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#Klaus Hargreaves

Klaus: What’s your favorite kind if soup?

Dave: ummmm chicken and vegetable….

Klaus: A fine choice.

Dave: Thank you. That’s an odd question though.

Klaus: You can tell a lot about somebody by their favorite soup.

Dave: What can you tell about me?

Klaus: You like chicken and vegetable soup.

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Umbrella academy fiction

Chapter 1

Canon and OC; Deigo x OC, Klaus x OC platonic

*as always I do not own any part of the canon characters or show. I am merely writing my own adaptation to the storyline. Nor do I own any gifs/gif credit.

**I do own all things related to the OCs and additional story elements. And apologies, I couldn’t find any “young” gifs of them, but they are all meant to be young adults to show age in this fic.

Tagging: @imcrowley , @wicked-bitch-of-the-west


On a typical sunny day in 1989 a girl was born under extraordinary circumstances - her mother beginning the day not pregnant and ending it with a newborn girl. Reginald Hargreaves was unable to purchase their gift from God, but as fate would have she would still become linked to the obsessive billionaire through Klaus, his disappointing Number Four.

One fateful night in her bar thrust the two into each other’s life and they soon became close friends, their tragic pasts a common denominator. Emily tried to aid her friend and his family in thwarting the apocalypse, but her life ultimately lost when the shit inevitably hit the fan.

This is not that story.

Our story takes place five years after the Hargreaves family jumped back in time after unsuccessfully saving the world; bringing with them all the knowledge gained from their first chance at life.


“I’m telling you Diego. We can do this,” Klaus said pleadingly to his brother. “She said if she had only gotten out a few years earlier, she would have had a better chance at life. We can give her that chance.”

Diego stopped just outside his room. He eyed Klaus as he begged for him to agree.

“Please Diego. She is…was my friend,” he corrected himself. This time travel thing was hard to get used to. “I owe it to her to at least try.”

It was true that Emily had been as good a friend as someone could to Klaus back then. He’d beena raging drug addict who brought nothing but chaos. There weren’t many people who could handle something like that. She’d been one of the few; even managing to get him into rehab a few times.

Not that it had mattered. Klaus had a standing bed there back then and the staff a running pool on how short his next break would last.

But it had been obvious she at least cared for him. And that was more than Diego could say for himself. Klaus was his brother and he had given two shits at the time if he lived or died.

“Fine,” he finally agreed.

“Yes!” Klaus said quietly, but triumphantly.

With his second time around, he wanted to get it right. Make amends for his previous infractions.

Starting with this.

“But we do this my way. You got it,” he said definitively, getting close enough to stop Klaus’ little victory dance. He wanted to make sure his brother understood just how serious he was.

“Got it,” Klaus said with a mock salute. “If I remember correctly, right around now would be the ‘Halloween lockdowns’ as Em liked to call it,” Klaus said with a small smirk Diego’s way.

His brother looked at him confused “Lockdowns? Where is she? A prison?”

Oh, that’s right. He doesn’t know.

It had taken Klaus awhile to pull what nuggets she had revealed of her past. He knew, without a doubt, Diego hadn’t gotten shit out of her. The few times they’d met his brother was partial to being an asshole to anyone who even remotely took Klaus’ side and she had been no different.

“She’s at a religious boarding school,” Klaus explained quickly. “A real scared straight kinda one. From what she told me though, the night before Halloween the nuns do one final sweep of the grounds, leaving the front door unlocked.”

“Pfft. Morons,” Diego huffed, the fact that he was speaking of godly women lost to him completely. “So it’s a dash and grab. Easy.”

“Yeeaa…about that,” Klaus began tentatively. Diego had only just agreed to spring Emily from Hell.

“What?” Diego asked lowly. He knew he shouldn’t have gotten his hope up so easily. Nothing was ever so cut and dry with Klaus.

“She’s also, sort of, kinda in her own lockdown. We may need Five to help us too,” he added reluctantly. “Which is fine,” he quickly continued, keeping Diego from immediately changing his mind. “Ever since we got back Five has really been a team player. I’m sure if our little heist idea came from you he’d be on board. A hundred percent.”

