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#Kuroko's Basketball

Dating GOM’s Sister!

Anime: Kuroko no Basuke

Overview: Headcanons about GOM (Aomine, Akashi, Kise, Kuroko, and Midorima) having a younger sister who is dating one of them!

Note: Sorry I didn’t include Murasakibara! I just got really lazy. :(


Aomine Daiki

  • “I’ll give you what you ever desire, break up with my sister.” Akashi offered, glaring at his former tanned teammate. “Sei-nii! That’s it! We’re leaving.” You forcefully removed Akashi’s grip on your shoulder, having a silent eye battle as you slammed the door on his face. Akashi did not support you relationship, not even a bit.
  • Aomine is known to be a player, a pervert, and a lazy man. How could Akashi let his sister fall inlove with him? Akashi just wants the best for his sister. After a year of having a hot and cold relationship with your brother, Aomine knocked some sense into him. Needless to say, Akashi was impressed and saw no more reason to object seeing how his friend’s true intention.
  • “I’m glad you’re not the same as your brother.” Aomine confesses. Although you are very identical to your older brother, you were the exact opposite of him in terms of personality. You were outgoing and emotionally-driven. Aomine did not see you for your wealth, achievements, or anything! He saw you for you, that made you fall for him despite being mean to you during the first meeting.
  • You were waiting for your brother so the both of you could go home together. When the gym doors ooen, you dashed towards the entrance, bumping into what seemed like a wall to you but it was actually Aomine. When you looked up, you felt chills run up to your spine, the way he glared at you, it was horrifying.
  • “How long are you going to sit down, brat? Move.”
  • After that, you kept following him and pestering him even if he gave you mean comments that made you cry. Whenever you cry, Aomine panics. He’d scratch his head and say sorry multiple times, cursing, he’ll offer a hug. “Stop crying or I’ll kiss you.” This just made you want to cry harder.
  • You’ll help Aomine in his study and reprimands him for skipping practices. You’re the only one who is allowed to correct him and he’s the only one who can bully you.
  • If you ever did get bully, you have bodyguards ready to protect you in command, a scary powerful brother, and a tall tanned boyfriend built like he’s ready to fight.
  • Aomine will never try to make you uncomfortable. He respects you even if he makes sexual comments, he would never push you to do something you don’t like to do. That’s how much he treasures you.
  • “(y/n), where’s my kiss?” He grinned at you, bending down so you were at the same height. Rolling your eyes, he always asks for kisses before the game which you thought was very cute of him to do. Without hesitation, you kissed his lips. “Go get them, Dai-kun.”

Akashi Seijuro

  • Dating Murasakibara’s sister is not something anyone would expect from him. You are reckless, bold, and most of all childish! The complete opposite of Akashi! People can’t help but question how you managed to soften the merciless captain of Rakuzan.
  • “Sei-kun!” Everytime you see your significant other, you would pounce on him, hugging his well-built frame. Akashi would glare at those who would stare, telling them to look away just by staring straight to their eyes.
  • Akashi would always give you sweets but scolds not only you, but your brother too when you both had too much. “(y/n), I love you but no. I already booked you an appointment.” Akashi is persistent to have you attend a dentist appointment atleast once a month to ensure you don’t develop any cavities.
  • When it comes to your brother, he does not really care who you date as long as they treat you well and you’re happy but he is really relieved you’re dating Akashi. That does not mean he won’t crush him when he makes you cry.
  • People ridicule your relationship, especially the higher class who wants Akashi for their own benefits. Sometimes they go to the extent of hiring people to hurt you, ending up with a failure. There are several perks of having a tall brother who is excellent in basketball, one is he can easily scare of whoever is bothering you, second, you know how to defend yourself when needed.
  • Whenever those stuck-up bitches shows up, you can’t help but show your devilish side. “Eh, I don’t care. Get out of my way, bitch.” Youmd play with your lollipop, staring down at the crying girl, yelling she’d sue you after you humiliated her.
  • Akashi will feel proud whenever you stood up for yourself, placing a soft kiss on your forehead and you’d immediately linked your arms around his neck. “Sei-kun, I’m starving~”
  • He’ll always eat you with you, this is somehow like your love language towards one another. You sometimes even go to his school just to eat your bento that you prepared for him. His team is jealous on how a sweet and cute girl ended up dating Akashi.
  • They are always surprised to see Akashi showing subtle affections. Teasing him about you is a death sentence despite the fluttery feeling in his stomach. Flirting with you? That’s a different story.
  • “(y/n), what am I going to do with you?” Akashi sighed, a smile forming on his lips. You were sleeping on the bleachers and it made him want to carry you home and skip practice but he knows you’ll get mad at him if he did. He grabbed his jacketand covered your defense-less state, planting a chaste kiss on your lips. Little did he know, you were actually awake. “Ooh, I didn’t know Sei-kun’s a pervert!” He would ruffle your hair. “You dare to misbehave, huh? I might have to teach you a lesson, love.”

