astrolavas 13 hours ago
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mandatory eclipse lake anniversary art
+ twitter bonus but i offer no explanation whatsoever:
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rorobun 2 days ago
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Girl Boss and Male Wife 馃尓馃憫
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isinnedforcake 2 days ago
Imagine Saitama having an arsenal of memes on his phone because he doesn't know how to express his emotions, let alone express them through text, without using a meme of some kind.
Like, Genos messages him a short and sweet, simple "You're amazing, sensei," and Sai doesn't know how to respond to that so he just texts back:
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And Genos, being the teen he is and adoring Saitama as much as he does, he learns to understand his use of memes. So he sends back:
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Cue them spamming each other with memes until either one of them doesn't have anymore for the situation, or (if they're like the gay shit above) the other gives in (usually Sai)
Sometimes, though, Sai just finds something funny and abstract and sends it to Genos (or any of his other friends, like Fubuki or King). Occasionally they send something back that's equally as bizarre.
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loonasketches 2 days ago
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Couldn鈥檛 resist all members of the adopted clawthorne club must wear this varsity jacket.
And yes, I鈥檒l be selling this as a keychain in the future!
So please DO NOT REPOST. Thanks! 馃挏
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lousolversons 5 hours ago
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You鈥檙e face to face with the man who sold the world. WESTWORLD - S04E07 - Metanoia
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toffeebeantable 16 hours ago
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Saw The Worm House going around on twitter so i shall bring it here for eclipse lake鈥檚 anniversary
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gofancyninjaworld a day ago
They both kept their promises
Something that just hit me in the shower. Both King and Saitama kept their promises to Tareo.
King, more obviously, when Tareo asked him to not let Garou be bullied back in chapter 140.
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After consulting with Saitama, King did step forward and stop both the harassment and the execution Amai Mask was trying to organise.
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But thinking about it a bit more, Saitama kept his too. When Tareo was desperate that Garou stop portraying himself as a monster and Saitama promised to help, Saitama pointing out to Garou that the reactions of all the people around him prove that he's not a monster was that final piece that got through to Garou. He can't pretend to be a monster any longer.
Tumblr media
The end of a journey; the moment Garou stopped pretending to be a monster. I expect it's the start of a much better one!
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Amazing. Tareo has gotten to see both the heroes he asked to help Garou come through.
I'm liking this chapter a lot better.
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testoster0ne 23 hours ago
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the-nysh 2 days ago
So once again, I appreciate what one of my fav Japanese meta writers had to say about their feelings after reading the chapter:
(translated) Thanks to Garou, the oppressed weak were encouraged. It was the moment when the "salvation of the weak", which he had risked his life to achieve, came true in a different form.
....For the moment that Tareo, and now King (also as one of the聽鈥榳eak鈥) were encouraged (by Garou, and for Garou) to step forth,聽鈥榩owerless鈥 as they were, to take a stand against injustice anyway because it was the right thing to do. :鈥)
Garou wanting to incite change by聽鈥榮aving鈥/empowering the weak which was also Bang鈥檚 school鈥檚 original philosophy to stand up - not only for themselves, but for 鈥榝air鈥 justice (heroism) - was achieved in a different way from what he expected (not thru 鈥榝ear,鈥 but thru sympathy), the moment they chose to stop the crowd鈥檚 violence and intervened to save him. 聽
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agodth 13 hours ago
Ah what the heck I was asked about this so I'm posting it
So when it comes to Sky headcanons I like to stay very close to the concept art and all. And I'd just like to mention that although I prefer to stay close to canon, I am also a fan of personal headcanons. Basically I think this is the timeline:
The Prince asks Megabird for flame (this is allegedly what the mural around the Vault office portal depicts)
Then there is some stuff I don't understand either鈥 Some sources say the Elders fell from the Sky, some say that they made their home in the clouds on purpose. So yeah鈥 Apparently the Elders were something like gods to the ancient civilization. But that is the part that still confuses me because we get different information.. Then the stuff from the timeline happens:
they find darkstone
the Prince gets crowned King (so because of the concept art I very much believe they're the same person!)
the Ancestors turn their back to Megabird
the creature wars happen
the explosion corrupts the King's crown (made of darkstone) and traps him.
To elaborate on that last part a bit: I think according to the timeline and some other concept arts, the Elders made that giant Ark to go to Eden (the holy site) because the creatures would be reluctant to follow but a creature flew into the Ark to make it explode and then the giant power diamond on board exploded and created the Storm. So when I was a new player I really expected to see the King in Eden鈥 I mean there were attempts to add that, weren't there? There is this 3d model that was found鈥 (image at bottom) and the kid we hug to get to Orbit allegedly has an audio file named king-hug or prince-hug or something so that suggests that the King really is still trapped in Eden.
Now to some more personal headcanons: I think the King isn't purposefully evil: just corrupted by that darkstone crown. TGC said he can't be saved anymore but I imagine that IF it was possible, he'd probably feel bad for what happened.
Also I kinda like the name Alef more but the fandom mostly calls him Resh and I'm ok with that too so I'll call him both.
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saharthings 2 days ago
Nnt Actor au:
Interviewer: What do you like about your character dynamics?
Meliodas: Well what I like about my character is that he is kind hearted and that he is very determined to protect his loves ones. He also sacrifices himself like way too much!
Interviewer: How did it take to make that scene done where Estarossa killed Meliodas?
Meliodas *looks at Estarossa turn his eyes to the interviewer*: Way. To. Much. About like 14 times
Estarossa *covering his face behind his hands as he blushed*: Mel! Don't tell them that!
Meliodas *grinnes*
Arthur: Sometimes I'm quite concern for the writers about my bride being a child in the series
Drole: I am the only character who takes the longest to prepare just for the bodypaint and the arms aside from grayroad's character.
Estarossa: It's quite funny how the fans reacted about Estarossa being Ludociel brother.
Zeldris: Me and Gelda are not couples in real life only in the series same goes with Elizabeth and Meliodas. So please don't ship us in real life you can ship us only in the anime of our characters.
Gelda: Yeah
Derieri: I kinda wish that my character does not really hate Mel that much and wanted to kill him and suffer since you know his my brother
Meliodas: It's fine it's just an act after all Sis
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chuutoro 2 months ago
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the euphoria of elliot page (esquire)
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aerequets 2 months ago
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the struggle between choosing ace or joker for anya was very real 馃様
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kaereth 3 months ago
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the last titan
these recent episodes have been so friggin sad ;__;
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die-rosastrasse 5 months ago
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King by Florence + The Machine
Art by Edmund Blair Leighton
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pinkypastal 2 months ago
The Collector: I brought you here because I crave the deadliest game
King,nodding: knife monopoly
The Collector:
The Collector: I was gonna hunt you for sport,but now I wanna know what knife monopoly is!
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