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#Kim Taehyung smut
inkedtae · 10 hours ago
vi. rotten angelcake ⇾ kth. [M]
Tumblr media
chapter six : buzz off  ⤑ taehyung sends you a gift. you call him for help.
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Tumblr media
⌁ pairing; ceo!taehyung x curvy!reader (f.)
⌁ genre/rating; s2l, ceo au, sugar daddy au, smut, fluff, 18+
⌁ word count; 4.1k
⌁ warnings; mentions and depictions of vaping, mullet!taehyung (yes, bestie this is a fucking warning), dom!taehyung, daddy!taehyung, sub!reader, brat!reader, virgin!reader, possessiveness, phone sex, use of sex toy, daddy kink, size kink, praise kink, corruption kink, dirty talk, jealousy, voyeurism, mutual masturbation, degradation, oragsm control, teasing, gagging, begging, cum tasting
⌁ le playlist
ও as always a hundred thanks to cam ( @sunshinejunghoseokie ) for the pretty, pretty banner!! a million and one thanks to all my betas sammy ( @chateautae ), eva ( @nottodayjjk ) and kiki ( @uhgood-dooghu ) for always coming through for me and reading every chapter to make sure i don’t make a fool of myself sdjfh. love you babes 🥺💖
Tumblr media
[angelcake] : i mean it looks fun online.
[V] : still watching and never touching?
[angelcake] : i don’t have one to use so i could touch, sherlock.
[angelcake] : you’d think the guy that graduated from MIT at 17 would know that.
[V] : ah still thinking about me, aren’t you?
[angelcake] : buzz off.
Last night’s conversion returns to you as you read those two words written neatly on a piece of Bangtan Industries stationary. The card sits beside the small toy on your bed. Laying on your stomach, you’ve been staring at the damned thing since you pulled it out of the box. You’ve read and reread the instructions, already connected the controls through bluetooth on your phone but still cannot manage to just use it. 
Taking it in your hands, you examine the butterfly-shape. You had mentioned only the day before that you spotted a butterfly on your way back from work and shared with him how much you love them. In true Taehyung fashion, he made sure to include that in his next grand gesture. 
It’s just as well because, as you’ve read from the instructions, this is a beginners toy. The pink rubber wrapped “wings” are somewhat foldable for easy insertion and the vibration that buzzes all the way to make it flap is not too intense. 
The size of it is even manageable, you think. As it lays in your palm, you consider the width of the wingspan. It’s not even barely the size of Taehyung - a detail you know from the burning imprint of his cock against you only a few days ago. You remember so well that he’s just too big. Your pussy wasn’t even able to properly consider him. 
A giggle escapes you despite the bite of your lip. It's just so hard not to get excited when Taehyung roams around between memories in your head. The same thing happens when you see his name pop up on your phone. How can you not smile when he’s texting to ask about you and your day and if you're okay?
Your pussy aches for him. Wetting your inner thighs, your arousal pools at your entrance and sticks to your skin. It’s the cost of not wearing panties at home. 
Sitting back on your knees, you decide enough is enough. Your clit is throbbing at this point and you need that stimulation you’re not so fucking addicted to all because of him. He’s given you the chance not to wait too long for his touch, the chance to live out that fantasy you are always finding online. You once saw a video of a guy having tied his girl up, her lower half only on camera as she chases after the toy he hovers over her pussy. She could barely move her hips, still she tries.
All you can think about in that moment is Taehyung. Taehyung and his dark chuckle. Taehyung and his expensive cologne as he leans over you and tells you to stay fucking still like the good girl he knows you are. Taehyung and his large hands petting your thighs to ensure you follow through with his orders. 
Why couldn’t he deliver this in person? Why didn’t he just call you and tell you how to work it, even if it did come with instructions? 
You eye your phone. He hasn’t replied to your good morning text yet and it's well past noon. He’s busy. 
Still, you want him. 
Picking up your phone, your thumb hovers over the Sugar Rush app icon, then his name, then the keyboard. You hesitate, unsure if you should bother him or not. The message ends up writing itself. 
[angelcake] : daddy i need help.
Taehyung’s name glows a dark green as he immediately pops online. 
[V] : What is it, Angel? Are you okay? 
You can always tell how serious he is over text by how accurate his grammar becomes. 
[V] : Here's my number. Call me now. 
Though you already have his number, he sends it anyway, knowing it would be faster to just click on it to call rather than switch between apps. 
“Are you hurt?” 
His voice rushes with urgency, carrying worry. You can just see the crinkle of his brows as they furrow and that scowl tightening his generous lips. 
Gulping, you reassure him, “Everything is fine.”
“Are you hurt?” he repeats, louder, slower. 
“No, Tae, I’m fine. I promise. I didn’t mean to scare you,” you say, though there is a hint of fear in your voice. He just spoke with such… intensity. With the phone pressed to your ear, every ripple of his deep voice resonated right to your clit. You press your legs together as he lets out a sigh of relief. 
“Okay,” there is a soft click of a door in the background, “what is it you need help with, Angel?” He speaks a bit freer. You assume he must’ve snuck away into his office. 
“Are you busy?” you ask instead. 
You can hear the smirk tugging on the corner of his lips as he dismisses your question, “That doesn’t matter. What is it, Angel?”
Having accompanied him a handful of times, you know what he’d be doing if he was sitting in front of you right now, saying those words. He’d pull you into his lap and brush your hair back as he listened. Then, he’d tease you and laugh and make you cum in a quick blur. You always find those moments indistinctly intertwined when looking back. 
But even without these images, the soothing, alluring tone of his voice disarms your doubts and worries. You sit comfortably on your bed, smiling down to yourself as you say, “So, I got your gift.”
Taehyung chuckles. “Oh, you need help starting it,” he arrogantly guesses. That amused hint that always glints in his eyes flashes before you. 
“Well…” you trail off, not really sure how to explain it. Taehyung is patient, waiting silently as you gather your thoughts. “Sort of? I don’t know. I mean, I think I know how it works. It’s just- I just feel like it’s not going to work.”
“It should already be charged, Angel.” 
“No, not the... um… toy,” you swallow thickly, face going hot all over. Why the hell is that so hard for you to say? You were only just talking about it last night. Trying again, you sigh then plead, “I, um- Daddy, just please help me.” 
You hear a shift over the phone, a little squeak of a chair. He must’ve sat up in his seat. “You have to talk to me, honey. What isn’t going to work? Why are you so worried? I think it comes with instructions, Angel. Did you read them?”
The soft delicacy of his tone cradles your worries away enough to make you pout. The urge to nuzzle against his chest, hide your face in the crook of his neck and simply remain engulfed in his warmth is strong enough to make you shiver without it. 
Playing with the hem of your nightgown, you practically whine, “Three times.” You take a moment to let out a heavy sigh, to which Taehyung breathes a smirk - you just know it. “I just… I just don’t think I’m going to… finish,” you finally confess after another round of hesitance. 
“Aw, Angel,” Taehyung coos. His voice against your ear almost makes you feel like he’s actually here, whispering into it and kissing the shell the way he knows you adore. “Do you really not touch yourself at all when you’re alone?” 
You pause… a little too long. 
Taehyung poorly stifles his laughter. 
“Shut up,” you whine half-heartedly. “That’s not the point.”
“What is the point? How am I going to help you?”
“I, um… I just don’t know where to put it,” you lie. 
There’s that smirk again. A single breath over the phone and you can hear it so distinctly. “Those videos online haven’t taught you much?” 
You should have known he’d be smug about this. You should have known he’d tease you relentlessly. He’s not here for you to shove your breasts against him and peer at him innocently the way you always do to get under his skin. Taehyung is always more merciful when you act too desperate not to be taken care of. 
Then, you remember how well your voice does too. When you lighten your tone and speak slower, in a prominent pout, he melts right into you. Summoning that innocence once more, you say, “Won’t you please help me use it, Daddy?” 
There is the slightest hitch of his breath. Then total silence. One, two, three beats pass before you hear his lips part. Something about that little tsk when he’s about to speak tells you he’s not totally defenceless to you just yet. So you add a few good whimpers, making a show of shifting around on your bed. 
“Switch the call to video,” he orders defeatedly. A hint of excitement still lingers in his words. 
You squeal a little giggle, earning an exaggerated sigh over the phone. He’s too cute, you can’t help but think as you lean the phone against the short frame at the foot of the bed. You’re about to change the call to video when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Tousled bed head and a bunny-printed nightgown stare back at you. 
“Just a second,” you call out, rushing off your bed and running a comb through your hair. You add a light layer of mascara and lipgloss too for good measure. He hasn’t seen you without your makeup just yet. And, though you are not particularly insecure about how you look, you rather this very sexual moment not be the first time he sees you without your usual glam. 
That nightgown is the next to go. You’re stumped on what to replace it with, rummaging through your drawers loud enough to hear Taehyung ask, “Everything alright?” 
“Yup,” you immediately shout back. “Be right there.” 
Red lace catches your eye in the back of your bottom drawer. Pulling it out, you find a bra and panty set, the tag still on. Examining it, you try to remember where the hell- oh, yes! One of your earlier sugar daddies on the app had sent it to you as a gift, in hopes that you’d wear it for him. That interaction barely lasted a week but when you saw the amount of zeroes on the price tag, you decided to keep the lingerie set just in case. 
After struggling to put it on, you glance one last time at your reflection. The red sits so well on you, you’re almost too shy to show Taehyung. And, yet, that excites you all the more. He told you last time that simply watching you walk makes him lose his mind. You wonder what this would do. 
The bed squeaks as you climb upon it. You grab your phone and switch the call to video. The camera shows you from the chin up, making Taehyung smile. He’s sitting back on his office chair, leaning against one of his arm rests with a finger in his mouth. 
“What took you so long, Angel? I thought you were desperate.”
You raise a brow. “I never said that.” 
“You didn’t need to,” he smirks before grabbing his vape pen with his free hand and taking a puff. “Sit back and spread your legs for me, Angel,” he orders through the smoke. 
Moving to the head of the bed, you arrange your pillows comfortably behind you before sitting back. Taehyung smokes, smirking as he watches. You use one of your stuffed animals as something to lean your phone against. 
That smirk falls when the camera finally captures your outfit, or rather lack thereof. His jaw soon drops, smoke just pouring out with some drool as you spread your legs. For a little while, it’s just his hungry gaze devouring you and your meek frame lounging back patiently. You’ve always been happy to be his meal. 
His cocky persona reboots soon, however. Blinking repeatedly, Taehyung snaps himself out of his daze as licks his lips. “Did you buy this just for Daddy, Angel?” he condescendingly asks. 
Your legs press together as you shyly hide behind your knees. He coos between little fits of laughter, his face the picture of pity at your innocence. “Do you like it, Daddy?” He’s in the middle of nodding, tongue twisting between his teeth while he smirks, when you add, “It was a gift.” 
Taehyung pauses. Jaw tightening, he raises a brow. “A gift?” he questions. “From who?”
The memory of him rubbing himself against you last week flashes in your mind. That simple, buffered conversation with Marco was enough to make something primal snap within him. He was jealous from a mere look. So, you know that telling him another man bought you a lingerie set will not end well. But, you know lying to him won’t work either. Taehyung has always been able to read right through you. 
“No one important,” you shrug, not particularly lying. Leaning over the camera to grab your new vibrator, you quickly change the subject. “So can you please help me with this, Daddy?”
There is a momentary gleam of anger in his gaze that Taehyung immediately blinks away. Schooling his features to be brighter, he cracks a smile and nods. “Hold it to your clit like a good girl,” he says casually, reaching for his phone on the table. 
You furrow your brows, slightly confused. “You have two phones?” 
One must be for business, you tell yourself, then pray for that to be the truth. 
His smile widens as he shakes his head, “No, Angel. I’m just using my laptop to talk to you.”
A relieved sigh leaves you. Taehyung catches it, that usual amusement overtaking his expression. 
Eager to escape his smug stare, you press the vibrator over your already stained panties and ask, “Should I turn it on?”
“I’ll do that, Angel.” The furrow of your brows tips him off to your confusion. “I programmed it to my phone before sending it to you, just in case you need help down that line. Who knew you’d come begging before even starting?”
You playfully glare. “I didn’t beg,” you clarify. “I just asked-Ah!”
Suddenly, light buzzes pressed snugly against your throbbing bundle of nerves make you jolt. Taehyung inhales another sip of smoke as he watches with such a compelling degree of arrogance, you can’t look away from him no matter how badly you try. Staring through the smoke that somewhat clouds his face, you bite your lip and roll your hips against the toy.
“Take the panties off.” He tosses the order casually, like he just asked you to grab him something from the kitchen. “I want to see how wet you are.”
Hesitant to remove the toy at first, you had every intention of keeping those panties on and further pressing the vibrations against you. But his words only make you wetter and the thought of showing him just how wet makes your toes curl. Setting the toy aside, you lean over a bit and bring your legs together. Your panties are drenched, rolling into themselves as you pull it off. 
“Can you put them in your mouth for me, Angel? Oh, yes, that’s my good girl. How do you taste? Just as sweet as usual?” he asks with a little smile. 
You suck your arousal out of the lace, eyes rounded as you shyly peer up at him. When you nod, he chuckles a bit to himself. 
He rubs the tip of the pen against his lip, adding, “And spread those legs. Lemme see.”
The butterfly dully buzzes beside you as you spread your legs. You’ve barely been touched, but your breathing is irregular enough to be heard over the phone and pussy wet enough to string stickily to your thighs. 
Taehyung leans in, resting his arms over the desk as he admires your wetness. He licks his lips and smirks, “Tell me the truth, were you playing with yourself before calling?”
You immediately shake your head. 
An astonished sigh escapes him. He takes a moment of silence, save for the quiet buzzing beside you, to just gaze at how you clench. His fingers somewhat scratch against the table, lip tucked between his teeth and chewed. 
Leaning back on your palms, you huff a little whine. Your impatience flickers his gaze ever so slightly up. That smirk resurfaces. 
“Rub the butterfly against that mess, Angel,” he nods, sitting back in his seat.
You grab the toy by the long rubber antennas, little balls decorating the tip, and do as you’re told.  Your hips roll every time those little vibrations tickle your clit. Little gasps of moans tumble out of you, head rolling back. You’re thankful he had you gag yourself, the thin fabric of your panties muffling your voice enough not to wake Mrs. Chu from her nap in the other room. 
Taehyung’s silence forces your attention back to the screen. Elbow resting on the arm of the chair, finger pointed near his raised brow, Taehyung watches you slowly get yourself off with a smirk and some smoke. There is a hint of amused mischief in his gaze that makes you shudder, jolting against the toy uncontrollably. That must’ve been enough for him because that free hand disappeared under his desk. Picking up his phone, he asks, “What were you thinking about?”
The buzzing intensifies. You hold the toy steady to your clit now, obsessed with the way it hums against it. “D-Daddy,” you regrettably stutter around the panties. Your voice is still muffled but Taehyung makes out the syllables all the same. 
And then he laughs, patronizing you as he says, “That’s adorable, Angel. Thinking about Daddy makes you this wet?” Smoke swirls around him as he sits back and gazes. An unseen superiority gleams through the haze.“What about Daddy? Come on, Angel, you have to tell me now.”
Biting down hard on the lace, you swallow a moan. What the fuck are you supposed to tell him? That you think about every interaction you’ve ever had and before you know it, you’re a needy, sopping mess? If the simple indication that it is his fault has him so cocky, then specifics will snap something dangerous within him. He will tease. You know he will. And he’ll mock you in that sexy way he always does, until you scream and beg and you can’t afford that kind of experience right now. Any other day, you’d play right into his hand, but Mrs. Chu cannot walk in on you like this. 
No matter how hot it would be to get caught. 
Taehyung’s eyes darken. Your silence is not appreciated. The buzzing grows faster, those little wings of the butterfly now flapping from the intensity. Holding it by the width instead of length, you receive much better pay off. The wings now lay light slaps against your pussy as they vibrate. Another moan climbs your throat and escapes before you can stop it. 
“If you’re going to be a disobedient slut, you, at the very least, need to keep your eyes open,” Taehyung loudly hisses. 
You open your eyes, not even registering that you’ve closed them, to find him glaring at you. “So-rry,” you whimper around the lace. 
Taehyung dryly scoffs. “You will be,” he seethes. 
When the fuck did he get so mad? All you did was not answer one question. Just one. Why- Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck. 
“Daddy!” you cry, eyes snapping to your closed door in horror. You don’t hear a stir in the hallway, but the volume of your voice and aspiration of your tone is alarming enough. 
Why must he turn up the intensity without warning you? Those wings now practically smack your pussy, your clit and clenching hole receiving the same boundless, ruthless treatment of non stop stimulation. Your legs shake, lifting off the bed as you lean completely back into your pillows. Even still, body trembling and legs standing tall over you, your gaze remains on Taehyung. 
He stares with a tightened jaw and angry eyes. That hand under his desk moves fast as a little clink of metal sounds. His chest rises and falls heavily, brows furrowed and shoulders rigid. The hand clutching onto his phone trembles. 
“Who bought that for you?” he asks again. 
Oh, is that what this harsh treatment is about? You spit the panties out, praying you’ll be able to keep yourself quiet enough as you reply, “I-I to-ld you-”
“I want a fucking name!” he shouts, falling back in his chair. 
The sheer volume of his voice makes you cower, tucking your chin into your chest and shyly peering at him. A little groan escapes him. It coaxes a string of whimpers from you. “I-” you start only to cut yourself off when he glares. “I don’t know. I-I don’t remem-ber.”
That’s not a good enough answer. Not to Taehyung. The vibrator hits what you believe is its highest setting, jumping to a speed unknown to man. You have to use your entire hand to cup the thing in place as it buzzes, smacking and humming against your most sensitive spots. He’s crazy if he thinks you’ll be able to keep your eyes open now. Screwing them shut, you throw your head back and let out a string of dry sobs. 
“Look at me,” he growls. 
“I ca-ca-n’t!”
“You will.” 
It’s the depth of his voice. It’s the way it always makes your heart fall and stew in the pit of your stomach, using that rough rasp as the only source of comfort. That’s what snaps your head back to the phone. That’s what makes you summon the last shred of willpower to pry your eyes open and meet his hungry, annoyed gaze. That’s the only thing that makes you obedient, you tell yourself. 
Because it’s not the way you’re about to cum for him. It’s not the way his relentless jealousy feeds into the most toxic part of your soul. And it’s most definitely not the way you are obsessed with how much he possessively cares.
“Give me a name,” he whispers, much less aggressive.
You profusely shake your head, about to tell him you really don’t remember when he cuts you off. 
“Angel, give me a fucking name,” he seethes, his hand knocking against his desk in rhythmic bumps. “Or you won’t cum at all.”
“But, I-I re-ally- Daddy, please!” you whine, your orgasm quickly growing. 
Taehyung lowly growls, but doesn’t utter another word. He just stares as you whine and whine his name. 
“Please, Daddy, Da-Daddy!” You can’t manage to form another word, your mind almost broken with the hyperawareness that you’re oh so fucking close. “I do-don’t- Fuck, Daddy, I can’t!”
He shakes his head. “A name.”
You cum. And you shake. And you almost fall off your bed, trying not to make it so obvious that you’ve cum. But with the tight curl of your toes and hyper-extension of your legs, how the hell is he not to know? It doesn’t help at all that your jaw falls open and both eyes twitch before rolling back with the throw of your head. Your pillows engulf you, covering your face as your back arches. 
Taehyung huffs a growl, then a string of curses. There is a clatter on the other side of the call, but you don’t catch it, too consumed by your orgasm. Blood rushes to your head, clogging your ear with the rush enough to stunt your hearing for a few moments. 
You so wish that in the midst of all this, you at the very least had the chance to catch your breath. However, when cinching your voice at the base of your throat, you’ve also blocked your airway and thus cut yourself off from oxygen. You’re gasping loudly for air by the time you think you’re would-be-screaming moan subsides. 
“What the fuck did I tell you?” Taehyung shouts. The thumping under his desk has stopped. 
Tossing the toy off you, it’s stimulation all too much to handle now, you pull your legs together and mutter in weak whimpers, “I tried. I tried not to,” you slowly push yourself up, “I tried to not cum, Daddy. It-It was hard. It felt-”
Your phone screen is dark. You tap on it, the lock screen flashing to life. When you log in, you find the call has disconnected from his end. 
The buzzing soon ceases. 
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ladyartemesia · 3 months ago
You always give out such amazing fic recs. I'm wondering if you have anything on hand for me. My absolute favorite trope is soft camboy AUs but really any sex worker au hits the spot, any member.
Tumblr media
• these stories feature sex workers or sex worker adjacent plot lines up to and including running personal NSFW accounts • please be aware that all contain mature content and mature themes • minors do not interact • please CAREFULLY READ ALL TAGS IN ALL WORKS to be sure that you are comfortable reading the content •
Silk and Lace by @sunshyngal this one will blow your mind because it’s a royalty AU as well. I don’t want to spoil it but this fic is completely wild and amazing. Like amazing amazing. There are hidden identities, sexy secrets, intense mutual pining. I can’t say enough about it. And BOY can Shyn write. I have been obsessed with this story from the second she published it. It is illicit. It is shocking. I am shooketh.
Elite Chatboy by @kookingtae this one is funny as well as hot! Reader signs up for a sexting service and catches feelings with her sweet and sexy service provider Jungkook. It is a hilarious, fluffy, sexy ride. This may seem like a strange thing to say but this story is really about that couple who laughs and loves together because the connection between them is just that irresistible.
Human Touch by @snackhobi this one has a twist. The sex worker is an android named Taehyung who gains sentience and falls in love with the woman who looked at him and saw more than a machine built for her pleasure. This is honestly a beautiful story and at the end I was just so soft and happy.
Starfruit by @inkedtae is a wild wild ride on the camboy Hobi train. Features a curvy reader and oh my gosh it’s so sexy. This one made me laugh too. There is a fun little twist in the middle that sent me screaming. Truly a delight. I laughed and I sighed and I swooned.
Cyberslut by @kimnjss this one hits on one of my favorite tropes ever—good girl with a secret identity online. The reader has a hard stan thirst account dedicated to the college basketball star (Yoongi) who has no idea that his nerdy tutor is the online hottie tweeting about his hands.
Who’s Your Daddy by @ppersonna the reader is looking for a real dom in her life so she seeks one out on a website dedicated to meeting that particular need. She has no idea that the sexy dom she’s paired with is none other than her best friend who has been in love with her for years. This hot, funny, and delightful story of false identities and true love will leave you sweating and grinning guaranteed.
Dazed and Glazed by @floralseokjin Ok this story has been on a couple rec lists of mine and it will continue to be on many more because no joke it’s like a full on legitimate masterpiece. I could write a dissertation on this story. It’s flawless. The characterizations, the world building, the way the emotions build. There isn’t enough I can say about it. This story is special and features one of the hottest sex scenes like…ever. This is truly one of my favorite fics of any genre for any member and I do not say that lightly. The fun begins when the queen of good girl porn wants to retire with a bang—specifically with notorious porn bad boy Kim Seokjin ruining her in all the right ways.
In Motion by @yoonia is something else. I confess I came to her site because I vaguely recalled that she maybe had a sex worker fic but then I found this and I just COULD NOT LOOK AWAY it was incredible. I mean mesmerizing. The reader is invited to an exclusive voyeurism club where she ends up crossing paths with a handsome man who turns out to be her new boss—Jeon Jungkook! It was so incredibly hot. I couldn’t put it down. I’m serious just wow.
Simply.Cute97 by @httpjeon this is a spicy story about a virgin camgirl who falls for her favorite viewer—a hottie who also happens to be a camboy by the name of Jeon Jungkook. Their relationship is the wildest blend of filthy and fluffy and honestly it’s just a ton of fun the entire way through.
Ill-Fated by @sketchguk is great. What is a girl to do when she finds out that the bane of her existence and the gorgeous cam boy she is obsessed with are one and the same person? This is sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy and a pleasure to read all the way through. I can’t say I blame the reader for handling the situation the way she does. It all seems quite satisfying—if you know what I mean.
Playtime by @jungkookienoona is hot hot hot. This is a fun little cam porn love square. Two childhood best friends in love with each other. Both are cam performers and both are obsessed with the other person’s stream. It’s really just an insanely sexy and also an insanely thought provoking story. I giggled a lot because really it’s so cute, but also insanely hot. So be warned, this fic did not come to play—despite its name.
The Playmate Series by @scribblemetae is about a lovely girl who takes a job a ‘playmate’ for the boys of Bangtan. She caters to their kinks and discovers a lot about herself along the way. Obviously there are feelings and a lot of interesting twists and turns throughout. What a spicy ride! A lot of interesting thought and world building went into this one! You’re sure to be fascinated.
Show-Off by @taeverie is a fun little story about a lucky girl who discovers her roommate Hoseok is a camboy and ends up getting a live and in-person show. It’s a fun and quirky little snack that really hits the spot. My favorite part was when Hobi caught her watching his streams after she lied about it. Good stuff all around.
Notorious by @jungk0oksthighs this one is kind of fascinating. I really don’t want to give the story away, but literally by the end I basically just screamed. It was wild. Definitely give it a shot, but be prepared to have your jaw hit the floor. This author is quite good at eliciting that reaction.
A Matter of Shyness by @jjungkookislife this story is so cute! It’s about a sweet girl who is thirst following a naughty Snapchat account at the same time she begins growing closer to a classmate named Kim Taehyung. There are a lot of delightful reveals and genuinely sweet moments.
Éffleurer by @sugaurora is a fascinating and highly addictive story. This features as sex worker who specializes in a type of submissive performance deciding to enter into a submissive relationship with her gorgeous boss. I’m telling you it’s thrilling. Absolutely thrilling.
Obey by @jjkfire this is one of the most endearing and lovely stories on this list. It’s so sexy and hot yes but it’s like also a beautiful redemption song. The reader is a shy awkward escort who isn’t really an escort, she’s really just there to serve drinks and subtly discourage men from booking her, but she unknowingly enchants the very beautiful and very dangerous mafia boss Kim Taehyung and well… What’s a girl to do? The twist in the story is priceless by the way. I literally cried tears of moved beauty. It’s like that.
Kairos by @luffles424 yes I know. This one is an auto-include because I love it so much and it’s like super amazing and all. And if you haven’t read it yet then please don’t deny yourself any longer. Sweet omega college girl decides to auction of her first heat to the highest bidder and wealthy businessman Kim Seokjin cannot imagine who would pay for something like that… but then he smells her and all bets are off. This is honestly a beautiful love story and you know I am such a sucker for a/b/o done well.
Sexual Healing by @honeymoonjin features extraordinarily hot sex therapist Kim Namjoon and his quest to help the reader reach realization and release in this occasionally humorous romp. I really enjoyed reading this. Namjoon’s smooth certainty had me swooning, but it was the way he really encouraged the reader to explore and enjoy herself that made this an unmissable treat.
Out of Work by @jessikahathaway ok Jess full disclosure I read this before we were friends and it’s one of those stories that I ALWAYS think about (Jess’s writing will do that to you) and when I got this request I was like oh my gosh I have to include THAT Jimin story and here it was YOU that wrote it and I didn’t even remember! I love this story. It’s so incredibly fluffy and surprisingly romantic.
The Cockpile: One Shot Series by @httpjeon this is actually seven different one-shots (one for each of the members) each with their own unique setting. All the stories are themed around sex work and all of them are top notch. I highly recommend. Seven stories for the click of one link with this one!
Shutter and Shiver (Part 2) @pac-mang-blog this one was hard to track down but it was worth it. Submissive camboy cutie Jimin has a noona kink and a pretty project partner who watches his show faithfully. Jimin is quite the adventurous tease and the reader spends most of the story in a state of extremely hot and bothered. I included the link to both parts because they really are tricky to find.
The BANGmeTAN Collab is an ongoing collection of stories centered around the members as sex workers. Thus far it features completed stories by @kpopfanfictrash and @underthejoon • I originally linked The Boyfriend Concept which I discovered (thanks to @kigurumu) was actually part of a whole collab! All the authors participating are top notch writers and each installment is a delightful treat!
Satisfy by @suga-kookiemonster so this story is like wild. I learned things about myself reading this story. This author is great at balancing humor with genuine connection and it really shines in this unusual tale of Kim Taehyung’s friend who (after finding herself in need of money to finish school) agrees to an exclusive paid sexual relationship with the extremely wealthy Kim brothers (the Kim Line) in order to minimize scandals for their influential family. It’s filthy, evocative, emotional, and downright electrifying. I think I may have passed out during Tae’s scene and you’ll know why as soon as you start reading it.
Bam! You Got Scammed by @dovechim this is a wildly creative story. Truly. It revolves around a camgirl who is running a bit of a scam. Poor sweet Jeon Jungkook is double crossed and he decides to get his revenge in sexy satisfying fashion. This is a delightful story. I laughed and gasped and fanned myself the whole time.
95mochibuns by @gukptune this story is delightful in so many ways. Jimin is a camboy and the reader is a twitch streamer and they both (unknowingly) have huge crushes on each other that accidentally spill out onto the internet with lots of antics. Even their followers get involved. It’s sexy and hilarious and I always feel such anticipation when I read it. Even though I know what happens!
The Cambunny Series by @getitinbusan is a fascinating take on an idol AU. Jungkook goes exploring and sees someone he recognizes. The drama unfolds deliciously from there! This one was very hot! I had to stop and fan myself! The second part features Hoseok in a surprise guest capacity!
Take One by @untaemedqueen this story holds such a special place for me because I was really involved in helping D plan it. I knew from the first paragraphs she sent me that it was something really incredible. Min Yoongi is a super famous porn star and the reader writes fan fiction about him. Little does she know that he LOVES reading her work and starts incorporating some of her kinks and stories into his work! It’s so much fun and still manages to be both a great love story and a super sexy romp.
Tumblr media
…and since I spent all that time putting together this list, lemme just slide you the link to my MASTERLIST where you can find other themed fic rec lists like this as well as all of my original works 😘
Tumblr media
If you know of any really great stories (including your own) that might fit the theme of this list, don’t be afraid to send them in to me!
Tumblr media
Thank you to the people who sent in recommendations! Newest additions to the list are in PINK!
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opaljm · 3 months ago
nip it in the bud (m) – kth
Tumblr media
➻ female reader x taehyung
➻ going to get a piercing au/completing bucket list au + my brother’s best friend au + tattoo artist!taehyung
➻ genres: smut, romance
➻ length & status: 10k words; complete
➻ rating & warnings: 18+; taehyung has tattoos and piercings, he and his big hands are illegal, tae's oral fixation is entirely out of control, nipple sucking/breast play, semi-public sex (? idk tbh), the pussy eating he does is sloppy and gross, squirting, nasty/messy sex, unprotected sex (wear a condom and be safe kids OR ELSE), riding, creampie, pussy stuffing cuz tae has a big dick (I don’t think you understand it’s GIGANTIC), multiple orgasms
➻ summary: You're not sure how you ended up here, but maybe a shitty ex and a horrible breakup had a hand in what placed you in front of the tattoo parlor. It was already a nerve-wracking experience, but what you never expected was seeing that the owner and artist giving you nipple piercings was your older brother's best friend you hadn't seen in ages. to make things even worse, he got fucking hotter.
➻ a/n: this was born out of a TikTok where I learned that tattoo artists have to make sure your nipples are hard before piercing them and then I yelled at @jamaisjoons, having an existential crisis about how hot that was. She is the one who told me to write about it 😌 and the reason the fic exists. The last time I got piercings was idk 16 years ago (yes I was 7 🥴). I also have zero tattoos so my knowledge of this is minimal I just wanted to write hot Taehyung sex. Hope y’all enjoy this mess regardless. beta-read by @taegularities @hantaev & @chateautae​ (she helped with the summary too🤩) my favorite tae accounts who have encouraged me so much during this arduous writing process! beta-read and banner made by @softestmuse! You all were there for me for so much during this whole thing and helped so much 🥺
⋆ my masterlist ⋆
Tumblr media
Were you actually going to do this? Was this really happening?
As you stood in front of the tattoo parlor christened “Inked in Blue & Grey,” by the messily arranged jagged font that laid out the cobalt blue neon letters decorating the shopfront, you almost chickened out. 
When you had been scrolling through Yelp late at night two weeks ago, flitting between the stages of depression and bargaining as you made your way through the grief from the breakup between you and your ex, Donghyuk, your eyes had stopped on the highly rated tattoo parlor – 4.9 stars? That was practically unheard of, especially when they had reviews and ratings in the tens of thousands. It hadn’t taken much for you, with eyes hurting from the blue light of your cellphone in the late hours and a head aching from how wine drunk you were, to quickly find the link to their website and sign up for an appointment to get twin nipple piercings. Well, no one ever wanted a singular nipple piercing to your knowledge. But you had no doubt that there were countless people out there who had chickened out from the pain of the first to not follow through with the second one.
You slowly pulled your lower lip with your teeth, softly biting down on the plump flesh as you had your head tilted up towards the intimidatingly bright letters of the parlor’s sign. The last time you had gotten any piercings was in summer camp ten years ago when Yuju had stabbed your ears through with a sewing needle. The needle had been unbearably hot from having been heated by the flame of the fluid lighter she had snuck into camp by tucking it in the black Nike crew socks she had been wearing on drop off day. It had stung you with the quick flashing pain of a burning stab wound. 
Yuju had been your last resort to get additional ear piercings which you had thought were so cool after you saw your brother walk into the house one day with several new helix piercings to go along with his lobe ones. You had begged your mother for another set of piercings, tired of having the boring set of two you had. You wouldn’t get them in the cartilage like Jimin had but wanted to add to your lobe. Your mother had vehemently denied your protests and grounded Jimin for sneaking out and getting piercings with his best friend Taehyung. 
You had complained about it to your cabin mates, who had seen the scores of tween and teen campers swoon over your brother and his friends who seemed edgy and dangerous. Your friends however were immune to their appeal and knew that they weren’t much more than geeky nerds who carefully hid their embarrassing tastes in both anime and porn. Hearing thirteen-year-old Y/N complain about her plight in the late-night whispers covered by the chirping of crickets that kept the night camp counselors from checking in on your cabin, Yuju had jumped down from her bunk into yours and eagerly offered to help you increase your total number of piercings up to four.
Looking back, you had no idea why you had trusted Yuju’s dubious claims of working at the Claire’s in the mall close to her house for three months. Later on, you found out that it had actually been Yuju’s older sister who had had the nice mall gig. The incident had left you with piercings that kept getting infected until one of them finally closed up, and you were still rocking the asymmetrical ear-piercing look, almost a decade later with one dangly earring threaded with stars on your right ear while a cubic zirconium stud and gold bedazzled moon clipped your left ear. You never saw the point of getting them fixed and had avoided piercings and needles to the best of your abilities until now.
You thought you pulled off the mixed jewelry look pretty well, but your face instantly scrunched up with an unhappy frown when you remembered Donghyuk telling you to wear matching earrings when you went out on dates with him. You bit down on the flesh of your bottom lip harder as you recalled how Donghyuk had constantly berated you and put you down for the entire duration of your three-year long relationship. Your face twisted as though a bitter taste had flooded your mouth when you remembered that your mother had been expecting him to propose to you this year. Why had you begged him for another chance when he callously threw your arms off him as he stomped around the apartment gathering up his things, ignoring your pleas and requests for an explanation until he couldn’t take it anymore? Then Donghyuk had turned around to you, glaring at you with the heat of his hard black-brown eyes, staring you down resentfully from his towering height of 6’2.
“I broke up with you because I’m tired of having such mind-numbingly vanilla sex with a woman who never comes. You’re so boring and honestly, I’m just not attracted to you anymore, Y/N. I thought I could change the meek mousy weirdo. But after three years, it looks like I was wrong,” he had said with a caustic bite to the venomous hate he spewed from his mouth.
Yes. You remembered exactly why you had booked that appointment in the fuzzy high you had gotten from too much wine and “Emily in Paris.” You had been so livid. Of all people, Donghyuk thought you were boring? Unadventurous, and vanilla? You were the one who was always holding yourself back from being too enthusiastic during sex because he could only get off when he was doing you doggy style with his hand covering your mouth in what he thought was his attempt at BDSM in the bedroom.
Your eyes lit up with renewed heat and you found yourself marching forward to the door and swinging it towards you with a powerful pull as you made your way in. Your newfound confidence only lasted until you made your way to the receptionist. There, you found yourself fumbling once more.
“Hi, I’m Park Y/N,” you stammered nervously, “I – uh, I made an appointment for… um nipple piercings,” you whispered the last bit, embarrassedly as your neck straightened and you twisted your head around to make sure no one else had overheard you. “Two weeks ago? I made my piercing appointment a while back,” you finished more confidently.
The receptionist stared at you expressionlessly. “What time is your appointment?” she asked, tucking back a vibrant purple lock of hair behind her ear.
“It’s – it’s the one o’ clock,” you mumbled, clearing your throat uneasily. You had never been in an establishment like this before and dressed in your oversized sage colored waffle knit sweater and a pair of charcoal gray Lululemon leggings you felt wildly out of place.
“Alright Y/N, here are the forms you need to fill out before you do this,” she said easily, plucking out the thick stapled document out of a manila folder. “Just a reminder, this is a semi-permanent body modification and this will close up rather quickly if you go without wearing jewelry for too long. There are pages on your medical history and if you have any allergies on the front. Prices and payment information are on the pages following that. The documents explaining the procedure and aftercare are at the end. We’ll send you home with a list of instructions on how to care for your new piercings after your appointment ends as well.”
You blinked, overwhelmed by the staggering amount of information she had just thrown your way. As you sat down at the oatmeal colored sherpa sofa at the reception and read through all the health risks and warnings, making sure you were taking in all of the information, carefully signing all the lines and checking off all the boxes, you wondered if you were in over your head.
Technically, it wasn’t too late for you to turn your back on this. You would lose your deposit, but you could still walk away – pain free. What would Jimin do if he found out that you had gotten your nipples pierced? Probably murder you, based on how he had reamed you and Yuju out after your ears had gotten infected from swimming in the lake the camp had been located next to. But would you really let your overbearing annoying older brother control you even now when you were 23? And how would Jimin even know about you getting these very intimate piercings? 
You only saw him a few times a year. There was no way Jimin would be finding out about this, nipples were more discreet than ears and you couldn’t even remember the last time you had been around your brother in clothing that would even hint that you had boobs, much less nipples. Jimin had only ever seen you in oversized T-shirts, flannel pajama bottoms or baggy sweats, and giant zip-up hoodies when he had the fortune of being in your company. No wonder he sometimes forgot you were a girl. 
Once you finished up the paperwork, you made your way back to the girl at the front desk with the clipboard. Placing it down on the counter, you took out your credit card to pay up front, with your id card beside it as verification on top of the terrazzo surface, but she shook her head, “You pay at the end for the piercings and the jewelry you pick. Personally, I prefer nipple clickers,” she said wryly, twisting her lips into a smirk.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you mumbled as you watched her stand up and come around to you.
“Follow me, I’ll take you to the private room we have for the more intimate tattoos and piercings. There’s only one artist in today but he should be finishing up with his other client soon. You’ll probably only have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for V,” she threw her words over her shoulder carelessly as she guided you through the narrow hallway.
When she closed the door behind you and left you alone in the room, you felt rather like you were at the doctor’s waiting for your gynecologist to come in and the panic quickly set in once again. Should you have your shirt off and be ready for the piercing? Or would the tattoo artist be freaked out if he was instantly assaulted with the image of your breasts the second he opened the door? Should you sit up on the wide leather covered table or continue to stand while staring awkwardly at the door waiting for the artist to walk in?
As you looked around the small room, your eyes caught on the artwork decorating the walls. They were on white backgrounds that were framed and looked like post-impressionist portraits. The color scheme stuck to black and the primary colors, while the faces had the boldest of expressions painted over them. Extraordinary, you thought, as the door opened behind you.
“Hi, I’m V. I'll be the artist who is piercing you today. I see you’ve signed up for two nipple piercings?” A deep sensual voice flooded into the room, making you shudder involuntarily. 
You turned back and saw a male looking down at the clipboard with the forms you had filled out, his face was half covered by an indigo face mask dotted with silver embroidered stars while the other half was concealed by the soft looking black waves that were flowing forward as his bangs swept over his forehead and obscured his eyes.
“Yes, that’s right,” you nervously tittered, “Should I– should I take off my top?”
“Mmhmm,” he murmured, his eyes quickly sweeping over you, barely looking at you, as he continued on professionally, “Could you also take off your bra and tie back your hair before sitting up on the table?”
V turned around to the cabinets to get out the clamps and needles he would need to pierce you. As he bustled around gathering purple latex gloves and alcohol wipes, he asked in his soothing husky voice, “So what type of jewelry are we thinking? Titanium straight barbells? White gold hoops?”
“Which one is better?” you asked, shuddering in the air-conditioned room as your arms prickled up with goosebumps and you wrapped your arms around your naked upper half.
“Most people get the straight barbells; they find them to be the most comfortable,” V said as he tinkered around with the selection of nipple rings, “Titanium is hypoallergenic so it’s a really good metal choice. If you’re more sensitive to metals I would probably recommend gold but that’s a little more expensive. Any special closures you’re looking for? Star attachments at the end? Moons?”
“Just the basic white gold straight barbells with the star ends,” you muttered quietly. You’d worry about getting more decorative adornments for your nipples when they fully healed from the piercings and you were more accustomed to them. For now, the cute stars at the ends, instead of spherical stoppers, would be enough.
V readied everything on a small table with wheels that he pushed to one side of where you were sitting. As he pulled his gloves on, he said, “I’m going to clean your nipples and then I'll flick them to make sure they are erect enough that I can comfortably clamp them and pierce the needle through them, okay? Let me know if at any moment I am making you feel uncomfortable, sound good?”
You hummed your assent and V finally looked up from his equipment, an alcohol wipe in his hand as he reached forward for your left breast. Before he made contact however, his eyes met yours.
“Y/N?” he yelped in shock, his large gloved fingers brushing against your nipple for the briefest of moments in his shock before he recovered and recoiled from you as though he had been struck.
Your brows furrowed as you confusedly inquired, “Taehyung?”
The two of you stared at each other in shock. The male who was standing in front of you with the Van Gogh-esque vines and branches wrapping their way up his right arm  and covering his throat surely could not be the Kim Taehyung you had grown up with. This could not be your brother Jimin’s childhood best friend. This could not be the former bane of your existence.
“Yes,” breathed Taehyung, still gaping at you with his mouth wide open from behind his mask, not that you could see. You noted that he respectively maintained eye contact with you the entire time, not letting his eyes dip below your gaze. Shrugging on your muted green sweater you glared at him. The second you were covered, Taehyung gazed upwards to the rafters and murmured a not so silent prayer much to your displeasure.
“Y/N why are you getting your– ” Taehyung stopped, obviously struggling with how to word his question while not wanting to talk about his best friend’s younger sister’s nipples. “Why are you getting more piercings?” he said instead with what you thought was highly misplaced affront. “Remember when you almost died because of Yuju in eighth grade?”
Taehyung was so dramatic. You glared at him, crossing your arms over your chest, noting with satisfaction that a red flush was spreading across his golden skin as you held your gaze.
Taehyung had been a junior in high school and the camp counselor assigned to all the cabins in the row yours had been in the same summer Yuju had gone ham with your ears. He had also gotten his ass handed to him when Jimin had found out that instead of making sure the campers were asleep he had been sucking face with Jennie Kim every night.
You scowled, annoyed by how the Taehyung in front of you was a long way away from the gangly nerd with unattractive rectangle framed dad glasses and straight brown hair cut into an unflattering bowl cut that you remembered. Sure, everyone had always talked about how attractive Taehyung had been growing up, but you had never seen it. Taehyung had been a geek who had a penchant for weird outfits with his loose fit/too short culottes, brightly colored oversized crewnecks that were more hole than sweater thanks to his overeager hands when it came to snipping with scissors, and black beat-up converse lows. He had been the furthest thing from what you were into back in the day. However, the man standing in front of you right now? He was almost intimidatingly beautiful. A stunning Adonis, so gorgeous that even Aphrodite had fallen in love.
Taehyung had pulled off his mask and was frowning at you, his petal pink lips pressed thinly together. Your eyes widened when you noticed the glint of silver peeking out between his lips. Taehyung had a piercing on his tongue.
“Are you trying to police my right to have piercings?” you angrily demanded, “You work at a tattoo parlor! You have seven piercings.”
His beautiful dark brows pulled down as his wavy hair swept forward covering one of his eyes again, but he hectically moved his hair away from his face as he looked at you in abrupt alarm, “How could you possibly know that?!”
You froze in confusion, halting your impassioned tirade. Taehyung had seven piercings? You looked at him straight on again, your eyes flitting across his body, scanning him from head to toe. You had known about his five ear piercings. He had gotten them with Jimin when the two of them had still been in high school and you would see Taehyung everyday either at school or your house because of how often he would be over. The only facial piercing he had was his tongue. Where was the seventh? As your gaze drifted down his front, it stopped at his chest. Though you had been thinking about people with only one nipple piercing earlier, you somehow didn’t think Taehyung would be in that crowd. 
Your gaze finally stopped awkwardly at his crotch which was concealed by his black jeans. You stilled at the thought of Taehyung having a piercing on his cock and tried to look away quickly after you came to the realization. 
Unfortunately for you, Taehyung hadn’t planned on making it easy for you. A large veiny hand palmed at his denim covered crotch. “Are you having dirty thoughts about my dick, Y/N?” murmured Taehyung.
“I’m not!” you protested. “I’m just here for my piercing appointment so get on with it, Taehyung! Treat me like one of your usual customers!” 
You grabbed at the bottom of your sweater again and this time, instead of just holding it up above your breasts for Taehyung, you pulled the entire thing off. With your bare chest still heaving, you attempted to straighten your back, meeting Taehyung’s eyes confidently. 
Taehyung held your gaze with heat behind his chocolaty brown eyes for long interminable minutes. A sense of understanding seemed to pass between the two of you before he bit his lips and grated, “Fine, Y/N.”
Taehyung went back to the table where he had been preparing his equipment, making sure that he had gathered everything before pushing it along to stand right next to where you were seated. He sat down on a circular stool with wheels and slid towards you, using his feet to propel him forward.
Sighing once he was in front of you, he squirted hand sanitizer on his purple encased hands to make sure they were still clean, though he hadn’t touched anything other than your jewelry to resterilize them after his panicked realization that you were his client. He slowly and thoroughly rubbed his palms together, working the sanitizer in between his fingers, taking as much time as he could to delay the inevitable and then fanned them to dry. You were mesmerized by the size of his hands. They were so big they could probably cover your boobs with room to spare even though you were a rather busty girl yourself. You whimpered a little as you watched him at work.
Taehyung had heard you making that sound but he tried to ignore it. You were making it hard for him to think straight. He had never once thought that one day his dick would fall for Jimin’s crybaby little sister that he had annoyed at every opportunity he had gotten when he was younger. He had been trying to avoid direct eye contact with your uncovered upper half without much success. Your two voluptuous teardrop breasts seemed to be begging for his attention with their perky upturned nipples, hard due to the cold air drafting into the room. And below your breasts was your tiny waist and heavenly hips. You were shaped like the hourglass filled with black sand that he had for decoration in this room. 
He had already sterilized the white gold bars that you had wanted, and cleaning them a third time would only make you have an angry outburst again he was sure, but now it was time for him to get your nipples ready. He matter-of-factly ripped open an alcohol wipe, unfolding the drenched white sheet within the packet. It was finally time for him to touch you. He didn’t think he had ever been so unnerved in his life. 
Pulling the seat as close to the table that you were on as he comfortably could, he reached out for you. One of his large hands clutched your side, long fingers splayed over your ribs to hold you in place, as his other hand delicately swiped at your nipples with the alcohol wipe. You were frozen like a statue, not even daring to breathe as Taehyung was at work, his face only inches away from your breasts. Too soon, or so you had thought, his hands went away to grab the surgical scrub to further ensure that your nipples were as clean and disinfected as possible before he went to work and actually stabbed your chest to create the piercings. 
You sighed as his hands returned to your chest again. Taehyung had moved on from cleaning your skin to etching them with a marker to indicate where your piercings would be. He cupped the underside of one of your breasts with his left hand while his right hand carefully drew blue dots on either side of your nipples that were parallel to each other. He then switched over to your other breast and drew on the dots to replicate what he had marked before as symmetrically as possible. 
The scratchiness of the pen tip hardened your nipples even more than they had been and wetness pooled in between your pressed thighs. When he was done his palm was flat against your abdomen, pushing you back, “You’ll want to lie down Y/N just to be cautious. Some people get their piercings done sitting but there is the possibility that you’ll faint so I just want everything to be safe for you.”
As you laid back to rest on top of the butcher paper covering the cool leather of the table, you panicked. Taehyung was really going to do this. He was treating you like a paying customer, which you were, but you found yourself wishing that he wasn’t acting so professionally and had tried harder to dissuade you from getting these piercings, especially since you were having second thoughts about this. 
He finally returned to face you again, holding a steel contraption that looked like scissors but the ends were flat with little holes. He had his fingers threaded through the clamps he was going to use to hold your nipple as he pricked through it with a long sterilized needle. 
Taehyung sighed, “I’m going to have to flick and touch your nipples a lot. I’m sure you’re aware of that already but it might take a little more finagling than you thought. It might not be a one and done process where the clamps are perfectly on on the first try. Just, tell me if it’s too much or I’m making you uncomfortable and I’ll immediately back off. Okay, Y/N?”
You nodded mutely. You didn’t trust yourself to speak. What if you threw up all over Taehyung the second you opened your mouth?
Taehyung held your right nipple in between his forefinger and thumb, gauging its firmness before determining that it wasn’t erect enough. He flicked it with his finger, and you had to stifle your reaction, the hardness of his nail bed, even through the latex glove, catching you by surprise. Finally, he was ready to use the clamps.
You breathed through your mouth as the metal clamps pinched your delicate mauve areola to hold the bud of your nipple in place. Leaving the equipment dangling from the edge of your breast, Taehyung turned back around to grab the needle he had prepared. 
While Taehyung had been focused on the next step, you had managed to further your panicked state and were almost hyperventilating. Your lips were pressed tightly together and your hands had furled themselves into clenched fists that had your fingers digging into the thin white butcher paper beneath you, ripping it as your nails dug tiny indentations into the smooth leather underneath. 
Before Taehyung went ahead with the first of your piercings, he glanced at your face, like he did with all his clients to make sure that everything was still going smoothly. What he found had him putting the needle down again. Your face was white with fear and your eyes were filled with liquid. 
“Hey,” murmured Taehyung softly, his gloved hand cupping your cheek. “What’s up Y/N? You wanna tell me what’s going on?”
“No!” you protested fiercely.
“Miss Park Y/N,” teased Taehyung, striving to adopt a lighthearted tone, “Come on, is it just nerves? You can tell me. If I know what’s wrong then I can help you fix it. Do you not wanna get these done today?”
You sighed, “Taehyung, it’s just. I don’t know. Why am I even doing this?”
“Hmm,” hummed Taehyung, steepling his fingers, his warm brown eyes glancing at you comfortingly, “A very good question. Why are you doing this? We don’t want you getting a piercing for the wrong reasons. What is it? Have you been down in the dumps and need some change? Well maybe it’ll help you but maybe it won’t and then you’ll end up with far more piercings than you ever thought you would.”
“Is that what happened with you?” you whispered. Now that Taehyung wasn’t actively working on getting your piercings done, you had covered your chest again with your hands cupping your breasts.
“Not exactly,” admitted Taehyung, “Maybe at first when I was getting the piercings with Jimin, but later on as I got more serious about art and creating, it became a way for me to express myself to the world. A way to solidify my character and what I wanted to be known for and associated with. I really had fun once I started adding the tattoos in,” he laughed huskily. His cheeks came with his boxy wide spread grin. You had missed Taehyung. Though granted, he had been annoying for much of your childhood, you’d had a lot of fun with him. You adored Taehyung, you realized belatedly. Though perhaps realizing it while you were topless was not the best time for your epiphany, you thought as blush took over you, blood rushing to the surface of your skin, painting your cheeks, ears, and chest a muted red.
“Will you tell me where the seventh piercing is?” you asked softly, pushing yourself up. 
Taehyung stared at you, his gaze going in between your face and your uncovered form, its heat was infectious and made your own skin flush even further in its wake.
“Perhaps,” he agreed, “Although, you’ll have to tell me what pulled you into this studio today, first.”
You pouted, “It’s really dumb.”
“This is a safe place,” Taehyung smirked winningly. He repeatedly raised and lowered his thick, impeccably groomed eyebrows mischievously, “I won’t judge you, Y/N.”
“Yes, you will,” you groaned.
“Yes, I will,” admitted Taehyung easily, the ghost of a smile still painting his lips. “But you’ll tell me anyway, won’t you?”
“Donghyuk broke up with me,” you grumbled, “We were supposed to get married.”
Taehyung blinked, he vaguely remembered a baby faced male that was slightly taller than him with a mushroom cap haircut. He scoffed, “The audacity of some people. You were so far out of his league, it’s insulting that you weren’t the one to end things.”
You smiled weakly at Taehyung’s attempt to cheer you up. “It made my mind go all over the place. I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t wrong. Maybe I am unadventurous and boring. Maybe I am vanilla.”
“What’s wrong with vanilla?” complained Taehyung, throwing his hands up. His outcry of displeasure loud and clear.
You snorted, your gaze focusing on the length of his fluttering fingers for far too long, “Let’s not pretend you’re not one freaky mofo, Taehyung. But I don’t know, I just wanted to live a little.”
“So?” retorted Taehyung mulishly, “I am a man of diverse tastes. I can appreciate both vanilla and some of the more– experimental stuff.”
“Hmm,” you hummed, “I wanted to get nipple piercings, they're adventurous right? And it’s not because I think that if I do this he’ll get back together with me. But maybe he’s the one who kept me trapped and complacent. Maybe he’s the reason I’m not bold. I just wanted to try something new.”
Taehyung scoffed, “You didn’t have to go to such drastic and permanent measures. You can barely handle the nipple clamp. You would’ve cried and complained the entire month that you had to wait for your nipples to heal. You forget that, I know you. Oh Y/N,” Taehyung suddenly recalled, “You can’t do sexy stuff with your nipples while they heal so how exactly would that have helped you during your kinky adventures?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “You don’t know me that well!”
“I’m gonna lose my deposit,” you griped. “This is the worst day of my life.”
“You are so dramatic Y/N,” Taehyung replied, “How can this be the worst day of your life?!” he demanded, “What about the day Donghyun broke up with you and pushed you head first through the five stages of grief?”
“Donghyuk,” you corrected. Taehyung made a face at you, contorting his handsome visage into something that made you let out a loud laugh, visibly showing he did not give one fuck about what your former boyfriend’s name was.
“It’s not a complete loss, Y/N,” Taehyung murmured. 
“Why do you say that?” you asked. 
Taehyung placed those devilishly sexy and large hands on your waist pulling you closer to the edge of the table to where he was seated besides you. You gasped at how his grasp almost entirely circled your waist until his widespread fingers were millimeters away from meeting each other. “Ever had sex with the owner of a tattoo parlor?” he breathed, his deep voice purposefully gravelly and husky. 
“No,” you murmured, hardly daring to believe that Taehyung returned your affections. The long buried feelings from your secret crush on Taehyung all those years ago, erupting once again in your heart.
“You don’t need to get piercings to make it fun, Y/N,” Taehyung tantalized.
“You’ll tell me about the seventh piercing?” you confirmed.
Taehyung barked out a laugh. “I’ll do you one better,” he murmured, “I’ll show you where it is.” He finished off with a rakish wink.
“Can I kiss you?” you asked, hands already moving forward to cup his chiseled cheeks and jaw within their grasp.
“Hold on one second,” Taehyung chuckled, peering at you playfully as he looked up at you from where his face was in between your palms. “I gotta do one thing first.”
Taehyung went to remove the metal clamps from your poor neglected nipple that had gone slightly numb from being within its confines this entire time. “My poor Y/N,” Taehyung softened his tone as he rubbed your breast to bring back the feeling. “I’m sorry for not doing this earlier.”
He ducked his head, his plush lips wrapping around the abused peak as he soothed it with warm wet licks and light suction. You let out a high pitched sound and then choked when the cool metal ball on his tongue slinked against your sore nipple as he twirled his tongue around the flesh. He was uncharacteristically gentle though he was spitting against your breast and spreading the welcome coolness around the hard peak.
You let your hands go up to his head, fingers raking themselves into silky soft black waves, holding him into place while he worshiped your chest. Soon, Taehyung switched over to the other breast, enveloping it in the warm wet heat of his mouth, as well. He was much rougher this time as he didn’t have to be careful. His teeth grazed the hard bud, nipping the nipple lightly as you found yourself letting out endless keens.
“Fuck,” muttered Taehyung finally pulling himself away, “How are you this sensitive and responsive? You would’ve had such a rough time with the aftercare if you had gone through with this.”
You shook your head, ignoring his question. “Taehyung!” you whined instead, “I need you.”
Taehyung scoffed lightly as a pleased smirk marked his lips. He ripped the purple gloves off, flinging them onto the side table. 
“Will you let me eat you out, Y/N?” he asked. “I’ve been dreaming of it ever since I saw those snaps on your private story for your 21st birthday.”
Your brows furrowed. For your birthday your friends and you had gone down to Cabo since it was close to spring break. You hadn’t even realized Taehyung was on your private story. Your brother Jimin certainly wasn’t. You had posted everything from videos of you skinny dipping with your friends in the hot tub, to full length mirror selfies of every itty bitty neon colored bikini you had worn on the trip. 
“I’ve had fantasies about you too,” you admitted as Taehyung’s hands slid down your waist to hug your hips, fingers digging into your charcoal gray leggings, ready to pull them off. 
He looked at you curiously, “Since when? Was I your sexual awakening?” he teased, his cheeks full in his joy. You wanted to bite those bread cheeks but you controlled the impulse.
“Hardly,” you retorted, “I was dreaming about Min Yoongi before I ever thought of you. But he graduated and went away for university. And you had that wavy silver brown hair. You looked so hot in your old school hiphop outfit you’d worn for Halloween senior year.”
Taehyung narrowed his eyes, “I was always hot, Y/N. It’s cute of you to deny it. But wow headbands really do it for you huh? Is that why you ran up to your room when we started watching It? I thought it was because you were scared. Had I known that you were sneaking away to shove your hand in your panties–” he trailed off.
“You would have what?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
Taehyung hit your hip lightly with his fingers, more tap than slap, making you lift your bottom so that he could drag the dark colored athletic fabric down your legs. 
“Why don’t I show you?” Taehyung said. 
With your leggings down to one of your ankles, completely off of the other, Taehyung took a hold of your thighs, swinging your legs around so they hung over the side of the platform you were seated on. You were facing him now, but he was so tall that even with the small boost your seat offered, you were eye level with him. He slid back the stool he was on, moving it out of the way. Then he sank to his knees so that his head was at the perfect height for the treasure that laid between your slightly parted thighs. 
With his left hand still grasping one of your thighs, he used his other hand to prod at your folds over the drenched fabric of your black seamless panties. His forefinger and middle finger stroked at your opening, hunting for your clit, slipping over the sodden fabric over and over. When you were so wet that his fingers went away, picking up enough evidence of your arousal that a transparent string clung to him before finally breaking off, Taehyung decided to move the panty off to the side, revealing the swollen dripping folds of your cunt to him. 
“You’re so pretty, gorgeous,” he sighed, “I want to feast on you.”
His fingers were curiously spreading you even more, parting the furling petals to your entrance, revealing the pretty wet hole to his hot seeking gaze as it desperately clenched around air, wanting something bigger and more substantial to close around.
“Taehyung please,” you pleaded, your fingers knotting into his unruly hair, as you attempted to move his head closer to your cunt.
Taehyung dipped down, his lips pursed at first, almost like he was kissing you down there, but he soon found his pace, tongue wildly thrusting into the hole and gliding over the folds. As he lapped at your entrance, he hummed in pleasure, rejoicing in the sweet poignant taste of you. 
As his tongue ran over your folds and the engorged bud of your clit, you shuddered and trembled. It had been so long since someone had eaten you out. You had been broken up with Donghyuk for two months, but it had been even longer since the last time he had gone down on you. 
He tongued at you curling the tip of his wet muscle to urge more of your juices into his open mouth. You tasted like heaven, “You’re so fucking sweet,” he furiously growled into you, his baritone sending vibrations through your most sensitive part. “I love your reactions. I could eat you out for hours,” he hissed.
When his teeth nipped at the sensitive bundle of nerves, you cried out his name, babbling senselessly, mad with pleasure. He wrapped his lips around it, sucking tightly at the bud. Your eyes rolled back at the pressure, the stimulation almost unbearable. You felt the prodding of two long fingers invading your entrance even as his lips continued its merciless assault on the swollen bud. 
“Taehyung!” you panted. Your fingers were almost digging into his scalp. “I can’t stand this!!”
Your back arched as he scissored his fingers furiously within you. His teeth and tongue were sloppily pursuing their war on your heated and engorged clit.
“That’s it Y/N,” murmured Taehyung huskily, “Give yourself to me.”
His fingers reached deep within you, dragging against your folds that gripped around it like a vise, clenching and unclenching in stuttered movements. He groaned at the tightness, the vibrations of the sound echoing through your opening, your clit fluttering at the stimulus.
“Another finger,” you susurrated, your words chased by loud keens and moans.
“Yeah?” Taehyung breathed out, “You think you can take that? I can barely even move the two I have in you now. Your pussy is clenching around me so much.”
“Want it Tae. Need it,” you babbled, “Need to prep for that big cock you’re hiding.”
Taehyung exhaled loudly through his nose, the gust of air falling over your oversensitized core. “Yeah, you dirty girl? You wanna prep for my fat cock? You need it,” he admitted. “I’m gonna destroy your tight little cunt,” He growled.
With another nip of your clit, this one harsher and more toothy, he stuffed a third finger in you, frantically pumping them and curling them to drag against the taunt muscles of your inner walls. The appendages were stretching you out gloriously. You closed your eyes as you edged head first towards your orgasm. Taehyung’s tongue danced over your folds, stimulating them even further. 
He breathed through his nose as he ate you out even more enthusiastically; he had been going at this for a long time but it would be worth it. His cock was a hard and heavy weight against the confines of his constricting dark jeans. You whimpered, lightheaded and overheated as the pressure at your core continued to build. You were stuffed to the brim with his nimble slender fingers pushing savagely in you. 
All it took was a swipe of his long tongue over your bud, the metal sphere of his piercing a hard heaviness digging into your clit, as his fingers found your g-spot and hit it brutally, and you let out a shrill scream, immediately gushing like a flooding waterfall. There were black dots in your vision as the edges of your eyes gathered with tears. You panted as you continued to squirt over Taehyung’s trapped fingers, drenching his hand with the evidence of your orgasm then trailing down his wrist. 
“Fuck,” swore Taehyung, “You fucking squirted. That’s so hot, gorgeous.”
He reluctantly moved his hand away from you, licking a wide stripe across his palm, tasting your sweetness, still not tired of your delectable release. What he didn’t consume, he wiped against the butcher paper covering where you were seated. You had your hands splayed besides your thighs, needing help to keep yourself upright. Your gaze drifted down to your crotch where the paper was sopping wet, dark, and translucent from where you had squirted all over it. 
This was why you never had sex in public; you were already getting a headache at the thought of Taehyung having to clean up and sanitize everything before his next appointment.
“Hey what’s wrong?” asked Taehyung, getting up from his knees. His hand went to his belt, unbuckling the black leather and loosening it around his hips. He undid his button and zipped open his fly, finally freeing his aching hard cock from the confines it had been resisting against.
You stared at his erection, pressing against the band of his underwear. “Is this really okay?” you asked.
“Going soft on me so fast?” Taehyung teased, “Thought you were gonna prove to Dongkyung that you were fun and freaky. I bet he’s never had sex outside of the bedroom.”
“No,” you protested, “I still want to. I just– I just wanted to make sure you were still okay with this.”
“Oh,” murmured Taehyung with a ravenous glint in his eyes, “I’m thrilled about this. I want to destroy you in a way that has you limping after. I want your pussy to have PDD, never wanting another cock.”
“PDD?” you asked, repeating the acronym with confusion heavy in your tone.
“Post-Dicking Depression,” Taehyung clarified with a faux condescending tone. You could hear the laughter in his voice that he tried to keep in.
“I don’t know if I want to have sex with a man who refers to it as me getting dicked down,” you scoffed, wiggling your butt backwards to move away from Taehyung who scowled and quickly moved his hands from his pants to your hips, holding you in place.
“But you want a dicking from me,” he sing-sang, “You used to have fantasies about me.”
“I used to have fantasies about Flynn Rider, that means nothing,” you retorted, your hands placed over his.
He narrowed his eyes, “That says less about me and more about you, gorgeous.”
He palmed his heavy cock through the cotton fabric of his briefs. 
“You sure you wanna stop right here, Y/N? Don’t wanna go for another orgasm?”
“I can’t leave you hanging,” you acquiesced easily, “Golden rule of reciprocation and all that.”
“You don’t always have to give back what you get in sex,” Taehyung frowned, “It’s not a business transaction, it’s a group effort. As long as we both enjoy ourselves, you don’t have to worry about me, Y/N.”
“You don’t want to have me?” you asked, suddenly self-conscious, “You seemed really enthusiastic about it earlier.”
“I’m dying to have you, but I only want you if you want me,” Taehyung clarified, his baritone wafting into your ears soothingly.
You smiled up at him, even though you were naked in this room that might have his assistant or coworkers knocking at any moment, even though he was completely dressed while you were not, you still felt comfortable with Taehyung. You put your fingers through the belt loops of his partially opened jeans, dragging it down his hips, over his ass, stopping midway on his thighs. Taehyung watched you, his jaw clenched and his eyes hard with the heat of his lust, thick dark brows furrowed as he bit his lips.
“Please, Tae?” you asked, “I want you. I want the heavy fucking that has me walking side to side afterwards.”
Taehyung snorted, “‘4.5 when I make the bed shake,’ huh.”
“Ariana is a legend,” you gasped, outraged at his little quip, your hands falling from where they had been clutching his ass. 
Taehyung just gave you one of his gorgeous boxy smiles that left you breathless before he went to free his fat cock from the cotton confines of his underwear. His cock bounced once it was free from its bounds, his length even more thick and imposing than you had imagined when you were sixteen, slipping your fingers down your throat and choking on them, pretending they were his dick instead. 
It was impressively girthy and you knew your fingers wouldn’t be able to wrap around it and touch at the ends. The mushroom head was flushed burgundy. The seventh piercing winked at you, a curved steel barbell turned towards you as a part of his king’s crown piercing that was threaded through his head, running along the ridge of his shaft. Your mouth watered - the tip of his cock was glistening with precum and you wanted to whirl your tongue around its bulbous head like it was the tastiest lollipop. 
“Taehyung,” you pleaded, your fingers going towards his crotch. 
Taehyung gently slapped your hands away. 
“Uh uh,” he chastised. “Behave, gorgeous.”
You spread your thighs apart, knees up and feet flat in front of you as you sat up with your hands wrapped around your calves, holding your legs open. Taehyung took hold of the meaty softness of your right thigh and pulled you towards him, settling in between you, his cock bouncing lightly, the tip brushing against your entrance as he used his hands to pull your legs around him. Your hands let go and fell backwards and you splayed your fingers and palms behind you to balance your weight as Taehyung carefully situated your lower half, pulling your hips up to be aligned with his so that he could easily slip in and out of you.
He slapped your flushed and swollen cunt with his cock, the proof of your orgasm mixing with his precum. After a few slaps, he finally began to guide his shaft into you. For a moment there you didn’t think the fat bulbous head would be able to breach your entrance even with how wet you were as your tight glistening hole protested around it, but a firm push later he was sheathed. 
“You like that, gorgeous?” he growled, “You feel that? You’re gonna wring me dry when I cum inside, aren’t you? Gonna creampie this fucking pussy. Have your beat up cunt leaking my cum for hours.”
You whimpered as your mouth sought Taehyung’s lips but couldn’t. Instead you found your tongue licking up a line up the bare expanse of his neck, tracing the lines of his tattoos, your lips following their path, leaving bruising kisses and kittenish bites. He moaned and his head ducked down, moving his throat away from you so that you could finally kiss him. At first your tongues twirled around each other, but Taehyung was a messy kisser. His teeth were soon nipping at your lips and his tongue was thrusting in your mouth, licking the insides of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth, not letting you pull away to breath and leaving you lightheaded. 
Taehyung slowly pushed himself in and out, not going more than an inch or two within you, giving you time to get used to the fullness. He was so thick, your walls were clamping around his girthy length like a vise and he was struggling to move, but the movement he was able to make had you keening and whimpering as the round ends of his piercing jewelry dragged against the ridged muscles of your walls, making them spasm uncontrollably at the feeling. 
As you grew wetter and wetter, your desperation increasing exponentially, Taehyung found himself getting lost at the sensations, thrusting faster and more erratically until his control was so frayed that he could no longer hold himself back. He slammed into you, the thick heaviness of his cock stealing your breath away as he was impaled within you. You tried to catch your breath but he continued to jerk inside you, the piercing hitting your g-spot and making you scream as white spots appeared in your vision. 
His pace then grew progressively more frantic and Taehyung found himself holding you up with his sheer strength which left you breathless at the display of power; you were no longer on the table, he was fucking you standing up. Your legs were wrapped around his hips and your head was at the side of his face, pressing kisses against his jaw and nibbling up to his ear. Your moans were an echoing throaty vocalization in his ears, making them burn as a pool of lust gathered in his gut and made his abdomen tighten. Meanwhile, your hands were flitting across the expanse of his back, under his shirt, leaving long scratch marks in their wake as your nails dug into his skin every time Taehyung thrusted a little too hard, his fingers pinched your clit, or his piercing found that glorious g-spot.
“God, Tae,” you panted. You could feel him so deep inside you that as you glanced down you saw that your tummy was bulging a little bit and you had to wonder if it was because of him. You pressed down on your stomach experimentally and then you both gasped as your walls clenched tightly around him, rhythmically pulsating around the entire length of his shaft, keeping him connected to you. 
Taehyung hadn’t forgotten your tiny clit, although it was swollen and not as little now. He thumbed at the responsive bundle of nerves; the pressure from his finger had you on overdrive, hyper aware and feeling like you might go ballistic at any moment. Your mewls were like music to his ears and propelled him forward, making him plunge into you so violently. You were bouncing on his length, your legs loosening slightly around his hips from the force that came with every time he rammed into you.
For your safety, he lowered you down to the table you had been sitting on earlier, making your back flat against it as he had one hand by your head holding him up, keeping himself from crashing into you, and one hand wrapped around your hip, snapping it up to meet his every thrust. The new angle allowed him to go even deeper and he found himself slowing down to enjoy the feeling of your folds fluttering around his shaft as he dragged it through your walls deliberately, penetrating you acutely. 
He was holding himself back, he didn’t want this moment to end but at your surprised cry when one of those thrusts hit your g-spot particularly hard, you suddenly gushed like a broken faucet around him, and then clenched his cock tighter than you had ever before, even as the stream of cum cascaded all around his shaft. He grunted before following you in your wake, the heat of his own release leaking out of his tip and mixing with yours. 
Somehow Taehyung was still hard around you, you noticed with surprise as your legs fell with no strength left in them, no longer making your body cling to Taehyung’s. You stared at him in confusion, your eyes wordlessly saying, What now?
Taehyung licked his lips, his familiar grin appearing sheepishly. “Ride me, gorgeous,” he dictated.
He hadn’t let you remove his cock from inside your pussy and he picked you up, holding you beneath your thighs, his fingers brushing against the cleft of your ass as he moved you two around so that he was now seated with you on top of him. 
One of your hands fluttered against his chest as you got used to sitting on him, the other was holding onto his shoulder. You inhaled deeply, your hands going up to stop his head from moving so that you could kiss him punishingly, neither of you parting to breath for long interminable moments. His fingers threaded through your hair that had long since fallen out of its bun, holding you in place, so that his lips could chase yours easily every time you tried to break apart from him.
He helped you with the first move, his hands gripping your hips and his long fingers dimpling into your skin as he moved you up, almost entirely off his cock that dragged enticingly along your folds as it slipped away, before slamming you back on his lap with enough force to have your teeth knocking against each other. 
You braced yourself with your palms on his chest, fingers curving over the broad length of his shoulders, slowly lifting yourself away from his dick before quickly and forcefully bringing your ass down, reluctant to let him withdraw completely. Each time you brought yourself back onto his cock, Taehyung snapped his hips up, impaling you with his thick impressive length. His fingers were bruising into your hips with how hard he was holding you in place. 
Your movements were erratic and feverish, following no rhyme or reason, only seeking fullness and release. He had you writhing on top of him wantonly as your hips swiveled to meet each snap of his, until his cock was hitting you again and again vigorously. But it wasn’t enough; he wanted to give you more. So Taehyung found himself squeezing two fingers into you alongside his cock, filling you even more than you had thought was possible, bordering on the side of painful. His palm was positioned up so that it was pressed against your clit. And with every bounce and jerk on top of him that had his cock and fingers moving deeper within you, his palm pressed against your puffy bud stimulating you endlessly. 
You screamed as you sprayed around Taehyung, coming again. As you writhed against Taehyung’s body, his arms kept you wrapped in his embrace, keeping you from injuring yourself, pulling any muscles accidentally. Your cunt was reluctant to release its grip on Taehyung’s cock, holding onto him tightly, and he found himself grabbing your hand, borrowing it for a second to have you squeeze his balls. And then Taehyung felt himself cum for the second time that day. He shuddered into your chest as his balls emptied themselves, getting lighter as streams of his warm cum shot into you, painting your insides with lines of white. 
You mewled at the feeling, wiggling on top of Taehyung in discomfort. He chuckled huskily, an airy yet throaty sound. Carefully, he withdrew from you, using one of his hands to keep the cum from pouring out from between your legs, his palm against your entrance keeping the hot liquid trapped inside you. After a moment he moved his palm away so that his fingers could play around in your folds, pushing the cum into every divot and crevice, the pads of his fingers massaging it in and then his fingers went back inside you, swirling the cum around your hole with his fingers messily. You let him play around, rubbing his mark into you even though it was fucking filthy and gross, but when his fingers brushed too close to your battered clit, your inner thighs spasmed with your muscles jumping, you found your hand frantically pulling at his wrists attempting to pull him away from your exhausted and overworked pussy.
