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#Kuroko's Basketball
knb-incorrect · a day ago
Aomine: I want to adopt a kid, 5'5 and pale.
Adoption agency person: Ok-
Aomine: Like right now, Kagami will flip out if he notices I lost the old one.
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scenariosnoknb · 2 days ago
Hi! Love to see an active KNB account, you do a great job!
Could you do a headcanon if Akashi, Aomine, Kagami, and Midorima were dating an all-star athlete. If not basketball, then what sport would their s/o play?
Akashi Seijuro
I think if Akashi's s/o isn't a Basketball player then it's either tennis, horseback riding/ equestrianism
You two would have those dates where you two ride the horses and just plays
And even if you were the one training almost every day, he still manages to beat you!
But what's a better way to train than doing it with one of the best?
And what's a better award than a kiss from Akashi Seijuro
Aomine Daiki
Aside from Basketball, it's definitely Volleyball
He just gives me those vibes you know?
Maybe because he sometimes checks his s/o out when they're playing 👀
But seriously, I think he would be so into it. He might not be very good at it and sometimes gets hit with the ball when you suggest you two play
But nothing beats seeing you spike/receive/block that ball with everything you've got
Kagami Taiga
Soccer or maybe swimming
He's going to be so excited whenever you have games and always try to watch them....and gets sulky when he can't
I can also see him playing soccer with his s/o or going to a beach and having a swimming competition
Or maybe he's going to be surfing while his s/o swims
Midorima Shintaro
Hmmm, Midorima got me thinking actually
Maybe Badminton? or Gymnastics
Yeah I think either of those two
He loves how you seem to always enjoy yourself as you hit the shuttlecock with the racket or the amount of dedication and discipline you have for Gymnastics
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babydaddyleorio · 4 months ago
The things Aomine does
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aomine pulling you by your belt loops, your body flying into his chest from the unexpected force. He’s sitting down on his car’s hood, gazing at you standing in between his legs while licking his lips slightly. 
Aomine waiting beside your locker, leaning disinterestedly against the wall with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. You’d wave at him as you drew closer and he would immediately perk up, reaching to sling your bookbag over his shoulder while he asks how your day was.
Aomine taking you to an arcade for one of your dates, walking in the place and smiling largely before pulling you to play him in one of the basketball games they have there. The timer on the wall buzzes in your ears and you quickly reach to grab a basketball, shooting it as fast as you can as Aomine’s deep chuckle reaches your ears, teasing you relentlessly as he shoots beside you.
Aomine helping you cook in the kitchen, slyly grabbing the hand held faucet on the sink and spraying you when you least expect it. You gasp and flinch at the water that hits your skin and you dash after him with a spoon in your hands, Aomine sticking his tongue out as he runs away from you.
Aomine rubbing your back in soft circles, pushing your head into his chest as he consoles you. The thought of you being upset makes him livid, and he hugs you tighter in his embrace, closing his eyes as he slowly kisses your temple.
Aomine laying next to you on the rooftop, one arm behind his head as the two of you stare into the clouds. You slowly move your hand to grab his and Aomine looks down at your now interlocked fingers, relishing in the feeling of warmth that suddenly spreads across his body.
Tumblr media
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cosmicmerbabe · a month ago
KNB: How They Smack Your Butt
Obviously this is a little suggestive, maybe some minor cussing and probably overuse of the word ass. Please enjoy responsibly.
Includes: Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Murasakibara, Kagami and Kuroko
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Tumblr media
It wasn’t your fault. You were just reaching into the fridge and out of nowhere Akashi’s hand makes contact with your ass. You yelped, no way to deny that. Akashi on the other hand is not done. Now that he has your attention, he has both hands on your hips and grinds into you. Akashi clearly can’t control himself around you. You’re just too pretty.
Okay, hear me out. You have to get him drunk first. No way would he do something so inappropriate without alcohol. Even at home the most you get is a little pat from sober Midorima. Drunk Midorima, however, is going to send you forward a couple steps. Whole hand and all five fingers are going to make full and complete contact with your ass. Midorima won’t be satisfied with just a smack though. He’ll come up behind you again and just squeeze the butt cheek he just bruised. Drunk Midorima has no idea how strong he is.
This perv. He thought boobs were great until he smacked your ass for the first time. Life changed. Now he does the classic smack and grab. I would like to point out that this man has no shame. Grocery shopping? Aisle 3, smack and squeeze. Taking a walk together in a crowded park? The sound of the smack echoes and the face he makes while groping your ass belongs in a porno. Get Aomine drunk and he will always have a hand on your ass.