Diego couldn’t take this shit with Klaus a second go 'round. He wanted to break Emily out of school? Fine. He needed Diego’s help? Also, peachy fuckinf keen. But if he insisted on keeping secrets along the way then Diego would walk his happy ass on out the door and Klaus could go fuck himself.

He grabbed hold of his brother, who flinched more from shock than fear, and drug him into his room, away from listening ears. He tossed his brother onto his bed as gently as he could. Klaus watched as he pulled his desk chair over, sitting on it backward and leaning against it.

“Before I ask Five anything you are gonna spill your guts and give me all the Intel you have on Emily. Otherwise, I’m out and you’re on your own.”

Klaus groaned with Diego’s ultimatum. “Fine,” he grumbled. “I’ll tell you everything. But you have to swear you’ll get Five to help no matter what,” he countered holding up his pinky.

“What are you, six?”

“Nothing is more binding than a pinky swear,” Klaus said, wiggling his fingers enticingly.

“You never quit do you?”

“Nope,” Klaus said with a satisfied grin.

“Jesus Christ.” Diego sighed with a roll of his eyes, but nevertheless he linked pinkies with his brother.

“No matter what,” Klaus reiterated.

“No matter what,” Diego reluctantly agreed before immediately letting go of him.

“Good,” Klaus said clapping his hands together and rubbing them conspiratorially. “Now. What do I know about Emily?” he asked himself, feigning an attempt to really dig deep into his thoughts. “Em, Em, Em.”

“I’m losing my patience Klaus.”

“Alright, fine,” Klaus said with an exasperated sigh. Nothing much had changed with Diego this time around - he was still far too serious for his own good. “I know she was one of the few dad couldn’t buy, obviously. I deduced that one myself,” he admitted proudly.

Diego rolled his eyes and sighed. Even without drugs Klaus’ mind still ran a million miles a minute. “Focus,” he said keeping his brother on track.

“Right,” he replied forcing himself back to their present storytelling session. “She was unbuyable. Her parents were religious and pure,” he said mockingly, throwing up the the scouting sign of three fingers. “When Em didn’t fit it to their perfect life, they shipped her off and forgot about her. To St. Christopher’s School for the Misguided to be exact.”

“You mean that old school convent on the outskirts of the city?”

“That’s the one,” Klaus said in agreement. “She’s been there…” he checked his wrist as if a watch sat upon it. “Twelve years now,” he added looking back to Diego.

“Twelve years?! What the Hell Klaus?? I thought she was just sent there.”

“Yea. When she was six,” Klaus said with a snort. “That was after all the exercisims failed,” he added nonchalantly.

“Exorcisms!?” Diego was beginning to regret his decision to help. “Look. I don’t know what kind of "school” you’re taking me to, but how do we know Emily even wants to break out?“ he asked in a half-hearted attempt to back out.

"Because she makes it out on her own after another three years anyway. But she always said if she’d got out just a few years earlier she’d have gone farther in life. Between you and me, I thought she turned out just fine the way she was,” he added leaning in conspiratorially.

“I don’t know about that. She was friends with you.”

“Hey! Unfair!” Klaus said feigning offense. “Trust me,” he continued, shrugging off the insult. “Once Five is on board, everything will be fine,” he said reassuringly, but with little affect. “Then it really will be a dash and grab. Five will just do his little time warp thingie and…” He sucked air through his teeth and gestured for in-and-out. “We’ll have Em out and free as a bird in no time,” he added with a sigh and a smile.

Diego stared at him, only reacting when his wide grin faded. His mind had already been made up, but it was sti fun to see him sweat. He promptly grabbed him up and pulled toward the hallway - and all the way to Five’s room.


“Klaus has something he wants to ask you,” he said pushing past their brother when he answered the door.

“And what might that be?” he asked, confusion evident on his face as he shut the door behind them.

