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#Kristoff Bjorgman

demigod . || overview.

full name. | kristoff bjorgman.
godly parent. | UP TO PLAYER.
origin. | frozen.
former occupation. | UP TO PLAYER.
pos. traits. | selfless + humble + resourceful
neg. traits. | gruff ─ awkward ─ withdrawn
faceclaim. | UP TO PLAYER ( age range: 21 ─ 25 )

daemones. || past. current. future.


demigods. || connections.

✗ sven bjorgman. | younger brother and closest friend.
✗ anna àrnadalr. | new friend. annoying, but endearing.
✗ olaf nystrom. | anna’s best friend. he’s….. odd.
✗ elsa àrnadalr. | anna’s older sister. distant and sophisticated.
✗ hans westergaard. | seems nice, but a little shady.

devas. || availability.

fortunately, kristoff bjorgman is OPEN.

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I have this feeling Kristoff’s first examples/concept art was inspired, or at least similar, to that style of Sir Kay from 1963’s Sword in the Stone.

It’s the flatter hair, parted, as seen in the first gif when Kristoff takes off his hat. The scrunched up grumpy face/bridge of the nose. The long jaw to chin (although Kay’s is longer). And maybe a bit of the big nose although they are shaped a bit differently.

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Who is Kristoff?

Kristoff is a soft, goofy and loving boi who loves his feistypants so much he’d do anything for her. He may seem like a big tough guy who’s always a grump at first but that’s not him, he’s a big passionate goof who had lost his trust in people and in order to protect himself from the cruelty he went through put on the facade of the big tough loner ice man, but once he met Anna Kristoff showed his true self, he can be clumsy and goofy, very passionate for the things and people he loves, emotional, protective, he’ll do anything to keep his girlfriend’s birthday cake safe and sound, he’ll let everyone know how much he loves Anna, he will act like a child when showing his new family his traditions, he’ll dance while making his flemmy stew, his voice will crack trying to propose, he’ll mess up proposing to the love of his life because he hasn’t been in love before, he may be double Anna’s size but she’s the leader and he will follow her everywhere, he’ll act like a dad to Olaf or an older brother to Elsa, he’ll be Anna’s emotional support when things are wrong, he’ll sing to his reindeer when he’s down and he’ll just be… Kristoff, a lovable fixer upper. He’s not the prince charming in the shining armor on the mighty steed ready to save the day, he’s the prince sincere with his reindeer ready to help the princess save the day.


Originally posted by kristoffsqueen

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@vannminner and @vuelie, once again thank you so much for organizing. 


Anna woke before Kristoff; this had become a common occurrence since the birth of their fourth child, Lissá. She silently gets dressed in a simple green long-sleeve dress and braids her hair into a bun. Anna leaves the room after putting on brown flats. She doesn’t bother kissing her husband’s cheek before leaving, as she would have a year ago.
She walks down the castle hall to her childhood bedroom, now the bedroom of her daughters. As she peeks her head in the door, she sees her youngest daughter bouncing in her crib.

“Good morning kjæreste.” She coos as she picks Lissá up, smoothing the blonde wisps of hair back from her face as Anna presses a kiss to her daughter’s forehead. With the year-old girl on her hip, she crosses the room to her eldest daughter’s bed. She giggles as she approaches the bed of her two-year-old, who was already the spitting image of her mother. Inga’s strawberry blonde hair was tangled with a few strands stuck to the drool on her face.

“Inga, mitt hjerte. Wake up.” Anna brushes the toddler’s cheek in an attempt to wake her up, it doesn’t work. The princess in her arms wiggles, attempting to get on her sister’s bed. Anna sets her youngest down on Inga’s bed. Anna laughs as Lissá crawls over Inga, effectively waking the older one up. The two toddler girls shriek as they topple all over the bed, similar to how Anna and Elsa used to when they were small.
Gerda smiles at the familiar scene before her as she sees the Queen tickling the youngest Princess’ feet while the older one attempts to tickle her mother.

“Oh, Gerda!” Anna greets with a laugh. She stops her motions “Will you help the girls get ready for breakfast. I will go wake the boys.” Anna smooths her skirts as she stands.

“Of course, your majesty. However, I believe his highness has already woken the boys.”

“Oh…I see” Anna responds. She hadn’t realized Kristoff woke up with her. her hadn’t said anything. “Well then, I’ll help you with the girls.”
Anna dresses Inga in a teal dress and braids the young girl’s hair in two braids, while Gerda dresses Lissá in purple. Anna collects her youngest child from Gerda and takes Inga by the hand.
“We’ll be in the dining room.” Anna announces before escorting her youngest children to the dining room. Since Mihkkal had been born, Anna insisted the children ate with them regularly despite how odd it was to do this.