Kise Ryouta

  • Kise is not really fond of Aomine. Sure they are friends friends but he still had grudges against him. So seeing you, beating the shit out of Aomine, that was something extraordinary. The way the sun highlighted your tanned skin and dark blue hair, Kise fell for you at first sight.
  • “(y/n)-cchi! I bought you some cake!” Kise always bothered you, he was clingy and chatty. You were annoyed at him at first, who wouldn’t? Kise followed you everywhere like some kind of lost puppy! He cried easily was too noisy, yet when a week went by and he was no where to be found, you felt sad. You somehow missed his presence, that’s when you realised, you too were inlove with him.
  • “(y/n)-cchi? What are you doing here..?” Kise did not expect to see you. It was raining heavily and you were drenched from head to toe. Kaijou just lost to Seirin, Kise was feeling down for his first loss. All his own issues faded when you grabbed him by his collar, pressing your lips against his.
  • Kise’s eyes widened, you pulled away, placing your hands on both sides of his face. “Who told you to leave me alone? Huh?! Can’t you see I like you too?” He blinked, several times, unable to register what just happened.
  • “Eh…Ehhhh?!”
  • Kise became 1000x more clingy after that.
  • His fangirls are difficult to handle. They always picked a fight on you, saying how you do not meet the Kise’s standards. You don’t give a fuck of whatever they say about you, you actually enjoy how they cowered in fear and bite back their words whenever you’d look at them with a smirk.
  • One thing that pissed you off though is when they made nasty comments about your boyfriend. You stopped in your tracks, fist clenched, you turned back, launching your fist towards the girl. She screamed and closed her eyes, waiting for the impact, you stopped your fist an inch away from her face. She fell on the floor, her friends made a run for it.
  • “Aplogise, bitch.” She apologised immediately before scampering away, you’d sigh. “Such a pain in the ass..”
  • Kise knows about your “little fights” since Kasamatsu actually witnessed the whole thing. He feels honored and proud that his girlfriend stood up for him, your cuts and bruises on the other hand angered him. Kise always made sure to keep you out of trouble after that.
  • Kise is the only one who can calm you down, only one who can make you smile and act stupid. Your his partner in crime, his princess and his knight, he is very grateful to have you.
  • Despite how strong you can be, Kise can also fight for you if needed. You need him more than he needs you, without him, everything is off balance.
  • Aomine bullies him more now that he’s your boyfriend.
  • “(y/n)-cchi! Aomine-cchi is being mean to me!”
  • When the two of you are together, that’s the only time you are vulnerable. In his arm you feel safe, he felt like home.
  • “I love you, dumbass.”

Kuroko Tetsuya

  • The whole Seirin team was stunned to see you, sitting on one of the bleachers absorbed in your phone. Kagami’s eyes widened, he recognises you! “S-She’s (y/n)! A model in the US!” He exclaimed, making the rest more confused on why someone like you is in their gym right now. Even Riko could not dare to get closer, everyone stood frozen once you glanced at them, staring at them one by ine before your face lit up.
  • You stood up, smiling widely, before waving. “Kuro-tan! I missed you!” Kuroko coughed, excusing himself as he pass through the crow, greeting you with open arms which you gladly run into. “(y/n)-chan, you didn’t tell me you were arriving today.”
  • You would explain to the whole team that you’re Kuroko’s girlfriend and confirm that you are a model from the US. One thing that caught the team off guard is when Riko asked you if you were somehow related to Kise Ryouta.
  • “Kise..? Ryou-nii? Yes he’s my brother.”
  • The team bombarded you with questions, you were now getting slightly overwhelmed by them. You held out to your boyfriend looking at him teary eyed, he immediately know what you’re feeling. “Everyone, you’re scaring (y/n)-chan.”
  • Once everything died down, you watched their practice, cheering for your cute boyfriend with Nigou. After practice, Kuroko and you would eat at Majii Burger, catching up and deep talks.
  • That’s where you confessed that you won’t go back to the US anymore and transfer to his school. You resigned from your position in the entertainment industry and will now focus on being a (career choice) instead.
  • Kuroko is the type of boyfriend who is kind of like a dog, he is super loyal to you and no matter what you do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone around you or you, he supports. He may be seen as emotionless but to you, he show all kinds of emotions, love, happiness, jealousy, and he gets super cute when embarrassed.
  • You always cling on to him, yelling his name with love everytime you see him, crying easily and him comforting you everytime. The team takes a like to you too, you’re not really that difficult to get along with.
  • Riko would ask for help in their training regimen, Kagami also likes hanging out with the two of you (he’ll get angry when you get too pda and overbearing though). Overall, you were like their cute little sister who they protect.
  • So whenever someone gets close to you, as you are famous with both boys and girls, they’ll spring inti action and help you out.
  • You may not be as strong as others mentally and physically, you won’t back down when the people you love are messed upon.
  • When Hanamiya glared at Kuroko, you glared 1000x harder than him. Especially when they hurt , oh you knew you had to talk to him, you stomped your way to their side of the court. You put your best smile, calling him out. “Hanamiya-san, can I shake your hand. I am a fan.”
  • He would snicker, holding out his hand with a few flirty remarks. When you grabbed his hand though, you crushed it using all your strength and he whimpered in pain. Hanamiya cursed, holding his hand. “Oops, did I squeezed too hard?”
  • He was ready to fight you but seeing several eyes on him, the whole GOM, and Seirin team watching him, he decided not to push further.
  • Kuroko would scold you though, flicking your forehead before kissing it.
  • 3 words. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.
  • One thing you hated was sharing Kuroko with your brother. “Ryou-nii! We’re supposed to make out now! Get out!”