Once through the threshold doego released his grip on Klaus and took solace off in the corner, waiting to see how well he did with Five. Their brother would be a much tougher sell. He’d never even met Emily.

“Well,” Klaus began with a nervous laugh, glancing back to Diego hoping to get some backup. His brother simply urged him on. Klaus sighed and his entire being deflated with his refusal.

“Klaus, what the hell is going on? I don’t have time for another one of your ridiculous pranks,” Five complained impatiently.

“I need your help rescuing a friend,” he admitted freely, turning back to Five.

Five laughed freely at his request. “No,” he said letting his facial expressions fall flat. “The last time I tried to help you I ended up having to warp out of police custody.”

“But you did get out,” Klaus cut in trying to avoid a retelling of their most recent mishap.

“And I had to be the one to explain it all to dad. Alone,” he added with rising anger.

Klaus grimaced. “Yea. Sorry about that. I wish I could have been there, really, but something important came up. Real now-or-never type stuff.”

“What? Like avoiding the inevitable end of the world? Because last I remember we’ve already fixed that problem and I can’t think of anything more "now-or-never”,“ he threw back at him.

He knew Five was right. "I guess when you put it like that, I could have made it,” he admitted almost sheepishly.

Five merely scowled at his admission.

“But this is different,” he added quickly, pushing past Five when he went to kick them out of his room. Klaus shut the door and leaned on it for added security he would finish hearing him out.

“How so?”

Klaus’ smile returned. His interest was piqued. “Because we…are gonna…”

Diego rolled his eyes. His sales pitch was quickly dying. “Because you’re gonna have me,” he stepping forward.

“Not that I don’t doubt yoir abilities, but how does that any different? Other than your presence of course.”

Their brother’s smile widened. “Yes!” he exclaimed before Diego could answer, outstreching his arms toward him and crossing to be by his side. “Because Diego here is an extra set of eyes and ears,” he added, cradling his shoulders and endearingly placing his hand on his chest.

Diego glared at Klaus. “Because I will make sure Klaus doesn’t screw anything up this time,” he answerd shaking himself free.

Five remained silent, considering Klaus 'mission’. He had become anxious lately to do more than just train and follow daddy’s orders - even if it was what they all agreed to before their jump back. Not that he would ever admit that to Klaus, but he supposed it could be worth it of Diego was on board.

Klaus stated expectantly and his brother who eyed the two of them. “Say I help you. What is your grand plan to save…who exactly?”

Klaus smiled widely at Diego, ecstatic that things might actually go his way for once.

“Emily,” Diego answered, ignoring Klaus.

“Emily?” Five asked surprised with a slight laugh. “You mean the bartender psychic?”

“Telepathic,” Klaus corrected him. “But yes. Her. So will you help me? Please?”

Diego rolled his eyes at the duo. “Just say yes already. I can’t take much more of this,” he added exasperated, dropping down onto the chair at Five’s desk.

“Alright fine,” he finally agreed.

Klaus began to shower his brother with thabks. He sure hadn’t been as appreciative of Diego’s allegiance. He huffed to hide his offense. “Klaus!” He pointed at his wrist when he had his brother’s attention.

“Oh right. So. Now that I have the best two brothers on board…”

“Klaus,” Diego warned.

“Alright, alright. Stop getting your panties in a bunch.”

Diego jumped up ready to strangle him.

“Hey! Calm down!” Five intervened. “Don’t make me regret helping you,” he scolded his brothers. “Now,” he continued once the two had parted ways. “When and how are we supposed to save Emily? And from what?”

“I’m glad you asked,” Klaus responded slyly before repeating the plan to Five


“There it is,” Klaus whispered to his brothers, pointing out their entry point.

They crouched hidden among the bushes just outside the point of no return. A nun came out of the front door, followed by two others, and just as Klas said left the door open. Diego huffed quietly to himself and rolled his eyes. Klaus smiled widely.

“Okay,” Five said shifting his jacket and bit and readying to jump. “Where is her room?” he asked staring at the building.

It was your typical, old-school convent turned boarding opp. The layout would be easy to figure out.