“Taehyung, stop!” you whined. 
He glanced back at you sheepishly. “Sorry,” he murmured, an apologetic tone painting his words, “I got distracted.”
You snorted, “Yeah, you did.”
Taehyung pulled you off his lap and sat you down beside him, from in between your parted thighs, your pussy leaked out the mixture of both of your cum out onto the ripped and mangled butcher paper that looked as though it had gone through the wringer. Taehyung stood up to grab a bundle of paper towels from his work station and came back with them, bending down in front of you and starting to clean you up. Once he was done, he looked back up at you.
“I’ll give you back your deposit, Y/N. Don’t get the piercings today, okay?” he said, “And when you finally feel like you’re ready to modify your body for the right reasons, you can come back here and I’ll do it for free. A piercing, a tattoo, whatever the case. Just– just don’t think you have to change for a man. You are perfect as long as you like who you are.”
Your eyebrows dipped down in confusion as Taehyung stumbled over his words, painstakingly attempting to make sure that you understood him and realized that he liked you and you should like yourself too because you were perfect and no man was worthy enough to make you change. 
“Why for free, Taehyung?” you asked instead, uncomfortable at his sincerity.
Taehyung smiled nervously, “Well if you’re dating the owner, it’s the least I can do. Don’t you think so?”
“Who says we’re dating?” you teased, pulling him closer to you, making him stand between your legs.
Taehyung pouted and then huffily said, “Fine, have it your way. See if anyone in the Tri-State area takes you as a client then. I’m getting you blacklisted from everywhere so Jimin doesn’t kill me when he finds out you want to look like Post Malone.”
“Post Malone?” you questioned, laughing uncontrollably. “Taehyung, why would you offer to help me if Jimin would kill you instead of those other tattoo artists?”
“Girlfriends hold more weight than best friends,” he said mulishly, slumping forward and resting his forehead against your sternum.
“Yeah?” you asked, quilting your fingers through his hair, scratching at his head comfortingly.
“I’m also in love with you,” Taehyung confessed, turning his head so his ear rested against your chest. He could hear your heartbeat, you realized with a panic, and how it stuttered at his reveal. But his arms had slowly wrapped themselves around your form and you couldn’t find it within you to push him away.
“Really?” you asked needily, needing the confirmation.
He hummed, “I would do anything for you.”
“I think I’ve been in love with you too,” you admitted as well. You suddenly shoved against him. “It was you,” you accused.
“Hmm,” muttered Taehyung, instantly knowing what you had meant, “I can’t help it if I’m beautiful and you kept fantasizing about me while dating Dongbyun.”
Tumblr media
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License
©OPALJM 2021
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sparklingchim · 4 months ago
devil's smile; m | kth
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader
word count: 10.4k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, enemies to lovers, college!au, ONE BED TROPE Y'ALL, vacation!au
warnings: taetae is a little teasing shit, they play truth or dare like eighth graders but in dirty version, tae gets a bra thrown at him (don't ask i can't explain it either) mirror sex, spit kink, orgasm denial, overstimulation, squirting, blowjob, spanking, tit slapping, fingering, breast play, dirty talk, rough sex, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, oc finds out about her praise kink, creampie, size kink? i thinks that's all phew
summary: you already knew that going on a vacation with your friends and taehyung was a bad idea, but when you end up having to share a room with taehyung you find yourself in a situation you'd sworn to never repeat again.
a/n: this is the same couple as in this fic. you don't have to read it to understand this fic tho, i just imagine them to be the same characters (^з^)-☆Chu!!
index: prequel | one | two |
,,No, this is not happening," you say, arms folded and foot impatiently tapping the red carpet.
You know that your complain is a vain attempt since there is nothing that can be changed about the situation, but you have to let your frustration out.
,,I'm supposed to share a room with her?" You scoff at Taehyung's outrageous tone. It's not like you're the problem of this situation. It's him.
You're all standing in the hotel lobby. Freshly checked in waited to get your cards for your rooms, but guess what. You didn't get a card. And they didn't have any left. Apparently they mixed up the rooms and the amount of people and now you are standing there, overly annoyed at being told to having to share a room with Taehyung.
Hoseok gives you a rueful grin. You have absolutely no idea why he finds this humouring, but you're going to make sure to punch him for that later.
You have no other choice but surrender. Your only hopes - Jimin and Hoseok, your room mates - are no option, because Hoseok is here with his girlfriend and Jimin shares a room with Yoongi. You are not really close to the other boys - well, it's not like you are close to Taehyung... - so there a not many solutions for you to choose.
Jungkook makes a move to speak up, but he quickly decides against it and remains silent.
,,But hey, we are not going to be in our rooms a lot anyway. We are gonna hang around outside most of the time, so it's fine, right?" Jimin, your best friend, says and you slowly nod.
,,He is right. It's summer, we won't stay in our rooms expect to sleep there," Namjoon continues. You feel yourself loosen up by their words. Taehyung also seems to finally have settled with that thought.
This is fine. It isn't as bad as you thought it would be when it was announced that you had to share a hotel room with Taehyung. One of you - definitely Taehyung, not even debatable - can sleep on the couch, problem solved.
And with that all of you move to the elevators with your luggage.
Not at any costs you would let Taehyung ruin your summer vacation. You are going to have fun here and get your mind off of everything before going back to hell - which is also called university.
Maybe having hope for something where Taehyung is involved in isn't really expedient. Or maybe you should be honest with yourself and take the fault for having hope for this wretched situation that you landed in upon yourself, because it's clearly your fault for not taking into consideration that you're all broke students that barely saved their money for this vacation and that you didn't have money for a hotel that has couches in their rooms. Yeah, this one was definitely on you.
There isn't a couch, an armchair or anything where someone could sleep on - just a wooden chair that's placed in front of a tiny desk. Not very appropriate for being a replacement for a bed.
You both don't comment on that. Quietly accepting the fact that there is not other choice - except he wants to sleep on the floor - but having to share the bed with each other.
Luckily the bed is big so you both won't have to end up to sleep that near to one another.
It's late at night so you both get ready to sleep. You really looked forward to finally sleep after that long car ride, but now it's not exactly excitement when you think about getting into that comfortable bed and rest your aching limbs.
You changed your clothes in the bathroom - a cute top and some shorts being your pyjamas - and leave brush your teeth before exiting to not let Taehyung wait for too long.
But when you leave the bathroom you're not prepared to find Taehyung only in his boxers, showing off his muscular and tanned body whike searching for something in his suitcase.
Yes, you saw how he looks like beneath his clothes - you fucked him - but perhaps you would never get used to how ethereal he looks like. Thankfully Taehyung doesn't realise that you came out of the bathroom and is too focused on finding whatever he is searching for and giving you perfect time to ogle his beautiful body.
,,Like the view?"
,,Huh?" You instantly look away, like a deer caught in headlights, though he didn't even raise his head but only continues searching.
,,You're making it pretty obvious by just standing there doing nothing."
,,Shut up."
Somehow this situation feels like a déjà-vu.
He roses from his seat on the floor. Brows raised expectantly he stares at you, but you have nothing else to say so you just walk past him and sit at the edge of your side of the back.
,,Brat," he mumbles.
If you would get a penny every time he calls you brat you'd be a millionaire by now. And because you are so used to hear him calling you that you don't even react to it, simply ignoring it and reaching for you phone.
You hear his foot steps behind you and soon the bathroom door shuts close.
You occupy yourself with your phone, answering some messages and then checking social media.
It doesn't take long for you to notice that you forgot to take off your bra, so you quickly unhook the class and wriggle it out under your top. You throw your bra somewhere behind you and go on with scrolling through Instagram.
You shriek when Taehyung's voice cuts off the silence in the room. You whip around with big eyes and almost scold and curse him for scaring you, but when you take in the sight you burst into laughter.
You accidentally threw your bra right on top of his hand, the cups of your bra hanging on both sides of him. In one hand he is holding his toothbrush and in the other his - your - toothpaste. He closed his eyes in annoyance.
When the realisation that you have your phone in your hands hits you, you immediately open your camera and take a picture of him.
,,I just wanted to ask if I could use your toothpaste and not get your fucking bra thrown- Did you just take a picture?!" He snaps your bra away from his head, throwing it to the ground.
You giggle and turn your phone around. ,,Looks cute, right?"
,,Delete that fucking picture, y/n." Taehyung doesn't look amused. He clenches his jaw and looks very stern.
,,Make me." You grin, an evil spark glimmering in your eyes.
Taehyung walks over to you, his tall frame towering in front of you. You have the perfect view of his abs, but you're way more focused on what he is planning to do.
,,Why do you always have to act like a brat?" His voice is dark, deep.
He comes closer, causing you to lean back. Taehyung doesn't stop till your back hits the mattress and his knee is digging into the bed. You slither up the bed, until your head rests against the pillow but Taehyung follows you, crawling after you.
It happens so fast that you can't even recall how exactly you got into this situation.
Taehyung looms over you, legs straddling your body and hands steadying him near your head. He's so close to you. His breath fans over you, eyes flicking over the beautiful features of your face, but your plump lips that were teasing him a moment ago catch his attention.
He wants to devour them, feel them against his, taste them and wants go through all the sizzling emotions he went through when you both kissed for the first time.
A short peek to your eyes tell him that the same thoughts are floating around your head.
With that in mind he leans closer to you, noses ever so slightly touching. Your arms almost naturally wrap around his neck, fingers itching to just push him down and press your mouth against his, but the serene ambience inclines both of you to act slow, one could even say that you both are timid and afraid, because of of delicacy that you treat each other with. Hands that slowly creep against one another outlines, brief glances, long stares at the region that you desire and eyes full off unspoken words that are on search for so much more.
Your hands skim over his shoulders, the anticipation of Taehyung's next move starts titillating your fingertips and seizes your whole body in prickling avidness.
,,Hm? Why do you always have to act like that? Like a brat?"
With such a gentleness his lips brush against yours as he repeats his question, for the first time that night you feel them against you and although it was quick sweeps against your mouth, your heartbeat thunders in your chest and you're fairly certain he can hear it too. His voice dark, tinted in roughness, but at the same time it has something velvety, something soft, perhaps you would go that far to say that his tone sounds comforting. He'd always speak with that spark of firmness in his voice with you, but there's something that soothes you when you hear the familiarity of it.
,,Taehyung," you whisper, not really sure why you're saying it, but it naturally flows out of you, his name falling of your lips like a prayer. He hums like he exactly knows what you mean, knows what you feel and without a doubt knows what you need.
Your eyes fall close, head sinking further into the pillow. You tilt your head upwards, chasing after his lips. When you don't seem to reach his plush lips that you seek for you lift your head further up, searching for his mouth but you don't find it.
You open one eye, confused about why you're not feeling his soft lips against yours. You definitely did not expect the sight that you peer at. Taehyung is actually - legitimately - flashing you his most conceited smirk. He pulled away from your face and watched you - aiming for that kiss, eyes closed, lips puckered and searching for his - and probably had to prevent himself from laughing right into your face at your foolishness.
With a frustrated puff you let your head fall back on the pillow again. Your hands leave Taehyung's hair on the nape of his neck and flop down on the mattress. Embarrassment floods over your glowing bundle of excitement - that was so eager to finally feel him, but no, that fucker had to ruin it. You feel your cheeks warming. You're still lost in the fog of desire that crept over you. However, you wouldn't show your true feelings, Taehyung has to do more than that to get the reaction he anticipated from you.
,,Fuck you, Taehyung," you say, voice small - despite your attempt to come off as not affected - and for some reason breathless.
He bites down his lip, stopping himself from grinning widely and displaying his white teeth to you before he mutters his response.
,,How about I fuck you?"
You roll your eyes. ,,Quit teasing, Taehyung. And get off of me, I have enough of your face that up close." You grimace before averting your eyes to anything but his exultant looking face.
,,I'm not teasing, baby." - A short brush on your cheek with his thumb, eyes watching you with such an intensity combined with that bodacious glint before he continues to speak - ,,Why would you think that?" he coos, acting all innocent despite his mischievous grin that framed his face a second ago.
You bend your knee and slam your foot against his stomach for his stupid question. Taehyung doesn't even falter. He remains calm but somehow your foot starts hurting and you slide it against his hard stomach to soothe the pain. You know how he looks like beneath his clothes, but apparently in all your fever to make him shut his mouth for teasing you so much you underestimated his body a little bit.
,,Getting feisty already?" he snorts amused, grabbing you by the ankle and skimming his hand over your calf and thigh before giving your flesh a quick squeeze. ,,Do you want me?" Taehyung's nose brushes over your neck, his mouth so close to your sensitive skin, but he doesn't touch it yet.
His question catches you off guard. Yes, you want him so badly, you think you never wanted someone as much as now. But no, on no account you would actually tell him.
,,Just tell me you want me and I give you everything you need," he whispers against your neck, his breath tickling your skin.
You purse your mouth to not give in into his persuasion, but it's scary how the words that he wishes to hear almost spill out of you.
,,You don't want me to teach you a lesson? I think you really need one, don't you think so?" The proximity of his lips on your body causes you to tremble. ,,Hm? Don't tell me you wouldn't like me fucking that brat out of you and teach you how to be a good girl," he coos, palming your thigh again.
You want it so bad. And his constant light touches on your body make it hard to say anything but how badly you need him.
,,Please," you mumble. ,,Just do it."
,,Do what, baby?" If Taehyung won't stop with the pet names - and the way he pronounces them with his delicate dark voice, god - he'd soon have you wrapped around his finger. (Funny how you think that's not already the case...) ,,Stop putting up the tough girl act, it's not helping you right now." Taehyung spreads your leg, now settling himself between them. His eyes roam over your body, glancing at your breasts through the thin white fabric of your top.
One hand is placed on your stomach, his warm hand languidly drifting down to your aching heat. Your brain is not able to comprehend what's right and wrong anymore. It only knows that you want Taehyung and you can't pretend to be unaffected by his actions.
,,Taehyung, please."
,,Just say it," he coaxes you, eyes focusing back on your beautiful face.
,,I...I want you. I really need you to fuck me right now," you say, finally admitting what you  want for the sheer reason to please Taehyung.
He smirks again, that stupid grin that you come to hate so much. But right now you don't put much attention to it, his digits that are gliding above your shorts keep you focused on his movements, making you shudder and anticipate his next moves. Your tiny and thin sleeping shirts don't let much for imagination, their practically showing off everything - it is summer though, so Taehyung shouldn't have thought you'd wear something more covering. But he isn't complaining, he loves seeing you with short and tight clothes - he gets excited every time he sees you accompanying Jimin and Hoseok to the frat parties, those dresses that you wear - so. fucking. hot. Nonetheless, he likes seeing you naked the most, of course that's his favourite look on you. All naked and for his eyes only.
His digits are now skimming right over your clothed core. You inhale sharply. Taehyung's smirk widens when he feels how wet you are. He didn't remarkably touch you yet, but now that he's finally allowing you to feel something after he let you down every time before makes it so much more special, makes you so thrilled to just let him do everything he desires to do with you.
Tonight your his and - how ironic - you're ready to offer Taehyung all you got.
,,How are you this wet already?" He asks, eyes staring at your core. The fabric of your shorts is sticking to your wet pussy lips, a slight dark colour painting it.
You press your lips together, clenching your jaw to keep a sassy retort slipping off you tongue. You're aware of what game he wants to play and in all seriousness; you just want to get laid by Taehyung.
He presses his mouth to your neck, his soft lips awaking something within you that craves more. You cup his cheeks with both hands, pulling him close to your face and press your lips against him. You moan into the kiss, it feels utterly satisfying to finally kiss him after you longed for this. It's passionate, tongues darting out to taste each other and hard pants captured by your tongues tangled together. His fingers slip under your shorts and panty, parting your folds and continuing his strokes. You don't want to withdraw from the kiss, wanted to get lost in it, but the way his thumb reaches to your clit to draw circles on it makes you pull away, breath heavy and eyes out of focus.
,,You're so sensitive," he comments, ogling your twisted features. He tweaks your little bud between his digits and when your body jolts upwards he smiles appeased, your whine that falls from you going straight down his cock.
Taehyung plants little kisses over the swell of your breasts, his tongue tracing over your skin soon after. Fingers combing through his silky hair in an attempt to countervail the sizzling bundle that sparks inside you. You whine after he stops his fondling on your clit, his fingers occupied with dancing over your entrance, but not gliding in yet. You rut your hips against his hand, eagerly trying to get back to the rapid motions of his fingers and Taehyung allows you to have your fun, for a split second letting you think that he's not fully in charge. But then he draws his hand from your shorts completely, coaxing another displeased whine from you.
,,What a desperate slut you are," Taehyung says, voice completely drenched in dominance. His coated fingers linger above your face. ,,Suck them clean," he demands prodding your lips open. He doesn't need to repeat himself, you're already obeying his demand and take his two fingers in. Tongue gliding over his digits. You taste yourself, your flavour strong on your tongue, but it doesn't gross you out, it only gets you more riled up.
Taehyung's hand drifts over your breast, his thumb gingerly moving over your nipple. You answer with a soft moan against his fingers in your mouth, the ones on your breast moving on to rolling the little bud between his digits and then tweaking it. He watches your eyebrows knitting, enjoying the effect his fondling on your breast has on you.
After you licked his fingers all clean, he shuffles on the bed and sits down next to you, propping himself against the headboard.
,,Take your clothes off and sit on my lap," he instructs, a hand coming up to run them through his dark hair. You can't say that this simple movement didn't let a chill scuttle down your spine because he looked so hot doing it.
Taking your clothes off didn't take long, you were only wearing short pieces of clothes and so you are throwing a leg over his clothed lap barely a minute after he told you.
His hands are immediately on you, warm hands sliding over your sides and eyes not even for one second daring to look away from your breath-taking nudity. Taehyung has so swallow the groan that almost dared to step out as he savours the sight in front of him. He realises he would never get enough of you.
While his hand are occupied with squeezing your ass he latches his mouth on your nipple, tomgue darting out and swirling it over your little bud. You sigh and grind against him, hands wrapped around his neck.
He groans against your body, your hips that move over his groin doesn't leave him unaffected.
,,Lean back," he tells you.
Begrudgingly you lean back, hands placed behind you and steadying you. Your pussy is fully exposed to his eyes.
His thumb gingerly flicks over your clit. You sharply inhale and Taehyung beams at your reaction. His other hand his rubbing you thigh. Taehyung's thumb reaches down and slides over your pussy, gathering your arousal and circling it over your entrance.
,,Want my fingers inside?"
He slides his index finger in, a second one soon following. You moan softly, closing your eyes once he starts thrusting them in and out.
,,Oh God," you mumble, arms slightly shaking but you're still able to hold yourself up.
,,You like that?"
You nod vigorously, eyebrows furrowing when his pace suddenly gets more rapid and rough. The wet sounds of your pussy ringing through the room and your shallow breaths only spurt Taehyung more on.
But then his fingers are gone, making your walls contract around nothing and letting an invidious mewl fall from you.
Taehyung only tsks. ,,You get to cum when I want it, got it?"
You clench your teeth and don't say anything.
,,Understood?" He cocks an eyebrow.
You huff. ,,Fine."
,,Good." He gives your thigh a short pat. ,,Turn around and lean against my chest."
While you get off of his lap he slightly turns around. You have no idea what he is planning to do, but when he spreads his legs, giving you room to settle between them you know what he wants.
You're both facing the mirror - that you didn't even notice till now - your legs spread and exposed for the both of you.
He skims his fingers over your perky breast, over your stomach until he is back at your drenched pussy. But he is not touching it yet.
Taehyung's other hand turns your head to him, digging his fingers into your cheek.
,,Open," he says. You open your mouth for him, watching him spit a globe of saliva into your mouth. His hand trails down your throat, wrapping his slender fingers around it.
,,Now swallow." Taehyung feels the contractions of your throat through his hands and hums in approval. His hand falls down from your throat to your breast and stays there, his other hand currently teasing your entrance.
You think that his teasing will continue for a while, but then he is sinking two of his fingers in, catching you off guard. ,,Ohh."
,,God, your face looks so beautiful," Taehyung whispers and gives your neck a small kiss.
His fingers instantly start with a fast tempo, making you screw your eyes shut as you're savouring the feelings of his fingers back inside your aching pussy. His thumb reaches up to caress your little bundle of nerves.
,,Faster," you urge.
,,My brat wants it faster?" he coos.
,,Yes," you rasps.
His digits stroke your insides quicker now. You roll your eyes and arch your back off his chest. Taehyung knows what to do, knows exactly how to handle your body to get you where he wants.
,,Open your eyes. Look at yourself getting finger fucked by me," Taehyung demands.
It's hard, but you open your eyes and watch how his fingers repeatedly go in and out your dripping cunt, thumb circling over your most sensitive part.
You feel the knot in your stomach tightening as you watch everything unfold before you.
You're so close to cumming, so close to let yourself fall into complete euphoria. A few more strokes against your clit and you'd be finally reaching your high.
Your breathing stops, completely concentrating how his fingers feel on your cunt.
Apparently it's still not on Taehyung's schedule to make you cum just yet. In an instant his fingers are gone from your throbbing pussy. Your hole is quivering and hips inexorably moving up and down and searching for something, really just anything, to get the last bits of friction that you need to reach your high. A broken moan falls from you, body quivering and legs trying to close to stop the unfulfilled sensation that rattles through you, but of course Taehyung doesn't let you. He makes your legs stay wide open, eyes wavering over your destroyed body through the mirror and finding so much satisfaction from your current state.
,,Come on, baby. What do good girls say when they want something?"
,,Hmmm." A fervid whine from you rings through the room. You're so on edge, you can't control anything that leaves your mouth. ,,I hate you," you say. Your voice sounds nothing like you anymore, it's filled with so much desperation and yearning and that idiot just won't give you what you so eagerly seek for.
,,Ah," Taehyung chides. You're feeling so forlorn that you grab his wrist, attempting to pull him back to your pussy, but he doesn't relent. Your hand stays there, nails digging into his tanned skin like it's your last shred of hope to finally get what you want. ,,Blame yourself, you didn't ask nicely," he tells you after you whine again. He rests his arm on your thigh, his fingers so close but also so far away. Taehyung's fingers that dug into your hip wander up and in a flash of one second his hand collides with your tit. ,,Did you still not learn? Huh?" His tone spattered in degradation and leaves your body in shivers.
,,Please," you mumble low, eyes wavering shut as you grow tired of being kept on edge for so long. Your body rests against his chest completely spent and you think you must look so pathetic right now. You didn't even come and you're so strained by his teasing already.
,,What do you want, baby?" It's not the first time your heart flutters at the pet name, but the fact that it still does after all those times he called you that make you swiftly question why he is able to create little butterflies in your stomach.
His voice is still harsh, but you know he has so much fun in demanding and degrading you right now.
,,Taehyung," you whimper, chest still heavily rising up and down after you hold your breath for so long.
,,What do you need, baby?" He gives you another chance, though his patience is running low by now.
,,You, n-need you."
,,Use your big girl words. Don't act all shy now."
And maybe that's the second where the last piece of intransigence gets crushed into a mass of nothingness, leaving you utterly blank for Taehyung to rewrite you to his pleasing.
,,I need your fingers, your cock, anything. Just make me cum, please."
,,Good girl," he praises you. ,,Wasn't that hard, was it?" You both look at each other through the mirror and you realise that you want to kiss those playful lips so badly, but you remain silent. He presses a few kisses on your neck like a little reward for your admission, but your mind is too foggy to acknowledge the little acts of affection he shows you. You're way more focused on pulling his hand back to your pussy. Now he actually gives in and a pitiful whimper emerges from you when he slides one finger over your drenched folds. Eyes already fluttering shut you manage to keep your moans at bay, but it's really hard when you're so sensitive, the slightest brush of his fingers kindling all the pent up feelings that he mercifully snatched from you.
Taehyung got you exactly where he wanted. He is enjoying this to the fullest. He got you - the bratty, quick-witted and gabby y/n - wrapped around his finger and doing exactly how he pleases.
The squelching sounds of his two fingers entering you again almost make your cheeks heat up, but feeling embarrassment after every thing you did - and said - is just redundant by now.
,,Fuck, just look at your tiny pussy so easily opening up for my fingers," Taehyung says, his hot breath shooting another chill down your neck. ,,Just imagine my cock splitting you wide open, you think you can take it?"
You're already breathless again, Taehyung is moving his fingers in rapid movements inside you. ,,I- I can take it." Biting down your lip you watch his thumb now reaching for your clit and starting to rub it.
,,Yeah? You're sweet pussy is just made for me, isn't it?"
,,It's yours! It's your- oh!" Taehyung crooks his fingers at just the perfect angle, hitting your loveliest spot inside you and letting your insides tingle. ,,J- Just like that!" you manage to say in between your ferocious moans.
,,You like that? Little brat likes getting finger fucked right there?"
,,Yes! Fuck, don't stop! Don't stop, please."
He smirks shamelessly. Taehyung squeezes your boob with his other hand. A short bend forward and he spits on your tit, fingers rubbing his saliva over your hard nipple.
,,I- I'm close," you utter within a moan.
,,Already? My baby is cumming so quickly?" Dumbass. Of course you are cumming this fast when he has been teasing you for so long now.
Both of your hands grab his arm that is currently nestled between your legs, gripping it tightly.
Your back arches off his chest, heart thundering in your ears and throat starting to hurt from all the moans and whines.
With another stroke against your sweet spot your climax is washing over you. It starts from the pit of your stomach and the sparks of your high spread all over you within a second.
,,Oh, fuck!" Your body lurches forward, but Taehyung holds you back. Eyes tightly shut close you let yourself get lost in the feeling.
You came so much. Your cunt is dripping with cum, staining the sheets beneath you.
You're enjoying your high to a certain extent, but when Taehyung doesn't stop circling his thumb over your clit it becomes a bit too much for you. You grab his wrist.
,,T-too much," you whimper.
,,Hm? Is your clit sensitive?"
,,Yeah," you reply, body sill jerking.
,,But I want you to cum again for me, baby."
,,I can't. Not now." Your voice trembling.
,,Remember what I said earlier?" He asks, intently eyeing your sensitive body through the mirror. You shake your head. ,,You get to cum when I want it. And I want you to cum again, now," he demands from you. A prolonged whine leaves you, he can't be serious.
You twist and wind, eyes tightly shut closed and lips parted but there is no sound coming from you. Legs are shaking, chest is tightening and hands are searching for something to anchor them in - Taehyung's thighs being the most suitable option as you dig your nails into his muscular thighs. Your body is turned to the side, cheek resting on his warm chest as his fingers flick over your used clit and torture it with his cruel digits.
The amount of opposing emotions that rattle through you are so confusing and something that you never felt before. It's too much, but at the same time it's all you want.
You're also not able to control any reaction from your body, it just does and you let it - you don't even have the slightest chance of stopping anything from the sheer brutality that these looming emotions hit you with.
,,Can't even recognise you because of how a whiny and squirming slut you became," he belittles you, glance drifting from the mirror and now looking down to see your face pressed against his chest from up close. ,,Look at you - so pathetic and whiny. Why can't you always be like this? I like this more than your bratty attitude." His fingers go faster, ,,Always playing so hard to get, but look at you - it was so easy for me to make you beg," Taehyung says, his breath hitting your neck. He studies your face, remarks every little detail of your features that are so beautifully twisted.
,,T-Tae! I think I'm going to-" You're not able to finish, the tight knot in the pit of your stomach doesn't allow you to.
,,You're gonna fucking cum again, aren't you? I knew you were a greedy slut, of course you're gonna cum right after making a mess of the sheets," he murmurs, deep voice going straight down your pussy and making it twitch.
Your toes curl, fingers still boring into his thighs, but Taehyung doesn't care about the pain.
His hand sneaks up from your breast, wrapping his big hand around your throat. The simple act of his slender fingers cutting off your breath turns you so on - at this point it's not even surprising that you're getting turned on by anything that Taehyung does to you.
,,Fuck! Taehyung, I-"
An unfamiliar feeling washes over you. Your climax never felt that intense before, but you're gladly accepting the new pleasure that makes your whole body shake and causes wretched whines falling from your lips. The slick noises get louder as you're cumming, the room silent except for the sounds that Taehyung is the creator of.
,,Oh shit," Taehyung whispers, sounding like he is in awe. You're way too caught up in the excruciating high that still tickles your limbs and don't realise what happened. Eyes are still lazily closed, and you nuzzle your face closer to his chest. ,,Wow, I thought you made a mess of the sheets before, but this got them all wet, baby."
His digit is gliding over your folds and you immediately react by squirming. You open your eyes to slap his hand away, you can't take more of his teasing you're completely wasted. But before you are able to shoo his hand away the sheets - that are wet like someone poured water over it - catch your attention. It's not only the sheets but also your thighs, they are glistening in your arousal too.
,,Did you ever squirted before?" Taehyung asks softly, his eyes entranced by your slick pussy.
,,Did I ever...what?" Your chest is still rapidly rising up and down and the sheer fact that Taehyung made you squirt - something you have never experienced before - is making your heart beat even faster.
His gaze shifts to you. ,,You didn't realise?"
You shake your head lazily, returning his stare rather timidly.
A grin spreads on his lips. He ducks down to peck your cheek. ,,Am I making you feel too good? Hm?" Both of his hand wrap around your stomach, the slow strokes against your skin calming you down.
You shake your head. ,,Not more than anyone else did before," you say defiantly. You watch the change of his expression through the mirror. He doesn't need to tell or show you - you know that your words ignited a distinct fire inside him.
,,I see, you still haven't learned anything." Taehyung traces his finger over your arm, goose bumps following right after. ,,But it's not the first time I heard nonsense coming from your pretty lips."
You furrow your brows and he answers with that deep chuckle when he remarks your face.
You want to say something, but you're still dazed from your high and your brain is not able to can't form coherent sentences that quickly.
,,How about your pretty lips do something better than spitting bratty stuff?"
You cock your brow, drawing out a "hmm" as if contemplating his obvious offer and turn your head to look at him and not only through the mirror. Taehyung doesn't look you into the eyes, but stares at your mouth. He is probably feeling awfully horny. You can't blame him, throughout the whole time of him edging you, you felt his boner on your lower back and he has been holding himself back till now.
,,Aw, stop pretending. I know you probably suck cock like a slut." His thumb skims over your bottom lip.
You tilt your head to one side. ,,Is that supposed to be a compliment or not?"
,,Get on your knees and we'll find out."
Before you do so, you pucker your lips to steal a kiss from him. He gladly gives into your invitation and kisses you. Then you slide down the bed and turn around to face him. He is already pulling down his boxers, throwing them away and grabbing his shaft. Taehyung strokes his cock a few times, but then he stops, holding his cock upright.
,,Come here, spit on it," Taehyung says and pulls you closer by your shoulder.
You align your mouth over his cock, a trail of saliva leaving your mouth and landing right on his throbbing dick. He lets go of his grip and allows you to to lubricate his cock, your small hand delicately wrapping around his dick and stroking him.
You're in awe at his huge he is. You saw his cock before, but it's been a while and it seems like you forgot how massive he is.
You attack your lips to his veiny dick, planting smooches from the base of his cock till your at his tip.
His breaths are shallow, little curses falling from his as he intently watches you. Taehyung combs your hair with his hand, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
When you seem to have lost yourself in languidly kissing and trailing your tongue over him he slaps your hand away and grabs his cock again.
,,Stop teasing," he exhorts.
,,Don't like it when I give you a taste of your own medicine?"
,,Say that again and instead of fucking you I'll repeat what I did earlier to you."
,,That's fine by me."
He scoffs. ,,Cute of you to think that." That malicious shimmer in his eyes indicates that he actually thinks that you're being pathetic with your confident attitude. And maybe he's successful in intimidating you with that. You don't know what he'll be able to pull off the next time you're being a brat.
He taps his tip on your cheek, smearing it all the way to your mouth and gliding it over your lips.
,,Fuck, look at that ass," he curses and looks behind you. You turn your head over your shoulder and realise that the mirror is right behind you. You totally forgot about that. ,,Arch your back a bit more." You do and come forward, resting your hands on his thighs and giving Taehyung a perfect view of your ass.
When you turn your face back to him again, his lap is closer than before. Taehyung is focused on admiring your ass through the mirror and let go of his cock, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch him off guard by taking him into your mouth without any warning.
And that's exactly what you do. You grab the base of his cock, wrapping your mouth around him and taking him as far as you can on your first try.
Taehyung inhales sharply, a deep grunt slipping from him as your warm mouth envelopes around him.
,,Shit, baby." He's fully focused on you know, big eyes watching you as you hollow your cheeks and starts bobbing your head. Your hand works on the parts that you can't reach simultaneously. He runs a hand through your hair, nails scratching your scalp and tugging on your strands. Taehyung coaxes a few small moans from you through that action, which only leads to another curse falling from him as your moans vibrate against his cock.
Taehyung's hand puts pressure on your head, giving you no other chance but having to take him further. His other hand grabs the one that is working at the parts that you still don't reach.
,,Hands behind your back," Taehyung firmly says. A second later he mutters ,,Good girl." after taking a brief glance to the mirror.
He cups your cheek, thumb brushing over your skin. You look up at time while you move your head, eyes a bit teary at how far your taking him by now.
,,You look so fucking sexy." - Taehyung closes his eyes for a brief second before continuing - ,,Want to never forget how your lips look like around my cock."
His hand wanders down to your tits, pinching your nipple. A whimper escapes from you and a lazy smirk tugs on his lips. Your movements are fast now, the slick sounds of you working on his cock echoing through the room.
Taehyung can't keep his eyes off you. He thinks he'd never seen something that turned him on like this. He's truly mesmerised by your full lips wrapped around him and sucking him in such a charming way.
,,I was right, you really suck cock like a good slut," Taehyung says a low moan following as you swirl your tongue around him. ,,Would you allow me to take a picture from you like this?"
You're baffled for a second, but quickly stop your work and shake your head before going on with sucking him off.
,,No? Really?" His lips are twisted into a little pout, but you were not going to let him win you over like that. ,,I'll let you keep that weird pic you took of me earlier if you let me take a pic of you," he tries to allure you. When you don't seem to react he goes on. ,,I'd jerk off to that pic so many times." And it really sounds sincere, like he would actually do it, but still, you wouldn't relent.
With a plop his dick slips from your mouth. ,,Just watch porn and you'll be fine." It's almost like you are reassuring him, which is pretty funny considering how he acted before but you don't say more, only taking his cock back into your mouth.
Taehyung's back falls onto the mattress, looking like he is throwing a tantrum. ,,Your lips hit different though," he breaths and before he gives you the chance to say something he is bucking his hips upward, his hand reaching up to your head and pushing you down on his cock. You instantly choke, eyes filled with tears as his dick reaches the back of your throat. ,,Fuck." He continues fucking his cock into your mouth, using you just like he pleases. Taehyung's eyes are closed, he is enjoying using your throat to the brim and never felt like this before.
He sits up again, stopping his ferocious thrusts and pulls your head away from his cock. You take a deep breath. A few tears slid down your cheeks and saliva is coating your chin. You look like a big mess.
,,Just look at you," he says, his hand reaching for your face and fingers squishing your cheeks together. ,,Can suck cock like a slut but can't take it properly when I fuck your mouth."
,,You're too big," you admit, voice a bit muffled by his digits squishing you.
,,Another thing I have to teach you, huh?" His condescending tone turns you on. You really have some problems if you find him degrading you that hot.
Your hand works on his cock again. Your always in for some blowjob lessons for how to take a big cock. But Taehyung stops you. ,,Not today. I wanna fuck you now." You bite your lip.
How can you still be so excited even though he literally wrecked you a few minutes ago?
,,Get on all fours," Taehyung instructs. He lets go of you, but not before he gives your cheek a quick slap and walks towards his suitcase.
You get up and sit down on the bed. ,,What are you searching for?"
,,We can go bare...I think?" He turns around, one eyebrow raised. ,,I mean, I just sucked your cock anyway and I'm on the pill," you explain.
,,Well, I'm okay with that and you too, right?" You nod. ,,Good, because I still clearly remember how your raw pussy felt and I'm dying to feel your tight hole again."
Him saying that makes you remember how crazy you were for allowing him to fuck you in the middle of the night - in the kitchen - and especially bare without any protection without talking before hand about it. But it seems like you're crazy for everything that has to do with Taehyung. You're not sure why he has that effect on you, but you're not complaining as long as he is making you feel good.
And on top of all you feel your cheeks heat up. Somehow Taehyung knows how to press the right buttons and makes you act like some giddy teenager that would do anything for her crush.
,,What are you waiting for? Bend over." If you haven't been that eager to feel him inside you, you would have teased him, but at this point all you can think of is his cock pounding into you.
You bend over, hands holding you up and back arched. Taehyung is right behind you on his knees. His hands spreads your cheeks open, muttering a curse as he takes your beauty in. You turn your head and watch him staring at your body through the mirror. A little grin graces his face when you sway your ass a little.
,,Can't wait to feel my cock splitting your tiny pussy open?" It's like he already knew that you were staring at him. He tilts his head to the mirror, instantly looking at your eyes.
You nod.
,,Then say it. Tell me how bad you want my cock." You nearly whine in frustration. Facing away from the mirror you sigh loudly. Taehyung tugs at your hair. ,,Ah, don't look away now." Reluctantly you turn your head to the mirror again. ,,Look at me and beg for my cock, brat." Staring into his warm, but unwavering eyes you say ,,Taehyung, please. You teased me so much already, I can't take no more. Just fuck me now. I need your cock inside me, please." His eyes are briefly closed. Taehyung can't get enough of you begging for him. He feels powerful and loves the way your voice sounds so small and meek. He runs one hand down your spine, leaving your body in chills. ,,Good girl." He briefly ducks down and places small kisses over your back. You suppress a smile that risked to tug on your lips as a result from his praise. You didn't know that you are so into getting praised - blame your brat inside you for that - but every form of praise he shows you makes your heart skip a beat. He grabs his cock and glides it over your folds. After gathering your arousal on your entrance he nudges it with his tip, slowly entering you. ,,Shit," you mumble, watching how his cock vanishes inside you as you're looking into the mirror. ,,You're so tight." His cock is completely buried inside you. Taehyung gives you a few seconds to get used to his size. Your walls are snuggly wrapped around him and he swears he never felt a pussy like yours before. ,,You can move." He places his hands on your hips. Taehyung leisurely bottoms out, but forcefully pounds back in, his balls slapping against your body. You moan in unison. ,,Pussy feels so good," Taehyung whispers, spanking your ass. He wanted to go slow, wanted to give you more time to get used to him, but now that he started he can't stop anymore. Taehyung quickly finds his rhythm, quick and hard snaps of his hips granting you both the pleasure that you need. You never knew that being able to look at a mirror while having sex is such a turn on, but you are having so much fun watching Taehyung rut into you and Taehyung seems like enjoying it too considering how he only looks away from the mirror to look down at his cock disappearing into your hole. He quickly gathered his speed, didn't need a long time to develop rapid movements. ,,Taehyung," you moan loudly. ,,Again," he breathes. ,,Moan my name like that again." He isn't sure if the walls are thin in this hotel, but if there is even the slightest possibility of someone being able to hear you moaning his name so delicately he wouldn't dare to not take the chance. A sharp thrusts of his hips make you moan is name again and again and again. Despite all the hate you have reserved for this man, you can't lie and say that he is not one of the best one's that you had sex with. His hand sneak under your body and cups your boob that's swaying with every jolt of his cock. Taehyung leans over you now, his face close to yours and his soft and deep moans next to your ear. You watch how his hand reaches down from you breast and then feel his finger toying with your clit. Your breathing instantly trembles. You grab his wrist that's between your legs. ,,Taehyung, it's super sensitive," you whispers in between sobs. ,,Little clit is sensitive because of me? Aw, what a pity," he coos, still not indicating to withdraw his finger. ,,What a pity for you, because I won't stop till you gonna cum, baby." Asshole, you think. But your walls that flutter around him betray you. ,,Come on, baby. You already did so much for me today, you can cum again for me, can't you?" The way he is saying it makes you desperately want to cum again, just so you can hear Taehyung praising you afterwards. ,,Go harder," you urge him. Taehyung immediately complies and sets for harder thrusts. His cock is angled perfectly, hitting the right spots and reaching deep inside you. ,,Just like that," you breath, arms slowly giving in and soon you're resting your head on the sheets. You don't know how Taehyung is still keeping up, but
your limbs start feeling numb and tired. ,,You like watching yourself getting fucked?" ,,Uh-huh." ,,Yeah? Little brat likes seeing her pussy being split in half?" You nod, not able to utter any words. It's insane how fast Taehyung is able to get you close to cumming again, but you're not complaining. ,,Fuck, you are close, aren't you? You just clenched around my cock so hardly." Taehyung spanks your ass again, grabbing your flesh after and squeezing it tightly. ,,Cum all over my cock, baby. Want you to cream all over me." And with that you're cumming on his cock, drenching him in your arousal and walls clenching even harder around him. ,,That's it. That's my good girl," he murmurs, pressing kisses on your shoulder. ,,You're alright?" You shift your gaze from the mirror to his real face, watching his soft eyes from close. ,,I'm good," you reply. ,,Perfect." He places one last kiss near your neck before he sits back on his heels. ,,Then turn around for me." His cock slips from you as you lay on your back and spread your legs for him. Taehyung puts his cock back into your pussy, arms framing your hand and leaning close to your body as he starts bucking his hips into you again. Your pussy feels so used and sensitive that your walls can't stop clenching around him. Taehyung has to inhale sharply. They don't stop fluttering against his cock as his dick is brushing your sweetest You're so dazed with all the buzzing feelings that Taehyung coaxed out of you that you don't notice the way his cock is twitching inside you. He wants to last longer, wants to devour you so much more but Taehyung was unprepared for the affect that your delicate being would have on him, so now he's fighting with every crumb of his living to pound into your pussy a bit longer. He can't get enough of you, he's just too intoxicated with every ounce of your existence, and absolutely adores how you make him feel. He starts sucking on your neck to get his mind off his nearing orgasm. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his body closer. ,,Taehyung," you whisper. ,,Hm?" He is still occupied with creating little red marks on your skin. ,,I want you to cum." He knows that you telling him to cum makes clear that you're tired and can't endure this any longer, but he wants you to cum one last time for him. So his thumb reaches for your little bud again, brushing his digit over it. You immediately squirm under him. ,,T-Tae I can't no more," you sob. ,,I can't cum anymore." You lift your legs and wrap them around his small waist. ,,Just focus on yourself now and fill me up." You're not sure why he prolongs his climax for so long now, you’re at your limit now and can't take any other high anymore. Your words cause him to loose the rhythm of his thrusts. ,,Fill you up? You mean I can cum inside you?" Eyes big and searching for yours to confirm it. ,,Yeah, cum inside me." ,,Really?" You don't know why he is so excited about that so you roll your eyes. ,,Do it before I change my mind." He gives you a hard thrust for rolling your eyes at him that causes you to moan loudly. Taehyung is holding himself up again, his hair falling into his eyes as he watches how your tits jiggle with every jolt of his body and fully concentrates on himself this time. Your sweet moans and whines help him getting closer and one glance at your face make him loose control. His thrusts are sloppy, not coordinated and all over the place. His grunts are getting louder and when you whimper his name, so weak and fragile he spills his hot cum inside your clenching pussy. Taehyung isn't sure if you're clenching your walls on purpose to help him get off, but he doesn't care at this point. His head falls into the crook of your neck as he gives you a few more lurches forward before he completely stills inside you. Taehyung's breathing is heavy and you still feel his dick twitching inside you. ,,Did you just cum again?" he asks after a few moments. ,,Uh-huh." Your chest is rapidly rising up and down and you're having a
hard time calming yourself down. ,,I thought you can't anymore," he jeers amused. ,,Shut up." In a week attempt you slap his biceps. You are both a mess, sticky and slimy and full of cum. ,,This was amazing," Taehyung says, pecking your cheek. You hum in agreement. He gets off of you and you wince when his cock slips out. Taehyung helps you clean your pussy but that's all you do for cleaning because you're both tired. And with that you both get comfortable underneath the sheets, your backs to each other and keeping a safe distance. The picture - and the only reason you ended up in this situation again - long forgotten. At least it's a nice addition to the other pictures in your phone gallery. Somehow - very much to your wonder - you wake up in the ember-warm embrace of his arms the next morning. ~ It is the next day. It's late at night, probably past midnight considering how long you all have been sitting outside already. You are all gathered around a table, the cold breeze of the ocean nearby creating a pleasant temperature. From this place you have a pretty view of the beach and ocean that reflects the full moon. Since everyone of you drank alcohol for the past hours you are a bit merry. Yoongi already left an hour ago because he was very frantic with the amount of alcohol he drank and went to sleep. ,,Who's in for truth or dare?" Seokjin asks and cuts off every ongoing conversation. He grabs an empty soju bottle. ,,Really?" Jungkook sighs like he can't believe the eldest of you is the one coming up with that idea. ,,You're all boring, so someone had to bring some entertainment in here." Seokjin doesn't wait for responses, he already spins the bottle. When is comes to a halt it points at Namjoon. ,,Dare," he answers before Seokjin is able to ask. Seokjin claps his hands. ,,Okay, let's start with something easy. Drink your beer in one go." Namjoon's lips part and eyebrows knit in confusion. ,,How's that easy? I literally just started drinking it." Hoseok starts laughing and pats his shoulder encouragingly. Nevertheless, Namjoon relents and completes his dare with loud shouts from the boys and giggling from you and Hoseok's girlfriend. After Namjoon calms down from the amount of beer he just drank in one go it's his turn to spin the bottle. It lands on you. ,,Truth or dare?" You purse your lips and briefly contemplate your options. ,,Dare." ,,You have to sit on someone’s lap for the entire game, because you have been a bad student and are in time out now," Namjoon says. You're not sure why he is making up a scenario for your dare, but you blame it on his tipsiness. ,,I can tell that you are into roleplaying," Jimin says and everyone laughs. Namjoon shrugs his shoulders, but a smile is displayed on his face. You stand up, already knowing who you are going to choose. Jimin - who sits next to you - opens his arms, because, he too, knows that you are going to pick him. When Seokjin remarks Jimin's open arms, he playfully copies the action making you chuckle but you still sit down sideways on Jimin's lap. He's your best friend - Hoseok too but his girlfriend is literally sitting next to him - and you cuddled together for countless of times already, so it's not uncomfortable. ,,I would never sit on your grandpa lap," you mock Seokjin and his expression quickly changes into an offended one. ,,Yah, I'm not that much older than you!" ,,Whatever, grandpa." You bend down and start spinning the bottle. Jimin chuckles and places his warm hand on your bare thigh, rubbing your skin softly. ,,I'll never cook food for you anymore." ,,I never get food anyways! Because these idiots eat everything before I can come over," you complain. ,,Then how about you try to be punctual for once?" Taehyung provokes, talking to you for the first time that day. After you both woke up in each others arms you both didn't quite initiate a conversation. ,,Well, I'm busy with uni unlike some other people here," you reply. ,,Oh really? Last time I wanted to go together
with you to Seokjin's place you didn't seem like you were busy with uni stuff, but rather busy with-" Jimin doesn't continue, because you cut him off by pinching his cute cheeks. ,,We don't talk about that," you remind Jimin. ,,Also, never come into my room like that again." You clearly remember that day when Jimin bursted into you room without any announcement or knocking or just something to let you know that he is about to enter your room. Jimin presses his lips together, but you can still see him trying not to smile. ,,I literally live in the same apartment and have no idea what you're talking about," Hoseok says and looks a bit confused and maybe a bit pouty because he is feeling excluded. ,,Better for you." Everyone is watching Jimin and you with interest - especially Taehyung with his hawk eyes that never seem to look somewhere else - wanting to know what you two are talking about but there is no way you're going to tell them. You're about to whirl the bottle again, but you remember that you did that a minute ago previously. ,,Jungkook!" you exclaim after checking where it landed at. For a second he looks baffled and can't hold eye contact with you, kind off nervously chewing his bottom lip with his teeth. But when you ask him if he wants to pick truth or dare he calms down again. ,,Truth." ,,Okay, lemme think." You are not very creative so you need some time to think. After a few seconds pass Jimin whispers something into your ear. ,,Ahh! Kookie, what is your biggest kink?" ,,Hmm," Jungkook thinks, forming his lip into that cute pout you adore so dearly. ,,Aw, come on, even I can answer that question for you," Seokjin says. ,,Huh?" Jungkook looks at him confused. ,,Our Jungkookie likes getting his dick sucked," Seokjin answers for Jungkook and throws his arm over Jungkook's shoulder. ,,I think everyone likes getting their dick sucked," Taehyung says boldly. ,,Yeah, but Jungkookie really, like reaalllyyy enjoys getting a blowjob," Seokjin states tapping Jungkook's shoulder a few times. ,,Well, yeah. If that's a kink then that's mine," Jungkook looks unbothered, the only thing bothering him his tipsy older brother's arm wrapped around him. You few more rounds pass and soon it's Taehyung's turn. ,,Truth or dare?" Hoseok asks, his hands around his girlfriend who is sitting on his lap now, because it got a bit colder. ,,Truth." You didn't expect him to choose truth, but why are you caring anyway? ,,Last time you had sex?" Though you know that obviously no one knows that you slept with Taehyung yesterday you still tense up. You try to come off as nonchalant, but that the little grin that curls on Taehyung's lips make you nervous. ,,A few hours ago." A...few hours ago? That's certainly not what you expected him to answer. Taehyung is now looking at you. His lips are twisted in an evil smirk. Smiling at you just like the devil he is and eyes glimmering in that teasing way. You knew that he is going to have some fun around here, but it somehow feels weird to know that he fucked someone that quickly after you. And that stupid smile that is plastered on his face is not helping you, it's only provoking you and makes you want to slap his face. Wait but...did he fuck her in your bed? You bite down your lip to not start cursing and spitting angry words at him. You look away from Taehyung, the urge to punch his face getting stronger every second that passes. That fucker really had sex a day after he fucked you in your shared bed. You remember how he flirted with that girl when you all where chilling at the pool and now it makes sense why Taehyung vanished for quite some time this afternoon. This little vacation with your friends is taking a different path than you expected and you are not sure if you are excited about what else is going to ensue.
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jungkxook · 9 months ago
—backseat serenade. (m)
Tumblr media
⟶ pairing: taehyung x reader
⟶ genre: punk!taehyung / band au / brother’s best friend au + smut 
⟶ words: 10,790
⟶ rating: 18+
⟶ summary: falling in love and having weekly sex with kim taehyung is wrong for a number of reasons — and, no, that’s not including the whole other issue that he’s also your brother’s best friend
⟶ warnings: multiple sex scenes, slight exhibitionism if u look hard enough, wall sex, car sex, unprotected sex, all the sex (seriously), fingering, pussy slapping (also if u look hard enough), lots of teasing, doggy style, riding, creampie
⟶ disclaimer: this story is another repost of an old one (although it’s basically been entirely rewritten lol)!  
⟶ this is part of the melodrama tour series!
Tumblr media
“We have to hurry. I don’t have a lot of time.”
Taehyung says this with much difficulty, of course, especially when considering you’re currently pressed up against him, his fingers digging crescent-moons into your hips ━ but he knows you’re teasing him now.
You can’t help it, though; he just makes it so easy for you.
He can be so stubborn and impatient at times that poking fun at him brings you quite a bit of joy. Maybe not so much to him, as he often whines and complains that you like to torture him, but, really, how could you not? When you think about what he’s usually like in bed, away from prying eyes, it’s entirely different. So to see that dominance in him fade into nothing short of helpless is simply satisfying ━ even if you know you’ll pay for it at a later time. It doesn’t always happen either but when it does, you bask in it for as long as possible.
Which is why you seem to take the liberty of “torturing” him so sweetly now, just before the boys are about to play a gig at a bar late one night. Taehyung had found you the moment he and the boys had finished soundchecking for the evening, then had you pinned up against the brick wall of the dingy washroom, his hips digging harshly into yours, and his hand now gripping your thigh around his waist. It might have been you who instigated it, hooded eyes and fluttering lashes and shit-eating grins meeting him in secret from across the room as he stood on stage before you with his bass guitar in hand, but Taehyung was the one to put it into action just like he always does, pulling you in there even despite the fact that they were scheduled to play in twenty minutes.
But who could blame you? Taehyung is always so charming, and tonight he was looking extra irresistible. Maybe it was the silky blouse, the first few buttons left open so that the floral tattoo on his chest pokes through, leaving very little to the imagination, or maybe it was the way he had let his hair grow out a little longer than usual, soft dark curls pushed back by a single bandana.
“You’ll be late,” You warn him in between heated kisses as he pecks his way down to the underside of your jaw where he tongues a warm pattern there.
“Just a quickie,” Taehyung promises gruffly. His hips rut against yours again and you feel his straining erection against your inner thigh. Poor thing. “Been dying all day to feel you on my dick.”
You only hum in response, a small amused smirk plastered on your face. He’s sucking a hickey onto your neck when he speaks next.
“Had all these thoughts but I was all alone. It was terrible.”
“What kind of thoughts?” You pry, quirking a brow. Your fingers toy at the top of his belt buckle, pulling him towards you. “Let me guess. Were you thinking about what it feels like to have my mouth on you? All warm and wet.”
He doesn’t move a muscle when he feels your hand trail lower past his belt only to grab at his crotch through the rough material of his jeans. You press your palm against him and he hisses.
“Sucking you off nice and slow, just how you like it?” You probe, teeth tugging at his lower lip when he catches your mouth on his once more. Your voice is low and sultry and invokes something in him that has him tensing. “Or maybe the way it felt when you had me bent over your kitchen counter the other day. You know, you always make me feel so good, Tae━”
He growls against your mouth but the harsh sound dissolves into a strangled whine. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, love.”
“And I always love when you pull at my hair too━” But you continue on as if he hadn’t even spoken, the thrill of the moment coursing through your veins like crackling electricity. “And when you grip my thighs so tightly when your head’s between my legs━”
“Y/N,” he says your name in a strained warning, bordering on a desperate beg if you listen close enough. He gets distracted when you suck delicately on a spot on his jawline and has to take a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. “Please. I’ll do anything. Just let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”
“My mouth?” You ask, tantalizingly slowly. “Or me?”
“I’m a simple man, I just wanna cum,” he hums, earning a delighted snort from you. “I’ll take whatever you give me, Y/N, please.”
“Hmm…” You trail off. You press your palm a little harder against him, rubbing your hand across his length. “Think I want you inside me, Tae. Wanna be wrecked by you.”
Now, this seems to excite him to no end. He fumbles with his belt at once. A devious cackle meets his ears and he knows you’re purposely toying with him. The next few moments unfold in a blur as his eager hands join with your own nimble ones, having his belt undone in a matter of seconds and your skirt hitched up nearly to your waist. With one hand gripping his straining and leaking cock as he pulls himself free from his pants, the other hitches one of your thighs to his waist. He pushes into you at once, the familiar feeling of your wet walls coaxing him in further and further as he sinks against your chest entirely, a beautiful luscious moan falling from his lips and a hiss of glee from yours. And, then, all at once, it’s as if all the pressure that has been building up inside of him tumbles to the forefront to be released.
“Jesus, fuck,” he grunts. He buries his head against your chest, one hand feverishly grasping at your breasts from under your shirt, fortunate you chose to forgo a bra for the night.
“Ooh, Tae━” Your own arms wrap around his neck, holding him tightly to you, but you don’t think he’ll bother going very far when his own weight slumps against you entirely, pressing you against the wall roughly. And even though he’s quick to fuck himself into you, his hips hardly stray far from yours too, causing you to bob violently up and down the wall behind you, the rough brick structure scratching at your flesh paling in comparison to the cool metallic rings on his fingers holding you up and the burn between your legs as his cock stretches you open.
“Nice to know that’s all I am to you━” Your head falls back against the wall as he continues. “Something you can use to get off. Not that I mind.”
“Nah, that’s not all you are to me,” Taehyung sharply inhales, and then shudders. In the heat of the moment, you miss the sentiment in his voice. He lifts his head to yours finally, smothering your lips with his. “But your pretty little cunt sure is nice.”
A maniacal cackle bubbles at your throat as you nip at his lower lip. Before you can respond, outside the washroom Jimin’s voice can be heard calling out aimlessly for Taehyung as the boy most likely wanders by, oblivious to what’s unfolding only a few feet away from him. “Has anyone seen Tae? Taehyung! Get your ass back here or we’re gonna be late━”
Taehyung groans out of frustration and buries his face in the crook of your neck, grumbling angrily, “Fuckin’ hell.”
But despite the Jimin’s close proximity and despite Taehyung’s bitter resentment for it, his hips still continue to rut into yours. You do manage to pull apart from his mouth and giggle when he chases after your lips desperately. “Think that’s your cue, baby.”
“There’s no way you’d be that evil,” he protests like a whining child.
“But Jimin sounds pissed.”
Taehyung finds it hard to focus when your fingers tug at the collar of his shirt, absentmindedly (or so he thinks) running your hands under his shirt and over his chest. He cradles you close to him, following your every move. That, and the way your walls clench around him drives him wild. “Heaven forbid we let down Jimin.”
“Nnng━” You choke back a whimper. “He’ll be mad.”
“As if he wouldn’t already lose his shit if he found me here in such a compromising position with you being that you’re his sister.”
Compromising is certainly one word for it. So, maybe Taehyung had a point, but that never stopped him or you before. In fact, it only seemed to add to your lustful endeavours, as if you both enjoyed seeing how far you could push the boundaries before getting caught ━ or not.
It hadn’t always been like this. For a period of your life, you had somehow forced yourself to believe you had despised Taehyung as much as you claim, as much as you lie. You wondered just how Jimin could ever be friends with, or be as inseparable with, Taehyung as he was. Whereas Jimin is timid and shy, gentle and caring, like a soft breath of cool air on a hot summer’s day that sways the knee-high grass in meadows behind your house, Taehyung is energetic and effervescent, reckless and wild, akin to that of a sudden flash of lightning that breaks apart the calm sky, a clap of thunder that shakes even the very core of sleeping Gaia. Though, somehow, their two vastly different personalities come clashing together in a harmonious perfection and create something that is entirely too rambunctious for you to handle, even as a young child.
But now? Now you’re positive neither you nor Taehyung would stand a chance against Jimin’s wrath if he found out his best friend enjoyed weekly sex of all sorts with you, sometimes even when he’s asleep in the next room over in your shared apartment with him and Taehyung had somehow managed to sneak in during the night.
“You know he’s already suspicious,” You moan as his cock angles upward into you in such a way that makes your body tremble. You jut your hips forward, meeting his halfway. “Now━ Fuck, Tae━ you wanna… You wanna risk getting kicked from the band for not showing up to your set?”
“There’s still ten minutes,” he hisses hotly. “Ten minutes is more than enough time.”
“Then you’ll really be late.”
“It adds to the rockstar brand, doesn’t it?” he asks hastily. “Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking wet and you’re teasing me?”
He’s met with a roll of your eyes, and then a drunken snicker as you retort, “Maybe being fashionably late will be more acceptable when you’re a big celebrity.”
“Did you find him?” Another voice suddenly sounds from outside, this time resembling Hoseok’s. Taehyung wonders how they haven’t heard either of you yet, the lewd wet noises of his cock burrowing into your cunt seeming to grow louder each time. Surely, you would have been caught by now had it not been for the thudding bass of the music playing at the bar.
“No,” Jimin grumbles, closer this time.
A dangerously loud whimper tumbles from your lips and Taehyung hurries to clamp his hand over your mouth. You’re fortunate when he does, clinging to his hand as he pumps himself into you. At the very least, no matter how cocky Taehyung got with you or how many times he teased the thought of getting caught, he would never actually risk facing Jimin’s mighty wrath. Still, he finds a way to have fun with it.
“Uh oh.” Taehyung meets your darkened stare, lids heavy, as his other hand leaves your thigh to stick between your legs, fingers rubbing circles against your clit. You know he does it on purpose, judging by the broadening smirk on his face when the added stimulation makes your hips jerk instinctively beneath him. He’s surprised when you hardly let out a noise, safe for a sudden gasp for air. “Not even one tiny moan? Come on, baby.”
“Fuck it. Wherever he is, he better know we’re on in ten!” Jimin’s voice carries back to the two of you. Then, a little more faintly as he wanders off, you can hear him grumble, “I swear to God, this asshole━”
“Wait, wait━” You rasp suddenly, twisting and turning beneath Taehyung and the boy stops at once. You try not to let your heart swoon at the way his hands are all soft and gentle as they touch you now, sliding his palm off your mouth if only for it to fall to your hips where he rubs at comfortingly.
He tries to ignore the way his cock twitches, shoved so deep within your walls. “What’s wrong?”
You slither from his grasp, unraveling your leg from his waist and delicately pushing him away, trying not to focus on the way your pussy throbs at the sudden missing warmth of his length. Taehyung is suddenly even more concerned, the poor boy gawking at you helplessly, his swollen cock completely forgotten as he fixes himself back into his jeans, his attention solely focused on you and your wellbeing now.
“What happened? Did I hurt you━”
“No,” You promise. “No, I just━” You look sheepish, and he wonders why, up until he sees you fidgeting with your skirt in an attempt to fix it and the mischievous twinkle flashing in your eyes. “I just figured maybe we shouldn’t risk it tonight. I mean, you heard Jiminie.” You pat Taehyung’s chest once, smoothing out the material of his now crumpled shirt. “So, I’ll see you out there.”
Taehyung blinks once. “What the fuck.”
It doesn’t seem to hit him at first; not until he spots your wicked grin as you lean past him to look at your reflection in the mirror, fixing your clothes and hair. You wipe at a smudge of lipstick in the corner of your mouth, and Taehyung gaps.
“Y/N, what the fuck?” he whines. Needy and desperate hands try to grab at you on your way to the door, but he ultimately lets you weave your way out of his reach. “What are you, the antichrist? Don’t be such a tease. I’ve got a problem that you helped start. It’s only fair if you help finish it.”
Admittedly, it is cruel. He looks both shameless and shameful, an exasperated and flustered expression to match the helpless state he’s in. Shirt askew on his shoulders, hair a wild mess, and his painfully obvious boner struggling against his jeans. You almost feel bad, until you realize you shouldn’t be. Because this is all it’s ever been between the two of you ━ sex, and more sex, no feelings attached, but lately something seems off…  Either way, Taehyung will get over it, and he’ll still come crawling back for more which is why you have no qualms when you leave. Just, maybe, not in the way you would like.
The last thing he sees of you before you flee the washroom for him to fend for himself is a seductive smirk and a wink being thrown over your shoulder as you remark innocently, prettily, “You have hands.”
And then you’re gone, leaving him alone in the dingy washroom. He doesn’t come out right away, though it leaves the restless boys that make his band awaiting him to speculate some more.
“He’s gonna totally screw us over if he doesn’t show up in the next two minutes,” Jimin is saying hotly to the boys behind the stage when you rejoin them. The bar is already filling up with partygoers but mostly fans of the band, eagerly anticipating the set.
“Relax, Jimin,” Namjoon says carelessly. “He’s probably getting blown in the washroom or something. Can’t rush a man through these things.”
Jimin rolls his eyes as the others snicker. When the others have distracted themselves by discussing other business, you approach your brother casually, saying as inconspicuous as possible yet reassuringly, “Everything will be fine. I’m sure he’ll be here any second.”
“Wouldn’t be surprised if he throws this all away for a girl,” Jimin shakes his head. “It’s a miracle he ━ or any of the guys, for that matter ━ hasn’t tried anything on you yet.”
You try to laugh, though the sound is more forced and strained than you would like. At least Jimin doesn’t seem to notice. “But he’s your friend. Don’t you trust him?”
“I do trust him,” Jimin replies. “He’s a good guy, he’s just too caught up in all this band life. We’ve both seen it with the guys, especially with Taehyung. They take advantage of this stuff in the early stages.”
“Well, you don’t have to worry,” You promise. “I’m not interested in your friends and never will be ━ especially not Taehyung.”
Fortunately, the dreaded conversation doesn’t last much longer. Taehyung does end up making it to his own set on time, and when he finds you out in the crowd, you’re smirking deviously up at him for a secret that never has to be told aloud to the world and certainly not to Jimin.
Tumblr media
You don’t quite remember when you and Taehyung started hooking up behind your brother’s back or what exactly caused it.
If you think back long and hard enough, you’re positive it was the result of some sort of drunken one night stand that elapsed into sober days and conscious decision making, which then turned into weeks, then months, which leaves you to where you are now. Almost a year of sucking your brother’s best friend’s dick and you’ve somehow, miraculously, never been caught. But aside from occasionally sleeping with one another, there was nothing more to be exposed to Jimin in terms of romance. Because, as far as he was aware, you and Taehyung were still embroiled in your childhood rivalry with one another that was less violent now than when you were younger and more civil, aside from the offhanded jabs and retorts shot at one another. And, as far as Taehyung and you were aware, the charade and the hook-ups all resulted in a peculiar sort of friendship between the two of you that was certainly as far as either of you would take things. Supposedly.
But between sexual teasing and taunts, you sometimes wonder if the lines have begun to blur, and if you’ve gotten too comfortable with Taehyung asking to sleep in your bed. Which is why, maybe, you overcompensate by “torturing” him on the days that he really needs you, like the night before in the grimy washroom of the bar. He hadn’t joined the real world or the band until the very last second they were meant to go on stage, looking all the more discomposed and flushed in the face when he rushed out, though at least he had somehow managed to tame his raging boner.
Now you were certain the universe was toying with you, bittersweet payback coming to nip you in the ass.
You hadn’t been so bothered the night before, leaving with the boys when their set was done and returning to your home with Jimin, not a word being uttered between you and Taehyung, even up until the very next day where you find yourself now. Crammed in a local studio run by some friend Yoongi had known from college, you were quite used to watching the band brainstorm new lyrics and record songs in real time, all from the sofa shoved up against one wall of the small space. You had been there every step of the way ━ their first rehearsal as a formed band, the day they discovered the group’s name in almost a dreamlike epiphany, the release of their very first full-length album produced and recorded all by them and promoted all by them, their very first gig with a decent following and the jittery anxiety they had all been troubled by, and every gig following it in which their nerves subsided and their effervescent charm and credence began to finally show through. But they had never been as disconcerted as they had now ━ which, really, you don’t blame them.
“Bro, this is stressing me out.” This aggravated groan sounds from Jungkook, the band’s lead guitarist.
He’s currently splayed out on the ground of the sofa you’re seated on, head thrown back against the cushions. Every other boy in the studio bare a similar wearied look ━ even Jimin, as their usual spritely lead singer.
You suppose that’s just the inevitable stress bound to occur when a scout from the infamous Columbia Records had somehow found the band either in person at one of their gigs or online and taken an interest in them and were interested in signing them. After weeks of back and forth discussion, Jin had been fortunate enough to land a meeting with the label in New York City, looking promising enough to excite even the stoic Yoongi. And after a month of planning, their meeting was set to take place finally only a week from that day. The issue seemed to arise when the label claimed they wanted the band to bring a set of new songs to the table to discuss at the last possible moment, sending the boys into a chaotic frenzy as they had only just released their first album a few months back. You had come to help the boys, though they were lucky enough to have found a handful of pre-written songs from their repertoire that still, unfortunately, needed fine tuning, vocals, and melodies. After working meticulously all morning, they were only just now deciding to split for a much needed lunch break.
“Same here,” Jimin says glumly, rubbing at his tired eyes. “Can’t wait to get out of here. I feel like I’m going insane.”
As the boys begin to shift and move, Jin gets to his feet and clasps his hands onto Jimin’s shoulders, giving him a reassuring nudge. “Just think about it: international success and Grammys await.”
“If we don’t fall apart before then,” Namjoon stifles a yawn as he stretches out his arms. He tosses a glance at you and Taehyung. “You guys coming?”
“Yeah,” You say, though you hardly move from your seat. “I’ll be there.”
“I’ll catch up with you guys in a minute,” Taehyung nods. He’s sat across from you on the couch, journal propped on one knee as he scrawls away in it, a jarble of chord progressions and lyrics. “Just gonna finish cleaning up in here.”
It seems convincing enough to Namjoon and the rest of the boys, even Jimin who is already out the door, not in the least bit suspicious of you or Taehyung. Honestly, you’re sure not even Taehyung is suspicious of your unmoving presence beside him until the boys leave and suddenly the room falls silent.
“You’re stressed,” You point out in a gentle musing. Which is true. You don’t usually see Taehyung riddled with anxieties, typically keeping to himself and maintaining some sort of effortless and mysterious coolness around the others.
The boy quirks a brow as he lifts his gaze to look up at you, tossing the journal onto the ground. Whether or not he seems to catch the underlying suggestive and sultry tone in your voice, you’re not quite sure but could you really blame yourself? It was difficult having to watch Taehyung all morning in his element, gazing at him whenever he was in the recording booth, headphones dangling from his neck and bass guitar in his lap as his expert fingers thrummed away at the strings. He always looks most attractive to you when he’s so utterly consumed by his work and his art, whether it be on stage in front of hundreds of people or in a more intimate setting at recordings or practices.
“What happened to you not wanting to disappoint Jimin by getting caught or whatever it was?” he asks, waving his hand dismissively. “Staying back with me is definitely gonna catch his attention.”
“Maybe,” You shrug. You catch his hand as he brings it back down, raising it to your lips to kiss at the tips of his fingers slowly, one-by-one, never once breaking eye contact with him. “I was just thinking you could use some help. And an apology for yesterday.”
Despite the way Taehyung’s dark gaze scrutinizes you in a taunting manner, he still watches as you take his hand and place it between your thighs, over your core. At least today you chose to wear leggings, the smooth material allowing for very little obstacles standing in his way as you press his fingers against you. A wolfish smirk tugs at his lips. “You think your pussy’s gonna help me?”
“Yes, actually, I do,” You say, matter-of-fact. “And I don’t think it will; I know. If I remember correctly, you were begging to use me as a stress-reliever before your set yesterday.”
Taehyung clucks his tongue. “Sounds a lot to me like you just want my fingers in you. Not so nice now being the needy one, huh?”
“I want you to do a lot of things to me, Tae.”
“Careful, baby. You’re playing a dangerous game,” Taehyung says. Still, he entertains the idea. Pressing his thumb harder against you, he rubs leisurely at the sensitive part of your clit over your clothes and the sudden feeling makes you pur with glee. “Besides, why should I be so nice and help you after what you did to me?”
You roll your eyes. “You’re still on about that? You’re a grown man, you can pleasure yourself.”
“How mean.” He feigns a look of mock hurt. “It doesn’t feel as nice when it isn’t you.”
“Taehyung,” You scold his name in a warning, but it mostly comes out as a contented sigh. You know you’ve already won him over, though the impatient tug you give on his arm as you clutch at his wrist of the hand still between your legs is a wordless reminder. Your fingers flutter up to his face, pulling him down for a kiss which he gladly obliges to. “Think they’ll walk in?”
“Nah.” His voice is a throaty murmur. “We’ve got some time. The boys’ seem worried enough as is; think they’re already halfway to that pho place around the corner they wanted to try, and they’re probably not gonna wanna come back here for at least another hour. Plus, I think we’ve given the producers a raging headache with all our requests so they definitely won’t want to be back in here for a while.”
You snicker at the thought, humming into his mouth as you pull him down with you onto the sofa, bending your knee so as to let him slide into place between your legs more comfortably. He pulls his hand away from you only long enough to lick at his digits before slipping his hand past the waistband of your leggings this time. Nudging aside your underwear, he swipes his fingers at your clit, marveling at your stickiness.
Your breath hitches in your throat. “What do we say when they ask where we went?”  
“Doesn’t matter,” he grunts into your mouth. “Fuck, tell them we were busy fucking for all I care.”
You swat at his chest playfully but lose your spirit when he presses his thumb against your clit, causing your hips to rut forward in a silent plea. Taehyung’s right, you think. Your excuse for the boys can be worried about later. Now, Taehyung slides a finger into you, then another, stretching you open experimentally, causing you to croon.
Face warm and head spinning, a sudden thought pops into your head that seems much more intimate than his fingers in you. “So━” You bite your lip to stop a moan. The question that forms on your tongue is timid despite the lewd things that threaten to run through your mind at his every touch, “S-So, what happens when you’re a big and famous rockstar, touring the world now?”
“I’ll take you with me.” Taehyung tongues a pattern down to the underside of your jaw, sending shivers down your spine. He curls his fingers upward, sinking further into you until he’s reached his knuckles, enjoying the way your hips twitch beneath him. “Fuck you in every city we go to, in every fancy, over-the-top hotel we stay in. New York, L.A., Paris, London, Rome…”
“Romantic,” You snort, although maybe it kind of is if you think about it long enough. He slides a third finger into you then, fucking his digits in and out of you at a gradual pace that has your core aching. You’re all warm and wet around him that it goes straight to his dick, the thought of him tearing you apart as he plunges his cock into you making him grow antsy. It does the same to you. “Nnngh, Taehyung━ We’ll see about that when you meet pretty girls thousands of miles away who can offer you so much more than me.”
“Hmm… Dunno about that,” he hums. “There’s only gonna be you.”
You wonder if he knows what he’s doing, the way his words make your heart stutter in your chest. But then you start to wonder why you’re even feeling such things for him. Pretty words promising you that you meant more to him than sex meant little to you in comparison when he never acted upon it ━ but could you blame him? Even you were apprehensive of ruining what you already had with him, his friendship with Jimin if you told him how you were feeling lately, and the integrity of the band.
Your legs tremble as your orgasm approaches. Taehyung busies himself by nipping and sucking at your neck and all you can do is puff and pant, the lewd wet noises of his fingers penetrating you filling your ears. “Taehyung━ God, I wanna feel your dick so badly.”
“Yeah?” he growls. “Gonna let me fuck you finally? You’re so wet right now, could slip right in. Fuck, look at what you do to yourself by being so mean to me.”
He twists his finger up into you in such a way that has you grinding against his knuckles. “Please, Tae━”
“Got you stretched so wide too,” Taehyung hums pensively. “Your pussy always takes me so well too, doesn’t it?”
“Hmm, Taehyung!”
“Look at you,” he hisses, quickening his pace. Your back arches until your chest is pressed flush against his, walls quivering around his fingers. You reach out desperately for his face, smoothing your lips over his but you fail to really make any sort of connection. Instead, your jaw unhinges in a breathless moan against his mouth as he rests his forehead against yours. “Wanna come around my fingers so badly, don’t you? So close too.”