Midorima Shintaro

  • A Tsundere and a Phantom, what a perfect couple. Kidding. Midorima never thought about dating, the idea of love is not something he minded but when you spiked the ball directly into his face and breaking his glasses, he fell for you, literally.
  • “Oh, Midorima-kun, sorry!”
  • Just like your brother, Kuroko, you don’t have a lot of presence. He actually taught you how to master misdirection which is a useful skill in your sport, Volleyball. It just happened that you’re enrolled in Shutoku and was practicing your one-man spike while he walked into the court.
  • After that, you kept talking to him. You did not have a lot of friends except for your teammates and you saw Midorima as like your second brother.
  • Midorima would never admit that he likes you until Takao began to get close to you.
  • “(y/n)-san, Ilikeyounandayo.”
  • You’d tease him with Takao, copying the way he acts. You’ll learn more about horoscopes and oh asa and would always surprise him infront of his house with his lucky item for the day.
  • Although Midorima is not affectionate, he’ll try his best to make you feel that he loves you in his own little way. He would even learn to play volleyball just to play with you. He’s a great setter!
  • Your go to dates would be study hubs, museums, and stargazing.
  • Since you’re very small compated to him, Midorima likes to hold your hand just so you won’t get lost. “Shintaro, we’re the only ones here.” He’d flinched and stammer upon realising you are the only one walking around the park.
  • Kuroko knows your dating ever since the first day. Kuroko is always there to listen to your rants about your day so it is not a surprise when he sees Midorima eating with your family, stiff like a rock.
  • “Midorima-kun? Are you okay?” He asked and all of the eyes are now own Midorima who just wanted to crawl to a hole and never come back.
  • You would go to all his games, offering him a towel. He’ll get startled whenever you show up out of the blue though. Takao always teases the two of you which ends up into Midorima beating him up.
  • Dating Midorima as Kuroko’s sister is plain chill, no drama or anything. Both are honest and mindful.
  • Getting used to hanging out with 2 phantoms would be something he needs to get used to.
  • “(y/n)?! WHERE’D YOU GO?”
  • “Shintaro, I’m right infront of you.”
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Yes, I understand. Thank you for your honest answer. You can then ask headcanon about jealousy Kirisaki Daichi? I thought you did something similar on Akashi and Kuroko. Thank you.



  • He won’t admit it when he’s jealous 
  • But there’s no need to cuz it’s very obvious that he is
  • He’ll be kinda shy and awkward about it since he doesn’t really know what to do in situations like these
  • Most of the time, it’s never anything serious and can always be solved with a tight hug and a few words of reassurance
  • On the small chance that he actually really is jealous…
  • He’ll try to spend as much time with you as possible 
  • He’ll practically drag you all around the city just to be alone with you 
  • It’s just cuz he’s insecure inside tho
  • Sometimes he doesn’t feel like he’s the best guy for you
  • So you just gotta make sure he knows that he’s absolutely perfect uwu


  • When he’s jealous, everyone would know immediately
  • He’ll either get really pouty or aggressively affectionate
  • He doesn’t stay jealous for long tho and it’s never anything really serious
  • However, if it’s actually serious he’ll get all scary and quiet
  • He becomes really possessive and is noticeably upset if he sees you with the person He’s jealous of
  • Like he’ll just walk up to you, put a firm hand on your waist, and drag you away
  • As you guys walk away, he’d give you a long kiss on the lips to let them know your his and his alone
  • May or may not turn into a full make-out sesh
  • “Seto, let’s tone it down a bit, we’re in public”
  • “Oh are we? I didn’t notice.”


  • Furuhashi isn’t one to easily get jealous
  • In the rare case that he actually does, he’ll be very quiet about it
  • You might notice his jealousy in the small, subtle things
  • Like maybe an arm around your shoulder in public
  • Or even a tight hold on your hand
  • Just a little something to let people know you’re his
  • He’ll basically become more possessive of you
  • As if he isn’t very possessive already 
  • If he’s actually really jealous, he’ll step up his PDA game a bit
  • Maybe a hug or two and peck on the cheek 
  • Even if it’s not much it’s out of character for him
  • You’ll eventually realize what’s going on, even though it might’ve taken a while, and smooth things out accordingly


  • Considering how Hanamiya is like,
  • Anyone around you wouldn’t even try to get close to you 
  • A friend, and nothing more
  • Because they always knew, that you’re Hanamiya Makoto’s
  • Yet when someone who had the courage of a wolverine appeared in his sight
  • He would tell him off directly with the most fierce eyes
  • You wouldn’t be informed about it
  • You would just be surprised about the disappearance of that person who tried to bother you
  • “Mako-chan, the guy who I was telling you about didn’t bother me anymore.”
  • “Really? Maybe your face scared him,”


  • Hara would definitely be open about jealousy
  • I mean, he’s yours and you’re his, what’s wrong with being jealous?
  • He showers you with lots of affection everyday
  • In public or not, he wants to let everyone know that you are his
  • And so when someone tried to get in the way of your relationship
  • He would double the affection he’s giving
  • He would also confront the suspect
  • “Stay away from Y/N,”
  • “Why would I?”
  • When someone gets into his nerves, he would be okay using his fist for the sake of you and your relationship


  • Matsumoto denies jealousy in front of you
  • Though amidst his closed mouth for jealousy and such, he’s quite possessive
  • Sure, he’s sweet and affectionate
  • But he could also be aggressive
  • Especially when someone tries to get ahold of you
  • When that happens, he would pull out his PDA card
  • He would claim you so much that is out of character
  • He’s not okay with fighting someone, he wouldn’t go that far
  • Because he trusts you a lot
  • ..and wouldn’t want you to know that he’s jealous even if he is
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Hey how you doing ?Can i have a male match-up please from MHA and kuroko basket? I’m a 5.2 chubby libra french girl with black hair bob and brown eyes.I have ATHD and i’m an INFJ with a huge weeb and gamer side .Fun fact I am also the mom of my group(like having everything in My bag for them,take care of them,telling jokes),nobody call me by my actual name,I smoke ik it’s bad and My favorite animals is cats, My hobbies is singing,dancing,cooking