Klaus shut his eyes and mimicked going over a map with his fingers. “It should be, if memory serves me right, last one on the left, second floor,” he said opening his eyes and looking toward the building too. “She always said one of the only good things she remembered about this place were the sunsets,” he said quietly to himself with a sad sigh. “West side,” he added.

And just like that Five was gone.


He reappeared with a small pop in a girl’s room. She was sound asleep, her back to where Five now stood. He crept to her bed and gently tried waking her.

“Emily,” he whispered. “Emily wake up.”

The girl began to stir, turning toward him. The sight of a boy by her bed had to be a dream. She rubbed her eyes and yawned, sitting up to wake up further. The realization that he was real hit her. Her eyes grew wide in terror and she screamed.

Five quickly covered her mouth. “Emily, please.”

She quieted her screams realizing who he was and the fear in her eyes grew to confusion. She mumbled something into his hand.

“What?” he whispered, uncovering her mouth.

“I’m not Emily,” she managed to stammer out quietly.

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Two things I realized about the scene where Ben saves Diego from being crushed

1: Klaus discovered his new power for the first time because his brother was in danger

2: Ben didn’t know he was solid so that means he was so desperate for Diego to not be crushed that he tried to grab him even though he’s a ghost

Conclusion: I’m definitely not crying

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Oblivious (Klaus x Reader)

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

Author: @rmorningstar21

Pairing: Klaus Hargreaves x Reader

Warnings: Angsty, Swearing, Heavy Drinking

Cross Posted on Wattpad (@rmorningstar21)

AN: The time frame on this is kind of screwy, but honestly the series generally gives you 8 days to save the world, and not a great deal of time that Klaus is actually sobering up during that time, so it’s a little rushed. Angsty with some fluff at the end. Also, my phone is not allowing the “Read More” option, so I do apologize for that.


From the outside looking in, it appeared that you did not want Klaus sober.  This was not something you audibly spoke to anyone, nor did you believe it to be so.  For that matter, you did want Klaus to be sober and clean. It killed you to see him the way that he was, as the wreck he had become due to him trying to cover his past by numbing himself.  

No one understood the thought process going through you as you sipped back alcohol as if it were merely water.  No one understood what you needed to numb from, nor why you were numbing yourself as Klaus had fixed himself. Klaus was improving, and you had deteriorated into the nothing that he had just recently saved himself from.  

You needed to be numb, you had told yourself, though.  When you experienced extreme sadness, it triggered your powers in a negative fashion.  If you were just numb, you thought that would allow you to function. Each time you thought about why you needed to drink, you took another sip.  

You constantly thought about it, until no thoughts logically crossed through your own mind.  In fact, you knew it was unhealthy, and you would be drinking yourself into a premature grave.  It was not an addiction to you, though - it was a necessity.  

Klaus becoming sober would not effect you this way if it were not for one specific factor.  You grew up with Klaus as if the two of you started off in boarding school. Not biologically related, everyone knew there was a chance for the siblings to develop feelings for one another.  Luther and Allison had, though nothing had come of it as she moved away with time. Nothing had become for you, either, though those feelings had remained.  

You had stuck around Klaus when he had moved out of the main home, and had watched each horrible decision he had made.  Part of you, of course, wished that you could have stopped him. That part of you wished in the beginning you could have done something, anything, and yet you knew if anyone was to stop him, it was not you.  

After loving him for so long, you could not be the reason to get him sober.  You could not be someone he wished to be sober for, and yet, someone else could.  He was sobering up so he could say goodbye to Dave.  

Each time you had to hear Dave’s name, you took a sip of your drink.  It was like a fucked up drinking game for you, where you just hoped by the end of it you could forget why you were drinking in the first place.  Sometimes you did forget, while most times you couldn’t.  

Tonight, you were not even sure how much you drank before you began crying into your pillow that night.  You could not even remember what exactly triggered your tears that night either. All you knew was you were sitting in your darkened room at the home you grew up in, tears spilling from your eyes.  

