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thegyusorcerer · 14 hours ago
To all my asexuals, demisexuals, graysexuals, acefluxs, alloaces, aroaces, non sam aces; everyone in the asexual community: you deserve only happiness 🥂. Keep thriving and being unapologetically yourself. You're wonderful just the way you are! ⭐🥰
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amurder-ofcrows · 2 days ago
my transition journey in pictures
before realizing i’m trans (she/her)
Tumblr media
coming out as nb (they/them)
Tumblr media
coming out as a trans guy (he/him)
Tumblr media
last photo before starting T (he/him)
Tumblr media
first photo (roughly) after top surgery (he/him)
Tumblr media
one year on T (he/him)
Tumblr media
two years on T (he/him…..?)
Tumblr media
two years post-op (he/him….?)
Tumblr media
today, two and a half years on T and settling on the label of a genderqueer trans man (he/they!)
Tumblr media
it’s been a long journey and there’s still so much to come but i want every young trans person who thinks it won’t get better to know that it does, it totally does. i remember being that scared girl, unsure of what she was, and i remember being that scared boy, scared of not passing enough and being too much of a burden on people. today i’m comfortable knowing that i’m both nonbinary and a man, and that’s ok. some people might not understand at first, but those who matter will try. if someone tries to deny your existence, they don’t belong in your life. being trans is a beautiful experience, a painful, hard, tedious, yet ultimately worth it experience. i’ve lost people along the way while i’ve become myself, but i grew stronger than who they were trying to force me to be.
tl;dr : it does get better. keep fighting
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crzyprsn42 · a day ago
reblog if you either are on the ace spectrum, support people on the ace spectrum or you just like pickles
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krystalliumm · 5 hours ago
heyyy, do you know any good aromantic and/or asexual Draco/Harry(Drarry) fics? Thank you in advance~
p.s really appreciate your page :))
✎ … hellooooo :D ngl i've never really explored into this spectrum, but oh my god the fics that are written about it!! they are just. either angst-filled with a lil bit of comfort, or just hideous banter with denial from both sides. happy reading, bub <3
Infuse With Affection, Enchant With Love - @bafflinghaze [T, 16.5K] It starts with Draco making protective pendants for himself, his parents, and his friends, after the war. Something that would watch their backs—and their fronts—as people spat on them in the streets and hexed them in the alleyways. Draco gets better at it, does a course on it, and takes enough commissions for charmed jewellery that he eventually opens his own shop. But Harry doesn’t know any of this. So when he sees Malfoy in a shop of charmed necklaces, he immediately tries his best to uncover Malfoy’s machinations.
‣ harry thinks malfoy is up to something, smart!draco, denial...
Cake, Please - leontina [T, 8.7K] Harry is struggling with mental health issues, and Draco is struggling with his sexuality. They both feel alone and broken, until Harry hires Draco as a portrait painter.
‣ hurt with comfort, mental health issues, sexuality denial n' discoveries...
Capture the Moment (Capture my Heart) - dot_the_writer [M, 9.6K] Surrounded by photographs with just a cat to keep him company, Draco was left questioning his identity and what a new label would mean for his relationship with Harry.
‣ insecurities, sappy boyfriends, soft ending...
In the Ways That Matter - @fleetofshippyships [T, 9K] Falling asleep with Harry Potter mid-argument, while completely pissed, was something Draco could never have predicted happening when he returned for his repeat seventh-year at Hogwarts. But it happened. And then it happened again. And again. At some point, the alcohol was gone, and they were just falling asleep side by side night after night, escaping nightmares together. It isn't anything more than that, even if sometimes it really feels like it is.
‣ hogwarts eighth year, getting together, awkward confessions...
How to Read a Map - @bumble-beckie [T, 8.5K] Harry's never been able to read a map. Then, he met Draco. Or; Harry's still working out his sexuality and then Draco comes along and fucks it all up.
‣ fluff with minor h/c, post-hogwarts era, sexual discoveries...
Want - @drarryangels [T, 1.3K] The apartment is quiet and comforting in the way it always is, better than it always is because Draco’s here tonight, and they don’t usually come to Harry’s because the clicking heater annoys Draco. All the same, it’s nice. It’s being here instead of at Draco’s that gave Harry the strange burst of courage to tell Draco what he hasn’t been saying since they started dating five months ago. Which is that he doesn’t like sex.
‣ fluff-centric, coming out, non-sexual intimacy...
Partenaire Particulier - TheBiWhoLivedTwice [T, 2.9K] So, here he was. Single, apparently incapable of falling in love or feeling anything even somewhat romantic for anyone, craving more physical contact than he was able to get from his friends, and watching everybody around him pair up. The only other person that Harry knew who didn’t seem obsessed with finding their “other half” and wasn’t already in a relationship was… Draco Malfoy."
‣ hogwarts eighth year, short n' sweet, ambiguous ending...
𝗲𝘅𝘁𝗿𝗮 𝗳𝗶𝗰 !!
No One Deserves To Live In A Closet - @channeltheflannel [T, 135.2K] After the war has ended, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy live very separate lives. Harry makes furniture and volunteers at an orphanage. Draco runs a record shop and writes articles for The Prophet. They both try to avoid public attention, but for very different reasons. Draco suffers from anxiety disorder and fears rejection, even when he knows he's changed for the better. Harry still has PTSD from the War, but he mostly just wants some privacy, and to live a life being someone more than the Boy Who Lived. When the two meet again for the time after the trial, things start to change. Draco is beginning to redeem himself and come out of his shell, and Harry is realizing his purpose again without the War to control him. The two start to work together for a common cause, making sacrifices for what they believe in, but also starting something new... together.
‣ slow burn, post-hogwarts, mental health issues...
𝘁𝗮𝗴𝘀 !!
asexuality: harry, draco
sexuality crisis, non-sexual intimacy insecurities: harry, draco
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genderfae-culture-is · 2 days ago
Genderfae culture is the reformed changelings from mlp
Tumblr media
absolutely it is. look, they've even got the colour scheme down
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Asking to be accepted for who you are is not being "demanding" or "needy" - it is standing up for your basic rights.
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xuperjr · a day ago
Tumblr media
Connor Swindells for Attitude Oct 2021
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profeminist · a month ago
Tumblr media
"just not seeing enough people talking about carl clemons-hopkins, the first out nonbinary actor to be nominated for an emmy, and the nonbinary flag gown they wore last night"
Carl Clemons-Hopkins on IMDB
Tumblr media
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5-jorjas-in-the-fence · 4 months ago
Happy pride month to those who are scared
Happy pride month to those who are proud
Happy pride month to those who are out
Happy pride month to those who are closeted
Happy pride month if you’re trying to figure yourself out
Happy pride month if you’ve known for years
Happy pride month to those who it’s their first
Happy pride month to those who have celebrated for years
Happy pride month to those who are afraid to celebrate
Happy pride month to those who will scream it from the rooftops
Happy pride month to you.
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Police: Walk faster
-Baby, I have heels on, how will I walk? I’ll walk slowly.
From Pride Parade Istanbul🌈
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Me: I'm romance repulsed and most of the times it makes me very uncomfortable
Also me: omg I love Iwaoi more than anything - *proceeds to read every single fanfic of these two I can find*
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