“Mama!” A voice calls, Anna turns to see her eldest running towards her. “Good morning.” He clumsily bows. Anna smiles as she lets go of Inga’s hand to cup her son’s cheek and gives him a kiss on his forehead.

“Good morning Gutten min.” Anna smiles. “Where’s Oskar?”

“He went down with Papa.”

“I see.” Anna says, readjusting Lissá in her arms. Mihkkal walks over to Inga, awkwardly picking her up. “Careful with her.”

“I will be.” He says as he carries his little sister down the hall to the dining room.

“Looks like it’s just me and you. Seems like no one wants to talk to me huh?” She asks the baby, who responds by grabbing at Anna’s necklace. Anna presses a kiss to Lissá’s forehead once more as she walks to the dining room. As the two enter, they find the boys tumbling over Sven, while Inga sat happily on Kristoff’s lap. Lissá shrieks in Anna’s ear and reaches her chubby arms out to her Papa. Anna hands her youngest over to Kristoff as Inga scrambles off of his lap to run over to Sven so she could run her hands along his snout; her new favourite thing to do.
Anna sits at the head of the table, sipping her tea that was now lukewarm. One of the servants must’ve prepared it while Anna was helping the girls.

“Mama!” Oscar calls, running over to Anna. She gathers her youngest son into her arms and kisses him on the cheek.

“Morning min kjærlighet.” She kisses his cheek before the blonde boy breaks away from her arms to go back to play with Sven and his siblings. Anna smiles fondly as she watches her children play.

“Good Morning.” Kristoff finally greets. Anna gives him a small smile.

“Good morning.” She responds, taking another sip of her tea. The two don’t exchange any more words, the only noise filling the room is the children. Anna looks at Kristoff in her peripheral. They had been fighting again, which had become a common occurrence since Lissá’s birth. 

She felt responsible, for all of it. Inga and Lissá were born only 12 months apart; the arrival on their youngest was joyous but stressful, dealing with an 11-month-old and a newborn at the same time took its toll on the parents. 

Since Lissá’s birth, Kristoff didn’t go away as often, he didn’t get to go into the mountains as often as he liked. He was resigned to being the children’s caregiver and doing paperwork, often grumbling that paperwork wasn’t needed for the ice harvesting business. She knew he hated it, but she needed him to do it.
He resented her
She missed him. She missed smelling him as she fell asleep in his arms, playing with the children and him, and his lips on hers.
Anna blinks away the tears threatening to form as the children come to the table to eat, Inga occupying Kristoff’s other knee.

“Do you need me to take one of them?” Anna asks.

“No, I’ve got it.” Kristoff simply answers, feeding Lissá and Inga alternatively. Anna nods and finishes her tea. Their table is never quiet with four children, the boys do enough of the talking and just encourage the girls to be just as loud. As Anna finishes her breakfast, Kai comes into the dining room.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry to interrupt but the trade agreements.”

“Yes, I’m coming, Kai thank you.” Anna sighs, her marriage was already stressful enough now she had to deal with new trade agreements with the Southern Isles. She stands and gives each of her sons a kiss on their foreheads and scratches Sven behind the ear. Anna approaches Kristoff and kisses Lissá and Inga’s foreheads. Anna smiles softly at Kristoff, who returns the gesture. She presses her lips to his in a moment before leaving the dining room.
She missed dinner; she had fallen asleep at her desk in the mid-afternoon which meant she had to take dinner in her office. Anna knew it would irritate Kristoff that she missed it, but she had to get these agreements done. She had closed the doors that connected her stateroom to her bedroom, they hadn’t been opened in weeks now.
Anna clenches her hand in pain as her hand begins to cramp up. She sighs as she looks over the amendments she had made to the agreement. She doesn’t hear the door to their bedroom open as she holds her wrist in order to stop the cramp.
Anna jumps as she sees movement in her peripheral. She turns her head to see Kristoff standing in front of her.

“I know I missed dinner. I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to fight I don’t have the energy.” Anna sighs. Kristoff stares at his wife before pulling up a chair next to her. Anna remains locked in his gaze as he stares at her earnestly. “W-why are you looking at me like that?” Anna whispers.
Kristoff reaches his arms out along the desk, out to her.

“I love you.” Kristoff whispers Anna’s eyes brim with tears. She takes his hand in hers without hesitation.

“I love you.” Anna responds with a smile, tears spilling from her eyes. Kristoff returns the smile, allowing his tears to fall as well.

