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#Kiseki No Sedai

i just love how the whole gom r so intimidating but when momoi’s around, they become softballs SKSKJSKKS ugh,, still cant forget how midorima and akashi smiled when momoi was about to join them play on kuroko’s bday ova KSJJSKJSKS

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yes yes!! i wasn’t sure how this went so i made some more generic than the others but i hope you like it!! o(≧▽≦)o

akashi seijuro

  • when he sees you and kotaro laughing and joking around after training, he frowns without him realising and calmly walks over
  • “kotaro, if you have the energy to be messing around with (f/n), you can go run another three laps around the school.”
  • he’s truthful and doesn’t keep it a secret from you if you confront him about his actions — he’ll calmly tell you that he didn’t like how handsy kotaro was acting with you
  • he understands and trusts that you know when to draw the line but still, he doesn’t like seeing his teammates get too close to you

aomine daiki

  • clicks his tongue in annoyance and saunters over without hesitation, “oi, go bother someone else, she’s clearly not interested.”
  • will rest his chin on your head, standing behind you and giving your classmate an intimidating scowl
  • “you should have seen the way he was staring at you.” he mutters after they go scrambling away, then pulling you into a passionate and deep kiss
  • is plainly terrible at hiding his jealousy and remains quite salty (and protective) for a while, but after you assure him that ‘everything was fine’ and that ‘he was just asking you for help with his schoolwork’, he understands

kise ryouta

  • he will literally not hide his jealousy at all and interrupt the conversation, by trying to get all of your attention
  • “(f/n)-cchi! pay attention to me!” while he ignores who you were talking to and will occassionally throw dirty looks at them until they get the memo and leave the two of you alone
  • even after that, he’ll remain jealous, until you assure him that he has nothing to worry about at all
  • deep down, he trusts that you will remain faithful, but at the same time, he can’t help the jealousy bubbling within him whenever he sees you with another guy that so obviously likes you

kuroko tetsuya

  • for some reason, seeing you excitedly talking to kagami makes him somewhat upset
  • suddenly appears out of the blue and cuts the conversation short by finding some excuse to get you to leave, while holding your hands and pulling you away
  • doesn’t talk about how he felt until you bring it up, and only then does he confess to you about how he felt slightly jealous since he felt that kagami was better than him in most aspects
  • but after you promise him that you liked him for who he was and everything about him, he realises that there was nothing to be jealous about in the first place and just appreciates you even more for always being there for him

midorima shintarou

  • knew that he shouldn’t have allowed you and takao to become too close and when he sees takao sling his arm around your neck, he’s pissed
  • when he walks over, with his imposing height and a prominent glare on his face, takao knows to back off, luckily, and escape, leaving the two of you alone
  • will remain quiet during the entire time, until you finally realise why he was acting in that manner — which is usually quite unlike him
  • if you tease him, he’ll find some way to twist it around so you wouldn’t find out that he was actually jealous that you were spending more time with takao than with him not that he would admit it

muraskibara atsushi

  • suddenly finds the energy to walk over and cuts the conversation, without a care for your classmate who was talking to you
  • “who’s this? is he bothering you, (f/n)-chin?” but truth is, they were bothering him more than they were bothering you
  • just his height and menacing look alone leaves the student shaking and quickly running away, after apologising
  • although he doesn’t explicitly talk about his feelings, it’s very easy for you to tell that he was jealous and if you ask him about it, he’ll easily deflect, and find some other excuse to blame it on — “i just wanted you to follow me to get more snacks.”
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Thank you very much!! At first, I was worried sick because I’m not as confident with English as I would like, and I wasn’t used to making headcanons. But now, to me at least, is easier than fics (at the moment, that is) I’m a very on the moment type of person, now my thing are hcs, maybe tomorrow will be fics hahaha.

Uuuuf too much text. Thanks for the compliment and I hope you like it.

  • Murasakibara’s confession is simple and completely unexpected. You two are maybe just chatting and having fun while walking home from High School. He just stops to grab something from his bag (most probably a nerunerune) and he just goes “oh, by the way, I like you. Why don’t we go on a date?” You know what? Let’s say date is code for “go grab some candies and smooch a little, maybe”.
  • Kise’s, as he is, is the most dramatic thing you can think of. The “accept this letter here, in high school, just in time for graduation as I say farewell to you because I’m studying outside the country in order to be a pilot” type of drama. It would be laughable if he wasn’t so handsome, that guy… 
  • Aomine is casual but not as much as Mirasakibara. He is probably walking with you to the station or you met shopping or something. He is like “why won’t we go on a date?” He probably wants to go too far on the first date, but that’s for another hc request(??)
  • Kuroko will be more dramatic than you think. He will probably confess to you on white day (March 14, just a month after Saint Valentine’s Day) and he will give you white chocolates. He shows up with his uniform jacket buttoned up and his hair fixed. He is 120% adorable.
  • Momoi would ask you on a date. She has all the data, she knows that there is a probability of 83.99% that you will say yes. I don’t think she will confess with words, unless she thinks that fits. I see you two dating until you are married with kids and you don’t know how that happened. Just yesterday she was like “hey, do you want to go to a café?” 
  • Midorima will wait until the best day lucky wise. He will do all the rituals, the luck would be in charge to decide absolutely everything. What day, how to confess, even the hour. Luck will tell. 
  • Akashi’s confession is basically to the point. “I like you. Let’s go on a date”. He knows you like him as well. He doesn’t lose, even romantically speaking. You two don’t know if it is a one date stand or a stable relationship that ends in marriage, but one thing is for sure. He is good at dating. But that’s, maybe, for another hc request(??)
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hello, i just finished rewatching knb so the vibes are strong. hence, i created this sideblog dedicated to writing for them (mainly the gom but i don’t mind writing for anyone else too)!

