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#Kindle Unlimited
bybrookenelson · 2 months ago
about me
i’m brooke, a twenty-one year old business student and writer, living in the midwestern united states.
my writing
i published my debut novel, the half theft, in november of 2020. its sequel and second installation in the duology will come out sometime this year.
it is available in both ebook and paperback
also free to read through kindle unlimited
some of my favorite books and series, in no particular order:
the chaos walking trilogy
shadow and bone
the chronicles of narnia
six of crows
harry potter
percy jackson
the woman in the window
social media
you can also find me on goodreads, my blog, and more.
welcome to my tumblr!
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Pre-order Darsi in Farsi by Roya Vafayi, A Persian Version of Pride and Prejudice on Amazon, releasing fall 2021!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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omgreadingonceuponatime · 3 months ago
Ice Planet Barbarians
I'll pretty much read anything if I'm told to.
I started Ice Planet Barbarians on the 10th and 10 days later; I have read 26 books written in that universe. I am nearly done with the Ice Planet Barbarians series and I've made it a third of the way into the Icehome series.
I just can't stop reading them. They are funny and corny. Written pretty well, a decent plot (even if it gets redundant), and good world-building. I'm sure the sexy times are great, but I don't even need any of that. The whole idea is kind of ridiculous, which is why I started reading them.
If you are waffling on them, I say check them out. The character development gets better with each book, so if after the first one you don't like it, try another, that is literally the worst one.
Definitely check out the trigger warnings for the books, no one seems to warn that in the first book there is some pretty heavy stuff. I would say check it for each book to make sure you are comfortable because some themes come up again.
These are really short and fun reads.
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student-by-day · a year ago
Tumblr media
what i love about ebooks
i’ve noticed that quarantine is making a lot of people buy a bunch of stuff online, so why not contribute to the problem?
jk---please be thoughtful with your purchases.
and as for those who are like “it doesn’t fEeL tHe sAme aS a REAL bOOk”... hear me out, okay?
it’s not just handy for people who can’t leave the house or are worried about shipping... 1. i can read whatever book whenever i want if i don’t like what i’m reading, i can get something else within minutes even if it’s 3 am and i’m not near a library, which is like... amazing?
2. it’s portable this little device can obviously hold sooo many books in the same space that a single paperback takes up (or less). that’s insanely convenient for people who need to pack lightly while traveling (heavy bias here). 3. i can actually find where i left off i can never remember to bring bookmarks, so i usually end up using the nearest object to hold my place, which is really bad (for multiple reasons). i try to remember page numbers, but i just don’t have that kind of storage left in my head hehe, so i love the digital bookmarking option and the feature that automatically saves what page i’m on in case i forget that too. 4. i can read in the dark my bedside lamp doesn’t need to announce to the world that i’m still awake at four am... i don’t need to blind a sleep-deprived driver or a *finally silent* infant on a plane by turning on overhead lights... or break my wrist while holding a flashlight for hours under the covers... yeah. it’s pretty sweet. 5. i can read outside on the *rare* occasion that i leave the house, the sun usually ends up ruining it for me. the bright light in combination with the white pages only worsens my contact prescription, so the black page option is heaven (and that’s not the only color, folks!). i also really appreciate the fact that a strong beach wind can no longer snatch a page from between my fingers---ha. 6. no one has to know what i’m reading the anonymity of reading on a kindle seems like such a trivial thing, but it’s definitely stopped the is the guy across the aisle judging my book choice? thoughts that interrupt my reading every few seconds on the bus. with no cover to show, how is anyone going to know if i’m reading what’s considered “trash”? 7. it’s more comfortable anyone who’s ever tried to read in bed knows the struggle of trying to lie down while propping up a big-ass book for hours without killing your arms ---this thing is light and slim enough that you won’t feel like an amputation is necessary. 8. it’s better for class there’s a search function that makes it super easy to find a certain part in case i want to reread or quote it, which can be lifesaving when i’m writing a paper for literature. besides that, there are plenty of highlighting options and tools to annotate if you’re interested. 9. the dictionary feature it doesn’t happen often, but when there’s a word i don’t know, i’m going to find out what it means---i have to restore my dignity somehow, okay? when i read, my phone is usually halfway across the room, and let’s be real, i’m not going to walk all the way over there to get it, so the fact that i can just tap the word to explore it is really handy. 10. it’s a great tool for language-learning first of all, the translation feature’s got your back. also: text-to-speech and audio books can save your ass on pronunciations, and audible stories even offers a bunch of free preschool books to start out with. your reading and listening comprehension skills are going to be fire after this.
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haileygonzales · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s out! Alloaro main character Paige Solano. With the new move she’s on a mission: join the anime club, submit her art to the world, and get a friend with benefits.
~ Take Me to Your Nerdy Leader by Hailey Gonzales is on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!
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kaylasbooknook · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’m not going to really summarize this book because you would be spoiled on how Gild ended. This just picks up right where Gild left off. Gild was one POV, but Glint is multi POV, but does focus more on Auren’s POV.
If you are looking for romance just know that this book doesn’t have any romance in it. I mean Auren is in love with Midas, but still we don’t see romance and we probably won’t see romance until we read Gleam. The love interest is in this book, but they are going from enemies to friends and I know they’ll eventually go to lovers. This book is faced paced. I love how Auren goes to naive to finding her own way and self. It was great seeing other parts of this world and seeing how the enemies army really is. I really look forward to Gleam and can’t wait for that romance. Also, I docked this a star due to lack of romance, but because I guessed the endings twist. I did not guess the middle of the books twist though.