I match you with…



Originally posted by berserkblossom

- so you both bonded over cats

- his sharp tongue and gen z humor drew you in

- and you being you drew him in

- i assume you meant adhd not athd so he’s surprised when you were babbling about cats then next it was about video games

- both of you bonded over video games too then anime

- he’s like slowly falling for you and he’s too stubborn to admit it but your compassion drew him in

- you’re from class 1-a of the hero department tho

- that didn’t stop your friendship tho, you’re fully supporting him and helping him climb the ranks

- being in seperate classes didn’t stop you from acting like a mom to him, at first he’s annoyed by it but soon enough he grows to love it

- he laugs dryly and mockingly at your joked but one time he full on laughed you freaking love it

- he’s so curious about how you’re from France but you moved to Japan

- “are you a distant relative of Aoyama?” he literally asked the first time he heard you’re from france

- then the dorms happened and he just find you in their class’ dorm dancing and singing in the kitchen making breakfast

- “if you plan on making it a habit to make breakfast while singing and dancing in the morning while simultaneously making me fall for you, well you’re a dumb shit for not taking my last name first”

- it took you a while to realize what he said but i assure you, you are now bright red

- you left without the other students knowing tho T^T

- he tries to make you stop your smoking habit and he actually is succeeding

- in return you help him with his insomia

- he asks you out in a very shinsou manner

- you were bringing several protein bars in your bag with chocolate and some couple more things like medicine for the headache, comb, or anything he might need

- “before you become like a worried girlfriend, why don’t i take you out on a date first?”

- boy was smooth af but it didn’t pass you and you said yes instantly

- you two would probs end up adopting one of Aizawa’s cats

- imagine gaming nights or nights were you two just binge watch anime

- while you are the creative one in your relationship, he’s the organized one

- you help him with his self esteem and confidence with his quirk

- most of the time your ideas are thrown around in a flurry of knowledge so you never really got to finish one but he’d be there pushing you to finish one then another

- he’s like a kid but not at the same time??? you take care of him cause he forgets that sometimes but he also keeps you grounded, focused, and inclined to your studies

- he’s the more serious one and less touchy one while you are the bright, funny one who loves ti act like a doting mother at times

- he’s not a man of many words and affection but he’ll definitely have moments when he’ll just shower you with love

I match you with…



Originally posted by spaztictwitch

- i kid you not, this boy need someone to set his life straight

- you’re seirin’s basketball manager and that’s where you met him

- Kagami’s independent, responsible, and all but he’s too consumed by basketball to the point that sometimes you would have to drag him from the court to do basic human needs

- expect a scolding from you if he didn’t sleep before a match and you’d be the one to have all the things he forgot to bring

- he’s a tiger and you’re the caretaker

- you keep him grounded and make sure not to overwork himself or reach too high

- he likes a woman who’s compassionate (have you seen this boy? he’s actually a soft bean)

- expect a lot of singing sessions while cooking or dancing around the kitchen while cooking together

- he’s a huge gamer but i’m not sure if he’s a weeb (lol he becomes one because of you)

- he’s impressed by your bento making skills and your compassion for a sport you didn’t even play

- he’s glad both of you had a mutual understanding that cats are the better than dogs (it doesn’t mean he loves your cat tho)

- he’s so happy to have another foreigner around so you two are probably the type to be touristy at times

- he calms you down and keeps you organized most of the time

- boy can actually make decent crafts so craft sessions are to be expected

- he doesn’t like your smoking habit but he can’t say he hadn’t tried smoking before

- he’s from america so he probably had smoked a couple times (no offense)

- he made a bento for you as a way of confessing and there’s this smol note that has “will you be my girlfriend?”

- he might be confident and all but he’s a shy bean to his crush

- you gave him a bento the next day that’s so cute to eat with yes written through seaweed on onigiris

- you two take care of each other and actually function like adults

- there are moments when you two are kinda acting too much like a foreigner

- you and him support each other in your new life in Japan

- he’s a sweet boyfriend and dates are mostly at home with home cooked meals

- he’s just so caring and such a soft giant teddy

A/N: I’m sorry for my long absence. I have decided to finish all match ups and update regularly rather than update a match up when I finish it. I tend to procrastinate which results to an inconsistent update sched but now I have finished all match ups and I plan to keep a consistent schedule instead. I’m sorry for the long wait but I can assure y'all that your match up request would be posted with this week and the next! I don’t plan on spamming y'alls timeline with just my match ups. Hope you enjoyed this!

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“The Jabberwocks?!” You stood up in your seat, walking towards your boyfriend who is casually drinking water acting like what he just said was not a big deal. “You got to be kidding me Ryou, you saw how they played agains-” Kise placed the glass down heavily as if he had the intention to break it.

You saw his eyes, you know this look.

You know this too well.

His eyes sparked with anger and excitement.

“I did, (y/n)-cchi. That is why I have to play, I’m not going to seat back and watch those fuckers mock us.” You sighed, with him like this, no matter what you say or do to stop him, even if you break an arm or two, Kise will still have his way. Stubborn but that’s one of his likeable trait, well, for you, that is.

When he sets his mind into something, he’ll definitely succeed with a hundred percent rate.

Kise pouted upon seeing you worried for him.

