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Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko’s Basketball 


Originally posted by pururin



“All alone…”


Shougo always thougt he could do everything on his own and never bothered asking for help. Until things get out of hand and he ends up getting hurt badly. Giving him no choice to suck it up and ask for help. Even if it’s from the Generation Of Miracles. Now, they got no choice to pick up broken pieces and forgive the past.


A/N: So since Haizaki still has very few good fics of him where he isn’t used as a tool to cause conflict and isn’t 100% worse than he really is. I decided to write this.

Also on ao3

˚◞♡   ⃗*ೃ༄

Chapter One:  We all hide behind a mask (so we don’t end up being hurt)


Haizaki Shougo was menacing and mean. He was a delinquent, a bully and every parents’ nightmare. He stole, cheated and was always covered in cuts and bruises; he wore like trophies after every fight.

Except that was a lie.

He hid behind a mask that fooled everyone into thinking nothing could break him. When deep down inside, he was breaking.

He kept people at arm’s length and pushed away whoever got close because…

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A @babythotshq Collaboration

Read the other stories in this collab here!

Characters: Kagami Taiga, Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, and Kuroko Tetsuya

Warning(s): Swearing, Spookiness

Summary: When Kise brings a Ouija Board to game night at Kagami’s apartment, things get a little spooky.

Word Count: 903 words

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me: sleepy time ~
you: would you like to talk about kis-
me, whipping out my laptop at the speed of light: i’m glad you asked

  • Why I like Kise: what’s not to like really? He’s someone who acts all shallow and superficial but he keeps hanging out with the same 10 nerds all day, he acts childish and immature but actually there’s a certain kind of depth to him that makes him more secretive than he would initially come off. To me, he feels like someone who always surprises you with some new aspect to his personality just when you thought you’d figured him out. Hands down he has the best character arc in the entire series (going from cheerful and humble to serious and cocky and “He’s the best player on the court right now” from “I’m actually the worst of the bunch”) and I think there’s just something about him because I keep having a lot of feelings every time I remember another thing
  • Why I don’t: I don’t like his tendency to take everything up on himself and let himself be torn down by obstacles instead of asking for Some help. Like, ur a child ur not allowed to be that self-destructive! >:[
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): omg probably when Kagami was struggling to win and he taunted him. Also, their very first 1v1. And playing against Haizaki. AND AOMINE. god they were all so satisfying. I also liked him in Last Game, and whenever he interacted with Momoi, and asddsj he doesn’t have a single bad scene
  • Favorite season/movie: season 3 where he dares to be an asshole and is rightfully self-confident. He’s really good
  • Favorite line: “Once you look up to someone, you can’t exceed them”, “Someone please light a fire in me”, “I wanted to win this game for all of us”
  • Favorite outfit: what-the-fuck-ever that sleeveless V-neck tank top thing went with that I just found on google images. ho ho ho holy hell I also really liked him playing against Kagami with his shirt-sleeves rolled up and dress pants/shoes still on…..that’s a Look
  • OTP: I’m gonna say AoKise by habit. It kind of rocked my world and I still have a soft spot for them, but I’ve also been appreciating KagaKise and KiseKuro more. AoKagaKiseKuro?
  • Brotp: I still like what they could’ve been with Momoi a Lot. Either in a mlm/wlw solidarity way or in a sort of romantically involved way, I think they’re just sweet and that their energies match.
  • Head Canon: he’s the least physically healthy out of all of them, and it’s all a result of being careless with his body; pushing himself too hard during practice and especially matches, drinking until he’s blinding drunk on weekends and occasionally even smoking during and after photoshoots.
  • Unpopular opinion: he’s really not immature!! He can be analytical & assertive and surprisingly smart and quick on his feet, I just feel like he has that “there are other people who are wiser/better at this than me so I’ll just let them do it” kind of insecurity paired with his “everyone’s so fucking serious all the time it’s up to me to bring some leverage to this shit” mentality. Basically he chose to present as an airhead even if he’s really not like that at all.
  • A wish: I wish he lived his truth more/sooner? I feel like he’s really pretending for the most part and I’d love to see him finally give it up.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: don’t let him crumble. Just pls… don’t let the obstacles crush him without anyone ever offering their help or carrying him off the court. I don’t want him to be alone and struggling until he reaches the point of breaking. ;-;
  • 5 words to best describe them: Repressed Gay Bastard I’m in Love With
  • My nickname for them: I don’t have any nicknames but I cough up rainbows whenever I try to speak this child’s name. Not sure how coherent I’ve been but god I love him a lot
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Ah yes i love some good angst 😌 I hope you enjoy xx

