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#Kuroko no Basuke

(taking this as kasamatsu x fem!reader, since him being yandere over a guy would be somewhat different)

  • it starts off very small.
  • you’re on the train one night, after leaving school late, and kasamatsu (who doesn’t even live near you,,, why’s he on the same train; but that’s a thought for another day) approaches you to say that the old guy over there is looking at you weirdly
  • you take his word for it - why else would the classmate who’s never spoken to you before, who’s speaking to you now still with pauses and a slight stutter, talk to you?
  • (was the old guy actually looking at you weirdly? or was kasamatsu’s view of things distorted by his rather strong emotions?)
  • once he’s said that first sentence to you, the two of you start to talk more at school - nothing much, and you always have to make the first move in the conversation, and kasamatsu only speaks in short sentences, but it’s a definite start to a long and blossoming friendship, right?
  • what you don’t get, however, is how important you are to kasamatsu. how special you are. how kind you are to talk to him without mocking him. how different you are to all the simple-minded, annoying idiots he’s typically surrounded by.
  • the problem is, the more you talk to him, the more confident he gets around you and the more he expresses his emotions
  • for example, if you say you’re planning on staying out late tonight with friends - which is definitely dangerous, right? - he’ll grab your wrist a little too tight, as he yells at you to take your safety more seriously
  • (the bruise that followed was an accident)
  • you’re hanging out with a guy friend this weekend? don’t you know what kind of sick things go through guys’ minds - every guy’s mind except kasamatsu’s, of course - you can’t trust this guy friend, you have to stop talking to him
  • the thing is kasamatsu starts off as a lot of bark, and not much bite
  • but what you don’t recognise is that, whilst he seems to just be a little overprotective, on the inside, kasamatsu is absolutely delusional
  • this man genuinely thinks that everyone in this world is out to get you
  • eventually, this escalates to him confessing his attraction to you, and smashing his lips against yours before you even have a chance to respond
  • i say ‘smash’ for a reason; kasamatsu’s an awful kisser, it’s all just teeth clashing, like he’s trying to eat you up, like he’s trying to bruise your lips the same colour as your wrists
  • and you can’t decline his affections, because what would he do if you were to push him away?
  • because he has to be there, or else you’re going to be in danger
  • (but what’s the greater danger?)
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(note: i’m presuming that the stalker is someone they don’t know well, like a classmate they’ve been assigned to a project with, rather than a s/o or summat)

Imayoshi Shouichi

  • straight up confronts the classmate about this
  • he speaks teasingly, but with that slight almost-intimidating grin which warns (even when his words don’t) that he’s unimpressed, though almost intrigued at the same time
  • from then on, all pictures his stalker takes of him feature him looking straight at the camera - it’s like some kind of sixth sense, he always knows when they’re there

Hanamiya Makoto

  • he’s of course somewhat creeped out, but the big idea in his mind is “how can i take advantage of this?”
  • starts very casually flirting with the stalker-classmate, enjoys watching their reactions, and how easy it is to have them wrapped around his finger
  • in short, his stalker is practically his slave, just another person to do his dirty work for him

Yamazaki Hiroshi

  • incredibly uncomfortable
  • he’s not bold enough to leave straight away, but he starts hesitating when talking to the stalker, shifts away from them when they try sit closer to him and so on
  • from then on, doesn’t want to be near them alone - latches onto hara, when it’s just the three of them in the classroom, and changes seats if he was previously sitting next to the stalker

Seto Kentaro

  • straight up just leaves; he’s not paid enough to deal with this bullshit
  • he’s not scared in any way, knowing that he’s very tall and pretty fit and that this stalker classmate is unlikely to be able to overpower him or do anything to him
  • but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to hang out with someone who’s clearly not quite right in the head
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  • he’s already interested in you, before you become manager - why else would he offer you the position, pinning you against your classroom wall at the end of school, not letting you leave until you agree to his proposal?
  • hanamiya’s no fool. as much as he wants to completely isolate you, he knows that acting too quickly will push you away, so he stays in the background - directing the others of the team to make you feel ‘welcome’, whilst also starting rumours across the school to start pushing your classmates away from you
  • and the others in the team know that hanamiya’s affection for you (if you can even call it affection) is a little excessive at best, so, although they’re friendly, they know not to overstep the boundaries
  • especially when hanamiya ‘jokingly’ twists hara’s ear, after he swung his arm around your shoulders, and tells the team, after practice, that “they don’t need to try so hard to make friends with the manager. a manager’s only purpose is to get along with the captain” 
  • what this means is that you’ll end up finding that the only person available for you to talk to, to be proper ‘friends’ with, is captain hanamiya makoto :)
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request by @hkbs-world​: Aomine and Kise doing lots of PDA during a meetup with the GOM? As well as any GOM member showing up at Aomine’s place to see Kise wearing just Aomine’s shirt with hickeys on his neck?

heyhey!! this is @izukillme​ i’m just posting this here because i like to keep my fics organised to one blog~ the boys are all 19 in this fic because i’m not comfortable writing implied scenes for minors. although this is 99% SFW, i don’t write NSFW!