“(y/n)-cchi, I’m getting sad that you don’t trust me.” He cried making you shake your head at his antics, typical Kise. You wrapped your arms around his big frame, looking up you said, “Of course I trust you stupid! I just don’t want them to hurt you! They play dirty!” Kise grinned and lifted you up, his hand supported you by placing it under your soft thighs, gaining much protest from you. “Ryou! I’m heavy!” You groaned while trying to break away from his grasp. This just made Kise chuckled and he gave your lips a small peck.

“You’re not heavy! Who says you heavy! I can carry you all day, (y/n)-cchi…” You rolled your eyes at his flirtatious state, you didn’t noticed that Kise is already moving towards the bedroom.

“But I rather want to see under me..” He winked at you before pinning you down the bed.

“Ryouta, we are supposed to eat!” Kise bent down and nibbled on your neck, you gasped at the sudden touch. “I want to start with the dessert first, do you mind?”

Kise was about to kiss you when his phone beeped. Uttering several complaints he grabbed his phone and saw that Kuroko has texted him. After seeing the text, he bolted up from the bed. “Sorry, (y/n)-cchi! But Kuroko-cchi is asking me to go now! Such a cockblocker.” You throw the pillow at him and of course, he caught it. “You and your damn reflexes, go dummy.” Kise gave you a flying kiss before taking a quick shower.

Right as he was about to open the door, he turned at you with his puppy-dog eyes mode on. “You’re coming to watch right?”

He shouldn’t even have to ask, it was obvious. You will always be there to support him even if it hurts to see him in pain. You were there even before they became the well-know Generation of Miracles.

You started to like Kise ever since he blocked a ball during a volleyball tournament. After that, you became his fan, his first ever fan, giving him refreshments and going to every game.

As his fame rises though, it became a different story.

He became hard to reach.

You gave up on Kise but the feelings stayed. You realised that you weren’t just there as a fan, you have already fallen for him. Watching him play for Kaijou, the feelings grew especially at the time when their team lost to Seirin, you decided to try again. Kise thought of you as just a fan but the more he saw you, the more he got used to you, part of it was because the two of you are already comfortable seeing how you were both schoolmates in Teiko and Kaijou. Kise began to see you as his friend during the incident when you helped him with his injuries due to being mobbed by girls. He then always looked for you, always wanted to be with you. It took a lot of nagging and punches from Kasamatsu for him to notice his feelings for you.

After that, you two started dating and the rest is history as here you are now, still happy with each other despite the downsides.

Given the situation, there’s no reason for you to not watch his game. You flicked his forehead and Kise scrunched his nose in pain. Before he could even start to cry being the big baby he is, you gave him a deep kiss. Your hands found it’s way to pat his golden locks of hair.

Kise melted against your touch, you always knew how to give him strength.

You pulled away, staring deeply into his eyes as he blinked in confusion. You beamed and said, “I’ll make sure to cheer for you very loud while wearing your jersey!”

Kise wanted to thank all the gods and goddesses upon seeing your lovely smile. He really was lucky to have you. He gave you another tight hug and several kisses. With that, he left and vowed to not only avenge Kasamatsu but to make his girlfriend proud.

A week has passed and it sucks not having your incredibly chatty and clingy boyfriend. You missed him, a lot. Still, you’re happy whenever he calls you and give you an update. Even if it’s during a random time. You can’t help but chuckle at how excited he is.

Right now, you’re currently in Roppongi.

Your family is known to have different businesses and one of them is a famous bar which has been passed into your care. Like always, you’re checking the status of the place, helping out and gathering reports. Kise didn’t like your workplace as you can’t deny, it is place where trouble can happen now and then.

Akashi gladly helped by partnering with you and you gave an opportunity to have the best security there is.

But the night just started and there are some foreigners demanded to have the most luxurious private room while eyeing one of your employee with lust.

“Y-Yes, come this way sir.” Your employee, Shiro, escorted them. Your blood boiled when you saw them slap her butt and laughed.

You gritted your teeth as you began to walk towards them. “Excuse me, welcome to our bar. I’m the owner of this place.”

“I’ll be in charge of this, Shiro-san.” You whispered and she muttered a soft thankyou before going back to the counter.

That’s when you got a good look at them, you recognised these people. “Jabberwocks?!” You thought as you hide your disgust with a smile. You mentally cursed, out of all you could meet, why did it have to be them?

You tried to keep yourself calm as they continued to make flirty comments with you. There’s this one guy who you felt the most uncomfortable, it’s the one who had a silver colored hair. He kept trying to be more touchy but you abruptly opened the door to their room, stopping him from whatever he was planning to do.

“Here you go, ring the bell when you guys are ready to order.” You bowed and closed the door, hearing their disgusting comments.

“Man, she got this big ass and breast! I’d fuck her all night long.”

“Dibs on her, I want to know if those beautiful lips can do wonders.”

“Okay, punching a customer is not good for business..” You tried to calm your mind, stomping your way to the counter. Shiro, your employee immediately apologised and you just gave her a reassuring smile.

“I’ll deal with them, I won’t let you guys in danger.” Saying that was easier said than done. They continued making a ruckus, you decided it was time for them to go.

You took the tray and went to deliver their last order. “Excuse me..” You opened the door just to see them towering a familiar figure before he got kicked.

“Kuroko!” You dropped the tray and went to his aid. This is it, the last straw. You stood infront of Kuroko and glared at them. “Alright sir, you have to leave.” You were about to grab the phone to call security, but the man who you learned to be called as, Silver grabbed your arm. “Oh, look at her get so feisty.” He licked his lips, his face was inches away from yours.