Scenario: Kise, Aomine and Kagami’s reactions to their s/o shouting “I hate you” during an argument


Jealousy was an ugly emotion and you knew that. You generally never got that jealous with Kise though. Especially considering that he was constantly surrounded by other models and fangirls, you were surprisingly very chill with him. I mean, you couldn’t blame him, it came with the job. Plus you knew that you could trust him so it didn’t bother you as much as one would expect.

Recently though, Kise had been rather busy and he wasn’t able to spend as much time with you as he’d like. While that sucked in itself, he’d always be around other girls when you did have the time to spend with him, like during recess and after school when you walked together. And they were so obviously flirting with him, but he didn’t seem to have a clue.

You didn’t want to bring up though because you didn’t want to come off as a controlling person that restricted him from talking to others. So you ignored it for a while.

However, the amount of time he’d spend with you slowly lessened and lessened and eventually, on a particularly bad day, you finally snapped. You were meant to be walking home with him after school, so you waited for him at your usual spot by the school gates. But after a good ten minutes, he didn’t show up. Confused and slightly annoyed, you went back into the school in search of your boyfriend. While it didn’t take long to find him in the school courtyard, you began to wish that you didn’t because it just fuelled your already bad mood with rage.

He was just standing there with three other girls, laughing along with them as if he didn’t have somewhere else to be. You don’t get mad often- especially not in public- but your emotions had been building up for weeks and you were in an awful mood. Before you knew it, you were storming over to Kise.

“Y/N-cchi! I was just about to come meet you. Let me introduce—“

“Are you kidding me? Kise, I’ve been waiting for you for the past ten minutes and you were just chatting here?” you scolded, your volume causing all four of them to be taken aback. You shot the girls a glare, resulting in them excusing themselves to leave you two alone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t notice the time go by,” he replied softly, hurt by the fact that you called him ‘Kise’ rather than your usual ‘babe’ or ‘Ryouta’.

“You’re the one who’s always too busy to spend time with me and now you’re here losing track of time with girls you barely even know!”

“They were just being friendly, what would people think of me if I just brushed them off?” he said defensively.

“Kise, they were far from just friendly. They were so obviously flirting with you. One of them had her hands all over you and you just fucking let her!” you yelled, becoming completely unhinged at this point.

“Y/N-cchi, you’re being ridiculous. Just forget about it. Come on, let’s just walk home, cool?” He said with a sigh, which only made you angrier.

“I’m not being ridiculous,” you said firmly, tears of frustration welling up in your eyes.

“Well, what do you want me to say?” He snapped, finally losing his cool too. “That I’m sorry my life doesn’t revolve around you?”

“You know that’s not what I meant! Don’t try to turn this around on me,” you replied, letting the tears roll down your cheeks.

“That’s what it sounds like to me,” he shouted. You felt a pang in your heart at the way he raised his voice at you and you felt yourself finally get thrown off the edge.

“I can’t believe you right now! I hate you!”

Kise’s expression immediately fell at the sound of those words. It quickly made him realise the absurdity of what he was saying.

At that point, you were so frustrated that you decided to just walk away, wiping the tears with the back of your hand. It took a few moments but Kise’s footsteps soon followed you. “Y/N-cchi wait! I’m sorry!” He said, hastily grabbing your arm to stop you. It took him a second to realise that tears had begun to blur his own vision. “Please don’t hate me,” he said softly.

