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Ahem… Excuse me, what is your heterosexuality doing in my Voyager finale? Seven is gay, I tell you! Gay! No, you won’t convince me otherwise, don’t even try.

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working on a commission of @zylax ’s OC✌️🌷 thank you so much for the trust

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Cz/En (from ing stories)


Hele z 20.1.2021 na 21.1.2021 se mi zdál sen, kde Byl Richard Kruspe a Till Lindemann.

(vypadali dost podobně, jako tady na fotce)

Zbarvení snu bylo v holografických barvách.

Hodně mi to připomínalo scénu z pohádek, o Šípkovové Růžence a Sněhurce, když princové se sklání nad postelemi princezen a pak je políbí.

Till ležel na posteli, obě ruce položené na břiše, měl zavřené oči a pak přišel Richard a políbil ho. Hluboce ho políbil. Jakože HODNĚ.

A pak jsem se probudila…. Ale i tak to bylo skvělý :’) 🤍

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Education Time

Hello huns…

Did you know that in almost 75 countries in the world being gay (LGBTQ+) is considered illegal and it is punishable (even with death)?

And that is why straight Pride is sh¡t.

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will solace is pansexual, here’s why

  • I know things
  • I am pansexual
  • I’m saying that he is pansexual
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Dude I’m literally freaking out because this girl just asked me to be her girlfriend and I kind of impulsively said yes and now I’m regretting it because I feel like we’ve had such a friendship type of connection this whole time instead of really exploring a romantic one and I’m freaking out because I know I feel a physical connection to her and somewhat of an emotional connection but I don’t feel a romantic one?? It just doesn’t really feel like we 100% align and I haven’t had a lot of time to let that brew but she’s like “I’ve been wanting you for a whole year” and stuff but idk we just don’t have this lovey dovey firey passionate connection and idk am I crazy???? Like sometimes I find myself straight up purposely ignoring her like is that really how I should feel about someone to get into a whole relationship with???? What the fuck am I doing like am I settling due to my own loneliness because I haven’t met anyone else??


am I self sabotaging a perfectly fine connection just because I’m not feeling like how I’m supposed to feel? Should I just give her a chance and see what happens??? Could she make me happy, could she give me everything I need in a relationship? Do I need to give myself time to really look at her in a different way?

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okay so i want to whole heartedly apology for anything and everything that i’ve said negatively about neopronouns and the mogai community. I want to apologize if i have caused any harm to anybody… I’ve grown and learned a lot in the past year about others and even myself. i understand that these labels and pronouns aren’t actually hurting anybody and aren’t making the LGBTQ+ community look bad. I literally feel fucking awful that i had such a harmful mentality towards my trans siblings. I’m open to taking questions and critiques xx and i love you all.

I just needed to put that out there .xx.

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thinking of changing my name to newt???

in the process of dying my hair pink.

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it was a bad idea calling you up except that i’m not calling and the phone’s shaking in my hand and i’m sweating and my whole life passing through my eyes and why did god combine lesbians with anxiety

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i hope you have a really great day today!!! i also hope the monster in your closet decides to come out. not so they scare you, but because they deserve to be themself and we won’t judge. also then you can have that jacket they borrowed back :((

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“Bi women have a proximity towards heterosexuality” is literally just a pretentious, faux feminist way of saying “y’all are half straight lol”

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I bought myself a kindle!

send me your book recommendations that are gay and slap

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I just had a conversation with someone about trans athletes and he literally refused to acknowledge trans women as women or trans men as men, and he kept reverting back to “well, biologically”-

And he can really just shut the hell up, because if he was in front of me right now, I would knock the daylights out of him.


Trans community, I am so sorry. I am so sorry people like him deprive you of your right to exist as you are without negativity thrown your way. I am here for you, and i love you.

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