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#Kuroo Tetsurou
Daichi: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just want to know.
Kita: I did, i bro-
Daichi: No, no you didn't. Bokuto?
Bokuto: Don't look at me! Look at Kuroo!
Kuroo: What! I didn't break it.
Bokuto: That's weird, how'd you even know it was broken?
Kuroo: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken?
Bokuto: Suspicious.
Kuroo: No, it's not!
Ushijima: If it matters, Oikawa was the last one to use it.
Oikawa: LIAR! I don't even drink that crap!
Ushijima: Really, then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Oikawa: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles! Everyone knows that, Ushiwaka!
Kita: Okay, okay, let's not fight. We don't know who broke it so let me pay for it, Daichi-san.
Daichi: No! Who broke it?
Kuroo: . . . Daichi, Daishou has been awfully quiet-
Daichi to Sugawara: I broke it. It burnt my hand so I punched it. I predict, 10 minutes from now, they'll be at each other's throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
Daichi: Good. It was getting little chummy around here.
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You’re definately my ideal friend🥺

Also, you’re the first match-up requester! Thanks a lot! Here you go💕

I match you with..

Kuroo Tetsurou


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

  • Kuroo is chill but also pretty extroverted.
  • Will definately flirt with you, ever if you don’t blush easyly. He’s up for the challenge.
  • Really likes planning exciting dates for the two of you.
  • Roots showing? He’s there to help. Altough he’s not really experienced with hairdyes, he’s a quick learner.
  • If you have cats, he’ll really love them.
  • If you have dogs, he’ll love them too.
  • He loves everything about you.
  • You’ll have to get used to him not opening up. He tries to hide his feelings and is really good in doing so. Let him warm up to you (ノ^_^)ノ
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Pairing: Kuroo x Witch!F!Reader

WC: 4.7k

Warnings: NSFW angst (w/some fluff), mentions of execution, smut, losing virginity, bruising/marking, unprotected sex, nipple play, oral, fingering, vag penetration

A/N: My first Haikyuu HQ NSFW collab piece and I’m so excited! The theme was fantasy and I just couldn’t resist (hence the hefty word count). Check out other fics from the collab (goes live tomorrow) here!

“Bring that monster in.”

The servants fervently nodded before leaving the court; they didn’t need to hear the King’s command twice, the booming voice of his father even causing Kuroo to wince.

The grand doors opened once again, a thrashing figure being dragged by the returning servants as the bile rose in Kuroo’s throat. A part of him hoped that it wasn’t you. That it wasn’t you with shackled wrists and ankles, your screams muffled by the burlap sack over your head.

His suspicions were only confirmed as the sack was removed, your desperate gasps piercing the tense air. He wanted to get up from his seat to embrace and shield you from the hateful glares yet every part of his body froze. Your eyes frantically searched around the room until they met his, another gasp leaving you, this one more wounded.


“I forbid you from cursing his name, you wretch,” snarled the King, “or I will immediately end this trial to have you hanged.”

“B-but Your Majesty–”

“Enough! Yaku, let us commence. I refuse to look at this miscreant for much longer.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Let the record show the official trial and inquiry into witchcraft committed by L/N Y/N has commenced.”

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also yes… Kuroo is such angst material. Hes the mutual pining that DOESNT work out. It becomes your biggest what if, a happily never after, a longing for a tomorrow that will never come.

He’s listened to your voicemail on his phone about a million times before bed and checks his messages a hundred times before he can get some shut eye, hoping that one day he’ll hear a ping and see your name across his phone screen.

But he’s strong, and so he perseveres, wishing you happy birthdays on your birthdays (exactly at midnight too because he’s romantic like that) and never forgets to congratulate you on anything you post on your Instagram.

Even Kenma starts to worry, offering Kuroo his spare console to join his YouTube livestreams despite Kuroo’s distant stares and empty nods. It’s heartbreaking to see his best friend like that, but it’s okay because at the end of the day, Kuroo knows that… it just wasn’t meant to be :)

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pairing — kuroo tetsurou x gn!reader

warnings — an unbelievable amount of sap

word count — 1k~

an — ah yet another piece for my lovely @kurooskult i’ve been wanting to write sap and i wasnt actually planning this but i’m happy to write it. hope you all enjoy!!!

inspo — Letters To
‘I always told myself
That I could not possibly
Fall more in love with you.
But here you are,
Proving me wrong once again.’
written by FS Yousaf


my dearest love,

when i think of our love, i am reminded of an infinite sky. boundless, and never ending in it’s vastness. you are my sun, my moon, and all the stars that line the sky. i cannot see forward or backward without seeing you there as well, by my side.