You paused for a moment, feeling bad that you had made him cry too. “I don’t hate you,” you muttered, hearing the word come out of his mouth made you realise how harsh it sounded. “I wouldn’t be this mad if I hated you.”

“I won’t talk to them anymore. And I promise I’ll make more time for you. Why don’t we go grab a coffee or something together?” Kise suggested, interlacing his fingers with yours while the other hand reached up to wipe the tears off your cheeks.

“That sounds nice,” You sniffled with a smile, your anger and hurt finally subsiding. “I’m sorry for yelling at you like that. I was just scared that you’d think they were better than me.”

Kise pressed his lips against yours with nothing but care and tenderness, almost as if to reassure you that he was all yours without having to say a word. But just in case you didn’t understand, he smiled at you once his lips parted from yours, “You’re the only one I want. That won’t ever change- I promise.”


As much as you loved Aomine, dating him came with a lot of work which could easily exhaust you if you didn’t have the patience that you do. He was dreamy, sweet and truly a piece of art in general, however he was also extremely lazy when it came to a lot of things. Homework, projects and reminding him of various commitments he had was amongst the various responsibilities you had taken on when you started dating him. For the most part, you didn’t care too much because you often managed to convince him to do it himself in the end, but there were times where he genuinely ticked you off.

One day in particular, you were rather exhausted after a long day at school and you were hanging out at Aomine’s house like you usually would. As he flipped through his gravure magazine next to you, you laid down on his bed, scrolling through your phone as a way to unwind. His phone began to ring, disrupting the peaceful silence that filled the room and he quickly picked it up. “Yo, what’s up?” he answered. “Oh shit that was today? I forgot… Fuck it. I’ll join some other time… Bye.”

Aomine put his phone down with an annoyed groan, making you curious as to what that conversation was about. “What’s wrong? Who was that?” you inquired, still scrolling absentmindedly.

“It was Kise. I was supposed to go play with him and the others today. Didn’t I tell you to remind me about it?”

“Oh right, you did. I’m sorry, it slipped my mind,” you replied.

Aomine clicked his tongue in annoyance, “Dammit, I wanted to play,” he whined.

You weren’t sure why— perhaps it was the tiredness— but you felt as though that comment was accusatory towards you and it sparked this feeling of anger within you. “Then maybe you should’ve remembered yourself,” you retorted, sarcasm oozing from your tone.

“Well if I could do that, I wouldn’t have asked you to remind me, would I?” Aomine replied, perfectly matching your tone, which made your blood boil.

“Why is that my responsibility? I’m constantly busting my ass trying to do shit for you. I’m your girlfriend, not your personal assistant, Daiki,” you snapped, your voice suddenly getting louder.

Whilst Aomine knew that you were right, his stubborn mind didn’t want to admit it. “If you had a problem with it, you could’ve just said so instead of making me miss out on my plans,” he said harshly.

“Oh so it’s my fault that you don’t have the mental capacity to remember things that go on in your own damn life?” you questioned sarcastically.

“Yes!” Aomine yelled back almost instantly without thinking.

You sat up and scoffed. “You’re despicable, Aomine. Go fucking play then. I’ll leave!”

“No, it’s too late now. I’ve missed it thanks to you,” he muttered, picking up his magazine again.

You narrowed your eyes at him in frustration as you angrily gathered your things. “I’m leaving. You’re the absolute worst. I hate you!” you shouted, clenching your jaw to stop yourself from crying.

Aomine froze upon hearing those words come out of your mouth. “You what?” he said softly, even though he heard you clear as day. He just couldn’t believe that you had actually said it.

“Nothing,” you mumbled, knowing you shouldn’t have said something so harsh when you didn’t even remotely mean it.

“You hate me?” he repeated, wondering whether his pride was really worth having you say words like that.

“I didn’t mean it. But you’re being ridiculous,” you said, still standing your ground.

“I’m sorry,” he sighed, standing up and approaching you. “I’m being such a dick. I’ll sort my shit out- I swear. Just don’t say those words to me, please,” he said, holding your face in his palms and desperately looking into your eyes, unable to fathom how much those words stung. He didn’t even want to imagine a scenario in which you’d hated him because it would absolutely wreck him.