Smacks and compliments. Kise will land a good smack, not hard enough to really hurt but enough to get your undivided attention before complimenting you on everything. He’ll tell you how nice your ass feels, how cute your outfit is, how lovely your hair is, all while maintaining contact with your butt. Giving little squeezes before whispering in your ear about taking this someplace private.
RIP. this man launched you into space. 100% does not know his own strength. He’ll rub it better later though. Not really into smacking, takes too much work. He’d much rather just lazily grope your ass. Usually remember to be relatively gentle, sometimes forgets and your ass pays the price. Will share snacks with you while he has a handful of your ass.
Respectfully smacks your ass. Typically gives you little pats and squeezes, showing you that he appreciates your ass. Occasionally you get a full smack. I’m talking cross court pass kind of power behind this smack. You have entered another dimension. Respectfully though. He feels slightly bad, but seeing your booty jiggle was worth it.
He isn’t gonna be big on smacking. More of a grope and squeeze. Gets hypnotized by your ass as he squeezes. Will not do anything in public. Very serious about that. At home then he will have your ass in his hand 87% of the time. Often falls asleep with his hand on your ass. Likes to cook with a hand on your ass. Watches tv with a hand on your ass. Get the picture? While he’s railing you from behind he has both hands on your ass.
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seyawrld · a month ago
murasakibara with a size ABD breeding kink would literally end me 😫😫😫
Tumblr media
how could he not have a size kink, he’s bigger than all of the girls he’s come across except for the ones he’s related to. as for the breeding kink, you can’t tell me he doesn’t think of you as a pastry and he’s just filling you PLS
most, if not all the time, he’s the one coming onto you, lips on your neck with his erection poking into your lower back. and on the odd occasion that you decide you won’t need to speak for another day and give him head, he’s making you take all of him and loves seeing you struggle. he relishes in seeing your face coated with a mix of saliva, tears, and his nut. 10/10, thinks you’re a work of art.
now when you’re getting it in, he’ll have you ride him with a glint in his eyes that tells you he finds it entertaining when you can barely slide down his shaft. he has his hands behind his head and he’s sitting up and looking down at you.
“need some help, baby?” he drawls and when you nod he’s humming in consideration just to toy with you. you’re already on the verge of breaking into tears, you’re aching for an orgasm and he just won’t quit playing with you.
once he does decide to give you a break, he’s pulling you down until his tip is brushing deliciously against your cervix. don’t expect him to start off slow cause he doesn’t know the meaning. he’s an impatient man and he just doesn’t have the time to let you get used to his dick.
he’s easily lifting you up and down his shaft while you go limp in his hold. by the time he gets anywhere near his nut, you’ve already lost count of how many times you’ve cum. murasakibara is flipping you over, looming over you with you on your back and your legs quickly pushed towards your head. he’s got you folded in half and is fucking into you deeper than before. there’s a creamy ring around the base of his dick every time, and if there isn’t he’s making sure you go at it until there is. and his nut creeps onto him a lot faster than he anticipates when your walls are tightening around him so much.
“gonna make you a m-mommy,” he’s husking into your ear. “my girl’s gonna look so pr-pretty with my baby in ‘er.”
“you wanna be a mommy, don’t you?”
you’re nodding your head though you have no clue what’s going on. when he finally cums, he’s filling you to the brim and keeps himself dormant between your gummy walls as he lays down beside you. and later on when you both wake up from your nap, he has to watch as you down a pill and gets pouty when you explain why the two of you aren’t ready for children.
too bad the pill doesn’t work cause he has super sperm like aomine:p
Tumblr media
i actually enjoyed writing this , he’s definitely in my top three for sure;(
gonna try to finish the rest of my requests by tomorrow since i have work today
©️seyawrld 2021
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rexann · 2 months ago
↳ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐁𝐎𝐀𝐑𝐃. aomine daiki.
Tumblr media
cw // 18+, nsfw, explicit content, swearing, rough sex, raw sex, pet names.
pairing // aomine daiki x reader.
note // second pov, aged-up character, grammatical errors, not proofread. and happy birthday to our best boy daiki!
words count // 1.3K
Tumblr media
You couldn't even remember why you'd visit Aomine's apartment. Things escalated quickly into a heated make out session by the time you found him fresh out of the shower, his towel dangling low on his hips, showing his v-line.