“It’s been a really hard year.” Kristoff says Anna nods in agreement.

“How so?” Anna lightly jokes, causing both of them to chuckle. Kristoff leans over and touches his forehead to hers. Anna feels comforted as Kristoff comes to rest his hand against her cheek. It was a start to make things right.

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My submission for today! Thank you @vuelie and @vannminner for organizing this challenge I’m starting to go stir crazy. 


For nearly one-week, Anna was exhausted; between her duties as Queen and the bundle currently crying in her arms, she hadn’t slept. The young woman attempts to swallow the sob climbing up her throat. 

She was way over her head with the new baby. Kristoff had taken on the role of caregiver since Mihkkal was born. Since nearly three days after the heir to Arendelle was born, Anna was thrust back into politics by her court. Kristoff hadn’t had a free moment to himself since the baby was born a week ago. So, Anna decided it would be good for her husband to spend some time with Sven and she could spend more time with their son. Kristoff initially refused but acquiesced to his wife’s insisting that she and the baby would be fine. 

It was the first time Anna ever lied to her husband. They weren’t fine. Anna rocks her son gently, attempting to get him to sleep. For the past hour, she had tried everything, changing him, feeding him, and bouncing him; but all he did was cry and now that was all Anna could do.

“Please, please.” She croaks as she paces around the room with Mihkkal, now un-swaddled from the blanket Honeymaren had made for him. She stares up at the ceiling as tears threatened to roll down her cheek. She was way over her head, thinking she could take care of her son. She places him back in his crib and sits in the rocking chair, watching her son thrash wildly in his crib.

“What am I doing wrong?” she asks the infant but is met with his cries. She buries her face in her hands and begins to sob.

“Anna?” a quiet voice whispers in the darkroom. She looks up to see Kristoff standing in the Nursery doorway and she begins to cry again. “What wrong? is everything ok?” He asks, through her tears she sees her husband stops by the crib, checking over their son. Mihkkal’s cries die as Kristoff picks his son up, running his hand over the infant’s head. 

Anna fleets into their connecting room at the sight of her husband and son. she comes to sit on their bed in her nightgown, her tears still falling down her cheeks; her throat aching from trying to control her sobs. She feels the mattress sink down as Kristoff sits next to her on the bed.
Anna buries her head into his shoulder as she finally allows herself to cry in front of her husband. Kristoff holds her close to him, running his free hand through her hair. She pulls away, her shoulders still convulsing.

“He doesn’t want me.” Anna whispers.

“You’re his mother Anna. You carried him for months and you feed him, despite still carrying out your duties.”

“And? It doesn’t matter, I was trying to get him down for nearly an hour…you come into for a minute and he’s fine.” Anna sighs, Kristoff places an arm around her shoulder.

“You’re both overwhelmed. Everything’s so new to him and doesn’t know what he wants.” 

“And what’s my excuse?”

“You have an entirely new life to look after. Not to mentions you only had 3 days with him before your advisors shoved you back into meetings with dignitaries.” Kristoff balls his fist, knowing his wife needed rest and yet no one would give her any. “You need rest Baby. I’ll send for Elsa tomorrow; she can deal with the advisors for the next few weeks. Then you, Mihkkal and I can go up to the hunting lodge, get some rest and have some time as a family.” 

Normally Anna would disagree, insisting she had to work; she owed that to her country. But she was too exhausted to disagree, Kristoff was right, they needed rest from all of it.

Kristoff stands from the bed to kneel at her feet, he takes off her slippers and lifts her feet onto the bed; making her lay down. Kristoff wedges himself between Anna and the edge, pushing her to the middle of the bed. He presses a kiss to her forehead.

“Sleep my darling safe and sound…for in this river all is found.” He sings, running his index finger along the bridge of her nose. Anna giggled at her husband’s attempt to sing their mother’s lullaby.

“You still only know that line after all these years.” Anna says, her eyes slowly drifting close as her husband continues to drag his finger.

“We can fix that in the next few weeks, you can sing it to Mihkkal.” Kristoff smiles as he watches his wife’s eyes shut.

“I’d…like that.” She trails off as she drifts to sleep. Kristoff presses a kiss to Anna’s forehead before slowly getting off the bed, making his way back to the nursery where their son slept soundly.

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Kristanna au orrrrrr original story?? i have a slightly good idea? i mean i haven’t written in a while AND i’d like to have an actual storyline as i’d prefer not to leave another unfinished story within the frozen fandom, but I have had this idea in my head for an original story, maybe something I can make out of it and TRY y’know.

please reblog w/ opinions

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