Looking into those pained blue eyes, you couldn’t help but melt as your frustration resided. “I won’t say it again. I’m sorry,” you whispered assuringly.

Aomine placed a kiss on your forehead and pulled you into a hug. “I love you, Y/N,” he mumbled.

“I love you too, Daiki.”


Kagami loved basketball. That was a given. You adored how passionate he was towards it and you it made you happy seeing how much he enjoyed the sport. However, sometimes you’d wonder if that was truly all he cared about. He’d spend almost all his time either at practice or playing around with his friends and he barely left any time for you anymore.

It had been a while since you’ve been able to spend time with Kagami and you had finally been able to get away with planning an afternoon with him after school at your place. You planned to cuddle up together with some snacks and watch a movie— it was going to be perfect. That whole school day you were incredibly excited; you walked around with a hop in your step and a smile on your face.

Finally, the end of the school day had arrived and you headed to meet Kagami outside school, like you’d agreed to. When you got outside, you saw him chatting with Kuroko and Hyuga but he quickly excused himself when he saw you approaching him.

“Hey beautiful,” he smiled.

“Taiga! I’m so excited for today,” you grinned, greeting him with a hug.

“Uh, about that,” Kagami paused and pulled away to rub the back of his neck nervously. Hearing those words alone made your smile quickly change into a disappointed frown. “The Winter Cup is around the corner and the team is gonna do a bit of extra practice today at the gym. Can I get a rain check on this date?”

“Are you serious?” you muttered, exasperation in your voice.

“I’m really sorry, Y/N. I promise I’ll make some time for you later,” he said.

“You say that, but you never do. You play basketball every single minute you get. Can you really not spare even a single afternoon for me?” you questioned softly, feeling a strange mixture of anger and hurt.

“Y/N, you know how important basketball is to me,” he replied, trying to meet your eyes but they were fixated on the floor.

“I do, but honestly, it seems like it’s the only importance in your life.”

“Don’t be like that. You know that you’re important to me too,” Kagami frowned, reaching to put an arm on your shoulder, but your frustration caused you to shove it away almost immediately.

“Well, you certainly don’t act like it,” you snapped back. “But whatever, go play I guess,” you shrugged, spite in your tone as you began to walk away.

“Y/N, don’t be mad at me— it’s childish,” Kagami called out, making you stop in your tracks. It was like he was asking you to get mad at him.

“Childish?” you repeated. “Kagami it’s not a fucking relationship if you’re not going to spend any time with me! I’ve been nothing but patient towards you playing basketball thinking that at some point you’ll set some time aside for me, but turns out you couldn’t care less about that!”

“We can talk about this later,” Kagami sighed, realising that you were in public. “I’m going to play. I’ll text you okay?”

“Don’t even bother texting me— you’re fucking outrageous,” you chuckled, finding it absolutely unbelievable how thick he was. “I hate you!”

Kagami felt his heart sink as he watched you storm off. Suddenly basketball became the least of his concerns. He couldn’t just leave things like this. It would absolutely wreck him. Almost instantly, Kagami rushed after you. “Y/N! Please wait!” he called out, quickly reaching for your hand to get you to stop.

While you did stop, you immediately pulled your arm away from him in anger. “What? Shouldn’t you be going to play?” you snapped, tears streaming down your face.

“That doesn’t matter. Just please, don’t leave things like this; don’t hate me,” he pleaded, feeling himself getting teary eyed upon seeing you crying.

You paused for a moment, realising the weight of the words you spat out in the heat of the argument. “I didn’t mean that,” you said softly. “I just hate how I never get to see you anymore.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ll just skip out on practice today,” Kagami said.

“You don’t have to do that. We can hang out some other time,” you sighed and sniffled, not wanting to guilt trip him into spending time with you.

“No, I want to spend time with you now. You’re right. I play basketball all the time anyways. I need to give you attention too,”he insisted, reaching for your hand again and giving it a tight squeeze.