please feel free to send in requests for headcanons or scenarios~

(if anyone requests for something with midorima shintarou, i will forever love you <3)

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(Unintentionally, I ordered them from worse to better teachers speaking from a technique perspective. That’s a coincidence hahahaha)

I included Momoi because, to me, she is part of the GoM as everyone else hahaha.

I hope you like it!!!

  • Murasakibara: patience??? What is that? Can you eat it???? You better be taller than average, or he will be so impatient… Yes, of course, post manga he will have a little more patience with average height people playing his beloved sport. You have to be firm with him. You are trying his thing, he can, at least, be more… well, comprehensive of your lack of experience. You are not going to be perfect the first week, he has to understand that.
  • Aomine has days. Days in which he goes out with you and teach you cool tricks (nothing basic related, mind you) He gets so excited when you score a particularly hard shot… Then, he would have days in which he is not interested in teaching basketball. Like, he can put you to do bounces, and he can shoot the ball or simply sleep a good (and long) nap until you get bored and go with him to have an actual date night (which implies having lots of s*x…)
  • Kise is a ball of excitement when you ask him for basketball lessons. He doesn’t know how to start, so he watches you for half an hour as you bounce the ball, try to dribble him, try to score… And then he can probably ask Momoi to help him. He wants you to learn and have fun with his beloved sport, so he doesn’t want to hurry you with demanding training regimes. Your lessons are more playing than formal teaching or training. And he tells you the things that you did right, not only what you did wrong. 
  • Midorima seats you down and starts talking. You better take notes, because there is going to be an exam. Don’t you want to learn how to play? Oh, you are going to learn. When you learn the rules and all that stuff, you start asking for some field experience. He understands that, of course, so he starts to teach you the basics. Bouncing, the right way to shoot (he is great scoring from his house, but he can’t teach you that particular lesson to save his life. It’s so natural to him that words cannot suffice) and all that stuff. It’s a demanding teacher, that’s for sure.
  • Kuroko knows all about the basics and techniques… the only thing is that he can’t do it for himself. He has you do the basics over, and over, and over, and over, and over. When you start to find it too repetitive, he changes the exercise and has you doing that over, and over, and over, and over, and ooooover. He doesn’t get mad when you surpass his abilities but gets really happy for you. And he is better teaching you his own passing techniques that Midorima is with his own. Of course, it doesn’t work with you, as you probably are not the ghost type as Kuroko is.
  • Momoi is the data master. You want to learn to play basketball? She is going to make an extensive training schedule adapted to you. She is going to include your personal likes and dislikes in your daily life to your exercises. How can you put those things on a training? We don’t know that, but she does. She is perfectly capable of doing so. She is the better prepared to train her s/o. If all GoM did a competition of who can train their s/o better in less time, she would be second (because, of course, Akashi never loses)
  • Akashi is strict with you, but adapts to your level and start working from there. He knows how to get the better from you, he knows how to squish every bit of ability from your body. You can only ask him post anime or else she would reject you so bad. He doesn’t have time for your little play. But, post anime, he would reconnect with basketball that way. Thanks to you, he is able to enjoy basket from a new perspective. And, of course, he would be the better teacher from all GoM
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“Wait a moment! If Akashi is ‘Kāsan’ and Nijimura is ‘Tōsan’, what does that make Daidaiha?”
“Ehhh, Mine-chin is thinking about something besides basketball for once.”
“Daidaiha-kun is close to Nijimura-kun.”
“Isn’t it obvious? Daidaihacchi is ‘Jisan’.”

“Aww, my kouhais are so sweet,” a voice pops from behind the group. A chill runs down everyone’s spine. “But you know what’s even sweeter? Seeing you guys work for your victory. All of you get ten more laps around campus for slacking off. Hey! Don’t even think about slipping away. I heard you talking, Kuroko. Three more laps for trying to escape!”

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+++ If you’ve happened across my work and enjoyed it, please consider giving it a REBLOG. Since I don’t have many followers, it’ll help ensure as many people as possible can see it! +++

I’ve literally had a note on my phone for the past 5 years that links to this incorrect knb post and the time has finally come where I’ve drawn this shitty joke out. My life is finally complete.

@incorrectknb officially closed down a short while ago, but thank you for all the hilarious posts over the years, mods. You’ve brought many smiles to my face. <3

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