You could not hear the meeting going on in the kitchen, which was not quite far away from you either.  As you wept, your adoptive siblings were sitting in the kitchen, talking about your state. Most did not know why your behavior had plummeted.  

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Luther said with a scowl, his fists clenched in anger.  Luther looked to you as a younger sister, but with the behavior that you had shown, the part of him that was angry he could not help you, thought you were just being an idiot.  

Allison placed a gentle hand on his wide back, calming him slightly.  “There’s something clearly wrong, but going at her in anger isn’t going to help,” Allison cooed softly, trying to get the large man to calm fully.  She was always the level headed one of the group, for the most part, though the two of you had grown apart when she had moved out. “Maybe I could talk with her." 

"You guys don’t get it,” Five interjected thoughtfully.  “You can’t get her to stop drinking. That would be another catastrophe that we don’t need." 

Klaus’s lips turned downward into a grimace as he glanced over at Five.  "So, I get sober and everything is fine and dandy, but she can’t?” He said in disbelief.  “She was never the trainwreck." 

"Heavily negative emotions affect her powers,” Five replied with a finger up, as if to silence the room that was not speaking in the first place.  “She could, theoretically, end the world." 

Klaus merely stared in disbelief at Five’s accusation.  Allison had chimed in, "We need her help to prevent the end of the world, though." 

"Why don’t we lock her in the safe room?” Luther chimed in, “I mean, until she’s stable." 

"Are you fucking kidding me?” Klaus shot up, floored by Luther’s ridiculous proposal.  “Why doesn’t someone just figure out why the hell she’s upset in the first place?" 

"I know why,” Five stated matter-a-factly.  

“Care to enlighten us?” Luther shot back.  

Five shook his head, his finger underneath his chin, as if he was thinking of a way to fix things without actually helping you whatsoever.  “It’s not my business to tell,” he simply stated with a shrug.  

What the group did not know was the fact that Ben was in the other room, and since you would not be able to see a ghost, he was able to observe you.  He had observed you more than a few nights, trying to figure it out before it had become an increasing issue. The ghost of your adoptive brother watched as you spoke to yourself, even in your own drunken slumber, and he had figured out the issue.  Of course, the only downside to his findings was the simple fact that he was not sure he would be able to help.  

The group had gone their separate ways with time, each heading to slumber upon their own accords.  Beforehand, they had spoken about the impending threat of the apocalypse itself after talking about the apparent impossibility of aiding you.  Klaus had retired to his chambers with Ben waiting on a chair in the corner, and the ghost had glanced up as Klaus had superman-ed into his bed.  

“She’s crying over you,” Ben stated to the half awake Klaus.  

This had made Klaus shoot up into a seated position, his eyes fixated upon his ghost adoptive brother, a frown protruding on his face.  With a clear head, Klaus was able to process things more productively, and since he had been sober, his head was truly clear, thanks to Diego’s support.  “Why is she crying over me?” He asked after trying to process what Ben was saying in the first place.  

“Don’t be an idiot, Klaus,” Ben said crossing his arms.  “She loves you." 

Klaus had spent a year in Vietnam, and had fallen in love as well as watching that love die.  He thought about you, and the attraction he had for you as kids. There was something of love there, but nothing had become of it, as he begun drowning himself in just about anything that would keep him away from sobriety.  He still had cravings and addictions, but due to his desire to say goodbye to Dave, he was sober and staying as such.  

His lips pursed tightly, and he laid back upon his bed, staring up at the ceiling.  He tried formulating a plan as he stared at the ceiling, his blue eyes blurring as he felt a few tears well in them.  As he kept thinking, he could see the signs throughout time. Each and every time that you had shown him something, he had ignored it.  His own self doubt, self pity, had stopped him from believing that someone actually cared for him.  

With the thoughts flowing through his mind, he drifted off to slumber, knowing what must be done when the sun rose.  He had loved Dave, and part of him still did, but Dave would have wanted him happy. Dave would have wanted to see him sober and happy, living a fulfilling life.  


