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Well, as you know, I love this manga and I’ve been following it since I was a girl to adolescents and adults, I don’t have the time to follow it as I wanted but until now I realize that Ciel and Sebatian they wear Hanfu clothing that was typical of the Tang dynasty seems very cute to me, the hanfu were used for meetings, traditional celebrations and were worn by men and women .

The Hanfu is characterized by a loose and sophisticated dress, and if you used any color it had meaning.

Taking into account that Lau and Ranmao are Chinese

We can deduce that the Hanfu that Sebastian wears is of a black color, normally it meant the color of evil, it was reserved exclusively for the elderly, along with blue-gray.

That’s funny well little reference to our dear Ciel just kidding! But if the black and blue-gray could only be used by the elderly …

White was mourning, red for its part meant a symbol of virtue and good luck today, it still means that and it is very common to see it at a wedding that the bride’s dress is red, in in new years, anniversaries.

I think Ranmao’s style is a Qipao, more modern.

The Qipao was designed to show more of the natural softness of the female form, in addition to creating more of the illusion of slim legs.

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