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#Krystal Ball

I was looking for a news channel i can actually stand to watch and came across this gem x . Hill.TV ’s Rising with the most scalding take ive seen on this pandemic

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The media has blasted Sanders for the following: 

-No evidence that Sanders said a women can’t win the presidency despite encouraging multiple women to run* -

No evidence that Russia “wanted to help Sanders win”

 -Some random anonymous internet users who said they supported Sanders where mean on the internet. 

But when we have video footage of Biden being creepy towards women and a woman comes out and claims sexual assault? crickets I’m fully in support of innocent until proven guilty, that these claims should be taken seriously but vetted for accuracy. But the hypocrisy is just so sad to see.

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The Hill
Mar 25, 2020 

Krystal Ball: Biden seeks Wall Street approved VP pick

Krystal Ball talks about the Democratic establishment’s dream team: Joe Biden as the presidential nominee and Kamala Harris as VP on the ticket.  

The Hill
Mar 25, 2020 

Ryan Grim: Did #MeToo organization cover for Joe Biden?

The Intercept’s Ryan Grim discusses his latest story on a Joe Biden #MeToo allegation.

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The Young Turks
Mar 16, 2020 

3 Best Questions of the 2020 Election

Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Adrienne Lawrence discuss the three best questions of the entire 2020 election cycle on The Young Turks coverage of the Democratic presidential debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Adrienne Lawrence, John Iadarola 

The Hill
Mar 16, 2020 

Krystal Ball debunks Biden’s parade of lies

Krystal Ball speaks to Biden’s questionable relationship with the truth. 

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Krystal Ball: The left doesn’t owe Joe Biden their vote

If loyal Democratic voters want to cede their power before the fight is even halfway done. that’s their business.

Personally, I’m gonna continue to hold onto mine.

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