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#KnY Pet Au
phantasmiafxndom · 2 days ago
Can I request Genya, Sanemi, Usui and Inosuke Pet AU scenarios on how would they try to appeal to their owner if she was being cold lately and they were afraid she was growing tired of them? (NSFW with a top reader is very appreciated but not necessary)?
I wasn’t exactly sure how to make these nsfw.... so here’s hoping they work! XD Also, some of these endings are pretty open to interpretation... 
. . . 
When you use him, Genya tries to be good. Even when he’s scared or when it hurts (never mind that the wounds always heal), he thanks you for everything and acts as sweetly as he can manage. 
That’s... not saying a lot. When he was younger, before you, there was a reason why no one wanted him. 
Even now, it’s hard to make himself the way he knows he should be. 
But lately, you’ve started acting cold. You’re not as interested in him. You interact with him less and less. It’s terrifying. 
After he’s come, in one of the moments where he’s allowed to lay with you and bury his face in the space between your shoulder and chest, Genya tries to convince himself that it’ll be okay. He nuzzles against you in his best imitation of a smaller, cuter demon who might be truly wanted. 
It doesn’t feel right. 
And then, something slips out that shouldn’t. 
“Please, don’t get rid of me...” It’s whispered against your skin so quietly that there’s a slim chance of you hearing. But luck is never on Genya’s side— and you do. 
“You’ve been trying to be better, haven’t you?” Your words make him tense. A tremble settles into his shoulders. He can’t be tough like this. 
“I’ve noticed.” Will it make any difference? You don’t sound like you care. Genya fights to swallow down his fear and a whine that threatens to escape along with it. He’s scared. 
Sanemi isn’t good at good. He’s always been the misbehaving type, disrespectful. He can pull off the barest measure of obedience when he needs to, but there’s a reason why no one before you wanted him. 
And now, he’s losing that part too. 
Even though he tells himself he’s tougher than that, that plenty of owners have thrown him out before for being wrong, for some reason...
The thought scares him more when it’s you. 
Since you’ve started acting cold, Sanemi’s been trying— he truly has. He’s fought to bite back his nasty mouth and knee-jerk reflex to resist any kind of command. It’s made him feel sick and pathetic, but he’s trying, and that makes it hurt all the more when it doesn’t work. 
And then, after sex, after you’ve used him as you saw fit, something comes out that Sanemi regrets more than anything. 
“Owner...?” he questions, already sick at how weak his voice sounds. 
“You want me... right?” It’s a pathetic question. As soon as it’s out, Sanemi grits his teeth with shame. He sounds so needy and weak. But... this might be the only way of keeping his home. 
You don’t answer for long enough that a sharp pang of fear settles itself in his chest. He ducks his head against your chest. He’s doomed. 
Sex is easy. Since you started using him that way, Tengen thought he’d be able to stay in your good graces without trouble. 
But that isn’t the case. For whatever reason, you’re not satisfied. Or at least, judging by your uncomfortably cold behavior, that’s all he can assume. It means he’s doing something wrong. It has to. 
So the next time you take him to bed, Tengen tries to be better. You pin his larger frame down with ease— he’s not fighting, after all—, he melts into your grip even more than usual. You don’t do this as often as you used to. That part worries him. 
“Owner,” he breathes, “let me pleasure you. I’ll do whatever you want, as flamboyantly as you could ever expect of me.” He nuzzles into your neck as he speaks, all but purring. You like it when he’s affectionate. 
You’re silent. An anxious whine rises in Tengen’s throat. 
Is begging okay? If he doesn’t do something, this won’t end well, but what will work—?
“...please,” he whispers, at last. It’s a softer tone than he ever uses, and he sounds so desperate it’s pathetic to his own ears. His helplessness is pouring out, unstoppable. “Don’t throw me away. I’ll be good...”
