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DAY 1 : Favourite male character

💛Kise Ryouta 💛

He is the strongest player…

Kise ryouta of kaijo …


He’s charming.. Cheery.. Strong.. And an absolute badass when necessary 💛💙


(kaijo no Kise - kun)


💛💛love love 💛💛

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but that leans into kagami and aomine going to america which i have already ranted about being a complete throw away of not only both of their character development but also the message of the show so i think i’d like hate that a lot actually if that was season four if they did a season four i’d demand they follow manga ending to last game and do not ship them off to america for no reason but also you’re right they’d never go that deep on cultural differences lmao they barely touched it for kagami in the original after all 

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request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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Yeah! Like I take a lot of issue with the movie (as you’ve all seen lmao this is in fact still a last game salt blog) but it was also like … unnecessary and i think that kinda helped in making it underwhelming. I think part of why it took me so long to watch it (besides not wanting knb to be over and people telling me i wasn’t missing much lol) was that there wasn’t really anything that needed that much tying up. If anything this movie opened up some stuff that needs resolving, but the show like wrapped up. All of the antagonists were defeated, everyone got their character arches, and while Kagami and Kuroko weren’t the best in Japan yet they were clearly on their way there. Like any fan, i’m interested in more content, but i’d generally like there to be a reason (other than money) for something that seems to have an ending to continue. Like, I’m really not sure what a knb season four would even look like when people talk about wanting it. You can show the growth of the teams, but ultimately you’d be seeing a lot of the same unless you introduced new schools, especially since some teams did play against each other more than once already. Which brings me to another reason that last game was underwhelming: who the fuck cares about this American team? You can bring in new characters into shows/movies, but it’s hard to do in a way where people care. We cared about the GOM even as they were introduced because there was build up with all of them. Akashi didn’t come in until like late season two, really more season three, so kind of a new character, but he was still tied to the plot and thus we cared about him. This new team… not so much. They’re just this powerful team we’ve never heard of and we have literally no reason to care about them because their entire purpose is to be rude and then get dunked on and we already have two teams that serve that purpose but actually have some kind of connection to the plot and characters. Their point was also to show the GOM fighting together I suppose, but we have seen that. In middle school and in the Kuroko bday ova. They didn’t even do it effectively. They physically handicapped Mura and underutilized others. The game they teased at the end would have been a much more interesting show down since it’s characters we know and care about at least, but that could have just been an ova.
TLDR: last game was underwhelming because it was unnecessary and why should we have cared?

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✎ Hey ya’ll! My name’s Addie and I shifted here from wattpad (bc I kinna hate it there now). As much as I loved to write there, the people are just getting toxic and I think it wouldn’t be good for my mental health. However! I love writing a lot, I’ve been doing it since my cringe 12 year old days and it became a comfort thing for me to do so…

Here are some stuff the I write about:

  • Dr. Stone
  • Haikyuu
  • Free!
  • Kuroko no Basket
  • Saiki K.
  • Balance: Unlimited
  • Attack on Titan
  • Bunguo Stray Dogs
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Gintama
  • Saitama
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba

✎ And many more that I could no longer remember! 😅

✎ I do one-shots, imagines, head canons and writing prompts (?maybe?), mostly xreaders too cause that’s where I grew up, buy occasionally I’d do oc!reader. I’m a huge fluff ball buuut if I ever write an angst prepare to be utterly destroyed and uh… yeah, smut too I guess ;)

-`, So yeah! I hope ya’ll enjoy what I have to offer aaaand happy reading to all of you simps~♡



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