Though Klaus was sober, he was still groggy to rise.  He had to force himself out of bed, and had received an approving nod from his adoptive ghost brother Ben before he had left his room, trailing quickly to your own in his normal, eccentric step.  Without announcing his presence, assuming you would likely still be asleep, he started by clearing your room of alcohol quietly. Each bottle he had found that was either half empty, or even the full ones, he brought to the bathroom.  He poured each and every one of them down the drain, smiling as he did so.  

The addict in him desired to taste just a sip of the liquor that he poured, but the need to be better had stopped him from the temptation.  He had not attempted to hide the evidence of the empty liquor bottles, knowing that someone would get annoyed and grab them later. Turning towards the kitchen, he skipped gleefully as he went to grab a hangover cure that he still knew how to make from the fridge.  Five had been drinking his coffee as Klaus entered, and a sly smile crossed his lips knowingly.  

Klaus made haste to your room, which you were still very much passed out messily on your bed, your pillow covering your face.  Your normally ivory face was a mess with dried tears and disheveled hair, and this had become more apparent as he had removed the pillow from your safe covering.  He could still smell the strong scent of alcohol upon you, both from your breath as well as the bit that you likely spilled upon your clothes.  

"Wakey-wakey,” he sung out in a sing-song tone as he prodded at you to rise.  The first few times that he had prodded you, you had not even stirred, but as he continued, you groggily begun moving.  As if it had already become a habit to you, you had reached for the bottle of alcohol that was at your nightstand the night prior, and yet your hand fell short of nothingness.  There was nothing for you to grab, after all. 

As your consciousness was hitting you, you bit your lip hard, your glazed e/c eyes searching.  What they had found instead, not even more than a few inches away from your now sitting up figure, was the man you were drinking over.  The first thing you ended up drinking in was his deep blue eyes that stared into your own, followed by his gruff facial hair and his lips that were curled into a smile.  

“Where-” you started in a placid tone, before he cut you off.  

“Drink this,” he said, handing you the hangover cure that was still firmly in his hand.  You begrudgingly took the odd looking drink, downing it quickly before you had to taste the horrible liquid that you had swallowed. Once you did, you glanced up at Klaus with curious eyes as he held a hand out to you.  After a few moments, you had taken the hand, rising to your feet.  

He pulled you by your hand all the way over to the bathroom, turning the shower on and beginning to take off his own clothes, encouraging you to do the same.  For a few minutes, you stared blankly in disbelief. “Klaus, uh, what are you doing?” You asked through a stutter, your eyes not being able to leave the sight before you.  

“Currently, waiting for you to get in the shower,” he said with a suggestive look upon his face, causing you to stifle a laugh.  He was always so eccentric, which was one of the many things you adored about the man, but he had never dragged you into the shower before.  After all, why would he do that? 

You shrugged off your clothing shyly before you were stripped fully, leaving your arms in front of your main insecurities.  He had reached out and moved your arms for you, the feeling of his hot skin against your own causing you to shudder. “Beautiful,” he mused out as his eyes drank you in, before he grabbed your wrist gently and pulled you in with him.  He allowed you to stand directly under the flowing water, before he had wrapped his slender arms tightly around your waist, his head resting in your shoulder.  

“What’s gotten into you today?” You said skeptically, though even you could admit that this is what you truly dreamed of.  His embrace was tight, almost needy, and it felt as if he was washing away all the bad thoughts from inside of you in this moment as the water washed down your body.  

He smiled into your shoulder, not moving from his spot as he murmured, “You could have just told me, instead of me having to find out from Ben." 

Your eyes widened at the accusation, but your arms reached up to pull him as close as you could, embracing him tightly.  Breathing in his intoxicating scent was much more addictive than your alcohol. "So, I take it you know that I love you,” you said as more of a statement than a question, though you did wish for an answer.  

“Mhm,” he breathed out gently.  “And I love you, Y/N. I don’t want you going down the same path I did, especially because of me." 

"And you’re not just saying this because you want me sober?” You mused out in almost a whisper.  