He squeezes his eyes shut. Voicing such things is way too vulnerable. He should never have stepped away from his usual self—
“Y-You can be rougher with me, you know...” Inosuke mumbles. It’s embarrassing to say, but considering how cold you’ve been lately, shame is a way better option than being disposed of. 
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“If you’re angry! Or upset. You can t-take it out on me. I’m strong. I’ll heal. S-So do anything. Please. I don’t want to be thrown away...”
He sounds desperate and scared, nothing like himself. Inosuke squeezes his eyes shut where you have him pinned to the wall. He knows what’s usually coming next, but this time, he can only hope that his words convinced you to do something more to him than usual. 
You look at him with disinterest. Inosuke’s heart thuds way too hard in his chest. He’s terrified, shamefully terrified, but when you lean in and breath along his neck before biting hard, he can only gasp. 
“You want me to use you, hm? That desperate to have a purpose? Don’t worry. I don’t intend to get rid of you anytime soon.”
On reflex, Inosuke ruts forward against you. The blood now dripping down his neck is a stinging reminder of where he stands. The wound will heal in minutes... but that just makes him want more. He’s strong enough to take it, to take anything that makes him yours to stay. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 16 days ago
Can I have more of kyojuro for pet au? Anything is fine with me! Maybe a scenario where Kyojuro has a nightmare and the reader comforts him somehow? (Again, I’m cool with anything :3)
In his dreams, there are things that Kyoujurou doesn’t like to remember. An optimistic outlook on life is better! Assuming that things will get better. He has a kind owner now. There’s nothing to dwell on.
But Kyoujurou’s sleeping mind has other ideas, and more often than he likes, he finds himself caught in the awful past.
He wakes up with a twitch and a sudden yelp.
What was in his head just moments before fades quickly. Kyoujurou is left with no details and a crushing feeling of dread that he has no clear reason for. He swallows the terrified feeling over and over again, but finds himself shivering nonetheless.
“Are you okay?” You lean down from your seat on the couch to look at him. You probably felt him shivering against your leg.
“Just fine, owner!” Kyoujurou chirps, hoping to sound exactly that.
You frown. It has to be obvious that he’s lying, but you don’t call him out. Instead, you shift your position, reach down, and bury your hand in his hair. You drag your fingers through his hair and pet him like everything really is okay— and Kyoujurou melts into it. As he always does. Touch from his owner is a good thing, especially now that it’s kind.
With a sigh, he leans against your leg a little heavier. Your hand in his hair feels good, and the steady pressure makes for an excellent distraction from the awful, terror-filled mindset still hovering.
He won’t think about that. Reality is right here, and dreams are in the past. Here and now, he’s with you.
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phantasmiafxndom · 9 days ago
How about Pet AU Tanjirou's owner has a broken arm and needs his help to do things like cooking, cleaning or bathing?
• To begin with, Tanjirou is worried. Seeing his owner hurt makes him extremely anxious... and of course, sets his protective nature into overdrive. Even if you didn’t ask him to take care of you, there’s really no stopping him. You’re hurt and probably in pain and he needs to make sure you’re okay. The caretaking will go from protective to mothering a little faster than it should, but his intentions are only the best. Tanjirou wants to make you as comfortable as possible, and he’ll do his absolute best!
• Housework is easy for him. Chances are, he was doing things like cooking and cleaning even before you got hurt. Tanjirou likes making himself useful, so even if he’s doing all of the work himself, he’s happy because it’s helpful to you. He’ll bring you meals, keep the house tidy, and all-around do his best to make sure that things are kept in order while you’re recovering. And he enjoys that kind of work quite a bit. 
• As for more personal caretaking, it’s far more of an honor than a burden. Tanjirou has never had the chance to have that kind of closeness with an owner, and it makes him extremely happy when it happens. Taking care of you makes him feel useful and worth everything you’ve done for him. Whether he has to help you dress, bathe, or anything else, it’s something he can do to feel like he’s protecting you and paying you back for all the care you’ve given him. He’ll never complain about looking after you... and may even want to continue even after you’ve healed. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 21 days ago
I hope this can be among that 4 available spots.