“What did I say about not shirtless in front of me, Daiki?” You sighed, turning away, not wanting to gawk over his Godly abs for any more minutes.
Aomine smirked, “why? Do I make you nervous?”
“Uneasy, for exact.” You snorted, you hated his stupid smirk.
“I know you'd enjoyed it, though.”
“I am. I'm a normal girl after all.”
The dark blue-haired man let out a short, deep laugh. Amused by your witty comeback, they always got him. He liked the fact that you didn't even bother to try hiding your feelings.
“Are you?” He asked, crossing his hands over his toned chest, leaning against the wall, his boring eyes gazing towards you. “Whatcha gonna do about it?”
Ooh, he should be careful.
You accept his challenge, “you asked for this.”
Aomine's eyes followed you as you approached his figure on the wall beside his room. You stopped right in front of him, not even hesitating to look up despite the height gap between the both of you.
“Tch. What could possibly a little girl like you do—” 
He immediately shut up when you leaned forward, your nose touched his chest as you started licking his tan skin, you moved down to his abs. 
You stop at his v-line, eyes locking up with his wide ones, and then you move back up to his chest, all while you never break eye contact until you're done.
“Tasty. As I imagined.” You licked your lips, mocking him.
Usually, you'd found his flustered cheeks and annoyed face when you teased him. But this time, his eyes darken, like a predator looking into his prey. Hungry.
And here you are, pinned against his room's wall with him squatting down in front of you, one of your legs over his shoulder, one of his hands holding your neck, the other gripping your thigh, keeping you in place as he focuses to eat your pussy out.
Aomine's nose brushing over your clit and you're about to come for the second time.
“Daiki—fuck! Stop,” you plead, hands roaming on the back of his head.
He ignored you, mumbled, “tasty huh?”
You bite your lower lip, preventing you from letting out your moans because you didn't want to provoke him more.
Aomine knows that you're about to come, yet he suddenly pulls away, leaving you hanging and irritated.
“Don't act like you didn't tease me earlier,” his deep voice hoarse, looking up at you, slightly mad.
He didn't give you a chance to say anything as he took you over to his shoulder, making you squeak. Aomine turns back facing his bed and throws you down, harshly.
Your clothes quickly stripped down from you, scattered around the floor, finally exposed before his eyes.
You let him spread your legs with his knees as he settled between you, unwrapping his towel and his hard cock sprung free, proudly standing in front of you. He can see you gulp down your saliva.
“Keep gawking and I'll shove it down your throat you can't even speak for shit.” Aomine spat.
Basically, Aomine is a rough lover. But then tonight, he's rougher than usual, turning you on more than ever.
His strict demeanor is to show you that this is what you got when you riled him up.
Your hands reached up to him, demanding attention as he leaned down to kiss you sloppily, your chest brushing each other. His hands caressing your waist to feel your curve.
Aomine tug down your lower lip, opening his eyes to meet yours, before he starts kissing your jawline, down to your neck, and to your chest, his favourite part.
His tongue felt hot licking your tits as you arch your back, and eventually gave up to hide your voice, you groaned.
“There we go,” he mumbled.
You grip his biceps tighter when the tip of his hard cock brushing your entrance, you lift up your waist to chase him. But much to your dismay, he pulls away.
“What do normal people do when they want something, doll?” Aomine asked, sitting between your legs, his hands resting on your thighs, looking down at you.
“Cried.” You answered bravely.
Aomine snorted, “alright, you asked for this, you little brat.”
He grabbed your hips and thrusted in all at once into your cunt.
“Fuck!” You screamed, feeling full all of sudden.
Ooh, how he liked it when you struggled to take his cock in. Aomine was big BIG. No matter how many times you have sex with him, you'll always have to adjust.
Aomine let out a deep growl, almost sounding like a panther, he stayed still, “fucking tight.”
The fact that his dick now stretching your walls decreases his patience. 
You saw him flexing his shoulder, ready to go, when you're still adjusting to his size, “wait, please. Daiki, wait—”
But you're not sure that he even listens to you when lust starts overwhelming the two of you. Aomine's gaze gets darker, gripping your waist tightly that it will be bruise later.
He didn't hesitate to pound into you with a rapid pace immediately. Leaving you a moaning mess, clutching your hands to the bed sheets.
“Shit,” Aomine grunts, watching as he pumps in and out of your tight cunt, “stop clenching around me doll, you're gonna ruin me.”
Funny because he's literally the one that's ruining you now.