His chin disconnected from your shoulder, and he glanced deep into your eyes before closing the gap between the two of you, lips upon lips.  It started gentle and sweet, as if he was asking for permission. As you begun kissing him in return, he started kissing more passionately, his arms holding you tighter than before, if that was even possible.  

When the two of you had finally separated for air, a smile was prominent against your lips as your lungs begged for oxygen.  “Does that answer your question?” He said teasingly, a sly yet genuine smile upon his lips.  

You nodded before pulling him into another sweet kiss, moving your lips in sync with his own, enjoying the sparks that flowed through your body.  Of course, you had your doubts, but this moment was too wonderful for negative thoughts, and when he finally says goodbye to Dave, he would be able to tell him that he is going to live on happily. 

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Klaus was fucking done. Or, he tried to be. But he always came back to help whenever he was needed. Not that anyone seemed to really care.

Klaus was just the fuck up, no one took him seriously. The druggy, alcoholic, and occasional prostitute when he had to be. When the urge was too strong. When sobriety and all the stuff that came with it came creeping up on him. No one ever takes the fuck up seriously.

They thought he was crazy when he said that he saw Dad, and when he said he talks to Ben.. They passed it off as a side effect of the drugs. Every now and then they got pissed off because for fucks sake Klaus try and act normal just this once, this is an important issue and you still can’t keep off the drugs?

They didn’t really care, not really. Unless they needed something. Like in this very instant. And usually Klaus would go alone, but now he’s bitter. Heartbreak and war will do that to a person. And he has had enough. He always came back to help, but this was the last time.

“Klaus, are you okay?” He almost bought it. It sounded like genuine concern coming out of Allison’s mouth- but he knew first hand how much shit passed between her lips and rolled off her tongue so he ignored it.

“You mean, am I sober. And yes, I am.”

Allison physically recoiled, not much but he noticed. Ben raised an eyebrow, not used to this kind of attitude from Klaus. Especially towards his family. But he didn’t say anything because kind of understood. He was there to see how they treated Klaus, only this time Klaus said something back.

“No, I mean are you okay,” She tried again, but keeping more of a distance. “You seem… out of it.”

“You mean more out of it than usual? Like I’m back to being a no good, drugged up-”

“No! Klaus. That’s not what I meant. You just seem kind of down-” She tried to defend herself but Klaus’ blood was already boiling. Sobering up had made him a tad crankier than usual.

“Well thanks for caring now-”

“I have always cared-”

“No. You haven’t. But I don’t care anymore. I’ll do this for Five, but after this I’m leaving.”

“And where will you go?” Diego steps into the room, pissed off. They were all trying to prevent the apocalypse and the last thing he needed was to be dealing with Klaus’ meltdown.

“Where I always go.” He answered, off-handedly.

“And where’s that? Rehab? Drughouse?”

“Diego!” Allison scolded but Klaus but his hand out to stop her.

“No, no it’s fine. I already know what all of you think of me. So fuck you Diego!” Diego took a step forward, his temper getting the best of him, but Vanya stepped in front of him to stop him charging straight at Klaus.

“And Allison,” Klaus turned to face her, turning his back to Diego. “thank you, but I don’t need your misplaced concern or care. I’m here to do this job, you need me to do this job. And then I’m leaving. I’ll officially be out your hair.”

He charged out the room, brushing past Luther and Five. No one bothered to call out after him.

He stuck to his word. He contacted their Dad, got whatever information they needed, and they managed to prevent the apocalypse. Vanya was happy and seemed to have swapped places with Klaus, so he was even more out of the loop than he was before. Not that it bothered him much. He kept to his promise and left, and didn’t look back.

But of course he didn’t mean it! He wanted someone, anyone, to reach out to him. But no one did. Diego didn’t even get one of his cop friends to track him down like he usually did. It’s been a year since that day and he’s received nothing but radio silence from his family. He started to wonder if maybe he needed to write a book to get their attention. Or maybe even just as a final fuck you.

He died 3 years after.

He tried to stay sober, he wanted to bring back Ben and Dave. As things got worse and worse, all he wanted was a hug from someone he loved. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t bring back either.