“Alright,” you said, wiping the tears with the back your hand. “I’m sorry about saying that I hate you. That was stupid.”

To your surprise, Kagami pulled you into a tight hug, holding you as if he was going to lose you. “That scared me so much, Y/N,” he admitted, resting his chin on the top of your head. “I love you so much. I genuinely thought I’d lost you.”

“I love you so much too,” you said into his chest, hugging him back. “I guess I was scared I’d lose you to basketball or something.”

Kagami kissed the top of your head. “You won’t lose me, I promise.”

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𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐞𝐬…


All Hallows’ Eve 」 ⇁︎ @knb-kreations

prompt ; costume party


fandom ; kuroko no basuke
) ; akashi x reader, aomine x reader, kise x reader, midorima x reader, murasakibara x reader


 𝗔𝗸𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶 𝗦𝗲𝗶𝗷𝘂𝘂𝗿𝗼𝘂


𝗔𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗗𝗮𝗶𝗸𝗶


𝗞𝗶𝘀𝗲 𝗥𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗮


𝗠𝗶𝗱𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗺𝗮 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗼𝘂


𝗠𝘂𝗿𝗮𝘀𝗮𝗸𝗶𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗮 𝗔𝘁𝘀𝘂𝘀𝗵𝗶

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KnB Characters in Love Triangles (1)

no one asked for this, please accept it nonetheless - bliss


pattern one; aomine x you x kise

  • i’m sure you expected this. i mean, the two rivals with a love-hate relationship? 
  • aomine reenacted yesterday’s clock; went to school, cut classes then fled to the rooftop as he nodded off. nothing acted out of regularity, his world rotating clockwise. he blinked once, twice, hence finally chose to widen his eyes. that’s when he caught a glimpse of you close to the sky. as he stared at your back, the alarm went off with an annoying ringtone, a signal he would never put off.
  • it annoyed him at first, how he would lose authority over his own mind and you invading it. when he saw you everywhere he went, he was convinced outright that his world underwent a turning point. 
  • highschool sweethearts trope!
  • he befriended you thanks to momoi’s help. you and aomine bickered for the stupidest things, but that’s because he teased you on purpose. you had lunch together, watched his basketball practices and sometimes cut classes he fetched you home. 
  • you thought aomine would be a tsundere? nope. aomine has always been straightforward and rushes things out. 
  • dun dun! one day somewhere in the city, a photographer offered you a modeling job. you accepted, thus meeting kise in the modeling area.
  • kise welcomed you in pure insouciance, at first, he deemed you like any other model, professionalism at best. while aomine fell for you at first sight, kise fell for you after trials and errors. and when he decided to embrace those feelings, love created conflict— especially if that love held two rivals in its hands.
  • scenario ;
  • in the midst of going home with kise who volunteered to fetch you after work, you spotted aomine waiting in front of your house. your eyes refused to blink as they were intensely glued on the flame behind his figure, though imaginary. on the other hand, kise snickered. 
  • aomine looked at your way, both hands in pockets as he drew near. 
  • straight stance, he crossed arms, and with a glowering look, aomine remarked, “we’re rivals ‘til the end, huh kise?”
  • aomine is the first lead. doesn’t it break your heart when kise is so desperate to have something, yet he couldn’t fully have it under his grasp? he has done everything he could, but things wouldn’t go his way. like the match of tōō vs kaijo in season one, his desire to win against aomine flamed so intensely yet it died for only one reason, it was destined to rain. definitely second lead material. i am so sorry to break your hearts. 
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Day 2 - Favourite Female character

Momoi Satsuki 🌸


Teiko’s ex-manager … Touo’s manager…

Data collector ..Woman’s intuition ..

Gom’s Princess🌸

Tetsu-kun Dai-chan Ki-chan midorin Mukkun akashi-kun


and alsoooo….