“Fuck, fuck, I’m━” Your hands ball into fists around the collar of his shirt. Your eyes threaten to roll back as you get closer and closer, your aching pussy so close to feeling its much needed relief when━ “What the fuck, Taehyung?”
He pulls his hand from your core before you can cum, leaving you a sweating and panting mess. The sudden loss of contact leaves you dumbfounded, gawking at the boy who’s suddenly grinning in a similar ungodly manner to your selfish response to him the day before. Payback has never tasted so sweet before to him, and so bitter to you.
“You did that on purpose,” You whine, jutting your hips forward desperately to meet his hand again. Instead, he gives your leaking and sensitive pussy one slap, the pleasant jolt shooting up your spine making you moan. “You’re so mean. I thought you were over it.”
“Well, now I am.” He pulls his hand out from between your legs and licks at his fingers. “Have you had your fun?”
It takes you a moment to respond as you gather yourself. He finds your sulking a little hilarious, and maybe also feels a little bad. “For now.”
“That’s a good girl.” He leans down to kiss your mouth hungrily, enjoying when you suck eagerly at his lower lip. “Because I’ve had my fun.”
You open your mouth to say something more but are stopped shortly when, somewhere outside the recording room, you can hear the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching, followed by the sound of the doorknob turning and Jimin’s curious voice, “Tae?”
You and Taehyung have stumbled off of one another within seconds, listening to the way Taehyung curses under his breath as he flings himself off the couch and a few feet away as you sit upright on the sofa. You have to only pray and hope that you both don’t look too obvious, though you think it’s too late for that. Either way, you cross one thigh over the other, biting down harshly on your tongue as Jimin stumbles into the room. As his gaze sweeps fleetingly across the room, he hardly takes note of both you and Taehyung.
“There you two are,” he says. “Was wondering where you went off to. And━” His stare flutters over to Taehyung for a moment and you hold your breath, fearing he may know a little too much, when━ “There’s my wallet! I knew I forgot it here.”
He crosses the room swiftly and plucks his abandoned wallet from the desk, holding it up to show the two of you. You smile nervously and Taehyung takes it upon himself to answer, clearing his throat in the process. “We were just gonna catch up with you, actually. Y/N was just helping me finish up here.”
You’re fortunate that Jimin’s probable sudden panic of trying to find his wallet and the relief of realizing he hadn’t lost it to the ether is what distracts him. He seems hardly intrigued by your lack of presence or yours and Taehyung’s odd companionship without the other boys. Whatever the case, you both manage to make it out of the recording studio unscathed and Taehyung does a well enough job at deflecting from any further suspicions by talking as normally as he usually would with Jimin on your walk over to the restaurant the rest of the boys are at.
Well, as unscathed as you can be, the tragedy of your lost orgasm still haunting you even as you sit across from Taehyung at the table.
Tumblr media
“Now you’ll really be late.”
You say this as a heedful warning, though you’re fortunate when you find that you’re both distracted this time.
You know you have Taehyung under your spell that morning when he catches you purposely wandering his apartment in nothing but a pair of your panties. It’s not as if it’s uncommon to see you naked in his kitchen, making breakfast. That morning, when you walk into the bedroom holding a cup of tea, Taehyung almost chokes at the sight of your bare chest. It’s early the day of the band’s flight to New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records, and though Taehyung has roughly an hour before he has to leave the apartment, you’re worried he might just miss the flight altogether when he pulls you onto his bed again after a night of fucking.
“Don’t care. Come here.” His large hands are on you in an instant, roaming your body as he kisses the underside of your jaw and pins you beneath him. You let him get carried away, let him leave a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips down to your collarbones and in between your breasts.
“What are you gonna tell the boys when they’re on a flight to New York and you’re still in your apartment?” You rasp, fingers threading in his hair.
“Was busy spending the last twenty-four hours making hot, passionate love to you.”
The wry grin on his face makes it come across as a joke and makes your heart skip a beat. Admittedly, that was partly the truth. He had invited you over the day before and you had spent the better part of it in his bed in every position imaginable. Have to make up for the three days we won’t see each other, he had said after your first round, head between your legs and mouth on your cunt.
You snicker now but the sound falls short when a moan replaces it. “Don’t think you can call it passionate love making when you gave up halfway and made me ride you like you always do.”
He gasps and bites down teasingly on your skin but not with enough pressure to hurt. “Was that a jab at my manhood?”
“Of course not.”
“Besides, I like it best when you’re in charge.”
You roll your eyes but pull him up to your face so that you can kiss him again. It’s an odd shift in atmosphere when you find him kissing you in a chaste manner, despite having marked you red all over and legs still shaking from how many times he’s made you come in the last twenty-four hours. But it wasn’t all sex for once. Falling asleep in his arms left you still dreaming even when you were long awake.
“Gonna miss you,” he whispers once he parts from you. He rubs soft circles against your hips, nuzzling his nose against your cheek.
“It’s only for three days,” You say.
“I know,” he sighs. “I just━ God, I’ve gotten so used to you being here. I’m just sick of sleeping alone all the time. Shit, I don’t think I’m making any sense anymore. All I know is you’re driving me crazy.”
“Am I wrong to feel that way?” He lifts his head now to look at you, ardent sincerity glazing over his eyes as he gazes at you.
You’re too caught up in the moment, the lustful afterglow of sex and whatever else is starting to emerge however blurry it may be now, to not notice right away the sound of knocking on the front door. Instead, you reach out to push his hair out of his eyes. You think you know what he means; you just want to hear him say it aloud. Your question is a gentle probe. “What are you trying to say?”
But Taehyung’s voice is cut short by the sound of Jin’s shouting from the front door. “Taehyung, you in here?”
Wide eyes meet with yours in the sudden alarming panic of Jin’s arrival. Taehyung grumbles mostly to himself, “God dammit, what’s he doing here?”
You can hear the band’s manager talking aloud, quite possibly to another one of the boys that he’s dragged with him, and you and Taehyung scramble to react. Taehyung only has enough time to clamber out of his bed and pull on a pair of discarded sweatpants from the floor as you pull on one of his sweaters and grab the bedsheet to cling to your chest if only so it can hide the rest of your bare legs.
“Are you alive?” Jin’s asking, closer this time.
“We had to come check on you━” You don’t register the second voice until it’s too late.
Because there, standing at the threshold of Taehyung’s door to his room, is not just Jin but your brother. Jimin’s familiar pop of bright blue hair and nonchalant smile are much too hard to forget. But, upon stumbling across Taehyung’s room, they each come to a stuttering halt. It doesn’t take long for the realization to dawn on them ━ and how could they not piece together the puzzles painting such a painfully obvious picture? The dishevelled bed, the clothes that litter his floor, your clothes that litter his floor, Taehyung’s shirtless and sloppy attire, your own half-hearted attempt at dressing yourself and the marks that riddle your body that you were banking on fading completely by the time you were reunited with Jimin after their return from their meeting.
“Uh…” Taehyung trails off awkwardly. “What are you guys doing here?”
“Oh shit,” Jin curses under his breath. Despite having no idea whatsoever about you or Taehyung (though maybe having a better inkling than the rest of the boys), he turns hastily towards Jimin. “Maybe now’s not a good time.”
But Jimin hardly budges. Instead, he looks enlivened, jaw setting harshly in place as his brows furrow into a scowl. “Jin knows I have a spare key to your place after that one time you locked yourself out and he wanted to make sure we all met up before getting to the airport. You weren’t answering our calls, thought you were dead. Guess now I know it’s because you were too busy fucking my sister.”
“Jimin,” You hiss sharply.
Taehyung shakes his head wildly. “It’s not like that.”
“Really?” Jimin retorts. “‘Cause it sure seems like it is.”
Taehyung grimaces. “Okay, yes, but not in the way you think. It’s not some meaningless fuck. I care about her.”
But that only seems to be the wrong answer. Would there ever be a right one? Taming Jimin’s stubborn anger and protectiveness over you was hard enough on any other day. Now that he knows you’ve slept with Taehyung, Taehyung felt as if he were a lost cause.
“How long has this been happening?” Jimin asks, tight-lipped.
You can’t bring yourself to answer, neither can Taehyung, and that seems to be enough to answer his worries. Maybe if you had acted faster, said it was only a one night stand, he wouldn’t have been able to read your mind so easily. Yet your silence was enough to make you guilty.
“Shit,” Jimin runs a hand through his hair. When he speaks next, he’s looking only at you. “Do you love him?”
“I━” You open your mouth, as if to explain yourself. This time, the answer came much easier. You know what you want to say, but voicing the truth out loud in front of your brother and Taehyung, who might not feel the same way, makes you clamp your mouth shut. Whatever your answer anyway should be for Taehyung only. Instead, you frown up at your brother. “I don’t get why you’re so upset anyway. Who cares if we’re in love? Who cares what we are? It’s not like you can control me. I can make these sorts of decisions myself, Jimin. This is ridiculous.”
“No. I get that,” Jimin says firmly. “But you’re my sister, and your wellbeing comes first to me. So, Tae━” Now, your brother turns to look at Taehyung. You’ve never seen him so furious before, disappointed even, and certainly not when it comes to Taehyung. “If you care about her so much, when were you gonna let her know?”
This seems to catch your attention, sending a curious gaze between Jimin and Taehyung. “Let me know what?”
“That he’s been screwing some other chick he met at the bar a while ago,” Jimin says. “Walked in on them once by accident and, after the fact, he said some similar bullshit about how it wasn’t meaningless or whatever.”
You blink.
The blow to your chest, and subsequently your heart, makes you teeter on your frail legs. Because if what Jimin was saying was true, then were all the sweet sentiments Taehyung whispered to you even yours to begin with? Did he care about you as much as you cared about him? But, the worst part of it all, is how utterly foolish you feel. Because when Taehyung doesn’t immediately answer, your question about whether or not Jimin was telling the truth was confirmed; and you had let yourself almost willingly fall for Taehyung despite all the warning signs. Despite the fact that you had both initiated your relationship on the basis that nothing would ever blossom from it.
“Is that true?” You ask Taehyung.
The boy hesitates. He meets your stare solemnly, flinching when he notes just how hurt you seem. “Partly.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You demand. But before he can respond, you scoff under your breath as you begin to gather your belongings. “Oh my god. I’m so stupid━”
Taehyung starts. “Wait, Y/N━”
“Just leave her alone━” Jimin interrupts.
“Hey. Hey!” Jin snaps abruptly, the firm tone in his voice catching the boys’ attention. “We gotta go. Now. Taehyung, get yourself decent; Jimin, in the living room. We leave for the airport in five minutes.”
You decide you no longer want to wait for an answer. Your own embarrassment is far too much to handle for the moment being, and you favour the idea of fleeing from Taehyung’s sorrowful gaze, Jimin’s heated one, and Jin’s scrutinizing scowl.
You’re long gone before Taehyung can even think to stop you.
Tumblr media
The three days in which the boys find themselves in New York City for their meeting with Columbia Records is the longest three days of your life.
Taehyung never bothers to call or text you ━ and the looming swell of concern of awaiting to hear his voice or your brother’s or any answer of how the meeting has gone fades in comparison. Because every sweet nothing he ever said to you suddenly means nothing, and you don’t know where that leaves you.
Just when you think you can take the torture no longer, the band returns. Jimin comes bounding into your shared apartment the moment his flight lands and the taxi has brought him home, greeting you with the wonderful news that the band’s been signed, and a celebration is in store consisting of their closest friends and family members. While you initially bask in Jimin’s excitement, mirroring your own, it quickly fades as you fear you’ve lost Taehyung for good.
“You’ll come to the party, won’t you?” Jimin asks hopefully at some point. “The boys will want you there.”
You shift warily in your seat on the sofa across from your brother who stands in the midst of the room after having animatedly relaying the story of the past three days to you. You shrug now, and when Jimin shoots you a quizzical look, you decide to approach the topic cautiously, dancing over your words slowly. “I dunno, Jimin. If he’s gonna be there… I don’t know if I can face him right now.”
Jimin comes to an immediate halt. His face falls and he sinks onto the seat beside you. “Y/N… Look, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. While we were away, Taehyung and I talked and he’s gutted about what happened. But that’s all I can say. I think you should talk to each other. No, I want you to talk to each other. I know now that you’re meant for one another.”
“Are you only telling me this because you’re being your best friend’s wingman, or because you’re being my brother?” You ask, a weak lighthearted attempt at a joke.
“Both,” Jimin says warmly. “Because I care about you both, and I don’t want to have to live with the regret of being the reason two people perfect for each other aren’t together.”
And when your brother says it with such earnestness, you have no choice but to believe him.
So, despite feeling like a fool for potentially crossing paths with Taehyung again, you muster the nerve and motivation to go, and arrive at the party with Jimin later that night. The impromptu last minute party itself is held at Namjoon’s home, filled to the brim with mostly familiar faces and a few unrecognizable ones that must be acquaintances of the boys you’ve never met before. You make your rounds and congratulate the boys one-by-one, being enveloped into a tight hug with each one, safe for Taehyung whom you don’t see at first.
You’re fortunate when mutual friends of yours and Jimin’s arrive, spending the majority of the night with them as your brother wanders off to get wasted. At some point, as the night drawls on, you catch sight of Taehyung and the presence of him is enough to dampen your mood entirely. You decide you’re no longer in the mood for a party, and make haste for the door, stumbling out onto the lawn. You only make it so far, coming to stop at the foot of the curb to breathe in the cool night air around you, before you notice Taehyung hurrying out after you, calling your name.
Almost as soon as he’s able to catch his breath and you lock gazes with the boy, he asks aloud, “Where are you going?”
You hadn’t expected him to follow you, nor the terrible nearly tangible awkwardness that hangs heavy in the air. Still, the concern in his voice and the corners of his eyes softening at the sight of you makes you want nothing more than to forget all the heartache. “Home.”
“Let me drive you?” he asks delicately.
You hesitate before responding. You know the simple offer of a drive is more than that. It’s an invitation to talk to him, sort things out. And you, of course, can’t possibly deny him. As soon as you’ve followed him to his car and he starts driving, everything goes silent. It’s almost unbearable as you shift uncomfortably in your seat and gaze out the window, hoping the long car ride will pass by rather quickly. You thwart his attempts at starting any conversation by turning the radio up and letting the music ━ a mix from Taehyung’s phone filled with pop-punk and indie classics ━ fill the emptiness but it doesn’t work with distracting you. He takes a detour from the path to your apartment, driving instead to a nearby lookout point of a hiking trail, now abandoned and desolate this late at night.
It’s quiet even long after he shifts the car into park, leaving only the sound of the stereo to fill the void. Then, at long last━
“You didn’t call,” You say.
Taehyung swallows thickly. “I know.”
“That’s all I wanted. An explanation.”
“I know,” Taehyung shifts in his seat to look at you. “I’m sorry. I messed up.”
“I know I have no right to feel like you’re mine when the reason we started seeing each other was casual, but everything you’ve been saying to me lately━” You rasp, “that I’m the only one for you and that you were gonna miss me because you were tired of being alone ━ did all of it mean nothing?”
The boy’s stare hardens. “No. I was never lying when I was with you. Everything I said, I meant.”
“Then why didn’t you call?”
“Because I was scared I had lost you,” Taehyung grovels all at once, silencing you. “Because things were starting to finally change between us ━ where it wasn’t just sex all the fucking time, but something genuine ━ and I didn’t want to face the reality that it could all be gone, just like that.”
“Well, what did Jimin mean, about that other girl? Was he telling the truth?”
“Did you fuck her?”
“And did you fuck her while you were still saying there was only me in your life and pretending you meant it?”
“I was never pretending,” Taehyung protests exasperatedly. “We had a fling, but that was months ago, when you and I first started whatever the hell this is. But Jimin was wrong. I never told him she was the one, or whatever. I said I didn’t want it to be meaningless anymore. That I want something more. I thought I had found it with that girl; but it was really with you.”
“Taehyung…” You whisper his name now, a delicate utterance.
“You can’t tell me I’m the only one feeling this way about us,” Taehyung beckons desperately. “I know you’ve been feeling it too.”
You purse your lips; then, you let out a small exhalation of air. “Tae… I think I’ve been in love with you ever since we were little kids.”
Now, Taehyung’s stare softens. He reaches out to grab at your face, gingerly pulling you into him, thumb caressing your cheek.
“I want you,” he promises. “God, I want you so bad. Do you really think I’d risk getting kicked from the band for anyone else but you? Or let anyone else tease me so bad but you?”
You can’t help but snicker. You shake your head at him as he pulls you into a kiss. He grins against your mouth and, this time when he kisses you, it’s hot and needy, a whole three day’s worth of pent up emotions and desires pouring into your every touch. Your hands fumble to undo your seatbelt and then you’re climbing over onto his lap and he’s welcoming you with open arms, the skirt of your dress hitching up higher on your thighs. Your knee, or maybe it was your foot or elbow, accidentally hits the horn of the steering wheel and startles the two of you, earning a squeak from you, before you both erupt into laughter. Taehyung reaches down to push the seat back a few inches to give you more space in the cramped driver’s seat and then he pauses to look up at you with mesmerized eyes. He kisses you again and again, as your hands come up to grasp at the sides of his neck.
“Had enough of the bullshit, have you?” he asks humorously. “Gonna take matters into your own hands?”
“I’m tired of all this teasing and chasing,” You pout. You’ve already begun grinding your hips against his, enjoying the way his face pinches in pure delight. He burrows his face into your chest, breasts soft against his head. A soft moan bubbles at your lips as you plant your own hands onto his chest. “I think so are you. We’ve both got a taste of it, haven’t we? We need to make up for lost time.”
“Fair enough,” he rasps. “What do you want from me, baby?”
“You, all of you,” You murmur. “Want your dick in me.”
“Gonna let me finish this time?” he tuts.
Your amused giggle meets his ears and he wonders how you can be both cute and sexy at the same time. “Mmm, I wanna be filled with your cum.”
“Oh, fuck,” Taehyung grunts. “Okay, okay. Here━”
Somehow, he’s able to gesture to the backseat and you and him clamber your way there until you’re finally both situated once more with you straddling his lap. There’s a mutual understanding that there’s no point, nor time, for foreplay but it’s not as if either of you mind. Taehyung’s surely had enough and so have you because while teasing him may be fun for a while, it certainly can feel like torture trying to stay away from him in the meantime. You help him fumble with the belt of his jeans so that he can unbuckle them and watch as he grasps at himself, pulling his cock free. Immediately, you’re lifting your hips to pull the skirt of your dress up higher and his hands help aid you clumsily, palms gliding up the smooth expanse of your thighs.
Then, fumbling to push you on your knees before him, with one hand on the small of your back, he pulls you towards him and gazes down between the two of you as he hooks a thumb over the material of your panties to push it to the side and teases the tip of himself over your slick folds. Your hands flail outward, palms pressing against the windowpane as he somehow situates himself behind you in the cramped space on his knees. He grunts from behind you at the feeling and then slowly and carefully guides you down onto him. It takes a moment to adjust but as you sink fully down until he’s balls deep, his cock coaxed easily by your leaking wetness, the both of you come to a halt, sputtering for air.
“Wait, wait,” he gasps. “Oh, fuck━ Stay put for a sec.”
“Why?” You ask, jutting your hips backwards teasingly. “Gonna cum already?”
“You’re such a fucking tease,” he mutters. He thrusts up into you without warning as payback, causing you to gasp out loud and flail forward. “No, you brat. I just want to enjoy it a little bit longer.”
He’s right. It does feel nice to finally feel some sort of friction after three days of nothing. To him, you just feel so nice and warm and snug and, to you, he fills you up so perfectly. So you stay put for a little bit, adjusting to the feeling as you kiss each other slow and steadily. His dick twitches inside you, warm and wet and so fucking hard. He’s just so big, your head is spinning. It’s almost as if you feel him in the pit of your stomach, legs trembling at the feeling. He yanks impatiently at the top of your dress, pulling it down so that the material pools at your waist now, reveling in the way your bare breasts spring free. At once, his hands are reaching around your front to palm at your breasts, grasping at your hips and navel.
“Wanna wreck you so bad,” Taehyung growls roughly against the shell of your ear as he presses his chest against your back. “Gonna fill you up so good, make your pussy all mine. How does that sound?”
“Want it so bad,” You whine, one arm hooking behind you so that your fingers can scratch at his hair. “F-fuck, Taehyung━”
When he tugs lightly at your hips, you take that as his gesture for you to move and start grinding your hips against his.
“Been waiting so long,” he hisses. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Don’t know why you always gotta tease me.”
“Taehyung,” You choke out. “Oh, f-fuck━”
“That’s it, baby girl. Doing so well,” Taehyung grunts as your walls quiver around him. He starts grinding into you, rough snaps of his hips sending you jolting forward each time. “Gonna take my dick like a good girl?”
“Y-Yes━ God, want it so bad,” You cry out. “Give it to me harder, please, Taehyung━”
He gladly obliges, quickening his pace until he’s slamming his hips into yours in thrusts that tremble you to the core. Tears begin to prick at your eyes at the glorious sensation, your cunt throbbing with each thrust. You’re so wet, he almost slips from your walls each time he rolls his hips into yours.
“Fuck━ Want you to ride me,” he rasps at some point. “Show me how your pussy belongs to me. Can you do that for me?”
You nod blindly. You try not to whine at the sudden loss of contact when he pulls out of you, the tip of his cock glistening with both of your leaking cum mingling together, the sticky strands pulling apart midair as he fumbles. Soon, he has you straddling his lap, sinking onto his dick once more. You grip his shoulders this time, bouncing on him as he buries his face in your chest.
A sudden thought has him groaning aloud. “Your brother’s gonna fucking hate me.”
“I thought he said you talked things over,” You gasp. “That everything’s okay.”
“I don’t mean that,” Taehyung’s head rolls back, eyes squeezing shut. “He’s gonna murder me if he ever catches us like this.”
“Think he knows it happens by now,” You giggle. You moan when you drop your hips on him completely, swiveling around his dick.
“Still don’t think that means he wants to see us making love on the couch in your apartment. Not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you,” Taehyung points out. Then, adding hastily, “Fuck it. Can we not talk about your brother? It’s killing the mood.”
Another delightful chuckle bubbles from your lips though it’s quick to dissolve into a splintered cry as his dick angles upwards into you.
Your back arches until your chest is pressed against his. It’s almost embarrassing how fast the two of you become complete shambles, a sticky mess forming between your legs. It comes to that point where you don’t care about being careful and where you decide to adopt such a reckless pace, fucking yourself on him, your breasts bouncing wildly before him. Taehyung moans and eagerly latches his mouth on one of your breasts, sucking hard.
“Taehyung,” You whine. “I’m not gonna last.”
He hums against you, pulling you closer to his mouth and chest and wrapping you in his heat, as if to urge you on. Your mewls and whimpers ring in Taehyung’s ears as beautiful sounding as the music that plays in the background. You begin to give out, your tiredness mingling with the intensity of pleasure, and you collapse against Taehyung’s chest, huffing for air. He quickly replaces your efforts, grabbing your hips tightly and plummeting his upwards into yours so hard that you feel each thrust shake you to the core. You know you’ll have bruises in the morning but you don’t mind. You’re leaning entirely against Taehyung now, your arms wrapping around his neck, as cries of his name and choked whimpers continue to tear from your throat and mouth.
“F-Fuck!” You cry. “Taehyung, faster━ oh my god, please━”
Your pleas drown out when one long moan escapes you. You can feel the muscles in your core tighten and loosen in a constant battle that has your head swimming in a good way, your heart pounding in your chest. Taehyung grits his teeth, focusing on bringing you to your high, and, before you are able to even comprehend what’s happening, you’re toppling over the edge. You’re still on top of Taehyung, whimpering profusely and crying his name in a beautiful mantra as your high shakes you from head to toe.
“Fuck, that’s it, baby,” Taehyung hisses. “Cum for me. Cream all over my dick. You love it, don’t you? Love having me fill you up like this?”
“Yes, oh my god, Tae, yes━ faster, please━”
Taehyung obliges, sweat forming on his forehead. He feels you squeeze around him so tight that he fumbles for a second, sputtering for air. Then, he feels your cum pulsate out of you, leaking down his length. You’re instantly floating up high with the stars, relishing in your high and the way Taehyung rides it out as he also fights for his own sweet release. As your hips come to a stutter, he grips at your waist and pummels his dick up into your aching pussy.
His tongue continues to lav lazily at your jawline and, by the time he reaches his own high, you are beginning to cringe from the sensitivity. Yet, you hold on, pushing away the slight sting as you help coax him to his high, squeezing your muscles around him. He cums moments later, releasing into you warm and wet, crying your name.
“Fuck, Y/N━ Gonna fill you up, baby, just how you like it━”
He rams his hips up into yours for one final effort, shuddering in elation as his cock twitches every last drop of cum from it. Then, both breathless and panting, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, you slump against his chest, resting your forehead against his. The car instantly goes silent and the foreground music that was the radio comes to once more. You listen to the soft lyrics as the two of you bask in the afterglow of sex and he kisses you all over.
You don’t know how much time passes as the two of you lay there, his hands rubbing comforting circles on your hips as your own fingers trace the tattoos that ink his skin.
“You know━” Taehyung speaks up eventually, his voice a low mumble. “Gonna be extra hard not to be late getting to gigs now.”
“Uh oh.” You roll your eyes. “Think we’ve got all the time in the world now for sex, Tae.”
Taehyung grins. “I was thinking more about the fact that I’m not gonna want to get out of bed in the morning, whenever you fall asleep beside me.”
Your heart swells at his confession and you peck his cheek quickly before burying your face in the crook of his neck. It’s his own serenade of sorts, his small promise in the backseat of his car, that makes it all okay in the end.
“And,” Taehyung admits cheekily this time, “knowing we don’t have to keep us a secret anymore, even to ourselves━ I'm definitely not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you now.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: who would’ve thought that sending a harmless selfie to your boyfriend, complaining about your day while you’re apart, would end up with you edging yourself while your boyfriend tells you how and where to touch yourself?
PAIRING: kim taehyung x fem!reader
GENRE + RATING: established relationship, smut, pwp, 18+ only, do not interact if you’re a minor!
WARNINGS: lowkey dom!taehyung, phone sex, guided + mutual masturbation, dirty talk (no degradation), edging, a hint of voyeurism
NOTE: so this was kinda a spur in the moment idea i had while making noodles, i started writing and outlining and a month later here we are! a big big thanks to @imyourhobiii​ who not only let me ramble to her about this idea, figure out who to write this with, vent when i got stuck but also beta read the entire thing!! and to my other beta @missgeniality​ of course too!! you once again saved my ass and your comments made me get through editing this monster, thank you so much!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
     Opening the door to your apartment with a sigh, you're quick to toe off your shoes and let yourself fall onto your couch, head hitting the backrest as you manoeuvre your feet to rest on the coffee table in front of you. You close your eyes in an effort to relax a bit, the only sound in your living room being the ticking of the clock hanging above your bookshelf and the even inhales and exhales coming from you.
     Today had been stressful.
     Within the first hour of getting to work, you had managed to spill coffee on yourself — even though it wasn't a big stain, it still bothered you enough to cause you to be more agitated than usual throughout the day. So when your colleagues kept bothering you and your boss unloaded a massive amount of work on you, the first thing you had wanted to do was to hide in a bathroom stall until your shift was over. Nevertheless, you had pushed through your day at work, excited to go back home when you stepped onto the subway train, only to find out that the station you usually always get off at was closed due to some maintenance work. And even though the walk from the next station wasn't that much longer, it still felt like the last straw on your already crappy day.
     So now that you're home again, able to forget about the past few hours, you can't help but wish you'd be able to curl up in bed with your boyfriend, maybe watch a movie and just cuddle with him while he'd caress your body like he usually does whenever you're stressed. But alas, Taehyung just happens to be halfway across the country, filming a music video together with the other members of BTS in the middle of nowhere. Knowing he's more than likely absolutely exhausted and stressed as well, you decide against calling him, not wanting to bother him by unloading your troubles on him, especially since they seem to be so trivial and irrelevant now that you're back home and finally get to take a breather.
     With another sigh, you push yourself off the comfortable couch, your joints cracking and your muscles aching in protest at the movement as you drag yourself towards your bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. As you open the door, you find your bed the way you had hastily left it this morning after accidentally oversleeping, the duvet hanging halfway off the bed and, much to your annoyance, the small lamp on the right side of your bed still turned on since you seemingly had forgotten to turn it back off when you were rushing to get to work in the morning.
     Not wanting to stay much longer in your stained shirt, you quickly open the white blouse to leave it hanging off your shoulders while you pop open the button of your pants and pull down the zipper. With your pants undone and the cold buttons of your shirt brushing against your skin, you make your way over to your dresser to pull out one of your oversized shirts — one that your boyfriend had previously owned before you stretched it out by wearing it to sleep, the lingering smell of him bringing you comfort in the nights he was gone. You throw the shirt onto your bed before hunting down a pair of fuzzy socks to pull over your aching feet which are now bare since you had left your shoes by your front door.
     After pulling off your dirty and smelling clothes and putting on the fresh shirt, you sit down on the foot of your bed while letting out a deep breath, your nerves finally settling after your stressful day. Looking at yourself in the mirror opposite of your bed, hair disheveled and your wrinkly shirt hanging from your body, a thought pops into your head.
     Leaning back to grab your phone from where you had thrown it when you entered the room, you swipe to open the camera app and take a quick picture of your reflection in the mirror, your bare legs peeking out from underneath the oversized shirt, the washed out material covering your entire upper body. Your hair is a mess and you can see exhaustion written on your face in the photograph, but after being with Taehyung for quite some time, him seeing you at your absolute worst, you can't find yourself to care about your looks. And as messy as you may appear in the finished result, you also find yourself thinking your boyfriend might appreciate it, always telling you how gorgeous you look to him just after waking up — or after some intense time spent together. Tapping away on your phone, you send your boyfriend the image with a message attached to it:
'hope the video shoot is going well and you're having a better day than me. i'm gonna make myself something quick to eat and then crash :/ talk to you soon and ily <3'
     The rest of your evening passes in a blur. You're quick to make yourself a cup of instant noodles before rushing through your evening bathroom routine, skipping over a few steps you just can't find yourself bothering to complete, just to fall into bed and let the sweet embrace of sleep take over you.
Tumblr media
     You wake up the next morning to several missed calls from your boyfriend. Seeing the notifications on your phone almost instantly wakes you up, your neck tingling with worry and your hands beginning to sweat and shake as your mind goes crazy with all the possibilities of what could've happened to cause him to call you that often at eleven at night. You press your phone against your ear while sitting up and rubbing the sleep from your eyes, anxiously listening to the repeating sound of the dial tone, the ringing only causing your anxiety to heighten. After a few rings, your boyfriend’s raspy morning voice fills the silence of the other end of the line.
     "(Y/N)? It's...7am. On a saturday. Don't you have the day off? Why are you up already, baby?"
     Your face instantly lights up as you hear his voice in your ear, his baritone sending shivers down your spine. Despite only being separated for a few days, you still can't help but find yourself missing your boyfriend. Maybe it has something to do with your fluctuating hormone levels during your menstrual cycle, or because your anniversary is approaching, or just the fact that your boyfriend had been looking extra handsome recently, and you were starting to get impatient to run your hands over his skin again.
     "I fell asleep early yesterday and I woke up just now to several missed calls from you. I was worried something happened," you reply with a small smile tugging at your lips.
     Taehyung chuckles over the phone and you can hear the slight sound of rustling in the background, most likely caused by him sitting up in his bed. And indeed, several hours away from you, Taehyung is upright, leaning against the headrest of the bed of his hotel room, his pillow pressed against his back, ruffling his hair to get it out of his face which only causes it to stick up in all directions from his head. Not that he cares. No, right now all he cares about is being on the phone and being able to talk to you.
     "Well, you sent me that selfie and I wanted to have some fun with you, but you had better things to do," he huffs teasingly, a smirk playing with his lips as he lets his eyes get used to the bright morning sun shining through his half-way closed curtains. When he had gone to bed the night before he didn't have the energy to close them, leaving them just the way he had opened them the previous morning.
     A laugh erupts from your throat while you're laying in bed, mentally seeing your boyfriend sitting in the bed of his hotel room, the duvet pooled around his waist and one arm slung over his bare chest while he's leaning back against the headboard, a pout on his lips and his eyes wide with disappointment. Finding it uncomfortable to hold your phone against your ear whilst still lying down in your own bed, you silently start sitting up, your shirt slipping off your shoulder in the process of you reaching up to push some of your hair out of your face.
     "What kind of fun?"
     Your voice is hushed, almost as if you don't dare to speak too loudly even though you're completely alone with no one to disturb. On the other end, you can hear Taehyung hum slightly, a rumble in his chest echoing in your ear and sending the noise straight towards your core. Even after being with him and knowing him for years, little things like these still instantly manage to turn you on, melting you into a puddle and causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.
     "I think you know what kind of fun I'm talking about, baby," Taehyung lightly growls into your ear, pushing the duvet completely off his body, pressing his hand against his growing bulge to relieve some of the pressure, "You looked so sexy, with your hair all messy from the day, your makeup smudged slightly and my shirt covering your gorgeous body. Wish I could be there right now to tear it off of you."
     A quiet whimper involuntarily slips past your lips, causing your boyfriend to chuckle lowly into your ear. He knows of the effect he has on you, especially his voice. Sometimes, when he wants to tease you and rile you up, he'd intentionally lean closer to you to whisper in your ear, his breath brushing over your ear which would cause shivers to run through your body. Alone the thought of those memories causes you to shudder and press your legs together, dampness slowly forming between them and ruining your underwear.
     "Let's try something different today, sweetheart."
     You clear your throat in hopes your voice wouldn't come out as small as you're anticipating, but without avail, " what?"
     "I want you to lie back down. I know you sat up just a few moments ago but I want you to lie on your back. Can you do that for me, baby?"
     Your response comes as a hum, not trusting your voice and wanting to relish in Taehyung's commanding tone without interrupting him. Silently, you shuffle in your bed until your head is resting on your pillow again, your shirt riding up slightly in the process, revealing the bare skin of your stomach, before you kick your duvet away from your legs to feel less constricted.
     "I want to try this game with you. I read about this online, a couple tried this in their long distance relationship and they both had amazing orgasms, how does that sound?"
     You swallow thickly despite your mouth feeling as dry as a desert, breathing out a soft 'good' as you impatiently wait for your boyfriend to continue husking into your ear.
     "It's a special guided masturbation game, one where I'll get you to fuck yourself just the way I want you to do it, where I’ll get you to you listen to my voice and give me complete control over you. Let me guide you, tease you, make you pleasure yourself and make you cum all over yourself."
     Unconsciously you start rubbing your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure forming between them. You begin to sneak a hand down your body, rubbing your folds over the wet spot on your panties as you try your hardest to swallow down the whimper forming in the back of your throat.
     "Baby, I know you're touching yourself already. Unless you want to deal with the consequences the second I get back home, I'd suggest you move your hand away from your pussy right this moment," Taehyung growls through the phone, his voice startling you, "Busy your hands by taking off your panties for me, okay?"
     "Okay...sorry," you lift your hips off your mattress to quickly roll your panties down your legs, exposing your wet core to the chilly air in your bedroom, the contrast of hot and cold, as well as your growing arousal, causing shivers to run down your spine, "What next?"
     "Red light, green light game. The rules are simple and I know you'll be able to follow them. When I say 'red light' you're not allowed to masturbate, you're not allowed to touch yourself. You have to lie perfectly still and just listen to me touching myself and telling you all the things I wish I'd be able to do to you. And when I say 'green light' that's when it's your turn to play with yourself and I’ll have to listen. That's when you get to touch yourself, rub your clit and finger yourself, do everything to try and make yourself cum. You understand that?"
     You nod your head in confirmation before realising your boyfriend can't see you, opening your mouth to whisper into the silence of your apartment, "Yes, I understand."
     "Good girl."
Once again, you can hear rustling on the other end of the line. An almost inaudible grunt echoes in your ear before Taehyung begins speaking again, "We'll go back and forth like that until I tell you to cum, alright? I want you to be honest with me if you don't want to do this with me, (Y/N)."
     You can't help but laugh slightly at your boyfriend, ever the gentlemen, but also feel oddly touched by him making sure you're comfortable with what's about to go down between the both of you — all of this happening just because of an innocent selfie shared with your boyfriend after a stressful day at work. Taking a deep breath, you try your best to control the shakiness of your voice, which you know will inevitably be there once you open your mouth to answer Taehyung.
     "Don't worry about me, Tae. I'm okay with this and we always said we wanted to try some new stuff. I'm excited to try this with you."
     Taehyung sighs in relief at your reassurance, "And you'll tell me if it gets too much? Or if you end up not liking it?"
     You snort slightly at the way your boyfriend's voice goes from deep and husky to soft and gentle within the blink of an eye, "Of course I will! Plus we both know I wouldn't be able to lie to you even if I tried."
     You both quietly laugh together for a few moments before Taehyung clears his throat, his voice much deeper when he talks into his phone, "Before we get started, do me a favour and put yourself on speaker phone. I'm gonna do the same so we have both our hands free, alright?"
     "Okay," you reply with a hushed tone before taking your phone away from your ear and tapping the screen to put it on speaker.
     "Ready to get started?"
     His voice is much louder in your room now, almost convincing you he's right beside you, sitting on the edge of your bed and telling you what to do while watching you with hungry eyes. The sad reality is that he's not in your bedroom, not near you, and if you were to reach out your fingertips wouldn't be able to brush against his hot and flushed skin. It frustrates you, not being able to feel him on your body, but you force yourself to remember he'll be back home soon — hopefully before you know it — and you both will get to catch up on all the moments missed together. Snapping back to reality, you take a deep breath, curious as to how this 'game' Taehyung has planned will turn out.
     "Yeah, I'm ready," you breathe out, your fingers twitching to touch yourself, run them down your body until you're met with your already sopping core.
     While you're lying in your bed, desperate to touch your body, Taehyung begins to pull down his underwear, his cock springing free and hitting his lower abdomen. With a groan, he starts teasing himself with one finger, running it over the slit of his cock, the head red and angry after being ignored for so long already.
     "I just got my cock out," he moans slightly as his finger slowly collects droplets of his precum, "it's so hard for you already, desperate to be touched...Remember, baby, it's a red light at the moment. You have to lie still and just listen to me as I start playing with myself."
     With a second finger, Taehyung slides over the underside of his cock, running them along the prominent vein there until he reaches the base of his cock. Wrapping his fingers around his thick girth, he lets out a relieved sigh. Having his own hand around himself comes nowhere close to the amazing feeling of your hand dragging up and down his stiff length but knowing you're lying in your bed, wanting nothing more than to touch yourself and having to listen to your boyfriend's sounds of pleasure is good enough for him at this moment.
     "Oh shit, do you hear how turned I am for you, baby? So turned on, knowing you can't do anything else but listen to me touch myself, desperate to run your fingers down your own body, huh?"
     Taehyung's pants fill the void of your room, your fingers burying themselves into your duvet as you try to hold back from moving even a single muscle in your body. He lets out a grunt that echoes off your walls, sending shockwaves straight to your cunt as you find yourself wishing, hoping, needing for him to tell you it's your turn to touch yourself. Your breathing speeds up as you continue listening to your boyfriend, his soft moans, his pants, his grunts.
     Taehyung groans again as he lets his thumb swipe over the head of his cock, continuing to relish in the sensation, "Feels so good, stroking my hand up and down my cock. Just knowing you're listening to me doing these things, waiting for me to tell you it's your turn."
     A breathy moan interrupts him, your thighs clenching in impatience, "Taehyung please...wanna touch myself."
     "Ah, ah. You poor thing...Don't worry, it's gonna be your turn soon."
     Taehyung smirks, even though he knows you're not able to see it. Knowing you’re desperate, so desperate, to touch yourself — something you usually were rather shy about when the two of you were together — turns him on even more, his cock stiffening further in his hand as he continues to stroke himself.
     "Wanna touch yourself, baby?"
     "Please," you whine, throwing your head back as your self control is wearing thin, "please let me touch myself."
     "Okay, green light for you."
     Taking his hand off his cock takes more effort than Taehyung would've thought but he's instantly rewarded when he hears the relieved moan falling from your lips and sounding through his hotel room. He can't help but thank the heavens for the fact that his room is soundproof, otherwise he knows he'd have to deal with the relentless teasing from his friends in the rooms surrounding him.
     While your boyfriend is struggling to place his hands next to his body, restraining from touching himself, you want to immediately run your hands down your body and touch your swollen lips to relieve the tension between your legs, play with your clit and thrust your fingers into your wet cunt until you'd finally get to cum. However, Taehyung has other plans.
     "I know you want to touch your pussy but you need to wait a bit longer, go slow on this green light."
     "I can't," you whine at him, a pout prominent on your lips as you start to get annoyed at your boyfriend for teasing you, or rather making you tease yourself, like this.
     "I know you can. Don't be a brat, sweetheart," Taehyung's voice rumbles through the speakers of your phone and you sigh in submission, giving him the clear to continue with his instructions, "I want you to touch your body. Slowly. Close your eyes and imagine me there while you play with your breasts, tweak your nipples, pull on them until they're all hard and perky."
     You follow his directions, your hands lightly pushing the material of your shirt over your chest running them over the hot skin of your chest, fingers playing with the edge of your nipples to tease yourself before you ghost over them. Your breathing speeds up as you finally start to feel actual pleasure shooting through your body, tiny jolts setting your veins alight as you start to roll your buds between your fingers, occasionally pulling on them just to let them snap back down, the slight pain only intensifying your pleasure.
     "Such a good girl, doing what I tell her to do. Go on, run your fingers down your body to your pussy, stroke the inside of your thighs, over the outside of your lips all while imagining me lying on my bed with my hard cock resting on my stomach, twitching to be touched," Taehyung rasps as he's thinking about how you must look, touching your body to his voice as you're writhing on your bed, desperate for your release already.
     He knows you can get impatient, often whining for him to go harder, faster, to stop teasing you whenever you're together but he likes to take his time with you. He likes riling you up until you're nothing but a whining and moaning mess underneath him, until even the smallest brush of his fingers against your swollen clit could send you over the edge and so, with your consent of course, he often finds himself revelling in your impatience, enjoying the desperation written on your entire body.
     You, on the other hand, want nothing more than to plunge your fingers into your heat, already wet enough for two of them to slip right past your lips. Your hips jerk off the mattress when your fingers first make contact with the inside of your thighs, already so sensitive just from listening to your boyfriend pleasure himself and stroke his dick.
     "Can you feel yourself getting wet, baby?" Taehyung's voice sounds choked, almost as if it pains him not to touch himself while having to listen to your breathy moans and pants.
     "Yeah..." you whine as you slide your hand between your thighs, your fingers running over your lower lips and feeling your essence coat your skin, your other hand continuing to tug at your perk nipples and massage your breasts, "so wet for you."
     "Only me?" he asks with a strained voice, his hands clenching beside his legs as he continues to listen to the little noises slipping past your lips as you run your fingers over your body.
     You give him a desperate whine in reply as your fingers bump against your swollen clit, desperate to get some attention from your fingers as well, "Only you. Only for you, Taehyung."
     "Come on, baby, go and finger yourself for me."
     Sighing in relief, you finally slip a finger inside you, curling it upwards and moving it inside you as moans tumble past your lips, raw from biting them in order to keep quiet until you didn't care about your noises anymore.
     "Feels so good, fuck, Tae...please let me cum," you beg for your boyfriend, already dreading the moment he's going to tell you to pull your fingers out of your pussy again, knowing it will inevitably happen once he will hear you getting closer to your orgasm.
     "You wanna cum? You wanna cum all over your greedy fingers, (Y/N)?"
     You whimper out in response, the tip of your fingers barely grazing against that one spot inside you that your boyfriend is usually able to reach without any problems, his long fingers curving in your cunt as he brings you to your release over and over again. Dreaming about Taehyung's fingers only makes your thighs quiver even more, tears of frustration forming in your eyes since you know your fingers will never feel as good inside you as his do.
     "Answer me, baby," Taehyung's demand snaps you out of your dream, your fingers continuing to twist and curl inside you.
     "Wanna cum...p-please, I wanna cum so badly-"
     Taehyung can tell you're frustrated based on the choked sound cutting off your whiny voice — and he almost feels bad for you. He knows you've never been a fan of touching yourself without any help, but he puts his faith into the situation and on you, trusting that you'll be able to finish by just listening to him pleasure himself and his voice while his body succumbs to his carnal needs. Despite this, you're still able to feel your walls flutter around your fingers as the heel of your palm nudges against your swollen clit, drawing a sobbed whimper from you.
     "That's too bad, baby. Red light for you now."
     You mewl in protest, wanting nothing more than to keep your fingers buried inside you and be able to let your release wash over you. However, not wanting to disobey your boyfriend, you slowly pull your fingers out of yourself. Your digits are coated in your essence as you place your hands next to your body, waiting with anticipation to hear Taehyung's groans resonate from the speakers of your phone.
     In the bed of his hotel room, Taehyung moves his hand back to his cock, slowly sliding it up his length until he reaches the top, his thumb running over the head to spread the pre-cum leaking from it over his skin. He groans your name at the motion, imagining it was your hand wrapped around him instead, imagining you sitting between his spread out legs, your mouth kissing up and down his shaft, lips closing around him just for him to thrust into your tight hole while fisting your hair.
     "Tae," your whine interrupts his train of thought, his eyes flashing open to stare at the cold white ceiling of his hotel room, "talk to me, please. Tell me what you're doing."
     "That's what you want?" he rasps, continuing to stroke himself as his hips buckle up to meet his fist.
     "Yes, please," your voice is small as you respond, almost as if you're scared to admit your lewd thoughts, scared to get judged or ridiculed despite knowing your boyfriend would never do anything like that.
     Taehyung chuckles slightly at your request, discovering a new side, a dirty side of you that you have never shown him before whenever you two have been together. He grunts as he tightens the grip around his dick, the muscles in his lower abdomen drawing taunt as he feels himself inching towards his orgasm.
     "God," he grunts as he lets his thumb slide over his slit a few times, his legs clenching at the pleasure rushing through his body, "stroking my hand over myself, wishing it was yours instead of mine. I'm thinking about all the times I've had your pretty lips around me, the noises coming from you as I pull on your hair to guide your head up and down my cock until you let me fill your mouth with my cum. Thinking about it dribbling past your lips, running down your chin and making a mess of you before I fuck you into the mattress, throwing your legs over my shoulders as you scratch up my back."
     You can't help but let your hand wander back towards your core again, running it over your swollen sex before you let two of your fingers rub small circles on your clit. You whine at the feeling, wanting to finally, finally give in to your needs. However, what you forget to think about, is that Taehyung knows you almost better than you know yourself, your body, your movements and your noises. The moment you moan at the feeling of your fingers on your aching clit, he knows you're touching yourself even though it's not your turn. His eyes snap open and his hand stills on his hardened cock as his eyebrows furrow in disbelief, not quite wanting to believe what his ears are hearing.
     "Babygirl, I said red light," he pants after picking up his movements again, the sound of his hand stroking himself clearly audible to you, "you stop when I say so. Don't make me punish you when I get back home."
     The whine falling from your lips could be described as nothing short of pathetic, your hands trembling as you pull them away from your wet, almost dripping, pussy. Your legs start twitching in response, your body burning at the denied orgasm, so close to the edge but not allowed to let yourself submit to the feeling. You can't help but hate yourself for giving in, weighing in the option of just taking your boyfriend’s punishment once he’s back by your side but in the end you know the kind he would give you wouldn't be just a few spankings. No, knowing Taehyung, he wouldn't let you cum for several days until you were a begging and delirious mess for him. Only then would he allow you to cum, after making sure you’d tell him — assure him while sitting on your knees with his hard cock in front of you, your hands wrapped tightly around it — that you wouldn’t disobey him again. It had happened before after all, only twice, but enough to engrave it into your memory, the way your body trembled, your mind reeling at the denied orgasm.
     Taehyung continues to stroke himself, moaning your name into his hotel room and, once again, thanking the universe for his room being soundproof. He can feel his heart rate increase as he listens to your shuddering breath and soft whimpers that sound through the speakers of his phone. He can tell you're trying your hardest to hold back, that you want nothing more than to touch yourself again, to finally rub your clit again and make it over the finishing line.
     "Taehyung...please," you breathe out, sounding broken and whiny.
     "Use your words, baby,” he says, his voice cracking as he tugs especially hard on his thick cock, "tell me what you want."
     "Please, p-please let me touch myself again..." you beg for your boyfriend, desperate to push your fingers back inside your sopping core and make yourself cum, being denied your orgasm too often already.
     "So like playing with your pretty little pussy that much, huh?"
     You nod despite Taehyung not being able to see, a frail moan slipping past your lips. You can feel your walls clenching around nothing, begging to be filled up again and to have your fingers rub against them. Your legs twitch in anticipation and you have to grip onto the duvet that's pooled around your hips in order to not give in to the urge to touch your body despite it not being your turn. Hearing those sounds coming from you, Taehyung can't help but feel sorry, stilling the movements of his hand before letting out a deep sigh.
     "Alright, it's your turn again. Green light for you but I want you to follow my lead, (Y/N), okay?"
     "Okay. Thank you, babe," you mumble with an appreciative tone, your body relaxing again at the thought of you finally getting to finish.
     "I want you to stroke your hands over your body. Run them over your breasts, circling your fingers around your nipples and then down your tummy to work your way towards your pussy. Now...put your fingers right inside your thighs and push them wide apart, are you following what I'm saying, baby?"
     You moan in confirmation, your fingers running over the sensitive insides of your thighs, turning you on even more than you already are, ready to push them into your weeping hole as soon as he tells you to. Your nipples are hard and pert against the cold air inside your bedroom, desperate for your attention which is directed towards another part of your body.
     Taehyung clears his throat before he continues, "I want you to imagine this, while you're fucking yourself, while you're trying to make yourself cum on this green light. I want you to imagine the stubble on my chin brushing against the insides of your legs, imagine my mouth coming closer and closer to your pussy, my hot breath fanning over your wet lips. And before you know it, imagine my tongue running over them, gliding from one end up to the other, drinking you in, sucking on your clit as I'm going down on you."
     You almost can't hear him from the squelching sounds your wet pussy makes as your fingers move inside of you. Your mind is rushing, scrambling to get your mouth to produce any other sounds besides the constant moans spilling past your lips.
     "Fuck," you cry out, throwing your head back and straining your neck.
     Your body shivers as you imagine everything he just told you, his hands on your body, his tongue on your cunt. Arching your back off the mattress, your walls clench around your fingers which never stop working their way in and out of you.
     "Imagine my head between your thighs, your hands tugging on my hair as I'm pushing my tongue inside you, tasting your essence in my mouth. Keep playing with yourself, baby, you're really close, aren't you?"
     You reply with a weak moan, "Yes, please..."
     Taehyung knows the telltale signs of you being close to your orgasm, and even without seeing you, he can still hear the way your moans get more and more whiny, your breathing speeding up and your vocal cords producing the most beautiful sounds as you groan out his name. Just before you can feel yourself tumbling over the edge, he tells you to stop again.
     Your body listens before your mind even processes his words, your hands moving away from your dripping and clenching pussy as soon as those words leave his mouth. You throw your head back in frustration, your eyes fluttering open and your skin scorching hot as you try to calm your breathing. Pleasure slowly fades away as all you're left with is a dull ache between your legs, feeling empty after you pull your fingers away from your drenched folds, your body covered in a thin layer of sweat.
     Taehyung's chuckle sounds out of your phone in reaction to your whiny sob ripping its way from your vocal cords, "You didn't think I'd let you get off this easy, did you? Now, you gotta listen to me again..."
     He groans as he lets his hand glide up and down his cock again, his breathing quickly turning into messy panting. He tries to force himself to not go too fast, wanting to draw out his orgasm even more than he already had. Taehyung doesn't want to cum before getting to hear your beautiful and desperate moans again, needy whines echoing through his hotel room while you're pleasuring yourself. No, he doesn't want to miss out on that experience.
     The thought of you lying on your bed — your body shining and sticky due to the sweat coating your skin while your hands are pressed against your sides, fingers twitching with anticipation — drives him absolutely insane. He can't wait to come back home and reward you for doing this experiment with him, licking you up until you would be trembling underneath the slightest of his touch, just to drive you over the edge again and again.
     "God, I'm so hard just from thinking about going down on you. It's what I love, eating you out, seeing your eyes roll back into your head as I wrap my lips around your swollen clit," a choked moan cuts him off as he throws his head back, his throat straining at the effort to keep himself from cumming, "hearing you whimper, hearing you moan my name, whining for me to make you come..."
     Being able to listen to him moan like this, so desperate for his release, draws out an involuntary shudder that makes your pussy throb in anticipation and need. You clench your fingers by your side to keep yourself from running them over your trembling body, your fingernails digging into the skin of your palms.
     "Fuck...Tae, please. I wanna cum, let me touch myself," you whine desperately, being denied too many times now.
     Taehyung nods on the other end of the line, not that you're able to see it, but he groans in confirmation, "Go on, touch yourself to my moans. I want to cum together with you, fuck...rub your pretty little pussy for me, baby."
     Sighing in relief, you instantly move both of your hands down your body towards your core, slipping two fingers past your wet lips while the fingers on your other hand start rubbing circles on your swollen clit. You're past the point of wanting to build up to your orgasm, ready to let it crash over you and take you with you until you're completely wrecked.
     "God," he almost growls into your ear, his voice strained with effort, "I'm imagining you, laying in bed. I bet your fingers are pressing really really hard and quick circles against your clit, huh?"
     Your panting becomes erratic, whines falling from your mouth as you feel yourself teetering on the edge. The pace of your fingers quickens and you can't help but let a loud moan slip past your lips, your lower one slipping out of the grip your teeth had on it. Your moans turn into whines and heavy breathing as your toes curl at the pleasure pricking at every nerve in your entire body. Moving your hand away from your clit, you let it ghost over your body, dragging your fingernails over your scorching skin until you reach your breasts to roll one of your nipples between your fingers.
     "Come on, say it now. Say it for me, baby," he urges you, desperate to release all over his hand, the head of his cock coloured an angry red as he continues to pump himself to the pace of your breaths.
     "Shit, Tae...I-I'm gonna cum," you stutter, your voice airy and your head feeling lightheaded as your body threatens to get overwhelmed with desire.
     "Yeah? Gonna cum all over your fingers for me, baby? Gonna cum so hard, your thighs will shake for days when you think about this and you won't be able to walk today?"
     You mewl loudly in response, your walls fluttering and twitching around your fingers, your palm rubbing against your swollen clit as your other hand grips tightly onto your breasts, tweaking and pinching your nipple, "Fuck...yeah!"
     Your boyfriend groans at the other end in response to your noises, his breaths nearing erratic as he rushes to meet the pace of your movements with his own stroking, his hand fisting up and down his hard cock, "Cum for me, baby. Cum all over your fingers like the good girl you are for me."
     "Ah, fuck...fuck me, feels so good, Tae!"
     You move your hand away from your chest again, angling the fingers buried inside you so you could press quick small circles against your aching clit again, and soon enough you're choking out a loud moan, your voice echoing off your bedroom walls as you feel yourself coming closer and closer to your release.
     Your orgasm crashes over you in one big wave, your back arching off your bed as your hand stills inside your pussy. Release gushes from your core, coating your trembling hand. The moans tumbling from your lips come nothing short of pornographic, your orgasm too intense for you to bite them back or contain them.
     Loud groans fill your room, coming straight from the speakers of your phone as you hear your boyfriend panting faster and faster until he grunts out, "Oh fuck, shit...I'm cumming, I-I'm cumming!"
     Taehyung desperately continues to stroke his cock as it twitches in his hands, his muscles burning with strain as they tighten all over his body. He throws his head back as his vocal cords produce the loudest groan you've ever heard come from your boyfriend’s throat. His chest heaves up and down as he shoots his release all over his hand and his lower abdomen, completely emptying himself. Taehyung continues to lazily move his hand up and down his cock to ride out his high, sensitivity starting to settle in and causing him to pull his hand away from his slowly softening dick as he lets out a low sigh.
     Slowly, his breathing starts to even out as he feels his body relax and he revels in the lightness of his body after his orgasm. The thin sheen of sweat that covers his body begins to dry on his skin, still hot and burning, and the sticky feeling makes him cringe slightly — not that he cares at the moment. Through the speakers of his phone, he can hear your breathless panting. Reaching over he holds onto the device to press it against his ear again, wanting to hear your voice directly sounding next to him.
     Just as Taehyung, your breathing starts to slow down little by little, the familiar feeling of lightheadedness taking over you. You almost feel as if you're floating through the clouds, even though, at the same time you find your body wanting nothing more than to sink deeper and deeper into your mattress.
     Pulling your fingers out of your ruined cunt, you can't help but whine as you take in the mess you've made of the top of your duvet, "Tae...I made a mess."
     "Yeah? Made a mess for me? Wanna show me?" he teases you lightly, his voice sounding louder which leads you to assume he has his phone in his hand again instead of carelessly tossed onto his hotel bed.
     "Mhm," you shake your head in denial, "I'm all gross and sticky."
     "Baby, we've had sex before, it's nothing new for me to see you this way. But, if you don't want to show yourself to me right now, you don't have to. Whatever makes you the most comfortable."
     You can't help but smile as your boyfriend's soft and caring side pushes its way back to the forefront again, pushing his domineering side back down. He has always been caring after sex, making sure you had everything you needed and weren't uncomfortable in any way. There have been several occasions of him carrying you towards your bathroom, sitting you down in the bathtub and running you a hot bath after sliding right behind you, his big hands massaging your shoulders and running over your scalp. Some rare times, you had even fallen asleep, right there surrounded by hot water causing your muscles to relax and your boyfriends arms wrapped tightly around you, your eyes slipping close and the next time you opened them, you were lying in bed next to Taehyung, covers draped over you and his soft snores filling your bedroom.
     You snap out of your memories to reach over to your bedside table, grabbing some tissues out of the box to carefully wipe away the mess between your legs before taking two of the wet wipes you're keeping there as well to sporadically clean yourself until you'd be able to muster the strength to get up and walk over to your bathroom — or would fall asleep from the exhaustion starting to settle into your bones.
     "Thank you, Tae."
     "What are you thanking me for, sweet cheeks?" he chuckles right into your ear.
     "Just...this. You know how hard it is for me to cum when we're not together and I've had a really crappy day yesterday, so I really needed this," you explain to your boyfriend.
     You're truly grateful to have him in your life. Even if he often doesn't realise, but the smallest things he does, like making sure you're comfortable with everything he does, encouraging you whenever you are feeling or even just picking up a snack you mentioned running out of. All those things and so many more made you feel at home around him, wanting to keep him in your life until the day you'd die.
     Taehyung chuckles again and you can hear him swallow before he replies, "There's no need to thank me, baby. I love you and I care about you. Despite your selfie yesterday being sexy as fuck, I could tell you weren't feeling well. That was the real reason I called you in the first place. To check up on you and cheer you up. But of course this is also a nice way to spend the morning before a busy day."
     "I love you, too," you reply, not quite knowing how to respond to your boyfriend.
     "You do know I'll have to punish you when I get back home right? For not listening to me back then?"
     You could swear you can hear the smirk on his face through your phone when he says those words, lowering his voice until it's almost comically husky. Laughter slips past your lips, your boyfriend joining you in it as you say, through your laughs, "Sure. I'll be looking forward to it."
     Taehyung clears his throat on the other end of the line after both your laughter dies down before you hear some rustling and his feet patting on the floor of his hotel room, "What do you have planned today? No work right?"
     Before you get to answer, you hear the water tap turn on in the background as your boyfriend had gotten up to walk to the bathroom of his hotel room and wash his hands. Meanwhile you are staying in bed, exhausted and your body still twitching slightly from the intense pleasure you felt just moments ago. You take a few moments to reply, wanting to relish the comforting silence between the two of you.
     "Not really, to be honest. I was thinking of maybe heading to the store for some ice cream later and then just catching up on some dramas and spending the day curled up on the couch. Do you have a lot of filming to do today?" you finally answer his question, finishing your response with another question in hopes to be able to talk to Taehyung some more before he would have to hang up to attend to his schedule for the day, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
     "Well, we're almost done," he replies to you, turning off the running water before he dries his hands with his phone pressed between his ear and his shoulder, all while continuing to talk to you, "I think maybe two or three more scenes and we should be all wrapped up. I'm hoping to be back home tomorrow evening, or Monday morning at the latest..."
     "Sounds great," you yawn in response, reaching up to run your hand over your face in hopes of waking yourself up some more.
     "Go back to sleep, baby. You deserve some rest, take it easy today, okay?" he chuckles, his voice turning even softer than before, almost as if he's hoping to lure you to sleep with his deep baritone.
     He truly hates whenever you force yourself to stay awake just to talk to him. He recalls the endless nights while he had been out touring the world with his friends and the late night conversations with you, your voice slurred as you forced yourself not to fall asleep just to be irritated and exhausted the entire following day. And even though he's now only a few hours away, still in the same time zone, the memories instantly cause his heart to feel heavy in his chest, not wanting you to neglect you and your needs for him.
     "Okay..." your voice slightly drifts off before you ask one last question, "Tae?"
     He perks up, his gaze previously settled on the stark white covers of his hotel bed, almost as if you were in the room with him and he would be able to look straight into your eyes when he looks up through his lashes. His heart drops as he's looking at the bare wall opposite of him, despite knowing he wouldn't have found you standing there anyways.
     "Yeah?" he replies instantly, matching your low volume with his voice in order to lull you further to sleep.
     "I love you," you whisper, exhaustion finally catching up with you.
     You had wanted to stay awake some more, wanting to use every minute possible to talk to your boyfriend but you also are aware of the fact that he hates you staying awake just because of him. You know it makes him feel guilty for not being beside you, not being able to hold you as you fall asleep, even though you have told him time and time again that you can live with the occasional distance, it's what you signed up for after all when you started dating the singer. Your eyes feel heavier and heavier as you finally give in and let sleep take over your body, dozing back off to sleep with your phone slowly slipping out of your hand and falling onto your mattress.
     On the other end, Taehyung knows you have fallen asleep, your soft breathing filling his ear as he smiles to himself, satisfied to not have you awake any longer.
     "I love you too. I'll text you when I know at what time I'm gonna be coming home. Now get some sleep."
Tumblr media
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taegularities · a month ago
right amount of wrongs | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: “Your heartbeat stopped. Then accelerated. Pain shot through the organ like an arrow. And then everything repeated.”
How many times does he have to do you wrong until you make the right decision?
pairing: Taehyung x female reader (+ slight Hoseok x female reader)
rating: 18+
genre: high school!au (everyone’s of age tho! senior year <3), best friends to lovers; angst, fluff, smut
warnings: taehyung is... questionable in this :] mention of disney movies (you decide which ones lol), unrequited love, heartbreak, jealousy, manipulation, crying, rejection, toxic friendship later on, oc throws up (no detailed description), (hints of a) panic attack; explicit sexual content: loss of virginity (oc), soft dom!tae, sub!reader soft manhandling, he’s really gentle with her but ughhh he’s such an ass too, big dick!tae, protected sex, multiple orgasms, handjob, fingering, oral (f. receiving), marking, praising, breast play, clit pinching (??), yeah that should be all
word count: 15.9k
a/n: i actually decided to write this randomly to let out some frustration since it’s a pretty personal fic :’) i hope you guys enjoy reading it! <3
credits: my lovely betas​​​ @hantaev​​​​​​ & @chateautae​​​​​​ thank you so so much for helping me with this !! <3 @missgeniality​​​ thank you for lending me your beautiful name hehe :D and last but not least, thank you to @kimtaehyunq​​​​​ who made this AMAZING AND FLAWLESS banner, gave me a really helpful suggestion for this fic and read through it before i posted it, tyyy !! <3
Tumblr media
➳ listen to: 17 by Pink Sweat$ | Never not by Lauv | Give me love & Kiss me by Ed Sheeran | I’m not the only one by Sam Smith
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung.
High school student, approaching the end of senior year at the tender age of nineteen.
Horrible at math. Adored dancing more than anything. Insecure at times but loved to rap in his free time to entertain his closest friends. Always studied just a bit, putting minimal efforts into all subjects despite having failed a class once already. Now, he still hadn’t changed but passed anyway.
Kim Taehyung. Relied on you too much, cherished and admired you endlessly - he’d more or less been your best friend for years and years, both of you being the type of close pals who people thought might cross the line one day, at some point for sure.
Kim Taehyung was this and so much more. A boy you’d learned to be there for; someone you thought you could keep for a lifetime - someone you’d been in love with for way too long now.
He was, however, the friend in your teenage years who always took more than he gave - never on purpose, because in his and everyone’s eyes, he never did anything wrong. No, this was more your perception - because while you’d slowly learned to love him in a way that pained you to admit, he never approached you like this, always bubbly and fun but unavailable for love.
Or at least for your love.
Although you knew from the young age of fifteen that you were head over heels in love with him, it became achingly clear to you when your class left town for a week in the last grade, attending a trip that you couldn’t be part of. Money was a problem for you at this point, and with the remainder of your friend circle staying as well, you didn’t want to risk feeling out of place.
With Taehyung, you never felt like you didn’t belong - but even he had his moments of mingling with other squads, being the sweetheart of the school, the crush of many and humble student who befriended people in a heartbeat. And yet, with the way he talked to you whenever you weren’t in his ultimate proximity, he gave you hopes you knew you weren’t meant to cling to.
“Taehyung, you left just two hours ago,” your friend Miyeon exclaimed. She laughed into the speaker with a subtle shake of her head but handed you her phone nevertheless, raising an eyebrow as she told you, “He wants to talk to you.”
Thoughts of him never failed to increase your heartbeat instantly - and even now, after having seen him just a few hours ago, his voice affected your body in a way that you felt it in your guts sickeningly.
You propped up your legs to rest them on your friend’s desk, the early afternoon sun shining onto your face as you threw your head back. You greeted him with a timid ‘hello’, trying hard to not let him know how much he excited you with every second he spoiled you with his affection.
“Hey, sheep.”
Although his surroundings were loud enough for his voice to go down in the tumult, you heard him crystal clear, detecting the smile in his tone as he addressed you with your usual nickname. You still remembered how you’d once worn a white sweater at school that he’d found warm and fluffy enough to manifest the nickname sheep, never letting go of it since.
“Hey, Tae. What’s up?” You soaked in the vitamin D as you waited for his response, not noticing the way your two friends behind you were eying you with telling, suggestive smirks.
“Nothing. I just miss you,” he declared, stopping your breath with four words as you closed your eyes. “I don’t know, I would’ve loved to have you here.”
You could never properly tell whether Taehyung’s personality just consisted of flirty remarks by nature or whether he said specific things on purpose. Sometimes you thought that he was certain he was just being nice, never thinking particularly deeply about how he acted and what slipped from his tongue.
“You just saw me two hours ago,” you rephrased Miyeon’s words, heat overtaking your body that surely wasn’t coming from the sun. “You’ll just have to survive these seven days and I’ll be with you again.”
Maybe you were trying to coax more compliments out of him - saying things that you knew he’d respond endearingly to, like by answering with-
“Seven days too much.”
You wished you were strong enough to let yourself test the waters; like, by subtly and quietly joking about how he might just be in love with you, if he felt comfortable enough to spit those statements. But the cowardly part in you was too scared to risk rejection.
Instead, you settled for a shy, “It’s just me.” Like you always did.
And barely to your surprise, Taehyung called you every single day without fail, declaring over and over again how much he missed you; how much he wanted to see you. Distance hurt, even more so for you - but something in the way the yearning seemed to linger even inside him made everything easier for you to endure. Even for just a while.
With you always being the last person he wanted to talk to before drifting to sleep, you felt the love you had for him grow painfully and exponentially, the word finally finding its meaning for you as you listened to his sleepy voice every night. You tried hard not to confess via call - instead, you let his husky, low and tired voice talk about his day, reporting of climbing a stone wall and scratching his face on what he started to call “wooden sticks hanging from above.”
You’d laugh and correct him, compensating his missing vocabulary with your own basic knowledge as you told him these were “called branches, Taehyung”. You’d hear him laugh. Giggle at his praises. Try to fan yourself to keep the heat from your face. You’d do everything but tell him that you loved him, thinking that the friendship was too important to risk anything at all - you reckoned you could keep enduring the pain if it meant you could keep him.
Until endurance became an impossible challenge.
Tumblr media
It might’ve been the exercise you got from gym class, the endorphins releasing leaving you braver than before and eliminating the heartache. It’d been a few days since your class had returned; enough time to ponder telling him every word your heart held close.
With the constant advice you sought from your friends, you almost thought you’d grown annoying in their presence, but Hana and Miyeon were nothing short of ideal best pals who calmed your nerves whenever they threatened to shake your mind. Their reassurances put you at ease - even if just for a bit.
“After all these months, you should be able to touch your toes, Y/N,” Miyeon told you, easily holding onto her feet. Her torso was stretched forward and expressions still calm while you twisted your face painfully, feeling your muscles burn with every inch you moved towards your toes.
“Are you listening to me?”
You rolled your eyes, eliciting a small giggle out of her before she said, “You said you want to confess. I say you should. He’ll either kiss you or reject you - not a lot of opportunities left.”
“Though we’ll be hoping for the first thing, of course,” Hana comforted you from the other side, having long given up on the exercise and leaning back on her hands. “But in all honesty, the way he behaves around you is obvious enough. If he tells you no, I’ll be surprised as hell.”
You thought back to the last few years you’d spent with your best friend, let memories travel through your mind in flashing pictures. His voice echoed through you, all the praises of him calling you his girl accompanied with the palpable feeling of his touches knocking you short of breath for a little moment.
His fingers found their way to the small of your back regularly, hugging you close and pressing soft kisses into your hair as he stopped you from walking home just yet. The small playground in front of his house was always unoccupied, and he made sure every day after school that you stayed with him until he was called for dinner or left to study.
Sometimes, you went in with him, strolling through his living room and stopping in front of his aquarium to joke about the fish he owned. He made weird faces, told you how he never gave them names but numbers, arms wrapping around your shoulders as your laughter brought you to tears.
Being the first and the last person he talked to, things seemed intense with him, and not only your friends but even you were sure that there had to be something. At least one little particle of a feeling that Taehyung could respond with when you’d tell him what you felt.
Your mind snapped back to the touch of your own hands on your body, fingers still unable to attain your feet before you realised that the whole class had long started doing something else. You stood, exhaling deeply, cracking the bones of your neck as you watched the other girls stretch. Hana was looking at her broken nail while Miyeon patted your shoulders encouragingly.
You kept repeating for the rest of the lesson what you’d tell him the next day after your trip at the museum, rephrasing your words and working on your tone as motivation and courage flooded you.
Only, attempting something is almost always easier than executing the plan when the time comes.
Tumblr media
When the time came, however, you were shaking in your skin, the whole day passing in a blur as you walked past the exhibits hazily. Most of the time was spent in silence; today, his thoughts were occupied with something you couldn’t decipher. Because he barely looked at you - and when he did, it was a little joke that went over your head entirely.
You still laughed and tried your best to conceal your fear, dreading the moment you’d be alone with him. Sometimes, he’d ask you if anything was wrong. He was your best friend; he knew you too well and could tell from miles away when something bothered you. And even then, you could pretend for only so long.
Still, you went for the lamest excuses, such as, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just tired” or “I guess I’m just bored here”, with the latter being an ultimate lie. Taehyung knew as well as you that you loved places of culture, this museum being one of your favourite spots. But he didn’t prod you further, understanding that there was something you either didn’t want to talk about or would address at a later point in time.
While you felt somewhat uneasy in the museum, a slight panic overwhelmed you when you left the fast food restaurant after the trip, dusk breaking over the town and the sun setting slowly. The sky was coloured in orange and red hues, the moon already glowing lightly far above you as you stumbled over train rails that led to where his house stood.
You didn’t live far from the Burger King you’d left Miyeon and Hana at. In fact, all you needed was ten minutes to reach your own home by foot, but you always opted to make a detour for Taehyung. He always appreciated having extra time to relish in your company.
“Be careful there, okay?” he told you as you walked on the rails, arms stretched to keep the balance. His fingers fiddled with the straps of his bag, the blue and white shirt hugging his torso cozily with headphones bouncing around his neck.
He truly looked like the high school boyfriend you wanted, the now-adult that stole your sleep and built the foundation of the distraction you experienced all the time. You wanted him to be just that - exactly that high school boyfriend you’d pined after for so long.
“I am careful,” you responded, your water bottle moving in your bag and shifting you to the right side slightly. Taehyung had his hand stretched to you, keeping an eye on you although he knew you did this every time - but just in case.
His gaze wandered to the sunset, allowing you to furrow your eyebrows in insecurity which he didn’t see. He didn’t notice the way you forgot to breathe over and over again; instead, he talked to you about new songs he wanted to learn before he started singing them. Soon, he urged you to join him - and never one to decline his wishes, you complied as he laughed and rolled his eyes at the way you sang the wrong notes.
He tilted his head, shooting you a smile that flooded you with endearment. If there was any setting you wanted him to kiss you in, then it was just this: with the sun going down far away while he looked at you fondly.
“I like your singing voice better. I don’t understand why you always settle for rap when you’re this talented,” you told him, watching his house come closer in the distance. Even the trails were soon ending for you, taking a curve and then making way to a sunflower field. “Why don’t you sing for me one day?”
Taehyung scoffed, humming softly and squinting his eyes as he told you, “I’ll even write a song for my girl if she wants one.”
You never got used to the things he said. And even in this moment, he proved his effect on you when you slipped over the rails, body losing its balance and falling sideways in slow-motion as you stretched your hands to catch your fall. If you were going to awkwardly tumble, you wanted to make sure to land on your palms - better to give in to gravity and protect your face instead of relying on still keeping yourself upright.
But at the last moment, Taehyung’s hands grabbed your body firmly, keeping your bare limbs from getting scratched by stones and catching you mid-air. Whatever he was saying came to an abrupt stop, words dying in his throat, and he inhaled sharply.
“Sheep, I’m serious,” he scolded you, face close to yours but glaring, eyebrows drawn together in worry, “When I tell you to be careful, I’m not fucking saying it out of boredom!”
His mind might have shifted into emergency mode with angrily red alarms blaring in his brain, but for you, this whole situation was ideal. Seeing him like this told you that he cared enough to get lost in these worries, and if anything, the grin you shot at him only angered him further.
“What are you smiling for?” he asked, uprighting you and brushing your hair out of your face. When you didn’t answer, he raised an eyebrow, full lips pressing together before he released them again.
