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take me to orbit

― note 15 ✧ called it a date

in which a part-time graphic designer receives an opportunity to work with their most favorite sugar daddy gaming youtuber. or perhaps, work isn’t the only thing that’s about to happen between them.

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behind the stars:

  • Kenma decided to not be subtle anymore. he hopes it will work somehow.
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nsfw :

you’re bored waiting for kenma to finish streaming so he pauses the stream, tells you that every time he gets a kill, you do whatever he says.

one by one, articles of clothing leave your body, leaving you a naked mess on the bed unseen by the viewers. another kill. he nods towards his bedside table, silently ordering you to take the bullet vibrator. and another kill. he subtly shakes his head when your mouth hangs open to let out a small mewl. the moment he sees your legs start to shake, he sends you a look and your hands move away from between your legs.

being the disobedient brat that you are, the moment kenma diverts his attention back to his stream, the bullet is back in between your legs. he pretends not to notice when you clamp a hand over your mouth, eyes shut, back arching and limbs twitching. as your hips rhythmically humping the vibrator to ride out your high, you flutter your eyelids back open to see kenma abandoning his stream and making his way towards you. “let’s see if you can handle a few more times since you wanted to cum that bad.”

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send in your favorite song lyrics + a character name [CLOSED] | original post

kozume kenma — “with foreign people, you’re my temple”

as someone who likes to keep to himself most of the time, kenma finds it very challenging to maintain close relationships with people. the only other person that has managed to stay by side for so long is kuroo, and kenma still doesn’t really understand why.

but being with you is so easy, so simple. kenma doesn’t feel the need to put himself out of his comfort zone just to make you happy, he doesn’t need to. the two of you fit perfectly together like the sun and the sea, like the surfer and their board. his heart always beats faster when he’s with you—and it’s not because of anxiety.

kenma brushes a stray hair that was covering your face and felt his lips lift into a small smile as you let out a soft snore. he would never admit this to you, but he loves watching you sleep. not in a creepy way, he promises, it’s just that the way your chest rises and falls in a regular pattern gives him a sense of serenity and he can’t really explain why.

this world is full of things kenma doesn’t understand. he doesn’t know what to do and what to say and how to act around most people, but with you, he feels calm, he feels safe. he doesn’t feel as uneasy with other people when you’re by his side, because you’re his temple.

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lyricfic masterlist | other works

a/n: this song is so perfect for kenma omg,,,,and NIKI??? 😭😭😭 the tasteeee (also i hid an easter egg in there i hope you guys can find it hihi hint: album cover)

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