She ships Aokise…

Dai-chan x Ki-chan


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There wasn’t much I could think of for this so it’s a bit short. Hope you enjoy xx

Headcanons: GOM and the style they prefer on their s/o


  • He doesn’t like drawing too much attention to himself so I feel like he’d tend to go for someone that’s a soft boi™️ like him
  • He’d probably like it if you wore more pastel colours because he just finds those colours calm and pleasing
  • You know, that whole spring aesthetic— flower crowns and whatnot
  • He doesn’t really care too much about hair, considering his is a mess half the time
  • But he probably likes longer hair on his s/o because he’s jealous of how much easier it it to manage
  • Like, you just tie it up and it’s solved??
  • So he pretty much lives his long-haired dreams vicariously through you


  • Listen, if you’re not already fashionable, Kise will make you fashionable
  • He loves to take you on shopping dates where the two of you just try on a bunch of clothes you pick out for each other
  • Obviously, he loves it when you wear the clothes he buys for you
  • And the two of you are totally that couple that coordinates their outfits
  • Kise tends to lean into the brighter coloured clothes because, and I quote: “all black outfits might always look cute, but where’s the challenge in that?”
  • You probably wouldn’t care too much about styling your hair because you couldn’t be less bothered
  • However, Kise would definitely insist on you letting him do your hair
  • While how he styles it is dependant on your outfit, his go-to is Dutch braids into pigtails because he thinks you look absolutely adorable in them


  • If you were to ask him what clothes he preferred on you his answer would probably be something along the lines of “Nothing at all,” with that stupid smirk of his
  • For the most part, he didn’t really care about what you wore
  • However, if you were to wear anything that was rather revealing, he literally wouldn’t take his eyes off of you
  • But as much as he’d gawk at how hot you’d look in those clothes, he had a soft spot for the way you looked in his clothes
  • Especially when you wore his hoodies with shorts underneath
  • Literally makes him melt every time
  • So whenever you raided his closet, he didn’t do much to stop you
  • You were pretty much always wearing his clothes to the point where your friends as well as his ones found it so strange in the rare times you wore your own clothes
  • In terms of hairstyles, he tends to like shorter hair— about shoulder length
  • There’s not too much explanation behind it though
  • He just doesn’t like getting tangled up in longer hair when things get heated up


  • He definitely doesn’t pay too much attention to looks to be honest
  • As long as it fits well and is functional, it’s good to him
  • He really found the more muted colours more pleasing though
  • It amplified the calmness of your personality that he appreciated
  • He liked it when your outfit would coordinate with his because he’s all about that aesthetic
  • Oh he really loves seeing you in sweaters for some reason
  • He just found it cute how your sleeve would cover your palms and give you those adorable sweater paws
  • He also liked it when your hair was out of your face because it really brightened up your look
  • Also he just liked to admire your face in its entirety because he just found you beautiful


  • He really doesn’t care about clothing trust me
  • He’ll find you cute no matter what
  • You’ll literally be in your pyjamas and he’d be like “Y/N-chin you look really cute.”
  • So you didn’t have to pay too much attention to your looks around him
  • Just generally, he’d be more drawn to an s/o with a laid-back and comfy style
  • If you look comfortable, he’s more than happy
  • So you’d often find yourself wearing sweatshirts, shorts and whatever you felt the most comfortable in
  • He also really likes curly hair
  • He just finds it so fun to play with
  • He’ll literally spend hours cuddled up with you, meddling with your hair and nothing else


  • As we all know, he likes an s/o that’s refined
  • He likes it when his s/o knows how to dress appropriately for different occasions
  • He generally prefers a more sophisticated colour palette on you
  • Dark reds, browns, and sometimes a nice white never fails to draw his attention
  • He secretly likes the winter time because he can lend you his coat when you feel cold
  • He’s instructed you many times to carry a coat or jacket but you never did
  • But it’s okay because he really liked the way his coat would wrap around you
  • In a more casual setting, he really enjoyed it when you let your hair down because he just admired how it gracefully fell over your shoulders
  • You usually have your hair up at other times though and he found that very refreshing too because he’d then be able to get a nice view of your eyes which he swears he could look into for hours on end
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