You knew you were staring for too long. And when you gulped, gathering all the bravery you could muster, you decided to let the words topple from your tongue before you could chicken out again.
“I have to tell you something.”
His expression changed in front of your eyes, the soft light of the sunset colouring one side of his face in gold. Taehyung was beautiful, crafted by angels personally and sent down to remind everyone that magic existed.
“I knew something was wrong,” he finally said, nibbling at his lips as his fingers ran through his hair. “So, what’s been nagging at you all day long?”
“I, uh…” Oh god. Not backing away again - you couldn’t do this now.
Close your eyes. Breathe. Collect the words and let them out.
And you did.
“I think I’m in love with you, Tae.”
And then, nothing.
You heard crickets chirp in the field, wind suddenly dancing around your hair and mouths falling open slightly. Somewhere far away, you could hear children laugh, the evening serving as time to rest after all the homework students went through. But in between all these sounds, it wasn’t his voice that broke through the embarrassment.
“I just…” you started then, clearing your throat as you felt nervousness arise in your chest again, shaking your head to get rid of troublesome thoughts. “I needed to tell you. You don’t have to respond and all, but I just-”
“It’s okay. I understand,” he then said, pulling you off the rails and onto the firm ground. He stared into the depths of your eyes but still took a step back, dark pupils filling with guilt. “I’m…”
Confused. He definitely looked confused.
“Please say something,” you pleaded, fingers gripping the hem of your shirt and breathing becoming unsteady. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him. You’d held onto the hope that evolved from everything he said to you, every way he touched you. You’d thought he felt the same-
“I wish I could tell you something you want to hear.”
And that’s probably all you needed to know. Foolish of you to think that Taehyung’s flirting could ever extend to fully fledged feelings. Not when he didn’t define it as flirting - not when you were obviously his best friend, someone he had to be excessively nice and sweet to according to an unwritten law in every encyclopedia about friendship.
You nodded as he let out his words, eyes still drier than you expected. There was no urge to cry yet - in some way, you felt like the truth hadn’t fully sunken in yet. “That’s okay.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you repeated, watching his gaze turn sorrowful, deep ache written in them that told you clearly that you had ruined something you’d cherished and built for so long now. “Honestly, you’re not obliged to-”
You didn’t know how to continue your sentence. Of course he wasn’t obliged to reciprocate your feelings. But something about this situation, something about everything at the moment rubbed you the wrong way - you couldn’t entirely decipher what it was, but then again, your brain wasn’t properly working right now anyway.
“Why can’t you…” he started, laughing a little before he brought his hands up to rub his face, “crush on celebrities like the other girls? I’m not good enough for you, Y/N.”
What a dumb excuse.
You were cutting him some slack, because it was you who portrayed the poor lamb between you two - you weren’t allowed to get angry, not if anger could be highly misinterpreted at the moment. Shyness and sadness were the way to go - or so you thought, completely under the ban of what Taehyung meant to you.
“You can’t be serious,” you said quietly, shaking your head with a lopsided smile that you didn’t mean. “I’m confessing to you, jerk.”
He chuckled a little, relief flooding through him as he realised that you were still you, still joking and treating him lovingly. Things wouldn’t change between you like this - right?
“I’m so sorry,” he said again, watching you swallow the knot that had built in your throat, your eyes settling on the ground as you shuffled with your feet. Taehyung’s arms reached out in an instant, pulling you into him suddenly and burying your face in his chest.
Fingers gently ran over your scalp, most likely dishevelling your hair while his other hand pressed you closer. You closed your eyes in what felt like serenity. You knew feelings would catch up to you - but right now, you were just happy that he was still your best friend and still someone who’d comfort you, no matter what.
“Please don’t cry, okay?” he mouthed against your hair. There were still no tears. Your eyes weren’t even burning from the agony you were supposed to feel.
Heartache didn’t come - realisation still so far away.
It wasn’t until he let go, you made your way home somehow, slept your way through the night and woke up to vacuum your room that reality crashed onto you and wrapped you in an ever darkening pain.
With your back pressed against the headboard of your bed and legs pulled into you, you finally repeated his words - and broke down.
Tumblr media
It took a few days and lazy movie nights with unhealthy snacks that you understood that life went on. Seeing Taehyung still hurt in the most effective way - especially when you realised that things had changed indeed, the deep bond between you slowly vanishing when he started to distance himself from you.
Or maybe, you thought, it was you distancing yourself from him.
Because looking into his eyes was a menace and listening to his voice torture. His smiles were even worse, always appearing when he came close to you to nudge you with his elbow. He’d still joke around and call you by your affectionate nickname - but things definitely felt different.
When you thought you’d finally moved on at least a little, graduation approaching and your school time coming to an end, Hana pulled you out of the class hastily, always the dramatic one. You knew she was going to say something you’d despise, and for some reason, you could also tell that it was about Taehyung.
You didn’t let yourself pull down just by assumptions, though, but when she finally uttered the words she’d held back for days, your world crumbled right under your feet.
“I was talking to Jae-” Jaewoon was Taehyung’s other good friend; one who shared his adventures and secrets with him when everyone else didn’t feel trustworthy enough. “-and it was just a conversation about the girls in our class and about how nosy they always act. Jae was complaining about Siya and her-”
“Hana, please,” you nearly begged, shoulders shrinking and chest burning, “what’s this about?”
She sighed, a soft palm rubbing your arm as she shot outright, “Taehyung told him how you’re one of the bearable and lovely girls - along with Jia who he’s still crushing on although, quote, she doesn’t even notice him and…”
The rest of her words faded into nothing, your ears suddenly forcing all noise to still as you processed what you’d just heard.
The girl you were friends with - the popular, sweet, smart student of your class who you talked to every day. She’d been your acquaintance and friend for years - even before Taehyung had known her. You loved her personality dearly, golden humour and lovely smiles making you feel valid anytime you two crossed ways.
To know that Taehyung liked her should’ve made you hate her - and yet, you couldn’t muster the strength to do so. At least everything made sense now. Why he had rejected you, told you no straight away.
While all his flirting still seemed out of line, you couldn’t do much but accept the truth, no matter how much it hurt. But you couldn’t. Not now, not here, not after having confessed to him and still dealing with your own heartbreak.
And when you finally asked him the same day, walking home with him after quite some time, you tried hard to let the question sound harmless, casual. But his face twisted in a way that was telling enough, guilt-ridden expressions being thrown your way until you felt the jealousy burn hot inside you.
“I didn’t want to tell you, because of… you know.” He grabbed your arm and stopped your steps, turning you to him and staring into your eyes with pain. “I’ve just liked her for so long, I almost thought I’m being obvious.”
“Why did you never tell me, Tae?” you asked, eyes stinging from the intensity that you felt, chest deflating and shoulders hanging low. “I thought we told each other everything.”
You still couldn’t find it in you to yell at him, scold him for all the times he made you feel like you were the only one - just to find out that everything he said to you, he probably meant for her.
He licked his lips, shaking his head and closing his eyes, contemplating what he should and should not say to you. “Because somewhere inside, I thought you might feel that way. I didn’t want to destroy us.”
But you still called me your girl. Told me I was yours, that you loved me and admired me. Why?
You said none of these things. You just looked at him through weary eyelids, confused and hurt, still not quite comprehending that he was in love with someone who wasn’t you. There wasn’t anything wrong with you, was it? Why could he not fall in love with you, you, who’d sent him finished homework numerous times, stayed on the phone when he felt horrible, guided him through bad days and insecurities?
Why her?
But you wanted to be mature. You told yourself that he was still your friend and she was still your friend - he could like whomever he wanted and none of these things were your call. He hadn’t wanted to tell you in order to be careful with your feelings, but now that he knew that you knew - he probably had to be even more careful.
“It’s okay.” You felt like a broken record, telling him so many times that things were okay when they clearly weren’t. “Go get your girl then, friend.”
He smiled at you, a gesture that didn’t quite reach his eyes. Hands wrapped around yours, eyes piercing through you like a laser - and then he said, “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
You were stupid enough to tell him you were getting over him.
Because as soon as you did, he opened up more, telling you how he’d felt brave enough to ask Jia out, booking a spot at a restaurant for the coming weekend. You didn’t ask where he was going to avoid overthinking - all the questions about how long it’d take from her house to the eating place, how much time they’d have to exchange jokes and laughs. How much time he’d spend with her and not you.
Stupid thoughts but so hard to fight.
With every story he told you, your heart dropped further: when he mentioned how he’d finally kissed her, you wished you could go back to when he’d just taken her out to a restaurant. When he shared with you how they’d taken everything a step further and into the bedroom, you wanted to travel back to when he’d just kissed her.
And when he finally confessed to you that he was falling for her, you desired nothing more than to stand in the past days when he’d only referred to his feelings as liking her. The only consolation you ever got was from his worries that things never became official.
While their relationship advanced, it was never a proper one, never the girlfriend-boyfriend-kind of thing. Taehyung told you it was because Jia was unsure, reluctant to label whatever was going on between them. But that could also only stay like that for so long.
And until then, you waited, enduring stories with fake smiles.
Tumblr media
Time passed and the last month of your senior year rolled around. Taehyung was still as close to you as before, still by your side although you had expected him to drift towards Jia as weeks went by.
But in reality, you barely saw them together - at some point, you even considered that it was over between them, but you never dared to ask in order to protect your heart from unnecessary pain. You were finally moving on, finally learning to love Taehyung in a platonic way and without building barriers between you.
Maybe all of this happened, because you tried to indulge in fictional characters and books instead. And maybe it was the stress that was slowly overcoming you, exams nearing and the study load increasing.
And when Hana and Miyeon refused to study - with them being the best of your class and smart naturally - and Taehyung crawled into his room to tackle math by himself, you somehow found yourself in the company of someone else.
“English isn’t the problem, right?” Hoseok asked, pointing at the school books sprawled on the table in front of you. The classroom was empty, dust floating around peacefully and windows closed to dip the four walls in silence. That’s the only setting you could study in.
“No, that’s fine,” you told him, leaning back in your seat and stretching, “It’s biology I struggle with.”
Hoseok had been so nice to volunteer as your study buddy, a good friend from another class who’d decided to stay longer with you to help you both get through the topics faster.
“Okay, so, what is it exactly? DNA processes?”
He wetted his fingertip to turn the page, quickly getting to the page that dealt with the aforementioned topic as he said, “Transcription and translation. These are the main things you have to know when it comes to DNA replication.”
“No, first I have to learn how to pronounce desoxyribo- um?”
Hoseok laughed at you, eyes forming little crescents and grin so radiant that it blinded you for a moment. “Deoxyribonucleic acid. You’ll learn it once you’ve repeated it often enough.”
You grunted in annoyance, hand slamming on the table and making Hoseok flinch. “Who has the time to pronounce that anyway? Who cares about it?”
“You mean who cares about the very core thing you’re made of? You’re right, let’s abandon this and…” He started to close the book, playfully clicking his tongue before you stopped him mid-action.
“No! I’m sorry. Please, Hobi, I need to pass…”
You looked desperate, a slight hint of exhaustion glazing your eyes that he couldn’t help but find ridiculously cute. You weren’t an idiot. You knew he was giving you the attention you deserved - and you were smart enough to bask in it, letting him shower you in fondness and kindness while you felt yourself drawn to him, too.
Sometimes, you tried to look for Taehyung in him; but soon enough, you realised that Hoseok was his own person. Not your toy to compare him to someone else, but a legitimate, sweet human being who deserved happiness, love and all good things combined.
You saw his own personality seep through him in his little dimples. For some reason, they were so undoubtedly him that you couldn’t help but stare endlessly. Then, you saw him in the way he listened to you, really listened to you - never flirting when he didn’t have to.
He encouraged you, reluctant to give you false hope - if there was any -, directly told you what he liked or disliked about people and their attitudes. The only moments he complimented you in a manner that screamed more than just “schoolmate” was when he actually meant it - actually wanted you to know what he was thinking about.
Just like now.
“I know. And with me, you definitely will.”
“Will you reward me with ice cream if I do?”
He snickered again, the back of his hand covering his mouth and light brown hair hanging in his sunshine eyes. “Any flavour you want.”
“Good.” You smiled again, straightening your posture before you started reading the passage that introduced DNA and whatever related to it. Your eyes were moving from left to right, taking in each line with your lips slightly apart, and Hoseok waited.
Waited for your questions, for your explanation, for your revision - all while staring at you with lost eyes. “If you continue being this cute,” he began, a finger on your chin closing your mouth, “I’ll start liking you too much.”
You laughed sweetly, making him feel that you appreciated his little joke - but somewhere inside, you actually thought he was being honest.
Tumblr media
It didn’t take Taehyung’s observing eyes long to see the way you looked at Hoseok and the way he looked back at you.
Although you and Hoseok remained friends, you couldn’t hide the glow in your face when you told your best friends that you’d started talking to him some more these days. With Taehyung drifting off your mind as weeks went by, you felt genuinely content with how the situation was. Especially after passing all your exams and surviving the incessant heat on graduation day, you started to include Hoseok in your group plans, loving his presence and his good mood.
“Do you want me to call you tonight?” he asked you, a palm on your back as you exited the cinema, Taehyung, Miyeon and Hana in tow behind you.
“Hey, you know I always want to talk to you. We still need to finish yesterday’s discussion about vampires in anime versus Hollywood, right?”
You felt like a little school girl, thrown back into time when you’d experienced your first crush. Giggles erupted from your chest as reactions to all of his stupid jokes, face heating up everytime he called you pretty and strange conversations keeping you awake half of your nights.
“Is there still anything to discuss? I think we made clear that I was right.”
In your fever, you didn’t notice the way Taehyung had become attentive around you, eagle-eyes goggling at you both and heart ignoring the sting it felt when he realised that your affection wasn’t directed towards him anymore.
“What’s going on between them?” Taehyung asked, fingers twirling around the remaining popcorn in the bag as he averted his gaze from you.
“What?” Miyeon inquired back, eyebrows shooting up and eyes darting between Hoseok and you and back to Taehyung. “These two? Nothing much, they’ve been talking. Idiots, if you ask me. They obviously like each other.”
Taehyung smiled a little, tongue toying with the insides of his cheek before he spoke, “They do? Didn’t notice.”
“You didn’t?” Miyeon gasped dramatically, fishing some popcorn out of Taehyung’s bag and grimacing at the cold, chewy taste. “These are horrible. Mine were so much better. Uh- open your eyes, Taetae. They are so obvious.”
Hana was sitting on Taehyung’s other side, the bus station humid and hot as she observed all her friends individually. You looked happy - so did Hoseok. Miyeon was lost in her own world as always, but Taehyung? There was definitely something going on with him that seemed easy enough to pinpoint the more she looked at him.
“But then again,” she finally spoke up, catching Miyeon’s and Taehyung’s attention in an instant, “you might not have noticed, because you don’t really care, right?”
He shouldn’t have - that he knew for sure. But somehow, jealousy had still nastily set in his body after you’d drifted away from him. Because even if he didn’t feel the same for you, he didn’t like that you were focusing on someone else. Then again, it had by now become hard to decode whether his heart was actually this empty for more when it came to you.
And also…
When had you become this pretty? You’d always been beautiful - absolutely astonishing. But something about the way you smiled and laughed was new, a sparkle so intense that stars seemingly faded and dulled in your presence.
His best friend - you were perfect; not his, but perfect. But why not? Why were you suddenly someone else’s - and why was he realising all that just now?
“The Niagara Falls are really as great as they sound, and I was surprised when my parents suggested the trip, because…”
Hoseok was indulging in stories about his past travels - words that you loved to listen to. And yet, you couldn’t help when you noticed Taehyung’s stare at you, instantly melting and softening when he realised you were looking back. You flashed him a breathtaking smile; one that he answered to with an equally pretty, boxy grin.
It was just now that you noticed how Jia had seemed to become distant from him. He barely seemed to call or acknowledge her, your mind unsure whether he still even met her to give in to his desire. Maybe he’d just decided to stop talking about her to you altogether.
You didn’t know that she had merely become a distraction - and on the other hand, he didn’t even particularly want to see her anymore. You didn’t know - but you did notice the gap, noticed her absence. Knew that she wasn’t as present in his mind anymore as before.
You wondered why.
Tumblr media
“No underage drinking.”
You rolled your eyes at the sentence that had been repeated for the umpteenth time since you’d arrived at Taehyung’s house. Hoseok’s sister was apparently familiar with Tae’s mother, having met her in malls and flower shops multiple times - reason enough for your crush to take her with him to the little gathering that Taehyung had organised.
Your best friend hated Hoseok’s presence with a passion - but when you’d asked him if you could invite your newly found friend, there was no way or reason that seemed appropriate enough for Taehyung to decline.
As a result, his sister Jiwoo lectured you about responsible drinking as she balanced the second glass of wine in her hand, either purposely acting drunk or actually feeling the effect already. It was fun - even though you’d rolled your eyes multiple times already, watching her was a funny affair.
You didn’t feel the desire to drink anyway - and if you’d wanted to, it surely wouldn’t have been wine.
“Can you just go away?” Hoseok complained, jaw clenching as he saw his sister spill some alcohol onto the floor. She pouted while he hissed, standing up as he apologised to Taehyung, “I’m sorry. I’ll clean that up.”
“Oh no,” Taehyung chimed, hand stretching to indicate that Hoseok could stay comfortable on his couch, “it’s fine. I’ll do that, don’t bother yourself.”
Anything to get away from this scene. Because Hoseok was touching you in ways Taehyung couldn’t right now: a subtle hand on your shoulder, bare knees touching and lips whispering jokes and god knew what into your ear, making you smile and giggle.
He hated it - tried to suppress whatever the sight ignited in him; but by now, feelings had become unbearably hard to deny. Even this evening passed slowly, agonisingly and torturously without any hurry. One movie finished and another started, Hoseok’s arm around you never vanishing or getting tired while Taehyung silently watched, observed, suffered.
If there had been any way to shoo Hoseok away and get closer to you, he would’ve taken it without a second thought. And right in the middle of the second Disney film, this opportunity seemed to open for him like the gates of heaven.
A trip to the toilet made clear that the voices coming from the guest room were the worried ones of his parents and Jiwoo. A glance into the room showed Hoseok’s sister on the edge of a chair, the hand of Taehyung’s mother rubbing her back gently and carefully while Jiwoo looked pale, ready to throw up again.
Whatever drinks and foods she’d combined, she’d gone overboard - and it made Taehyung smirk knowingly. “Is everything okay here?”
“No, actually…” Jiwoo began, voice shaky and whiny, gaze lifting slowly to meet his. “Could you tell my brother that I need to go home? I feel terrible.”
“Oh… of course,” he responded hastily.
Relief bloomed in his chest as he jogged his way to the living room where the TV stood, opening his eyes wide in worry as he told Hoseok, “Hey, man, your sister. I think she needs you.”
“Why?” Hoseok stood immediately, leaving his spot next to you for the first time in two hours as his innocent eyes opened in question. “What happened?”
“She drank too much.” Or so he said. “Says she wants to go home.”
Hoseok sighed, head moving from left to right in annoyance as he spared you another glance. “I’m sorry.”
Neither you nor Taehyung knew why he was apologising to you specifically, but you still felt sad at the thought of him leaving so early. You knew he had responsibilities and needed to drive when his sister couldn’t, but the emptiness you so tangibly felt next to you ruined the evening for you enough to let out a disappointed sigh.
“It’s okay. We’ll talk later,” you told him before he nodded, looking briefly at his phone and then approaching the room his sister sat in. The sound of Hoseok’s keys and the slamming of the door when he left woke up Hana on the other side of the couch. Her gaze was drunk enough from sleep that Miyeon, too, blew some air through her nose before she declared she’d drive Hana and herself home.
You had to admit - you felt discouraged. After debating with your girlfriends what attire would suit the evening the best, you’d decided to go for your white crop top that acquired you to loop the strings at the front. The ribbon tried its best to hide your breasts from hungry eyes - and yet, enough skin permeated through the fabric for specific eyes to see; something you were intending today.
But as you fiddled with the strings, you realised that even this choice had been in vain - you hadn’t been anyhow close tonight to getting what you’d wanted, your and your friends’ effort flowing down the drain.
With only you and Taehyung left, you refused to ruin his evening, trying to avoid rudeness as you told him that you’d gladly stay a little longer and finish the movie by his side. It was something you’d seen multiple times - something you’d grown out of as your age had increased.
Taehyung always used to say that you never grow out of Disney movies - but this particular one had been played in your home too often, and quite honestly, you could easily do without. The boy next to you, however, still found ways to enjoy it, exclaiming excitedly how he had a poster of the exact same scene he’d paused at.
“Let me show you!” he pleaded, tugging at your arm as you let out a lazy grunt.
“Is that so important?”
“What if I say it is?”
A few grunts later, you found yourself in his spacious, cozy room, walls white and empty after he’d ripped off all the previous posters since he was “an adult now, sheep, didn’t you know?”. He rummaged around his room until he found a box, video games and small posters scattered messily before he took one out and unrolled it.
You’d taken a seat on the edge of his bed as you’d waited, and he let himself fall behind you, plummeting onto the mattress close to you. “The scene in the forest. Isn’t it pretty? Even you have to admit that.”
You watched him in endearment, laughing softly as you nodded yes. “It is. Didn’t know you’re this fond of the movie.”
“I think it’s just this scene. It looks pretty. Like you.”
That again.
He said it too casually - without even looking at you, focusing on his fingernails instead. Taehyung never realised what he said, and that was probably the most prominent problem in the relationship between you two. And in that sense, you tried to change the topic.
“Graduation feels so… unreal.”
Taehyung snorted, having long forgotten school and the final exams when all that occupied his thoughts was you. “Doesn’t it? Who knew it’d come and pass this fast.”
“Yeah! It feels like yesterday when we rented that boat for a class trip. Do you remember how my camera fell into the water that day?” you reminisced, suddenly dipping into dangerous territory as you brought up memories that could’ve potentially triggered more than just thoughts of pleasant days.
“I do,” he answered, eyes watching your fingers as they tugged at the sheets beneath you. “I wish we could do something like that again.”
“Who says we can’t?” you retorted, meeting his gaze as he lifted his face at the same time you did. “It’s not like we’ll never talk again, right? It’s just school that ended.”
He nodded, gulping before he said, “But with people not around anymore that much, it might be harder to even think of them at all.”
You wondered if he was talking about you two as well. What if there came a time when you separated, nothing but past ghosts in your minds without any knowledge of what the other was doing at the moment? You knew of stories after high school - and this was surely a common one.
“Will you think of me?” you asked then, a carefulness lacing your tone as you watched his lips part. He was so pretty - you could see the beauty inside and out, and asked yourself if the feeling in your chest that being alone with him caused was something new or something you’d felt weeks ago, too.
And not knowing scared you.
“Of course. How could I ever forget you?”
You shrugged your shoulders, biting your lip for a moment before you said, “Because most friendships drift apart after graduation.”
“Ours won’t,” came the immediate answer, his body shifting even closer and the proximity catching you off guard. Your heartbeat increased cruelly, confusion settling in your mind and chest - especially when he uttered his next words. “I love you too much.”
He meant it platonically, you were sure - and yet, his words hurt more than you wanted to admit. With him looking at you the way he did, eyes so tender, so sparkling, you could feel the affection seep through him and infiltrate your body. But still, you felt like he was taking more than giving. Again, it was you hoping and him egotistically drowning in what you - apparently still - felt for him.
“Really?” you asked quietly, tilting your head just a little as your tongue darted out to wet your dried lips. A subtle action - but enough for Taehyung to direct his eyes to your mouth.
“Honestly,” he assured, hand coming up to tuck loose strands of your hair behind your ear. He looked at you with what felt like longing and impatience - and it confused you endlessly. You thought you’d forgotten the way he’d used to stare at you, but this - this felt different… more intense.
Your throat tightened at the sight of him, his body pulling closer to yours and palm settling on your cheek, never leaving your skin. You held your breath as everything came rushing back, everything inside you hating that it had never truly vanished.
And then, suddenly, his face was enticingly and dangerously close to yours, noses touching and his lips brushing yours. With fear flooding your body, you questioned if this was actually happening. Everything from the last few months stopped making sense, and it took all the strength inside you to ask, “What are you doing?”
Feelings overwhelmed you when he breathed against your lips, muttering quietly, “Honestly… only what’s right.”
“But,” you suddenly spit, still breathless, still feeling your heart burst behind your ribs, “what about Jia?”
“Nothing,” he whispered, eyes slowly closing as you both gave in to each other at last, “nothing about her anymore.”
You felt like you were waking up from a vivid, lucid dream when his lips touched yours gently, the kiss starting off so soft and careful but setting you on fire hotly enough for you to spiral. A part of you refused to believe that this was actually happening - that the sweet whispers and plush lips kissing yours were a figment of your imagination. Surely, someone was toying with you, putting you in a simulation and fabricating scenes and situations until you doubted reality around you.
But when he cupped your face with his hands, warm fingertips grazing your face, you understood that this was occurring; that you were indeed on Taehyung’s bed, kissing your best friend and first love and he had initiated it.
Memories of heartbreak and yearlong yearning returned, your brain trying to make sense of why you had suffered for so long if he felt the same. Or did he? What if he was only caught up in the moment, reacting to what his body desired, you knowing exactly he was aware of your feelings and knew you’d let him do whatever he wanted to.
Taehyung stopped when a wet sensation dripped onto his hands, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that you were silently crying, eyebrows furrowed. He collected your tears heedfully, almost as if you were fragile glass.
Immediately thinking he’d done something wrong, he pulled back, trying to control his heaving chest as he asked you, “I’m sorry. Did I overstep a line?”
You stared for a moment in confusion before you shook your head no, scared of asking him the question that lingered on your mind. “No, I just… why are you doing this? Do you mean it?”
The fear in your eyes smouldered in its full intensity as he looked at you, his heart aching at the thought of what you might be feeling after he’d put you through rejection and everything that came after. He regretted it now - hated himself for pushing you away when your love for him had been blooming and was most alive.
“I do,” he answered then, wiping away the last remnants of your tears, “I’m sorry. I do, Y/N. I want you, I truly do.”
You bit your lower lip, realising achingly that you’d probably never stop loving him, no matter who you met or who else you fell in love with. With every piece of your heart you’d already handed to Taehyung, it felt like your body would never be able to take it back anymore, carrying his name and memories even when he became a ghost of your past.
A soft sob escaped you, one that he responded to with reassuring words, calling you his girl and his sweetheart, pleading you to “Please stop crying, it’s okay”.
“Apparently,” you said, laughing a little as you leaned into his hand, “I’m still not over you.”
He smiled at you, head tilting and face moving closer. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but he didn’t - instead, he wrapped his arms around you, shifting you on the bed until your legs dangled from the edge. Your gaze met your own in the mirror that stood in front of his bed, some of your mascara smudged under your eyes that you tried to wipe away as soon as you detected it.
Taehyung made himself comfortable behind you, placing his legs around you as he hugged you tightly, peering at you in the reflection as he said, “Look at you, sheep.” You already were, still breathing heavily as you leaned back into his chest. “Tears don’t suit you. And you know how horrible I am when it comes to cheering you up.”
You chuckled again but silenced right away, sighing as he started a trail of gentle pecks on your cheek and your jaw. His arms squeezed your body once before his hands ran along your naked tummy, your head slowly falling back and eyelids falling shut. You gave in to his touches with a naivety you hadn’t expected from yourself, unable to tell him what you wanted as words vanished into thin air.
It was what he said next that snapped you out of your bliss, eyes shooting to the mirror to look at him. “Can I touch you?”
Your face screamed unspoken questions at him, and before you could ask, he added, “Touch you more.”
His fingers brushed the button of your shorts and tugged at the hem of your top, whispering a, “Here”, as goosebumps erupted on your neck and arms. He kissed the tiny bumps softly, attempting to warm your skin but leaving you with the opposite effect instead.
Trapped in a love maze, you barely noticed that you nodded. You felt his hands on your collarbones shortly after, nimble fingers opening the ribbon that was tied at the front of your top leisurely. All the while, his eyes never left your nervous state, watching your mouth fall open when your breasts and a small glimpse of your bra came into view.
He traced the swell of your breasts as the other hand unzipped your shorts, teeth and lips still nibbling at your neck before you decided to avert your stare from the mirror and fixed it on him instead. His head shot up reflexively, capturing your mouth in another breathtaking kiss as his digits snaked past your underwear and brushed your sensitive clit.
The feeling was new to you - having someone do it to you was different than indulging in self-care within your own four walls. Although you’d kissed plenty of boys in the last few years, sex had always been a topic you’d tackled with care. And despite letting one or two boys mess around with you clothed, it brought an entirely new wave of ecstasy into you knowing that it was Taehyung who was breaking through your insecurities.
“Is that okay?” he asked against your lips, circling the bundle of nerves slowly as you squirmed under him. Quiet moans breathed against his skin as he grabbed your chin gently and made you look into the mirror again.
His fingers were on you under your clothes and still most of his large hand remained outside, moving skillfully as the other arm held you firmly. You nodded as a late reply, gathering strength and breathing a “Yes” into the humid air.
“Can I continue then?”
Again, you nodded, and before you knew it, his hand shot out, arms lifting your body and pulling down your shorts along with your underwear. With pleasure pulsating through your veins, you hadn’t noticed where you were heading, but now that you were bare not only for him but for your eyes, too, you felt embarrassment flood through you uncomfortably.
“Tae…” you called out, hand gripping his arm around you and nails digging into it. “This is…”
You didn’t know which word to use - uncomfortable and shameful seemed wrong; but strange didn’t seem to fit either. Instead, you closed your legs tight, rubbing your thighs as you felt your face heat up. But he only pried your limbs open again, fingers running along your wet folds as he understood and assured, “It’s okay. You’re beautiful - so beautiful.”
One of his digits slipped past your entrance as soon as he’d muttered the words, and the mewl that escaped you was far more lustful than the ones he had heard until now. His name fell from your tinted lips repeatedly in hushed whispers, your speech becoming more and more incoherent as his ministrations continued.
“Please tell me if you want me to stop, okay?” he uttered into your ear, another finger adding to the pleasure before he started pumping just a little faster.
His thumb circled your clit again, making you abandon the marks you’d already left on his arm and shaping new ones on his legs around you instead. His own jean shorts had shifted upward, baring his skin for you - and when you pressed in particularly hard, he hissed while pulling his digits out of your core.
“You’ll make me bleed,” Taehyung said with a laugh as he pulled you back on the bed. He slipped away from behind you and laid you onto the mattress affectionately - almost as if you couldn’t do it yourself.
He eyed you as if you were the most precious gift in the world; it was a shame that he only realised this now, but now that the moment was here, you were sure to treasure it to the fullest. In some way, you liked that he was treating you with utmost care - it seemed as if he was trying to not break you all over again; like he was picking up your pieces and glueing you together again.
“You do look like a sheep right now,” he said, eliciting a giggle out of you as he hovered above you, hands settled on each side of your head. “Big, innocent eyes. My little lamb.”
He leaned down to kiss you again, tongues mingling and exploring each other’s mouths. His hand ran along your jawline, thumb rubbing your cheek fondly before he backed away to undress, too. You used the time to slowly get rid of your top and your bra, throwing them off the bed haphazardly as he crawled over you again.
Both of your breathing stagnated when you laid eyes on each other: his, because he could’ve sworn he’d never seen a view this astounding, your curves and smooth skin so inviting that he didn’t know where to set his gaze on. And yours, because the way his length stood proud and tall just for you, had you drooling, thirst clenching your throat tightly.
“I-” you started, stopping your ogling and looking into his face instead of at the red, leaking tip, “Can I?”
“Not yet.” His answer was short, quick, and clear. Apparently, he had different plans, and you didn’t have to wait to see through them when he began kissing down your body with his indecisive hands everywhere.
You arched your back as his mouth fixed its attention to your nipples, tongue swirling around the hard buds and head moving from one side to the other. His hand occupied your free tit when his lips didn’t and your fingers tightened around his hair where they’d made their home just a moment ago.
Your legs parted on their own accord, pleading for him to do something, to do more, to do anything and everything. In some way, you wanted him to decipher your wishes by reading your body language - and soon, it seemed that he did. Teeth scraped your sides, lips leaving pecks on the skin of your waist and your hips until he opened your legs more to take everything a step further.
“Don’t be ashamed of yourself, Y/N,” he suddenly said, your eyes shooting open as you looked down at his swollen lips hovering over your pelvis bone. “You’re so fucking pretty.”
You didn’t know exactly how he could see the glistening between your legs as anything close to pretty, but you believed him anyway; let him brush his mouth against your labia as you moaned and writhed in front of his longing eyes. Your restlessness worsened as his mouth attached to your entrance, lips wrapping around your lower ones while his tongue dipped in carefully.
He pulled your thighs down onto the mattress, keeping you in place as he drank up every drop of you. Hips rutting into the bed, he tried to find friction himself, both your bodies moving in impatience as he groaned against you. You clenched around nothing, calling out his name, telling him how fucking good he was making you feel.
A new wave of self-consciousness overcame you when he said, “Cum on my tongue, love”, not sure whether it was the big L-word or his preceding words that had you turn your head sideways and bury it in the pillow. But you listened anyway, letting him lap at your juices at a pleasant pace and pinch your clit with his fingers lightly. And then, you toppled over the edge with a moan and fell into orgasmic bliss like you had never experienced before.
“How was that?” you suddenly heard him say while you were still a panting mess, recovering from the orgasm of your life that unbelievably - crazily - none other than Kim Taehyung had granted you. And now he was seriously asking you how it’d been?
“Amazing,” you answered with a laugh - a sound he silenced when he kissed you again, covering your mouth with your own essence. You tasted sweet, strange… different. He’d been ready to take all of this and you had to return the favour, right now.
His breath stuttered when your hand reached out to wrap around his hard cock, his length feeling thick and smooth in your fist as you began pumping. The heat in his muscle grew, arms caging your head quivering as his mouth fell open.
He looked at you with craving and hunger in his eyes, chest rising and falling fast before he shifted to open the dresser of his bedside table to fish out a condom. You didn’t want to think about the sharp sting in your chest when you realised that this was usually reserved for someone else; instead, you focused on the sounds he was making and on the flexing of his bicep as he sat up and bent his arms.
Impatience made him nearly rip the condom with its package, halting just for a moment as you kept working at his cock. He threw his head back and towards the ceiling, tongue licking his lips before his gaze fell on you again.
“Just like that, keep going. Ah, fuck, Y/N...” Taehyung bit his lip, hissing through gritted teeth as his jaw clenched. Then, he told you to stop, removing your hand and rolling the rubber over his member.
He positioned himself, eyes staring at you fondly - perhaps in an attempt to calm you. He could see your nervousness, knew it was your first time; the worry was written in his face as clearly as in yours. In that sense, he cupped your face softly as he lined himself up, assuring you, “You’re safe with me, sheep.”
With only the beginning of his tip pressed against your hole, you gasped quietly, telling him through your haze, “Go slow, please…”
“Of course,” he cooed, kissing your nose lightly, “I’d never hurt you - but still tell me if I do, okay?”
You nodded before he kissed you again, easing your tension while he slid in slowly, listening to your sounds and observing your reaction. The stretch felt new to you; somewhat strange, too filling. It stung less than you’d thought - you only hoped there was no blood that he had to wash from his sheets later.
He bottomed out with caution, stopping a few times in between until he’d buried himself entirely inside you. You didn’t know whether your heavy breathing was being caused by agitation or the new feeling that he brought, but you noticed that he was in just the same condition as you were.
“Oh, holy fuck, you’re so wet and so...” he muttered without finishing, burying his face in your neck as he took in the tightness of your cunt. He fit perfectly inside you - and it was driving him insane. You were insane; he wanted to be yours, make you his, hoped that when you both came down from your highs, it wasn’t too late to ask for these things. “Fuck, fuck, Y/N… Can I move?”
You clenched around him just from the feeling of his cock, nodding eagerly as he grunted some more. Losing your virginity to the man of your dreams felt unreal - and the way he was looking at you when he lifted his head was even more unbelievable. As if he was mesmerised by you, entirely enchanted as he began moving his hips back and forth.
“Does it hurt?” he asked, breathing stagnant as sweat glistened on his forehead. You could detect that he was concentrating, trying not to come right away as your body overwhelmed him. With a quick shake of your head, you answered his question, leaving him to drown in you as he leaned down to kiss your shoulder.
Apparently, he’d found a sensitive spot, because when you keened at the touch of his tongue on your skin, he sucked harder, biting and kissing alternating delicately. 
“So good,” you whispered into his ear, holding onto his back and pulling him closer, “Taehyung…”
“Go faster, please.” It was a plea neither you nor he had expected, but he was grateful when you uttered it - feeling the way your walls kept caging him in tightly, he was sure he couldn’t hold back a lot longer.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, please.”
Your breathing stopped when his fingers gripped your hair and threw your head back to put your inviting neck to show, becoming his personal canvas as he increased his pace. He was still not pounding into you as you might’ve wished, but you knew he was being careful, trying not to hurt you - and for now, this had to do.
“God, you take me so damn well. You’re fucking insane, baby, I-”
His free hand gripped your waist firmly as he moaned when you whimpered, so overwhelmed from how your velvet walls felt around his cock. He wanted to rip off the condom and fuck you raw; but that desire was immediately shut out the moment he heard you wince. Still, a part of Taehyung couldn’t help but to feel excited at the thought of doing just that someday.
Your legs wrapped around him to pull him closer, back lifting from the mattress as your tits pressed against his chest. Intrigued by your actions, he felt the profuse urge to give you one last push before giving in to his own pleasure. Fingers left your hair before he straightened up a bit, hand settling between your bodies as he started rubbing your nub along with his thrusts.
“Don’t sto- oh god, Taehyung, please,” you whimpered, clipped sentences leaving your tongue as a tear rolled down your cheek from the intensity of his movements. Stars blinded you momentarily when your walls constricted around him, coming fast from the sensitivity and giving him all the permission to do so, too.
He whispered something inaudibly, burying himself balls deep before he stilled inside you for a moment. Then, he grabbed your thighs, splitting you open entirely before he went faster, chasing his own high as he became lost in you and your cries.
Taehyung came with a low moan and a shiver that took over his whole body, hips stuttering and mouth falling open. He sank onto you, lips tracing yours before you wiped away the sweat that had formed on his forehead and temples.
You could barely breathe with him lying on top of you, but you didn’t care. Not with the way he was holding your face and removing your hair from your eyes, whispering how much you meant to him.
“I’m sorry…” he kept saying, not allowing you to ask what for as he pressed kisses on your lips in between his words. “I’m sorry. I won’t hurt you again, I promise. I’m sorry…”
You figured he meant the way he’d rejected you once, regretting his decisions and now taking ones that swore he wouldn’t drown you in pain ever again. But you were still confused; even after the seed had been planted, watered and bloomed in the form of your desire, you wondered how all of this had happened at all.
He’d said that he wanted you, truly did - but temptation can be temporary and fleeting, fog the mind and then lead to irrational decisions. Was it just that - only sex? Or did he really feel the same way you had for ages?
Waiting and watching as he pulled out and discarded the condom, you tried to look for an answer without asking him for one, but when he climbed over you again and peppered your face with kisses, you felt like questions were exactly what needed to happen right now.
You wanted to speak as his eyes stared at you intently the way they had all the time; you wanted to call out his name in your broken, fear-laced voice. But before you could, he interrupted your thoughts, leaning in close and whispering, “I’m in love with you.”
Your world stood still for what seemed an infinite moment, time expanding as you held onto him tighter. He was waiting for you to say something; still on you and following your pupils as they flickered over his face. Then, you let out a timid, hushed, “Really?”
And again, apologies.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, thumb ghosting over your lips, “You might not believe me, but I… I am.”
Old doubts and insecurities tickled your brain as they tried to warn you from something you couldn’t decipher. Yes, you weren’t sure what to believe - but something about his words seemed genuine; as if at least he was actually believing himself. And maybe that was enough.
You pulled him closer until your lips and noses touched, mumbling a brave, “I love you, Tae”, before he kissed you for the hundredth time tonight. You thought you’d never get enough of his passion and his taste, vigorously giving up negative thoughts and giving in to him instead.
Until his eyes closed to drift off into a dream, he kept kissing and kept telling you sweet things, confession after confession breathing into your ear as he held you tight. He wanted you to stay with him; he didn’t need to say it - the grip around you was telling enough.
Taehyung fell asleep before you did. You noticed when he started to snore on your chest softly, having dozed off with your fingers brushing through his fluffy hair. You were wide awake as you heard creatures live through the open window, night sounds accompanying your breathing softly.
As your body calmed down and tried to accommodate to the peaceful mood, you thought back to the whole day that had passed. You had to admit, while Hoseok’s presence had granted you with something you couldn’t pinpoint - a wholesome, sweet feeling -, love was different with Taehyung. It was as if you’d found your way back to who your heart had originally belonged to, and this close to him, wrapping him in your embrace, you felt like you were home.
Things felt right.
But then again, better not to give in to temporary pleasure - happiness crashes down and euphoria is short-lived; Earth keeps spinning and pain arises in the best moments.
Because as you listened to the world around you, alive and thriving, the vibrations of Taehyung’s phone on the bedside table made you flinch. The man on your chest was still fast asleep and dreaming, only his arms reacting as he pulled you closer.
You swear to this day that you hadn’t wanted to peek at his phone. It was his private issue - anything that wasn’t his bed, wasn’t your concern; you knew, and you still remember today. But when the messages kept coming in and the screen dipped the room in a bright, white light, you couldn’t help but grab his phone in curiosity.
You told yourself you were only going to set his phone on mute or flight mode; promised yourself that you’d fall into him again afterwards, give in to his warmth and comfort. But the messages he received weren’t harmless; not just a friend checking up on him and not his parents wondering if they could come in.
Nothing like that.
You scrolled over the same name again and again, the three-letter-word telling and asking him things that gripped your heart, twisted it a few times and then ripped it out of your chest. Jia had been diligent tonight, spamming with one message after the other, and without being able to stop yourself, you read them all.
Jia [11:23 PM]: i was missing you tonight
Jia [11:23 PM]: so I thought i might ask you what you’re doing?
Jia [11:24 PM]: how about a late night ice cream trip? i’ve been craving vanilla for days now
Jia [11:24 PM]: & i honestly want to touch you again
Jia [11:27 PM]: guess you’re asleep thou
Red anger and green envy took over your whole body, burning your insides and rearranging your guts as tears stung in your eyes. You looked down at the one who should’ve been your first love; who should’ve guided you through affection, a serious relationship, hardships in life and maybe, possibly, strengthened your personality with a final, heartbreaking parting. But love - love wasn’t supposed to end this soon.
Perhaps he’d noticed the heaving of your chest and the panic that started boiling inside you, because when you already felt hot tears run down your face and trickle from your chin, he grunted sleepily. A hum and eye-rubbing later, he stared up into your face, the initial smile fading instantly when he detected your warped expression.
“What’s wrong, sheep?” he asked softly and lovingly enough for you to fall apart further, pain oozing through your mind and making you spiral.
You removed his arms from you, knowing fully well that this would confuse him even further - but you didn’t care. You were naked; you needed to dress. There was no way you were going to lay next to him like this for another second, not if everything crashing around you was so fucking embarrassing.
You threw the phone next to him, his hand shuddering as he read what you had seen just a moment ago. His eyes widened in shock, fear creeping up his body and breathing becoming erratic as he sat up.
You heard the shifting of the blanket before you heard him talk, eyes closing and head spinning. Then, he said, “I can explain.”
His voice was shaking - you could decipher that in an instant. But while he tried to control his emotions, you had long given up; because when you spoke again, you sounded more high-pitched than you usually did.
“Can you?” you asked, turning with your arms around your body as if this could keep you whole. “Tell me, Taehyung. Are you still in love with her?”
He stared at you as if he was a deer caught in headlights, eyebrows shifted in a confused way but eyes so telling that you crumbled. He gulped, the air in the room suddenly pressing and tight.
“The truth,” you said, eyes pleading, heart hoping he’d tell you something you wanted to hear, “please.”
But he didn’t. Of course he didn’t. He let the phone fall, more messages coming in - god, why was she being so incessantly annoying? Why did she not understand that he was not available, trying to explain his actions to another girl who wasn’t her?
“Somewhat?” you exclaimed, more tears flooding, more promises breaking. “Somewhat? What the fuck were you thinking then?”
“You… fucked me.”
He went silent for a moment, his gaze drowning in pain and begging for you to understand; understand what, you didn’t know either. There was nothing to understand - nothing to heal.
“Y/N… please…”
You shook your head, drops of the salty liquid flying around but more and more following nevertheless. “No. You fucked me. Told me you loved me. While still being in love with her, talking to her, doing wha-”
Sobs escaped you as new thoughts formed in your mind - you were scared, god, so scared. You didn’t want to hear his answers, but you kept throwing questions at him anyway. “I’m nothing to you, right?”
You saw his shoulders fall with his expression, ache written in his face clearly as he tried to reach out for you. But you only stood, leaving the mattress and him empty.
You shot him a glare, jaw clenching in fury as you asked, “What?! Seriously, Taehyung…”
“I am in love with you. It’s true that I felt things for her - and I probably still do. But I don’t love her like I love you. I could never feel for her what I feel for you. Y/N, I-”
He left the bed, too, towering above you after putting on his boxers. Arms forced you to face him, his hands coming up to cup your face. “When I said there’s nothing about her anymore, I meant it. Please, I still do, there’s nothing-”
Taehyung was crying, too. Plush lips hung open and quivered, face full of fear and body shivering. “I thought I’d keep in touch with her when I saw you get closer to Hoseok. And I couldn’t - just couldn’t take the sight anymore. I hated seeing you with him, because I’d been dumb enough to reject you in the first place, and I- no, please, listen.”
He stopped you in your tracks when you tried to move out of his grip, body stiffening with each unbelievable word he uttered.
It was the first time now when you noticed Taehyung’s manipulative and toxic nature. The way he’d been the biggest flirt in your life for years and still broken your heart; the way he’d change his demeanor as soon as Jia was around and was then back to you, then back to her, then back to you…
You could see it clearly now, all of it.
Rejection had been a turning point for you, something you’d gotten over with and learned to accept; you’d long moved on with love and started to see affection that other people harboured for you. But the fact that Taehyung had managed to twist things and slept with you to keep you away from someone you genuinely liked - this was probably what irked you the most.
Your brain was shutting down gradually, the sight in front of you becoming blurred as another question floated on your tongue - you didn’t know what to do. You wanted to leave, not see him right now; but then, you knew you couldn’t. Nothing felt resolved.
“Are you still sleeping with her, Tae? Would you have answered her messages as soon as I was gone?”
Time halted for a moment, the ticking of Taehyung’s clock feeling unreal as you waited for an answer. He stayed silent. Nothing. More seconds passing - still no response. Then, you started feeling increasingly sick, realising that his stillness was answer enough.
You whispered, “When did you last sleep with her?”
More time passed as Taehyung acted like the mute victim, hands falling from your face when he finally answered, “Last week.”
“Last week,” you repeated, mind falling into an irreparable darkness. “And if I’d told you I needed to sort out my feelings-” which you would’ve, “-you would’ve slept with her again. Right? Because you can’t say no. Not if you’re still in love with her.”
And for the umpteenth time, he didn’t answer right away. Only closed his eyes. Took a deep breath. Licked his lips and then mumbled, “I’m sorry.”
Your heartbeat stopped.
Then accelerated.
Pain shot through the organ like an arrow.
And then everything repeated.
Especially when you stepped away a little, shaking your head in disbelief, not entirely understanding how he could keep his relationship to her secret from you and his feelings for you hidden from her.
When you thought about it all in depth, he hadn’t done anything wrong - technically. But still, things felt morally wrong; like he shouldn’t have given in to you if he still loved her and vice versa.
“You’re… an asshole.”
He paused to take in what you’d said, a small realisation followed by pettiness overtaking him. And then, he suddenly scoffed and stepped forward, offended by the crude word you’d spat his way. “What about you then, huh?”
You blinked at him a few times, backing away as he threw the words at you, tone laced with venom. “Aren’t you such a fan of Hoseok? So infatuated with him and whatever but still in my bedroom, letting yourself sleep with me?”
“This is… unreal. Not happening,” you whispered at him, still blinking in confusion as you took in his statements and questions. “I am… not dating him. I never did. We didn’t even ever talk about feeli- Taehyung, what?”
Your tears had ebbed down just for now, bewilderment coming over you as you tried to respond to what he was saying properly. But your mind was blank, perplexed, entirely speechless as you saw him grow angrier.
“As if he doesn’t know. As if you don’t know.”
“Taehyung!” you yelled, making him flinch as you felt your pulse go wild again, “I chose you. Different from you, I would’ve chosen you over and over again, no matter how many sweet things Hoseok promised me - you would’ve kissed me once and I would’ve ran back to you! You wouldn’t! You’d go around town, fuck her and then fuck me, and that’s what I fucking wouldn’t do!”
“I didn’t know, okay?” he screamed back before he started pacing through the room, running his fingers through his hair repeatedly. “I didn’t fucking know that you would. You’d gotten so cozy with him, but I knew it’s not what you should want. I wanted you to want me! Y/N…”
He came closer again, gripping your arms and shoving you into him, eyes piercing through you. “Y/N, he won’t take care of you like I can. I know you inside out… I didn’t want you to fall into the wrong hands, I mean he- he didn’t even notice that his sister was getting sick from the fingerfood and not the alcohol when he left with her. All the time he was here. If he’s so blind to her, how do you think he'd treat you?”
An exasperated sigh left you, body growing tired and eyes becoming heavier with the yelling and crying. “You don’t know him, Tae. No matter who I would’ve chosen, you’ve no right to-”
And then, a realisation dawned on you. Something about what he'd said… something he'd let out in the heat of the moment, not noticing how it didn't align with what you knew and what you didn't. 
"You knew she'd get sick and he'd have to leave with her, right?"
Because there was no way a person like Taehyung was going to hide this fact from anyone unless he saw an opportunity for himself. No one had told him in your presence - so it had been either Jiwoo herself who'd informed him about her intolerance to flour or he'd known before and decided to stay silent, not even telling his own parents.
What had he told her? That they’d used gluten free flour? Or had she been too drunk to notice?
"Tell me you got to know about it after Hoseok left." You waited, not fully expecting him to go this far but still considering it - and if you were right, he'd done all of it to get to you, separate you from Hoseok and crawl into your pants himself. "And be honest."
His vexation suddenly dissolved as the former mood came back, innocent eyes staring back at you and asking for help that he knew you wouldn’t grant him - he knew that now, it was over. “She didn’t tell me.”
“So you knew. And you warned no one.” You paused, fright and disquiet slowly and agonisingly rising inside you again, heartbeat increasing. “Did you do it to be alone with me? To do… all the things we did.”
You’d barely finished the last word when he remarked, “It wasn’t about sex! It…”
He didn’t go on. And when you whispered, “But it was about Hoseok and me”, he nodded carefully, barely moving his head at all and yet enough for you to understand what had happened. Manipulation, lies and tweaking the reality; creating a situation that he could’ve avoided, risking someone’s health just to fulfill his own wishes.
You felt your own condition get worse as the room spun, your stomach paining and your throat constricting. You were already hurting - but with the revelation of the dark side of Taehyung’s personality and knowledge that your first time had been with someone like him, you felt sicker with each second.
You closed your eyes, the colour of your skin fading and your body starting to tremble. You rubbed your tired eyelids in an effort to catch yourself again, but when you felt an uncomfortable bubble in your guts, your feet began approaching the door of the room.
His hands halted your movements, voice coated in worry as he asked, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”
You swallowed the panic, trying to keep your sentences clipped and short as you freed yourself from his grip.
“Feel sick.”
“Everything just- god… hurts,” you whispered before your stomach rumbled again. Your feet moved automatically, tearing the door open and running to the bathroom although it was right next to his bedroom. You heard him call from behind, but you were too distracted, locking the door behind you and bending over the toilet to give in to the sickness until you were empty.
When someone talked about lovesickness, you didn’t consider that your body reacted as if you were going through an actual disease. Because now, you faced exhaustion in its last stage, mental and physical abilities limited as you pressed your check against the cold bathtub.
Your body trembled and sweat streamed down your temples, chest trying to calm down from the shock that throwing up had suddenly brought. And then, you were crying again.
Love wasn’t supposed to feel like this - he’d promised to never hurt you again. Assured you that you were safe with him. Heartbreak wasn’t supposed to overwhelm you this soon.
At some point, your heartbeat stopped ringing in your ears, and that was when you heard him hammer against the door, slightly one second and harder in the next. He was saying something - begging for something. You focused your hearing on his words, soon deciphering that he was repeating the same things over and over again.
“Y/N,” he spoke through the white painted, wooden barrier, voice desperate and shaky; he was crying just like you were. “I beg you… open the door.” You didn’t. “Please… let me in.”
You didn’t want to. You just wanted to cry, just wanted to sleep; you wanted to go away and crawl under your blanket, not leave for days and days on end.
“God, I- fuck, Y/N, I’m so sorry… please.” Between the endless begging, he paused for a moment. And then, “I love you.”
Suddenly, it was this phrase you heard in an infinite loop. But you felt even worse - you wanted him to shut up.
I love you. I’m sorry. I love you, please.
He waited at the door while you waited for him to leave. The crying went on and the pleas went on; more sobs followed, more hammering disturbed the life in the house. You were sure his parents had noticed; and you were sure they didn’t want to interfere.
When you refused to respond, he eventually walked away. And after a while, you did, too.
Tumblr media
Summer was going to pass slowly; you knew.
Graduation should’ve been a reason to celebrate all the years you’d spent in an institution that had given you everything a teenager was bound to experience: new friendships, happiness, first love, heartbreak, nostalgia and longing. With everything done, you knew your character had gone through a necessary development.
But right now, you wanted the agony to stop.
It took you exactly six days and thirteen hours to meet Taehyung again. After increased phone calls, messages and visits at your house that you’d effectively dodged by informing your parents beforehand, you’d started to realise that you owed yourself closure.
You didn’t know if you’d agreed to see him because he wanted to - you reckoned you did it more to find peace sometime after telling him what had gathered in your head the last few days.
You’d even ignored Hoseok’s questions about what you were thinking, always telling him you were busy when all you did was become one with your bed, sulking and grieving until night broke through. Maybe you’d give him a chance after you’d left the pain behind; you were crazily hoping that he waited for you.
Today was the first day you found yourself outside again, sitting on the edge of the pavement in front of the train rails that led to the field near Taehyung’s house.
“I wish I could sugarcoat things for you, Tae. Tell you things are okay,” you said into the quietude of the evening, a fresh breeze playing with your hair as you both looked straight at the street. “But the truth is that I was endlessly hurt… still am.”
His fingers toyed with some small pebbles on the ground, a sigh leaving him as he answered, “I know.”
“And I don’t think I can go back to how we were. Too many things have happened.”
This time, it took way longer before he repeated his previous statement, but when he did, he sounded desperate - as if he was longing to plead again but couldn’t gather the strength to do so. All he managed was a quiet, “I’m being honest when I say that I’m sorry, Y/N… and I know you hate me right now, but you’ll never hate me more than I do myself.”
You needed to move on. Perhaps someday, you’d realise that his apologies were genuine and then tell yourself that he wasn’t bad at his core. You knew he loved you in some way and had been here for years, done everything for you without further questions asked. His nature might’ve been flirty and his decisions wrong - but you’d loved him for a reason; for his initial selflessness, humour, affection and friendship.
But you couldn’t forgive him just yet. What you could do, however, was to make sure he knew all that.
“I don’t hate you. I still respect you in some way. Maybe that’s the problem, you know,” you told him truthfully, patting his hand that rested on the asphalt a few times. “You took a lot from me and you always gave so much back - but sometimes, I felt like you didn’t give enough back. And I know you’re not obliged to, of course not. But…”
You laughed, clicking your tongue before you continued, “I’m not here for that, though. I actually want to thank you.”
“Thank me? After everything I’ve done...” His eyes settled on the soft back of your hand, the urge to hold it growing endlessly but the fear of you walking away always a little stronger.
“For everything you did before the mistakes happened. You’re one of the rare people in my life who’ve been by my side for so long.” A single drop of tear trailed down his cheek as he listened to you talk, realising that you were leaving; truly, actually walking away from him. “You know exactly you’ll always have a special place in my heart, always.”
He sniffled, and you looked at him, taking his hand in yours before intertwining your fingers. With affliction behind his irises, he took a sharp breath and asked, “How do you know?”
You shrugged your shoulders, smiling at him gently. “I just do. It feels like you’ll always be my first love, you know? Even when I meet new people and break up with them.”
“If I’m your first love,” Taehyung started then, rubbing his thumb against the back of your hand, “why can’t you stay with me then?”
You licked your lips, thinking how to phrase your reasoning for a moment until you straightened up and said with a tilt of your head, “Because I don’t think we belong together like that. I feel like I need to find love somewhere else and you… need to find peace within yourself. Besides… your first love isn’t always your last.”
“But you do know that I love you… right?”
The way his words and certain expressions you still didn’t have a name for hurt felt almost unnatural to you. You knew you were trying your best to remain calm and collected, the sane one of you who didn’t let feelings and pain influence decisions. But seeing him watch you with such defeat but a slight sliver of hope in his eyes made you fight new wars inside you - ones you had to win before you chose the wrong path.
By now, you were sure you’d endured just the right amount of wrongs from his side to finally realise what was healthy and what was dangerous for you. He’d made numerous mistakes and put you through just enough incorrect situations that they’d started to feel illicit; and only for once, you had to choose the right way.
“I’m not sure,” you told him then, holding onto your promise of not sugarcoating things for him, even if it meant that you had to watch his eyes widen as they did now. He was close to remarking something, but you cut him off before he could start, “I’m not in your head, so I don’t know whether I’m fully right or not.”
You nibbled at your lips as he continued staring at you, frustration growing large inside him as you made clear that not only would you not end up with him, but you’d also not entirely believe that he was in love with you.
“I don’t think you love me but the thought of having someone for you, someone who belongs to you only. You loved the thought of keeping my feelings for you in check.” Maybe you’d never been good enough for him to notice you in this way right away. And when he had, something had felt entirely off - now you knew why.
“Tae, I- I think… you fell in love with wanting to keep what you thought was yours, but… you don’t love me, I don’t think.” And then again, you weren’t anyone’s to begin with.
His head fell, pupils shaking and tears flowing silently as he looked at his thighs, the hand in yours slowly growing numb. “You not believing me might just be worse than us breaking off our friendship.”
And then, he looked at you again, his free hand wiping away his tears and a small, sad smile gracing his features. He leaned forward to press his lips on your forehead, forefinger lifting your chin before he looked at you, mouth brushing yours but never kissing you. “I do love you, sheep. And I’m so sorry.”
“You’ll find out someday,” you told him, brushing his hair out of his eyes that was growing so incredibly fast, “and don’t apologise.”
You squeezed his hand one last time before you let go, his fingers holding on for just a moment longer before he, too, backed away. You stood, freeing the back of your jeans from the dust as you squinted into the sun. It seemed like you always parted from Taehyung at dusk when the horizon glowed in its warm colours.
You smiled at the sun, amused by the phenomenon of twilight that mirrored the ambiguous relationship between Taehyung and you perfectly - maybe you were always bound to separate at this time of the day, because everything between you was a type of twilight as well.
Deep breaths. Count to three. Take in the crisp late evening air and walk towards a new beginning.
The world was changing now, and so were you. It was time to let him change, too.
“Bye, Tae.”
You walked backwards, listening as he responded with, “Bye sheep”, until you turned on your heel, finally letting your tears drip onto the pavement and your body shake as you walked away from your own personal sorrow.
Kim Taehyung was his name.
Horrible at math. Adored dancing more than anything. Insecure at times, rapped in his free time for fun, studied just a bit but always passed. Relied on you so much, cherished and admired you endlessly.
You don’t know whether his love for you had ever been real or not - but you know that you were close to his heart, even in the last moments of your friendship. Kim Taehyung was your best friend and someone you’d learned how to love from.
Someone you’d left behind with a clear heart at last.
Tumblr media
we’re doneee !! this was such a cathartic fic to write, i hope you guys liked it :’)
if you want to talk about the story or have questions (like what happens between them later, what oc does in life, how tae feels etc...) hit me up :D i looove talking to you guys <3
also, if you liked this fic and want me to know, please please like, reblog and/or send me an ask !! support goes a very long way !!
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fandomnoire · 16 days ago
filthy bts headcanons - maknae line
now the filthy headcanons are complete!
hyung line headcanons here
he is absolutely without a doubt the king of foreplay, don’t @ me.
jimin will happily spend hours exploring your body with his mouth and hands, winding you up and ratcheting up the tension to such a level that you’re nearly pleading for him to fuck you before he actually does.
he’s sensual, he enjoys the intimacy and the journey of sex.
enjoys having sex in front of a mirror because he loves to watch what he makes you do and he loves to make you watch what he makes you do. he wants you to see the effect that he can have on you. plus, he’s a performer and being in front of the mirror makes you both audience members.
i think now is also the time to mention his exhibitionist streak. he is a fan of sending and receiving texts, sexts, pics, etc as well as masturbating together via phone and video. i’ve mentioned this about hobi in both of the previous filthy headcanons and the same is true of jimin but in a different way - hobi likes it because hobi wants to try everything and switch it up and keep it interesting; jimin likes it because he's a natural born performer who gets off on holding your undivided attention and knowing that he turns you on every bit as much as you turn him on.
he has a praise kink that goes both way - he wants you to compliment him, but he is in turn also SO complimentary of everything, from how you look to how you sound to how you taste to what you’re doing well. you never have to guess at what he likes or how he likes because he is so open about it.
so he’s very talkative during sex. beyond letting you know how much he loves you and how beautiful you are and how good you feel, he also asks about what you’re feeling and what you need from him, if you like it, if you want more. he wants to feel desired and needed.
two words: possessive sex.
and he wants you to know that it’s possessive and not jealousy because jealousy implies envy and he doesn’t envy anyone because he knows that you’re his. he just wants to make sure that you know that you’re his.
this involves all night long level wrecking where he will fuck you into next week. it’s hard to forget you’re his when he’s the reason you’re limping around the next couple of days.
he ain't too proud to beg. wanna hear it? put your mouth on him - and that doesn't exclusively mean his dick. he gets weak over lovebites on his neck and chest.
a switch who likes to be lightly choked.
he’s into mutual choking but he doesn't want to hurt you or be hurt beyond being just a tad bit rough. he once spanked you so hard during sex that he left a handprint and was almost at the point of tears before you could tell him that you were fine and in fact kinda liked it.
another fan of overstimulation, but make it mutual. ideally, he wants both of you to be a mess by the time the sex session is over.
favorite position is lotus because he likes the closeness of you on his lap and the two of you moving together.
is weak over mutual masturbation. is such a good boy. loves the challenge of only touching himself while watching you touch yourself and knowing that you’re both itching for each other.
have you noticed that the keyword with jimin is “mutual”? i don’t think there’s anyone who could deny that he is a people pleaser (this is also why his head game is on point and why he’s usually moaning as much as you are when he eats you out)
worships the ground you walk on with no hesitation or embarrassment about it.
the guys would try to tease him about being whipped and all he does is smile that boxy smile.
he spoils you SO MUCH.
like, you don’t even need to ask for anything. even if you don't wanna be a sugar baby, prepare. to. be. spoiled. his favorite things to buy you are lingerie and jewelry. can’t you just imagine the smile when you step out in something he's bought you? and then the best part of it all is he buys it, you model it, and then he fucks you in. if that isn’t a win-win!
because he’s gotten teased in the past over his skin color, he loves your skintone and he loves to see the contrast of your skin against his. when you fuck, he’s always torn between watching your face and watching your pussy swallow his dick.
this is why he’s also a fan of mirror sex, but unlike his bestie, it’s because he wants to watch the two of you together and see your bodies intertwined. to him, no work of art could ever compare.
especially loves to fuck in front of the mirror when you’re both looking expensive AF.
catch him shamelessly trying to fuck you first thing in the morning. you think he’s just sweetly cuddling you but then you feel him rutting against you and his morning voice is all low and raspy and his hands are gently squeezing you and he’s whispering “jagiya” against your neck and it’s like….did you even stand a chance?
tae is another one who seems a little conservative but we know tae is mischievous and sassy - he gets kinkier once he's comfortable. i wholeheartedly believe that he is secretly a freak with a dark and kinky edge who is also tender and romantic.
the duality will have your head spinning because he will seriously be talking about marrying you one minute and then splitting you open on his cock and talking about fucking a baby into you the next.
because yes, let’s just admit it: ya boy has an impregnation kink.
casual sex? kim taehyung doesn’t know her - if you’re fucking, you’re in love. he is not here for the okey-dokey and he’s not one to play games. he’s ready to say ILY and shack up within the first few months. he’s out here mentally picking out your gucci china patterns after you meet his parents. so yes, his favorite thing is coming inside of you and talking about how beautiful you’re going to look when you’re round with his baby. the moment you let him rawdog, he goes feral.
loves if you get him off when he shouldn't be getting off - like while on vlive or in the backseat of the car or on the phone with the guys and he has to try to keep it together.
also, is totally the kind of freak who would think it was hot to share you with jimin if you were interested.
he honestly loves slow, drawn out makeout sessions wherein you get him hard from grinding the crease out of his pants but don't actually touch him. it makes him insane and he eventually snaps and loses all control.
will call you every single pet name in the book
wants to get you a sex toy he can control specifically to torture you in public. make no mistake - it’s not about the novelty, it’s about the power and the sheer naughty thrill of it.
are you ready to be perennially exhausted with hickies dotting your neck, chest, and thighs?
is one of the members with the highest stamina. will fuck your brains out, make you come, follow you over the edge, and then be ready for another round in 15 minutes at the most.
if you can pull him from sleep, he will happily wake up in the middle of the night for sex with you. you could come home in the middle of the day and say nothing but “hey” and he would still be ready to rip his pants off like it’s the nba.
this is another one with pretty hands who knows how to use them to get you off.
he is eager and aims to please. he wants to learn what you like and he likes to be educated in that subject - and he’s a quick learner. you moan at something he does once, he’s not only going to remember that you liked it, but he’s going to find ways to perfect touching you there.
he can be a little competitive even when it comes to sex - you not getting off is not an option for him. you can explain to him that sex doesn’t always have to end in orgasm to be and feel good, but he still feels guilty if he comes and you don’t. and he wants you to come first, preferably multiple times, before he does.
beyond obsessed with your tits - your entire body, but especially your tits.
he loves any position that puts them in his face and gets them within reach of his mouth.
when he goes down on you, more often than not, he has both hands cupping your breasts (unless he needs his hands to pin your legs apart).
and when eating you out, he likes it sloppy. he wants you canting your hips up to ride against his face and completely wet his mouth, nose, and chin with you.
he’s said it before and i’ll just reiterate it for him: he likes noonas. i’ll go beyond that and say he has a noona kink. he doesn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he’s younger, per se, but he does like to learn from you and finds it sexy when you’re experienced. he also finds it sexy when he’s younger than you and still manages to turn you out. since he’s accustomed to being the baby, he’s sweet, we know this, but he can be kind of a brat who wants to be taken care of. he still wants you to see him as mature and capable but he also likes to have his way. he contains multitudes.
uses the power of the pout to get his way and has no shame about it.
favors positions where he can show off how strong he is so that means any athletic position where he has the control and can hold you up and pound into you.
this often happens after a gym session or after you two have argued. though in the case of angry sex, he’ll want reassurance after that your problem is legitimately solved and that you haven’t just fucked about it.
sex with him is, more often than not, sweaty, primal, and dirty; he will rip your clothes off in his eagerness and the room will be filled with your moans, his grunts, and the sound of skin meeting skin. say a prayer for your bedframe, the wall behind it, and the neighbors on the other side.
as much as he likes to leave hickies on you, he’s weak when you do the same and doubly so when you bite at his shoulders and scratch down his back.
he will do and say some dirty shit to you and then have the audacity to get bashful after
another one who likes to pull you onto his lap all the time but then he has to move you after a few minutes because just having you on his lap made him hard.
likes to lay his head on your chest, however, if you play with his hair while he lays on you, be prepared to fuck
if you wear shorts or no pants to bed, be prepared to fuck
if you let him shower with you, be prepared to fuck
if you go to the gym with him….guess what?
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kimtaehyunq · 24 days ago
Tanzanite Treasures [KTH]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⟶ Tanzanite Treasures [Taehyung x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: Mermaid AU, Fantasy, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff, Smut, One-Shot ⟶ Warnings: merman!taehyung, human!reader(f), semi love at first sight?, slight mention of death, first kiss, breast play, oral (f), unprotected sex, creampie, fluff, etc. ⟶ WC: 11.8k+ ⟶ Summary: You’re met with a handsome man who hands you back your missing necklace given to you by your late grandmother. What you didn’t know is that the necklace holds such a powerful secret about life under the sea.  ⟶ Teaser: “Would you believe me if I showed you that merfolk are real?” he asks at the same moment a large emarginate fin rises from the water behind him. ⟶ Betas: Thank you for looking over my fic and helping when you can! @balenciaguks & @taegularities​. ⟶ Author’s Note: Entry for The Last Splash collab hosted by @kimtaehyunq​. Thank you so so much to Soph @sunshinekims​ and Ryen @kithtaehyung​ for motivating me months ago for a mermaid fic and coming up with some ideas for the story itself. Which resulted in wanting to do a mermaid collaboration. And here we are! One last final hoorah for the summer! Here is a beautiful merman fic for you!
Tumblr media
The strong current of the waves rock heavily into the side of the bowrider boat, surprising you and the other passengers onboard. As a morning outing among friends, you all decide that today is the day to get some ocean fresh air and water skiing before the club’s festival schedule later in the night. Your younger brother, Jackson, controls the boat and apologizes for the unforeseen rough waters as they continue to ram against the vessel. You, on the other hand, are assisting your friend Haley out from the water after her last turn on the waterski. Beside you is her boyfriend Jungkook, who is just as urgent with helping her up through the rocking waves. 
Suddenly, the boat lifts up under your feet, raising you and Jungkook higher and leaving Haley in the water. The motion causes a panic, you gripping onto the seat beside you as Haley clings onto whatever she can get her hands on. 
One being wrapped around Jungkook’s forearm and the other desperately clutching at your shirt. Ripping your necklace from your neck in the process of the quick action. You don’t feel the initial snap, too worried with holding your bearings and making sure Haley doesn’t go head under water. It isn’t until Haley ends up being dragged up by her ambitious boyfriend that you notice the red claw marks against your chest and the missing pendant that typically rests comfortably between your two clavicles. 
Your mind runs through despair, hands padding down every area as your eyes scan the floor of the boat for the small accessory. There’s a strike of hurt that hits your heart, worry clearly evident on your face. 
“Where is it?” you shout. The anxiety laced in your words has Jackson looking over his shoulder back at you with a confused face. 
“Everything good back there?” 
“No!” you cut, eyes becoming blurry from the threatening of tears yet to shed. “No, no, no!” 
Haley and Jungkook stare at you, looking around to try and understand what exactly you are looking for. “What’s wrong, Y/n?” 
The moment of realization hits you when the next strike of waves crashes against the back of the boat and splashes water at you. You stare out at the wide blue ocean with shaky eyes, watch the way the surface seizes to rest and knowing the depths below promises you nothing but the fact that your necklace may have become a new lost treasure. 
“Oh my God,” a broken sob comes out of your cracking voice. 
There is no time to cut daggers at Haley, it truly isn’t her fault that the necklace is gone. You can only blame yourself for wearing it like it’s a part of you, like a custom. To you, it really is… well now was a custom. 
Your hand clutches the empty spot on your chest, already missing the feeling of the lightweight pendant. When you turn your head to stare back at Jackson, a stream of tears pool out of the corners of your eyes. 
“I-I lost Grandmother’s necklace.” 
Jackson takes a moment before he can respond. Not knowing exactly how to respond is more of the problem for him. He understands your immediate distraught reaction to the missing piece; it was gifted to you by your late grandmother. She and you had such a strong connection, a bond unbreakable and surely a bond Jackson knew he’d never had with her. There was a kindling spirit between the two of you, a rarity to find among families, but the two of you shared that magical relationship. 
“Oh, Y/n…” Jackson sighs, his face deflating. He calls upon Jungkook to handle the wheel of the boat, switches positionings to where he places you down on one of the seats as the boat inches closer to the shoreline and away from the rough current. He hands you a handkerchief from his supply box, kneels down in front of you and pats your knees. 
“It’s ok. It’s just a necklace. Grandma left us behind 一”
“一 It’s not just a necklace!” you shout with hurt. 
“I didn’t mean it like that. I know it’s special to you.” 
“She entrusted me with that necklace,” you sob, rubbing your eyes. “There’s nothing like that necklace in the world. And I lost it.” 
Jackson remains pensive. “Y/n. I understand you’re upset. Nothing that I'll be able to say will help, but I’m sorry. This one is something you’re going to have to deal with.” 
He gets up from his position on the floor to acende back to the front of the boat, but not before checking in with Haley. She holds a towel close to her wet body, a gloomy look to her face. 
“I’m so sorry, Y/n. I didn’t mean to rip it.”
The handkerchief in your hand bunches together after you swipe it over your face. Your eyes return to the neverending ocean, gazing out to the beautiful yet cruel water. 
“It’s not your fault.” 
Your voice sounds distant, but Haley recognizes the sadness weaved inside of it. 
Tumblr media
The water’s undertow feels smooth against Taehyung’s face and tail. A slight cold draft indicates to him that a mild storm approaches his region, nothing that would disturb the beautiful coral reefs but enough to shake some neighboring fish. 
He scavenges and clears up some paths of blockaging debris, cleans up areas of his realm to help promote the aquatic life around him. His kingdom is proud of their waters and holds the responsibility of safe environmental cautions to the extreme. Every single merfolk from his province partakes in this practice, it’s crucial to their lives. 
A small school of fish enjoy following the curve of Taehyung’s tanzanite colored tail with every motion, making sure not to run into the smack of his flipper. He finds it cute and enjoyable to have small companions keep him company, it surely makes him feel less lonely when he patrols the westward sector. Considering that his introverted friend, Yoongi, usually accompanied him. Though, today Yoongi has duties for the realm. Probably helping pass judgement on newfound laws and veto through bills that do not assist the merfolk. 
Taehyung grabs a large piece of glass casing, a sharp and harmful piece that doesn’t deserve to be in such a beautiful and peaceful place on the coral reef. Over one hundred and twenty species of fish live in the same domain as him and across all reefs, each all maintaining their own jobs to support the biodiversity of the euphotic water zone. 