You arch your back, his dick went deeper and the two of you groaned by the pleasure when the tip of his cock kissed your cervix.
“C'mon, Daiki, fucked me up all you want.” You kissed his jawline, hip up to meet his thrust.
Aomine growls, “what a daring little girl.”
He strained his back, dark blue eyes piercing into you, your red cheeks, your half-lidded eyes, your mouth hanging a little, so cute yet so lewd. Ooh he's dead.
“Fuck,” he breathed heavily, thrusting into you deeper, making you whimper under him.
“Daikiii,” you sighed, lifting up your hips to meet him, “pleaseee, move.”
He liked it. The way his name rolls out of your mouth like a prayer, the way you beg like your life is in his hands, the way you submit to him, everything about you is driving him crazy.
“Don't worry, babe,” Aomine muttered under his breath, his hands steady on your waist as he moved up to the proper place, “I'd fucked you good it'd break you.”
Aomine pulled out halfway before thrusted into you hard, your breast jiggling repeatedly as he started pounding your cunt again.
He snapped his hip for a harder thrust, making you scream his name, hands gripping his nape and biceps, legs wrapping his waist.
All that Aomine could think of was how your cunt sucked him in, felt so good he'd die right on the moment.
He grunts, sloppily kisses you open-mouthed as one of his hands releases your waist to hold onto the wood headboard, picking up his pace.
“Can I come? Daiki, please, please.” You begged, squeezing him inside, your stomach clenching. “I needa cum, pleaseee.”
“Come with me, doll.” He pants, gripping the headboard tightly.
When Aomine reaches his high, you hear the cracking sounds following with a few wood flakes falling into your forehead, and Aomine collapses on you.
You blink a few times to proceed what just happened, with Aomine buried on your chest, his back rising up and down on your palm, you break the silence.
“Daiki?” You whispered, staring down at his blue locks.
“Mhmm.” He mumbled, tightly hugging you, his cock also still buried inside your cunt.
You blatantly asked, “did you— did you just break the headboard?”
Aomine didn't answer, instead, he leaned up to look at you, and over your head where the headboard indeed broke. He pulled his hand up to see his palm was scratched a little and full of flakes.
“Ah, I did.” Aomine bluntly responds.
“You're a beast!” You laughed, making him chuckle and leaned forward to kiss your chin.
“Can't be helped, you were so good for me I got carried away.”
Tumblr media
Also available on Twitter and AO3.
Tumblr media
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andythelemon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
My piece for a friend’s KNB fanzine! I had so much fun revisiting my faves and couldn’t be happier about this year’s Netflix dub release (it’s unhinged and fantastic, I love it lmao)
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misss-chrisss · 15 days ago
for your follower event , dad!aomine with his breeding kink🧎🏽‍♀️
yes seya…just yes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Breeding...Of course, he’s into that.
Breeding has Aomine’s name written over it, something’s he’s exceedingly excited about. It’s the need to stuff his little wife to the brim with his cum that had you birthing out four of his children, year after year. Aomine was in love with his growing family, but his desire to create such a tribe was something you couldn’t understand.
On the week of your five-year anniversary, you suggested a quick getaway for the weekend, leaving your parents to watch the children. Aomine threw together both his and your bags that very night, even taking the time to search for the perfect destination that would take you two on such late notice. To his luck, a quaint resort in the next city over was more than welcoming, Aomine booking a room for the following day.
The next day, quick hugs and kisses turned into you having to be carried away from your children, your doting mother tendencies couldn’t just up and leave her precious babies. Aomine, on the other hand, told them to simply “Stay alive and make sure to keep Grandma and Grandpa’s stress levels to a minimum,” which translated into, “I love you, be safe.”
During the ride to the resort alone, Aomine couldn’t help but stare at your pouting frame, bringing about the biggest smile to his face. “Why so sad, y’know it’s gonna be a bummer if you’re sad and I’m happy,” he queried, his words ridiculed with apathy. You shifted your gaze over to him, a sigh seeping from your lips. “I miss the kids, I’ll be okay in a little while.”
To your surprise, Aomine had already pulled the car over, resting his arm atop the middle console as he watched you describe your current mood. He hummed along, even adding a nod as a sign of comprehension. That’s when he allowed for the words you’ve been waiting for to enter onto the scene, your legs tensing together in their firm hold.
“I can give you another one if it’ll make you smile. I mean, it’d make a real nice anniversary gift.”