Towards the end, he’s started to forget Dave. What he looked like, how he sounded, how he felt. It got lost and Klaus thought, fuck it, if he was forgetting it anyway he might as well pop a pill. It wouldn’t do much harm. But one became two which became five which became more. And Ben was getting sick of his shit.

But Ben didn’t understand! Being sober was so hard. And the voices only seemed to get louder. And his body ached. And he didn’t want to be lonely. His family didn’t want him and all he had left were his friends- more acquaintances than friends. But even still, they were the only company he had- and in their company he did what they did. His willpower was weak- it was smashed to bits by loneliness and the want to feel something. So he did what he did. Drank, smoked, fucked. Whatever.

Klaus was back to being homeless, addicted, poor. He got arrested a few times- for possession, public intoxication, solicitation. It got to a point where he couldn’t even look Ben in the eye anymore, not after everything he’d watched him do. Not that he’d have to for long. They fell out- Ben was so tired of seeing Klaus pull all the stunts he did, wasting his life while he still had one to live. So Klaus told him that if he didn’t like seeing it, he could leave. He could fuck right off.

And he did. To prove a point. He was planning to come back, of course. Only he planned a few days too late. He was too late.

Klaus died how he felt- completely alone. In an alley near his dealer and pimp. Bruised knees and cold. He was found by a homeless guy a few days later.

The funeral was a mess. Ben and Klaus watched on. Considering he was the most flamboyant of the group, he had hoped the others would have honoured that. But they were there, back at the academy, all in black. Bleak and miserable bastards.

Ben had an arm wrapped around Klaus. But Klaus didn’t need comforting. He was used to death. Sure it took a while to get used to, and he had to convince God that he’d stop being so awful so he could stay in Heaven with Ben. He almost pushed that little girl off her bike, but he restrained himself.

Luther had an arm wrapped around Allison, who had her face buried into his chest. She was in tears- hollywood tears, of course. Delicate and pretty. She wished she was a better sister. Sure she changed and was nicer to Vanya, but she wished she’d been nicer to all of them. Now there were only five left and she’d be damned if this shit happened again. Luther was just thinking about how he was a shit number one. Two of his siblings had died. How could he have let that happen. And Luther felt guilty because he felt some relief after Klaus had gone- one less liability. At one point in life he even wished it. And now he can’t take that wish back.

Vanya kept an arm wrapped around Five- for her sake or his, Klaus wasn’t sure. But both kept an impassive look on their face as they stared where Klaus’ ashes had been poured before being carried away with the wind. Vanya felt selfish. She was glad with the attention she was finally getting, and she became wrapped up in it. She should have noticed. She had spent so long on the outside, she should have noticed when someone else had been pushed there. And Five was just sorry he couldn’t save Klaus. Yes they managed to save the world, and logic told him the weight of the world outweighed one person. But he loved his family. Even if he didn’t always show it. And he was sorry that it had gotten that much smaller.

Diego stood alone. Staring but unseeing. His last encounter with Klaus played in a loop in his mind. He regretted everything. He’d had this weird bond with Klaus, but he loved him. He made sure to check up on him. He tried to take care of him. But he let his anger get the best of him that day. He wished he hadn’t. And he wished he’d checked up on him and hadn’t let his anger get in the way. Diego was sorry. So sorry.
They all were.

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Shoutout to a rarepair tua ship

So @batmatian to see a new ship gaining traction, due to our own history with it. So, Pretty close to when the show came out, maybe a couple months after, i watched with him and we ended up with a major ship, namely 45 as we preferr, but to others, it’s klive. We have our preferences but long story short, we were nervous/ apprehensive to share this love of this ship due to a lot of people’s issues with five’s outward appearance, despite the fact he is a 58 year old man..never the less! I wanted to say, if you are a shipper as well, id love to chat with you! Give this a like or reblog, heck, dm me if you’d like! I make moodboards, and batmatian and i make other content including fanart~ it’s lovely to meet you all

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