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A/N: Yes! I’m sorry the whole short S/O thing is so overplayed to the point where u feel left out! Hopefully I can give my tall pples some justice

Pairings: Sakusa Kiyoomi, Kuroo Tetsurou x GN!Reader

Form: Headcanon.

Warnings: I cursed like once.

  • He can’t really.. call you chibi-chan.. like he oh so desperately wants to…
  • His arm is like constantly wrapped around your shoulder because its easier to do that with someone that’s the same height as him.
  • If you play sports cause you’re tall he supports you and goes to your games if he y'know doesn’t have a game/practice himself. If Kuroo can get by in the sport he’ll help you whenever you ask
  • (And if its volleyball, you guys are helping each other out and its a lot of fun).
  • Presses his forehead against yours a lot
  • And forehead kisses. That’s one of his favorite place to kiss you.
  • If you ever get bullied because of your height Kuroo will of course, roast them using big science words.
  • Like did you not get enough of *this nutrient* since you’re so short.
  • Mans a geek and your height doesn’t change that lmao.
  • Being tall comes with stretch marks more often than not, and Kuroo does not even bat an eye to them
  • He really couldn’t care less, this is mr. Science man here. He knows its a natural thing bound to happen when you get tall, he might have a couple himself.
  • Makes sure you’re having enough calories to sustain your height and all that. He’s the kind of guy to check up on how much water you’ve been drinking so it’s no surprise he’s a little concerned about your diet.
  • (Not in an overbearing way, though)
  • Roast Yaku with him please.
  • Honestly you two might just pick up Yaku… Kuroo grabs his arms and you get his legs while he just yells.
  • Kuroo doesn’t swing around though, you guys do it to just make Yaku mildly upset and place him at a different spot than where he was.
  • Help him put Kenma’s PSP, gameboy, or phone at high places where Kenma can’t reach
  • And watch Kozume go feral
  • Anyway, he hugs you from behind a lot and rests his head on your shoulder.
  • Kuroo is a fantastic hugger and you can’t convince me otherwise. He’ll make you feel extremely safe and protected all by just wrapping his arms around you.
  • Kuroo didn’t really particularly care that you were indeed tall, but he couldn’t help but like it to hold you. You were a teddy bear just the size of him, what’s there not to like.
  • You still get Sakusa headpats don’t worry
  • Hug him from behind and watch him squirm lmao
  • But he he grows to love getting hugged from behind though!! Shockingly enough.
  • He’s touched starved and he eases his way into being able to be held by you. So it definitely becomes a thing he expects out of you once he starts liking it lol
  • So much eye contact!! If its not something you’re good at giving that’s alright with him, but he’s still gonna be looking into your eyes.
  • Idk it just seems like one of his quirks to me
  • If you play a sport, he’s gonna support you. I doubt Sakusa actually particularly likes sports asides from volleyball; so, he might not be that prone to play anything else with you
  • If you do play volleyball he’ll help you practice every now and again, he doesn’t see why not since its beneficial for both himself and you.
  • But even if you play a sport he doesn’t enjoy, Sakusa doesn’t miss any of your games if it doesn’t conflict with his schedule.
  • He’s not hard to pick out in the stands, he’s sitting as far away from everyone else as he can. Also if he says he’s gonna be there, he gonna be there. The last thing Omi is is a liar and promise breaker.
  • (This translates to general plans as well. For Sakusa to not live up to his word a catastrophe must’ve occured)
  • Really couldn’t give a single fuck about any stretch marks.. Like he’s so indifferent about them you can question if he even knows they’re there.
  • Oh my god, he whispers a lot into your ear so much.
  • Like small things when you two are in crowded areas. Like you’re gonna be confused if it’s sexy or not because it’ll just be pretty mundane things.
  • You know the one
  • The one he gives to the “unclean”
  • Its honestly golden. The expression he makes will make you instantly forget what the short-stack said to you.
  • Anyway, he rests his head in the crook of your neck/shoulder to look at whatever you’re doing
  • You’re the only person he lets into his personal space, don’t let that go to waste.
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