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A Foreign Place: Frozen 2 Prompt

Prompt from @thegeekogecko: Foreign Location, with Kristoff

Sorry this took so, so long! I kinda detached myself from things what with everything that’s going on in the world right now, and am slowly coming back into it.


It’s only been but ten minutes and yet his tailbone is already sore from the hard, unyielding wood pew beneath him.

Just one of the many reasons he’s never been in here before, he reasons.

He feels so uncomfortable – and not just from the rigid seat below him. It’s the solemnity and somberness of the space, the whispers and seriousness abounding from all the attendants around him. It’s the itchy, tight clothes he and everyone must wear, the tinny shrill of music that rises up beyond the rafters where the chorus begins to practice.

It’s the stained glass, depicting God’s judgment. Even the bright colors casting colorful shadows upon the wooden floors do nothing to erase the grim gravity of the consequences from an all-powerful God, casting away sinners, monsters.

No wonder Elsa doesn’t like going to church.

Yet, just like Kristoff, Elsa is here anyway, though she stands at the altar, despite her misgivings. She must - she’s still the Queen, though perhaps only for a few moments more.

Kristoff thinks if he had to come here every Sunday he would abdicate, too.

But some things can’t be helped, especially if you’re royalty, or so he’s begun to learn. And so here he is, and probably, hopefully will be, for years or perhaps decades to come. The thought chills him.

As he holds back a shudder, a sudden hush falls over the crowd and a voice from the chorus trills out a low note to begin.

Here we go.

The bishop stands strong and tall next to Elsa, despite his years, and Kristoff watches Elsa try and fail to appear the same.

Perhaps it’s only because he is one of the few to know her well, but Kristoff recognizes her nervous habits and quirks; sees her fingers tighten to fists at her sides, straighten her shoulders and raise her chin. Only because he is in the very front row can he see the slight furrow between her eyebrows, the worry shining in her eyes and the uncertainty in her posture.

Despite how much he hates it in here, he almost wishes he could be up there with her- he can just see the memories flitting around in her mind. But, according to law, Kristoff is still a no one, not even Anna’s fiancée, let alone King Consort. The coronation had to come first, before their official announcement, so alone in the honored first row Kristoff sits instead.

A slight chill whispers around him, slight enough that no one else would notice, but Kristoff can hear what it whispers in Elsa’s mind: Am I doing the right thing?

As the chorus strengthens, Kristoff clears his throat and the noise gets Elsa’s attention. He gives her a slight nod and a soft look; an encouraging smile: It’s okay.

Her shoulders soften, then, and the uncertainty in her eyes turns to nothing but excitement and pride when Princess Anna steps through the double doors that have now swung open.

She is resplendent. Kristoff hadn’t even known that word a few days ago but now there is no doubt in his mind that his fiancée is the embodiment of the word.

She looks nervous, certainly, but excited and fulfilled. Her eyes shine bright as she scans the eager crowd around her, taking it all in. He watches her chest rise as she breathes deeply in and out with her steps, and he knows she is trying to cement this memory in her mind and remember what brought her here to this very moment.

Upon reaching the top of the steps to the altar, the crowd gasps as the Princess forgoes protocol and royal decorum and instead envelops the Queen in a sudden hug, ending in a tight squeeze that makes Elsa wince and laugh at the same time.

How different this must be from the last time!

As the bishop drones on, in words that Kristoff cannot understand, he watches the girls hold each other’s hands tightly with the occasional squeeze.

Finally, Anna has to let go as she turns her back to the crowd to accept the crown from the Bishop.

She lowers her head.

“Queen Anna of Arendelle!”

The crowd claps and cheers, and a crocus of ice appears suddenly over their heads and bursts into a sparkling of icicles that shower down as a light snow.

It’s a foreign place, this church, Kristoff thinks.

But now, it feels like home.


Thanks for reading! Would love to know your thoughts. I hope all of you reading are healthy and safe and staying home. <3

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Here’s my cover for my upcoming Frozen fic!

Home ❤️

It will take place 12 years after the adventure in Frozen 2!

Neva (young Elsa in the cover) is twelve years old. Her name means “snow” in Spanish.

Brina (young Anna) is one of the six year old twins. Her name means “frost” in Italian.

Lumi, Kristoff and Anna’s only son, is Brina’s twin brother. His name means “snow” in Finnish.


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I’m so tired of people misinterpreting the entire message of Frozen in order to shit on Kristanna.

The message of Frozen is not “You don’t need a man,” or “Familial love is more important than romantic love.”

The message is “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours,” and it has nothing to do with not needing a man, or choosing family over romance, and saying this only undermines the growth and sacrifice Anna made.

Anna didn’t choose Kristoff over Elsa- she chose someone else’s life over her own which is a much bigger deal than choosing one kind of love over another.

In reference to Hans, this was supposed to represent that love cannot be rushed. Yes, Kristoff and Anna started dating shortly after the journey was over, but they weren’t engaged until a few years later. 

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Kristanna au - NYC 1989

Rated: MA

WC: 3625

Chapter Index


It had been two hours since Hans and the large group of people had gone into the hotel.  Kristoff bit back yet another yawn, wondering when this night was going to be over when Anna suddenly jerked in her seat.

“Oh my God,” her eyes went wide, looking out the windshield of the car.  Her hand came up and she pointed.  “I know her!”

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Rating: T

Words: 1736

Pairing: Kristanna

Summary: After the birth of their sixth child, Kristoff and Anna come to realize that maybe some skin to skin snuggling with their daughter is actually the most blissful kind of snuggling in the world. (here’s a link to part 1)

aka some cavity-inducing fluff to help with social distancing/quarantine woes :) 

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CHAPTER TEN - Teach Me Tonight

Words: 3800(ish)

Rating: For sure it’s M. Very M. 

1950s Pin Up Girl AU

Summary: Anna makes Kristoff dinner. 

MASSIVE shout out to @kristoffxannafanatic for sending me one of the most beautiful ideas for what to do with the scars on Kristoff’s back. I’m seriously so honored that I got to write it out, and I hope I did it justice! 


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This chapter’s pretty short, but the next one will be more substantial! Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions! :-)

Summary: Anna is engaged to the charming Hans, but Elsa has some concerns about the arrangement. Much to Anna’s dismay, Elsa encourages her to seek out a professional opinion before going through with the marriage. That leads Anna into Kristoff Bjorgman’s office where she is, with the help of her caring therapist, finally able to come to terms with the fact that maybe her relationship with Hans isn’t all she thought it was. 

AO3 link

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chapter 3 of it’s always ourselves we find is here!

1 / 2

[kristanna / m / modern au / coworkers & enemies to lovers ;) ]

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it; no, it was that he didn’t understand it, why she’d stuck up for him at dinner and refused to say anything negative about him, though god knew there was no shortage of criticism she was ready to share with him at any given opportunity.

And why she’d– fuck, he was blushing again at the thought, and grateful that the lights were out and there was a pillow between their heads– why she’d reached over and squeezed his hand like that, like she’d known it was exactly what he needed.

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