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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Prisoners of the Himalayas
On the roof of the world, a woman is worth a hundred sheep, but the salary of a shepherd is only one sheep per month. Women are scarce because most of them die at a young age during child birth.

The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir have experienced famine, exile, war and persecution. The only place where they have found security and peace is the hidden depths of Central Asia. Despite the hardships and extremely inhospitable terrain, these people have managed to survive and maintain their traditional way of life against all odds.

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Some animations of Siddhi City “Solto de animation”.

This is a character modeled on Erdan Kokumbaev.

Erdan is a Kyrgyz artist (dancer) like Solto, working in a group called ADEMshow and space machine.

Некоторые анимации города Сиддхи “Solto de animation”.

Это персонаж по образцу Erdan Kokumbaev.

Erdan - кыргызский артист (танцор), такой как Solto, работающий в группе под названием ADEMshow and space machine.

Siddhi City “Solto de animation” の一部のアニメーションです。

こちらはErdan Kokumbaevくんをモデルにしたキャラクターです(o^―^o)ニコ

Erdanくんは、Soltoさんと同じくキルギスのアーティスト(ダンサー)で、ADEMshow と space machineというグループで活動しています

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The Kyrgyz people are a Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia, primarily Kyrgyzstan.
Shamans, most of whom are women, still play a prominent role at funerals, memorials, and other ceremonies and rituals.
Kyrgyz is a member of the Kyrgyz–Kipchak subgroup of the Kypchak languages and modern-day language convergence has resulted in an increasing degree of mutual intelligibility between Kazakh and Kyrgyz.
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Talant 60′K & Aiya Sadyrova -  Sen Menin Tuşumsun

quick question for anyone using the cyrillic script, is there a difference between words where all the letters are in upper case and words with letters in lower case? while google translate shouldn’t be trusted that much as a reference it gives me different translations 🤔 if I copy-paste this kyrgyz song name into google translate it translates to “you are my misfire” and if I type in the song name with lower case letters it translates to “you have seen my”

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