“It’s boring to do this alone,” Taehyung speaks to himself. He keeps a curious pout to his lips every time he places a shard of glass into the knapsack strung around his body. “Yoongi always seems to be busier these days.” 
He gently strokes his finger across some sea grass and sinularia, measuring the vast contrast of textures they have. Taehyung hums to himself as his iris scans the variety of colors before him. There’s no doubt in his mind that his home, the Indian Ocean, consists of the world’s most colorful reefs and kelp forests known to all merfolk. 
A reflection of something catches Taehyung’s eye as it falls from above, only four feet out from where he hovers. Tiny colorful fish chase around the fallen object as they pluck and prod at it with their mouths while it sinks. He swims up fast, sways his hand to grip the small object before inspecting it. 
Within the palm of his hand, Taehyung twists and turns the item. Two pieces of uneven chain hang off of it, a circular coin etched with the trident symbol of his realm dangling freely. Taehyung’s brows furrow with interest, scrutinizing the little piece of mer-money that is tied to a broken cuff. 
“Who would secure Vaponian gold to this?” 
Taehyung tilts his head to the side. A seaward undercurrent sweeps under his tail and raises his satchel, directing his attention to the area around him. He glances up through the thick cloudy waters, far too deep to see the surface from his positioning. The coin fell from above he deems, why else would it be drifting downward with no other merfolk in sight? 
Gradually, Taehyung takes precaution as he swims closer to the surface. The more he swims upward, the easier it is to notice the bumpy currents. There’s a stream of irregular water, leaving an imprinted trail behind. He catches the small remains of a boat casting away toward the mainlands, no other sign of life nearby. Not even the casual lagoon tigerfish would dare be this far up in this temperament. 
Steadily, Taehyung takes his curiosity further and follows the speeding vessel closer to the shoreline. He’s well aware of abandoning his post as routine clean-up crew for the reef, but he knows he isn’t the only one who is cleaning today. Someone will meander in his section, no doubt, and clean what they can find. 
But for now, Taehyung’s interest is to figure out the source of this broken piece that lays secured in the palm of his hand. His trained eyes remain fixated on the butt of the boat, reading the script that says ‘Delphinus’ in blue. 
The merman takes his time staying hidden at the depths he swims at; only occasionally popping his head out of the water to identify his surroundings. Before getting too close to the manmade fixture which the boat docks itself onto, Taehyung carefully swims the perimeter in the daylight. He remains guarded, head perched no higher than water above his nose.
There’s humans, four of them to his count, all exiting the back of the boat. The last to follow is a young woman; quiet and timid. She looks sullen, a deep scowl to her face as if lost in thoughts. Taehyung draws near, hovering his floating body between the pilings deep in the bed of the ocean, just to eavesdrop on the words he begins to hear. 
“We still have a few hours before the festival, is there anywhere you guys would like to eat?”  One of the males in the group speaks out as they pad down the wooden walkways. Taehyung continues to follow as much as possible from the underside, making sure to not create any noise with his lengthy tail. 
There’s more chatter, more plans and preparations for the night. However, he can only detect three of the four voices. That is, until that fourth voice finally speaks up and has Taehyung stalling in his tracks. 
“I’m not sure if I'll be going tonight… I’m not really in the mood to even think about it.” 
There’s a delectable, unearthly chime to that voice which rings through Taehyung’s ears. Tunes in through a secondary frequency and nearly has Taehyung leaping out of the water, ready to chat and meet the owner of the voice. 
“Y/n,” one of the males says. “You know the reason for the festival. If you miss out on it, you’re only causing yourself more harm.”
The beautiful ring of the female voice continues after a moment of silence, “That necklace means so much to me, Jackson. You’ll never understand how I feel knowing that it’s lost.” 
The scurry of feet fall further away, out of Taehyung’s ability to follow as they exit the docking port. He rests himself against the shallow piece of sands hidden under the passageway. Taehyung holds the necklace up in view, eyes examining the accessory once again. Thoughts race through his head, perplexing ones and dangerous ones. 
Half-prepared plans of stepping on land after all these years to properly give back the trinket and finding out exactly who that woman is. There must be a connection to the merfolk, this fallen necklace unquestionably belongs to her. With a voice that breaks through Taehyung’s barriers, touches his eardrums like no other, he is sure that finding her is a new desired mission of his.
Now, he only has to find a simple way to do this without being suspicious.
Tumblr media
The city’s local beach club is run by your family, the L/n’s. Passed down generation through generation, someone takes the reins of the business and continues making history. Perched right above the dusty sands and appropriately safe for coastal guidelines, the club stands tall with an open floor plan and massive amount of wide space for entertainment purposes. 
Tonight’s festivities consist of celebrating the club’s birthday, being as nearly fifty-three years ago in the last week of August this club officially opened to the public. Welcoming anyone and everyone with very few and far inbetween limits. 
It also serves as a remembrance for those who work so hard to put it all together, for those who help maintain it. A festival which your grandmother adored to no end, always with a gleeful smile on her warm face whenever she prepared the itinerary. Seeing as she was one of the family members who was there on opening day.
Now, for your family and the locals, this festival serves for your family harder. It hits you the most, especially after what has happened to you earlier today. Losing your grandmother’s pendant and wallowing in your own self-pity. 
You watch outward to the beachline from the railing, secluded to the most unpopular spot of the deck and cowering away from any social interaction; ignoring most of the crowd in the facility, including the ones who play water balloon toss and badminton from down below. 
Jackson tried his hardest earlier, even offering you a drink or two which you politely declined and walked away from. Haley continued to profusely apologize here and there, not able to portray the amount of sorry she truly does feel. 
You sigh to yourself, contemplating why you even decided to come out in the first place. Probably because your father would have scolded you if he hadn’t gotten to see you at some point in the night, or perhaps the fear your mother strikes into you if you dared disrespect the honor of the festival. Either way, you managed to put on comfortable attire for the event to only slouch over the railing and gaze off into the horizon. 
“Excuse me, miss?” 
A deep and rich voice cuts through your thoughts, alerts you of the presence of another. You turn your head to the source, eyeing a man who stands not even six feet from you with his hands in his beige shorts pockets. 
He takes you aback for a second, stunned how absolutely alluring and gorgeous this stranger looks. Unlike anybody you’ve ever seen before. As if stars sparkle around him, a soft glow radiates off of his skin as he stands there nonchalantly, looking at you. 
A loose white tunic shirt hangs from his torso, a colorful bandana snug around his forehead, pushing back his raven black, wavy locks and exposing a strong brow. The man stands there with a small smile, anticipating your response after you register that he is indeed talking to you. 
Your breath catches in your lungs, having taken a double look-over on this man who must be the same or similar age as you. His crystal grey eyes stare back into yours, his tanned caramel skin tone complimenting the contrast. 
“Me?” You blink in disbelief. 
He lets out a small laugh, flashing you a white set of teeth. “Yes, you.” His hand gestures to the railing you lean against, “May I?” 
Something about this man is utterly charming and warm. Inviting, actually. The way his words roll off his tongue seem so effortless and you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with his presence. Feeling star-struck, yet he is an absolute stranger to you. He leans on the railing beside you, the soft breeze blowing his hair in the air. 
“Excuse me for intruding. You seem a bit lonely out here by yourself. Are you doing well?” 
Instead of staring at the side of your face, he takes the liberty of staring off into the ocean to watch the smooth waves creep up on the shore. 
There’s a sudden increase of speed of your heart rate and you’re not quite sure why. You want to blame the looks themself, how someone like him even exists on this planet. But there’s something in the back of your mind that is telling you there is more than meets the eye. Something about this individual which calls to you, something you cannot put your finger on. As if you feel like you know him. But you know for a fact you have not once even laid eyes on this man before. 
And you’re positive you would remember such a man.
“I’m fine. Sometimes I like to take a little break from social interaction.” 
He hums as a response, not quite falling for the deluded excuse you give him. The man looks over at you through the corner of his eye, slight confusion hidden inside his irises. 
“I don’t believe you,” he’s calm when he speaks. His brows remain stern across his forehead, “There’s a joyless way you say that. Normally people who do not like interacting with others would be happier to have their space.” 
His presence radiates an innocence you can’t oversee, something that feels wholesome and genuine. You don’t take his words as an interrogation at all, even with the way his stoic face remains as he looks over to you. More like blind curiosity, ready to dig deeper into that brain of yours. 
“I’ve had a rough morning,” you sigh as you turn your attention back to the ocean. There’s a brief sting to your heart when you stare at it, knowing how it has eaten your necklace whole all because of your own stupidity of wearing the thing around your neck as if it was glued to you. 
“Want to tell me about it?” the man questions. His eyes are shining over at you, drawing you and branding you into his mind. 
The live band tunes into their next song, ramping up the party go-ers inside the building and distracting you momentarily from the question left unanswered. You glance around at your surroundings, watching the busy people mingle before your eyes lock back to the strangers. He remains against the railing, his entrapping eyes blinking slowly at you as he waits patiently for a response. 
“I…” you ponder for a second, thumbs twiddling with another before you continue your thoughts. “I lost something important to me today. An item which was my Grandmother’s.” 
The man hums, eyebrows flickering down quickly in confusion but rest back to their natural state. He straightens up his stance, his head tilting to the side as his curiosity takes over. There’s a shift to the magnitude of his aura, you can feel it yourself but it doesn’t seem bothersome. 
“Do you know where you lost it?” 
You inhale a deep breath, pursing your lips together as you shift your line of sight to the ocean. “It fell into the ocean. Definitely lost for good.” 
“Ah, that’s unfortunate. The ocean is such a large place.” 
“That it is,” you agree curtly. 
He notices the pain inside your eyes, the hurt you’re trying to overcome. A storm is internalizing deep inside of you, making him question how important that necklace really must be. 
“You said it was your Grandmother’s? Where did she get it from? Maybe you could get another one?” 
“I don’t really know, actually. She’s always had this necklace ever since I can remember. It had a gold pendant to it, nothing like it. I’m pretty sure I can’t find something like it. But that’s beside the point. The point is that it has value. It has history and most importantly, it was given to me as a gift before she... ”
You pause from the way you begin to feel. Sorrow, sadness, and dread. Everything feels fresh and hurtful; remembering times of hearing countless bedtime stories and baking cakes and pies with your grandmother as the rest of the family did other things. Memories flood back quickly, which causes you to choke up. 
“I’m sorry. It’s just a tough subject to talk about,” you weakly smile. 
His deep voice feels like tranquility as he speaks, “No need to apologize. I understand. It must be hard.” 
His eyes look over you, analyzing you. He understands a bit more now why you act so distant. The man also recognizes that his initial impression on you has faltered majorly. He was under the assumption that you'd recognize him right away as he stepped up to you, but you seem atypical. That you did not see him. A human without the sight. 
But what he is positive about is that the fact that those melodious chimes to your voice speaks to him. He’s experienced nothing like it before, naturally drawing him closer to wanting and figuring you out. 
“It was a parting gift,” you abruptly state. Your eyes remain elsewhere, shy from the straightforwardness the man gives you as he glances toward you. “She gave it to me before she passed away. The necklace means many things, but it was one of my only connections I still had with her.” 
You furrow your brows together and you close your eyes tight with frustration. Small tears threaten to glisten but you refuse to accept them. By the time you open them back up you notice the man has stepped a foot closer to you, hand out and palm up, holding a small shiny gold pendant. 
It’s your grandmother’s pendant.
“I think this belongs to you.” His voice is low, not a whisper but instead soft spoken. 
Your eyes transfix to the item laying before you, blinking to clear up the blurry vision that without a doubt gathered. Small tears dress your eyes, nothing preventing them from dripping freely down your face and onto the flooring below you. The stranger’s hand delicately grips your wrist, holds your hand up and gently places the necklace into your small hand. 
With a dropped jaw, you cry out a weak “Oh my God.”
Feeling so defeated from accepting the fact that you would never see this necklace again even though it’s only been less than a day, your body reacts with pure endless joy and appreciation. Your fingers begin to toy with the item, feeling it and all it’s worth. 
As the man releases his light hold on you, he notices the way you begin to shine like a gem with the item of his kingdom. Something unique and different about a human to which he has never seen before. His eyes sparkle at the sight, but it goes unnoticed with the way you’re infatuated with your grandmother’s broken necklace. 
“H-How did you?” 一 you hiccup in between words 一 “Where did you find this?”
His thumb comes up to tenderly remove the tears from your cheek and gradually tilts your head up. His drop dead gorgeous grey eyes examine and study the curves of your face as he continues wiping away the small salty droplets leaking from your eye ducts. He smells like the ocean after a rainstorm, an earthy-wet musk that reminds you of collecting small seashells under the sand. 
“I have to go,” he admits. The light breeze blowing in from the shore pushes the pieces of his hair in the wind. “But I feel like we’ll run into another again.” 
Your hand clutches the pendant tightly in your palm, bringing it up to your chest as you begin to shake with happiness. You blink erratically at the man, disorientated from the lack of explanation and entire miracle of the gift he presents to you. 
“Wait, where are you going?” You desperately look at him. “Where did you even get this?”
He begins to step back from you, scanning the perimeter of the building for his clean escape route. “I found it,” he stares blankly. “I can explain another time.” 
You sputter out incoherent words, trying to form some sort of proper sentencing and trying to wrap your head around what exactly has just happened. 
“What do you mean you found it? There’s no way!”
The man chuckles, a smirk playing at the edge of his lips, “I guess I'm just lucky.” When he turns to walk down the crowded path along the deck of the establishment he adds, “I’m happy to return it to its rightful owner.”
“Before you go,” you reach out to grab his off-white clothed sleeve, “what’s your name?”
“Taehyung,” he smiles. “I’ll tell you where I found your necklace next time. I promise. Please wait for me.” His grin softens up at the sight of your confusion, but he knows he isn’t in any position to explain things now. “You’ll have to excuse me, Miss, but I must return home right now.”
Taehyung admires the way the pendant looks practically normal in your hands, how dear you hold it against your body as you’re protecting it. Like it belongs there and you’ll do anything to make sure you will never lose it again. 
You repeat the special name, letting it slip off your lips. It’s strange to you; it’s a name you haven’t heard of before. But a name you surely cannot forget because of its distinctive differences. 
“When will I see you again? Are you new to town? Because I've never seen you before.” 
“I’ll come find you.” 
It is then when you notice the way his eyes shimmer like sequins when the sun hits them. Sparkle like light reflecting off smooth, rippling waters. A peculiarity resonates from him entirely, an indescribable feeling that sucks you in. 
A slow smile spreads across his lips again before he bids his farewell, stepping down the wooden staircase and around the railing’s bend. You stand there shocked, frozen, and foggy. It is unclear to you how your beloved pendant has returned to you, but one thing you know for sure is clear as day. That one thing is how the very moment this mysterious Taehyung steps out of your sight, the world around you dims down to it’s normal appearance. A beautiful blue haze that you were unaware of at first diminishes immediately. 
From there you know and convince yourself that there is something entirely special about him. 
Tumblr media
Days have passed undeniably fast since the night of the festival. Since you first met the inexplicable, drop dead gorgeous man named Taehyung who has strangely never left your thoughts. Can you blame yourself?
He has only told you his name and nothing more about himself. You are only left to ponder him, his strange atmosphere, and the nearly impossible occurrence of how the hell your necklace ended up in his possession. The ocean itself is far too deep. Even yards from the shoreline people struggle to find their dropped items, so you can only imagine the percentage of possibilities for something so dainty to be found when dropped in the ocean where you cannot see the sea floor from the surface. 
You riddled and rhymed ideas and possibilities of how Taehyung came across your belongings. Even explaining to Jackson (who is equally baffled and started wondering if the necklace ended up in one of your pockets that day) that the situation with Taehyung didn’t make much of any sense has made you nothing but more curious about the man.
After all, the lack of being able to actually receive the answers to the questions you have plays a large role in this. Taehyung has told you that he is going to find you, come see you again. Yet he never exchanged numbers or any form of contact. The more days come and go, the more likely your hopes of figuring him out diminish. 
Small storms scattered the area throughout the days, some leading into the night. Those are times when you lay awake daydreaming about the strange man who you grow completely fascinated with. Whether it be solemnly based on his beauty (looks like that can and should leave an everlasting impression) or because of the wondrous mystery of your necklace; you aren’t quite sure which one you’re most fascinated about. 
You sit at the back deck of your family's beach house, leaning into a lounge chair with a book propped open to the most recent chapter. There’s a beautiful zephyr of air coming in from the shore line, brushing your face and sending a chill over your skin. The shawl that drapes you gives you just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfortable. 
The low setting sun paints the sky in decorative pink and purple hues, pastel colors tinting the clouds with the low angle of the sun’s rays. A small part of you reminisces times when your grandmother and you used to pick out shapes in the clouds. Another part makes you wonder about how her lonely late night walks on the beach made her feel most at ease. 
In the distance of the beach, you see a figure doing exactly that. Walking across the sand by themselves with the occasional kick of sand as they get closer. 
You stand up from your perched area, folding a bookmark in between pages of your book before dropping it down on your seat. From afar you notice something serene about the individual; they are radiating a very small hazy glow. The closer the person comes, the easier it is for you to confirm that it is in fact, Taehyung. 
The man you met nearly a week ago trudges down the length of the beach in the same loose beige shorts and similar, if not, exact oversized long sleeve that falls off his frame slightly. The colorful headband he once wore on his head hangs out of his back pocket, moving by the wind's demand. 
He wears a grin when he stops in his tracks once you two are fully able to see another’s eyes. Casually, that phenomenal blue haze comes creeping out from his entire being, flooding your sights and calming your nerves. 
“Hello again!” he waves, feet now stepping closer to the wooden walkway that leads up to the stairs of your back deck. 
You nearly jump with full blown excitement, feet padding down the stairs as eager-less as possible. 
“Hi. How are you? I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to see you again.”
A small nervous laugh escapes you at the realization of how desperate you start to sound. Your steps slow down upon meeting Taehyung in the middle of your pursuit. The first thing you notice about this lengthy fellow is the full exposure of his forehead, clean and wrinkleless. It suits his eyebrow shape almost perfectly, right down to the point of his nose which is adorned with a small freckle at the tip. All angles of his face look sharp and smooth at the same time; the edges compliment the small puffed areas of his cheeks and the square of his face contrasts the rounds of his eyes. 
Together, the two of you stand apart. There’s an unnerving feeling in the pit of your stomach which you cannot figure out the source of. Whether it is due to the anticipation of this very moment, or the scary pressure of Taehyung’s overall existence. He’s quite the looker and something about him is oddly magnetic. A thing you simply cannot shake. 
“I’ve been well. And yourself?” He smiles with his crystal grey eyes. 
You nod, fingers coming up to press against the necklace that drapes between your collar bones. “I’m good.” 
There’s a stillness in the air from the way the two of you look back into another’s eyes. An experience to which neither one of you can describe, so instead you bask in the moment. He brings the smell of sweet and salty, tantalizing your senses of sugared water. 
“I assume you’re curious about how I came across that necklace of yours,” his rich voice mumbles. His hand welcomes yours as it extends out, bidding for you to take.
So you do it with caution. 
Taehyung’s skin feels silky smooth against your own palm, his fingers grip around yours gingerly as he begins to guide you down the walkway from where he came. 
“Of course I do,” you chime in as you step beside him onto the beach’s sand. “There isn’t really any… possible way for you to find this. I know where I lost it.” 
“The ocean,” he states. 
“Yeah, but 一”
“一 Has your grandmother spoken about that necklace before?” 
You look down at the dangly thing, viewing the upside down image of an engraved trident symbol and unrecognizable lines. “She said it’s special.”
Taehyung’s face remains forward, onward looking at the scenery in front of him and the two of you continue stepping further away from the beach houses and closer to where the beach bends into the cliff side. 
“Has she ever mentioned anything in relation to a place called Vaponian?” 
You ponder the word, never recalling a place that sounds like it in the world. Taehyung looks over at you, eyes sparkling ever so slightly. 
“No, I don’t think I have. What does this have to do with you finding my necklace?” 
“That necklace is actually a piece of money. Made out of precious gold. Did you know that?” 
The waiver in your step causes Taehyung to slow down and turn to you with composure on his face. You look confused, processing the odd questions and information he’s giving you. 
“No,” you eye him with skepticism. “Is this rare?”
He tilts his head with a small laugh and kind eyes, “Well, it’s not something you would find on land.” Taehyung continues to walk you down the length of the beach and out of most sights. “May I get your name?” 
“My-my name?” 
“I have yet to ask until now, I apologize for being so rude.” 
You blink at him, wondering why it had never occurred to you to even tell this man your name. Or thinking that he has already known it all along, so there was no reason to feel like you needed to tell him. 
“Y/n. My name is Y/n.” 
Taehyung smirks, his tongue darting out to dampen his lips before speaking next. “It’s a beautiful name. May I ask, has your grandmother ever mentioned anything about merfolk before?” 
You laugh a little at the flashback of endless fairy tales and night time stories your grandmother would tell. “Mermaids? Sure. I’m positive everyone knows a story about a mermaid. Some of her stories would be cute for a child. I grew up listening to hundreds of them.” 
“That’s all?” he quips, his facial features turning serious while looking over to you. 
“What else is there? They’re usually stories.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker down to your pendant. There’s a fluttering storm brewing in his eyes, either of troubled waters or exciting bubbles. But it’s at that time you can see how radiating and captivating the color of them really is. Replicating a glass ball full of several light fractures with deep pupils like the dark depths of the ocean. 
“I need to show you something. Come this way.” 
“Is it where you found my necklace?” 
He pulls you along with his strides toward a secluded cove and hidden from view. You don’t question the unusual man who you’ve only met the other day, but something tells you in the pit of your stomach to trust him entirely. 
“How I found it.” 
Upon finding a boulder for you to sit on, Taehyung mutters small nonsense into the air. Riddles your thoughts with questions about your grandmother, if you’re holding back any information, and your thoughts on all those stories you have heard in the past. He hands you his bandana as you sit promptly, feet digging into the sand and eyes scanning the low watery tides and secludedness. 
“This must be kept a secret,” he whispers as he draws closer to you. “I want you to know what your grandmother knew about my kind because surely she trusted you.” 
You scrunch up your eyebrows in confusion until Taehyung backs away from you, arms quickly crossing and lifting off the large white tunic off his torso. The motion is swift and catches you off guard. Naturally, your hands come up to help block the view as you suppress a squeal. 
“Taehyung! What are you doing?” you shout with exasperation. The act is so fast you are unable to process the possibility of standing up and running away. Instead you sit frozen on top of a rock, yards away from the incoming tide. 
“I can only show you for you to understand.” 
A small piece of you allows yourself to peek through your fingers, to check if the coast is clear and that Taehyung is only merely joking when he decides to take his shirt off. However, it’s the other result. 
You see it in seconds, enough to have it ingrained into your memory, of Taehyung walking closer to the shoreline stark naked. His smooth and toned backside faces you as he tosses a smirk over his shoulder toward you, as if he already knew you were looking at him. 
“Keep looking,” he requests as his feet finally hit the ocean water. 
In a flash, you see Taehyung dive forward into the ocean, sinking his entire body under the water. With the sun setting, the waters become rather difficult to see through from the refracting lights that bounce off of it. Making finding Taehyung even more tough on your eyes when he never pops his head back up. 
You stand yourself up, clutching your shawl a bit closer to your body as you step forward. Twenty feet out you finally see a mop of black hair emerging from the water, hands slicking the strands back. He holds still regardless of the moving current, an expressionless face as he stares over at you. 
“What are you doing?” you question with the shake of your head. 
Slowly, Taehyung swims closer. “Come in,” he bids. 
You let out a dry laugh, “I’m not interested in swimming. You’re supposed to tell me where you got my necklace.” 
Taehyung remains low to the surface of the water as he edges into the shore. With a small wave of his hand, you notice areas of water around him seize movement. Like a force of indescribable nature, he flicks his wrist toward you. Moments later, a small semi circle cuts out of the water and exposes the wet sand for your feet to step onto. With a curl of his finger, the circle drags out further into the ocean, parting the waves around it and emptying into a path. 
You stand there frozen, eyes transfixed on the abnormality of water bending that’s being displayed before your very eyes. Nothing makes sense to you, no physics or science can make this possible. 
“Don’t freak out. It’s ok,” his calm voice resounds in your ears, gaining your attention and eyes back to him. With a slow nod he speaks again, “Step forward.” 
As if you are spellbound, you follow the peculiar request. After all, you aren’t exactly afraid… only curious. 
The moment you do so, Taehyung stands up in the water. His chest glistens with small beads of water dripping from his shoulders, a golden patterned of shimmer cutting into the edges of his pecs and clavicles. Your eyes are trained on admiring the unusual skin that you don’t notice the way the outside of his forearms look scaly and shiny. 
“Would you believe me if I showed you that merfolk are real?” he asks at the same moment a large emarginate fin rises from the water behind him. 
If your eyes haven’t gone wide by now, they surely have now. The tail flops against the waters, a beautiful lush blue mixed with a rich and vibrant violet. It looks like a rare and precious gemstone as it mirrors the sunlight. Taehyung opens his palm up toward the sky, reaching out for you as an invitation. 
“That can’t be…” your voice drops as you process the scene before you. “You had legs!” 
A small smile creeps up on Taehyung’s face. He nods slightly, “That I did. Happens when we are dry of the ocean’s water. We walk on land.” 
He magically draws the path wider and closer to where he is. The thinning shield begins looking like moving glass, clearing up your view to see the rest of Taehyung’s body as if he is being displayed behind a window. 
His tail bends skillfully into the coarse sediment to help hold him higher as you step nearer. The entire section of him is covered in tanzanite scales, several gradients separated across the surface. 
“That doesn’t make sense at all.”
“Which is why I needed to show you, Y/n.” 
You stop a foot away from his outreaching hand, eyeing it with suspicion. His colorful headband remains squeezed inside your fist as you place your free palm in his. 
Soothingly, his fingers graze over your skin before they reach your wrist. He whispers a small “trust me” as he pulls you closer. The water around you continues to bend and not touch you, even in the moments of Taehyung placing your hand directly onto his chest. 
His eyes shimmer as he stares into yours and inquires, “From what it seems, your grandmother must have bonded with a merfolk. How else would she have gotten that coin?” 
“What do you mean by ‘bonded’?” 
Taehyung’s mouth twitches before he speaks again, “She was acquainted. She had the sight and everything she’s encountered and experienced had passed down into that necklace you hold so dearly. That coin was a gift of a merfolk. Blessing her with the sight.” 
You delicately run the pads of your fingers against his chest. The ocean bends around you with every movement you make, making you ponder the unfamiliarity every time you attempt to poke at the surrounding water around Taehyung. 
“None of this makes sense,” you mumble. “I feel like this is another dream.” 
Taehyung chuckles deeply, hand quickly moving to encircle the two of you free of water. The tide rises above your head, water bordering you on every side and cuts off your only way back to the shore. Taehyung’s ability to swim is eliminated, resulting in him sitting on the ocean’s floor as he looks up at you 一 long lengthy tail flopped down beside him as he props his torso up with both his arms. 
“It’s not a dream. I’m real,” he emphasizes with the slap of his tail against the floor. “You can touch it if you wish.” 
He sits there, defenseless and majestic all at the same time. You kneel down beside him as he watches your every movement, hesitantly sticking out your hand to the lateral line of his tail beside the dorsal fins that stand out on either side. The scales are cool to the touch, smooth and tough at the same time. 
Shyly, you retract your hand when you hear Taehyung speak up. He tilts his head like a puppy dog, a lopsided grin covering his face as he takes in your astonished one. 
“Wow…” is the first word you can utter. “I don’t know what to say? This is unreal.” 
Taehyung hums between the spur of water surrounding the two of you. Eyes staring down at his own tail as he ponders the differences between the two of you. 
With the clearing of his throat, he admits how he came across the coin that hangs from your neck. “That day when you dropped that necklace off the boat. It fell in front of me while I was cleaning up the nearby coral reef. It was strange to me why someone would tie a piece of money with a chain, even stranger when the item was falling from the surface when there was no merfolk around me.” 
“There’s more of you?” you ask with excitement, shocking both you and him. 
He nods with a toothy grin, but there’s a softness to his eye that flashes an emotion you can not pinpoint. “Y/n. Don’t you understand that your grandmother must have had a bond with one? Of course there’s more of us.” 
You bite the inside of your lip, trying to fully accept and wrap your head around the whole phenomenal idea of merfolk. With a small nod, Taehyung knows to continue. 
“I was only wanting to find out who this belonged to,” he says as he points to your chest. “So I swam up, followed a boat into the mainland. And that’s where I found you. All sad and broken.” His round eyes capture yours with his next words, “Your voice… It has something unique to it. Something I haven’t heard before. Like little bells ringing against each word you speak. I can’t unhear it.” 
“What does that even mean?” 
“Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I thought it was a way to determine that you had the sight, but normally humans with that ability… their eyes would kind of… glow.” Taehyung begins twiddling his fingers in the air toward the barrier of water; whatever he is doing ends up calling upon a small gathering of fish, one carrying a small item in it’s mouth before spitting it through the wall. It lands beside him, indenting itself into the moistened sand. “But I realized soon after I greeted you, that you could not see me for me.” 
“My eyes would glow if I was bonded? Then why do your eyes sparkle when I look at them?” you question with curiosity. 
“Because you do have a small sight to be able to see me. The bond your grandmother had with a merfolk must have passed through that pendant and onto you as you developed a strong bond with your grandmother.” Taehyung smiles, grabbing the small item beside him which looks like some sort of rock and inspecting it between his fingers. “The moment that pendant was in your hands, you began seeing. Your eyes brightened, and I'm sure you started seeing my eyes sparkle from that point on.” 
He isn’t wrong. You recall the time when you noticed how his eyes looked different that day. How struck you felt with not only obtaining your personal item but seeing him and his beauty. That blue haze which follows him faded the instant he exited your sights; which now that you think about it… you glance at him again. Noticing that same exact haze that hovers him. 
“You’re beautiful,” you utter without a thought. 
He smiles in reply. His hand holds up the rock toward you, twisting it for you to see. “Take this. You’ll remember this day.” 
You recognize that it is a small oyster, clamped shut until Taehyung taps on the top of its shell twice. It opens slightly, enough to notice the inside movement of the animal as it surfaces a small black pearl. He tips the oyster in his hand the moment you hold yours like a cup below his, catching the pearl once it’s fallen. 
“Are you leaving?” you sound worrisome, a frown forming on your face to match. 
Taehyung leads the oyster back into the water, sending it away and hopefully back where it came from. “I must,” he mumbles. “I should be filling out my duties right now. I hope you understand.” 
“Will I…” you hesitate, eyes looking at the water around you. Slowly the path begins opening back up to the shore, parting itself wide enough for your frame to walk back. “Am I going to see you again?”
Taehyung ponders the thought, knowing very well the tug of the need to hear you continues to grow every time you speak. He sighs quickly, using the water to help pick his body back up and grant him movement once again. His body hovers at the break of water, hand gesturing for you to step closer to him. You stare innocently into his eyes, letting your feet take you to him like a magnetic pull. Once you're close enough, his palm cuffs the round of your cheek. 
“Would you like to see me again, Y/n?” 
“Of course I do.” 
His fingers delicately hook around the back of your neck, leading your head closer to his. Taehyung keeps his actions slow as he observes the way you respond. There’s no sign of your dither, no pulling away or shyly hanging back. Which grants Taehyung the clear sign to continue what he plans on doing.
At first you don’t process the soft and gentle kiss he plants on your mouth; you are too busy staring at his eyes. It’s slow-moving, as if the world stops around you. Taehyung feels you steadily kiss back against his lips, turning the light peck into something a bit more.
He doesn’t allow it to flow much further, breaking off contact with you and has his fingers trace against your cheek. Taehyung wears a grin, it glows from ear to ear. 
“I’ll come back,” he whispers. 
Tumblr media
The two of you agree to meet up throughout the fading days, when the sun begins kissing the horizon and the stars start peeking in the skies. Long, late walks on the beach (something oddly similar to what your grandmother used to do) become a casual occurrence for you. With each passing day you stroll yourself to the safe and secluded cove off in the distance, away from wandering eyes and reality. 
Each time you step into Taehyung’s sight, it feels like a dream land. Catered to your wildest thoughts and fantasies about the newly found merfolk, living in a secret of learning the wonders of a world far below the ocean. Small, interesting pieces of Taehyung’s world come with him every time the two of you meet. Lots of golden jewelry and miniature glass sculptures that serve as decorations, even presenting to you small snack-like foods which merfolks casually eat. 
You attempt to try some, understanding quickly that you aren’t too keen on the kelp he provides. Taehyung tells you about some of the normal living situations; how it’s always likely a merfolk is on duty to clean up the waters and provide a healthier lifestyle for the aquatic beings. Even telling you how they sleep after you request the answer; who knew that there are sea sponges that expand larger than seven feet down there? 
What surprises you the most is when Taehyung explains that routinely, most mermaids prefer sleeping on land 一 like how seals do! However, it’s quite difficult to find hidden areas where there is little interaction and freedom for merfolk to casually sleep on the shore. So once in a while, they take a trip up to the surface and find themselves in an underwater cavern or in some cases… they have to hook up at specific hotels. 
Apparently the closest one is about twenty minutes away from where you live and you had no idea it serves a secondary purpose to help merfolks out! 
Tonight feels different.
Something in the air shifts when you enter the cove where Taehyung patiently waits for you. You have brought along with you a small picnic blanket with a basket of gummy candies. He’s never really tried your favorite treats before so he might as well try now. 
He’s already dry from the water, leg’s fully equipped and crossed over another as he’s plopped into the sand meters away from the tide. Thankfully, you have given him a supplies box full of random clothes your brother refuses to acknowledge anymore, so that he has different options of clothes to wear if he so chooses. 
You greet him gingerly with a pep in your step; your sandals kick up sand behind you as you plow forward toward him. A green bag of gummy worms is the first thing you wave in front of his face, all multicolored and tantalizing. 
“These are one of my favorites,” you chirp with a smile, already ripping open the bag. “I like the blue and red ones the most, but they’re all tasty!” 
Taehyung laughs along with you, sharing and biting off pieces of another’s candy. He’s fascinated with the yellow ones, pineapple flavored, and he tends to horde them to himself as a playful joke. 
His aura, that blue fade that he carries around with him, has become distinctly brighter the more you’ve gotten to know the merman. It’s oddly… attractive. Drawn like a moth to a flame. 
You listen to the relaxing rolling waves of the ocean as your senses fade out, admiring Taehyung’s entire being before your eyes. He’s ethereal; a graceful beauty that is crafted by some magical rays of light from the mystifying fathoms below. Nobody on the planet can even compare to the way he looks, there’s no doubt about it. 
He catches you staring at him, raising his eyebrows with an expectant look, “Everything alright?” 
Your hands dig into the blanket below you, twirling the loose strands that unweaved themselves from being overused. There’s a shininess that develops, unusual for you, which you can not bring yourself to look him back in the eyes. 
“Yeah. I just like looking at you,” you confess. 
Taehyung’s fingers tilt your chin up swiftly with a smile beaming so kindly at you. “There’s nothing to be shy about. I enjoy seeing you too, Y/n.” 
“I feel like I kind of look at you in the way of a lovesick puppy,” you admit with a nervous laugh. “I’m not saying I'm like ‘in love with you’… more or less I kind of… like you.”
There’s a wave of confusion on Taehyung’s face as he tries to contemplate your words. He leans closer to you, hands grabbing at your arms to come closer. “Wait, do you think I don’t like you?” 
“What? No! I-I just, I was worried… that I’m being ridiculous?” 
“Ridiculous? How so?” His confusion has his eyes dancing over your face, scanning all the distress and worriedness embedded into your forehead. 
“I don’t understand how I am so comfortable with it.” 
Taehyung doesn’t feel the need to hear any more dwelling thoughts that have you second guessing things. Frankly, he doesn’t understand what stirred you up in the first place. There are reciprocated feelings, maybe he isn’t giving you enough validation to reassure you. 
“I’m comfortable with you too, Y/n. I like you too,” his deep baritone voice speaks. “I’m sorry if I ever made you think otherwise. Will you forgive me?” It is at that moment that Taehyung’s hand fishes out something from his pockets and closes his fist around it. A small, chic tanzanite gem rests in the palm of his hand. The blue and violet variety of colors that sparkle in the early moonlight is perhaps the most beautiful blue stone you have ever seen. “I think it suits you perfectly…” he trails off, eyes looking down toward your lips. 
It would look gorgeous on a custom gold ring, one you could wear day-in and day-out. But for now, the stunning stone remains sealed inside a very small glass bottle with specks of sea floor sand from his realm. 
“You’re giving me this?” you question in awe. 
“If you let me… I would like to give it to you properly.” 
You look up at Taehyung who is only looking down at his hand. He wears a serious face, battling a war in his mind with himself. 
His grey eyes miraculously shift in shade, representing more of a deep blue as he looks away toward the ocean. “Y/n… I want to bond with you if you’ll let me.” 
Stunned is an understatement from the way your feelings skyrocket to new levels. Your eyes flicker between the glass bottle and the side of his face. “What do you mean by ‘bond’?”
Taehyung chuckles at the naive undertone in your voice. He looks over at you, smitten with how you still seem so clueless when it comes to anything to do with him. 
He sighs as he takes his free hand and places it on the side of your head, fingers slotting in the same exact places as they do every other time. Hesitantly, he lowers his head. He leans closer to yours and whispers, “I haven’t bonded with a human before, but I know how it works.” His eyes capture yours, “Do you want to bond with me?” 
“I… Yes.” 
You look at the way Taehyung’s eyes circle like glittery blue waves, very unlike the grey ones you were only just getting used to seeing. You don’t question the way anything happens around the two of you, nothing is ever justified. 
Everything simply is just magic. 
“Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong,” he whispers as he closes the space between the two of you. 
His curved lips gently place themselves on top of yours. It’s different from his typical ‘good-bye’ kiss, there isn’t a feeling of yearning to see another soon. But, there is a new infatuating feeling that releases with the way he tilts your jaw to the side to deepen the kiss. 
The steady breeze from the ocean presses against your face as Taehyung masters the ability to calm that erratic beating heart of yours with soft whispers of compliments. 
“You’re beautiful.” 
“Your lips are always so soft.”
“You have the loveliest voice I have ever heard. Please don’t be shy with me.”
You allow his large hands travel along the curves of your body, fingers diligently hooking around the loose cardigan that envelopes your frame. He slides the material off your shoulders as his tongue tangos with yours. 
Heat rises to your cheeks while Taehyung’s palm cups your breast. He adds pressure, testing your responses when he latches his lips to the column of your neck. 
A meek hum escapes your nose when Taehyung requests you to lay back. His hands guide you gently as he litters small pecks across the surface of your skin. With caution, he looks up to you for approval to pull off your top. 
“May I?” 
You nod, insisting to help him along the way as you arch your back off the ground to yank the shirt over your head. A small chuckle leaves you when you see how puzzled Taehyung is when it comes to your bra 一 a device he has yet to come in contact with. Swiftly, you unhinge the binding of it from your backside and accept gravity to let the piece fall from your torso. 
Your nipples stand pert from the chilly ocean breeze, calling upon the warmth and attention that Taehyung is quick to reply with. Both of his hands come to squeeze your boobs, thumbs rolling over your nipples ever-so-often to tease your body. He kisses you back down to the floor, his body hovering yours. At his own leisure, his mouth makes way toward your nipples. He sucks and nips at each of them, maintaining equal attention to either side and pulling more arousal to both his and your nether regions.
Taehyung adores the way you twitch slightly under him. Especially when your melodic voice resounds noises of pleasure. Goosebumps run down his toned body, excitement pricking at his skin with the way you react to him.
Your hands roam his broad shoulders, fisting the sleeves of his shirt in hopes to speed up the process. “Take off your clothes,” you breathe, “I want to see you too.” 
He complies instantly, tugging off and discarding the useless material from his body and resuming his ministrations back to you. Taehyung’s head dips lower, traveling kisses lead down the length of your torso to your stomach. 
His thumb toys with the idea of popping the button off your shorts, threatens your zipper to be unzipped 一 which you permit him to do so. You admire the flick of his biceps flexing as he manuevors his arms around you. His golden skin creates a dreamy contour around the crevices and angles of his muscles; even highlighting the slim abs in his stomach. 
He takes a moment to really take in your nude form after the disposing of all of your bottoms. His curiosity strikes the most with the area between your thighs, and understandably as expected. You notice the bob of his Adam's apple and deep breath he takes before he speaks to you. 
“Tell me if I do something wrong,” he pleads. 
Taehyung takes his place between your legs, admiring the glistening of your arousal already the moment you spread yourself open. There’s nothing too different between merman and mermaids in the form of sex, they have equal parts that work together. However, they have separate approaches especially with the fact they are underwater and their species work… differently. Taehyung knows this.
His mouth comes in hot, heat directly applied to your core along with the experimental flicks of his tongue. It takes him a few awkward adjustments and reading your body language to understand where he should focus. 
“Oh 一” you sigh at the pleasure. Your walls are already fluttering at the attention it’s given. “一 yes! Right there.”
Your hands push up Taehyung’s bangs, holding them away from his face to admire the way his nose nudges against your pelvic bone. He looks up at you when you do, eyes fizzing with desire and dark lust. 
“Thank you.” He smiles the most innocent of smiles that only looks like sin itself. How such a celestial being can be so wholesome yet deadly at the same time will never make sense to you. 
You feel the closing in on the staggering of your orgasm, stepping closer to the edge of combustion. The way Taehyung’s tongue carries between each of your folds has you drawing short breaths. It isn’t until the vigilant pursuit of his nimble finger entering you which has you calling out to Taehyung in a panicked warning, frightening Taehyung who quickly disengages himself. 
“Are you ok?” he questions with uneasiness, “Did I hurt you?” 
You lay there, mouth parted and eyes wide, staring at Taehyung as he unintentionally stripped you from your promised orgasm. If only he continued driving his finger deeper inside of you… 
“No-no, I’m ok!” Your hands reach out toward him, gesturing for him to come back to you. A wave of heat flushes your face, “I was calling to you because… well… You were doing exactly what I like.” 
“Oh?” Taehyung blinks with astonishment. He looks down between his slick covered hand and your parted centre. “You get more wet when I do it correctly?” 
You bite back a smirk, he’s insanely cute for being less informed in this domain. But he seems excited for his hard work, knowing that he is making you feel good. 
“Yes, that happens when you get turned on. Just look at yourself.” 
You point at the small patch of damped darkness on Taehyung’s straining shorts, an indication that he has worked not only you but himself up as well. 
“Interesting,” he hums to himself. His palm comes over to grope himself over his bottoms, touching the patch to clarify it is actually wet. “Makes sense now.” He scavenges for the bottled gem that is placed beside the two of you before he attempts to pull down his shorts. Taehyung places his hand with yours, the bottle snug between. 
“Are you alright with going forward?” you question as your eyes watch the way his free hand begins to nervously remove his shorts. Once again, your eyes widen, but this time at the final exposure of what lies between Taehyung’s own human pair of legs. 
For a merman, you aren’t sure what you were expecting. Something normal yet not natural? Seeing as a thick and large appendage hangs heavy from his crotch area, your expectations are true yet completely unforeseen. It dangles in the air even when it’s hardened; strong veins pump vigorously into the swelling and leaky member. 
“Are you?” His inquiry feels airy, light hearted yet it serves with a strong impact. 
Nevertheless, you nod. Scary as it may be, you are eager to have him… to take him. 
Taehyung slots himself between your legs, his waist floats between your thighs, and your conjoined hands get pinned down to the side of your head. His other hand comes to spread your leg further, prying you open like a clam as his pelvis moves closer to yours. 
The tip of his cockhead runs against your entrance. You calculate the feeling of it before it even enters you, seeing how girthy the circumference of him is. There’s nothing but blissful pain that runs through your mind, anticipating that every inch of him will fill you up without any problem. 
“Y/n?” his voice snaps you out of whatever trance you were in while staring down between your bodies. 
“Yeah?” you look up at him, admiring the way he shines all around. 
He lowers himself, dick aligned in preparation of moving into you, and sets his face before yours. His eyes flicker with a dark flare, twinkling in comparison to the night sky above. He seeks your lips, re-kissing you as your heart trembles inside your chest. 
Slowly, Taehyung pushes himself into you. Breaching your velvety walls and submerging his lengthy cock inch by inch. He halts midway to gather his breath, eyes blown out and wide with thrill. The stretch is intense, leaving you gasping at the initial intrusion as you grip your legs around Taehyung’s waist. You clamp down tightly, holding Taehyung with a near iron grip as his forehead drops to yours. 
“Are you alright?” he asks, eyes searching for yours. 
His hips move carefully as he pulls back, leaving a portion of him still snug inside. Your free hand grips on his forearm as you squeeze his hand with the other. 
“Yes,” you breathe out, eyes fluttering slightly. “Keep moving for me.” 
Taehyung rolls his hips as swift and lithe like the ocean’s waves; his pelvis finally sinking deep enough to hit against yours. He kisses the soft moans flooding out of your mouth as you’re adjusting to his impressive size. 
He fucks into you sensually, slow and tender, but impactful. His dick fills you up completely, leaving no corner untouched from the way he bottoms out. 
“Oh my…” you smile at the next blunt thrust from him. Your head tosses back as you shut your eyes with a spike of bliss coursing inside your body. “Again, Taehyung. Again.”
The more you chant, the more Taehyung listens. 
The sound of your voice rings in his ears, lighthearted bells jingling in the wind with each heightened pitch.Taehyung is considerate, grinding unhurried and taking you in with delicacy. It’s an unusual approach for something you’re used to, much more vanilla, but it feels more world shaking than any other encounter you’ve had before.
Maybe it’s simply because of him. 
The way his bangs fall over his face from above; the way his pretty lips twitch and part with a shortness of breath. How his torso, thin and toned, still makes you feel secure and safe under him. Perhaps it is even the way his warmth and comfort, which has been with him all along, is truly what has driven you crazy in love with him. 
So this is love.
From the way he gleams at you with heavy eye contact while thrusting into you with such a carnal desire 一 you can tell he feels the same unexplainable feelings. 
A small light radiates between the two of you, you notice this as it reflects off of his face. You glance up and notice how your hands hold onto a light, symbolizing the bonding which is being developed between human and merman. 
“You can see me now…” he smiles as his head hangs between his shoulders. He holds onto a shaky breath, keeping himself from losing his all in the most magical seconds of the two of your lives. 
“What?” you blink at him, waiting for him to look back into your eyes. 
The moment he does, you are hit with a whirlwind of feelings tied into a visual you can only describe as a hallucination. His eyes, as unique and beautiful they are already, now shine as if you’re peering through a kaleidoscope. He is glowing unlike anything you have seen before. 
Taehyung’s palm rests at the side of your face, a warm smile emits from both his mouth and eyes. “You’re glowing,” he states with astonishment, “your eyes are glowing!” 
Urgency runs through your body, too preoccupied with gawking at the man above you to notice the way you're tightening around his entire frame as if you were holding onto him for dear life. A sharp and delicious roll of Taehyung’s hips sends you sputtering out words while your walls quiver around his dick. 
Leaking off-white cream onto him the more he surges through your orgasm. He watches the way your face contorts with pleasure, how your teeth nip down onto your bottom lip. Your legs shake around his waist, body sucking himself in as close as possible. 
Taehyung kisses you with fervor with one last thrust, stalling his movements and keeping himself completely immersed inside of you. He groans at his release, unloading himself into your lovely cunt. 
Seconds feel like minutes before Taehyung pulls away from you, quick to wrap you up in his arms and hold you close to his body. His lips attach to your forehead first, then down to your nose. Finally, he leaves one last peck to your lips before either one of you speaks. 
“Was that good?” His kindhearted words only make you feel like putty in his arms. 
Your face nudges into his chest, nose pressing against the naked surface of his pecs as you inhale the crisp ocean musk he wears. His skin feels smooth, completely blemishless.
“It was amazing,” you admit with a smile. 
His fingers trace small outlines onto your temple as he combs through your hair. Warm breath fans out of his nose from above you as he sighs with content. He’s sure to hold you close when he wraps your predisposed cardigan around the two of you. 
“Stay with me a bit longer tonight?” Taehyung asks with sincerity, his heated body pressed against yours. “Watch the stars fall with me.” 
His hand tilts your chin away from his chest to face the sky above, twinkling lights litter the darkened stratosphere. Taehyung points up with the extending of his arm, toward a very small cluster of bright lit stars 一 almost impossible to notice with just the naked eye.
“That one is called ‘Delphinus’. It represents the dolphin who has helped the sea god, Poseidon, win the heart of his wife, the mermaid Amphitrite.”
You recall the name of the boat, which was owned by your grandparents initially, being named the same as this constellation Taehyung identifies. The gears in your mind continue to unravel the hidden mysteries your grandmother carried throughout her life.
Slowly and surely, you’re developing a few of your own secrets too. 
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved under @kimtaehyunq​​ - do not copy, repost, modify, edit, or translate any of my work without my direct consent. This tumblr and my ao3 are the ONLY places my fics are posted.
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iii. rotten angelcake ⇾ kth. [M]
Tumblr media
chapter three : the geraldson residence ⤑ you run your mouth too much. now your ass gets it.
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Tumblr media
⌁ pairing; ceo!taehyung x curvy!reader (f.)
⌁ genre/rating; s2l, ceo au, sugar daddy au, smut, fluff, 18+
⌁ word count; 8.8k
⌁ warnings; mullet!taehyung (yes, bestie this is a fucking warning), dom!taehyung, daddy!taehyung, ass enthusiast!taehyung, sub!reader, brat!reader, virgin!reader, light thigh worship, semi-public sex, daddy kink, hand kink, praise kink, slight humiliation kink, corruption kink, scent kink, dirty talk, jealousy, slight oral (f.), masturbation (f.), voyeurism, exhibitionism, orgasm control, spanking, choking, begging, teasing, biting, clit rubbing, cum tasting/eating
⌁ le playlist
ও a hundred thanks to cam ( @sunshinejunghoseokie ) for the pretty, pretty banner!! a super special thank you to my bestest betas sammy ( @chateautae ), eva ( @nottodayjjk ) and kiki ( @uhgood-dooghu​ ) for reading through this at such short notice and dying with me at this couple’s cuteness. i love you all so much 🥺💞
Tumblr media
When you walk out into the lobby, you find Kim Taehyung standing with the doormen he hired to watch over your building. He has his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants, long autumn coat undone to reveal a maroon cardigan all buttoned up and fitting him so snug. The few buttons near his chest remain open though, his collarbone on display. The thought of decorating that delicate area of skin with your muted pink lipstick trickles into your mind and eventually settles between your legs. A shiver twirls around your spine with a shaky breath. 
Taehyung hasn’t heard you yet, hasn’t noticed your presence lingering around the staircase door. He raises a brow at something one of the men says. The men shift their weight, fidgeting only to stand straighter. You watch, mesmerised and concerned, as Taehyung leans forward and whispers a couple of phrases. The men hurry to their posts, eyes locked on the street and hand clasped behind them the moment Taehyung stands back to his full height.
He continues to stare ahead, asking, “You gonna stand there all night?”
“Yes, Mr. Kim,” the men shout in unison. 
Smirking, Taehyung snaps his attention to you. “Not you,” he says over his shoulder. 
You know you should respond, offer some sort of grunt of acknowledgement or even a nod. Nothing seems to work though. Your voice is caught somewhere in your throat where you can’t reach it and your mind is too captivated by surprise to compute any comprehensive commands beyond the reminder to just breathe as you try to slowly process the fact that he knew you were watching him the whole time. 
But, you wish it was just that. You wish you were just caught red-handed, ogling him as he scolds his employees. You wish his eyes don’t devour you with every other glance. You wish so badly to have missed the way his head tilts to better capture the curves of your hips and stomach in the little black tube top and skirt you found hidden in the back of your closet. 
Seeing that this dinner party at Geraldson’s house is your work obligation and not Taehyung’s, you didn’t think it was fair to ask him for the funds to purchase yet another dress. So you revisited some of the older outfits you used to wear for past school events you were expected to attend. 
However, though the sheer black button up tucked in your skirt and cinched with a belt is an old look for you, it is not for Taehyung. He just stands and rakes his gaze up and up and up only to go back down, down, linger around your hips, and down some more. 
Finally removing yourself from the door to the stairwell to properly meet him, you wonder if you should go back up and change. As you draw nearer to him, however, you notice how well your outfits complement each other. Now you begin to wonder if anyone else at the party will notice it too. 
You decide against changing. 
Peering up at him through your lashes, you greet him with a playful smile, “Mr. Kim.”
His features flicker from hungry to amused. His eyes only darken. “You’re late.”
“You seemed to keep yourself busy.” 
Your gaze momentarily shifts to the doormen, but Taehyung doesn’t follow it, not physically anyways. He inhales deeply through his nose, letting out a little groan with the exhale as he settles a hand on your waist and lazily pulls you into him. It’s an effortless way of towering over you, of forcing you to crane your head back just enough that the wrong nudge could result in a kiss. You reject the fact that you won’t mind that. 
Just friends. That’s all you are, you remind yourself. That’s what you’ve been telling everyone. It was the only way to keep Mrs. Chu from rushing down here and meeting him tonight. It also seemed to be enough to get back in Lucas and Jackson’s good graces. They asked you multiple times if you two ever discussed work, the former worried that he’d be reported for stealing and the latter reported for slacking off. You reassured them that you and Taehyung keep your professional lives separate from your personal ones.
And yet you crave his hands… his fingers. Isn't it so sexy how he can cup the entirety of your pussy with one hand? It’s so big, fingers so long you swear you felt them poking your asshole when he last visited the office. It happened weeks ago but that clenching emptiness is all you can feel every day at work. It’s particularly painful in the copy room, where you’re certain you can still smell him and your arousal in the air. You find yourself staring at the door between copies, hoping that by some miracle he’d walk right in again and rub away the wretched neediness between your legs. 
“That’s not the point,” he tsks, voice dipping to that lower octave you find he only uses when he calls himself Daddy. 
You match his attitude with that innocent one you know he likes, or at the very least, appreciates when he falls into his role. Playing with one of the buttons of his shirt, you drop your gaze and sigh, “That was never an issue before. You never care if I’m late.”
He rubs small, irregular circles around your back. You ignore the urge to melt against him. “I do when you’re walking home from work.” 
Wait, he’s talking about earlier? His brows bounce in confirmation when you look up at him. How would he even- It clicks before you even finish the thought, sparing a glance at the nervously shifting doormen. So not only are they equipped to guard the building, but they’ve been reporting your comings and goings. 
“You need to tell them if  you’re going to be late, okay?” Taehyung says, drawing your attention back to him. He follows every tilt of your head to maintain eye contact, one that has since softened from when he first pulled you against him. 
You want so badly to be more annoyed that he’s keeping such close tabs on you but actually find the gesture really sweet. He cares and this is how he knows how to show it. You know full well too that if you were to ask him to remove them or request they don’t tell him all about your whereabouts, he would respect that. He’s a great friend, possibly one of your best. 
“It was just for today. Everyone left earlier for the party and a few of us had to keep things running. I don’t think it will happen again.”
He nods, understanding, but still asks, “You’ll tell them, though, right?” He, then, nudges his nose against yours when you half-heartedly pout at him. The gesture coaxes a giggle but you school your features quickly with that pout once more, or so you tell yourself. 
“Fine,” you grumble under your breath, a playful glint in your eyes despite your dull tone. “But, I’m only telling them about work.”
Taehyung smiles. “Whatever you’re comfortable with, Angel.”
You won’t flush at the sight. You refuse to. Clearing your throat, you press your thighs together and pretend that every urge to wrap your arms around him is actually one to push him away. 
“So are we gonna stand here all night?” You tease, echoing his words from before. 
Hand sliding to the small of your back, Taehyung rolls his eyes and leads you towards the door. 
Sinatra’s Moonlight Becomes You seeps out of the sleek black car the moment Taehyung opens the passenger door for you. At first, you’re confused to find that it's bare of a driver, but then you catch sight of the interior.  An emerald glow highlights the black interior, the intensity of the light swiping around the trim in rhythm to the song. It gleams and glitters and you really begin to wonder how the hell he got his hands on this mysterious car. 
“Are you planning on hopping in any time soon?” 
You don’t need to look at him to know he’s teasing. It’s not like you can anyways, being too consumed by the glow of the car. “Oh! What does this button do?”
“No,” Taehyung says, quickly grabbing your hand before you can press one of the shiny green buttons on the door. He uses the grip on your wrist to turn you around, back pressed against the frame of the door. Holding onto your chin with one hand, body towering over yours, he orders in a whisper, “You’re just going to sit down and buckle your seatbelt, okay?”
You deadpan. “I know how to get into a car.”
“Notice how I didn’t mention anything about buttons.”
With a roll of your eyes, you huff, “Fine.”
He kisses the tip of your nose. It softens your once annoyed gaze, a change that does not go over his head. His smile widens at the sight and he does it again before praising, “Good girl.”
You hop right into the car. Taehyung laughs. 
“Shut up,” you whine with a little chuckle. He purposely laughs louder, tapping the tip of your nose with his finger as you buckle your seatbelt. He shuts the door before you can ask him to do it again. Thank god. 
“Welcome back, Mr. Kim,” a peculiar voice greets once Taehyung hops in as well.
You pause. Turning to scan the seats behind you, you’re only met with emptiness. Taehyung watches you with that amused look, eyes shamelessly revelling in your cluelessness.  
“Any calls, EDEN?”
“Two from Dal, sir. He sent the reports you’ve been expecting. Shall I call him back?”
It’s the car. The car speaks. You stare at, what you thought was the radio system, with wide eyes and mouth agape. The light moves to the sound of the automated voice. Seriously, what kind of car is this? Could you maybe have one too? You don’t really know how to drive but you almost think it doesn’t matter because it’s just so fucking cool.
“Where did you get this?” you ask with a little chuckle, hand gliding over the smooth leather dashboard. 
“I built it.” He replies before looking back to EDEN. He puts the car in drive and pulls out of the spot as he requests, “Let me see those reports first.”
The windshield panels into a dark screen all around. The reports pop open like a document on a computer screen. You’re worried about how the hell he’ll be able to see what’s ahead of him only to find that he’s not driving at all. One hand rests on his lap while the other swipes through the digital files. If the car really drives itself, maybe he really can get you one too, or rather, build another one.
Astonished, you watch him work. His eyes round while reading, lips apart and sometimes muttering along. It’s so cute and then, all at once, suddenly too hot to handle because his brows furrow and lips settle into a scowl and he stops mouthing along. 
He’s quite obviously upset but, under the emerald glow, you can’t help but notice that he kind of looks like a superhero, especially when paired with the advanced technology of the car.
Hoping to ease some of his tension, you blurt, “You have a Batmobile!” 
Taehyung shoots you a confused look. He drops his hand once he understands the comparison, angry features softening into amusement. “A bat- Angel, didn’t we agree you’ll sit quietly?” 
You raise a brow. “You never said ‘quietly’. You just didn’t mention buttons. Oh! Buttons! Where is the nitro?” Scanning all the pretty, gleaming buttons, you ignore most of Taehyung’s orders that they don’t even properly register. 
“The nitro?”
“I’m pretty sure the Batmobile had nitro.”
He blankly stares. 
“You know,” you insist as a way of explanation. “The nitro- the turbo!”
“The turbo?”
“Oh I remember, it’s called the NOS!”
Taehyung sighs, eyes shutting for a moment. You have to bite back your laughter, schooling your features when he meets your gaze again. He’s trying hard not to let a smile break out on his lips too as he says, “That was from Fast and Furious.” 
“So, is that a no?” When he shakes his head to confirm, you snap your fingers and point like you’ve just caught him in a lie. “So, you admit it’s the Batmobile then?” 
“For legal reasons, I must clarify that this is not a Batmobile,” EDEN interjects. 
Taehyung wears a look of triumph, raising a brow. “Thank you, EDEN.”
You cross your arms over your chest as EDEN graciously responds. Glaring at the car, you ask,“Come on, EDEN. Who’s side are you on?”
“I am technically programmed to support Mr. Kim.”
“Ha, what?”
“That means this argument was rigged!”
Taehyung glares. You flash him a little smile and his features soften a bit, enough to get his intense stare off you anyways. Perhaps it’s cruel of you to toy with him like this when it's so painfully obvious that he’s trying to work. So, you give him a minute of silence before pointing at the radio system and asking, “What does that one do?”
You really thought he’d toss you another warning glare or hiss at you to quit messing around. Never did the idea of his hand around your neck cross your mind. He holds it loosely but steady enough to turn your head to his. His eyes darkened at the little hitch of your breath. 
You should be outraged by this rash reaction, but you find that you’re clenching between your legs. Fuck, you really hope he doesn’t see right through you again. You would hate to be fingered in front of his automated car, you think to yourself, ignoring how your clit throbs at the thought.
“I need you to be a good girl for me tonight, Angel,” he whispers. 
Mustering the softest voice you can, you reply, “I was just asking wh-”
“No,” he hisses. “You know you weren’t. Any other night, I’d play along. Fuck, I’d even let you take the car for a spin, but all these reports are wrong.” His thumb gently rubs at the end of your jawline before pressing down the slightest bit of pressure against it.
You bite your lip to keep from moaning. 
Taehyung smirks, brushing his nose so delicately against yours, you think that you might have imagined it. “I need every bit of patience to not yell at the person responsible,” he continues in a slow, gentle voice, purposely talking down to you. “So, you are going to sit pretty on those cute hands of yours- yup, mhm. Just like that.” He smiles down at your tucked hands. “That’s my good girl. EDEN, play Angel’s favourite show.”
And since Sinatra’s soothing voice has been replaced with the theme song of Dora the Explorer, that annoyed pout has not left your face. Leaning back in your seat, you glare at the split screen, the other side littered with the reports Taehyung cannot bear to look through again, and mutter a curse at Dora. She’s so clueless even with a magical backpack and a map that gives her the simplest of instructions. You’d be roaming the world with that kind of power. 
“It’s literally right behind,” you whisper-shout at the screen.
Taehyung pauses to toss you an all too amused look as Dal tries to make his case over the phone. “Enjoying yourself?” he asks, completely ignoring the fact that he cut his employee off. 
You plaster the fakest smile you can muster as Dal staggers through a shaky, “E-excuse me, sir?”
“Nothing,” Taehyung replies. He holds your gaze intently as he urges Dal to continue. The tune of victory chimes from the show, you think Dal might be crying now, but Taehyung doesn’t really care. He’s staring at you, focused, enthralled and utterly poise.
At least you thought so until he sighs and rolls his eyes. “Dal, I do not pay you for half assed work.” He pulls at documents from the screen. They follow his hand and into the tiny, holographic garbage bin beside him. “Yes, I am because that’s what they are… If you think I am going to accept mediocre work then don’t bother coming in tomorrow.” 
He hangs up before Dal can attempt to defend himself again. 
With the end of his call, you pull out your hands from under you and shake them. They are slightly numb from being sat on for the last ten minutes. Taehyung parts his lips to no doubt question your actions. You grab and trash of the Dora episode into the garbage bin beside him, making him laugh instead. 
“Should I play an episode of Batman next time?”
You must admit it’s a great joke, but you’re still upset with him. He mimics your half pout with a laugh too giddy for you not to join in on. His hands find the steering wheel again and the car adjusts to his touch. The black panels flip back to the window. The traffic lights cast a red glow over your faces. 
“I was asking a serious question.”
“You were teasing,” he corrects. “It was cute.”
“You were angry.” 
The slight whine in your voice must’ve alluded to more. 
Taehyung spares you another quick look. “What is it?”
“What’s wrong?” he asks again, voice a touch more assertive.
One look. One look is all it took for him to know something is off. You exhale deeply through your nose, leaning your head back against your seat. “Maybe I’m just annoyed with you,” you quip. Though you’ve managed to keep your voice light of any real exhaustion, you cannot meet his gaze when he glances at you. You’re not sure if it will stop him from reading through you, but you try anyway.
“Bad day at work?”
Guess it didn’t work. One of these days you are going to ask him what the hell your tell is and be brave enough to hear the answer, you tell yourself. One of these days you will, but not today. 
“I’m fine,” you say with a shake of your head.
Watching a whirl of green zoom by from the car window, you shift in your seat. Everyday is a bad day at work, but you know that if you tell him this, he’ll bring up the topic of speaking to Mr. Geraldson again. And though you know he won’t push you on it if you say no, you just don’t feel like having that conversation right now. You’re gonna need to save all your feigned pleasantries for the stupid party. 
Taehyung leaves you to your thoughts for a moment longer before reaching over your thighs. You almost spread them, gasping when you catch yourself. He smirks, most likely catching it too, but doesn’t mention it. That alone alarms you a bit more than the embarrassing instinct to immediately part your legs at the sight of his large hand so close to them. 
He waves at the car. That emerald glow traces a square in the leather before popping open like a drawer. It shuts automatically after Taehyung pulls out a colourful pamphlet and sits back in his seat. 
“I have something for you,” he says as he single handedly turns through the grand gate of the Geraldson residence. “I forgot to tell you about it before.”
You ignore the way your gut tightens with desire at how he drives and accept the pamphlet he holds out for you. Heavenly Stables: Where the Best of Them Roam. The writing sits above a picture of horses in an open field. Furrowing your brows, you unfold the glossy paper to find the description of a cute and playful little pony named Monte. And beneath all her measurements and dietary needs, neatly written under the title of owner, is Angel.  
“A pony?” You glance back up at him to find him smiling. He nods to which you repeat through a chuckle, “You really bought me a pony?”
Taehyung shrugs. “You said you wanted one.”
Swallowing thickly, you try and fail to ensure that’s the only thing you remember from that interaction. But, the warmth of the copier behind you curls your toes and the faded impression of his tongue moving around yours pushes it to the roof of your mouth. It felt so good without a kiss, you wonder how breathless you’d be with one. 
Why doesn’t he ever kiss your lips? You’ve thought about this over and over again, yet can never figure it out. He kisses you everywhere else. Head, hair, ears, neck, shoulders, chest. Why not just add your lips to that list? 
“I didn’t say that,” you correct in a small voice, drawing Taehyung’s careful gaze to you. He raises a brow. “I asked if you would buy me one.” 
“I would and I did.”
“But you didn’t have to.”
Any hint of expression falls from his face. It happens all at once, you think that maybe he was never emoting at all. Was it your tone? You thought you sounded pretty gracious. He didn’t have to waste money on you like this, buying you things or pets you won’t use or even have time to take care of. He didn’t have to go out of his way to find you one at all because you didn’t even really ask for it. 
Snatching the pamphlet out of your hands, he all but growls, “Fine.” The paper crumples in his harsh grip and he tosses it behind him. “Won’t do anything I don’t have to any more.”
“We’re here,” he cuts you off as he circles into the driveway. He presses a bunch of buttons then takes the key out of the ignition. The shutting door is the only remaining sound in the glowing car. 
Your door opens. Taehyung stands with the handle in one hand and the other tucked in his pocket. You blink up at him confused. 
“We don’t have all night,” he sighs while staring straight ahead. 
He won’t meet your gaze. It's the first time he’s ever refused to meet your gaze. You dismiss his tone and  unbuckle your seatbelt.
“Tae?” you ask when you hop out. Standing on your toes, you try to force him to look at you. Even in heels, you’re too short for him though. “Taehyung, I- Seriously?” You huff as he turns away from you. 
“Sir,” a valet calls behind him. “I need your keys.”
Taehyung points his key over his shoulder. A single push of a button chirps the car back in motion all on its own. You make a mental note to praise his talent later, that is if you ever find out what’s got him so upset. 
It doesn’t look as though you will tonight. Taehyung darts inside. He knows his way around. You already know why. 
Alone, you enter. You guiltily wish to have arrived that way too. 
Tumblr media
The Geraldson residence really should be called a fortress. Every surface is marbled from the walls, to floors to the trimmings around the paintings on the ceiling. It looks like a castle that’s been repurposed as a museum, everything ancient and too valuable to even look at. 
The library is what leaves you breathless, however. Well, the second of seven libraries, anyways. It’s a vision of crimson and rich oak. Every wall is lined with books, every table stacked with an array of scrolls or parchment you thought only existed at Hogwarts. The statues that act as pillars to fortify the ceiling, look grotesque enough to be gargoyles that belong in a Stephen King novel. You wonder if each library encompasses a different theme or colour scheme. 
You found it after Jackson told you Mr. Geraldson would like to talk to you. In no mood to keep up this act of niceties, you rushed into the first door you found around the corner. You didn’t think you’d find Taehyung there too.  
He stands at the end of the room, reading the lined spines of various classical books. His attention remains so even after the door’s shutting click echoes in the room. “For the last time Anna, the answer is no,” he says without turning away from the shelf.
Wow, another? If everywhere you go consists of some other woman he’s slept with, you would at the very least appreciate a warning. 
Taehyung stiffens at the sound of your voice, shoulders tensing as he hears you make your way towards him. “Mrs. Geraldson,” he clarifies. 
Oh, perhaps it’s not another woman after all. It doesn’t stop you from wondering what the hell she’s been saying to him that makes him this sure she would follow him into a secluded library… all alone… together. Your jaw tightens at the thought, disgust scratching at your throat so much, you have to clear it with a little cough. 
You stop and stare at the shelf with him. The one at your eye level is stocked with volumes of encyclopedias. “Why not just call her that?” There’s an edge to your voice that you so wish you would have caught before continuing the conversation. 
It piques his interest enough to provoke a sidelong glance. “I’m not sure you really want to know the answer to that.”
Is that what she wanted him to call her when they’d… You visibly shudder. 
That’s not at all comforting. 
Perhaps there’s some reassurance in the fact that he refuses to call her that now, right? And whatever it is that she does want from him, his answer is consistently and unwaveringly a hard no. You tell yourself that’s a great sign in order to push an intolerable anger out of your heart. 
Taehyung tosses you another glance at the unusual sound of prolonged silence. “Hm, there’s that look,” he grumbles under his breath. 
Is it your face? Has it been your tell this whole time, spilling your emotions for everyone to see? 
Turning to him, you ask, “What face? I don’t have a face.” You internally face-palm yourself at the stupid sentence. The little defeated sigh that escapes you coaxes a small smirk to settle on his lips. 
Well, at least he’s amused. You’d take that any day over the coldness that arrests his attitude when he’s upset.
“You don’t have a face?” he repeats, smirk widening into a smile. 
Face growing hot, you try not to smile along with him and pull a random book from one of the higher shelves. Taehyung watches you struggle to retrieve it, to escape his teasing gaze. A copy of The Canterbury Tales finally lays in your hand as he continues to tease, “That’s some really impressive mask you have on then.”
You toss him a sidelong glare then force an all too obvious fake smile. “Thanks. Your Batmobile made it for me.”
Taehyung sighs, head slightly rolling back in annoyance. “For the last time, it’s not a-”
A smile plays on your lips as you pretend to read, cutting him off with a quiet, off-key tune of the Batman theme song. He glares, but from the corner of your eye, you catch his lips curling in to keep from smiling. 
Then, cutting your song short, he grabs the book out of your hands. You let out a squeal of disbelief which seems to fully settle that smile on his lips. 
“Give it back.”
“Hmm?” He hums, leaning his head in as if he didn’t hear you. 
You hold your hand out and repeat much less harsher than you wanted to have sounded, “Give it back, Taehyung.”
This is ridiculous, you can’t help thinking. But then you reach for it and he holds it high above his head and you correct your mental statement, deeming this to be ridiculous. 
“Ridiculous and childish!”
He laughs. Though you’re annoyed, it does ease the tension in your chest. You really didn’t think you’d get so much as a kind look from him tonight, let alone that giddy laugh that always bunches his eyes so cutely. “Coming from the girl that talks back to Dora.”
“She asked a question!” you defend, reaching up to grab the book. “It would have…” you hold onto his shoulder to give yourself a boost, “been rude not to answer her.” 
Unfazed by your attempt, Taehyung cockily watches you struggle. His silence draws your attention now and you meet his gaze. You’re a few breaths away from being nose to nose… lips to lips. 
“That’s interesting,” he whispers. 
Your panties never usually stay dry when his voice gets low like this. Thighs pressing together, you match his volume, asking, “What is?”
“This concern for manners from a little girl that hasn’t even learned to say please.” A smirk tugs on one of the corners of his lips when he catches you squirm. “Thought I taught you better than that.”
The only way to survive this interaction, you tell yourself, is to keep any further indications of your desire for him a shameful secret. So you ignore the urge to melt into his chest and the other to bite your lip. Swallowing thickly, you keep your voice as leveled as possible while mirroring his condescending tone, “That’s so interesting coming from the little boy that has yet to give me my book back.”
“It’s not yours.”
“Or yours,” you point out. “Is that why you want it so much? Because it doesn't belong to you?” He parts his lips to reply when you drop your attempts to retrieve the book, heels back on the floor and hands by your side. “On second thought, you can keep it. I mean,” you pause to chuckle all too haughty for his liking, “it wouldn’t be the first time you took something of Geraldson’s.”
The book drops with a loud thud followed by the bump of your back against the shelves and the release of a breathless gasp. Taehyung towers over you with his hand so harshly wrapped around your throat. It’s nothing like he did in the car, though. He was issuing a gentle warning then, hand around but never really choking and eyes intense but not really angry. 
This time he’s issuing a punishment. His grip is tight enough to stunt your airway and gaze so cold, it burns your gut with desire. “What the fuck has gotten into you tonight?” he hisses, tilting his head like he’s about to kiss you but you know better than to think he’d go through with it. He’s never kissed you and you’re starting to think he never will. 
Has he kissed her? The thought scrunches your face, lips in such a prominent pout, it looks as though you’re puckering. 
Taehyung hums at the sight, taking a moment to consider them. You think he really might kiss you now when his tongue makes a reappearance. He licks at them instead, smudging your pink lipstick out of place. 
Knees so weak, arousal gushing, you grab onto his chest, or rather, his sweater around his chest. 
“Is that chocolate flavoured?” he asks with furrowed brows. 
“Cookie dough,” you correct with a little chuckle. 
He hums again, this time sounding more amused than aroused. You expected another round of endless teasing, maybe even another lick of your lips. Instead, Taehyung turns you right around. The once tight grasp of his shirt is so insignificant against his effortless strength. He lets go of your neck long enough to press both his palms around the curves of your asscheeks. Shivering, your pussy clenches with excitement. Since having his fingers, it’s always felt so empty. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sleep or making another cup of coffee at work, it would tighten needily for his hand and remind you of how you wished you had enough courage to ask for it again. 