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augustonovali · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“Senti, visto che adesso abbiamo questo piccolo segreto tra noi, possiamo parlare chiaramente, senza reticenze, ti pare?” “Sì… cioè, che vuoi dire?” “Niente, ma io sono curioso e… insomma, da quanto tempo lo fai, con chi hai cominciato, come?” Luca arrossì ancora di più, mentre gli rispondeva: “Lo faccio dall’altra sera. Non ho mai fatto niente, con nessuno.” “Dai, non ci credo. Mica ti vergogni? Con chi l’hai fatto, quando?” Luca lo fissò più sicuro, mentre gli rispondeva: “Senti, sei libero di non credermi, ma non ho mai fatto niente con nessuno, e non mi sono mai fatto nemmeno una sega, pensando ad un maschio!”
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x-medusa-x · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Empty calories but fairly tasty if you get in the right mindset. Some rough edges but I’m willing to continue reading in the series to see if they smooth out. Three stars.
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aeon-deloren · 7 days ago
Aria seems to live in a perfect ivory tower. A successful music career, she practically runs the college her family founded, a tight knit family. Her whole life laid out for her effortlessly. So why then, does she feel such a strong pull to the new professor? Something is missing from her life and she thinks it might just be him. Does she dare take the step to find out for sure?
Tumblr media
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ireadthatkindofbook · a month ago
Spicy book review. Possible spoilers ahead. Mature 18+ rating!
Tumblr media
Damn this book was really good. After the first few chapters I was completely hooked I didn't want to put it down I was very happy with the writing I wasn't annoyed by any of the characters. I give this book a 9.9 out of 10. This is definitely a book that you should read. There's a good possibility I will be buying this book it definitely has potential to be read over and over again. I'm very happy that I took the leap on this one.
Ps. I pictured Chris Pratt as Jeremy and Blake Lively as Verity I didn't have a mental picture of Lowen.
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milkymickeyway · a month ago
Himestly, I love some smutty kindle unlimited books but I never see any recommended or talked about that are more WLW. Is there anyone out there with some good WLW books? (kindle unlimited or otherwise!)
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thelesbianbookblog · 2 months ago
Sliced Ice
By Lee Winter The blurb from the publisher… Ten short stories based on Lee Winter’s fierce and unforgettable ice queens and villains have been gathered into one anthology containing lesbian love, lust, friendship, and romance. Find out what happened after Lee’s stories ended, and in one case, before it began. Iconic characters revisited include Elena Bartell (The Brutal Truth), Elizabeth…
Tumblr media
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tireideum-livro · 7 months ago
Gostava da minha independência, do meu jeito despachado e de fazer as coisas à minha maneira, mas desejava ter alguém para me ouvir e dividir o cotidiano.
Freud, me tira dessa! - Laura Conrado
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kaylasbooknook · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This takes place right after Glint and the only thing I am going to say is Auren is trying to take back her life and deal with the toxic Midas.
This one was definitely the best out of the series. We finally have romance and some spice! Midas is a freaking dick and you really see how toxic he is. I am glad Auren finally notices how horrible he is. Rip and Auren are just cute and I can’t wait to have more of them in the future.
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Ok so my Kindle Unlimited free trial ends in one week, quick someone give me recs of books and comics available in it for me to read (I read English, Portuguese, Spanish, and I think I could manage German and French poetry or simple books with one-shot stories) GO GO GO
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melancholynook · 10 days ago
I forgot I signed up to Kindle Unlimited for 6 months and it expires on 11th October 😭 it’s now my mission to read as many books as possible from now until then…
Tumblr media
Also, if you have any Kindle Unlimited recommendations, I’d love to hear them!
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x-medusa-x · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
I'm really struggling with how to rate this book; I've settled on two stars rather than the lowest possible three star. Essentially, it's a hopped up fan fiction book that doesn't cohere as well as one might like. Much like one of its protagonists, this book is some parts likable raffish "rogue" you kind wanna like and many parts straight up thievery / imitation / "chinesium" sci fi. As others have mentioned, the book is so different to the first book it seems almost like a new series; and the tie ins / tie togethers are not all that well done.
It's plain there are two authors working in this book; one is a substantially better writer than the other (I don't know which) and the book very much feels like one of those quilts that are knitted by several people, except what's charming in a quilt is just kind of annoying in a book. There are passages that feel like filler and there are some very well written action scenes. But I'm not sure the overarching plot actually makes all that much sense.
What really kinda dings this for me is the wholesale ripoff of other series - Star Wars, Star Trek, and plenty of others. Literally, like a "Romula" mine and "Andalore" and so on. And then the second major ding is that some of it just feels like deus ex / magic / plot spackle. I'm willing to allow a certain amount of it but this book relies on it pretty heavily, especially at the end. Thousand year old Darth Vader / Palpatine ripoffs, anyone? I think that's kinda what really was the last straw for me.
There are few women in either this or the first book, and they're treated pretty summarily / as caricatures for the most part. The princess, the vulnerable little girl, the beautiful woman who unconditionally but unrequitedly loves the mysterious Bad Man With a Heart of Gold, etc.
In short, I wanted to like this but it's just.... . I already had Kindle Unlimited but did spend an Audible credit for the first two books as a package deal (and they are performed AMAZINGLY by RC Bray - he is really outstanding). I doubt I'll spend another. It's possible I'll read further from time to time. And if they bundle the books with the audible title, as they do with Marko Kloos' books, I may even listen to at least one more.
If you like this sort of Grand Space Opera and want something that, despite its flaws, has a great deal more coherence and intellectual horsepower to go with the cool weapons and tech, try Ruocchio's Sun Eater series. I also recommend Kloos' titles as good, well done and not-too-demanding military sci fi with better realized characters and more sensible plots.
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