You slapped him, hard. Silver did not expect you to be this aggressive. He dropped your arm and placed his hand on where you have just touched him. He smirked, you were in big trouble now.

“You know? I don’t really pick on pretty girls, but someone’s being such a bitch.”

Your eyes widened, everything happened too fast. You couldn’t dodge his fist, he was just, too much. You fell to the ground, coughing out blood. “Stay away from my (y/n)-cchi!” Kise cradled you, you can feel him shaking from anger. “Ryouta? Why are you..” You continue to cough, he got you good there.

You felt dizzy. You heard Kise’s voice gradually became distant as your vision became blurry before passing out.

Everyone can sense the tension from the room as Kise stood up, carrying you gently. “She’s your girl? She could do better.” Kise clicked his tongue, he was ready to pounce on him but Midorima placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Athlete’s should settle their scores through sports, right?” Akashi stated.

Kise can’t deny that he was right.

You and Kuroko were brought to the hospital for a quick check up. The doctor just said you were knocked out unconscious due to the sudden impact in the heart area.

“Rest assured, everything is actually okay. She just need to stay hydrated.” Kise thanked the doctor.

“Just you wait, (y/n)-cchi. I’ll beat them up tomorrow. I promise.” He held your hand and kiss you.

Kise was relunctant to leave you in the hospital but they had to go. His heart dropped knowing you won’t be there to cheer on him, your smile when saying you ’ll be there flashed through his mind.

Kise may be perceived as happy-go-lucky, immature, but promises are something he never breaks. Never.

“Fuck!” You were running at full force despite the judgement of the doctors. You have arrived late to the game as you had just woken up from the hospital. They wanted you to rest up but no, you can’t let Kise be alone right now.

You immediately saw the rest of the team. “Everyone! I’m sorry I’m late!” You sat beside Kuroko, who was surprised to see you. Everyone was concerned but you didn’t care. You didn’t even bother to greet the rest of team as you noticed Kise’s ragged breathing. He was tired, your heart ached at his form.

You stood up, it was now or never. You took a deep breath and screamed with allyour might.


The whole court went quiet, all eyes were now on you. “Is that chick a lunatic?” Kise smirked, you’re the only one who can give him strength at a time like this.

Kise was able to pass throughSilver’s defence and dunk the ball. Kise searched for you, your eyes met his. He was now in the zone.

You continued to cheer and he continued to score. He was slowly catching up to the Jabberwocks! The crowd went wild, your heart was beating so loud from excitement. Kise is really a different person when in game.

When Kise dropped to his knees you dashed towards the court. “How lame..” He sighed, he felt a little ashamed that he didn’t last too long especially when a certain someone is watching.

“Don’t be ridiculous! You did great.” Although it felt good to be complimented by Akashi, it did not compare to you running towards him with that goofy smile on yo ur face and hugging him tightly even if his whole body aches.

“(y/n)-cchi..” You rested your forehead against his before leaning to kiss him.

“I’m proud of you, Ryouta.”


“(y/n)-cchi! That hurts!” Kise complained for the nth time, it started to irritate you now. You got up from the seat, calling your father. “Hi papa! Have you considered my proposition?” You eyes Kise who gave you an innocent smile.

“Yeah, about that Jabberwocks? Good. Cut off all resources connected to them. Thanks papa.” You placed your phone on the nightstand before cuddling with your dramatic boyfriend.

No one hurts your Kise Ryouta and gets away with it.

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ok ok ok. it’s 2am but HEAR ME THE FUCK OUT. EVERYBODY RAGS ON KUROKO NO BASKET BECAUSE “it’s more a superhero anime than a sports anime” HERE IS WHY YALL ARE WRONG:

-first off, i TOTALLY AGREE that the abilities of the players are totally fucking ridiculous and not even in the same realm as the reality of basketball; most sports anime are unrealistic with abilities and shit, but i am not contesting that knb absolutely takes this to another level of impossible. HOWEVER, their abilities serve a narrative purpose that conveys their central message of the importance of teamwork in a unique and creative way, as i will explain right now

-if you watched the whole thing, you’ll know that the members of the generation of miracles have absolutely ridiculous powers. one of them literally can see the different contractions in your body and use the information to predict your next move. another one of them can shoot from all the way across the court. the main character can literally turn invisible (it’s complicated). just, stuff you just would never see in actual basketball. BUT, the main point of knb was NEVER to show kids playing basketball, and while the “hard work by an underdog team leads to their ultimate victory” is definitely a present theme, it’s not their main message; their main message was that sports without teamwork is meaningless and unfulfilling, no matter how much victory there is.

-if you think about it, the ridiculous powers of the generation of miracles do a perfect job of illustrating this point. this group of basketball players with extraordinary talents were never portrayed as happy while they worked on their own. the five of them started off loving basketball before they joined teiko; however, teiko was not a nuturing environment for them, with their motto being “victory over everything.” it made sense that as their talents grew, a program like teiko encouraged them to score points on their own at the cost of working as a team. the result was three consecutive championship wins at the cost of the player’s love for the game. their ridiculous powers punctuated how miserable they were despite their numerous victories.

