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Here’re some Superboys line arts~

Anyone is welcome to color these.

Yes, Clark’s hair looks different every time I draw him. lol I think I’m gonna draw his hair like in the “your son or your brother” comic from now on.

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The Violations of Scent

 Having things that weren’t his or at least not meant to be his was something Tim was rather used to, it was but a second nature. For instance, the title of robin, or the seat as Wayne enterprise’s CEO. So, why did the mere fabric feel so entirely different from all the rest?

It’d been a little over a year since Kon’s tragic perish, and only 98 cloning attempts in did Tim finally break.

His knuckles bled, arms covered in micro shards of glass from constant punching, pounding and cracking of the thick glass tube that contained Superboy’s infamous shirt.

It was the last thing that smelt like him, of sweat, leather and maybe a hint some sort of spice?

Tim hugged the shirt for a long time, and he laid in the pile of glass for what felt like an enternity, though was only but a half hour.

When he finally arose, the pricks in his skin intensified with pain, so he clutched the shirt on his way to the shower.

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So I have seen quite a few “Tim trying to clone dead Kon has stabilized the cloned DNA with his own and thus made their baby” fics - which is something I will never get tired of reading.

But what I haven’t seen is Tim’s attempts actually producing a 16/17yo clone. So a Kon lookalike who is not Kon (maybe even with a part of Tim’s DNA to stabilize the process or something). What would happen then? How would Tim react to him? How would the clone carve out a place for himself? What would happen once Kon is back?

I would love to see someone write that! <3

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Whumptober 2020: Day 19 - Broken hearts 

Prompt: Grief

Summary: When Tim pulls away from everything, Kon is always there to offer his support, even if it means silently standing by doing nothing.

Enjoy! :D

He doesn’t mean to cut himself off from all forms of communication, but there are some days in the year which he needs too. It’s an essential that no one can contact him on those days because he wouldn’t be able to help anyone no matter how much he would want to.

Those days are the death anniversaries of the ones he’s lost.

While he’s got most of them back, those death anniversaries don’t hurt as much (they still hurt because he’s reminded of what he almost lost) but there are still some days which he can’t be dealing with anything or anyone on those days.

The days when his parents died.

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Whumptober 2020: Day 18 - Panic! At the disco

Prompt: Panic attacks

Summary: Knowing that something was wrong, Tim really should have said something to Kon instead of letting him enter the training stimulator. It looks like their communication still needs to be worked on after all.

Enjoy! :D

“Well, that was easier than expected.” Tim grins as he walks out of the stimulator. From where they had been watching behind the window, his friends stare at him with deadpan expressions.

“Easy huh?” Cassie comments raising an eyebrow. “Alright Mr. Tough Guy, next time we’ll notch it up two levels and we’ll see how easy that’ll be.”

“Sounds great.” Tim smiles and walks over to the controls. He starts changing and adapting them for Cassie’s turn. “Alright, Wonder Girl, you’re up next. Ready when you are.” Cassie snorts and enters the training stimulator and Tim moves to stand by the window where Kon and Bart were awaiting their goes. 

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