Grabbing onto the edge of the shelves, you moan and push your ass back into him. 
Taehyung rubs at them as he says, “You must know by now that you can’t be speaking to me like that.” He squeezes, digging his fingers in and jiggling each cheek. You bite your lip to keep from giggling.  
“See, that’s what I thought. I keep thinking you’ll be a good girl once I show the rewards but you don’t seem to want to understand that. You don’t even dress the same anymore.”
Brows furrowed, you pout, “What’s wrong with how I dress?”
“White suits you so much better.”
Is that why all the dresses he bought you were some sort of shade of white? Confusion taking over your features, you look back at him over your shoulder and argue, “But you wear black too.”
“This isn’t about me.” He pauses to hike your skirt up, bunching it around your waist like he did a couple of weeks ago in the copy room. “This is about you and that fucking attitude that can’t seem to be fucked out of you.” 
Glancing over your shoulder, you’re about to stubbornly tell him that he’s the one with the attitude problem. He’s the one that up and left the car so abruptly, left you to fend for yourself at this stupid party where you only know two other people who might be willing to hold a conversation with you. If anyone should be chastised right now, it should be him.
All your words fall short when you catch him admiring your ass. Lip between his teeth and brows furrowed, Taehyung cups the curves of your ass and rubs them together in careful circles. Every time he catches another dimple of cellulite or line of stretch marks, he’d tighten his grip. You’ve felt his hands on your ass before, but it was always out of necessity. His grip was always needed to hold you up or keep you from falling. He would never take the time he does now, to rub and grab and jiggle just because he can, because he so obviously likes it. It forces your thighs together in a pathetic attempt to ease the throb of your needy clit. 
The gesture seems to snap his focus back to the situation at hand. He catches you staring and tsks. “Don’t give me that look, Angel. You’re not getting out of this, not this time.” 
Before you can even ask him what ‘look’ he’s referring to, he lands a hard smack on your right asscheek. You jolt up, bumping against the shelves with a loud moan. The sting buzzes around the affected area, and you take a moment to really process his actions. Did he just… spank you? 
Another one lands on your left cheek. The instant rush of arousal and clench of your pussy makes you shiver. You moan with your head slightly rolling back and eyes fluttering shut. You’ve seen it in a couple of pornos, wishing you had a man with hands like Taehyung’s to play around with your ass like that. You just never really thought it would feel so deliciously painful. If he doesn’t stop soon, you fear you might have a new addiction. 
“Un-fucking-believable,” Taehyung whispers. You can hear the smirk in that amused tone. “You like this too, don’t you, Angel? You like it when Daddy is mad?”
You bite at your index finger, mainly because biting your lip has not done as effective as a job you would’ve hoped to keep you from being too loud, and peek a look back at him. He rubs the sting out of both cheeks, staring at the finger between your teeth. You suppose he really wants an answer this time and settle for a little shake of your head. You don’t trust your voice not to fall apart at such an intense gaze. 
Taehyung quirks his head to the side with a little tut. “Angels don’t lie,” he smirks before spanking both cheeks. A chuckle tumbles out of him when you squeal. Pressing his lips to the shell of your ear, he whispers, “Tell Daddy the truth now. You like acting like a bad girl and annoying Daddy until he can’t keep his hands off you. Isn’t that right, Angel?”
It would be completely insane to agree with him, precisely because none of that is true. It can’t be true. You don’t act out to make him mad. In fact, you refuse to believe that you act out at all. He touches you because he simply adores watching you rile against him. He always laughs when you have to use every last drop of your strength to keep your eyes open and follow his aggressively delicate direction to ask like the good little girl you are. Yet, his voice is so captivating and lulls you into a filthy daydream of just him and his hands, hands, hands. Hands that rub and grab and smack your ass around like it was specifically made for that. 
Resting your head against the edge of the shelf, you let out a shaky sigh. You cannot stop yourself from giving into his words, his dulcet voice. And so, you confess, “That’s right, Daddy.”
Taehyung presses a soft kiss into your done up hair, then the shell of your ear, feeling it with the sound of his puckered lips. “Hmm, Daddy knew it,” he hisses with another spank. He talks over your whimper, whispering, “We’re going to have to change that, aren’t we? You’re going to learn how to act like a good girl when Daddy is busy. And you need to be more grateful when he buys you things.” 
You should have known. He’s upset over the fact you told him the pony was unnecessary. What the hell is his freaking obsession with that horse? So you were only joking about wanting one and think the purchase was wasteful, is that so wrong? Lips parted, you’re prepared to share your thoughts but the words never make it to your tongue. Your mind falls blank every time you finally summon your voice. It’s as though it knows saying any of this out loud would only result in a more ruthless punishment you might not really be ready for. 
“Do you know how many times you spoke back to me tonight?”
You shake your head. 
“Eleven,” he whispers before taking your earlobe between his teeth. He kisses it after nibbling on the sensitive skin for a second too long. “I need you to count them out for me. You can do that right, Angel? You can show Daddy that you can really be a good girl?”
Eyes shut, hands fisted by your lips as they hold on to the shelf for dear life, you whimper a quiet, “Yes, Daddy.”
Kissing behind your ear, he mutters, “Let’s practise.” 
Taehyung spreads his fingers while smacking your ass, ensuring he covers as much surface as he can with a single motion. 
You shudder with a little bounce, quick to whimper, “One.”
He smirks against your skin, “Good. Again.” He repeats the action, harder this time. 
Your ass stings, igniting a blissful buzz amongst your sensitive nerves. “Two.”
“That’s right, Angel.” 
Taehyung pulls up the band of your black panties. Whatever fabric once covered your ass, now bunches in the center of your ass. The tightest rubs at both holes too, making you squirm in place with every empty clench of your pussy. “From the beginning now,” he says as he rubs away the pain. 
Your voice is not gone, just breathless in its effort. At least this is what you tell yourself by the fifth spank. Taehyung is relentless in his punishment. He smacks, smacks, smacks your ass again and again, hard and faster each time. His hand whips you bruised, the sheer force making him hiss from the contact as well. And he’s growling. 
It’s bad enough you have to try not to fall apart with every spank and tightening pull of your panties, but now you have to combat the urge to melt back into him with every rough, growling grunt right against the shell of your ear. 
“E-elev-en,” you mewl into your hands. 
Taehyung lowly hisses, peppering kisses into your hair. “That’s a good girl,” he coos while rubbing your tender cheeks. His right hand burns against your ass. The fact that he bruised himself in the process makes you push your ass back into his hands. “Look at you. My good girl did so well. You’re so sexy when you listen to Daddy like this, Angel.” 
His praises have you shuddering with pride. You want so badly to fight off the smile playing on your lips, but all your strength has been poured into remaining standing for the spanking. Peering at him over your shoulder, you find his lips a breath away from yours. He catches that smile of yours, one already on his lips too. 
It’s happening. He’s going to kiss you now. 
Taehyung pecks the tip of your nose before pulling away. He rubs at his lips, eyes raking over your lower half as he takes a couple of steps back. It takes you a moment to realize that he’s admiring his work. 
Your thighs tremble as you press them together. It does nothing to soothe the ache between them. 
“You’re never not horny, are you?” he asks with a tilt of his head. 
Never not for you. 
“You just spanked me,” you regrettably argue. 
There’s a dangerous glint in his eyes. You cannot put your finger on it but it seems to be something of a cross between mischief and amusement. He nods his head to the side, silently calling you over. A little smile plays on his lips as well. He looks as though he’s about to ask you a humiliating question and, though there’s no one else in the room, wants to shield you from having to answer it aloud. 
You tug your skirt down as you approach him, only for him to tsk at the action. He furrows his brows at your hips and shakes his head. The sour expression softens when you pull the skirt back up around your waist. 
Taehyung pulls you close against him once you’re within reach, hands on your ass and groping like he didn’t just spank it raw. Leaning his forehead against yours, he gives you this condescendingly knowing look that drenches your bunched up panties all the more, and asks, “Have you been touching yourself, Angel?” 
Your breath hitches. Immediately, shaking your head, you reply, “No, of course not.”
“Why?” Concern colours his features. “I showed you how to do it. Two different ways, in fact.”
Oh. Is that what he was doing this whole time? So, he was just teaching you how to do it yourself. He wasn’t just trying to make you feel good or better after a bad day or particularly bad experience. 
You swallow thickly and try not to sound fazed in your tone as you explain, “It’s not the same.”
“How do you know if you don’t try?”
“Your hand is bigger than mine.” 
He smirks at that, grip on your ass tightening. “So you just wait for my hand then?” When you avert your gaze to the side, falling silent, he pulls your attention back on him, brushing your nose with his. “That’s cute.” 
That’s not the compliment he thinks it is, you tell yourself, not with that deep, condescending tone. So why are you wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing yourself against him? Why are you pouting and looking at him through your lashes? Why are you aching to be touched all the more when you both know that’s not at all what he meant to do when he started? It explains why he doesn’t mention it after the fact. He thinks his work is done. 
“Come on,” he whispers, backpedaling to one of the tables in the center of the room. He turns you both around when the edge meets his thighs. “You don’t need these,” he mutters, peeling your panties right off you. Instead of tossing them to the side, he shoves them in his pocket, licking whatever arousal rubbed off on his fingers away. 
You whimper at the sight. He chuckles, filling your chest with humiliation and pooling your entrance with more neediness than you think you can handle right now. 
“You’re being mean,” you whine. 
His cocky expression somewhat softens but that smile doesn’t change. “I didn’t mean to laugh, Angel,” he lies. 
You now know better than to point that out. If you speak back to him after such a spanking, you might never cum tonight and that’s not something you can risk. So, instead, you remain quiet and let him guide you onto the table. 
Taehyung spreads your legs, your hands falling from his shoulders to his forearms. You shyly watch his gaze at your sopping pussy. His tongue darts out to swipe the corner of his lips. If your eyes don’t deceive you, you swear he just licks away a little trail of drooling. God, is he going to devour you tonight?
Your pussy clenches at the thought. Taehyung bites his lip at the sight. One of his hands slides up from your thigh to further inspect your pussy. With the pad of his thumb, he tugs up at the upper part of your pussy and tilts his head. 
“What a wet mess,” he mutters to himself. 
The extra inch your legs move apart snaps his gaze to yours. He must see the desire in your eyes, if whatever he saw between your legs is not indication enough. Still, he doesn’t touch you. 
Instead, Taehyung removes his hand from your pussy and guides yours towards it. “Do you remember the first thing I taught you?” 
When you nod, he helps you press two fingers flat on your clit and slowly rub circles around it. One, two, three, then he lets go, holding your gaze as you keep going. You swallow thickly, biting your lip at the little bouts of sweet friction where you’ve been craving it. 
“That’s it,” he whispers, like he did that first night. “Don’t be afraid to move faster, Angel.” 
Your fingers tremble against your quivering pussy. You just don’t understand why he can’t do this himself. He’s so much better at it and his fingers- Fuck. Hips jolting forward, your finger hesitates to pick up the pace at the thought of his fingers. Maybe you can trick your body into believing that your hand is really his. 
Taehyung smiles, caressing your chin before squatting to the ground. His attention is now fully absorbed in the swirl of your fingers around your clit. He licks his lips, raising a brow when you reach down to collect more of your arousal to rub against yourself. “You’re doing great,” he encourages, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder. “Can you smack your pussy for me, Angel?” 
Growing shy, you pause. Where are you supposed to hit? Right on your clit or a little lower? He glances up at you with that sweet smile. You cannot deny him anything. Going with your gut, you gently land a little slap on your clit. It’s barely enough to make you moan, let alone jolt. 
Taehyung curls in his lips the way he always does to keep from laughing. It makes you hot all over, a little smile playing on your lips as you try not to laugh either. 
“Stop that,” you chuckle, breathless from the rubs you’ve picked up again. “You know I have no idea what I’m doing.”
“Aww,” he coos, brows furrowed and mouth in a playful pout. He wraps a hand around the thigh resting on his shoulder and softly rubs up and down your soft skin. Peppering wet kisses against your slick inner thighs, Taehyung adds, “You need to give yourself more credit than that, Angel. Look, you’re playing all by yourself again. I didn’t even have to tell you to do that.” 
You quietly moan at that familiar tightening in the pit of your stomach. Slightly heaving for air, you slump your shoulders and ask in a whine, “Why can’t you just touch me?” 
Taehyung sucks at a particularly sensitive area, right by the apex of your thigh as he peers up at you. Teeth grazing your skin, he mumbles, “There’s no need to do that,” he hums a pleased moan at the sound of your wetness slouching against your fingers, “when you’re already doing so well.”
Maybe this is all a way to make you beg, you wonder. Maybe he just wants you to ask him nicely, like last time, before putting his fingers in you. Hoping your hunch is right, you exaggerate your voice to that innocent tone he adores and plead, “Won’t you please put your finger in me, Daddy? I just need one, please- please, I can’t take this.”
He looks up at you knowingly. Your act does not seem to faze him as well as you hoped it would. Chuckling, breath fanning against your heat, he shakes his head. “You know how to do it. I showed you last time.” 
“Please!” you try again. 
Taehyung’s smile widens. He rests his chin on the edge of the desk, sniffing your sex. His lips rest just a centimeter away and you can’t resist pressing your hips against them. They sit at your emptily clenching hole. His tongue doesn’t dart out the way you wish it would and lips don’t move to even utter the praises they usually shower you with. Staring up at you, holding that unwavering, hungry gaze, he lets you grind against his face. 
“You’re close, aren’t you?” he asks, voice muffled by sending vibrations through your pussy. 
You hadn’t realized it yourself, so enthralled by his presence as he just sits and watches, but you really are getting close. Gyrating against his mouth, aggressively rubbing at your pussy, you cannot seem to catch your breath, let alone the fact that everything is about to come apart. It just feels so fucking good. And it’s not because you’re touching yourself, but because he’s there. He can sit here and pretend he’s not at all helping you. He can go on and on about how well you’re doing on your own, but you both know the reason why you’re so close and so unaware of yourself is because he’s here and he’s touching you too. He can pretend he’s right. The truth always remains the same; your pussy feels best under his care. 
Asking for permission is a must, especially since you forgot to do it last time. The numb soreness of your ass is another reason you need to be mindful of his authority. Not like he’ll ever let you forget it. You'd rather be on his good side, either way. Besides, you know he’s acting this way now, but he still is upset about what happened in the car. Anything to make him know you really care and recognize his role in your life, you’d be pleased to do. 
Pussy clenching, you summon your voice long enough to moan, “C-can I please come, Daddy?”
Taehyung raises an impressed brow. Keeping his head still, he hums, “Mm-hm.” 
The faint vibrations of his deep voice ripple your orgasm loose. Your moan falls open as you cry out his name, eyes roll back with your head and legs quake as you gush against his lips. You can feel him growling against you, your hand moving faster around your clit. 
“Ah, Daddy!! That feels so fucking good!” You cry out, voice broken as you look back down at him. 
He’s taking in breaths full of your scent, his own eyes rolling back. When he catches your gaze, he smirks, “Thinking about me when you cum?” 
Your body trembles. His tongue came out. You know for a fact that his tongue came out and got a little taste of you as he spoke. The tip poked at your pulsing hole while it gushed. You felt it and just want to feel it again. Resting both hands behind you, you circle your hips around his face. 
Taehyung lets you do it once, twice before completely pulling away. His mouth, chin and parts of his cheeks are glistening with you. The sight immediately shuts your thighs together, bringing your knees to your chest. 
“You didn’t ask to do that,” he informs. 
Mouth open, you’re about to explain yourself when he begins to lick around his chin. You watch him clean his face up with his long tongue, just wondering what would’ve been if he just pushed it in you. 
You don’t find out tonight.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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allmonstersxarehuman · a month ago
Kay’s 18+ Recommendation List
While I continue to work on requests and other things I have coming up, please take a look at these fics. I highly recommend them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Will continue to post new recommendations. So many incredible and hard working writers on this list.
Warning: These are 18+ smut or have some mature situations. So please read the warnings.
(s) = Smut
(M) = Mature
Good-bye dignity (s)(m) by @n3onguts (Kim Taehyung & Min Yoongi)
Friendly Fantasies (s)(m) by @missgeniality (Taehyung & Yoongi)
Min Yoongi
My sweet girl (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
Not around (s)(m) by @minyfic
Maybe this time by @minbbyy
First love, Last love (s)(M) by @kithtaehyung
Upgrade (s)(m) by @rmverse
Jeon Jungkook
The cheetah lounge (s)(m) by @kookiecrumb
To no expense (s)(m) by @kookiessugababy
You (s)(m) by @breakiebunny
Naughty pictures (s)(m) by @sparklingchim
Lemon Sherbet (s)(m) by @extravaguk
Come Home Babe (s)(m) by @eatjeanjin
Blueberries (s)(m) by @softyoongiionly
Jung Hoseok
Homecoming (s)(m) by @min-chery
Helping Hands (s)(m) by @m-yg93
Me and You (s)(m) by @jamaisjoons
Snapshot (s)(m) by @xjoonchildx
Kim Taehyung
First Impressions (s)(m) by @secretmischief
Krank it up (s)(m) by @ilikemesometaetaes
Park Jimin
Welcome Home (s)(m) by @sunshinerainbowsbts
Touch of you (s)(m) by @mimikookie
We are even (s)(m) by @suzumenokakimono
One Last Time (s)(m) by @chocominnie
Sebastian Stan/ Bucky Barnes
Cock warming- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @lokiskitten
I thought you hated me- (s)(m) Bucky Barnes by @blanketbarnes
Eyes on me- Bucky Barnes (s)(m) by @smutatonics
Secrets and Spies (s)(m) by @badassbuchanan
Chris Evans/ Steve Rogers
Andy catches you... (Andy Barber) (s)(m) by @sweeterthanthis
Starting over (s)(m) by @lahyene
Tom Holland / Peter Parker
Try new things (s)(m) by @lovelytholland
Truth or truth? (ft. Harrison) (s)(m) by @hazofmyheart
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kookie-chimchim · 3 months ago
Control | kth (m)
➳ pairing: ceo!taehyung x spouse f!reader
➳ genre: established relationship, pwp, smut, explicit.
➳ summary: you’ve been testing your husband’s patience for a while now, simply for fun. But you never imagined that he would take revenge this way.
— masterlist
➳ rating & word count: 18+ ; ~4.5K
➳ warnings: language, explicit sexual content, hard dom!taehyung, sub!reader, thigh riding, oral sex (f!receiving), dirty talking, pet names, praising, use of sex toys, orgasm denial, unprotected sex (be safe people!!), over stimulation, multiple orgasms (f!receiving), big d*ck!taehyung, cream-pie — this is a work of fiction and doesn’t represent taehyung in any way!
➳ taglist: join my permanent tag!
➳ a/n: hi, i’m back with a special someone’s birthday present (@taemaknae) 💝🎁! Happy birthday my lovebug 🥺💞!! A huge thanks to @starlightauroras-main for beta-reading, literally what’d I do without you 😭? Banner made by the lovely @eerieedits 🤩 thank you so much val ❤️!!
Tumblr media
The consistent ringing of the doorbell would’ve frustrated Taehyung any other evening, but this time it’s different. Tonight, he drops his phone on the living room couch, dashing for the door. As he takes the package from the delivery boy, his heart thrums excitedly. It’s finally here. He can’t wait for tomorrow morning.
Inspecting the box closely, Taehyung walks over to the center table, and tries to imagine your face when you open your gift. A deep satisfaction makes him smile.
“Baby, who is it?” Your voice snaps him back to the present.
He hides the box in the kitchen before answering you, “It’s the security, love! Just giving me an update about something.”
Happy that it was well hidden, he enters the bedroom and notices your sleepy form. Taehyung climbs up on the bed beside you, pulling you into his arms. “Goodnight, jagiya. Sleep tight!” A smirk lingers on his lips even when he falls asleep, already picturing the following day.
Tumblr media
You wake up to a gentle pressure against your lips and the insistent pattering of rain against your bedroom window. Fluttering your eyes open, you notice your husband’s gorgeous face hovering over yours, dropping a lingering kiss on your forehead.
“I made breakfast, jagiya.” With that, he retreats from your shared bedroom. You whine in protest. Turning over on the far too cozy mattress, you blink at the digital clock on the bedside table, rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand.
A smile plays at the corner of your lips, the longing to be with your husband dispersing the last of your drowsiness. Yawning softly, you kick off the warm sheets and stretch your arms until they make a satisfying popping sound. You listen to the rain thrum against the windows for a moment before getting to your feet.
You enter the bathroom and brush your teeth before getting ready for your shower. Despite the initial chilling cold, you manage to step beneath the calming spray. Soon enough, the warm water hits your skin and you clutch your vanilla body wash.
After finishing up with your shower, you dry your hair, getting ready for work, where your husband happens to be your boss. If you’re being honest with yourself, you never thought that you’d have your happy ending with him. Especially when he was so cold at first. But now, you couldn’t imagine your life without him in it. Shaking off the thoughts, you smile confidently at the mirror, doing a little twirl. Your stomach growls, reminding you to eat breakfast.
The living room and kitchen are unnaturally quiet, save for the rain and the purr of the expensive coffee machine your husband owns. A lamp illuminates the open space from a corner, fighting back the dreary weather.
Taehyung stands in front of the buzzing espresso maker, clad in a pair of sweatpants and cotton tee, which surprises you. Shouldn’t he be all suited up and ready for work? Head tilted down, he waits for the mug to fill up. It’s clear that he’s impatient, his left hand running through his hair, his biceps flexing. Shifting side to side, he gives you the exclusive view of his butt. He’s a sight for sore eyes.
You make your way over to him with a pleased sigh, curling both arms around his waist and pressing your cheek to his solid back. His rumbling chuckle tickles your warm, lotioned skin as you let yourself feel his entire form, drinking him in.
“So handsy,” he chides quietly and without any actual reproach. Turning off the machine and setting the mug of coffee down, he turns around in your grasp, affectionately carding a hand through your smooth hair. “Sleep well?”
With your face resting on his chest, you glance up. “Yeah. You let me sleep longer than usual today, Mr. Kim.”
A teasing and ever so slightly foreboding glint settles in his brown irises, making the gold flecks in them visible. “Don’t get used to it,” Taehyung remarks. “There’s a reason as to why I let you sleep. I wanted you to be… exceedingly rested.”
You raise your eyebrow in surprise, unable to keep your heart from jumping into your throat at his tone. “Oh? Let me guess… Another packed up day with meetings?”
Full mouth twisting into a minuscule smile, he runs his thumb along your jawline. “No, no! Today’s our day off. We’re having some fun today. I mean, I will most certainly have fun. As for you… Well, we will see about that.” Untangling himself from you, he nods over to the kitchen island. “Come on, have your breakfast.”
You nod, happily sitting down with him to eat the pancakes he prepared with your daily dose of caffeine. “Mm, these are so good and fluffy!” you say appreciatively, chewing on the soft pancakes that melt in your mouth.
Taehyung smiles, reaching for your hand and lacing your fingers together. “I have a little something for you.” He strokes your skin beneath his thumb, looking at you expectantly.
“Really? That’s so amazing! Show me!”
Taehyung winks, motioning for you to finish your plate. “Ah, I love your excitement, sweetheart! It’s exciting indeed, but you’ll need to finish your breakfast first.”
Curiosity gets the better of you, and you complete your breakfast in record time. “What is it?” He points to the kitchen counter. Turning your head, you eye a previously inconspicuous package on the polished granite. “What is that?” you press, feeling oddly flustered.
“Oof, too many questions. Just open it already!” Taehyung says, still keeping his smile.
He gets up and steps away to lean against the counter, gesturing for you to start. You gulp nervously under his gaze, walking over to the counter and grabbing the box. The shiny, pastel-pink paper is almost buttery beneath your fingers as you pry it off the small rectangle, tatters of it decorating the stone.
Finally, the last piece falls away — and you can’t help but gasp softly. ‘Lelo – Wearable Smart Wand’, the box says in bold, elegant letters, right above a surprisingly tasteful depiction of it’s contents.
Next to you, Taehyung props his chin up on one fist, grinning from ear to ear as you lower your eyes, your cheeks heating up.
“Cat got your tongue, jagi?” he coos, treacherously innocent.
“…I’m – uhm.” Oh, you sound like someone who has never seen a sex toy before when you own one, for god’s sake! But… this? This is more than a little unexpected. You clear your throat, ignoring the surge of heat between your legs. “What exactly brought this on?”
He throws you a menacing glare. “You’ve been a very bad girl lately, don’t you think?” His tone makes you swallow. He notices the way you fidget nervously, biting your cheek. “Refusing my orders in bed. On a regular basis now,” he growls in your ear.
You shiver involuntarily, your pulse quickening. His attitude is exactly the reaction you expected when you thought of disobeying your dominant husband. But a sex toy? You never imagined your husband’s punishment for you to go down this route.
“Did you think that I would let you get away with what you’ve been doing?” Taehyung inches closer as he softens his tone, acting as if you aren’t the only people occupying the spacious kitchen who might hear his words. “Since you like testing my patience that much, I will test yours in return. If you think you can take it.”
His last sentence is as stern as the rest of his answer, but you immediately recognize it for what it really is – a question of assent. If you don’t want to continue, he’ll let it go without any complaint or reprimand.
But you do want to. You want this – him – always. He’s everything you’ve ever asked for.
Holding his tenacious gaze, you reach for the box and pull it closer before wordlessly returning your hands to his chest. Your noses brush briefly as Taehyung leans in, placing a kiss just below your ear.
“Good girl,” he mumbles, teeth grazing the tender skin. “I want you to change your clothes to something less professional now. And when you’re ready, join me in the living room. Don’t forget your present.” With that, he steps around you, leaving your flustered self alone in the kitchen.
The next few minutes pass in a dazed blur. You grab the package, making your way back to the bedroom, only to freeze in the doorway. He has made the bed and cleaned up the mess you left behind. Something warm and tender curls itself around your heart, making you smile softly. He keeps surprising you in the best ways, going from the demanding boss to the utterly loving husband.
After a long, mental debate on what you should wear for the day, you decide to go through your closet and try on the things you like. Somehow, it helps you. You’re quickly distracted by the dresses, thoughts of his present and words melting away.
Your mind stays empty until you are dressed in a short, flowy dress, the material barely able to cover your thighs. The bare skin suddenly reminds you of what’s about to come and you could swear the lace thong you are wearing is already wetting up.
You close the bedroom door gently behind you, inhaling a sharp breath. Crossing the open space of the apartment, you finally re-enter the living room. Taehyung is sitting on the couch, his eyes narrowed down at his laptop screen. Is he seriously working right now?
Brows knitted together in a little frown, you walk over to him, a pout adorning your face as he keeps gazing on the laptop, not even regarding your presence. His reading glasses sit low on the bridge of his nose, short sleeves rolled up even shorter, his strong muscles on full display.
Sexy, you think, fiddling with the box in your hands. You feel both embarrassed and intrigued by the thought of his hands around your throat. As if aware of your fruity mind, Taehyung steals a glance at you. Eyes sweeping from your toes up to your face, his darkening stare and stony-faced expression betray his sinful inner thoughts.
“Sit down,” he orders, after a few tense seconds of silence. Throat dry and movements shaky from nervousness, you take a seat in a corner of the couch. Without looking up at you, he grunts, complaining. “Y/N.”
You jolt up, confused, the package landing on the center table. Taehyung doesn’t bother to look at you, but there is a subtle smile playing on his lips and he is wordlessly patting one leg. There’s no need for him to elaborate; your feet carry you over to him hastily. Moving the laptop slightly, he gives you ample space to perch on top of his thigh, one arm snaking around you to continue what he’s working on.
Seconds pass into minutes. And even though your spot is quite nice, you are growing increasingly restless, wiggling closer to your husband.
“Impatient, are we?” Taehyung utters, without sparing you a single glance. “I suppose that’s my fault. You’re so used to getting what you want from me.” You turn your head to nuzzle his neck, enjoying the feel of his satisfied hum as you kiss the sensitive spot just beneath his jaw. His fingers comb through your hair strands, gentle at first, but tightening in the next moment, pulling you away. “You have to wait,” he mutters, seemingly unruffled by your seduction.
But there is obvious proof tenting his pants – proof that he’s just barely hanging on. You look down briefly and back up, only to find him staring at you with both amusement and exasperation.
“I can practically see the gears in your head turning, jagiya.” Letting go of your hair, he resumes his work. “You’re not getting a single inch. Not until I feel like you’ve earned it.” Taehyung reaches for the wireless mouse next to the laptop and pauses, tilting his head as if considering something. “Maybe I should give you a reminder.”
He grabs one of your legs, making you turn until you are straddling his thigh. The gusset of your panties press against the soft material of his sweatpants. “You can get off, if you want to.” He smiles, kissing the curve of your cheekbone. “But I’m not going to help you. If that’s not enough, you’ll have to settle for sitting here… just like this.”
Clutching his shoulders for support and burying your face in his neck, you shudder. It’s hard to decide whether you love or hate this with every emotion far too tangled up in the aching need rushing through your veins.
The first, careful sway of your hips makes you gasp. Soaked lace slides against your clit, barely an obstruction for his leg, the pressure deliciously perfect.
Your second rocking is a little harder, immediately followed by the next. Soon, you are riding him steadily, the spiraling pleasure making you sigh and moan. Taehyung lets you have your way, clicking and typing without pause. But he isn’t unaffected - his heartbeat is rapid and his breathing shallow, coming as short bursts.
“Taehyung—” His name is barely more than a whimper, caused by the clenching of his solid muscles, pushing against your core.
“Already?” he chokes, surprised. Finding the swell of your ass, he grasps the soft flesh desperately.
“I’m sorry, I just–” Your apology is cut off by your climax, your own thighs shaking and tensing. Eyes falling shut, you cry out, forehead resting on the ball of his shoulder. Tremors keep running and running through you, your body held steady by strong hands that guide you through it. Taehyung’s sweatpants, wet where you’ve just come, stick to his skin.
“Fuck.” The single, growled expletive marks the end of your husband’s patience.
Before you can catch your breath, he snaps his laptop shut and shoves it to the side. Taehyung lifts you up to drop you on the soft cushions. Gaze sharp and filled with desire, he looms over you like a vengeful ruler, reaching for the zipper of your dress and undoing it hastily. The material falls away easily, just like you planned, the delicate linen gathering at your sides. He bunches the loose clothing around your waist, leaving only the peach colored thong. Your nipples are erect, one of them being caressed by his thumb.
“Can’t believe you,” he mutters, immediately bending down to start covering the space with kisses and bites. “Can’t believe how ready you always are for me, good lord.” The scratch of his stubble is almost too much as he trails further down, tongue grazing the edge of your belly button. “Need you in my mouth. Want to taste how sweet you are.”
There is no chance for you to move, even if you wanted to. Arms winding around your thighs, Taehyung leans in to pull your panties away and lap at your cunt with his tongue, groaning deeply. With each flick and drag, he inches closer, spreading you wide with his upper body, as if letting it go will kill him.
Overly sensitive as you are, you can’t stop the shaking of your hips and the noises escaping your throat. “I’m– ah– I can’t—”
Taehyung raises his head, just enough so he can speak, voice raspy but firm. “You can and you will. It’s not up for debate, sweetheart.” He gently scrapes your labia with his teeth, brown eyes glinting when you squirm. “I want you dripping and tender before I let you have your new toy – which means you’re going to come for me again. Like a good girl.”
Closing his lips around your clit, he starts to suckle, his eyes watching intently as he digs his fingertips into your skin, almost to the point of pain. You arch your back, hands flying into his hair and babbling words that are barely coherent.
For a few sparkling, blinding white minutes, there’s only bliss, only his tongue and warm breath as he murmurs encouragement and praise.
It feels like gravity has loosened its hold on you momentarily, only to immediately wrench you back to earth. The ceiling seems to spin and it takes significant effort for you to push yourself onto your elbows.
Taehyung stares, wearing a somewhat drunk expression, eyes and lips glazed and his hair completely disheveled. His pants are tight at the front, probably uncomfortably so. A shiver goes through your limbs when he places a last kiss just above your clit. “Perfect,” he mumbles. “That’s my girl. You’re more than ready for your gift now, don’t you think?”
You want to agree, to nod, or even give him the box, but he reaches for it before you can, smirking at the feeble state he has put you in.
He takes his sweet time, plucking the single piece of tape off with a needless flourish. Finally, he’s able to reach inside, lifting the toy with a satisfied and fascinated hum. It appears precious in the morning light, the smooth silicone held in rose-gold. It’s thick shape doesn’t resemble your own vibrator at all, looking a little like a wiggly ‘T’.
“I cleaned it before when you were changing your clothes,” he informs you and pulls something else from the box – a tiny bottle of lube. “I also got this.” He gives a throaty chuckle. “You’re probably wet enough, but…” Gaze dragging over your nude form, Taehyung sighs. “You’re so small and delicate.” An endearing look adorns your face, his worry making your heart flutter. He flicks the cap of the lube open, squeezing a generous dollop onto the toy. “When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me for permission to come.”
Leaning over you, Taehyung braces himself on the back of the couch, his occupied hand drifting down, down, until you can feel the blunt end of the toy nudging lace to the side and dipping between your slit. Your mouth falls open, lashes fluttering madly. You can’t help it though, his heated expression and the sensation of the vibrator are almost too much to take. There’s no resistance, just the faint, wet noise of it slipping inside, the flat end coming to rest on your clit.
“God, look at you,” he breathes. “How does it feel?”
“It’s…” You swallow nervously. “It’s good. Nice. But, Tae, it’s not you–”
“That’s the point, sweetheart.” He places a light kiss on the tip of your nose – too affectionate and too innocent for what he is doing to you. “You know why. It’s either this, or nothing at all.”
Pulling you upright, Taehyung pulls up your dress, redoing the zipper and properly covering you up again. You notice that he’s still rock-hard, the thick ridge of him straining his sweatpants.
“Maybe I could… help?”
He snickers. “Nice try.” Another kiss lands on the corner of your mouth, lingering, just long enough to be teasing. “Remember the file I sent you yesterday through email? It’s about an upcoming collaboration. Go through it and send me your ideas.” You gape at him after he has dropped back into his seat, his whole demeanor radiating cockiness. “Well? Do you need my invitation, Mrs. Kim?”
Slipping from the couch, you shoot him a look full of frustration, huffing a lock of hair out of your heated face. The motion jostles the toy between your legs, turning walking into a definite challenge. Pausing by the doorframe, you glance back.
Taehyung just smiles, quirking an eyebrow at you.
Tumblr media
You’ve always been a trustworthy employee. That’s how he noticed you at first. But right now, any sort of comprehension is beyond you.
The pdf file on the computer screen describes the point of the collaboration and the goals the company is trying to achieve. But, most of it is simply blurring into a puzzling mess. The barely audible humming at the apex of your thighs intensifies, the part of the toy resting on your clit thrumming wildly for a moment before slowing to a frustratingly slow rhythm. This is the fourth time in fifteen minutes.
After you entered the home office, Taehyung started slowly, keeping your gift’s pace at a bearable minimum and actually giving you some time to read. But now he seems to be just fine with challenging your composure.
You moan a little when the speed picks up again, your head falling back from pleasure. Your panties are completely ruined, wet enough to slick your inner thighs.
Gosh, you need something to distract yourself.
Closing the file, you get up with unsteady legs and make your way to the washroom. The cool marble of the counters is a relief for your hot palms. You squirm towards the sink, splashing cold water on your face. It calms your nerves, the excessive heat from your skin lowering – until the entirety of the toy starts to hum, rubbing against your g-spot, clit, literally everywhere. You close the running tap, gasping and holding onto the edge of the sink. So close, so close and you need to come.
A calloused hand drifts around your waist, settling on your lower abdomen and guiding you back against a solid chest.
“Taking a break already?” Taehyung rasps, tickling your earlobe. “Or are you being lazy?”
You whimper. “No, no, I was just–”
“Hot?” He reaches for your face, the pleasant touch of his palm making you shudder. “Very good. I’m glad to know that you’re being punished properly.” Taehyung pulls his phone from his pocket. With a flick of his thumb, the buzzing toy within you starts swirling, drawing an undignified yelp from you. He smiles as if he isn’t inflicting torture of the meanest kind on you. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?”
“I’m sorry,” you hiccup, legs giving out beneath you. His strong arms immediately grab you before you can hit the floor.
“Oh?” Holding you by the waist, he slowly backs you up against the counter. “Care to specify?”
“I’m sorry for– for disobeying you and testing your patience.” You are so, so close. Deep down, you pray that he’ll let you come this time.
“You’re not going to do it again, are you?”
“I won’t, I won’t, I – fuck, baby, please.”
The toy stops. You are still hovering by the edge, ready to fall over it, tears gathering in your eyes from being denied once again. You want to say something, curse him, maybe. But you only manage a few muffled words before he hauls you up effortlessly.
You feel very small as he carries you through the condo with long, decisive steps. Clinging to him, you nibble on his earlobe until he grunts out loud.
Your back hits the bed hard, the mattress creaking. Your mouths collide with a clack of teeth and shared moans, unashamed in the hushed light breaking through gray clouds and filtering through the windows.
“I know you need to come,” Taehyung mutters, inching away to tear at your dress, “but you can only do it around my cock.” The linen lands in a pile at the foot of the bed, followed closely by your panties.
You can only guess how you look like right now, shaken up and needy, thighs parted to reveal how shiny and puffy you are around the toy. It seems to be captivating enough for him to stare like he is taking his fill.
“You may think that you were the only one tormented today, but you have no idea -” he finds the end of the vibrator, gently pulling at it - “no fucking idea how many times I had to stop myself from leaving my seat to find you. Maybe fuck my hand while my gift makes your legs kick out.”
When the toy slides from you, it’s both relieving and disappointing, leaving you empty, wanting. He tosses it carelessly to the other side of the bed, discarding his tee next to it.
Your doe eyes drink in his broad shoulders, his defined pecs, his thick member as he pulls it free from pants and boxers, both now riding low on tapered hips.
Mine, your subconscious purrs. You sigh in agreement, the noise darkening his expression. He climbs up on the bed immediately, your mouth opening willingly for him. Taehyung tangles your tongues together in a passionate kiss, his hand roaming all over your body.
“How are you even real?” he whispers, tugging at your hair while you trail wet kisses across his face. He doesn’t need to extend the foreplay - you’re already more than ready to take him.
Giving you a brief peck on the lips, he moves to your jawline, going down your neck, biting you gently along the way. His lips worship you, kissing every bit of your silky skin as he finally positions himself along your aching entrance.
Your moans are muffled in his kiss when he smoothly penetrates you, your body alight from the euphoria. He growls, “Fuck, you feel so good.”
Taehyung hugs you tight and your body instinctively clings to him, inviting him all the way in. So he complies, pushing himself as deep as he can go, his balls resting against your butt. You almost explode at the sensation, your walls clenching around him.
“Please… move,” you beg, the need surging inside you blinding any other emotions. He nods, staring to rock his hips. Frenzied moans escape you as his cock brushes your most sensitive spots. Encouraged by the sounds of your delight, your husband builds the pace up until he’s pounding you ruthlessly.
“Did I go hard on my princess today, hm? Pushed my jagi too hard?” You nod with a mewl, your nails digging into his back, sure to leave marks that’ll be visible the next day. “But you’re such a good girl. Took everything so skillfully.” Taehyung hums, his pubic bone grinding on your clit, a gasp leaving you. Desperate, you wrap yourself tight around him, pushing on his ass with your heels to have him deeper. He growls, giving you a hard kiss on the mouth. “I’m not going to last long, jagiya.”
Your enraptured moans accompanied by his guttural groans form a wicked melody, the sound getting more extreme with each of his thrusts. You surrender yourself to him completely. His cock starts hitting your cervix and g-spot with each thrust, a blinding sensation rocking your body.
The orgasm hits both of you simultaneously as you scream each other’s names in fervor, sweat and bliss dripping down your skin. Your walls pulsate around his throbbing length, milking him shortly after. Thick ropes of his cum fill you up, making you purr in satisfaction.
Eyes closed from pure ecstasy, you try to catch your breath. Taehyung leaves gentle kisses across your chest before resting his head on the soft flesh, sighing happily. You don’t know after how long you flutter your eyes open again, but he’s already looking at you with a very gentle smile on his lips – exactly opposite to his dominant side.
“Let me run you a bath.” He strokes your face, leaning down to kiss your forehead.
“You’re joining me, right?” You nuzzle his hand, looking at him expectantly.
“Anything my sweet baby wants,” Taehyung murmurs, gently gathering you in his arms and carrying you into the bathroom.
Tumblr media
the end ♥
author’s notes 💌:
thank you so much for reading bubs! hopefully you enjoyed the longest pwp i’ve ever written (damn i’m on a roll lol)! reblogs are highly appreciated 🥺💕! also leave your feedback if you want to 🥺❣️uwu!
I used the ‘bad girl’ couple here, in far future because things are complicated between them rn spoiler alert sorry not sorry jsgjfhk.
I’ve never written these type of themes before, so I apologise beforehand if there are any type of mistakes 🤧!! I did read a few fics where a character is hard dominant but still idhjksgk, i’m a newbie, please be gentle 🥺!!
Tumblr media
note for the birthday girl 🎈:
NICOLE 🥺 YOU ABSOLUTE ANGEL 🥺 I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I HAVE THE LUCK OF KNOWING YOU 🥺! if you read my mess this far, thank you so much 😭 i hope you enjoyed it 🥺💕!! i love you so so much and wish you nothing but happiness and love for the upcoming years 💝!! i actually planned on writing a jungkook fic where he calls you noona kdhgjghjjk but i chickened out and wrote this instead 🤡🤲🏼! anyways sorry for the rant, please enjoy your day to the fullest!
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 2 months ago
original idea, m | kth
pairing(s): taehyung x reader
summary: Your boyfriend, Kim Taehyung, is observant. He noticed you started your period today and picked up your favorite can of sweet Thai tea on his way back from visiting his best friend Park Jimin. How nice of him until he asks you mid-gulp if he can go in raw.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; unprotected period sex, do not do this unless you absolutely trust the other person; established relationship; low-key crack; lots of fluff; shower smut (fem reader is on her period, handjob, unprotected, wall sex, creampie, doggy); non-idol!BTS, ft Jimin putting ideas in Taehyung's head, who would have guessed
“You started your period today.”
You cracked open the can of Thai tea you boyfriend handed you. “Yeah, how’d you know?”
“I saw the pad wrapper in the trash.”
You took a large sip, thinking the conversation was over.
“Does that mean I can go in raw?”
You nearly spit out the entire contents of your mouth. Instead, you choked and swallowed hard, coughing and sputtering. “What?”
Kim Taehyung expression didn’t change. “Does that mean I can go in–?”
You held up your hand, coughing wildly, hacking the words out. “I heard what you said, I just can’t believe you said it, who the fuck?”
Taehyung seemed to understand and nodded, dark brown hair falling over his forehead.
“Oh, right. I was talking to Jimin and he mentioned–”
Oh, of course, how could you not guess, Taehyung’s best friend Park Jimin was putting ideas in Taehyungie’s little noggin and now murdering you as you struggled to breathe.
“–that it could be possible, because you’re right, it’s too early to have kids and having a monetary plan to prepare is a better idea–”
You were glad that Taehyung was interested in finances when it came to having children but he sure picked a weird ass time to agree with your sensibilities.
“–but I love having sex with you, so I was telling Jimin I haven’t been in raw yet and I completely understand that you prefer condoms over hormones since that might affect your mental state and I don’t like the idea of only you doing something like that to yourself anyway, it doesn’t seem fair–”
You were still processing the fact that Taehyung had told Jimin he hadn’t been in raw. What the fuck?! At least he loved having sex with you. You were staring at Taehyung slack-jawed, but he was scrunching up his face, trying to remember the rest of the conversation.
“–and Jimin mentioned, ‘hey, at least you can do it when she’s on her period, it’ll add more lubrication and it might even be better for her,’ so I was wondering if we could try it, if you’re interested.”
You still hadn’t picked your jaw off the floor.
Taehyung opened his eyes and smiled at you. “Hm? What do you think?”
Okay, you very much enjoyed Taehyung’s eager, boxy smile, so that unfroze you, but you still blurted out your next question in sheer shock.
“Why did you tell Jimin you’ve never been in raw?!”
He blinked, tilting his head. “It just came up.”
You looked around, expecting Jimin to pop out and tell you you’ve been pranked. He did not.
“…. H-How…? Actually, don’t tell me, I’m going choose ignorance…” you mumbled, now taking another long sip of your Thai tea, but more like a swig and wishing it was forty-percent alcohol.
“But what do you think though?” Taehyung persisted, leaning down with his tilted head to try and catch your eye. “Do you wanna try? It might be nice!”
You looked down.
Someone was thinking about it for sure.
You looked back up.
Taehyung smiled at you innocently with a massive tent in his pants.
You stared into those big brown eyes and sighed.
“Ah… probably not. It’s going to be so messy and dirty and cleaning up is going to be such a bitch… I’m sorry, Tae, but I don’t think…”
You stood under the showerhead, your hair wet and sticking to your forehead.
Hey, in your defense, you were also curious.
Taehyung chewed on his lip, watching you inquiringly. “Hey, we don’t have to. I was being kinda pushy… but…”
You scratched your head, moving your wet hair out of your eyes. “Ah, it’s okay, I understand, I just… it feels wrong, you know? Aren’t you grossed out?”
He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Mmm, at first? But the more I think about it, the more I think, well, isn’t it natural? And you have to deal with it every month for many, many years, right? Plus, when we have children, they’re going to come out of you slightly, erm…” He made a little bit of a face but shook his head, spraying water everywhere from his dark wet hair. “Anyway, it’s not too bad. We’re in the shower. You like it when we do stuff in the shower,” Taehyung added brightly.
You contained your laughter, giving him a hopeless smile. “Why are you acting so weird?”
Now Taehyung turned red, his deep tan skin flushing, eyes shifting from side to side. “Um…”
You tilted your head.
He shot you a quick glance and mumbled under his breath.
He chewed on his lip.
You reached up and pushed your hair back, swimsuit-supermodel style, and now Taehyung was doing more than glancing, he was observing very closely and very intently under wet strands of dark brown hair, curling around his strong features and moody brown eyes, his lips parting slightly, probably unnoticed on his part.
Looking like a fish wasn’t exactly an image Taehyung himself considered sexy.
Secretly, you enjoyed it because it meant he wasn’t conscious of what he looked like and was too distracted by your actions and your body to do so.
You smiled. “Why were you talking to Jimin about something like that anyway?”
Taehyung stiffened as you neared, biting his lip. “Ah, well…” He frowned slightly. “You’re so good at certain… things… It’s kind of frustrating for me… sometimes. I want to be better.”
Now you hesitated. “What are you talking about? Haven’t I taught you a lot of things? And you learn quickly and are amazing once you get the hang of it.”
His lips twisted into a small pout.
“For once, I’d like to teach you something.” He let out a small puff. “Or at least suggest something you’ve never heard of before.”
You blinked at him.
“Er… going in raw isn’t exactly a new concept… rather… that’s the original idea of dick and pussy in the first place…”
Taehyung scrunched up his face. “I know that, argh… I just mean… ah…” He trailed off, baritone voice now unsure and unsteady.
You saw he was rapidly losing confidence and you placed a hand on his chin, lightly lifting it with your knuckle. “Hey, no, I didn’t mean it like that. I want to try it. I just thought you wouldn’t like it, because… I mean… Period blood isn’t sexy per se… And I’m certainly not sexy during that time of the month…” You frowned uneasily, lowering your hand, but now Taehyung raised your chin, smiling at you.
“Don’t be silly. You’re always sexy.”
He leaned in, smile morphing into a smirk.
“Also, your boobs get bigger during that time of month, so I always appreciate that.”
Your eyes widened. “You noticed?”
Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “Of course, I noticed. I keep close tabs on your boobs.”
“Close tabs? Do you record the size in a notebook or something?”
He chuckled, tapping his temple with his free hand, the other sliding down your chin, tracing the contours of your neck and collarbones. “Mental notes. I remember all the important stuff. Your boobs are on the top of the list.”
Your cut in with your inquiring quips. “My ass? My mouth? My hands? My pussy?”
Taehyung frowned slightly and placed his large hand on your breast, kneading it as if he needed comfort. “Okay, near the top, but don’t make me order them, it’s too difficult.”
You grinned. “That makes me feel better.”
He breathed out in relief. “Whew, that’s good–mphf!”
You seized the moment and pushed him into the wall, pressing your wet body into his, your tongue snaking out and lightly flicking against his lips, taking advantage of his surprise and the beauty of his widened eyes to kiss him firmly, falling into his warmth. It took him a second to compose himself, tipping his head down to take charge of the kiss, squeezing your breast and running his thumb over your hard nipple, but you placed your palms flat on the shower wall and resisted him, dancing your tongue between his lips and not letting him catch it, smirking at the growl he made in frustration.
“We were having a moment,” he muttered.
“Mmm, I know, but I want my moment with him.”
Your fingers ghosted his thigh and he sucked in a breath as your hand closed around his cock, not quite hard yet but getting there, especially after your hand came into contact with it. You feathered kisses on his lips as you stroked his length, nice and slow, his other hand coming up to cup both breasts, panting softly, hot breath on your lips.
“You’re too quick…”
“Can’t waste too much water,” you chuckled. “And…”
You kissed up his jaw, adjusting your body to get a better angle, licking his skin lightly and feeling the vibration and depth of his moan under your tongue and lips, whispering gently into his ear.
“It’s kind of hard to focus when you’re so handsome, Tae.”
He let you have the moment, tipping his head down so your teeth could catch his ear, nipping at it lightly, contrasting with the pace of your hand, firm and intense, shivering at the thickness and the weight in your palm, savoring the taste of his skin, moaning into his ear, long and sensual, everything he liked and more, his head turning, black-brown eyes looking down at you under lashes covered in small droplets, adding to his already ethereal appearance.
“Let me…”
He leaned in, not finishing his sentence, kissing you long and deep and sweet, changing your positions, but you didn’t let go, toying with his tongue. He made a small tch sound of annoyance, shifting his hips, picking up one of your legs.
“Ah, w-wait…”
“Why?” he chuckled. “You don’t wanna wait. I can tell.”
You tried to hide the smirk, but it came out.
Smugness just refused to be hidden.
Taehyung grinned against your lips. “Thought so.”
Your hand was already guiding him. “This isn’t going to be the optimal position for you to cum.”
You raised an eyebrow and he thrust up into your pussy.
You sucked in a breath, relaxing yet still stretched out. It did hurt slightly. Taehyung was sizable after all, in length and girth, but you had practice and muscle memory, and maybe (definitely) a pain kink.
What? It was fun getting stuffed with dick.
Especially when it was Taehyung’s dick.
You? You were fine.
“Oh, fuck…!”
Er, maybe not?
He had such a cocky expression beforehand but the second he entered you, it instantly changed, sudden tension in his strong features, gasping as he slid in, surprisingly much easier than you expected, perhaps due to the consistency of the slippery blood, almost stopping halfway, but you didn’t let him, firmly grabbing his hips and yanking him towards you, his eyes rolling back, whining your name loudly, the volume and depth reverberating in the bathroom.
“You’re so t-tight… fuck… soft… oh, shit…”
You let him run through every expletive he knew, holding him firmly by his juicy ass, enjoying it too much, but thankfully Taehyung didn’t notice, eyes closed, head thrown back, dark wet hair curling around his cheekbones. He reached up and pushed it away from his face, exhaling hard, slowly opening his eyes, hazy and unfocused.
“Fuck… it feels so fucking good, you have no idea…” he shuddered, twitching inside you and moaning once more, body shaking so he had to plant his hands on the walls of the shower, volume increasing as you pulsed your muscles around his length. There was slight pain from cramps, but not from his cock, and you could ignore the dull ache and focus on the pleasure, slowly moving your hips and biting your lip, feeling the added slickness of your juices mixing with the blood.
You often cursed your period’s arrival, but maybe it was time to reconsider.
Always good to find the silver lining in things.
You rolled your hips and he gasped, thrusting back lightly.
“Don’t wanna hurt you,” he panted, swallowing hard. “Shit, it feels so fucking good, I can’t t-think…”
“I’ll tell you if it hurts,” you managed to say, pressing your hands into his ass and angling yourself to take him deeper, shoulder blades and head touching the shower wall, sighing in satisfaction.
“Alright, I’m gonna…”
He clenched his jaw, faster, harder, one hand coming down to grab a handful of your ass, you wrapping a leg around his and meeting him in the middle, increasing the depth of each thrust, both of you gasping at the tightness and the wetness, the messy slap and squelch echoing in the bathroom, water raining down on his broad back and spraying onto your chest, clenching around him so he could feel more, his eyelids fluttering, biting his lower lip, tendons on his neck popping out, and you realized he was trying not to cum, trying to hold back, so you gave his stiff length a particularly firm squeeze and Taehyung groaned, barely able to shoot you an incredulous look.
You grinned.
“I’m gonna cum, fuck!”
You felt it, his cock twitching and spilling into you, eyes widening at the sensation, not quite as strong as porn seemed to make it, but noticeable for sure, pushing out your juices in a rough sputter, loud and obscene, flinching as Taehyung’s hand quickly moved down, rubbing your clit, making you squirm and twist of his cock, almost falling off but he kept his other hand on your ass, digging his nails into the softness, holding you in place.
“Come on, come on, come on–”
It didn’t take much, you were already turned on by the fucking and then the sensation of being filled up, and you cried out, trying not to move your hips, the high peaking.
“Tae, fuck!”
Hot shivers and burning electricity tearing through your veins, jerking your hips forward and tightening around his cock, harsh throbs racking your body you came, pussy squeezing so hard that you felt his cock stiffen again, swelling and growing inside you as your orgasm roughly roused him back to life, both of you moaning at the sensation, feeling his cum and yours drip down your thigh, hearing it plop thickly onto the bathtub below and wash away, stunning both you and him at the lewd noise.
You panted hard, letting out a tense puff as he slid out of you.
“That felt… so fucking good…”
You thought for a moment, catching your breath. The pain your felt was only from cramps, although it seemed to be less now. Was that the ibuprofen? Or the euphoria of orgasm? You paused on consider the differences, chewing on your lip thoughtfully.
“I think for me it’s about the same? You feel very similar with and without a condom.”
Taehyung shook his head. “Not for me, you feel way better, I don’t know how I can go back, the condom is seriously a nerf…” he mumbled.
You shifted your eyes. “You didn’t last… the longest.”
His ears turned red.
“W… Well…”
“My pussy is pretty overpowered, maybe she needs the nerf.”
He sighed, frowning. “True… I still stand by the fact that it physically feels better, but more time to enjoy does even it out…”
You tapped your fist in your other palm. “Oh! Let’s do it from behind.”
He blinked. “Eh?”
But you were already turning around, Taehyung stumbling back, pushing the showerhead out of the way and pointing it towards the wall so he didn’t drown, audibly gasping as you bent over and presented your ass, hands spreading open your pussy with one fluid motion. You turned your head back and grinned.
“Oh, fuck, yes.”
You felt him position the head against your opening and he pushed in, slow, steady, both you of moaning at the feeling, centimeter by centimeter, this position tighter, more heavenly, giving you added control over your muscles so you could pulsate around him. He inhaled sharply, gripping your hips and forcefully pushing in the rest of the way, bottoming out, balls smacking your clit.
“Stop t-that, fuck…”
You let go of your ass and placed one hand on the edge of the bathtub and the other on the wall.
Then you rocked your hips back.
“Ah, yes, Tae…”
“Are you trying to kill me? Oh, shit!”
You continued and Taehyung had no choice, fiercely grabbing your hips to try and get you to stop, but you were undeterred, so he had to ram his cock into you, exactly what you wanted, the sudden sensation of the head hitting you deeply rendering your speechless, and he had no time to gloat, too driven by lust and pleasure to taunt you even if he wanted to.
“A-ah, it’s good like this too, oh, fuuuck, yes, you always feel so fucking tight…”
He had a good rhythm and pace like this, deep, controlled, fast, making sure to give you the powerful thrusts you liked, loud, audible smacks of hips to ass, rough and wet, and you knew you had his cum inside you now along with yours and the added slickness of your period, and, sure, maybe someone found it gross, but in this second (and lucky all subsequent seconds involving this very behavior that would certainly continue at least once a month) you nor Taehyung gave a single fucking shit, pleasure flaring up your core, the dull ache of cramps forgotten, completely focused on the feeling of his cock entering you over and over, your hand on the wall curling into a fist, hitched breaths and flinching shivers taking over, clenching around him, oh fuck, his rock-hard, thick length plunging into your tight, wet hole, too much, so good, your thighs tensing from the overwhelming proximity of release.
“Taehyung, oh, fuck, you’re so good at f-fucking me…”
You could tell he wasn’t talking on purpose, probably clenching his jaw to last as long as possible, but he wasn’t going to last much longer because you smacked your palm into the tile wall, gasping his name loudly, shot into free-fall.
“Gonna cum, fuck!”
That was all the warning he got as your walls spasmed, brutally massaging his cock and he hissed your name, turning into a half-moan, half-whine as he yanked your hips down and slammed into your pussy, fully sheathing himself all the way up to his balls, his cock jolting and spilling his orgasm into you, his hands on your ass shaking so bad they seemed to be vibrating, gripping tighter and tighter, rolling his hips inside you and moaning, prolonging the euphoric feeling.
“S-So good… ah, yeeeeeees…”
It took him a while to still, breathing loud and hard, holding you in the bent over position, the additional time getting slightly awkward, but you waited it out, his grip finally loosening, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you up, your pussy too wet and his cock giving up, sliding out, a mess of juices splattering out of you.
Good thing you were in the shower. Easy to clean up.
“It’s… too good…” Taehyung huffed, broad shoulder leaning against the wall to hold himself up, still clinging onto you. “Your pussy does need a nerf, but, fuck, I’m still gonna think about it all the time…”
“Good thing for you that my period lasts at least five days.”
Taehyung looked up to the sky and whispered his gratitude.
“I know you kind of hate it, but I’m still going to thank them.”
“Maybe I have a reason to hate it a little less now. It’s still inconvenient.”
“Yeah, but going in raw…”
Mmm, yeah, that still sounded weird. Oh well.
“You’re not going to tell Jimin, right?”
“You let him go in raw?!”
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1kook · 2 months ago
→ kim taehyung x (f) reader
Tumblr media
→ summary He is your guard and such has always been his place, one step behind you but never beside you. → warnings mentions of arranged marriages, annoying social structures, talk about being ‘owned’ by men, regency era, princess!oc, knight!taehyung, ridiculous use of formal speech -_-  → rating m (18+) due to one sex mention + future smut → genre angst, romance, historical (?), eventual smut → word count 4.3k
→ notes tough to write but I had fun!!! part one of two <3 lemme know if u see grammar mistakes... after a while I became immune sorry yall rippp
Of the four kingdoms that dominated this side of the globe, the northern kingdom found its place just over the mountain range that divided the continent in half. It was a quaint region, comfortably nestled between rolling hills and winding rivers, the bordering kingdoms having long since discarded any desire to conquer it, allowing for an era of peace to settle over the people. The fertile land it boasted was dominated by humble farmers, their success allowing for many towns and villages to pop up throughout the area.
At the heart of the kingdom was the illustrious capital, a city that bustled with the everyday scenarios of regal life; the ornate estates of many a noble family found their place here, the streets littered with high-end stores and cafes only the aristocratic could afford to splurge on. Not a single crackle could be found along the bricks that lined the square, nor was there ever a flowerbed out of place. The capital was as perfect as the royal family that resided in it.
Because of its lavish nature, it was only right that the largest and flashiest period of every year was celebrated here— the social season.
It began in the final stages of spring, just as the seedlings in the royal gardens began to blossom and bloom for the first time that year, and ran until the very end of the summer; just as the flowers began to decorate the gardens in all their beauty, so too did the young socialites of the kingdom, presenting the best versions of themselves as viable marriage candidates for the first time in their lives. They graced banquets and picnics across the city, avidly courting one another in hopes of securing a promising future that would not only satisfy their hearts, but their pockets as well. (It was no secret that the matters of financial stability and status played an even bigger role than something as fickle as love— no wealthy parent would ever dare think of marrying their child off into a significantly lesser house.)
As a princess of the kingdom, your participation in the season was by no means required; after all, you were of royal lineage, expected to marry someone of respectable standing. And for many past princesses, the dire need to keep your family name from being tarnished has always resulted in arranged marriages. Of course, you were neither the heir to the throne nor the only princess in the kingdom, so some liberties were allowed. The details of your courtship were nowhere near as heavily monitored as they were for your eldest brother, the Crown Prince, and after very little deliberation, your participation in the annual season was decided.
At the ripe age of twenty-two, after enduring two long weeks of forced conversation and uncomfortable waltzes, you are certain that there are better ways to spend your time than mingling with snooty aristocrats for an entire summer. And if there is one person who finds the events of the season as tedious and inconvenient as you, it is your personal knight, Sir Taehyung.
“Lord Han is approaching once more,” he warns, his voice but a quiet exhale against the shell of your ear. It sends a shiver down your spine, one you barely manage to suppress. The low timbre of his voice resonates deeply within you, causing your breathing to waver for the briefest moment as your eyes move to scan over the crowd. Just as Taehyung had said, the aforementioned lord is currently calculating his route through the dancing couples in hopes of bothering you once more, his previous poor attempt at wooing you apparently not enough to appease his ego. The mere sight is enough to wipe away any traces of the pleasant thrill Taehyung’s voice had sent through you, a frown decorating your features in its place.
You carefully set down your flute of champagne “Taehyung,” you say, never once letting your gaze leave the dance floor.
Without missing a beat, “yes, your highness,” he responds, always just behind you. “How may I assist you?”
Your outstretched hand is met with his, your satin-encased fingers coming to rest against the thick, white fabric of the gloves required of his uniform. “I’m feeling a bit dizzy,” you feign, “I believe I’m due for some fresh air now.”
“As you wish, your highness,” he concedes, bowing his head before giving your gloved hand a subtle squeeze. At the gesture, you find yourself finally looking his way, the slightest bit surprised.
Long ago, you had thought Taehyung to be as unreadable as the foreign texts that found their way into the royal library. He was, just as most knights are, trained into wearing a mask of indifference at all times, one that left no room for his emotions to peek through. For a knight, it’s an exceptional quality to have, but for a companion to a princess it can be rather uncomfortable. When you were first introduced to your new and first guard, you thought him boorish, dull. Despite standing in the same three meter radius to you at all times, he rarely responded to your inquiries, never looked at you more than he had to. He was at your side as it was his duty, not because he wanted to. And for an impressionable teenage girl, that knowledge stung.
It would take years of watching him, studying every inch of his features over books and behind pillars, until you were finally able to recognize the minute changes in his expression whenever you would speak. The corners of his lips would twitch with the ghost of a smile that never appeared, his jaw would tighten and relax, muscles simmering with unreleased anger. He thought you were funny, he was surprised by your sassiness, he became angry on your behalf. He looked at you and only you, and you did the same, desperate to catch slivers of his personality beneath the mask.
It was not much of a surprise when, during that time, a fondness for your knight blossomed in your chest, one that would only ever be indulged in the safety of your mind and never aloud. His eyes were dark and beautiful, making you freeze in place on the rare occasions he would meet your gaze through the thick lashes that framed them. Tall and lean, filling the seams of his uniform elegantly, perfectly. Strong and immovable, dripping in sweat as he sparred with his companions.
It was inevitable. You adored Taehyung.
Yet, at the end of each day, he was still nothing more than a knight. Although he may stand here tonight, handsome and at your side, warding off any man who so much as dares to look your way, it is his duty that compels him to do so. While Taehyung may converse with you today like it is nothing, offer quiet remarks in your stead, lighthearted jokes when you frown, you wonder how much of it is real. How much of it he means and how much is purely just to fill his role?
He doesn’t squeeze your hand a second time. He never does. (You never think he will.)
As you move away from your post near the entryway, you faintly hear your name called out. Lord Han, no doubt, is following after you just as Taehyung had said. He’s soon swallowed up by the dancing couples and mingling socialites, and the annoying tittering in your ear fades to nothing as you near the doors that lead out onto the vast garden just outside the ballroom. The guards stationed at the exit, keeping any drunken nobles in and any dangerous thieves out, are reluctant to let you through. But one stern look from Taehyung has them backing down, dutifully opening the doors for the two of you to slip through.
A night breeze brushes past you, slipping beneath the layers of your skirts to provide a cool relief from the heat and suffocation you felt inside. Taehyung keeps his grip on you until you reach the bottom step of the stone deck, and then, after one sneaky glance backwards, releases you. Immediately you yank your skirts up into your arms and make your way across the perfectly cut yard for the entrance of the maze that sits at the far back of the estate grounds. The wind feels cool against your ankles without the fabric of your clothing to interfere. “Princess,” Taehyung calls out, the buckles and medals on his uniform jingling as he follows after you. “You are still within viewing distance.”
Casting a glance his way, you find yourself grinning. “Not for long,” you laugh, the overwhelming weight of the expectations placed onto you fading away with each step you take, brushed away by the wind that kisses your cheeks. “What a beautiful night,” you exhale.
At the entrance of the maze, you allow yourself a reprieve, the air quickly rushing back into your lungs, skirts falling into place around you. Taehyung is there, always one step behind, to adjust the layers for you. From this far, the estate is smaller, less significant. Likewise, so are your worries. Your heart feels light, both from the running and the ease that surges through your veins, hand pressed against your rapidly rising and falling chest.
The night truly is beautiful, the sky freckled with thousands of glittering lights that feel close enough to graze with your fingertips. The refreshing scent of the garden and the maze wafts into the air, teasing your nose with the visions of an even lusher space, far away from this grand estate. Taehyung touches your arm, snapping you out of your daze. “Your highness,” he says, and without the feathery rhythm of the string quartet inside to compete with, his voice is all too loud, reaching into your soul and touching a very deep and intimate part within you. You can barely contain a shiver. “We cannot be out here for long.”
A frown crosses your features. “Why not?” you ask rather childishly, casting a glance back at the estate, the warm glow of the ballroom lights leaking out onto the stone deck. “There is no need to rush,” you tell him, turning towards the maze entrance instead.
Taehyung follows. “Your suitors may begin to wonder where you have disappeared off to,” he points out, the normally heavy footsteps of his leather boots reduced to nothing but rustling against the grass. Your footsteps are alike, and such a tiny realization excites you; when you are in the grass, away from the ball, it doesn’t matter that Taehyung wears the boots officially issued by the royal guard and you a set of exclusively commissioned heels. You sound the same, are the same, out here. “After all, they are here for you—“
Making an abrupt turn around a corner, you interrupt him with a quiet scoff. “They are here to claim a princess,” you correct, not once verifying his presence behind you because you have long since learned that Taehyung is always behind you, whether you can see him or not. “They are suitors for the princess, but not”— you cast a hollow smile his way —“for me.”
Taehyung is hot on your heels even then. “Are you not the princess, your highness?” he inquires, the barest hints of amusement curling around the ends of his words. (Was even that required of his knightly duties?) “Or have I been following after a fake this entire night?”
You roll your eyes, stretching out a hand to run along the immaculately trimmed leaves and branches of the hedges. “You know what I mean,” you mumble, eventually stopping at one of the many nooks that are mixed into the layout of this grand maze. “These men are simply after a title,” you emphasize, and after the last crunch of grass beneath his boot, the world falls silent once more. “They do not truly care about me, nor do they wish to.” Plucking a leaf from the hedges, you twirl it between two fingers. “That amount of adoration is a luxury I will never experience, truthfully,” you admit, “after all, once I become married I will only be transferred between men.”
Since he first appeared all those years ago, the majority of your memories with Taehyung consist of him standing behind you. He is your guard and such has always been his place, one step behind you but never beside you. Unless he is escorting you someplace or helping you down a set of steps, Taehyung rarely appears in front of you.
Today, there must be something in the air, in the night, that compels him to move around you. There’s a frown on his features, a sight you have never seen before, and it’s blatant appearance on his normally blank face is so astonishing, your entire world comes to a halt.
His eyes are darker up close, you realize, and it is as you find yourself falling victim to their hypnosis that you abruptly jolt away, your lost rationality flooding back into you all at once. In a feeble attempt to cover up whatever that was, you make a beeline for the stone gazebo that decorates the space. “Oh, life is a bore when it revolves around men,” you wail, falling dramatically against one of the pillars of the structure. Your knight, seemingly unaware of your slip up, lingers behind you; you pay him no mind, continuing your rant. “I am sophisticated!” you huff, hiking your skirts into your arms once more as you arrange them to sit comfortably. “Elegant! And charming on top of that.”
“You certainly are,” Taehyung comments, and you purposefully choose to neglect the thundering of your heart.
“I am more than worthy by myself!” you yell, not at Taehyung, not at anyone in particular. Maybe at the universe for allowing such inequalities to exist between people who, at their core, are all the same; you and the arrogant men whose only means of impressing you is by bragging about their assets. (You and Taehyung, who you think of every night from the comfort of your bed, outfitted in the finest silk slips, swaddled in the plushest comforters. All the while, Taehyung stands guard late into the night, stiffly posted just outside your bedroom door until he is relieved of his duties by another knight.) “What’s more, I am educated,” you snap, “more than most of these gentlemen here tonight.” Taehyung, who has by now resumed his position as your loyal knight, remains at the entrance to the nook, surveying the darkness for the presence of any unexpected guests. “What can a man possibly teach me that is not already written in a book, recorded by some scholar elsewhere?”
After witnessing your entire rant with nary an objection, you are thrown off by Taehyung’s voice when he decides to speak. “A lot, your highness,” he chimes in, and you snap your gaze back to him, gawking at his impudence. He doesn’t shy away from your steely stare, as it’s one he’s been leveled with many times over the years. Despite the moonlight painting his skin in ivory tones, you dare say you spot the traces of a flush along his cheekbones.
“And what exactly does ‘a lot’ mean, Sir Taehyung?” you frown, arms crossed over your chest.
He clears his throat, suddenly hesitant to elaborate. But he knows better than to remain silent, sparing a glance in your direction. “Well,” he says, briefly dropping his upright pose with his hands neatly behind his back to scratch at a nonexistent itch beneath his chin. If you didn’t know better, you’d assume he was nervous. “There are many things a husband can show his wife.”
Unimpressed, you urge him to carry on with the wave of your hand. “I am no more enlightened on this stance of yours now than I was twenty seconds ago,” you point out, only the slightest bit enraptured by the way the rosy tint on his cheeks remains, adamant on crawling down the pristine collar of his uniform. An unexpected development indeed. “If you are unable to elaborate, I will just continue to assume there is nothing a man can teach me that I would not be better off learning myself.”
Taehyung dawdles only for a second longer, before eventually pushing whatever hesitation he may have held aside to respond. “Pleasure, your highness,” he explains, voice never wavering. “Of the flesh, that is.”
Any snarky remark that may have rolled off the tip of your tongue disappears the second the last of his words linger in the air. The heat beneath your skin comes bubbling to the surface. “Pleasur— Taehyung,” you scold, though the authority in your voice and in your title wavers when he looks at you just so. Despite the hue on his cheeks, he does not stand down, holding your gaze with those same dark eyes that threaten to swallow you whole if you do not put an end to this right now. “That’s—“ you stammer, hand held against your chest as if one more word from him will dissolve you into a million tiny particles. “That’s quite… an inappropriate thing to say,” you settle, eyes wide when he steps away from his post. “To a noble lady. A princess, at that.”
He stops at the foot of the gazebo, one foot flat against the stone, the other still in the grass. “But you are not a princess,” he says quietly, head tilted to the side as he, you realize, drags that same mysterious gaze over you, your face, your chest, your skirts. Unconsciously, you find your legs pressing together. “Did you not say so yourself?”
Your skin burns, heart threatening to leap out of your chest when he raises his other foot, stepping fully onto the stone floor of the gazebo with you. Beneath the awning of the gazebo, the moonlight struggles to reach him, just barely outlining his figure; broad shoulders, long legs, dark chocolate hair that has been coaxed into a neat style. Still, a strand manages to escape the confines of the rest of his tresses, curving over his forehead and tickling his brow. “I— I am!” you stammer, fisting your skirts between sweaty palms as he takes one more calculating step your way. “I am your princess.”
Upon nearing you, he surprises you once more by dropping to one knee. “You are so much more,” he murmurs, coaxing your trembling hand away from your skirt if only to hold it in his. He squeezes once, twice. Your heart catches in your throat. “It is just as you say, your highness,” Taehyung sighs, “there is no man in this kingdom fit to lay beside you.” Unsure of the events unfolding before you, you find yourself numbly nodding along, nervousness building in your throat, warmth settling in your core. He raises your hand, pressing his lips against your satin-covered knuckles as his eyes flutter shut. “And yet, every night, I find myself wishing I was.”
You blank. “What?” you whisper.
The grip against you encourages you to turn your wrist, until your hand is delicately placed against the side of his face, thumb only a hair’s distance from his pink lower lip. “I am a fool to ever think myself worthy of you, but,” Taehyung mumbles, “I yearn for you like no other.”
Without meaning to, you yank your hand away from him, confusion clouding your senses as Taehyung’s words echo in your mind. He yearned for you. After all these years of sneaking glances at him during his training, during official royal meetings, wondering how a man as handsome and graceful as Taehyung was anything but a nobleman, he yearned for you.
Of all the people who came in and out of the palace, there are only two who truly knew you.
First, your personal maid who woke you up and helped you bathe, dress, and prepare for the day. She knew your schedule and your plans, knew which foods you hated and what shops you frequented.
Second, Sir Taehyung who stood guard by your side at nearly all hours of the day, only stepping out when you were dressing or asleep. Even then, he was always just right outside the door, dutifully watching over you. He’s seen you at your worst, more specifically, he’s seen you these last few weeks as you participated in the season; he’s watched you walk from suitor to suitor, the smile you plastered on your face feigned and painful, and he’s seen you with tears and frustration painted down your features, unhappy with the cage you were kept in.
If there is any one man who truly knew you, title aside, it was Taehyung. To know that that same man still found you desirable, despite the tears and the meltdowns, quite literally made you overheat. “Your highness?” he calls out softly, retracting his hand until his clenched fist is balanced delicately over his knee.