-the show also perfectly set up kuroko, the main character, as the antithesis to victory without teamwork. he is literally portrayed as useless on his own because of his specialization in passing, and passing only. he is the embodiment of teamwork: somebody whose ridiculous power is only effective when working with somebody else, making his ties to his teammates even stronger (as opposed to the rest of the miracles, whose abilities isolate them from their teams). as kuroko used his ability, which is directly linked to teamwork, to defeat the other miracles, he forced them to improvise and see that teamwork not only makes them stronger, but happier. the show illustrated how their improved sense of teamwork led to an increase in their love for basketball. a good example of this is midorima (the guy who can shoot from all the way across the court). because of his incredible shooting ability, his team organized plays to give him as many shots as possible in order to rack up points. during this time, he talks about how he doesn’t play basketball for fun; he plays to win, and win only. however, he is portrayed as unhappy, with no actual enjoyment for the sport. when kuroko beats him, midorima realizes he can’t win based on his own strength anymore, and must rely on his teammates in order to better himself at the sport. in this process, he grows to trust them, and finds motivation in winning victory for the sake of his team, and not himself. the same thing, more or less, happens with the other miracles when kuroko defeats them. kuroko, the embodiment of teamwork, is set up as the catalyst for the positive change in the generation of miracles’ attitudes toward basketball, therefore driving home the point that victory, no matter how often it is achieved, is meaningless and unfulfilling without teamwork.

-now, are you going to look at me and tell me that this beautifully illustrated message of the importance of teamwork in sports isn’t a sports anime?? didn’t think so.

-so basically while kuroko no basket shows the importance of teamwork through unique methods not quite common in most sports anime, its message makes it belong in the sports anime category. thank you and goodnight.

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Hi. I wanted to thank you for your excellent responses to my requests. Your blog has become my favorite) I Congratulate you on International women's day and wish you all the best! Can I request a scenario or headcanon about Kirisaki (for each separately)? The guys raised their hand to take something from the shelf , but their gf cringed, as if waiting for a blow. This reflex was developed by her abusive parents. Please and thank you.

Hello, there, sweet human! Thank you very much for your sweet and kind words and I apologize for my rudeness when not replying sooner… I shall congratulate you as well, my dear! Thank you! I wish for you a joyful, happy, and healthy life, my dear! 

I decided to go for a mix of headcanons and scenario, I hope that is fine.

I hope you like it; I apologize if this is not what you expected :)

TRIGGER WARNING: the following written material includes brief mentions of domestic abuse. If you feel uncomfortable by reading texts regarding this matter, do not read any further. Reader discretion is advised. 



Originally posted by katsukiyuuri-s

Makoto Hanamiya 

  • He would be rather taken aback and, much to everyone surprise, he would show worry right away —in his own way, of course—.
  •  He will ask directly and straightforward for a full explanation. 
  • He might come off as rude at first by his way of pushing his way into her life but he just wants to know she is safe. 
  • He will stare at her in silence, expressionless, as she sobs quietly behind her arms while softly murmuring her daily life abuse at home. 
  • Once she’s done, there’s a huge silence growing between them; Makoto won’t say anything right away nor physically approach her at the time. 
  • He will let her cry for a bit before slowly closing the gap between them. 
  • He will carefully, even a bit awkwardly, embrace her and let her cry all she needs. 
  • Not caring if she ends up wetting his clothes. 
  • They will remain like that for a while. Once they break from the embrace, he will walk her home quietly. 
  • The next day, he will take her to their counselor, and he will encourage her to speak about her abusive parents in order to find both support and guidance. 
  • Makoto can be evil at times, even mean or rude to the people he might care about but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t care nor show interest in helping someone he loves, that is for sure. He will make sure his s/o gets away from that abuse and is not only but also happy. 

Kentaro Seto

  • He’s not only surprised but also rather hurt. Did she really thought he could hurt her? 
  • He’s worried; tries his best to keep a expressionless face before clearing his throat and ask in a normal voice what she reacted like that. 
  • When she tries to brush it off, he knows somethings up. 
  • He won’t let her walk away or change subjects until she explains herself. 
  • When she keeps avoiding the question, he takes another step. 
  • He directly asks if someone is hurting her. 
  • After the long silence and the tearing eyes, he takes the answer and pulls her closer into a embrace. 
  • He lets her cry on his chest while softly caressing her head. 
  • After she’s calmed down, he faces her and asks again; this time, she comes off clear and tells him about her daily abuse at home. He listens to her every word, getting angrier each second. 
  • When she’s done, he pets her head and reassures her. 
  • The next day, he shows her all the information he gathered the night before regarding domestic abuse, agencies that help teens in such situations, the steps she should take, and many more. 
  • He encourages to get out of such place, to break the wheel. 
  • Seto might be serious, even cold, but that doesn’t mean he won’t care about his s/o or someone he loves or genuinely cares for. He won’t hesitate to step in when needed, and he will be there through the whole process; supporting and loving his s/o.

Kojiro Furuhashi

  • He’s taken aback and his face shows it at the moment. 
  • He knows right away something is wrong. 
  • He won’t let his s/o get away until she explains herself. 
  • He will, most likely, push her to speak by intensely staring at her and not letting her go away. 
  • When she finally breaks down, he will listen to her cry while sharing her painful daily life abuse at home. 
  • He will be expressionless the whole time. 
  • When she’s done, he will get close to her and slowly embrace her. 
  • After she’s calmed down, he will openly tell her what he thinks about her current situation and what he believe she should do. 
  • He will help her seek for institutions which help people in similar situations as well as to ask for professional guidance. 
  • He will accompany through the whole process until she’s finally away from that abusive environment. 
  • Despite the fact that he might seem rather cold or indifferent at times, he really does care for the people he truly love, therefore, he wouldn’t just stand there and watch his s/o struggle. He will help her out in his own way. 

