamers! Wussup 😜


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Originally posted by fandomnom

I do NOT own this image. It also kinda doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter but mmm he looks good.

Summary: The reality of your situation settles over you and you have to make a difficult choice on what to do moving forward

Pairing: Erik KIllmonger x Reader

Words: 2045

Warnings: Angst, whoopsie, I promise it’ll get happier…. eventually

A/N: Hey guys I hope you enjoy this chapter, please like and share. I’m trying to give this writing thing a go and it would mean a lot if you could give it a quick share. if you wanna be tagged in future parts let me know and I’ll add you

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Warnings: Language

A/N: This was just a quick imagine I threw together off the top of my head. It was meant to be short. (I’m bored with nothing to do so…) Don’t expect much out of this.


Erik pulled up to a beautiful mini mansion in a private neighborhood not too far from Y/N’s house. The lights were on and there were three luxury vehicles parked in the cobblestone driveway. Erik put his car in park and cut it off.

“Where are we? David’s sisters?” Y/N questioned. She was in awe of the beautiful house.

“Something like that”

“Erik…how would you even know where she lived?”

“Y/N, we been together too long for you to be this fucking stupid. I thought I taught you better” Erik shook his head.

“Excuse me!? I’m not stupid”

“You blind as a fucking bat then. You been away from me too long and you let feelings get in the way of everything. This house belongs to David. Those cars, they belong to David. He’s been lying to you. He’s married” Erik tossed a folder at her and she slowly opened it reading through the information and looking at the pictures.

“I-I don’t believe you…” she said under her breath.

“The proof is all in that folder. Don’t be stupid. How many times this nigga tell you he staying at his sisters? Sister don’t fucking exist. It’s his wife”

“How’d you get this?” She shut the folder and placed it on the dashboard.

“How you think?” He gave her a look.

“Erik, I specifically asked you NOT to check on the men I’m messing with!”

“Yea and I did. But now look! You sleeping with a married man” Erik laughed. He didn’t want to but he couldn’t help himself.

“What the hell is so funny!?” Y/N was still in disbelief. Her hands were shaking and her eyes watering.

“This entire situation. You defended this nigga just for him to lie to you for three years? How you ain’t know?”

“I wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t cheat on me…”

The car was silent briefly.

“You right. But you know I still love you. Whenever you done playing Dora the dick explorer, I’ll be right here”

“You and your hoes?”

“Nah. Smartass. Just me. Me and Jade” Erik leaned over to kiss Y/N on the cheek. They pulled away and looked each other in the eyes.

“You still love me?” She asked.

“You know I do. You’re the best thing, aside from Jade, that’s ever happened to me. You’re my first love”

“I still love you too Erik. So much. I miss you. I miss you holding me. I miss everything about you”

“What you miss the most?”

Y/N sucked her teeth and laughed.

“You already know”

“Say it then”

“That beautiful dick. I miss sitting on it. I miss cumming on it”

“Mhm. You ready to go knock this nigga out?” Erik asked pulling a gun from under his seat.

“Erik, please don’t start anything. Let me handle it okay? Please?”

“Well you better handle it or I will” he gave her another look.

“Erik. I got this. I promise” they both climbed out the car and Y/N took a deep breath before knocking. Erik covered the doorbell security camera with a piece of black electric tape.

“You sure you don’t want to go at it the old way? Fuck this nigga”

“No. We stopped that a long time ago. I’ll just break up with him and we can go”

“Pussy” he scoffed.

Y/N and Erik seen someone approach the front door.

“This bitch is fine as fuck. We might just do this my way” Erik pushed Y/N to the side. The woman opened the door in a robe.

“Can I-wait, aren’t you the man from the mall?” She asked confused.

“Yea, I am. I’m looking for David” Erik asked glancing into the house.

“He’s not here. He made a quick trip to San Francisco to visit his mom. He should be back in the morning”

“Cool. Well I have something for him” Erik lied.

“Okay? I can take it” she said.

“Erik—“ Y/N nudged him.

“It’s in the car. You can take it” Erik watched the woman closely.

“Yes that’s fine” she stepped out of the house and followed Erik to the car. Y/N rolled her eyes and put on a glove to shut the front door. She heard a small yell then a door slam. Walking back to the car, Erik waved her on quickly. She jumped into the car and they drove off as natural as possible.

“Erik! I said NO. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. All this nice shit you wear and these nice ass cars you drive. You want to just stop? You think I stopped after we broke up? Hell no. How you think I’m paying for you and Jade’s expensive lifestyle?”

“Erik. I have a good job now. I put that life behind me after we broke up” Y/N glanced in the back to see the woman gagged and her arms and legs tied together. Erik was always good with using rope.

“You a fuckin’ lie. So you wasn’t suckin’ and fuckin’ on your business trip?”

Y/N looked away shamefully.

“Exactly. You the same lil nasty bitch I met in college. You know what you want and you’ll do whatever to get it. But you know daddy will never pimp you out or let you do that shit. So what’s the real reason you broke up with me? Cause it’s not because I cheated. It’s because deep down inside, you a freaky hoe who don’t want to be tied down to one nigga. You want to suck some dick for some designer shoes and clothes. It’s cool. But you didn’t expect to fall in love with a fucking governor”

Y/N looked at him with a look of shock.

“Yea. A governor. He lied to you Y/N. So are you done trying to play house? You ready to take this nigga for all he got?”

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