Shaking yourself of your tumbling thoughts, you turn your attention back on him and his dark eyes, his rosy cheeks. “You…” you mumble, still in shock over this turn of events. “You yearn for me?” you repeat, because even after all that thought, you still found it unbelievable. Or rather than unbelievable, you feared maybe you had misheard him and gone off on a tangent all on your own.
There to debunk your own doubts, Taehyung nods. “Very much so,” he confirms, and then smiles. It’s beautiful— he’s beautiful, and for some reason you find that frightening. The blood rushes to your cheeks, and you find yourself patting your gloved palms against them, as if it’ll somehow lessen the hammering of your heart, the clamoring in your mind.
“I’m unsure of what to say,” you murmur, suddenly feeling too bashful to look him in the eye, demurely turning your face away.
Before you, he chuckles, a rather perplexing response to your lack of response to his confession. “As expected,” he sighs wistfully. “There is no need for an answer, your highness. I am content knowing my feelings have, at the very least, reached you.” And then he pushes himself to his feet again, head tilted downwards as he looks at you with nothing but sheer and utter adoration in his gaze, filling you to the brim with all the emotions he’d bottled up for the past few years. It’s unsettling in the sense that it has never happened before. You don’t know how to feel now that Taehyung has so openly looked at you with hearts in his eyes. Every inch of you feels like it has been doused in oil, hastily lit aflame, and now you’re left to deal with the scorching fire.
Before you can think it through, your hand is instinctively shooting forward to catch his wrist. “Taehyung,” you choke out, eyes flickering over every inch of his face. His handsomeness comes off in waves, making it so that the rushing of blood within your body is amplified by the time it circulates through your head; you’re dizzy. “I, um.” The smile doesn’t leave Taehyung’s face as he gently removes your hand from his.
The wind that filters through the hedges allows for the appearance of goosebumps along your upper arms. Taehyung’s hair, loosened initially by the quick pace he’d adopted as he followed you earlier, is tousled even more, until a slew of dark strands messily curl over his forehead. “Your highness,” he says solemnly, and though he is beside you, you feel a thousand miles away. “I think it’s time you returned to the ball.”
A million concerns flitter by, from his behavior to his confession, and when Taehyung finally removes himself from beneath the gazebo, you find that none of them bubble to the surface. They continue to mix and broil in the depths of your mind, all too complex to unpack on their own yet reliant on one another. It’s like you cannot address one without circling back to another, and then another.
Taehyung, your acquiescent knight who seldom smiled or laughed until this day, has single-handedly warped your perception of your surroundings with a confession shared in the depths of your estate’s maze. It’s as confusing as the structure itself, filling your thoughts with loops and dead ends as you struggle to make sense of what has just occurred.
He liked you.
Taehyung liked you in a way you had never thought imaginable, he thought of you the same way you thought of him. Try as you might, the knowledge of such a fact competes with your previously established assumptions and makes it nearly impossible for you to accept. You had mulled over the same thought various times throughout the night, contemplated just how genuine Taehyung was beneath the layers of status and profession that separated the two of you— was he nice because he wanted to be, or because he had to be? did he spare you glimpses of his emotions because he wanted you to know him, or because he felt obligated to appease you, his princess? According to Taehyung, the answer to both inquiries was the former; he liked you as a person, not just as his princess.
So why weren’t you filled with glee at such a revelation? Why didn’t you jump into his arms upon hearing of his feelings for you?
You suspect it is because, somewhere inside of you, you have long since given up hope that Taehyung could ever be the lifelong love the social season called for you to secure. Taehyung was, after all, a knight. Your knight, on top of that, sworn to protect and serve you with his entire life. You have never been equals and, as you watch him assume his guarding stance from before, you realize you never will be. For as much as you adored Taehyung, you knew he could never stand beside you.
Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr. absolutely NO reposts allowed.
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ditttiii · 5 months ago
blurred lines | ot3 x reader | m.
Tumblr media
⇢ summary: being in a no strings attached relationship with your three gorgeous roommates was never easy but it turns a few dozen times more complicated when they propose having sex in a running train. 
⇢ genre: pwp, literal porn do not look for any redeeming qualities coz there are none, smut, and then fluff coz duh it’s me. 
⇢ pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung x jimin  (foursome)
⇢ word count: undisclosed for the one-shot, 1.1k for the teaser. 
⇢ theme: friends with benefits, fwb!au, roommate au
⇢warning/s: public/train sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fingering, cunnilingus (female receiving), heavy petting, teasing, orgasm denial/edging, double & triple penetration, breast play, spanking, teasing, squirting, creampie, dom!jungkook, dom!taehyung, sub!jimin, sub/brat!reader, dirty talk, disciplining (consensual tho), oral (male receiving)/ blowjob, gagging, spitting, choking, hair pulling, unprotected sex (birth control god bless), rough sex, door(?) sex, power play, slight pain kink, restraints (belts/ties), marking, loads and tons of aftercare coz i will always be a soft bish. 
⇢ a/n: thought i’d do something to truly deserve the inevitable journey to hell. the full one-shot will be out soon and please don’t judge me lmao. thanks @chemicalpink for beta’ing this teaser and @eatjeanjin for being a true hype queen. ily two!
Tumblr media
All the breath in your lungs escapes you when the front of your torso is slammed harshly against the glass door, the clangs of the train’s shifting gears, ringing distantly in your ears. Gasping, you squirm and try to move away, the chill of the early morning seeping into you through the thin layer of your camisole but pause when you feel a palm ghosting against the curve of your back. 
Your hissed warning goes ignored as the man presses his entire front against your back, his tall, muscular, built tight against every inch of your soft curves. 
 “Yes, y/n-ssi?” His response is teasing, breathy in a knee-weakening kind of way as he whispers it close to your ear. His breath fans against the shell, and you bite back a moan when his full lips graze the sensitive skin there before moving to nuzzle the back of your ear. 
 Despite your best attempt at trying to stay quiet and not let a single sound slip past your lips, a moan tumbles out before you can bite it in and the answering groan that Jungkook lets out crowded so close to you sounds absolutely carnal. 
 “Tell me what you want, baby.” He grunts, nipping the shell of your ear and edging to the long curve of your neck before his tongue slips out and licks a long wet trail from the nape of your neck back to your ear. 
“Jungkoook stop! I-ah!” your response is half-formed, words and syllables tearing apart like wet paper under his touch. You try to shove his wandering hands off, but there is no real force behind if you are being honest to yourself. 
 “Oh?” The single syllable sounds cheeky, amused, as though he knows you are just putting on a show, and your returning huff is part annoyance, part exasperation. 
 “I am serious Jungkook, we are not doing this right now.” You try to put as much steel behind your voice as you can, hoping to keep your tone firm as you work to leave no space for an argument, but it ends up coming out wobbly. 
“Yeah?” Jungkook asks again as he puts his entire weight into pushing you from behind until your front is pressed painfully close to the glass door, and you bite your lip to prevent any noise from slipping out yet again.
 “Is that so?” his tone is mocking, sardonic as though he is amused at your attempt at trying to call the shots. Before you can reply, the hand that had been on your ass all along moves and ere you can guess its destination there is a sting of a slap on the flesh of your thigh, a half-muffled squeak ringing in the air between you two.
“How about you say that again when I am buried deep in your cunt, huh?” Jungkook growls, and every muscle in your body tightens like a string pulled taut, your heat clenching in on itself as your mouth goes dry in response to the clear intimations of trouble.
Nuzzling the curve of your neck, he asks again, “I can be so good to you. Baby, don’t you like it when I make you cum?” his intentions are clear, words shameless and entirely too vulgar, but rather than finding them repulsive, they pull you in, the heat in your belly simmering in response. 
“God you look so pretty when you come over my tongue. Taste so sweet. Let me make you feel good y/n, tell me what you want.”
Whimpering, your thighs clench as a bolt of arousal and want shoots straight through your core in response. It was a losing battle, you knew right from the start, but you had to at least try. However, all your inhibitions are thrown out the window when both his hands grip your ass, prying the cheeks apart, his bulging arousal nestling comfortably in between the flesh. 
 “I want you, Kookie.” You manage to push out as his fingers skim the edge of your panties, never wholly slipping in, but caressing the border, the sensitive juncture where your thigh meets your dripping heat. 
 “Oh, so now I am Kookie, huh?” 
His fingers continue to tease the edge of your panties, skimming over your thighs and ass, while his other hand glides over from your waist to your chest. Sliding over the almost sheer camisole you had worn, it squeezes the flesh beneath.
The force with which you bite back a cry has you lurching backwards. Hips pushing back against Jungkook’s front while your head tilts forward to rest against the glass door. The thrill of having him touch you, squeeze you, of having him do things he clearly shouldn’t be in the middle of a fucking train, has your blood pumping, lust and reckless arousal coursing through your veins. 
 “What if someone sees us?” You ask, worrying your lip under your teeth and biting back a squeal when Jungkook twists one of your nipples, kneading the fat under with the back of his palm at the same time. 
“Well then they’ll know just how good you can be for me.” Jungkook answers sounding almost giddy, as though he actually wants others to see you fall apart for him, cry his name out as he brings you to the edge of ecstasy, and you huff, driving your elbow back into his side in response to the thoughts you can practically hear whirring inside that pretty head of his. 
 “I am serious, Jungkook.” You scold, subtly eyeing the people around you from the corner of your eye. The two of you are in the back of the train, and with your front pressed to the transparent glass door, the only chance of someone seeing you is if they either see Jungkook before and then realize what you two are doing, or if someone sees you from the other side of the glass door. 
 Dammit. There’s too much risk.
 “Jungkook no, anybody could see us—” You start, ready to refuse and put a stop to his ministrations as you twist your neck to look him in the eye, only for your protests to die on a dry tongue at the sight that greets you. 
 Standing there beside Jungkook, their postures lazy are your other two roommates, wicked grins stretched wide across both their faces. 
 ‘I’m so screwed.’
Tumblr media
⇢ a/n: don't have much to say atm, but I hope y'all like it. have a nice day <3 
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taegularities · 2 months ago
long rails | kth (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Being an idol husband and father isn’t easy, least of all for Kim Taehyung. The two weeks you were apart were two weeks too long, and Taehyung’s about to show you just how much he missed you.
pairing: dilf!Taehyung x female reader
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship, idol!au, pwp; smut
warnings: okay... swearing; explicit sexual content: big dick!tae, soft dom!tae, kissing, oral (f. receiving), unprotected sex (careful !!), soft sex turning into rough sex, manhandling, handcuffs :) surprise, slight bdsm, praising, multiple orgasms, tae being the demon he is; OH YEAH TAE IS A HUSBAND AND DAD T_T
word count: 3.1k
a/n: i have nothing to say for myself. these things just... happen. thank you @chateautae​ and @missgeniality​ for dealing with my horrible first draft, this is what happens when you write a pwp in 2 hours :)) also sammy - endlessly grateful that you came up with this title and the joke in this fic, i’m still cackling :’D + @hobiandsprite​ thank you for helping my dumbass with the summary ily <3
Tumblr media
Having an idol husband is exasperating in more than just one or two ways.
For one, there’s the fact that your house seems way too big at times. The still water in the swimming pool stays untouched, the other side of the mattress vacant and the dining table clean, because you and your daughter always eat in your own room while watching a kid’s show you have no interest in.
Then, there’s the distance that constantly lies between you when he’s away, either touring, snapping photos for shoots or doing god knows what that - in your humble opinion - doesn’t need to take him away from you for days.
Today however - today is different. Not only does Taehyung come home from Busan - or was it Ilsan? - after fourteen whole days, but he’s about to stay for over a month, too, gracefully entertaining you with his presence as your family comes together again. You can tell that Yeona was missing him, too. The way she pouts when she hears his voice through the speaker when you call him speaks volumes.
When the front door finally opens, you’re relaxing in the billiard room that’s located in the basement and has proven to be utterly unnecessary, not one soul ever finding its way here, unless it’s game night with the boys. Now, however, it seems to be a great distraction - one that gets interrupted by another when you feel hands slowly creep up your waist and your stomach.
“Hi, beautiful,” he whispers into your ear, pressing your back against his chest as you close your eyes in delight. “I missed your scent so much.”
You hum, lips curling upwards as you cover his hands with your palms as much as you can; and when you finally turn around to meet his gaze, he knocks the breath out of you entirely. You didn’t know that hair can grow this much in such a short time, but the dark locks that cover his eyes and fall against the nape of his neck, are surely something you could get used to.
But his frustratingly amazing appearance doesn’t end here: because soon, you detect the leather jacket that hugs his torso smoothly, and you’re fast to pull it off his shoulders before you see something else, something heavy, shiny. Your mouth falls open involuntarily as soon as your eyes fall onto it - and Taehyung chuckles when he notices that you’ve recognised the object for what it is.
“Why are heart-shaped handcuffs dangling from your jeans?” you ask carefully before you meet his soft stare. You love the crinkles around his eyes when he looks at you like that; adore the shape of his cheekbones and the blinding smile.
“Um,” he makes, eyes innocent although you know that he isn’t - and from what you feel in the air, you’re sure he won’t be in a few minutes either. “Photoshoot. I kinda didn’t… change?”
“Why not?”
“I wanted to rush home to you.”
You remember him telling you that after their little getaway, they’d return to Seoul for one last shoot before they could go home; but you didn’t think he’d come back in the clothes that had been given to him. But who are you to complain anyway?
You wrap your arms around his neck, tugging at his hair softly before you pull him down to press his soft, rosy lips on yours. Much to your pleasure, your tongues mingle sooner than you thought, both your eagerness on full display as his hands land on your waist gently, pressing just slightly.
Every single kiss you ever share feels like utter bliss. He always moves his lips so skillfully, his wet muscle massaging yours in a perfect rhythm, never too sloppy or uncomfortable and never seeming to forget what you like despite your time apart. Your husband is talented in every way, and pleasing and loving you belong to an area he excels in with top notch grades.
You pull away suddenly, his mouth still chasing yours until he notices the absence of your tongue, opening his half lidded eyes as he asks, “You missed me, too, didn’t you?”
You shift on the table and suddenly giggle a little as a thought crosses your mind, and he looks at you in question, eyebrows furrowing as he asks, “Why are you laughing?”
“It’s just,” you begin to clarify, tracing the line of his jaw, “you’re about to rail me on a long rail.”
He rolls his eyes at you, but his lips still form an amused smile. But before he can remark something snarky, you’re quick to continue.
“But yes… I did. I missed you so much, Tae,” you breathe. And he wastes no time, closing the distance between you as he kisses you again with a crash, arms wrapping around your body as you both hum and moan into each other’s mouths.
His large palms land on your shoulder blades for a moment before they start roaming your body, and not long after, you feel his fingers slide down to your ass in a smooth motion. They dig into the flesh without a warning, the burn of his digits sending pleasure reeling through your whole spine. With the strong hold, you feel him lift you into the air and place you onto the billiard table behind you swiftly.
You open your thigh before he can tell you to, and when he presses himself into you, you already feel the hard bulge rub against your hungry clit. You can’t lie, him being away from you so long brought a lingering yearning and sexual deprivation to your body that still renders you weak and defenseless, and him taking the lead overwhelms you with such desire that you give in immediately.
“Video calls aren’t enough,” he whispers as his lips find your neck, hands pulling up your dress as he grinds against you, “I thought of you every fucking second, baby... video calls are not enough.”
“I know.” You throw your head back to grant him more access and he takes your offer gratefully, teeth and lips nibbling at your tender skin as the arousal in your panties starts pooling.
His touches are scathing, and you drift into the usual ecstasy soon when he impatiently pushes you onto your back to pull down your underwear. With a fire in his eyes, he rolls away the solids and stripes on the table, some of them actually falling into random holes. When he pulls you up again, your dress is off your shoulders and only wrapped around your tits, your sex, ass and stomach bare as he eyes you up and down.
“My god... the next time I’ll just fight with my manager and take you with me,” Taehyung declares before he undresses his lower half, too. His angry, red tip is the first thing you see before you can ogle at the rest of his hard shaft, the veins running along the length so appetising that you feel yourself drool.
But Taehyung wants you, and he wants you now - any kind of further interruptions aren’t welcomed unless you’re on the receiving end. You know that; you know him. And he proves your thoughts to be true when his hands separate your thighs hastily, dropping onto his knees before he rubs his digits against your soaking cunt that’s already glistening for him in all glory.
He has missed your taste for too long to hold back now, and he shows it to you when his mouth attaches to your greedy heat instantly, plush lips wrapping around your nether ones and tongue dipping inside your hole gloriously as he drinks you up. Your sweetness is otherworldly and your mewls an absolutely delightful melody. But the scream you let out when the vibrations of his moans send electricity through your body, have you nearly drop over the edge.
“Baby, more,” you plead, shaky breaths leaving your chest as you bury your fingers in his hair. You pull lightly again, eliciting more grunts out of him as he spoils you lavishly, sucking at your clit and your labia alternatively until your juices run down onto the expensive table. “Taehyung…”
“My love,” he mumbles as he lets go, resurfacing to catch his breath before he lifts himself up. His lips are shining in the warm light of the room, drenched in your wetness that you lap up as you lean in to kiss him again.
He’s already lining himself up with you, the leaking tip prodding at your entrance before you put a hand on his white shirt. You shake your head when an idea forms in your head - and he can see, waiting patiently for you to speak your mind.
“I was thinking,” you mutter, eyes darting down to the handcuffs that dangle around over his knees before you graze them carefully, “what if you…”
You swallow thickly, glancing into his lust-filled eyes before you continue, “These props… work, right?”
Taehyung chuckles at your words as he removes them from his jeans and instead presents them to you. “Is that what you want, baby?”
You brush your lips against his, his mind nearly spiralling out of control and urging him to thrust in before he catches himself again. And when you whisper a single “Please”, his chest heats up searingly within a few moments.
One hand suddenly gripping your wrist, he removes your hand from his chest to restrain it against your back. He brings the handcuffs to the arm he’s holding captive to replace his grip with the prop, your other wrist soon following until you find yourself impuissant and enslaved.
“Like that?” he asks softly. You nod just once before he finally slides home in one quick motion, your nails digging into your palms as you feel your lips quiver. He grabs your waist hard, pressing you against him as he mumbles into your ear, voice thick with desire, “Do you like being my little, powerless angel? All under my control, hm?”
“Mmmh,” is all you manage when you feel him move, starting off slowly, so you can adjust to his thick, big length. You know this won’t last, but as long as it does, you might as well just formulate sentences before they leave you entirely. “I actually… do. Because you know…”
“I know what, baby?” he mumbles when you pause, the lewd sounds already filling the room as he slides in and out deliciously.
“ to handle me. You know how to make me - mmh - feel good, baby-”
And then, gradually, he picks up his pace, his hips moving elegantly and skilled as your ass rubs against the soft material of the table. His voice is gravely and deeper than usual when he speaks again, sinful words in between groans leaving him hotly against your neck, “I do, don’t I? After all… this pussy belongs to me. Don’t you agree, baby?”
“I do, Tae…” Your eyes are already shut, white dots forming behind your eyelids as you lose track of time and your movements, “You fill me up so good. Stretch me out so perfec-”
Words get stuck in your throat when his arms pull your torso against him impossibly close, keeping you at place as he starts pounding into you out of the blue. His fingers brush over your confined hands gently, carefully pulling at your fingers, so you don’t mark your palms further.
“I missed you…” he admits into your ear, droplets of sweat already running down his face as he repeats the same things over and over again. “Missed you all the fucking time. I love you so much. So much, baby…”
You’re not joking when you tell him he stretches you out perfectly. He fits inside you like a missing puzzle piece, his cock filling you up to the brim until your walls spasm around him. He’s become one and molded with you so intensely that even right in this instant, he doesn’t have to do much to make you let go, the knot in your stomach unwinding as you gush around him without any sort of clit action.
That’s what being away from the most beautiful and hottest husband does to a woman.
Your broken keens travel through his ear and directly into his chest, his body warm with tension as he feels more blood rush into his cock, his member twitching inside you as you come down from your high. But you know he’s not done, still so hard, still so ready to keep wrecking you.
“Stand and turn around,” he orders out of breath when you somewhat catch yourself, pulling out of you and leaving your throbbing walls empty.
You obey, gulping as you try to wiggle out of his grip and land on the floor, and when he sees you struggling, he helps. His hands pull you down before they turn you around almost aggressively, shoving you face-down against the table until he relishes in the sight of you bent over for him so beautifully.
You shift your ass towards him deliberately, the flesh jiggling as it brushes his wet cock and your arms trying but failing to free themselves from their prison. Your cunt is already sensitive - yet longing for so much more. And only a moment later, he adheres to your silent wishes as he bottoms out again, the position hitting new spots inside you that you’ve forgotten exist.
“Pretty… so gorgeous,” he mumbles behind you as he starts off fast, his thick muscle rearranging your guts effectively until you’re a drooling and whimpering mess. Your cheeks slide up and down the table with every movement, your fingers trying to grasp any patch of his body until they go limp. “I have the sweetest and sexiest wife… How, Y/N…”
You want to ask him how what, but you can’t do much except answer in clipped vocals, the cock that’s ramming into you harshly sending your brain into a fog. But then, he continues, “How can you be both, baby?”
You almost laugh at his question. You want to throw it back as you remember the tender moments he spends with you in your garden, your daughter bouncing on his shoulders as she tells him to run around, so she can pretend to be a plane.
And then, in contrast, he manages to be a demon like this on other days.
Lost in your thoughts, you don’t notice that his right hand has left your waist and snaked its way around to your clit; you only register what he’s doing when he’s actually doing it. And when you let out an uncontrolled scream, the fever in your head occupying every single coherent thought, his free hand reaches out to cover your whining mouth.
Maybe you’re into hard manhandling indeed - because this sole action makes you see stars as you come again, your pussy clenching around his cock so tightly that Taehyung lets out a deep, stifled mewl.
“That’s it, fuck,” Taehyung murmurs as his fingers still rub your bundle of nerves. Your sobs indicate that you’re done, that you can’t take anymore. And when he understands, he removes his fingers from your clit, the other hand still shutting you up as his hips soon stutter and his movements slow.
His enormous hand squeezes your ass cheek almost painfully when he comes, his mouth falling entirely open as he looks down to where you collide. His cum shoots through you in waves, and it takes only a few more thrusts until he’s emptied himself and collapsed against your back at last.
He pants into your ear before he leaves gentle pecks on your face and hair, the softness of his actions so different from what he was doing just a moment ago. Lovingly, mustering all his warmth and endearment, he asks you after removing the handcuffs, “Are you okay?”
And you whisper back just as sweetly, “Always with you.”
Now more than ever, you’re happy that you decided to install a bathroom in the basement, too, because both of you know exactly that you need to clean up before you can face anyone in this house when you go upstairs.
Greatly enough, the first person who sees but ignores your entirely messy state is your daughter Yeona, her hair disheveled from her nap as she walks to you with idle steps but a gut-wrenching grin on her face. Her little legs carry her to your husband in an instant, and soon he’s laughing merrily with her, throwing her up into the air and greeting her with honey-coated words and hugs.
“Ow, here’s my little one! Did you miss me?”
Yeona nods in the shy way most kids do, her teeth worrying her lower lip as she fumbles with the button of her shirt. Taehyung sighs in content, rocking her in his arms as he tickles her a little, a high pitched laugh erupting from her chest that has you covering your ears with an amused expression.
He hugs her tightly, a kiss landing on her hair as he tells her, “I missed you, too.”
“Mommy cried today!” she suddenly confesses, and your eyes widen as you glare at her playfully.
“Mommy did?” he asks as he looks at you in question. You lick your lips before you clear your throat, raising an eyebrow at Yeona - a gaze that Taehyung follows.
And when she notices, she looks between you two for a few seconds, a guilty smile grazing her pretty features as she shakes her head and says, “Uh-uh.”
Taehyung and you both laugh at her reaction, and he lets her down as he crouches in front of her, booping her nose once before he coos, “Well, now the truth’s out, girls.”
When he stands again, he wiggles his eyebrows as he tilts his head - and when you finally roll your eyes, he chuckles, his fingers intertwining with yours tightly. “Fine,” you admit eventually, “I just missed you and was excited for you to come back. Surprise. Bet you didn’t know that yet.”
He tucks a strand of loose hair behind your ear, an affectionate, chaste kiss landing on your forehead before he tells you, “I’ll spoil you two so much in the time I’m here. Don’t you worry, baby.”
You don’t want to think of when he’s gone again; don’t want to imagine days without him yet again. All you want to do right now is to indulge in the way he looks at you and your daughter with utter euphoria, asking her about her day and her friends. And as long as he’s here - touching you, loving you, admiring you - you decide to let the feeling take over you as much as he allows.
Tumblr media
okay, i’m serious, taehyung GETS A BREAK NOW, i have a jk to prepare >:C
:’) if you liked this small fic, please leave a like, reblog so others can see and send me an ask !! i appreciate all these things and you a lot <3
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sparklingchim · a month ago
devil's nemesis; kth | m
Tumblr media
pairing: taehyung x reader (feat. jungkook)
word count: 7.1k
rating: 18+
genre: smut, enemies to lovers, college!au, vacation!au
warnings: panty sniffing, oral (m/f receiving), fingering, gagging, grinding, groping, face fucking, making out, taking pictures during a bj?, hair pulling, jk putting sunscreen on oc's back way too suggestively, oc having a kink for jungkook's hands?, cum swallowing, playing truth or dare like 8th graders again but what's new, drinking, dirty talk, breast play, cursing, finger sucking
summary: jungkook is not the little brother you always viewed him as, and maybe it's time to have your fun with him. taehyung seems to be upset about it, but you never cared about him anyway. so why not play with jungkook for a little while?
a/n: yay part two is finally here 😬😬 hope u enjoy <333
index: prequel | one | two
,,You're so disgusting for sleeping with a girl in our bed!" ,,Calm down. The sheets got changed by the cleaners anyway." An indignant scoff flees your mouth. Taehyung is unbelievable. ,,So, you'd be okay with me fucking a guy in our bed too?" He shrugs. ,,Do what you wanna do, I don't care. As long as I'm not in the room." ,,How do you not see a problem in this?!" ,,Because there is none, you're just being dramatic." ,,I'm being dramatic? My reactions is totally reasonable, Taehyung!" ,,Why are you so pressed about this? Calm down a bit." Taehyung kneels down and searches for something in his suitcase, and you follow him right after. ,,I will calm down if you'd stop-" ,,You know what?" He stands up again, turning to you. ,,You want to fuck me so bad, it makes you look stupid."
Your mouth hangs open. A surprised laughter erupts from your throat, eyes wide in shock. He did not just say that.
,,Excuse me - what?" ,,Don't act all innocent now." He has that smug grin on his face, the one that you absolutely despise. ,,I'm just trying to tell you that I don't want you to fuck some girl in this bed, because, for your information, we both share this bed - and room - and you have nothing better to say than that I'm mad because I want to fuck you? What kind of moronic conclusion is that?" you vociferate, a red flush painting your cheeks because of all your anger. Taehyung grimaces. ,,It's way too late for this, y/n. I really want to sleep now and not listen to your unnecessary babbling about something trivial." Obviously Taehyung wants to pull that card now. He knows that he is in the wrong, but he can't admit it. Big fucking idiot. ,,You're so annoying," you say, walking past him and grabbing your pj's. You have no clue about what time it is, but it's about two hours later of playing truth or dare with the other ones, and you swear, you've never wanted to slap that handsome face - that sadly belong to Taehyung - that badly. You wanted to call him out right then and there, but you both caused enough big scenes in front of everyone already, so you kept your mouth shut the entire time. Taehyung kept flashing you that stupid smirk, the urge to take off your shoe and throw it right at his face so big, but your self-worth is bigger, so you ignored that jerk and told yourself you'd deal with him later on. ,,Like, what if I would have come into the room? What then?" You groan frustrated. ,,God, I don't have enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel right now." Taehyung chuckles amused ,,You were out at the pool with the other ones. Getting tanned or some shit." So it was that blonde girl he flirted with that afternoon. ,,So? What if I'd have forgotten something in the room? I don't want-" ,,Just admit that you are jealous already." ,,I'd rather punch your face, can I?" Taehyung slips under the covers, facing away from you. ,,You're not denying it?" he asks satisfied. Taehyung plays with his phone, not even bothering to look at you. ,,You don't need me to deny it to know that it's not true." You change into your pj's, not even caring if Taehyung would peek over his shoulder, he has already seen you wearing less than your underwear. ,,You better not cling onto me like a little boy when I wake up tomorrow morning," you warn, as you get into the bed as well. ,,Same goes for you." ,,I wasn't clinging onto you." ,,Your drool was all over my chest." ,,Shut up." You get comfy laying on your side, your back facing him. ,,You shut up." And with that, he turns off the lamp on his nightstand. Maybe staying with him in a room was a mistake and you should've left this stupid vacation as soon as they announced you'd have to share the same room with Taehyung. ~ ,,Why do you look so annoyed showed up at breakfast?" Jimin asks, turning his head to you as you sit down on the sun bed. He pulls up his sunglasses to have a better look at you. ,,I don't," you simply answer and pull your phone out. ,,What's bothering you?" Jimin knows that there's something wrong, he's your best friend after all. ,,Taehyung, but what's new." He hands you the sunscreen and you thankfully accept it. ,,What happened last night?" ,,What?" You look at him baffled. ,,When we played truth or dare, you practically cursed him with your eyes." ,,I always look at him like that," you roll your eyes. ,,You didn't give each other attitude for that whole day and then suddenly the tension between you two was back again," he tells, watching you expectantly. ,,Jimin, I think that was just you being drunk. I don't know what you're talking about." You know exactly what he's talking about. But you don't feel like explaining it to him. ,,I'm your best friend, y/n, I know when something's up with you." You're not interested in talking about what happened between you and Taehyung in the slightest, so you shrug and readjust your bikini top. ,,Someone's a little cranky
today," Taehyung suddenly shouts from the pool, water dripping onto his face from the wet strands hanging on his face. You grit your teeth. Is it on everyone's menu to annoy you today? ,,Someone needs to shut up!" you shout back, putting on your sunglasses. Taehyung just chuckles, like he isn't affected by it at all. Which is true, because he heard worse from you. ,,Hey, Jungkook," you call out when he walks past you. Jungkook stops and looks down at you. ,,Yeah?" ,,Could you please help me with putting on the sunscreen on my back?" ,,Oh, yeah, sure." Usually you would ask Jimin, but he is acting too nosy right now and won't let go of that subject. Jimin puts his Airpods in when you turn away from him and put your little discussion to an end. You make room for Jungkook so he can sit behind you. He squirts a little of the sunscreen on his hands before massaging it into your skin. Jungkook's hands working the cream into your back shouldn't feel this good, but it does, and you have to hold yourself back from moaning. He is barely doing anything, but his fingers are doing wonders. But perhaps it's just you having a little crush on him. You never would have thought that you'd think something like that, but fuck, Jungkook has been working out in the gym for the past months and now his torso is carved to a Greek like perfection. The abs curving his stomach so inviting and his muscular thighs making your mind go crazy. His tattooed arm and newly pierced eyebrow aren't helping you either. You always thought of him as a little brother, but not anymore. Jungkook is hot and you're whipped for this fine man. Your gaze drifts over the people having fun in the pool, Hoseok and Seokjin splashing water at each other and Yoongi complaining about getting wet because of them while trying to relax on the chair. ,,Y/n?" Jungkook asks, his voice so soft and calm behind you. ,,Yeah?" ,,There's this hotel party in the bar tonight, are you coming too?" ,,Oh, I didn't even know, but yeah, sounds like fun. I'll come along." ,,Cool." You bite your lip when he puts pressure on a sore muscle in your back. Your eyes wander again and somehow they stop when you have Taehyung in view. You're surprised to find out that he's looking at you too, or rather looking at the scene unfolding in front of him. And to say the least, he doesn't look pleased by it. Taehyung stares at you both with cautious eyes, his lips a straight line. With his forearms he leans against the pool, not even trying to hide what he's gazing at. You press your lips together, finding way too much joy in Taehyung gawping at the two of you. ,,Your hands feel so good, Jungkook," you say theatrically, slipping a sigh with your words. Taehyung perks up at that, eyes wandering to your face. Jungkook's hands reach the lowest they can, smearing the sunscreen just above your bottom. ,,Oh, they- they do?" He utters a nervous chuckle which makes you smile. You nod. ,,They feel really amazing." You send him an innocent, but at the same time a suggestive look over your shoulder. You briefly get a glimpse of his sheepish grin. You never flirted with Jungkook like this before - well, at least not personally - and the new circumstance you put you both into excites you, the eyes of one particular spectator watching you thrilling you even more. His hands move up again, gone from the dangerous territory. Jungkook's hands are big, fingers long and you find yourself daydreaming about how they would feel on other parts of your body. And maybe that's why a loud sigh escapes your mouth. Jungkook shifts behind you, loudly swallowing the surprised lump down. You really didn't mean to, but the images flooding your mind didn't give you another opportunity. When you look over to Taehyung his jaw is tightly clenched. ,,Your muscles are very tense. Maybe you should visit the spa? I heard the massages they give are incredible." ,,Should we both go there?" you offer, though you think that no one would be able to top the feeling of
Jungkook's fingers on your back. ,,If you want me to?" ,,Duh," you tease. ,,But I bet it won't feel as relaxing as your hands do." ,,I mean, they're professionals," he says, rubbing your shoulders and working the sunscreen in. ,,And..." He pauses, like he is pondering whether he should speak his next words out loud or not. ,,And my hands are more professional at other things..." He says it quietly, like he doesn't want anyone else to hear the salacious comment he just dropped. You cover your mouth when you register the meaning behind his words, warmth spreading inside your body. His unspecific, but yet particular words are inducing certain images to fill your mind. And it's definitely not like you're opposed to them. With flushed cheeks you watch as Taehyung gets out of the pool, grabbing his towel from nearby and rubbing his wet hair with it. He can't hear the both of you now, but you still feel his eyes lingering on you. ,,You think so?" you provoke, looking over your shoulder again, but this time he is grinning proudly. ,,Not me. The people I use them on think so, and are quite pleased with my skills." ,,Ah, I could only imagine," you sigh, thighs rubbing together, because, yes, there's really nothing else left than to imagine his fingers everywhere on your body after this. The heat between your legs prickling as scandalous scenes play in your head. Jungkook gives your back one last gentle rub. ,,I think I'm done here," he says. ,,O-oh," you stutter. You thought he would play along a little longer, test out the newfound territory between the two of you. ,,Thank you." You beam a smile when he gets up. He looks down at you, a simper on his face. ,,You're welcome." And with that, he strolls back to his sun bed. You can't believe that he got you so worked up with simple words. And then leaves you in that state, innocently pretending like he did not just whispered dirty words into your ear. You heave a sigh as you lay back. Perhaps he'd give you a harder time than you thought he would. ~ To be completely honest, you don't know how you ended up in this situation, but right now you are grinding your hips against Jungkook's pelvis, in the middle of the dance floor, his hands on your hips and his hot breath tickling your neck. You aren't complaining though, you are far, far away from complaining about the current situation you are in. Apparently, Jungkook didn't plan on giving you a hard time. His hips sensually grinding into you from the back proof enough. You're both not drunk though. You'd even go so far and say that you are pretty much sober. One or two drinks aren't inebriating you two, there have to be a couple more glasses involved to get you tipsy. ,,You're staring right at my boobs, aren't you?" ,,Mhmm, maybe?" You giggle, leading his hand up to your chest and making him grab one of your tits. ,,Jungkook?" ,,Hmm?" he murmurs, so focused on how your heavy tits feel in his palm. ,,I lowkey want you to fuck me," you confess. ,,Lowkey?" You bite your lip when he skittishly tweaks your nipple over your dress. He can see your nub hardening right under the thin material of your tight dress. ,,Actually, highkey." ,,Much better," he grins, placing a soft kiss just under your ear. Your breathing stutters and you close your eyes, leaning further back. ,,More," you plead with sigh. ,,Of what?" ,,More kisses, please." Jungkook immediately dives in, pressing hot and wet kisses on your neck, even going that far to suckle at your skin and creating small marks here and there. A hand on his wrist that he keeps at your waist and the other one wrapped around his neck, your head lulling back as you get lost in the feeling of his pretty lips pressing against you. His hand on your breast moves down to your stomach, slowly skimming down to your thigh. ,,I want to suck your cock," you say, pushing back the little moans that want to escape your lips. His breath trembles, a groan erupting from him. You know he loves that, even before he confessed
it to everyone one last night. ,,Yeah? Want to wrap your luscious mouth around me?" ,,Want to take all of you. And gag around your cock." Jungkook gasps lightly when he feels the light brush of your fingertips on his crotch, every so lightly sweeping over the growing bulge. ,,You know exactly how bad I want it, Jungkook." Your fingers are teasing him, his breath stuttering as he moves his hips along the curve of your ass. ,,Are you needy for me?" he asks, kissing your neck up till your jawline. ,,So needy," you moan, hand briskly squeezing his length. ,,Fuck." He palms your breast in return, his little moans near your ear shooting arousal straight down your core. ,,I need you," you confess. ,,Now." Jungkook grunts. ,,Where?" ,,Let's go into my room, Taehyung's not there." To be honest, you don't know where that boy is. The last time you saw him he was sitting at the bar with the other guys, but that was more than half an hour ago before he vanished. But when Jungkook and you enter your hotel room and you find the entire room empty, you don't spent another second thinking about Taehyung's whereabouts. Jungkook sits down on the edge of the bed, dragging you with him and kissing you wildly once you settled on his lap. You moan into the kiss, his soft lips moving in fast, but perfect movements. As you grind your hips against his crotch, your dress hikes up. The short piece of clothing wasn't particularly covering a lot in the first place, but now Jungkook can place his hands on your bare butt, kneading your flesh in his big hands. ,,I'm so hard for you," he mumbles in-between sloppy kisses. ,,I can feel it," you say, your clothed core rubbing against his hard boner, hips stuttering when it flicks over your swollen clit. You tug at his dark shirt, prompting him to take it off. Just a second later he tosses it away. He leans forward again, plump lips colliding with your skin to nimble and suckle to create soft marks on your body. ,,You're so fucking hot," you whisper as your hands roam over his abs, his chest, and then his tattooed, muscular arms. You whimper when Jungkook moves his body from under you, his cock rubbing even faster against you. You'd like to feel him rutting against you for longer, but the desire to have your mouth wrapped around his cock is undeniable. You slowly sink down on your knees, spreading his legs as you do so to make some room for yourself. Hands fiddle around his belt and work on his zipper before you can drag his pants down, pulling them off his feet and throwing them behind you. The bulge in his tight boxers is impossible to overlook. You grin as you squeeze him through the tight fabric, eliciting a breathy moan from him. Jungkook can't wait any longer. He heaves his hips up and removes his briefs, his plump cock springing free and standing up against his abdomen. The glob of precum on his tip a silent invitation for your mouth. Jungkook is big, veins adoring his length and making his cock look delicious, making your mouth instantly water at that sight. You take his cock from the base, other hand running its thumb over his head and spreading his essence over it. He sighs in relief, he didn't know he was yearning for this to this extent, but now that he has got you between his legs, he doesn't want you to leave that quickly. You let a bead of saliva drop on his cock, hands using it as lubrication to get his dick wet for you. ,,You're so big," you say, pumping his cock with two hands. ,,Want to taste it?" he offers, his hand brushing through your hair. You nod, opening your mouth and teasingly stretching out your tongue, eyes big and guileless as you take him between your lips. ,,Fuck," Jungkook moans. Eyes fluttering close as your tongue starts swirling around his tip. With one hand you continue stroking his length where you can't reach yet, the other hand grasping his thigh. ,,This feels better than every time I imagined you doing this." With a wet plop his cock falls out of you, a cheeky smile on your
face. ,,Yeah? You like this?" Pumping him slowly you watch as a spasm of pleasure contorting his face. ,,So much," he confirms. ,,Holy," he gasps when you duck down and suckle on his balls, tongue licking and swirling. You peek at his face with your head buried between his legs, a soft whimper coming from him when your thumb skims over his leaking tip. You feel his thigh tense under your touch, the distinct lines of his abs beautifully flexing. He shivers when you wet muscle licks his whole length up, circling over his head before you take him in your mouth again. ,,Just like that, yes," he encourages you as you move your head up and down, his heavy cock gliding over your tongue. ,,Open wider for me, please." You unhinge your jaw. Relaxing your throat as you go deeper down on him. Jungkook places his tattooed hand on the nape of your neck, coaxing you to take more and more of him. ,,That's right, take all of it." His eyes are focused on the way his cock disappears in your mouth, the feeling of your warm throat engulfing his dick and your bright eyes looking up at him. His tip meets the back of your throat. Your nose brushes against his groin. His short pubic hair tickles your skin, eyes stinging with tears. He holds you there for a few seconds, big hand pushing you down. You swallow around his girth, provoking a moan out of him. Your fingers cling onto his brawny thighs. Nails digging little crescents in it when your gag reflex starts to well up and you have to push yourself off of him. A thick string of saliva connects you to his tip and you rub the drool into his cock as you try to control your uneven breathing. Jungkook tugs at the strap of your mini dress. You briefly let go of him and pull down your dress to your tummy. Your tits start to bounce when you go back to your task, bobbing your head up and down. His hand reaches for your busty chest, cock sliding in deeper as he does. He squeezes your flesh, rolling your tit in his palm as he guides you with his other hand on your cheek. With every sound that erupts from him your clit feels more and more neglected, cunt getting wetter the more you suck on his throbbing cock. You sneak a hand between your legs, swiftly tugging your panty to the side and start rubbing your clit with two fingers. ,,Are you playing with yourself?" ,,Uh-huh." ,,You're so sexy." He throws his head back, like he can't comprehend how hot this is. In return, you can't comprehend how alluring he looks like that, long and veiny neck on display for you, the pleasure defining his face urging you to keep going with making him feel good. ,,You know, I always imagined how your pretty lips would look like around my dick, but this is" - He heaves a soft moan when you hollow your cheeks - ,,This is a much more arousing sight than my mind could've made up." ,,This is better than any of your fantasies?" ,,Mhm, fuck, yeah. I never want to forget how you look like with your mouth stuffed with my cock." ,,I mean, you don't have to," you say when an idea pops into your mind. Jungkook is way too engrossed on your small hand working his cock up and down, than to notice whatever you are offering him. You snake your arm up to your purse placed on the bed, grabbing your phone out of it. ,,Take a pic and send it to yourself," you say, handing him your phone. ,,What?" he asks staggered, taking the phone anyway. ,,Take a pic of me having my mouth full with your cock," you reply, as nonchalant as you'd ask him to take a selfie with you. Jungkook doesn't ask again. He swallows thickly, your boldness sending more excitation into his cock and making you even more attractive for him. He taps on the camera button, aligning the phone so it perfectly captures the scene in front of him. You take his cock halfway in, eyes twinkling in that brassy but innocent way as you look up to him. His hand cups your cheek, big palm almost covering it whole. After he takes the picture, he tosses your phone back on the bed. ,,Send it to me after we're done," he
says, hips impatiently moving up, and cock sliding further into you mouth. This was one of the hottest things he's ever done, and Jungkook is happy to put that photo into his secret folder that contains all the other nudes you've sent him the last couple of months. Your fingers are back on your clit when you see the fire in his eyes, thanking yourself for that idea, because the new wave of ardency that overcame him was just what you needed. But then he suddenly pushes your head off his cock, holding your head back while he grabs his dick on the base. He runs the tip over your cheek, sliding down your lips. ,,You like getting dirty, don't you?" Eyes dark, and voice deeper than usual he smears his wet cock over your face. You smile coquettishly. ,,Mmmh, love it so much." ,,Want to fuck your throat," he admits, eyes following the beautiful wet lines that his cock creates on your soft, flushed skin. ,,You can do whatever you want, Koo." ,,Then open your mouth for me, pretty," he says as he gets up, standing in front of you in his full splendour. You comply, allowing him to plunge his cock back in. You stop toying with your cunt, placing both of your hands on his thighs. He gathers your hair with one hand, making sure that no strand will bother him while fucking his cock into you. Once he starts moving his hips, your hands grasp at his thighs. His tip constant hitting the back of your throat makes you drool around him, saliva slowly dripping down to your chin and some of it landing on the swell of your chest. ,,Taking it so well," he mutters, placing his other hand on his waist. Jungkook can't get enough of your warm mouth, the tightness of your throat sending him so close to his high. You're so good to him, kneeling before him and taking his cock like a good girl, allowing him to use your mouth and filling it with his cock to the brim. And that's exactly what he tells you, the lewd words spilling from him way too easily, but it's not that hard to have a mind full of dirty things when he has you like this after fantasising about so many different scenarios he'd like to have with you. When he notices your teary eyes his hips stutter for a second. He could never wrap his mind around how sexy and hot you look like. And the view of you getting ruined by him makes Jungkook want to blow his cum right down your throat in that second. So he stops ramming his cock into your pretty lips, making his incoming climax go away by tapping his cock against your swollen lips. ,,Your mouth feels so goddamn good," he sighs. ,,I was close, but don't wanna cum yet." ,,You can cum, Guk," you assure, fingers moving to his balls and playing with them. A soft whine is his answer, hand buried in your hair. You shoo his hand from his cock away, wrapping your hand around his girth instead. ,,I want you to cum," you say, jerking him off. His saliva coated dick causes wet and lewd sounds to ring through the room, his laboured breathing making your pussy yearn for more of that. ,,Cum in my mouth, Jungkook. Let me taste you, let me swallow you." ,,I can cum in your mouth?" He asks whiny, screwing his eyes shut when you nod. ,,Shit." ,,Anywhere you like." Hands moving faster, you come closer to his body. ,,Your mouth sounds amazing." ,,Yeah? You like the idea of me swallowing all your cum? Want to shoot your hot cum down my throat?" Jungkook nods to all of that, his hands on the back of your head as you take his cock in your mouth. He pushes your head back and forth, your encouraging words lingering in his mind as he fastens his pace. You stare up at him with intrigued eyes. The face he does when you feel the first spurts of his cum spilling from his cock is too seductive to be true. Brows drawn together and piercing twinkling in the dim light. His hips jerk uncontrollably, his abs tautening as he fills your mouth with his liquid. ,,Fuck," he wheezes. His grip on your head loosens. You swallow all of his cum down, sucking on his tip to get the last bits out of him. Jungkook shakes a
little, your lips around him not the best feeling after he just came that hard. He pushes you off his cock. He strokes his cock for a few times in the tempo he likes to, before he neglects it completely when his dick slowly softens. You show him your tongue playfully. ,,Swallowed all of it." He smiles at your silly act, nudging your elbow to stand up. ,,Get that dress off and lie down on the bed for me, yeah?" ,,You can't fuck me now, can you?" you ask while lying down, the only thing hidden from Jungkook your clothed pussy. ,,Uh, not after you sucked the life out of me." A proud smile flashes on your lips. ,,That's what I like to hear." Jungkook pulls your legs apart, eyes taking every arch and curve of your body in. Hands all over you and mind determined to make you feel as good as you just made him feel. Your smell hits Jungkook's nostrils and he curses lowly, grabbing your hips and pulling your closer to him. ,,Look at that," he says, needy eyes staring at the wet spot staining your panty. His nose brushes your clothed core. He takes a long inhale and exhales with a small moan. ,,You smell so good, fuck." He hooks his fingers under the sides of your panties, tugging it down. Once it's gone, he immediately drinks up the sight of your bare, drenched pussy. Jungkook deliberately parts your soaked folds with his fingers. Exposing your pussy for his eyes. ,,So pretty," he mumbles to himself. Jungkook eyes your cunt up and down, grumbling in pleasure when he notices your needy pussy clenching around nothing, practically begging for something to fill it with. With a small swipe he brushes over your cunt, a shaky gasp bubbling from your throat. ,,You're so responsive," he grins, his stare following the sheath of goose bumps sprouting on your body. He pulls your hood back a little more, your clit now perfectly in view for him. ,,Jesus, your clit is so swollen," Jungkook mutters in awe. ,,I'm so horny for you." With your fingers you comb through his fluffy hair, the other one palming your chest. ,,For me?" You nod with a small hum. ,,Say it again, please." ,,I'm horny for you, Jungkook," you repeat, adding a soft mewl at the end. You like playing with him that way, his reactions to you setting a fire in you that tickles every corner of your body. That's all he needs to hear to dive his mouth into your cunt. His tongue is sharp and fierce, licking up and down your pussy and occasionally circling around your entrance. You choke a mixture of a whine and a whimper out, fingers tightly burying themselves in his dark locks. You move your hips along with his tongue. But Jungkook grabs the insides of your thighs and pins you down. You shudder when he dips his tongue into your hole, teasing you with little movements of going in and out. Mind dazed, you watch his face between your spread out legs, the lewd noises his mouth and your dripping cunt causes setting the knot in your stomach on fire. He looks beautiful down there, like he belongs there, and the way he starts devouring your cunt has you believing that he has been eating you out like this for not the first time. ,,You're way too good at this," you sigh, tweaking your nipple. Jungkook smiles against your soaked cunt, hands squeezing your flesh as an answer. His wet muscle swirls around your clit with calculated precision. You gasp when the tip of his tongue meets your swollen bud just the way you like it, thighs tensing under his ferocious licks. ,,So good," you slur, eyes rolling back. When you feel his fingertips brushing and rubbing against your aching hole you whine. ,,Yes please." ,,Want my fingers?" You nod frantically. Two tattooed fingers slowly enter your pussy, back arching from the bed as he does so. Jungkook stares at your face while sinking his fingers in, the pleasure curving your features in the most tantalisingly way possible. ,,You're so gorgeous," he says, eyes lingering on your plump lips. ,,Taking my fingers so well." You brush his hair out of his face, a small
smile tugging on your lips at his praise. The smile is gone when he starts moving his fingers, squelching sounds ricocheting off the walls. ,,So wet," Jungkook whispers, the thin coat of your juices glimmering in the dim light everytime his finger slide back. His fingers crook and your immediate reaction is trapping your bottom lip between your teeth, a stretched whine bubbling from your throat as he continuously brushes your g-spot. ,,Yes, yes yes - shit - right there, Jungkook." You push his face closer to your throbbing cunt. ,,Suck on my clit?" Not a second later his mouth is attached to your clit, pink lips enclosing around your swollen bud. ,,Don't stop, please don't stop - oh god," you pant, head rolling to the side. The view in front of you make your pussy clench around his fingers. The mirror. Jungkook buried between your legs, head and hand moving between the soft rounds of your thighs. One of your hands grasping at his raven hair, the other one playing with your chest. Back arched towards the ceiling. But it's not the way this scene looks absolute lewd and beautiful at the same time that sets every cell of you on fire, it's the fact that Jungkook's eyes are kept on yours, staring at you with so much worship shining in his eyes. Your walls flutter around him again as you get overwhelmed by the mixed feelings that his simple stare causes. ,,So close," you weep. Jungkook's tongue darts out again, now starting to flick against your needy clit. ,,I'm gonna - oh - I'm gonna-" you can't finish your sentence as your head rolls back, stars hazing your vision when your high crushes you. His fingers slow down, your legs trembling while he rides out your high, mouth slurping every drop of juice you have for him. He watches as you writhe from your orgasm. The way you grasp the firm flesh of your chest not going unnoticed by him. ,,Taste so sweet," he coos gently, peppering kisses on your sensitive cunt, a tiny smooch on your clit that has you jerking in an instant. ,,Want to taste yourself?" He asks, withdrawing his hands from your pussy and holding them up to your face as he straddles your body. You hold onto his wrist, taking his two fingers between your lips and slowly swirling your tongue around. ,,So sweet, isn't it?" he asks, voice sounding rather distant, because he is too captivated on how your mouth suck on his fingers. His wet fingers trail down your throat when you cleaned them. ,,This was really good," you say after a few seconds of silence. Your hands rub over his biceps. ,,Totally," he agrees. ,,I enjoyed it a lot." Hesitance sparks in his eyes. ,,Maybe I should leave? Before Taehyung comes back?" ,,Oh," you say dumbfounded. ,,Yeah, we should get our clothes back on before he barges in or something." You actually don't care if Taehyung would get into the room, but Jungkook's concerned look makes you get off the bed and put your clothes back on. While Jungkook still dresses himself, you grab your phone and sent Jungkook the picture he took of you. You have to bite the smirk away when you inspect the picture. It looks hot, to say the least. ,,I sent the pic to you," you announce and hold your phone up. He's in the middle of putting his shirt back on when he turns back to you. First he is confused, but then he remembers. ,,Thanks," he just answers, perhaps a little shy when the memories of your mouth blowing him comes to his mind. You definitely got to delete that from your gallery later, you don't want exposing photos like that staying there. ,,Are you going back to the other ones?" you ask, throwing your phone back on the bed again. ,,Yeah, I think I want a few more drinks before I call it a night," he says. ,,Are you coming too?" You shake your head. ,,I'm gonna stay in my room." ,,Then, see you tomorrow?" You nod, pecking his cheek before he turns and leaves your room. And just a few seconds later, Taehyung enters. You're still standing in the middle of the room, barefoot, thoughts lingering on the past hour that you
spent with Jungkook. ,,What are you doing?" he questions confused. ,,Nothing?" You brush through your hair, nonchalantly trying to straighten your tousled hair. He looks down at you. Your creased mini dress is probably not helping you to look clean, when all you do is look like a total, fucked out mess. ,,What are you staring at?" you say offended, crossing your arms. ,,Nothing," he replies, the mocking twinkle in his eyes giving away his intended use of your embarrassed response from earlier. ,,You're annoying." ,,Why are you up here anyway? Do you not want to dance with Jungkook anymore?" If you would've paid a little more attention to him, you perhaps would've noticed the slight resentment coating his words. ,,I've got the rest of this vacation to have fun with Jungkook," you shrug. ,,He's not the younger brother you always viewed him as, huh?" ,,Oh, definitely not anymore." Not after he made you cum that hard. ,,Why are you here?" you ask, eyes following him as he grabs a t-shirt from his suitcase. ,,Not your business." You huff, rolling your eyes. ,,Is..." You squint your eyes to have a better look at the white t-shirt he currently wears. ,,Did you pour water on yourself?" He doesn't say anything, just taking off the wet shirt in that cool way that boys always do. ,,Oh my good," you laugh. ,,Don't tell me a girl poured her drink all over you." You don't even attempt to hide your amusement, face crinkling as you fall into a fit of laughter. You'd kill to witness a girl throwing her drink all over him. ,,How was I supposed to know that she'd get so clingy after one fuck?" ,,Ohh, sucks to be you," you tease. ,,But poor girl, you probably send her mixed signals." ,,I did - what?" He looks at you with pinched brows as he puts a new, clean t-shirt on. ,,God, you're so hopeless," you sigh, sitting down on the bed. ,,You're hopeless. Sitting around in the hotel room all alone when you could be having fun down there." ,,I had my fun in here too," you shrug. ,,Until you came." ,,Well, I'm off now anyways," he says, walking towards the door. ,,Have fun in the room, slowcoach." Before you're able to hiss an insult back at him, he's already out the door. ~ ,,You don't have a crush on that professors, are you serious?" Hoseok asks in complete shock after his girlfriend confessed her little crush that she has on a professor at your college. Jimin successfully dragged you out of the comfort of your bed and got you to accompany him and the other ones at the table that you were gathered around when you played truth or dare last night. He texted you several times, but you simply ignored him when you got his text that said that they were out playing that game again. But then he got into your room and waited for you till you relented, and now you're sitting in between your drunk friends. But you tried to catch up, and now you're tipsy, maybe even a little more than that. This night, nothing changes. Seokjin still insists on wanting to play truth or dare to have some fun and everyone else just goes along with it. ,,He actually looks cute though," you say. Hoseok's head whirls to you. ,,You're both insane." ,,Y/n thinks every boy who's rich is cute," Jimin exposes you. ,,Well, these boys meet one of the standards that my future man has to have, so why wouldn't I? ,,Ohh, so you want a rich boy?" Seokjin asks, lips puckered in impression. ,,Good luck with that one," he teases. You giggle. ,,Be careful. Maybe you'll end up with me." ,,Ah, I'm not as wealthy as you think I am." ,,Aw, come on," Yoongi says. ,,Stop pretending." ,,Yah, I'm just trying to make you all feel better with that." While Yoongi and Seokjin fall into a petty fight, Jimin notices the way you're shivering. You're only wearing shorts and a thin cropped top, the breeze that occasionally lingers in the air making you feel cold. He takes his hooded jacket off. ,,C'mere," he invites you, holding the grey jacket in front of his lap. You sit down on his lap,
sitting sideways. You rest your head on his shoulder and Jimin throws his jacket over your body, keeping your freezing body warm. ,,You're good?" You nod, nuzzling your body deeper into his. Taehyung watches you with wary eyes, but you don't notice him. At some point the bottle lands on you. ,,If you haven't had your first kiss yet, who in this round do you want to have your first kiss with?" Namjoon asks. ,,Hmm," you ponder. ,,I think Jimin." ,,Me?" His confused face makes you chuckle. ,,You have the prettiest lips, that's why." You pinch his cheeks when he smiles at the compliment. ,,Okay, accepted," he replies, welcoming every praise he can possibly get. As everyone drinks more and more, the questions and dares get bolder. You and Jimin are a giggling mess by now, but he still stops you when you aim for another drink, telling you've had enough. You listen to him, silently agreeing that your mind is completely under the daze of alcohol. ,,Truth or dare?" Jimin asks you, his hand on your waist pulling you closer to him. ,,Truuuth. Don't want dares anymore," you pout. Exchanging tops with Namjoon was one thing, but seeing your poor top getting stretched out by his buff body was painful to watch. Jimin thinks about a question for you. He rests his chin on your shoulders, puckering his lips as he is in deep thought. ,,How about you show us the last picture in your phone gallery?" ,,I don't think it's something interesting," you muse, cocking your head to the side. It's probably something boring. ,,We'll see," Jimin says. He peeks over to steal a glance at your screen when your grab your phone from your pocket. You giggle, leaning away with your body, so he wouldn't get a glimpse of it. Taehyung clears his throat, shifting in his seat uncomfortably. Your eyes flick to him. Before you can ask what's wrong with him and the weird expression he sends your way, you remember that ridiculous picture you took of him. You suppress the laughter that almost bubbled from your throat. But is that the last picture you have saved on your phone? You're not sure. So you open your gallery, clicking on the latest photo. You press your lips together, a silly smile curving your lips. ,,What is it?" Jimin asks impatiently, curious eyes sneakily trying to peer at your phone. ,,Well...," you mumble. You try to devise an explanation, but there is no possible way of explaining it to them you come to realise as you stare at it for a second. Sinking your teeth into your bottom lip you try to hide the sly smirk. Then you turn your phone around, letting everyone see the picture on the screen. Oh boy.
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kimtaehyunq · 4 months ago
Black Ravens [KTH]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black Ravens [Taehyung x Reader] ⟶ Credit: @kimtaehyunq ⟶ Genre: Smut | 21+ | Vampire!Au | One Shot ⟶ Warnings: pwp, vampire!taehyung, humanfem!reader, slight dom!taehyung, large shlong implied, cursing, blood play, biting kink, spanking of the ass and puss, nipple play, breast play, spit play, bondage, rough/hard sex, fingering, oral (f), orgasm denial, scratches and bruises, multiple orgasms, etc ⟶ WC: 8k+ ⟶ Summary: Working for an underground blood den ran by vampires, your nighty duties get interrupted by your favorite client.  ⟶ Beta: Thank you so much to @kithtaehyung , @out-of-jams , and @ppersonna for looking over this and helping me out when you could. I really appreciate all of your inputs, it means so much to me.  ⟶ Teaser: As sweet as his words sound coming out like liquid honey, you know he means what he says. A baleful promise, one leaving you stirred and nervous for the night ahead of you. ⟶ Author’s note: Thank you all for supporting me and my multi-content works! It makes me happy that there are people who enjoy what I come up with. Please enjoy the rest of your day/night and take care of yourself! 
Tumblr media
❂ Room of Restraints   ⁂ Hosted by: 𝔭𝔯𝔬𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔬𝔯 𝔞𝔩𝔦𝔠𝔢 ♛ through @bangtansorciere​ ⤐  AU Type: Chain ⤐  Themes: Hard/Rough Sex, Hotel Room Sex. ⤐  Kinks: Biting, Scratching, Bondage, Hickies, Breast Play, Blood Play, Spit/Saliva Play, Pussy Spanking, Cum Holding, Cock Holding, Size Kink, Orgasm Denial, Scratching.
Tumblr media
Warm, metallic blood trickles down the ample skin of your shoulder, messily leaving the lips of the mouth currently latched onto you. His arms are caged around you, pushing your back up against his slim frame while his hands roam freely. You were forced into the feeding from the start. He’s quick and knows exactly what he wants. Before you’d figured he was finished, he’d pulled you to the seat of his lap, giving little time for small talk in between — a straight shot. 
It’s not the first time you’ve loaned your blood to a vampire, after all, especially with your line of current active work. It most definitely will not be the last either. 
Welcome to Black Ravens. 
A dark, hidden underground blood den inn run by vampires and filled with willing humans who sell and supply their live blood — and sometimes body — for money. Call it prostitution or donation, your choice really. The pay is good… Real good, and it covers the expenses you need and provides you a comfortable chance to save some in the bank. 
You only found out about this place through a friend of a friend. A suggestion, highly recommended for a quick money fix, yet you find yourself indulging into the business further. It’s a slippery slope; finding security with money by only “working” a few hours at night and on rare occasions, you relieve that sexual itch your body craves with only the most trusted of clients. This has happened a handful of times, you’re never too greedy in that department. Sex with a vampire is, and forever will be, a different pace compared to another human. 
However, you have no intentions of those mannerisms with your current client — the one still feeding off of your shoulder as his grip tightens around your waist and hand cups around your breast. He has only paid for the feeding session anyways, and you know tonight — like most nights — you only signed up for feedings, not fuckings. So, you serve as a quick bite for him, something to satisfy and give him what he needs. The groping is only casual and comes with the feeding portion of the act. From what you’ve heard whispers about, vampire’s feel more than they let off. Desires brewing deep down into their beings and feeding only rises those lustful sins to the surface. 
He is gorgeous, as most other vampires you’ve come across are. Eyes twinkling with a sinister hue of playful red whenever he glances over your freshly exposed skin. Silver hair frames his face, and tucked behind one ear dangles the most elegant, expensive pair of crosses from his lobe. His jaw is just as sharp as the teeth that pierce into your veins for the third time tonight. The most attractive and addictive attribute of his must be those luscious plump lips, puffy even pressed firmly against you. 
He muffles a groan after swallowing a mouthful of your blood, a natural fix to his vampiric pallet. You assume he’s been deprived a few days with the rate of his feeding. Probably equivalent to finally receiving a decent meal after surviving a few days off of plain crackers.  
The room looks and smells like your atypical vintage hotel room but with a maniacal twist. Large grey, toile patterned drapes hang over windowless sills. Dark noir gothic damask, velvet to the touch, decorate the walls around you. Ebony wooden furniture sets identical to each ‘feeding room’ scatter throughout the medium sized den, complemented with dusty pink tones. 
Ambient music emphasizes the atmosphere around you, a low tempo instrumental piece playing through a surround sound system. You spy yourself through the standing mirror off in the corner etched with inky, intricate designs; the reflection showing several crystal lighting fixtures, the faux rug, and charcoal bedding with a show-stopping canopy of which you’re sat upon. 
There’s a unique sensual sensation that casts throughout the edges of your body, tickling your fingers and toes every time you’re being fed on. The pleasure you gain from the experience is due to the sharp pain inflicted on you; you’re practically a masochist. 
Your musings are interrupted by the sudden sound of a heavy, impatient fist banging against the other side of the door.
“I’m with a client,” you call out with a sigh. 
But the knocking persists, getting louder with each beat where you fear the door will suffer damage. 
Now, both you and the man hugging you from behind find the noise upsettingly irritating. Before your mouth can respond once more, you hear the frantic high-pitch voice of one of your neighboring co-workers, L.  
Through the sound, you can identify the noise of the coded touch pad that links to the locking mechanism of the door, dinging a pitched tune of a successful entry. 
As you struggle to unhinge yourself from your reluctant client and stand up to head toward the commotion, you fall still in the middle of the room. The battered door swings open and a far too familiar figure stands in the frame, his hand clutching a fistful of the brown, loose strands of your co-worker’s hair and panic crosses her angular face upon meeting your bewildered gaze. 
“Taehyung…?” you whisper out, heart spiking immediately as you take in his appearance. You consider him to be the most routine of your clients and it has been about a month since his last visit. He looks dashing, even with the scowl dressing his face.
He smiles, not soft or kind, but almost daring and devious. His hair falls into deadly hazel eyes, flat black locks curled about like bird feathers. Your confused and shocked expression only pleases him further, drawing up the corner of his mouth before his eyes shift to the other being occupying the room. The air in the room shifts, tension tightening the atmosphere as the two men exchange seething glares. Their eyes flash with words unspoken between them, muscles frozen as if daring the other to make the first move.
“Your feeding session is up, Jimin,” Taehyung speaks out while shoving L into the room. “I am surprised to see you here with Y/n and not your usual.” He references your co-worker, giving her a pointed look as Jimin stands to his feet.
For the first time that night, you finally hear the sweet tenor voice of the man who, only just minutes ago had you in an intimate position, speak up. “With the way you spoke about this little one, I grew curious to try her out. I did not think you would be back in town so soon, brother.” 
Jimin’s thumb rubs the excess blood off the corners of his plush lips, making a purposefully loud  hum of satisfaction at the sweet taste. His eyes trail over to L, who stumbles toward the center of the room. Clear bite marks cover the length of her neck and peak out across her legs, bared by the short hem of her dark green lace dress — you can tell she must have been pulled from her reserved feeding room. 
“She is not yours to try out.” Taehyung places his hands in his pockets and leans against the nearest wall. A lazy stare is fixated on Jimin, who is walking past you and stepping up to L. She stands a few inches taller than his shorter stature.
Jimin disregards the burning look from his coven mate and favors the worrisome face of his “usual” feed, smirking to himself as his hand brushes the side of her face.
“She already has me after my feeding. I booked her for the night.” Jimin tilts his head back to glance over at you, eyes fiery and alive. “You were just a snack before my main meal.” 
The statement doesn’t faze you. You’re more unimpressed with the cockiness radiating off of him. Whatever he may be doing, you soon understand it has an effect against Taehyung from the way you feel his hand slither around your waist and draw you closer to his hard body. 
The deep baritone of Taehyung’s voice growls, “get out.” 
“My pleasure.” Jimin smirks. “She was… How did you put it?” — he rubs nonchalantly at his jaw — “Ah, yes. Orgasmic.” He chuckles to himself, using L as a prop in favor of grinding his pelvis roughly into her side. 
You feel the grip around you tighten, Taehyung’s fingernails digging into the fabric of your gold embroidered corset. “Tae, my manager —”
“— already knows the situation.” He’s curt, never breaking his eye contact with Jimin as he speaks. “You are bought out for the rest of the night. Forget the other clients.”
“What?” You lean back to peer up at Taehyung in disbelief, blinking at the way his hazel hued irises flash scarlet. “What did you do?” 
He ignores you until Jimin and your co-worker waltz out of the entrance of your room, waiting for the door to click shut. You can barely breathe as the room's air becomes still. You swear you feel the change physically, like a light mask covering your face and preventing you from perfect ventilation. 
Taehyung is smooth in the way he locks you into his embrace, twisting your body to fit against his. The close proximity of his face has you blushing before you can even register the heat filling your cheeks. 
“Miss me, kitten?” His voice is rich and raspy, vibrations rumbling his chest. His lips find the sweet, tender spot of your outer ear, whispering soft words as his cool breath sends chills down your spine. 
“T-Tae, I’ve only signed up for feedings. You usually book in advance. Y-You can’t just break the rules whenever you want.” 
He hums with satisfaction, smiling as he places heated, fleeting kisses down the column of your neck, to the most recent flesh wound left by Jimin. 
“You seem to have forgotten that I am your best, and favorite, client. I am higher up on the ladder compared to those little managers of yours too. What I say goes.” 
Taehyung’s tongue flickers out to swipe against the drying blood that cakes your shoulder. He involuntarily shivers at the first taste, savoring the delicious flavor that seeps inside his mouth. Instantly, his fangs bare, turned on just at the thought of sinking them right on top of the bite mark. 
You look away with heated embarrassment, his words playing a possessive trick on your mind. “Just because you have money —”
“— I am older than all of them.” He levels his eyes with yours, stare unreadable. “My coven owns this dingy business. I control what is allowed here.” 
His hand grips your chin firmly, keeping your jaw set in place and your attention on him. A dominant smirk creeps up on his beautifully handsome features, a pointy fang peeking out from behind his cupid bow shaped lips. “I am the one that clears all your clients. I choose them for you, not the other way around, kitten.” 
You swallow thickly, intimidated completely by the way his gorgeous eyes spark an ominous look. The corners of his mouth tick upwards in a heart-stopping smile.
“You allowed Jimin to?”
“Never. He probably pulled a few strings to slither his way into your room tonight.” 
The vampire before you breathes deeply, a flash of jealous anger contorting his expression before it disappears just as fast as it came. You feel the tug of the strings on the back of your shirt, unknotting the pathetic threads tied around your ribcage. 
Taehyung tilts his head curiously, watching the realization dawn on your face with an intense stare. There’s a spike in your heartbeat once again, whether it be anxiety or excitement or a mix of both. 
His fingers continue to tug at the loose fabric, ripping it at the seams and forcing the piece to peel away from your skin. The action is fast, speed far greater than you expect and before you know it, you’re quickly crossing your arms over your bare chest as an impulsive reaction. 
The hand holding your chin tilts your face to the side, straining your neck and presenting to him clean, unbitten skin. Taehyung groans devilishly at the sight. 
“My little kitten, how sweet of you to leave your neck for me.” 
You watch through the corner of your eyes at the way Taehyung’s hazel eyes melt into a luscious red. They bore into the portion of your neck that stretches out for him, leaning himself closer to the desirable spot in seconds. 
You feel the cool touch of his wet tongue swiping a thick, languid stripe up the length of your neck, a deep chuckle resounding from his throat from the whimper that tears from your throat.
“I love how shy you become no matter how many times we’ve played this game,” he whispers seductively against your skin “You only get this shy with me, correct?” 
The sharp scrape of his fangs dance along your neck, his heated breath tickling every nerve ending in your body. Instead of the inflicting pain you expect from his teeth, you feel the keen suck of your skin between his lips. 
He holds you to him with strong hands, rolling his tongue against the flesh he pulls between his lewd mouth. Taehyung doesn’t settle too long in one area, he’s too feverish on the idea of marking you up. His mouth moves across your skin, groaning happily at the grotesque colors drawing closer to the surface. You whine in his clutches, heat rising to your cheeks and body warming up from the manipulation.
“Tae…,” you breathe out, hands grabbing onto the front of his slate grey suit. Your eyes scan over his prominent collar bones trying to hide behind a loosely buttoned dress shirt. “Tae, Jimin took a lot. I think I need time before you —”
You feel a harsh suck from him in retaliation to your words, causing you to gasp out loud. Taehyung’s hand bunches up the flowy skirt you wear and rises it up your legs, slotting his knee between the gap of your thighs. He pulls you up against him, pushing your hips — and more evidently, your crotch — straight against the muscle of his thigh.
“Stop talking,” Taehyung nearly snarls his words against you, locking his palm around the small of your back and the other gripping a fist full of your hair. 
He cranes your neck, admiring his work on the canvas of your skin while guiding your hips against him. You shake at the friction against your nether region, fists twisting against his clothes. Taehyung’s hair falls into his eyes as he tilts his head to appreciate the mounds of your chest, squished between the tightening of your arms. They stand pert, your puffy nipples both erect with excitement. 
Taehyung inhales deeply, exhaling a deep rumbling growl. “You have no idea how angry I am right now. About how Jimin weaseled his way in to take what’s mine.” 
His eyes flash over at the prominent bite mark across your shoulder, scrunching his nose with disgust. He forces you to walk backwards into the adjacent wall, pushing you firming against it. Taehyung graces your arm with his palm, running it down to grip your forearm and twisting it as he raises it above your head. 
Another bite mark placed on the underside of your wrist shows in the light, catching Taehyung’s eye. 
“How many times did he bite you?” His eyebrows furrow and nostrils begin to flare. 
He’s fast with grabbing your other arm and repeating the same action, looking for evidence on the wrist. Both of your arms are pulled high above your head and become pinned with the strong lock of his fingers, nearly cutting off circulation. 
“Where?” His eyes are possessive on your skin, looking all over your exposed chest and stomach. The lack of spots gone untouched only makes him suspect the worst — spots where he loves to savage his teeth into you. Jealousy begins to bubble inside of him even more than before. 
His free hand grips at the waistband of your skirt, instantly ripping the piece up in shreds as he looks around your waist and hips. 
“My leg!” you screech out, “just on the back of my calf, nothing more!” 
“Show me.”
Whatever materials covering your body ceases to exist after Taehyung tears them from you. Your nude body is displayed before him, wiggling under his penetrating stare. You begin to lift your bitten leg but quickly it’s being gripped up and over Taehyung’s waist as he presses his cloth covered pelvis into you. 
His palm holds the meat of your thigh, a smile crosses his beautifully detailed face. “I’ll make sure nobody will ever touch you again, kitten. How does it sound to be all mine? To be out of this place and inside my arms? You know I can treat you good.” 
Taehyung hovers his face closer, nose edging along your cheek and down your jaw. 
“All those lovely moans coming out of your pretty little mouth as I fuck and feed off of you,” he chuckles a deep laugh, noticing the way your legs quiver at the reminder of the past escapades the two of you shared. 
“Don’t tease me like that.” You clear your throat as you look away. “This is just business. I know there are others. Stop saying things like that.”
His bottom lip gets trapped between his set of teeth as he narrows his eyes down at the expense of your naked body. “Nobody like this.” He grinds his hips into yours. “All readied up and wet for me.”
You hold back your moan, sucking in a breath and straining your wrists against his iron grip. 
“C’mon, let me in, kitten,” he emphasizes with another thrust. He coos at your attempt to hold back, laughing at the way your face scrunches up with pleasure. 
Taehyung’s free hand traces up the side of your body and back down to the junction between the two of you. His fingers roam to the split of your lips, pushing them even more apart to free your clit to his view. You feel yourself clamping down involuntarily, anticipating the rough contact of his calloused thumb. 
“Tae, please —”
“— hmm?” His attention snaps up to you, tongue swiping out to lick his lips. “You want something?” 