Hiroshi Yamazaki 

  • He’s confused, worried, and angry. Why would his s/o think he could possibly harm them?
  • He´s sharp and straightforward when demanding an explanation. 
  • He won´t take things lightly as he nt only finds her behavior odd but also alarming. 
  • He will ask if someone is hurting her; he asks for names. 
  • When she finally decides to tell him the truth about her daily abuse, he’s angry. 
  • He can’t help but feel anger towards himself for not noticing it before, towards her for not telling him anything, and towards her parents. 
  • He decides to clear his mind while his s/o cries out all the bottled up emotions she kept to herself all this time. 
  • After a good while, he reassures her while hugging her tightly. 
  • He won’t let her walk back to her home after that; oh, no. She’s not going back there again. 
  • Instead, he takes her to the police. He encourages to speak by pointing out the obvious: any form of abuse is never justified. 
  • He will be there for his s/o through the whole thing; will even offer his own house for her to stay until things are solved. He cares for his loved ones and will definitely protect them even from their own family.

Kazuya Hara

  • He’s confused at first not really understanding his s/o´s odd behavior.
  • He will ask with concern if everything is alright. 
  • After seeing her doubtful frame when replaying, he knows something´s wrong. 
  • He will ask, trying not to be too pushy but also really trying to get her to open up. 
  • Once this works, he sits in silence close to her and listens to her every word. 
  • He actually feels really bad for both the fact of him not noticing before and she not telling him about it. 
  • He questions her softly; Has she ever spoke to someone about it? Does anyone know? Has she tried to go to the authorities? 
  • He’s careful with the things he ask. 
  • He pets her and lets her cry in silence for a good while before opening his arms wide for her to come into his embrace. 
  • After that, he persuades her into going to the police and speak her mind. 
  • He reassures and encourages her through the whole thing, reminding her that she can always count on him for anything. 
  • He’s truly worried and makes sure to tell their counselor about it so they can support his s/o as well and offer them some guidance for them to overcome the whole nightmare. 
  • He’s really sweet and caring with the ones he love, therefore, he won’t simply sit and wait around for things to change on their own, oh, no. If he can help his s/o, he will do it, right away, no matter what. 
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kuroko w/ milk tea

Kuroko Tetsuya

milk tea; what are their kisses like?

Kuroko’s kisses always have a hint of vanilla.

You’re not surprised his kisses are so sweet since he was practically an angel himself, at least in your opinion. When you’d leaned in close to initiate your first kiss with him a light pink blush had dusted his
cheeks but he hadn’t hesitated, moving to meet you halfway. He felt the slightest bit unsteady once he felt your lips against his own but as you continued to kiss him, beginning to move your lips in an attempt to slightly deepen it, he regained his confidence and followed your lead without question. When you pulled away he realized he was hungry for him, capturing your lips with his own once more and continuing like this until you’re both breathless.

“You’re so cute, Tetsuya.”

“I think you’re the cute one,” He mumbled back, averting his eyes from yours as though he hadn’t just kissed you until your lips were sore.

“We should do that again sometime,” You winked at him as though he wasn’t your boyfriend, someone you’d known for quite a few years now. You can see the mildly annoyed expression on his face at you clearly teasing how shy he was about it but it quickly turns into the normal soft smile he wore whenever you were around. “Wanna walk me home? I think we need a little more privacy if we’re gonna keep making out.”

“Do not say it like that,” He began to walk away
without you as you laughed at his embarrassment, catching up quickly and grabbing ahold of his hand. You let out a pleased noise as he laced his fingers
with yours and matched your pace, the short trek home finally beginning now that your after-practice date had ended. “I…”


“I wouldn’t mind spending more time alone together,” Kuroko stated bluntly, lightly squeezing your hand and glancing over at you, “But we
should finish our homework first.”

Kuroko knew that the minute the two of you kissed again there was no chance he’d be able to pull himself away and that your homework would likely go unfinished. He wouldn’t mind as much if his grades didn’t directly affect whether he could attend basketball games or not but unfortunately, the
two were closely tied together and he couldn’t imagine letting his team down. There were times where he had to wake up extra early on a school day to rush and finish what had to be done, mostly on days where he hung out with you after school and you convinced him to do anything but his homework; they weren’t his favorite days to deal with.

But he’d never been able to resist your charms before and he didn’t think he could start now.

Looks like it’d be an early morning tomorrow.

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nsfw alphabet w/ Kuroko and A, P, V,

Kuroko Tetsuya

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex): 

  • Kuroko always seems exhausted after sex even if he insists that he’s not that tired though he’s wobbly if he gets up right afterward so you’re generally the one who handles cleaning yourselves up. He can’t help that you always manage to suck the life out of him when you’re together and when you’re finally back, he’d rest his head on your chest and almost instantly drifts off to sleep. He’ll mumble a few loving things before he completely nods off but don’t expect much out of him.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? Etc.): 

  • Kuroko much prefers being slow and sensual as he’s a person who likes to take his time, cherishing your body and letting you know how much he loves you through his actions. There’s generally a lot of build-up before the two of you start to strip your clothes off and get down to it, Kuroko really liking to ‘romance’ you first but even he had days where he couldn’t help but want to get you in bed the minute you were alone together. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make): 

  • Kuroko isn’t the loud type in bed but he’s not completely silent. He seems embarrassed when he moans but they’re angelic and soft. You have to listen closely to hear them but Kuroko’s moans do grow in volume the longer you tease him and the closer he gets to coming, his voice unable to control itself. You’ve heard him whimper once or twice before, too, but this is quickly followed by a glare (with a dark blush adorning his face) as he tells you to stop purposely holding back as he was about to burst
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