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Denji is looking back at Kishibe, taking one last look at the light before retreating into the darkness to flee from Makima.  Aki and Power, on the other hand, are walking into the light, into death, with a casual, almost serene gait.  Denji’s body language suggests he doesn’t want to leave yet, but that he is also done looking down a path he can no longer take.  He’s ready to leave the family he’s lost behind after this final farewell and its heart-wrenching.

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Denji: Kishibe told me I need to start thinking before I act

Denji: So if I smack the shit out of you, rest assured, I thought about it and I am confident in my decision

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Nayuta: I’ve done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Denji: I know this and I love you

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nothing makes me happier than seeing a kishibe fan art on twt…

both young and old.


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please ******** me.

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Power: Frankly I’m offended that you’d ever think it was me who set the kitchen on fire

Aki: So it wasn’t you?

Power: No, it was. I’m just offended

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I promise I’m gonna shut up about him now. I just feel really proud of this edit even though I only colored him lol.

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asdfghjkl!! i suck at this lmao

like how do you highlight a hair???? 😂

and the shading lmao jesus that’s horrible.

it’s not even done yet look at his eyes i got lazy halfway lmao

it’s just i love him so much i just- i wanna see 😩

he’s so fine i just want to cry 

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Who ever changed Hiro’s gender to Horny today. (Thanks for sending this to me @nyxmignionette lmao)


Thank you.

I changed Kishibe’s — even if I get IP banned, it’s worth it. 👀

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Denji: If I die would you miss me?

Makima: It’s cute you think death will let you scape this relationship

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Kishibe:I’m a Devil Hunter with Special Division 1. Makes me feel good to be called ‘Master,’ so call me that. I like booze, women… and killing devils.”

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Denji: when I get murderer can you make sure I’m an unsolved case? I want to be in buzzfeed unsolved


Nayuta: that was my original idea

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this artist has really pretty chainsaw man arts… mostly young kishibe and quanxi.. i wonder if they have a tumblr… 😭😭😭

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