PetAU Mitsuri and Obanai's (not separate if possible) owner brushing ones hair while other resting on the owner's lap.
Awwww, this is really cute! :3
. . .
Obanai curls up halfway on your lap. His shoulders are tense, but he’s not making any attempt to squirm away. In fact, one of his pale hands is fisted in the hem of your shirt like he never wants to let go. 
You can’t see his face. You know he wouldn’t want you to. 
Meanwhile, though, Mitsuri kneels in front of you, practically vibrating with excitement. Her hair is loose, falling in soft waves down her back, and the whole time you’ve been brushing it, she’s been getting steadily more fidgety and overwhelmed. 
Demons don’t get much in the means of positive attention. You’re certain these two didn’t have this before they were yours. 
“Mitsuri, hold still. I don’t want to pull your hair,” you chide. 
“S-Sorry. It just feels really nice,” she says. “Keep going? Please? I’ll do better at sitting still.” The giddy eagerness in her voice is precious. Mitsuri is the type to never hold back how good she feels. “Oh! Maybe you could do Obanai’s hair next? I bet he’d like that.”
As she giggles, the demon in your lap tenses even more. 
“Not a chance,” he grumbles. “This is bad enough.”
With the hand not holding the brush, you reach down and comb your fingers through his sleek, black hair. He melts. “I don’t know about that. It seems like you like even this much,” you tease. 
“Yeah!” Mitsuri chirps. “He does! Anyone would. You’re so gentle...”
With a smile that neither of them can see, you go back to brushing out the soft, fluffy pink and green mass. Mitsuri hums happily and leans her head back into it. Obanai mumbles something you can’t make out. His grip on your shirt tightens a bit, probably in embarrassment. 
They’re both happy and safe with you. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 5 days ago
Hey I don't know if you know who gyutaro is (you probably do) but he's one of the demon moons (the "ugly" one with his sister). I wondered if you could write a pet au fic of kind and motherly reader finding him on the streets and nursing him back to health and just loving the boy. No pressure I know that you are occupied and would just like you to consider if you want to. I love your writing and you just give us the best food.
I absolutely know him. OwO Gyuutarou is one of my favs. He’s so cute... I’m really happy you requested for him!!! I’ve been slowly working on this request for most of this month and just finished it up, so here you go!
And thank you so much for the compliments~!
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phantasmiafxndom · 24 days ago
How about Pet AU Tanjirou is a house pet of a sick owner and he needs to take care of them like holding their hair when they're vomiting, drawing circles on their back, comforting them in nights owner has nightmares?
Awwwww, this is super cute! o3o
. . . 
• To begin with, Tanjirou’s caretaking instincts go into overdrive when his owner is sick. He can’t stand seeing someone he cares about distressed or in pain, so there’s no doubt he’ll go out of his way to look after you. It’s not a burden to him at all; in fact, being able to take care of his owner brings him a lot of joy and pride in himself. He’s good. The kind of pet who’s useful when you’re having a hard time. Tanjirou is determined to make you as comfortable as possible while you recover, and as you’d expected, he’s awfully good at accomplishing that. 
• He’s very attentive. There’s no getting bored of looking after you or any kind of hands-off approach. No, Tanjirou is by your side as often as possible. The only time he’ll step away is to get you things you need, and even then, he’s quick. He’ll make food for you to the best of his ability, make sure you take medicine when you need to, help you around the house as needed, and try to keep you in bed as much as he can. And if you want or need something, he’ll be on his feet to fetch it instantly. 