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It’s been eons since I created this one but it was in dire need of some heavy editing.
So for Whumptober 2020, I decided to take up this bad boy and dust it off, polish it till it shines.

For any new AoMomo fans who have never come across it, please be aware that this is likely my best masterpiece in this tag. Now new and improved! I hope you enjoy!

Title: “Forget-Me-Not”
Chapters: 5/5 (Complete; Edited from start to finish)
Word Count:  45 415
Originally ran: 17 to 23 April 2013. Final edit: 24 October 2020.
SummaryHow was it possible that she could discern something as complex as his emotional state just by watching his expressions and gestures, yet she couldn’t do something as elementary as recognize the face of her life-long friend and husband of two years?!

“No,” Daiki told her grimly at last. “I’m not fine.”

There wasn’t a word, nor phrase, in any human language that could accurately express just how far from fine he actually was.

//In which Satsuki survives a bus crash that leaves her without any memories of her childhood friend and husband, and they both struggle to cope with this fact in a hell of their own making.
A/N: My personal challenge accepted of a maybe cliche prompt and attempt to make a tangible and memorable piece out of it.

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knb-kreations is proud to present it’s first event… all hallows’ eve. please read and follow the info&guidelines to participate in this event ⇜



  • this event is open for fics, art, edits, and just about any type of fan-created content
  • you may choose one or more of the prompts found below to use for your work
  • nsfw submissions are allowed but must be put under a ‘keep reading’ and must be tagged accordingly
  • to submit your work, tag @/knb-kreations in your post or in the reply section of your post
  • if you don’t tag this blog, your work will not be reblogged


𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • pumpkin
  • trick-or-treat
  • costume party
  • black cat
  • moonlight

𝘈𝘜 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • vampire AU
  • werewolf AU
  • yandere AU

𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘶𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘴

  • “you look like you just saw a ghost.”
  • “are you two seriously making out in a graveyard?!?”
  • “you’re on my cape”
  • “what’re you gonna be for halloween?” “yours.”
  • “there’s blood all over your clothes…”

SCHEDULE: oct. 31, 2020 (no specific time)


if you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask or dm to clarify<3

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  • highkey a stalker, not because he’s that obsessive of a yandere, but rather because he likes the idea of a) scaring you (you know there’s someone walking behind you, but you’re too scared to look) and b) getting caught
  • hara’s big thing is acting like he’s doing absolutely nothing wrong, and that he’s just there by coincidence, and how nice that you’re here too! 
  • cause there’s nothing more fun for him than convincing you that you’re going mad, because he’s definitely just a friendly guy, no more
  • this applies to being touchy-feely too
  • (cause hara is incredibly touchy, especially as a yandere, and he’s always got an arm on your shoulders, or a hand on your thigh
  • and if you try push him away, he’ll get quite nasty - he’s still smiling, but he might say something like “are you really going to throw such a fuss over nothing? you wouldn’t want to ruin your friends’ night, would you?”
  • man can make you so insecure
  • also any compliments he gives you will be very euphemistic (75% of conversation between the two of you will involve him making sexual comments, because is it love if you haven’t slept together?), but even those compliments are few and far between, seeing as he far more enjoys upsetting you instead
  • lives off finding new insecurities of yours and exploiting them, to make sure you’re not confident enough to get in a relationship with someone else
  • hara’s curious because, on the one hand, he’s not interested in commitment, but, on the other, if you dare show an interest in someone else-
  • in short you just can’t get rid of him
  • and, when i say you can’t get rid of him, i really mean it
  • rich-boy-hara, i-can’t-live-one-place-for-more-than-two-months-hara will follow you wherever you go
  • you could move to a different continent and get married to someone there who doesn’t even know where japan is, and somehow hara would still be there sitting at your wedding, as a friend of a friend’s plus one
  • slides up to you like “it’s been a while, babe, you haven’t forgotten me, have you?”
  • and the worst part of it is that he’s very likeable, so no one will believe you when you express your concerns about him, just like how no one believed you when you first started getting anxious, back in your first year of high school
  • sure, hara is unlikely to ask you to marry him, or be anything more than a fuck buddy
  • but did you really think that would mean that he would let someone else fill up that hole in your life?
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