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I missread a post about a headcanon and instead I read

“What if William became ruler of Hell”

and I was “WHAT”.

But then the idea stick with me and now I want it to happend (in some AU) that after a long long wait and longer training with Mathers, William is able to master the magic and the power over the pillars to become the ruler of hell;  to live the life he always wanted, but in hell

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@motylheir​ replied ;  Papa!!!


               His eyes open wide as soon as a familiar little voice makes it presence in the room, and with his heart beginning to lighten up upon knowing from who said voice belonged to, Sherlock turns around in an almost energetic manner, only to find his eyes meeting those familiar big blue eyes of none other than little Jim.

A warm smile immediately forms on the tall man´s lips, and although Sherlock is a man who often shows his affection in subtle ways, this time it´s his heart that takes place before his mind as he sees the excitement in the eyes of the small child he took as his own son some time ago, so it doesn´t take long for him to catch the running child in between his arms with affection, returning the familiar hug back to him with clear happiness.


“Ha ha ha! It´s comforting to see you as joyful as always Jim” He speaks softly as he pulls away from the child only to be able to see his face once again; “Tell me how have you been? did miss Meyrin has been taking care of you properly?”

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