• And of course, Tanjirou is there for you when the sickness makes sleep tough. He’ll happily arrange pillows, adjust blankets, and rub your back to help you drift off. It makes him way too happy to be able to be so useful. Knowing he’s taking care of you properly gives Tanjirou an almost pitiful amount of satisfaction, just because he’s finally able to protect someone the way he needs to. And... if you want him to, and if you’ll allow it, he’ll curl up in bed beside you as a nice, warm thing to hold onto while you try to rest, snuggled up sweetly in your arms. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 12 days ago
Hi idk if the request box is open but what about my baby Tokito having a awful owner who leaves him standing in the sun just to see his pained expression and then makes him thank them for letting him inside after days outside 🥺
Oooooh, how cruel~ owo
. . . 
• Of course, Muichirou is used to being punished. What’s new about that? It’s just what happens to demons. There’s no real reason for him to care. But... when that kind of thing is done seemingly for the fun of it, instead of when he’s actually done something wrong, it gets scary. How’s he supposed to avoid getting hurt if you’ll do bad things to him even when he’s good? And when those bad things are downright torture, he’s even more terrified. Not that he’ll show it. Letting you know how scared he is would be a great way for you to get even more ideas. 
• When it comes to actually being out there, Muichirou is beyond uncomfortable. It’s not as bad for him as it could be (considering that he’s not exactly a “purebred”), but being stuck out in the sunlight still hurts. At first, he’ll try to hide in whatever shade he can get, but when you ban even that, he’s stuck with painful, blistering skin and an awful feeling of lethargy from being exposed to it for days at a time. 
• And Muichirou is more than willing to thank you for letting him back inside. By the time you’re allowing it, he’s so desperate and in so much pain that he doesn’t hesitate to do whatever you want. He’s so spaced-out and pained that he’s hardly with reality by that point, but if you want a distant, dazed thanks for allowing him back inside, you’ll get it. As soon as he’s in, Muichirou curls up in the darkest place he’s allowed. He doesn’t exactly cry... but there are definitely a few tears escaping. 
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phantasmiafxndom · 3 months ago
For the kny pet au how are sexual/romantic relationships between humans and demons viewed in human society? Is it one of those unspoken things or is it seen as one of there purposes or something?
It’s.... complicated. Technically, sexual relationships aren’t supposed to happen, but the reality is that it’s common enough not to be paid much mind. Demons are close enough to “human” and have so few rights that they’re easy to get away with using in that way. Consensual relationships are much more rare, and “romantic” ones are basically unheard of. Honestly, having genuine romantic feelings for a demon would be more inappropriate than just fucking one. It’s kind of an unspoken purpose, especially for certain ones. 
The only big taboo is reproduction with demons. This is of... debatable possibility, in the first place, but even attempting that is seen as very not okay.
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phantasmiafxndom · 19 days ago
Hi Liz! I have always loved your blogs. It's a cornucopia of whump, spiciness and delicious writing. I just wanted to ask you smthng about the KNY pet au - what would happen if a kind owner were going through an awful period? borderline hemorrhage? Would some of the boys be strong enough to help during that time or would they all have to gtfo of owner's vicinity? This is not a request, just wanted some of your thoughts >v<) take care and have a fantastic day, thank you for everything!
Hmmm.... that would be rough on them for sure. oAo The smell of all that blood would be absolute torture on starving demons, especially if the owner was the type not to feed them too often. Some of them would have to have enough self-control to help. It’s what’s expected of them. If they can’t control themselves well enough to be useful, that’s not good at all. But it would be hard. Some of them, yeah, wouldn’t be able to take it. In those cases, it ends in hiding and hoping that the owner doesn’t get angry for it. 
Thank you for the ask! :D Idk if my answer is in-depth enough, but I hope it suffices!  And thank you for fueling my weird writing ideas~
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phantasmiafxndom · a month ago
can i just say how much i love your pet au? it’s really good! i found it on ao3 and i instantly fell in love. i especially love the kny pet au stuff!
Thank you!! I hope to be writing more of it soon, butttt commissions are keeping me pretty busy rn. I’m trying to get some wrapped up, ‘cause I kinda need the money rn. oAo I’m really glad you enjoy it, though, and I assure you there will be plenty more to come!
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