Before you could have attempt to speak, he pushed a kiss onto your lips, knocking your head back slightly. Your dainty fingers laced around his neck, closing the distance to the best of your ability. A hum of bliss rang from both your chests, all objections leaving from your mind. As hectic and unplanned another child sounded, it was nothing short of your past pregnancies. Then again, you knew exactly what you were getting into when suggesting the idea. Anytime Aomine had an ounce of time with you, he had tried his best to fill you to the  brim, unsure of when he’d have you to himself again.
That was the way of the one and only Daiki Aomine.
He drew himself back, the thin strands of saliva connecting the remnants of the passionate exchange. The glint of lust consumed his eyes, his blue hues glossing over the citrine dress you happened to wear for the day. “You know what to do, Gorgeous. Get that pretty ass of yours in the back,” Aomine grinned, the pad of his thumb tracing along the curves of your bottom lip.
You didn’t show a lick of dissent, climbing towards the row of seats behind you. Aomine followed after, making swift movements in the limited space. You found yourself perched atop his lap, the dress that once graced your body tossed to the side, leaving only the lacy black thong on. Aomine breathed in the sight of you, his lips making quick to mark the velvety tract of your neck. He’d long discard himself of his black trousers, the white polo joining the party of discarded clothing. You clung around the nape of his neck, filling Aomine’s ears with cute  gasps and whimpers.
“Can’t wait to make you a mommy again, you’ll be so perfect with that round belly of yours,” he muttered, yanking the lacy fabric to the side. Without having to take a look, you already knew that your husband was in a wreck of his own, the thick crown of his cock beading with pre. The veins adoring the shaft throbbed with anticipation, nudging at your fluttering slit with such gentleness you could’ve taken him all in the very moment.
With one hand on your hip and the other bracing the base of his length, Aomine pressed a final kiss onto your lips. “You ready, I’ll go easy on you since it’s been a little while,” he hummed softly. Your brows knitted themselves in confusion, Aomine’s statement being unsettling.
“Babe, it’s only been a wee-” You began, only for the head of his dick to push between your folds, stretching your walls around him. “E-Exactly, a week too damn long. I’m not the most patient man,” he gritted, biting back the moan within his throat. Your head dropped into the crook of Aomine’s neck, your breath heating his tanned skin. Aomine’s hand found way to your clit, rubbing delicate circles onto the sensitive bud. The budding relief made up for the brief burn of being stretched along Aomine’s dick, your body adjusting to him quicker than usual.
Once you sat comfortably on his lap with the entirety of his cock buried deep inside, that’s when Aomine gripped your waist, giving you one good thrust to start. His eyes immediately fell onto your chest, observing how your breasts bounced in response to him. The explicit clashes of skin echoed around the space, Aomine’s urgent rutting making itself apparent. Thin sheens of sweat settled at his forehead, your digits wiping away the determination. “Fuck, you’re taking me in so well, Princess. Gonna give you ‘nother baby, I have to,” he rambled, speaking the words as if they were his affirmations for the day. 
Each bounce left you in a sobbing mess, the girthy mass of Aomine’s cock disappearing inside you. He huffed silent grunts into the air, barely grappling onto the scene before him. Aomine was in pure bliss, having his little wife being jolted into the air by his doing. He couldn’t wait to see your state after a few more moments when he’d emptied all he had into the beckoning cunt of yours. You couldn’t even bother to utter any words, not with the way the tip of his dick was planting kisses onto your cervix with need.
Your thoughts were swarmed with images of a pudgy little child, the idea always bringing about a sense of excitement through your body. Your nerves pricked with concupiscence, mindless babbles of revelry bursting from your lolling mouth. The coil within your tummy was met with such pressure, it couldn’t withstand the pummeling rolls of Aomine’s hips as the pool of an incoming orgasm soon flooded your senses.
Once Aomine had slammed you down, his head was thrown back by the pressure your walls squeezed along him. You drenched his lap with your release, an inaudible wail following suit. Patches of white shrouded your vision, unaware of the turmoil you placed Aomine in. His nails clipped at the plush of your waist, coming undone underneath you.
Thick ropes of his essence flooded your womb, earnings giddy squeal of your lips. He pulled you into his heaving chest, the climatic atmosphere reaching its high. Aomine kept you in his hold, swaying the both of you with a gentle hum vibrating from his chest. He brought his lips to your ear, leaving you with a single sentence, describing his goal in sixteen words.
“This is gonna be the best vacation we’ve ever taken, I can promise you that much.
