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I’ve opened my ko-fi shop where I’ll sell handmade plushies of whatever character/sidekick/cute thing you’d like to receive. Everything is completely handmade, starting from the design and the plushies are made of felt, soft and cuddable (?). I’m really excited about this project, so if you want to help me you can either reblog this post, check the link out or both!


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Finally decided to start a Ko-fi.

My hope is to be able to fund small projects for prints and stickers of my work.

If you like my artwork, and possibly are interested in funding any of those projects it would be appreciated!

I make a lot of soft fantasy and game art, and am open to commissions too.

Here’s a link:

Thanks for looking <3

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hi guys!!! i found out ko-fi has a shop!! i set up my charm preorders there! please feel free to go and check it out!! i need at least 12 preorders before i can buy a pack, and then ship everything out! 

all the money i earn from these will go to helping me move out of my abusive household as well as funding for my cats medical needs!

HERE is the page for the preorders!

do not hesitate to contact me here, on ko-fi, twitter (outrivaling) or discord (siiver#2180) if you have questions or concerns!

even if you can’t buy one, please reblog! it would really help me out, just selling a full 50 of these charms can get me up to $500 closer to a safer home!

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Since my country is in a lockdown 2.0 and I can’t work, I decided to open some commissions!

I can do SKETCHES or NORMAL ART! Normal artworks are more detailed and may take longer than sketches, but I promise to deliver everything in 2-3 weeks maximum.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter, IG or e-mail if you want more infos!
A simple reblog will also help a lot!


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I don’t want to spam text here so I’ll just type what I wrote on twitter:

I got scammed last year and have kept it to myself until now, but the problem has started to drastically destroy my credit score. This is an extremely personal matter for me to talk about let alone make it public. 

In the meantime, I’ve opened my ko-fi to anyone willing to donate to me whether just to help or if you want a commission from me. Here’s more details on a ko-fi blog post here.

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Hey guys! I made a Ko-fi!

I haven’t really had time for full commissions lately so I decided I could use Ko-fi to take little sketch commissions for the time being! 

So basically! You ‘buy me a coffee’ and get a sketch in return! Also if it wasn’t clear, I’ll only be doing sketches for 2 coffees and above. You can still donate 1 if you want to support me but there won’t be a sketch. 

Thank you and I appreciate any support!

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I have returned ! Thankfully, I feel better than how I was a couple months ago. So, while I am back, I’ll be working on gif-ing from Detroit Become Human. I know I’m late to the party, but while I was absence from on here, I watched gameplays of Youtubers play it (specifically eMBeaR and Beasty, I love them boys), and the game is amazing ! So, once I get my blog up and ready, expect to see that content !

Also, I brought back my Buy Me A Coffee. I do know everyone is not really focused on donating to anyone right now considering the holidays are coming up, but I want you to know that nothing is too small. It’s there if you wish to support me ! My Birthday is coming up so I’m really just trying to get some side cash 😉

But, I’m glad to be back ! I hope everyone is having a great and safe Novemeber so far, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, my askbox is always open !

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I’ve kicked the dust off my Ko-Fi page and updated it for 2020! It’s essentially my tip jar; if you like my work, showing the love with even a couple dollars lets me worry less about bills and more about creating new art for you to enjoy! I’m also testing out their new shop system with some items that aren’t on my Etsy! 

Do check it out, I’d really appreciate it! ^^

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so I started a little ko-fi shop

some of the wallpapers I made of the hello december obey me boys are already available on ko-fi for supporters~

I’m still posting them here, so you can expect those soon (but the drop date is still a secret)  (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

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