Silently you nod, a shuttered breath leaving your mouth. 
His fingers dance around your lower lips, taunting and teasing your bare pussy but refuses to touch you where you need him the most. They massage into the flesh, lightly brushing his knuckles gracefully across the little nub that contains thousands of nerves. 
“Taehyung, please touch me.”
“I am touching you,” he chuckles. 
“Touch me more,” you beg with a whine, hips pushing against his body. 
You feel his mouth on your neck, tongue wetting the skin while sliding his hand down further to prod your entrance. Two fingers circle the ringed muscle of your channel, lathering his digits with your leaking essence and readying your cunt for the undeniable. 
“I won’t go easy on you tonight, kitten. I am going to make you cry out my name so everyone can hear. My kitten can do that for me, yeah?” 
As sweet as his words sound coming out like liquid honey, you know he means what he says. A baleful promise, one leaving you stirred and nervous for the night ahead of you.
He plunges two long fingers straight up into you, gliding effortlessly straight into your gspot — an area he knows far too well. Simultaneously his teeth break the skin against your neck, sinking his fangs straight through like a razor slicing you open. The sudden introduction of pain mixed with pleasure has you sighing out loud, squirming from the rough use of his mouth and hand. 
You can hear him gulp down your thick blood, the sound almost like a slurp. He’s precise with the angle of his ravaging fingers as well, jarring up ruthlessly into the spongy padded walls, right into your hidden sweet spot that has your cunt pulsating. 
Taehyung continues to abuse your pretty cunt, smiling to himself from the way your moans begin to fall from your lips. Your legs shake vigorously while he flicks up into you and how his face looks wickedly gorgeous as trails of blood trickle from the corners of his lips. His fingers mimic the same movement of his tongue when it comes out to swipe the excess remains of his drink, making you imagine the muscle of his mouth diving into you. 
You begin to tighten fast, back arching at how close and promising your orgasm is. Your body notifying him that you’re ready to jump off the edge into bliss — but he chooses to deny you of that. 
Taehyung chuckles darkly, smirking down at your pathetic body vibrating in his touch. His ministrations are paused, halted completely as he savors the way your pussy sucks him in eagerly, body afraid to let his fingers — and orgasm — slip away. 
“No, no!” you beg through pants, eyes wide with worry. 
“Open and suck.” He slips his fingers from you and inserts them into your mouth. You suck with fever, showing him how much you want and crave him.
Meanwhile, he drops your wrists and admires you with a cocky grin, hand quick to unbuckle the belt from around his waist as your hands come flying out to hold onto his forearm.
With fast movements, Taehyung surprises you as he dislodges his fingers from your mouth and favors latching them around your neck. He squeezes just enough to have your blood rushing fast, lazily dripping out from your brand-new flesh wound and over his fingers. He could care less about the mess he’s beginning to make with the way he uses this to his advantage, guiding your body backward and tossing you with little effort to the silk sheeted and plush of the bed.
He licks around each finger, blood and your flavor mixed together, all the while his eyes scan down your entire body like his favorite meal. Belt in hand, he steps toward you with a wolfish smile. 
“Hands,” he commands, voice dark and agonizingly sexy. 
You obey naturally, blinking up at him with a pink tinted face. Your heart beats rapidly with exhilaration, mind running wild with endless possibilities. 
Taehyung bounds his belt securely and tightly around your wrists, locking them in a hold you cannot break out of. 
With you resting on your back, Taehyung kneels down between your knees. His hand grips one of your ankles, drawing it up to his mouth. A singular soft kiss is placed to the inside, making his way up your calf and to the bend of your knee. He smiles while the pads of his fingers dance on the inside of your thigh, drawing tantalizing circles into your skin with his nails. Taehyung crosses X’s into two areas where he plans to submerge his teeth, right above your femoral artery. 
“You smell so divine, kitten. I really do not plan on sharing you after tonight.” His scarlet eyes gaze over your center, lust pooling into the irises. 
He doesn’t play around, nipping on your skin first with a grunt. The piercing fangs come once again, and again, and again. You whine on impact with each bite. Blood flows out from each hole in your skin, dripping down onto the sheets below you. 
Instinctively your hands come rushing to push against Taehyung’s head. He’s too strong and solid to move with your attempts, unable to go against his vampiric strength. “T-Tae,” you hiss through your teeth and through the pinching pain. Your thigh becomes pinned down under his force, unable to move from the weight of his palm as he relishes in the taste and smells of you. 
“Now, now.” He’s messy while playing with the red liquid, using his tongue and fingers like a paintbrush and your skin as a canvas. “Why don’t you play with my hair while I continue to play with you?” 
“But I want to cum!” you whine with protest.
Taehyung moves up your body, mouth leaving sloppy bloody marks across every inch of skin he touches. Taehyung possessively sucks your skin between his lips, drawing up more darkened hickies. He reaches your bosom, engulfing both mounds completely with his hands. He squeezes hard, squishing them as close as possible and watching them jiggle after release. 
He allows you to thread your fingers through his raven locks, combing his hair back and exposing his forehead. It keeps you preoccupied but not for long, until you feel a liquid landing onto the center of your sternum. 
Spit lays in a small lump between your breasts. You watch the way Taehyung spreads it across to one side, gliding the saliva to the point of your nipple before he pinches it hard. He’s entertained with the way the sensation causes it to tighten and perk up, repeating the same action to the other immediately after. 
“My, look at you.” He playfully slaps at each tit. “Look how your body reacts to me.” 
He continues to toy with you, being rough with his hands and kissing over your entire chest with dirty talk and sweet promises. 
Tingles of pleasure burst across your skin in goosebumps. He knows exactly what effect has on you and he is taking full advantage. Your head rolls to the side, chest rising and falling rapidly under Taehyung’s intimate touches. 
Once you begin twitching under him for more friction, Taehyung pulls away. 
“Taehyung, please. Please stop playing with me!” You emphasize with the way you’re tugging at the roots of his hair.
A quick and harsh slap lands down on your exposed cunt, earning a jolt and cry from you. “Behave,” he instructs. Gripping your wrists, he flips you around in place. “I’ll play with you all I want. You’re just too damn greedy, aren’t you?” 
His palm is fast coming in contact with your ass cheek, repeatedly beating and bruising into your skin moments later. It feels like a whip cracking straight into your skin, lashing his handprints into your backside. 
“Oh!” your mouth gaps open with a cry. The more he spanks you the more the stinging pain radiates and the more your oddly aroused. You feel your body magnifying the intensity of Taehyung’s dominance, getting wetter the more times he slaps your ass. 
“Aren’t you?” he repeats with a growl. 
“Fuck” — you hiss between teeth — “Fuck! Yes, yes I am!” 
“You’re going to be a good kitten for me? Yeah?” His hand grabs the meat of your ass and massages the flesh between his fingers. “Let me fuck you nice and good after i’m done playing, right?” 
“Please, please Tae!” 
“I told you I was not planning to go easy on you tonight.” 
You hear the sound of a zipper being undone behind you. Your heart flutters inside your chest while Taehyung lifts your hips up, shoving a thick pillow under your body to keep you propped up. 
The mixture of blood and sex lingers in the air, fueling Taehyung’s impulsive senses to the extreme which blends into his inner rage. He shimmies out of his jacket, slides down his dark grey trousers to release his large cock from it’s fabric-themed cage. 
You breathe heavily into the mattress, twisting your head to the side in an attempt to look back at him. The excitement bubbling inside of you from knowing the vampire is truly gifted down below has you on edge. You hate to admit it, but you have a strong attachment with the heavy log that grows between Taehyung’s muscular thighs. 
Suddenly, the cold chill of his skillful fingers re-enter you from behind, thrusting eagerly into your cunt. 
“Ah, shit!” 
He curls his fingers so sinfully into you, rocking your body with the force and speed he uses. Your bonded hands grip to whatever bedding you can get a hold of, anchoring yourself as much as possible while writhing in the crippling pleasure and sexual pain. The knot in your stomach coils unbelievably tight in a matter of seconds, the tingly sensation growing urgently fast. 
Your back arches and knees lock together, ass sticking out further to beg Taehyung to shove his deft fingers deeper if possible. 
“Oh god. Please, please! I’m close!” Your eyes blink away the glossy tears that build up. 
“Kitten wants to cum right now?” 
Taehyung leisurely wraps his fist around his shaft, rotating his wrist around his entire length to tease himself before diving into your tight hole. He places his thumb straight onto your clit, flicking side to side while his speed picks up. 
You’re on the verge of breaking, that perfect stretch to the finish line is right in your sights. The moans falling out of your mouth heighten with the approach as your mind goes hazy with fever. 
“Oh-oh, I’m… i’m!” Your walls begin to shutter around him, repeatedly clamping down around his knuckles. 
“Cute.” You hear him say, his eyes glittering in amusement. Following the complete stop of any movement on his end besides the palm on his dick. Instead of continuing, he listens at your protests and cries with a smirk. 
“Why?” Your eyes look over your shoulder to see Taehyung tonguing the side of his cheek. 
He remains silent as his deep red eyes lock onto yours, a wildfire brewing within them. He insists on spreading you wide, fingers scissoring your entrance open as he twists inside your fluttering walls. He pries your pussy open, prepping your body for him.
There’s something utterly dark and cruel at the way you see him getting off on your upset state. His mouth looks ready to completely swallow you whole as his hand rubs along the length of his thick cock. 
“I’m going to ruin you, that’s why,” he chuckles as he hovers his head closer to your backside. 
Taehyung’s mouth comes inches away from you, you can feel his breath tickle your opening. However, what you expect doesn’t necessarily happen yet. 
Thinking that his dangerous tongue will come out and dance between your folds, rather you feel an aggressive wad of spit splattering against and inside your hole. 
A wide smile displays across his face at the way the muscles of your cunt fight against the straining of his fingers and how his spit greases over your nether region. Finally you feel the wet muscle of his mouth replace his fingers, fucking itself into your walls as he shoves his entire face against you. His muffled moans and groans send vibrations, stroking the excited nerve endings. 
Your chest constricts, breath hitching as his mouth closes down around your clit, sucking on the small nub and licking into your cunt. You force your ass further against his face, pleading and whining for more of him. 
“Taehyung, please fuck me. God, please. I’ll do anything!”
“I have to make sure you and everyone else knows you are mine, kitten. No more clients for you after tonight. You ready for that? You want to be my little kitten? A personal bloodbag for me to feed and fuck whenever I please? I can take care of you in so many ways.” 
Taehyung pierces into your skin once again, fangs plunging straight into the curve of your ass. He applies pressure to tilt your backside even further up with his large hands, using them to spread your cheeks as his knees push apart your legs. Slowly, he moves up your body. Kissing the dips of your spine and shoulder blades. He meets your beautiful face, hand clutching your jaw to twist you enough to look back at him. 
He’s met with your panting, red beaten face. There’s a gloss coating your eyes, shining in the light of the room as you look up at him in a fuck-out state. Desperation swirls deep behind the desire of your irises. 
“Tell me,” he speaks low. 
Below, you feel Taehyung aligning the tip of his cock against your abused pussy. Sliding the bulbous head between your labia and circling it teasingly. The taunting of his dick is all you can think of, how exciting and compelling the idea of him to fill you up right then and there.
“You want me to take care of you, Y/n? Forever be my little kitten?” He emphasizes between his words with the slight pressure of his prodding cock against your entrance. 
Call it delusional or stupidity. Or better yet, perhaps a spell has casted over you from the utter beauty of this tall, dark, and handsome vampire who’s corrupted your bed far too many times to count. The agonizing ache of delayed orgasms and pure adrenaline running throughout your insides intensifies your need for him. 
You need Taehyung to completely take care of you right here and right now. 
“Please. Taehyu—”
Taehyung leans his face closer to your ear, his frame hovering your body. He whispers in such a sinful baritone, “How many times do you think I’ll allow you cum all over my cock tonight?”  
You know he doesn’t expect an answer, the question is rhetorical. Pointless. 
Just as worthless of his attempts to open you up before he enters you. Knowing very well from all the times before that his massive cock never seizes to stretch you to new extremes. 
At once, Taehyung shoves his entire length into you with no hesitation. He stares down at your face; watches the way it contorts and winces at his sudden intrusion with a smile. The initial stretch burns: it has your toes curling and fists snagging the silk fitted sheets. 
Your legs shake with such built up tension, nearly blowing you completely off balance if it weren't for Taehyung’s iron grip on your waist. He thrusts into you fast and steadily. Every excruciating inch of his cock forces your walls open to accommodate the thick length that spears into you. 
There’s nothing sweet about the way he pounds you into the mattress, earning your very first orgasm of the night by the fourth harsh thrust into your cunt. Your body tightens and shakes, face buried, teeth biting straight into your bottom lip. 
“That’s it, kitten. Show me how much your pussy enjoys my fat cock.” 
His pace is rapid and fierce, unrelentless. Taehyung is nonstop, hammering his hips into you from behind while you ride out the first, and now second, climax. You feel your body being pushed to its max limits faster than you expect, a wave of exhaustion washing over you in the middle of Taehyung’s rampage. He fills you up completely and empties out of you just as easily, leaving your body begging for more.
Back to back you feel the constant pulsations of your nerves collapse over another, pushing past any oversensitivity and straight to blissful, rhythmic contractions of your pelvic floor muscles and everything around it. Your pussy tightens with a vice grip, walls clamping down around Taehyung’s blessed length. 
The surprise orgasms only distracts you from the bruising grip Taehyung’s hands have around your hips, nails indenting small crescents into your flesh as he speeds his pace. It most definitely will leave marks in the morning. 
“Oh god! You’re so fuckin’ big,” you whine into the mattress. “T-Tae, don’t stop!” 
He’s faster than usual, there’s a sense of urgency behind the way he forces your body upright and has his hands groping along your pretty chest and traveling down your front. His cock reaches at a shallower angle, short and quick thrusts jabbing into you. 
“Oh, I do not plan on stopping until you cum at least two more times. Let your greedy little cunt try to milk me,” he laughs while nosing your hair, mouth finding purchase to a clean space on your neck. 
You feel it 一 the small break of skin that allows more of your blood to flow out of you. The moment you hear Taehyung begin to groan at your taste is the same moment he’s pressing his agile fingers straight onto your clit. 
Your hips spasm with twitches and jerks, not knowing which way to tilt as Taehyung completely controls your body. 
Symphonic moans release out of your mouth, cursing profanities and requests. Your eyes roll back, vision going blurry at the flooding of your senses. 
“Stay with me, kitten.” He kisses alongside the shell of your ear. “Let me take care of you.” 
You feel so numb to the fast movements of Taehyung who swiftly and effortlessly swaps your bodies. He lays flat on his back, your legs straddling both sides of his hips.
Taehyung’s face is sculpted from the gods. Demonic gods with curses and witchcraft. He looks up at you with lust through hooded eyes, blood stains escaping the sides of his mouth and chin. The whites of his teeth shine out between the flesh of his lips, playfully biting down on the bottom one. Pieces of his hair fall down around his stunning features, outlining the sharp definitions of the angles in his face.
His hands hold you firmly on him, refusing to allow you to grind down into him. Taehyung’s vivid crimson eyes stare at you, almost with a challenging, brooding look to them. 
Your tied hands land on his broadened chest, gripping the loose fabric of his shirt between your fingers. Here, you realize how much your body is trembling, fingers twitching to expose his sharp clavicles, delectable torso, and solid abdomen by unbuttoning his top. 
“You’re really pretty,” you slur out without a second thought. 
His body flexes under your ministrations, reacting to each delicate touch you trace into his skin. Not a mark on him, completely contrast to how you look. Your body is peppered in gruesome reds, smeared and dirty smudged of your blood scattered everywhere. Littered with bruises. 
Taehyung takes your wrists after your thumb absentmindedly skims over his right nipple, too preoccupied with admiring his exposed body. He slips them up over his head, locking them behind his neck where you’re forced to lean forward toward him. 
There’s an uneasiness that bubbles inside you the closer your face gets to his. Something that you cannot describe or understand, though you find yourself leaning closer as if his eyes were welcoming you in. 
“You ready?” he questions as his hands guide your hips along the length of his cock. 
Looking past your breasts and stomach, you spy the leaking essence decorating Taehyung’s lap. Your essence. It’s embarrassing how much of a mess there is, all from you but caused only by him. 
With a nod, you’re slowly lifting yourself. You feel his cockhead kissing the entrance of your pussy, smoothly pushing right back into you. The stretch isn’t as extreme as the first, but the burn still remained present. 
“Shit,” you curse under your breath. Amazed how his size still continues to make you struggle. 
“You’re so tight again, kitten. I love this about you,” he coos. 
This time he allows you to adjust, letting you take the reins to feel him out. You watch the way your stomach protrudes out the moment you sink to the hilt of him. Full, right to the brim. 
“Mmm,” you hum. 
He holds you there for some time, hands pressuring you into the seat of his lap. Ever so often he tests you out by flexing his muscles to twitch his cock, hoping to earn a reaction from you. Even with the small amount of movement it feels undeniably pleasurable.
With your head tilting to the side, you sigh. Your fingers find purchase in the loose strands of his hair, knotting them in your clutches as you slowly roll your hips against him. The moment your eyes fall shut; you feel the undeniable urge to relax 一 feeling as if everything is but a dream. 
It’s snuffed from you all too soon, no thanks to the hand that comes in contact with your ass that stirs you awake and out of your dazed fantasy. 
“I’m not finished with you yet.” 
Taehyung bends his knees, feet planting into the mattress as he lifts up his hips. With a new fervor, he holds your body up with him, fucking himself into you. 
You cry to the vampire, legs closing around his body. “Ah!” 一 your eyes shoot open 一 “Tae, oh god!” Your weight lays on top of him as much as possible, pulling at the back of his hair with each rough, savage thrust you endure. He’s the only thing you can hold onto. 
Mid-thrust, Taehyung turns his head to kiss the skin of your arm before biting into you again. The bite releases more endorphins, your mouth calling out to Taehyung. Pleading him to slow down. 
“I’m feeling lightheaded, Tae…” 
“Are you now?” he snickers. “Going to pass out on me? My cock that good?” 
His tongue traces along your skin, cocking one singular brow as he toys with your blood. 
“T-Tae!” you hiccup between the rapid pistoning. Body weak from the intense pounding and generous amount of blood siphoned from you. 
His cock rails deep inside of you, dragging across all the luscious spots within you that has you keeling over. 
Your mouth is sputtering the most sweet, lyrical moans and weeps. Telling Taehyung how vulnerable and close you really are to collapsing on him with another orgasm. 
“Give it to me, kitten,” he growls, using the pressure of his hands to bounce you up and down on him with inhumane speed. 
You cry your heart out the moment you feel that tightened coil snap in half, waves of tingling sensations electrifying every nerve within your body. 
“Tae!” you sob, nails digging into his hair as a fight to stay anchored. 
There’s a moment of pure pleasure that desensitizes everything around you. Your muscles feel weak, frail even. 
The feeling of a soft plush pillow surrounds your head, back pressed gracefully into the sheets below you. It feels like what you imagine a cloud feels like; airy and cool to the touch.
A sweet promise of comfort and rest. Your eyes flutter close at the idea of sleep, body twitching and shivering regardless of how sweaty and hot you’ve become. 
Taehyung removes his last piece of clothing from his arms, sliding the shirt off the side of the bed. You feel the cool knuckles of Taehyung grace the round of your cheek, fingers hooking around your jaw and pulling your mouth open. 
Soft, full lips instantly place on top of yours. His enticing tongue compels you to allow it in, and you do. It reminds you of reality, refusing to let you slip away to oh so tempting dreamland. 
The iron flavor is the taste you’re met with the moment his tongue sneaks past your teeth and licks into your mouth. You meet him with yours lazily, a slow tantalizing kiss with the vampire who’s currently speared straight into your cunt and holding his entire length inside of you. 
He giggles to himself, or at you, you’re not quite sure. 
“Are you going to kill me?” 
Taehyung blinks at you, eyebrows furrowing. He looks too beautiful, too serene to be before you. Even with his glowing eyes you’re beguiled. Even with the offended look crossing his face, he looks too tempting. 
“Are you asking me to?” 
The softest ‘no’ comes whispering out of your mouth. 
Slowly, Taehyung takes the belt that’s digging into your wrists and unhinges it. He grips one of your wrists, bringing it up to his mouth and kissing the red imprint left on your skin. 
You moan softly from the tender touches he gives you, contrast to all the other actions he displayed prior. 
“Good,” his voice is low. “I’d be upset if I didn’t have my kitten anymore.” 
At a leisurely pace, you feel Taehyung move his hips back, drawing out his cock. You feel the soreness of your lower region, an ache that will stay with you for hours on end. But the immediate feel of Taehyung disappearing from your cunt has you whining out his name in protest. Hands gripping the back of his neck to pull him closer to you. You fight to hold him there, even managing to wrap your legs desperately around his waist in a pitiable attempt. 
Taehyung chuckles, shaking his loose hair away from his glistening forehead. He grips the headboard above you with one large hand, the other clutching the side of your waist. 
Roughly, Taehyung slides himself straight back into your pussy with no warning. Shocking you awake and eliciting a loud shriek. 
The muscles of his shoulders which you hold onto for dear life flexes with his accelerated thrusts, fucking you straight into the mattress. There’s no doubt in your mind that anyone outside can hear what’s going on in this room, the protest of the bed squeaking harshly at the movements, your profanities and obnoxious cries emitting into the air, and not to mention how much the lewd slapping of skins resonate loud like a drum. 
A sob escapes your lips as Taehyung gives you a particularly painful thrust, causing you to rake your nails down his naked back and cutting streaks into his skin. 
He responds with a low growl, jaw clenching. His fingertips dig deep into your skin, holding you in place as he continues to rock into you. The sound of the headboard begins to snap under his other palm, bending it to the mold of his fist. 
“Taehyung,” you urgently gushed, “Tae, I’m-I’m close!” 
The stinging ache in your center is promising you one last release, one last sensitive pulsating delivery straight to the apex of your thighs. Your constant throbbings and wall clenching around his shaft only urges him to continue, pounding his cock deep inside of you. 
Taehyung fights the urge of pouring himself into your cunt right then and there. But the moment he feels you convulsing around his body, cunt squeezing his cock, he’s sliding his large hands beneath you. You gasp, your torso lifting from the mattress as Taehyung holds you tightly in his arms. Your head rolls back as he gives you a few quick, sharp thrusts. 
“Fuck, kitten!” Taehyung moans. 
You feel his arms harden around you, pushing you straight into his chest as he chases his orgasm. Small twitches of his cock indicate he’s near, so undeniably clear that he’s aiming to bury his entire load into you. 
Moments later he’s grunting into you, head shoved between the junction of your neck and shoulder as he spills everything. Curses... vulgar remarks… his cum. 
He holds you there, impaled on his cock and against his cool skin. Taehyung sniffs your skin, relishing in the scent of your sex and blood. His fangs are just about ready to pierce you, but he halts the moment he feels something wet land on his chest. 
Small tear drops land in unison, shining in the light of the room. Your face fails to hide the trails, even with the dusted pink coloring that has taken over your cheeks. 
“Look at you, weakly holding onto me.” He pants out beautifully, breath trembling from parted lips. Your eyes fight to stay open, wanting to look at the gorgeous man before you. 
“Y-You’re going to take care of me?” you croak out, voice dry and hoarse from the sexcapade. 
“Yeah, kitten. You’re all mine now.”
His hand creeps up to the back of your head, tilting it forward to lay against him. The pace of your heart beats erratically inside your ribcage, vastly unlike the thumping that goes on inside his chest 一 or lack of. 
The gesture is gentle, beckoning you to enjoy the rest your body is begging to have. He allows you to drift off into sleep, cock and cum still submerged into your cunt. 
Slowly, he lays the two of you down on the mattress. Taehyung holds you close, refusing to pull out while his dick begins to soften inside of you. Your head luls against the pillow; sleep comes fast while soreness spreads throughout your body.
The last words you coherently hear is the sweet promise of being protected for the rest of your human life. 
Tumblr media
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iv. rotten angelcake ⇾ kth. [M]
Tumblr media
chapter four : d-d-d-dim sum  ⤑ you’re not feeling well tonight. but being with taehyung always makes things better.
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Tumblr media
⌁ pairing; ceo!taehyung x curvy!reader (f.)
⌁ genre/rating; s2l, ceo au, sugar daddy au, smut, fluff, 18+
⌁ word count; 9k
⌁ warnings; mullet!taehyung (yes, bestie this is a fucking warning), dom!taehyung, daddy!taehyung, ass enthusiast!taehyung, sub!reader, brat!reader, virgin!reader, breast/nipple worship, public sex, daddy kink, tongue/mouth kink, praise kink, corruption kink, scent kink, dirty talk, jealousy,  voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral fixation, choking, teasing, biting, motorboating, breast/nipple play
⌁ le playlist
ও as always a hundred thanks to cam ( @sunshinejunghoseokie ) for the pretty, pretty banner!! and a super duper special thank you to my bestest betas sammy ( @chateautae ) - who i tortured with this breast play hehe-, eva ( @nottodayjjk ) and kiki ( @uhgood-dooghu ) for reading and editing and just honestly being so fucking amazing. i really love you all so much 😭💖
Tumblr media
Mid-September is no time for a yacht party. You curse the event planner, or whoever the genius is that thought this was a great idea. It’s freezing, wind thrashing in unpredictable gusts and swaying the docked boat. You find yourself feeling sick without the damned thing even setting sail. The night may have been redeemed if you had the moon to gaze at, but it's hidden with the stars behind great clusters of clouds. You wish it would rain. Maybe then the hosts would call it a night and usher everyone off the boat. 
Stomping around a dark deck in a silk, white dress, that attracts both the cold and unwanted eyes, is not at all how you wanted to spend your Friday night. Seeing as your period plagued you with cramps the night before, you had every intention of wearing something you won’t miss if stained and lounging around the apartment. Mrs. Chu would watch her reruns of Gilmore Girls and you’d join her with a hot water bottle pressed against your stomach. You were supposed to have some seaweed soup and a tub of ice cream, then call it a night around nine in hope of beating your nightly cramps. If they hit while you’re awake, you’ll never sleep. 
But, alas, you had made a commitment. Your only two out of five events into your arrangement with Taehyung. What will come after, you’re not too sure and, if you’re being completely honest with yourself, you’re in no mood to think about that now. Your vagina is sore with every contraction of pain, hunching you over the railing. 
“What the hell are you doing here?”
You thought you left that voice behind at work, not to be heard from again until Monday. Slowly standing to your full height, you turn to face Marina. In a black skirt and tube top, she glares at the pearls hanging around your neck. A single arm around your stomach, you try to ignore your discomfort and offer a polite smile. “How are you, Marina?”
“I asked a question.”
She’s no different outside of the office as she is in it, you realize. If you weren’t so dependent on your job, you’d just walk away from the conversation. With the state you’re in, patience is not exactly something you hold much of. You muster whatever you can of it though and maintain your smile. “I came with Taehyu-”
“Mr. Kim,” she corrects with a quiver of her lips. 
You pretend not to notice it. 
A part of you really wants to hate her for more than the way she treats you at work. You hate that she favours Lucas because Taehyung is not friends with him and you hate how she speaks to you like you didn’t graduate from the best school in the country with an honours degree.
However, you can’t hate her for how she reacts to Taehyung, or rather the lack of him. You’d be just as hurt, if not shattered, if he was holding someone else the way he holds you. You’d want to hate that person too.
Marina is not a horrible person, you conclude. She just doesn’t know how to deal with horrible feelings.
“Mr. Kim invited me as a friend,” you clarify, watching her gaze soften a bit. 
Her tone is unchanging, though. “Mr. Kim doesn’t have friends. He has obsessions,” she pauses to assess your outfit then adds, “And they never last.”
You don’t need this right now. You don’t need to be reminded that everything you hold with Taehyung is fragile. True, you are friends but the way he holds and cares for you always alludes to something more. None of your other friends have seen you half naked on more than one occasion. None of your other friends can make you cum the way he does. 
Another spasm of a cramp interrupts your thoughts. This conversation is ridiculous. You can only focus on one strand of pain at a time right now and the one Marina is being is not it. 
With a smile, nod and quiet, “Thanks for the tip,” you walk away. If that costs you another day wasted running around the office playing everyone’s assistant then so be it. You’ll deal with it on Monday when your period has mostly passed and the pain has pretty much subsided. 
Pushing the door to the restroom open, you’re greeted with a shred of warmth. Why didn’t you think to come hide out here sooner? Taehyung is busy talking shop with people you don’t care enough to remember. You lost him somewhere near the second lap around the boat, having taken a seat to relieve some of the tension just under your stomach. You cradle the soft area now, leaning over the lip of the sink as you wait for the cramps to ease up enough to waddle your way into a stall and change your pad. 
“One too many drinks?”
Are you a magnet for exes tonight or is the sea really that unforgiving? You glance up at your reflection in the mirror to find Anna standing behind you. She gives you a little smile before commandeering the mirror on the other side of the restroom.
“I’m not much of a drinker.”
“Neither is Taehyung.”
I know, you want to say. Only, you didn’t know that. Come to think of it though, Taehyung never really reached for a drink at any of the places you went together. The most you’ve seen him consume is vape smoke, but that doesn’t impair him in the slightest. How come you didn’t know this before? Why didn’t he tell you this? 
Pain finally numbing enough for you to stand straight, you decide to ignore her and rummage through your purse for a pad. A curse escapes you when all you find is your phone, lip gloss and vape pen. How could you have forgotten the one thing Mrs. Chu kept reminding you to get? You remember taking it out from the bathroom and then putting it on your bed so you could put it in your purse. But then Mrs. Chu began shouting at the TV and you rushed to watch the scene she was so annoyed with. You must’ve lost it in your sheets later on when looking for your purse, you conclude. 
A crinkle of plastic echoes in the restroom as Anna sets a pad onto the edge of the sink. “I always keep one on hand just in case,” she shrugs when you look over to her. 
“Thank you,” you mutter, trying hard not to sound so surprised. Judging by the tight lipped smile of hers, you know she hears it. 
Clicking her clutch shut, she nods in reply. You’re turning to one of the stalls when she says, “And I wouldn’t worry about Marina. She’s not fond of any of us.” 
Any of us? 
Those three words scratch your throat with a silent cry. Did she mean to hurt you with that phrase? Has she been speaking to Marina? Are they conspiring against you and Taehyung? Are they trying to tear you away from each other? 
Oh god, none of this sounds anything like you. You’re not usually so obsessive, especially about Taehyung’s past. Concerned and curious, yes. But never this consumed. 
What the hell is she on about, anyway? Taehyung is your friend, you tell yourself. It’s different with you two. Both his exes must see it if they feel the need to passively threaten you every chance they get. You are not any of them. 
Fuck, your head aches. Your lower back isn’t in any better shape. The heels really aren’t helping either and that cold gust of wind that seeps in when Anna finally leaves the restroom makes you dizzy. All you can think about while changing your pad is the warmth of your bed and how cozy your fur blankets are on nights like this. 
A part of you debates on telling Taehyung that you’re not feeling well, but you know how important it is for him to make these sorts of appearances for his company’s reputation. His image right now is faulty with the amount of deals he’s turning away. You heard talk about the board members considering selling the company. You can’t imagine he’d be very fond of that.
Taehyung stands outside, his coat in hand. He wraps it around your shoulders without a word, then rubs up and down your arms urgently to warm you up. Merely desperate to escape the cold, and for no other reason besides that, you melt right into him, hugging his waist. Taehyung accepts the hug with his own, now rubbing your back and kissing the top of your head. 
Is that a sign of obsession, you can’t help but think. Has he done this with all of us- them? 
“Let’s go,” he whispers into your hair after a few minutes. 
You hug him tighter, not ready to face the cold just yet. “They haven’t announced the total yet.” 
“We’ve already made our donations,” he says as he pulls away. 
Your eyes find Marina’s as Taehyung guides you to the exit. Her gaze is colder than the weather. Anna’s is no softer, stinging more than the ache of your temples. You know you really shouldn’t take it personally, but you can’t help it. Maybe you’re just tired of having to face these women alone. They never seem to be able to say half the shit they do when Taehyung is around. 
You sink into the car, the seat heated and practically engulfing you in both warmth and comfort. It soothes the soreness of your back and your head too, once you lean it against the headrest. A soft, satisfied sigh escapes you as your eyes flutter shut in the peace you’ve so badly craved all night. 
“Welcome back, Angel and Mr. Kim,” EDEN greets once Taehyung shuts his door as well. 
He quietly replies, which seems to adjust the volume of both EDEN and the soft jazz playing from the speakers. Before buckling himself in, Taehyung leans over you and tugs on your seat belt, clicking it in place. Not in the mood to move, you simply let him do as he pleases. He then presses a hand to your forehead, right cheek, left cheek and finally under your chin. 
“You’re sick,” he sighs, shaking his head in disappointment. “You lied to me.”
Brows furrowed, you shoot him a confused look. You haven’t even said anything yet. “When?”
“I knew something was off the moment I came to pick you up. I asked you what was wrong four times and you kept saying you were fine. You’re not fine, Angel.”
You know he’s lecturing you, but the way he uses your name in that angry tone ignites something different within your gut. The press of your thighs makes you quietly hiss in pain. That feeling, you now recognize, is horniness and that never sits well when you’re on your period. 
“What is it? What hurts?”
“Tae, I’m fi-”
Taehyung huffs so loud, you think you heard the music skip in fear. Was EDEN startled by his mild outburst as well? Gently caressing your face, thumb grazing over your flushed skin, he forces you to meet and hold his gaze as he practically pleads, “Don’t lie to me, Angel. Never again, okay?” 
Swallowing thickly, you nod. This cannot be an obsession. The sincerity in his eyes and rawness of his voice cannot be faked. He is not the manipulator they make him out to be, not with you anyways. Guilt taints your gut with shame and regret. Fuck, your hormones must really be messing with your head. You shouldn’t have doubted him. He never gave you a reason to.
“Can you please tell me what’s wrong?” he whispers, leaning his head down to follow your gaze. “Why are you so sure you’re not sick, Angel?” 
Maybe it’s the softness of his tone, the depth of his voice cradling your heart with so much tender devotion you cannot help succumbing to it. Maybe it’s his rounding eyes as they plead for an answer, for a way to help ease whatever it is that's bothering you. Or maybe it’s just the fact that he hasn’t spoken to you like this since he got upset with you last week at the Geraldson residence. 
Whatever it may be, your eyes begin to water and pouty lips quiver and you just can't let go of him. You put your hands over his, one on your cheek and the other over your thigh and let your tears fall as you shyly explain, “I got my period.”
You’ve told him this countless times before over text with sad emojis and broken hearts. He’d always reply with an apology, then a list of things he can do for you if only you’d ask. He promised to send takeout from your favourite place one time. It came with bubble tea and tiramisu from your favourite cafe by the university too. You had told him about it once, months back, but he still remembered. He always remembers. 
In person, however, confessing to something so private seems so different. He can see the discomfort and now place a face to the pain. You just can’t help but feel so embarrassed, unable to maintain eye contact for much longer. What is even the big deal? It’s a known fact that people who have uteruses commonly bleed from them once a month. So why are you so shy all of a sudden? What about placing your face on something so normal makes you feel so embarrassed?
Taehyung’s face softens into concern and pity. “Oh, baby,” he passionately coos. It’s almost as if he feels your pain too, as if he’s experiencing it all with you and will do anything to fix it. He cups your face gently and rubs your thigh even softer. He’s so careful with you, like every touch will add to the pain rather than ease it. 
And that seems enough for you to let it all spill. It’s as though you’ve never been embarrassed at all. You fall right into his touch and pout all the more as you complain, “My back hurts and my stomach just keeps getting all these terrible cramps and it gets so much worse when I really need you but really can’t have you. And, god, my feet are killing me.”
There is a flicker of sexual intrigue in his gaze that Taehyung immediately snuffs out. He brushes both his thumbs under your eyes to wipe away your tears as he shushes your near sobs aside. “What can I do? What usually helps? God, Angel, I really wish you would have told me the truth before I made you come to this stupid thing with me.”
“I’m sor-”
“Don’t be sorry,” he coos as he pets your hair back. “It’s fine. Now you know for next time. You’re so good at that.” 
That hint of a tease provokes a little giggle. You place your hand in his to simply hold, but he opens it, palm up, and you find yourself slowly rubbing it instead. Your long, pearled nails softly scratch at it, moving further up his arm each time as he continues.
“Do you want to go home? I can take you right now.”
You inadvertently glance at the time, gleaming green in the car system. It’s barely even midnight and you haven’t really seen him for more than a couple of hours. True, you are in pain, but no, you sure as well do not want to go home. You haven’t had anything to eat yet either, leaving before the late dinner could start at the stupid function. 
Taehyung must pick up on your hesitance, that hand you were playing with now bare of gentle touches. “Maybe we can go somewhere to eat?” he suggests with a little smile. “Before I drop you off back home? We can pick up whatever else you need on the way too?”
The pride and joy that floods your chest at the sight of his unwavering attentiveness, when he is still upset about whatever happened last week, is soon overtaken by anger and resentment. You just can’t believe his exes would spin this tale of selfishness from the most selfless person you’ve ever met. You are not another whore in his collection, another object of obsession. You are first and foremost his friend. That is what he is to you too and that is what you shall remain. 
“I’d love that. I’ve been craving some comfort food since last night.”
Taehyung reaches down as you talk. “I know,” he replies as he takes your heels off for you, unclasping the tiny buckle with a few simple maneuvers. “You always do when you’re on your period.”
You’d kiss him now if he’d let you. You’d kiss his lips and cheeks and neck and just under his jaw, where he adores your lips the most. You’d kiss him and tell him that he spoils you too much, that you don’t need all this attentive catering. But your last conversation in this car returns, that crumpled horse range pamphlet still somewhere in the back. 
Instead, you flash him a small smile. Curling and flexing your feet a couple of times to relieve some of the pain, you quietly thank him.
“Much better?”
You nod. 
He kisses your forehead then sits back in his seat. The car starts and the world zooms by. Your mind stays on that ruined glossy piece of paper. You didn’t even thank him, you realize. Immediate dismissals poured out of you instead.
Looking back, you find that the makeshift ball is closer than you thought it would be, laying on the ground by the driver’s seat. You unbuckle your seatbelt, earning a warning from EDEN and a concerned look from Taehyung. Ignoring both, you grab the pamphlet, flatten it out and begin reading again. 
Taehyung only looks at the road. 
Tumblr media
Harmony Plaza is bare of life. Very few cars pepper the parking lot though the lined stores remain alight and welcoming. They cast a warm glow over cracked pavement. A twenty-four hour convenience store sits in one corner, followed by a twenty-four hour cleaners, a twenty-four hour pharmacy, and, you guessed it, a twenty-four hour Chinese restaurant. The bright red light is damaged though, unlike the others, flicking the first letter to read D-D-D-Dim Sum. 
It doesn’t look very expensive, quite the contrary actually. You want to ask him how he’d found it, but he hasn’t spoken a word to you since you picked that pamphlet back up. He just drove, letting the radio fill the silence. Sometimes, when you’d grunt to yourself from the pain, he’d glance your way to make sure you’re okay. Other than that, his attention seemed to be elsewhere. 
When he opens your door, Taehyung squats down and helps you back into your heels. With the way he holds your feet, like fragile flowers, worried they’ll be crushed in his hands, you almost feel like you’re in a fairytale. Sometimes he feels like he’s born from one… even when he’s upset. In a perfectly tailored tux and hair swept back, Taehyung looks like a prince. 
Oh, how you wish to be his princess. 
Up and out of the car, his hand does not leave yours. He watches your feet while leading you to the restaurant, hand moving to the small of your back to support you.
If he’s so upset, won’t meet your eye or mutter another word, why does he keep holding you? Why does he care so much? 
The Chinese restaurant smells of Korean food. Kimchi and pajeon invade your senses and quietly grumble your stomach. You wrap an arm around your middle as you scan the store. Every sign is written in Korean, that very flag pinned to one of the walls. You quickly begin to realize this is not a Chinese restaurant at all. 
 “This is a Korean restaurant. Why is it called-”
“Shh, Angel, not too loud.” He glances at the door labelled Employees Only before replying, “It was a Chinese restaurant before they bought it and they couldn’t afford to fix the sign at the time.”
“And now?” 
“They always promise to do it tomorrow.”
You’re about to question him on who exactly this “they” is but a voice from the kitchen fills the restaurant instead.
“You said you cleaned it!” A female voice shouts from the back. 
“I said I will, not that I did.” A male voice replies just as loud, just as annoyed. 
Peering up at Taehyung, you find him struggling to hide his smile. He nods to a table, using the hand on your back to guide you towards it. The door to the kitchen swings open as you slide into your booth. The female voice is cursing to the moon and back that she will not touch that pan before she’s in her grave. The male is mimicking her voice, asking to go first, before issuing quick apologies. 
“That’s what I thought- Taehyung!”
An older woman, maybe in her mid fifties, smiles brightly at the sight of him. She wipes her hands frantically on her apron as she rushes towards Taehyung with open arms. In one forceful motion, she pulls him into a tight hug, resting her chin atop his shoulder. Taehyung lets out a little grunt as he hugs her back. 
You can’t help the smile on your face.
“Nice try!” her husband shouts. “Not falling for that again.” 
Taehyung must have come here often, you suspect. No one is usually allowed to be that close to him besides you. He’s not so easily swayed by anyone else either. Watching him with her now, however, is rather comforting. She’s much smaller than him but engulfs him all the same. Those kind eyes alight once more when they settle on you. 
“He brought a girl!” she exclaims, pushing Taehyung right out of her arms to pull you into them instead. 
You understand Taehyung’s struggle now, squealing the moment you feel her strong arms around you. Her hugs are warm and compassionate, but unbelievably tight. You’re barely allotted the chance to put your arms back around her. In the midst of trying to, you catch Taehyung’s teasing eye. 
Help, you mouth to him. 
He furrows his brows, leaning an ear in as he silently replies, What?
You glare at him. Taehyung laughs cheerfully. The sound of his laughter must’ve tipped the husband off in the back. He comes running out of the kitchen with a ladle in hand, hurrying to Taehyung once he spots him. 
“Taehyung’s here!” he exclaims as he hugs him as well. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
The older woman lets go of you and turns to her husband, starting off another loud argument. She points around the store as she speaks, her husband doing the same until Taehyung finally injects, “Uncle, it’s okay. I’ll be sure to call next time and-”
“No, son, this is not your fault. Look, you’re making him think it’s his fault and I-”
“Taehyungie knows it’s not his fault. He’s trying to cover for you!”
Taehyung sighs and turns to you, gesturing to the table behind you. A little smile plays on your lips as you slide into the booth. 
“What?” Taehyung asks in a whisper while sliding in beside you. The action throws you off for a second, your face somewhat contorting into confusion. Glancing at the other side of the table, you were under the impression that he would be sitting across from you. He’s pressing his side fully against yours now as he repeats, “What is it, Angel?”
You blink back to his gaze. “Oh it’s nothing, Taehyungie,” you tease only to earn a little nibble at your cheek. 
The little giggle that escapes you stunts the argument. The couple looks between you and Taehyung with knowing smiles and you suddenly grow shy, burrowing yourself tightly against him. Taehyung wraps an arm around your shoulders so you’re able to hide your face in his neck more easily. 
“You never introduced your girlfriend, Taehyungie,” Uncle smiles, sitting at the other side of the table.
Taehyung stiffens up beside you. For a brief moment, you think he’s going to withdraw himself from you to correct the implication, but instead he shakes his head, “No, Uncle. We’re just…” He trails off, looking down at you. 
Your back straightens as you meet Uncle’s gaze and flash a kind smile. “We’re just friends, Uncle,” you reply politely. A sore pain tightens in the pit of your stomach and you tell yourself it’s the cramps. 
Uncle shares a look with Auntie. You try to ignore the way they pretend to believe you, forcing smiles and recommending dishes. It’s very obvious that you and Taehyung have something that goes much farther than friendship. You see it in every heart tacked message he sends you throughout the day and in the way he continues to look after you even while he’s so obviously upset. It doesn’t reach anywhere near a relationship though. And you both sure as hell cannot vocalize your arrangement, so friends is all you can really use to encompass that dynamic of your… connection to one another. 
“Honey?” Auntie asks, leaning over the table. 
You blink repeatedly, looking up to find all three pairs of eyes carefully peering at you. Taehyung rubs your back and curls a strand of your hair behind your ear as he asks, “You okay?” His voice is so deep, you can feel it resonate in the pit of your stomach.
Your hormones must be going crazy with the way you suddenly ache for him. His breath fans over your face, light hints of strawberry vape fluid only just overpowering the scent of his cologne and the cooking. And though his forehead is not leaning against yours like it always does, you can still feel his lashes grazing the apples of your cheeks. 
You want to kiss him. His lips are right there and you so badly want to press yours against them. But you have an audience tonight… and it’s not like he’d even let you. 
Not able to trust your voice, you bite your lip and nod. 
Auntie shakes her head. “You have your period, don’t you?”
You can feel the blood drain from your face, embarrassment flooding your chest at the statement. Sneaking a glance at Uncle, you try your best not to look as mortified as you feel. How the fuck did she even know? Is one look really all it takes for everyone to figure you out?
“I have just the thing for you. I used to give it to Taehyungie whenever he was sick,” she says before rushing into the kitchen and calling Uncle in after her. 
You bury your face into the crook of his neck the moment they’re both gone. Taehyung cradles you closer against him with a chuckle as you whine, “Oh my god, I can’t believe she just said that so casually.” 
“What’s the big deal? We talk about it whenever you get it,” he shrugs, leaning back a bit to get a look at you. 
“You’re different, Tae. You’re my Da-” You cut yourself off, peering up at him with wide eyes. 
Yes, you’ve both played right into your respective roles more than enough times that it does come up naturally. But it’s all been in good fun before, to tease and be teased. It’s not meant to be serious, to be taken out of the context of your messages or sexual experiences. To do so now would make it so real, right? Would make it more than what it’s tended to be. 
Taehyung smirks all the same. Maybe it’s all still a joke to him. Maybe he really doesn’t mean it outside of it’s given context that way you thought he does. 
“I’m your Daddy,” he finishes in a whisper, despite the restaurant being empty. “And you’re my Angel. Why is that so hard for you to say?”
“It’s not.”
He playfully glares, gaze flickering to your lips for a moment. “What did we say about lying?”
There is a drop of his tone that always makes you feel so vulnerable when he uses it. Your thighs press together, hands ball up into fists and face always reflects pouty anger. You want to tell him everything and nothing at all at once. You want to be so very close to him, you can hear his heartbeat and he yours. You want to get lost in his touch, his eyes, his kiss and swiftly fall into him without hesitation. 
Yet, it makes you so angry, annoyed, stubborn. A part of you wants to tell him, you don’t give two shits about what was said about lying because it’s clear he doesn’t either. He never takes the time to tell you when something bothers him. He doesn’t even let you ask. Now, how the hell is that fair? 
Crossing your arms over your chest, you find that Taehyung does the same. When you pout, he mimics that too, trying not to smile in the process. 
“Stop that,” you whine. 
A hint of dominance flickers in his gaze at your tone. “Didn’t we go over this…” He trails off with a little hiss, a hand coming to caress your neck, “attitude problem last week?”
You gulp, feeling Taehyung’s hand tighten at the gesture. Chewing on your lip, you place your hands on his thigh and lean in so your forehead rests against his. 
With a quiet grunt, his hand falls from your neck to the valley of your breasts. He licks his lips, brows furrowed, and slightly shakes his head. 
“You can’t do that, Angel.”
“Do what?”
The quiet, innocent tone of your voice makes him pull you up and into his lap. You gasp, before realizing his intentions, and crawl over his thigh to help him. Your ass sits rather perfectly against his semi-hard cock, the sides pouring over his thighs. 
He groans into your ear, “Fine,” his arms wrap around your waist, “I’ll let it go because you’re not feeling your best.”
You try not to smile. “Noted.”
His grip tightens. A low growl emits from his chest, vibrating against your body so well you don’t even really register the cramps just under your stomach. You guide his hands to where it hurts, melting back into him with a little moan. 
He kisses behind your ear before nibbling on the lobe. “Does it hurt here?” he asks, with your ear between his teeth. He rubs the area when you nod. 
“Well, aren’t you friendly?”
The both of you sit up when you turn to find Auntie smiling down at you. As she sets down a large plate of side dishes, peppering them all over the table, you wonder when you had ordered. Uncle soon follows with a hot bowl of kimchi stew and rice for the both of you. Maybe this is just Taehyung’s regular order or what they discussed when you accidentally got lost in your thoughts before. 
Uncle shares another look with Auntie when he finds you sitting in Taehyung's lap. 
Though you’re fidgeting, gaze bouncing all over the table but never really meeting their’s, Taehyung is the picture of calm. He continues to rub your stomach while speaking with them, even going as far as to rest his chin on your shoulder. 
“Thank you,” he beams. 
“Isn’t this friendly?” Uncle asks, eyeing the two of you. 
You put your hands over Taehyung’s as a silent request to stop. He obliges then turns to Uncle with a shrug, “She’s not feeling too well.”
“Oh, didn’t I tell you to bring the seaweed soup with you?” Auntie suddenly asks Uncle. They bicker all the way back into the kitchen. The doors swing, leaking the shouting and crashing of dishes into the dining room. 
Looking up at Taehyung with a giggle, you ask, “How did you find this place?”
“It’s the only quiet place I could find open this late when I was in college,” he explains, gently gliding his fingers over the underside of your stomach again. 
You raise a brow. “This is quiet?”
With a shrug and chuckle, he replies, “You get used to it after a while.” 
“Just go give the poor girl the soup!” 
Uncle rolls his eyes as he exits the kitchen, a large bowl of seaweed soup in his hands. He puts it right in front of you. “Here you are, dear,” he smiles. “I made it-”
“He did not!”
You and Taehyung try to stifle your laughter as Uncle rushes back into the kitchen for another round of arguing. 
Taehyung buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing in the smell of your shampoo. You can feel his lips morph out of a smile and into a pout as he licks at the skin. Soon, your smile falls with your jaw as a moan escapes you. 
Taehyung shushes against your skin, biting down gently while warning, “Keep it down, Angel.”
“Food is on the table, Daddy.”
The words come out before you can register them. Your eyes widen the moment you do, however, and you feel Taehyung tense up behind you. He’s letting you get away with a lot, that he made rather clear when he pulled you into his lap. And it’s really oh so tempting to keep pushing his buttons, especially since there’s nothing really to it, but you know he’s already not completely happy with you. So, speaking to him in this way, knowing he won’t do much about it now is meaner than what you had intended. You almost don’t feel like you’re teasing at all, but rather mocking him. 
And, that’s no way to treat a... friend. 
“I’m only joking,” you rush to say, turning your head up to meet his distant gaze. 
He nods, forcing a smile. His attention soon falls on the food. After pushing yours in front of you, silently urging you to drink your soup, he digs into his own. 
You take small sips, sometimes wrapping the soggy seaweed around the rice in front of you. For the most part, however, you just pick at it. Auntie comes back with some warm jasmine tea for the both of you, breaking the silence Taehyung has created. It resumes the moment she’s gone. 
Taehyung pauses to take a drink. You can feel him watching your plate so you shove a spoonful of rice into your mouth. Cheeks puffy with food, you look back up at him to find a hint of a smile hovering over his lips. He sets the tea down with his left hand. Has he been eating with that hand the whole time?
“Are you left handed?” you ask around your mouthful. 
He sucks on the edge of his bottom lip to keep from smiling and he asks, “Hmm?”  
You chew and swallow before repeating your question. Taehyung brings the tea cup to his mouth as he replies, “I’m ambidextrous.”
Of course he is. Everything about Taehyung is, quite frankly, legendary. It only makes sense that he’s ambidextrous too. 
His Adam’s apple bobs while he downs his tea and you have to resist the urge to lick a long stripe up the length of his neck. You want to hear him groan against you again. Would he throw his head back like that if you ever sucked him off? The thought of being on your knees for him makes you squirm in your seat a bit, your ass rubbing against his hips. You wonder if he does that when he cums too. Or would he just stare into your eyes like he always makes you do? 
“What’s wrong? You don’t like the food?” 
It takes you a moment to realize he’s righted his head and you’ve been staring aimlessly at his neck. Swallowing thickly, you immediately shake your head and reassure, “No, I love it.”
Taehyung stares for a moment, then another, then another. When you shift in his lap this time, it has nothing (or at least not much) to do with the bulge of his pants pressed so snug under you but rather his eyes. They are the reflection of cooled anger, calm and storming all at once. 
“I really do like it.”
“So, what’s wrong?”
“You tell me.”
At this, he hesitates. Taehyung reverts his gaze to the food, circling the pad of his finger around the rim of his cup. You watch him carefully, wondering if he’ll go back on his own words and lie to you. He must know you won’t let him get away with it. 
“Are you done eating?”
He doesn’t look at you, barely even speaks above a whisper. Leaning down a bit to angle your gaze to meet his, you find them somewhat glistening. You think he might be tearing up, but he blinks whatever emotion was in them away before you can really be sure. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you caress his cheek. A bout of pain settles around your stomach again, but you ignore it as best as you can. Taehyung has been dry with you since that stupid pamphlet you only just shoved into your purse. It’s time he knows that you can tell something is off. 
He somewhat brushes you off as he turns his head away from your touch. 
With a sigh, you plead, “Taehyung, please talk to me.”
“I did- am,” he quickly corrects. “I am, okay? Can you please eat-”
“You’re not. You’re upset and you’ve been upset for a while and if I am going to be unconditionally honest with you, I would like you to do the-” you pause for a moment as the pain passes, “do the same.”
Taehyung rubs your stomach again. He leaves you stewing in silence with his eyes still elsewhere. Those lips, you notice, are stained with some kimchi though, the corners a light red. Instead of telling him about it like a normal person, you find yourself licking it away, so very slowly. You would think that once you realize what you’re doing you’d stop… only you don’t. You end up kissing his cheeks too, then chin and when you tilt your head up to maybe kiss his lips, he finally turns to you with a raised brow. 
Those once cold eyes are warmed with amusement, lips in a small smile as he asks, “You realize you’re being extremely unfair, right?”
You look up at him through your lashes with a bite of your lip to keep you from giggling. 
When you shake your head, he sighs. “Fine, you’re right. I am upset.”
“Is it because I didn’t thank you?” You’re quick to ask. “Because I really, really am grateful for you, Taehyung. You are truly my closest friend and not just because I have been telling everyone that,” you laugh a little at the end of your rant, watching as he finally meets and holds your gaze. 
He looks so… somber. Taehyung is never somber. Silent, calm, collected and composed, sure. Never somber; never devastated. There’s barely that normal dose of amusement in his eyes or bounce of his brows at the sound of one of your ramblings. He’s just looking, listening. 
“I know you are,” he says with a single nod. “I just… Do you think I only do things for you because of how we met?”
The question disarms you. Furrowing your brows, you slightly lean back at the implication. Does he really think you’ve stuck around this long for the money? Yes, you are so thankful for it. It has gotten you out of so much debt and embarrassment from having to tell Mrs. Chu that you’re not able to pay rent, let alone your bills. But, it is not what charms you about Taehyung, what makes you crave his presence and messages every day. Shame fills your heart at the idea that that’s all he must think. How could you have even given him such an impression? You’re not sure how he ignored those feelings long enough to talk and care for you the way he has done since that stupid dinner party. You’d be shattered if that’s all you thought Taehyung wanted from you. 
Pulling him into a hug, you rush to reassure, “Oh god, of course not.” 
His hands are immediately around you, tighter than they were when you were just resting in his lap. He nuzzles his face into your hair and peppers kisses atop of your head. You return them with softer ones along his collarbone, tugging his tie loose enough to unbutton some of his shirt and touch skin. 
In his arms, you remain for a few more minutes, just soaking breathfuls of each other. Taehyung is the first to retreat, pulling one of your arms off him as he properly seats you back into his lap. His right arm still soothes your cramps, or tries to anyway, but the left slides along your forearm to your hand. You swallow back grunts of discomfort from the pain. 
“We can talk about this later,” he says when you squeeze his hand. 
“No, I’m not letting you think for another second that I don’t appreciate you. You’re like my best friend.”
He rolls his eyes playfully, asking, “What about those two guys you work with?”
“Do you even hear yourself?” you dryly chuckle. “ I work with them.”
Taehyung finally lets himself laugh. However, his tongue makes a reappearance as he bites on it to keep himself from laughing too much. Staring at the table, his lips soon fall into a playful pout to hold back a smile, and he tilts his head a bit as he says, “Fair enough.”
You press the bridge of your nose to the curve of his cheek. When he turns to you, you pull back a bit and caress his face to be sure that he won’t look away. “I’m really sorry, Tae-”
“You don’t have to be. It was a misunderstanding.”
“I’m really sorry,” you repeat, more matter-a-factly than before to be sure that he knows you’re serious. “I really do love how you listen to me. I was only joking and you still went out and got me a fucking horse.”
Taehyung adjusts his grip on you to lift you up on his lap properly and pull you closer. He’s craning his head a bit now to look up at you, gently brushing his nose against yours. “I did that because I want to,” he explains in a whisper. “You’re my best friend too, Angel.”
Oh look, yet another moment only a kiss could be used to fully explain how much he means to you. But, having been denied that experience, all you can do is kiss the tip of his nose and make him growl quietly at the gesture. 
“Don’t baby me, Angel.”
You’re about to tell him how much fun that is though, when a tender, stinging pain buzzes around your nipples. A hiss escapes you and you bring a hand to cup one of them. The sudden touch makes you gasp with another jolt of pain. Crap, you had thought that they wouldn’t be this sensitive after already having to deal with this before leaving hours ago. It’s the reason you didn’t wear a bra, not wanting any extra layer of fabric to confine them too much and make matters worse. 
Taehyung’s face falls at your discomfort. He places his hand over yours asking over and over until you reply, “What is it? What hurts?”
“It’s noth-”
“If you tell me it’s nothing, I swear I’ll strip you naked and make you point it out to me.” 
A part of you is almost inclined to finish your sentence just to see if he’d really do that, but the other is too consumed by the ongoing pain that seems to have taken your whole body hostage. So, in a meek voice, you answer,  “It’s just my nipples. They get really sensitive like this sometimes. It’ll pass soon.”
“You should have eaten your food properly,” he lectures, his other hand moving aimlessly around your back.
“Tae, this is not the time for- What are you doing?” you whisper-shout when he unzips your dress. One of the straps falls off your shoulder, exposing more of your cleavage and overwhelming Taehyung's attention for a moment. 
Taehyung falls silent as his fingers trace the loose neckline over your skin. He follows the curves of your breasts up to properly nudge the fabric off, then back down to reach in and pull one out. For a moment, he looks like he might say something. But, the sight of your knobby nipples makes his words fall short. He thumbs over one gently and you bite your lip to keep from hissing. Not only are they tender right now but extremely sensitive, even to the slightest of touch. 
Peering up at you, Taehyung presses the tip of his tongue to your nipple. When he catches your face ever so slightly crumple into the image of arousal, he wraps his lips around and sucks. 
You can’t look at him. You can’t possibly stare into those dark eyes while his warm mouth soothes the stinging away with only a few wet licks. Your gaze bounces elsewhere, all over the restaurant until you catch your reflection in the windows. Though you can see yourself perfectly, seated on his lap with his face between your breasts, you are not able to see much beyond that. The world is too dark outside for you to catch if anyone is watching. You know they’d be able to see you though. 
“What if someone sees?” you wonder aloud.
Cupping your other concealed breast, Taehyung flicks your nipple with his tongue. He lazily replies, “No one will.” 
“What about-” You get cut off by him when you look at the back door. 
“They won’t either.” 
He sounds so sure of himself, you always feel like it would be stupid to ask him again. This is his terrain after all. He’s obviously been here enough to know the comings and goings of this restaurant so much so that he’s sure no one will interrupt you. 
Breath shaky, you cradle his head closer. He glances up at your touch, eyes glimmering with intrigue and mischief. If it isn’t for how good he’s making you feel, you’d try your luck with talking back. There is also a phantom of soreness on your ass that’s reminding you it’s best to not do that at al-. 
“Shit,” you moan. 
Taehyung grazes your nipple between  his teeth, tongue moving against the little bit that remains in his mouth. Those eyes darken at the sound of your breathless moans. He releases your nipple from his teeth to stick his tongue out and lick at it with every shake of his head. A strand of his hair falls over his forehead at the gesture. You push it back, running your hand through his hair.
Holding onto the back of his head, fingers tangled in his hair, you realize what you’ve done. “I’m ruining your hair,” you think aloud, losing the ability to filter your thoughts before speaking them at such soft, slow movement of his mouth. 
“Ruin whatever you want,” he mutters against your skin. 
Your pussy tightens, intensifying the lingering pain of the cramps at his words. Every sensation, painful or otherwise, just makes you want him all the more. 
A little whimper escapes you and he responds with a groan of his own as he reveals your other breast too. Cupping the underside of both, Taehyung leans back to watch each one jiggle in his hands. He then places his palms over your nipples, grabbing fists full and massaging. There’s an unusual quiet that settles over him as he admires your body. There’s always a dirty or belittling couple of words on the tip of his tongue when he's playing with you. Only now, there’s just him and your breasts and that’s all that seems to be consuming his mind. 
After a few more rounds of squeezing and squishing, Taehyung dives back in with wet, open-mouthed kisses. He peppers them everywhere, not just your nipples, then licks them all away to do it again. When you arch your back, pushing them further into his face, and moan, Taehyung peers up at you once more. Eyes raw with lust, you’ve never seen him so hungry. 
“You have the prettiest fucking tits,” he hisses before kissing his way to the other one. 
Bringing a hand to your lips, you whimper quietly. You can’t form any real words beyond the occasional, “Daddy, D-Daddy.” Even if you could, you know that it’ll be too loud and you’ll for sure draw an audience. 
Taehyung groans in reply to each sound you make, comprehensible or not. Sometimes, when you get particularly vocal, squealing and gasping and tugging at the roots of his hair, he’d glance up at you and bounce his brows in question. 
You really lose it when he presses his lips together and blows through them against your nipples, sending wet vibrations all over your chest. Squirming, you throw your head back and jut your body further against him. A broken moan trickles out in pieces, between breathless gasps and whines of “Daddy!” 
“That feels better doesn’t it, Angel?” he asks before doing the same to the other one. “Do Daddy’s lips feel good?”
Nodding urgently, brows furrowed and lips pouted, you add, “And Daddy’s tongue too.”
Taehyung smiles. His face beams with amusement as he pushes it between your breasts. “Mmm, you really like Daddy’s tongue, don’t you, Angel?” His voice is somewhat muffled with his cheeks squished between your tits. 
Though you know he can’t see you, you nod anyway. He assumes your silence is defiance, however, biting down on your right tit until you whine, “Ah, yes Daddy!” 
“That’s a good girl.”
You want to correct him and say that you are his good girl but are never really given the chance. The moment Taehyung begins to blubber his lips between your breasts, pushing them snug against his cheeks, all thoughts fall right out of your head. You have to cup a hand over your mouth to keep from moaning out too loud about how fucking good it feels. It’s not just the vibrations of his mouth but the spit splatter from it. You can feel it speckle the valley of your breasts, and trail down in thick streams too. 
After several moments too long, Taehyung resurfaces with a red face. His mouth glistens with his saliva. He’s gasping for air, having suffocated himself in your body for so fucking long. A part of you can’t help but think if he would handle the same treat from your thighs or even your pussy if you’re ever fortunate enough to have the chance to sit on his face. 
“Does it still hurt?” 
He sounds so winded, chest heaving with yours, and he’s really trying hard to maintain eye contact like you know he loves to do, but his gaze is locked on the way your breasts move. You look down with him to find little blotches of hickies forming particularly around your nipples. They look much prettier now that he has marked them, now that it is so painstakingly obvious they belong to him. 
You shake your head once you summon your voice to answer, “I’m much better now, Daddy.”
Taehyung smiles, meeting your gaze. There’s a hint of something more within them, not just the usual lust or amusement. There’s something more raw than that, swimming between the two but never fully surfacing. 
Lifted from his lap, Taehyung seats you between his legs again. “Eat up, Angel, before it all gets too cold,” he advises while fixing your dress and zipping it up. 
A word of gratitude is on your lips but the way Taehyung combs your hair back makes it fall short. He gently runs his finger through your hair and even curls it behind your ears. His touch stunts you for a moment. Looking back up at him, you find he’s already staring. 
“Go on,” he encourages, quirking a brow towards the table. 
Then he kisses your forehead. Your eyes flutter shut. Those soft kisses continue along the frame of your face, lips still wet from playing with your breasts. It coaxes a little smile out of you and soon Taehyung too. The whispered laughter, the hushed kisses, the stolen gazes and tender touches seem so casual, so natural, you feel like you’ve known Taehyung for years. Like you’ve been in his arms forever. Whatever cramps you had before are a numb reminder under your stomach, where Taehyung continues to hold you. Nothing ever feels wrong with him, nothing feels temporary. 
Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to forget that it is. 
The food is cold when you are finally pulled out of the daydream Taehyung always manages to lull you into. He makes sure you eat every last grain of rice, strand of seaweed and drop of soup before letting you deem yourself done with your meal. He does the same to lead by example. 
“Do you want me to walk you up?” Taehyung asks when you return to your building. The car idles before the double doors. His hand rests on your thigh, thumb gently rubbing the soft skin. 
You shake your head. “I’ll be fine.” 
“Text me when you get up there.” 
The green glow of his car can be spotted from your bedroom window. If you squint, you can almost see Taehyung behind the wheel, bright phone in hand. 
[angelcake] : Made it to my room. 
Those three bubbles bobble in the corner of the screen immediately. 
[V] : Rest well, Angel. Call me if you need anything.
[angelcake]: Okay.
[V] : I mean it.
[angelcake] : I will. I promise.
[V]: That's my good girl. 
[V]: Goodnight, Angel.
A pair of wings follow his usual black heart. You wonder when that was added to the emojis, only to find that yours are bare of any wings. Making a mental note to ask him about it later, you decide to simply send him an array of pink hearts. 
[angelcake] : Goodnight Daddy. 
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ladyartemesia · 6 months ago
Since I'm in love with your writings and your taste in reading too. I know that your favorite is Brother's best friend or Best friend's brother, I would like for you to recommend me some of them please ❤️❤️🙏
Tumblr media
꧁Brother’s Best Friend꧂
Clandestine by @junghelioseok is fantastic. Jeon Jungkook is the best friend of the reader’s slightly younger brother. He’s sexy and charismatic and DEFINITELY knows what he wants. The growth of his (clandestine) connection with the reader is utterly delicious. This one made me laugh and swoon.
Guarded by @xjoonchildx is basically legendary in my book. The lady in this story is not only Hoseok’s best friend’s sister—she is also his BOSS’s sister and by boss I mean mafia. This is the first installment in Ana’s amazing Rap Line Mafia Universe and it delivers on every level. Hoseok is tasked with protecting the boss’s sister after she is being threatened by sinister forces unknown and sparks fly.
Plums and Melons by @winetae is THAT FIC. The fic I just daydream about sometimes. It’s a fic about two people caught hard in eachother’s gravity. It’s so sexy and cerebral and the main characters are so hot. Jimin is just a guy trying to live his life, but whatever is brewing between him and his best friend’s sister is driving him insane. He wants to be a good guy, but she just isn’t playing fair.
Are You Sure? by @cutechim is such a swoon-worthy and touching piece of wonderful. I tell you I was MOVED. This is beautiful and emotional and EXTREMELY satisfying. Taehyung’s best friend has a sister who he has always secretly adored. When she comes to him and asks for some intimate experience, he isn’t strong enough to say no—not when she’s everything he ever wanted.
Drivers License and Detour by @gyukult is sweet and tender and just a fantastic coming of age story. The reader has been in love with her brother’s best friend, Park Jimin, for almost all of her youth... but what is going on in his head?It’s a tender story that really warms the heart. AND I am happy there is more coming. I would read about these two all day. She published the second part and oh my gosh it’s so incredibly perfect I could scream. This was just such a beautiful journey every step of the way.
Milestone by @1kook is probably one of the first brother’s best friend BTS fics I read and it is amazing. I adore it so much. Because Jungkook is your brother’s best friend he is there for every milestone in your life. But you’ve both grown up now and neither of you are kids anymore. It’s hot. Like really hot. Dialogue and set up are so sharp and fast paced I really loved every second.
Young God by @njssi is scorching hot smut with complicated feelings and warm revelations. You think it’s going somewhere and then it goes somewhere else and honestly it is so awesome the whole time. Jungkook was always your brother’s sweet little friend, but he’s returned determined to show you that he is all grown up.
Tease by @caiuscassiuss floored me. I loved it so much! I spent the whole story just squealing happily about everything. This story has it all. It’s scorching hot. It’s enemies-to-lovers. It’s Taehyung. Jungkook’s sister and Kim Taehyung do not get along AT all—so she decides to bring him to his knees by making him desperate for her. It’s a wild and completely awesome ride.
Wasabi by @ironicarmy is a classic. Hobi is a bad boy that Namjoon vehemently refuses to let near his precious baby sister. But love is too strong a force and soon Hobi and the clever object of his desire decide that some things are worth fighting for. It’s a really sweet story of facing challenges and relying on the people you love. Warm and fuzzy feelings abound, but it’s also super hot.
Forbidden by @btssmutgalore is a masterwork blueprint for this trope. Hobi is a carefree player who falls brutally for Taehyung’s sister. They two of them eventually give in to a VERY steamy series of secret encounters and feelings get very involved. This is hot, suspenseful, and emotionally satisfying. Excellent characterizations as well.
Prohibido by @personasintro is an office AU with a twist. Namjoon is not only her brother’s best friend, he is also her boss and the two of them have incredible chemistry. Watching them pretend that they’re not insanely attracted to each other is so endearing and hot. Reader is convinced her feelings are one-sided. It’s lovely and fun. Definitely a slow burn, but worth it.
Strawberry Kisses by @kimnjss is a fic that I devoured in one sitting and then re-read again immediately. Jeon Jungkook is a player who matches with a girl on a dating app and has no idea she is the sister of his revered mentor and close friend, Min Yoongi. I laughed. I cried. I GASPED OUT LOUD a bunch. It was a whole thing. This is a hybrid social media/written AU and it’s pretty much perfect.
Tempestuous by @ppersonna is so special to me because it was written at the very beginning of my friendship with Lindy. She was looking for requests and I was quick to request my favorite trope. Lindy is bae now and this fic she wrote is marvelous. You are forced to spend the weekend in the same house with your sexy arch-rival Taehyung who just so happens to be your brother’s best friend. Naturally snarky hotness ensues.
Off Limits @floralseokjin is basically a famous entry when it comes to this trope. It’s a Jin fic and Miss Jordan writes EXQUISITE Jin characterizations. There is a hint of mistaken (or unknown) identity in this one which makes it even more fun. Sparks fly between you and a devilishly charming Kim Seokjin at a party. You don’t find out until later who he really is—and why he’s off limits.
And finally I’ll recommend my own Brother’s Best Friend fic All I Want for Christmas is You featuring a charming Taehyung who falls for Jimin’s sister. Jimin basically blackmails his best friend into escorting his sister to several holiday galas. Tae and Jimin’s sister have never gotten along, but they soon discover (through multiple pranks and mishaps) that love (and desire) are out of their control.
Not Your Fairytale by @yeojaa is incredibly sweet and tender. Erin really does emotion so well and her Yoongi characterization is honestly so nuanced and brilliant. This story is about a girl who had her heart broken and instead of canceling the cake tasting she scheduled with her philandering ex-fiancé, she wrangles the tsundere best friend of her brother to pretend to be him.
Brother’s Best Friend by @bts-hyperfixation is a short and sweet moment between two people who have been fighting their attraction for each other. It is so hot and delicious I tell you. You’re in trouble and the person you call is probably the person you shouldn’t—but you aren’t the only one willing to take a risk tonight.
Off Limits by @kaddiiction will break your heart and put it back together again. This one was recommended to me by a reader and I cannot thank them enough. It is fantastic. Jimin is a player but he crosses the line when he begins a liaison with his best friend’s sister. Still there is far more to this situation—and Jimin—than meets the eye.
꧁Best Friend’s Brother꧂
Orectic by @gimmesumsuga is one of my favorite fics of all time. It is a hybrid fic where the reader is a cat hybrid and Hoseok is the brother of her best friend who comes to stay with her while her bestie is away... It is so tender yet SO HOT. I’m telling you I cannot even keep count of how many times I have read it.
Theophany by @ilikemesometaetaes was a JOURNEY. It made me so emotional. Like the story centers around art a lot, but let me tell you, this fic IS art. Jimin is just the man of my whole dreams in this piece as the brother of a former best friend with an irresistible allure. It is a coming of age story with the most beautiful twist. AND THE LOVE SCENE—oh my gosh I screamed it was so good. This story is just so so good.
Run by @neonlights92 is Jungkook’s story in the mafia universe I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED WITH. You don’t have to read the whole series to understand it (BUT YOU SHOULD). This is best friend’s brother meets arranged marriage and honestly it’s fantastic. Jungkook doesn’t do love and affection and being forced into an arranged marriage with his sister’s friend who has always had a crush on him is just a blow to his freedom... or is she? GAH! This story—like all the stories in this universe—is superb.
The Magic to Happiness by @readyplayerhobi is a best friend’s brother meets teachers AU meets Hogwarts AU. Now... all of those are top tier tropes so finding them together is like winning the lottery. Hobi was once just a skinny kid who had obvious heart eyes for you (his sister’s best friend) but now he’s tall and confident and really attractive. The magic of this story is evident in every word of the sweet relationship that blooms between these two.
Problem with You by @monvante is so sweet and kind of hilarious. I giggled so much! Jungkook is your best friend’s brother and he is kind of too perfect and too handsome and he’s always around and you hate him and he hates you... Right? When you cross paths with the infuriating Jeon Jungkook at your best friend’s wedding, you discover that you may have been wrong about a great many things.
Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine by @ktheist is so so SO fabulous. I was obsessed with this (now complete) series from the very first installment. You and Tae are besties who have know each other since you were little kids, but lately Tae’s older brother Jin has been lookin mighty fine. Just how far can you push him till he breaks. And if he breaks.... what then?
This list is BY NO MEANS exhaustive. I just used it to compile some of my FAVORITES in this particular trope.
➪ Newer Additions are in PINK!
➪ Newest Additions are in BLUE
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