Tumblr media
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justthoughtsabtanime · 16 hours ago
aomine : im going now
kuroko : please tell kagami "i love you"
aomine : ok
aomine : yo! kagami!
kagami : what
aomine : tetsu said he loves me
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lovwlie · a month ago
they text you right after your sibling escapes
smau! fluff! — murasakibara! midorima! kuroko! kagami! aomine! kise!
notes: I’m literally in the final episodes while posting this and this anime is so good oh my gosh
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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seyawrld · a month ago
Could i pretty please ask for aomine with a size kink🥰🤩❤️❤️
Tumblr media
okay but i think him and murasakibara for sure have the biggest size kinks. it’s something about having you struggle to take them that sets them off and we all know they have huge egos so it’s just adding fuel to the flame.
aomine will have you ride him with a shit eating grin on his face, knowing damn well you won’t be able to fit him in you. you’re barely half way down his shaft with tears building up in the corner of your eyes when he decides to take matters into his own hands. with a hold on your waist to keep you from moving too much, he slowly lifts his hips to slide into you further. he’s watching with gleaming eyes as you let out sharp breathy moans but what really does it for him is the tear that slides down your cheek.
“s’too big,” you manage to moan.
“yeah?” he’s raising a mocking eyebrow and gradually picking up the pace.
“is it too much for you? want me to slow down?” you nod absently, expecting him to do just that but the grip he has on your hips doesn’t let up and he’s grunting a, “well you gotta learn to take it, baby.”
and like that, he starts rearranging your guts, i’m talking pistoning in and out of you like he wants you to tap out. you’re cumming a lot quicker than you anticipated, drenching his pelvis and your thighs in the process. knowing he’s got you crying and creaming around him drives him crazy bestie.
so he’s flipping you over and pushing your legs back and keeping his eyes on the way the slight bulge in your stomach disappears whenever he pulls out only to show up again when he thrusts back in. and you know you’re ruined by the end of the night, bonnet out of place or hair in disarray with your legs twitching while you try to process what happened.
Tumblr media
i honestly don’t know if i got the size kink part right but i do want him to fold me in half and have his way with me;(
©️seyawrld 2021
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babydaddyleorio · 5 months ago
Murasakibara relationship headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Murasakibara is honestly a very chill boyfriend. He typically just goes with the flow of the relationship and let’s you take the lead most of the time.  
-He loves taking long naps with you after eating big meals. He becomes super sleepy when he eats too much at one time and will slump on your shoulder at the table or drag you to your room so you can cuddle him.
-Despite being so huge in comparison to you, he’s still a big baby. He wants to be all up under you (both in public and private) and gets sad if you don’t show him any attention. 
-It’s no secret that Murasakibara is a foodie, so expect a lot of dates at different restaurants. And although he prefers someone else cooking for him, Murasakibara will still make his own dishes and you’d be surprised with how good it comes out.
-You typically give him motivation to do things that he usually tries to get out of. You constantly encourage him to do his homework and give him the pep-talk that he needs to train, and even though he does it reluctantly and as If it’s so bothersome to him, he really appreciates you always pushing him to be his best.
-Murasakibara is also super moody. He catches an attitude real quick If someone does something he does not like, and will retaliate once they finally get under his skin. You’ve gotten use to how sensitive he is by now and you sometimes have to stop yourself from laughing at how easily he pouts or complains about the smallest things.
-He actually doesn’t like to have his hair in his face because it can be annoying, especially if he’s eating, but most of the time he’s just too lazy to put it up. And when you found this out, you’d always bring extra hair ties for him whenever you left the house, and he’d be so happy if you put his hair in a ponytail for him.
-He secretly loves it whenever you come to his games. He tends to act as If basketball isn’t something he cares about, but the minute he sees that you’ve come to support him, he knows he has to win no matter what.
-Murasakibara also gets jealous very easily. Although it may seem like he is laid back for most things, he actually will feel some type of way if he notices that someone is being a little too friendly with you. He will give you discreet peaks or just flat out glare honestly, and there’s a huge chance that he’ll try to scare them away by coming to stand behind you and completely sizing the person up.
-He skips practice a lot just to come see you. Will bring you snacks and just lays around your room while lazily watching you do your work.
-He’s mostly quiet and doesn’t like talking much unless he’s with you. And as cheesy as it may sound, he’s become comfortable enough to let his guard down whenever you guys are together.
-And anyone who's lucky enough to have that privilege has Murasakibara’s heart 100%.
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