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the-modern-typewriter · a month ago
Could you do a confident!hero x easily flustered!villain? If it's not to much trouble
"-What is it?" The villain cut their monologue mid-speech, glaring at the hero. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
They could already hear, in their head, the echoes of a million people who had told them to shut up. Who had implied that they were being annoying, or outright said that they were weird. The hero's expression wasn't that, but the villain couldn't read it. All they knew was that it wasn't the dawning terror or even disgust they usually got.
"You're really something when you talk about your passions," the hero said, a smile crossing their face. "Content aside, it's actually very endearing."
The villain - spluttered. Their fists clenched. "Don't mock me."
"I'm not," the hero said, and the bastard had the audacity to sound sincere. "Not enough people love what they do. And you..." they tilted their head. "Your eyes go all bright. You get this energy. It's beautiful."
It seemed like it could only be further mockery, or a trap of some sort.
"Yes, well." The villain cleared their throat. "That still won't help you stop me. It won't save you."
"I don't need saving, but thank you for the concern."
"It's not concern-"
"And I already figured out how to stop you ten minutes ago, I just didn't want to interrupt. You clearly worked hard on the speech too."
The villain's cheeks burned. "Stop-"
"Not mocking." The hero held up their hands up in a placating gesture, never mind that their body should have been completely frozen unable to move. "It was - is - a really good speech. Powerful. Excellent word choices. I especially liked the use of rhetorical questions. World leader's have done worse. Can I hear the rest?"
The villain had worked hard on the speech. Maybe that was lame, but they'd always enjoyed language and what it could do. A speech could be its own weapon and - and they were being distracted.
"What do you mean you worked out how to stop me ten minutes ago?"
The hero shrugged. The look on their face finally clicked, and the villain's heart stuttered. The expression was desire. The expression was admiration. The expression was huh, wow.
Nobody had ever looked at the villain like that before.
"You worked out how to stop me because I'm an idiot who decided to monologue?"
"I don't think you're an idiot," the hero said. "I just think you want to be understood. We all do. Anything else is too lonely." The hero pushed to their feet, and they shouldn't have been able to do that either and -
The villain's feet rooted to the spot, eyes wide, as the hero stretched and sauntered over to them as if they didn't have a care in the world. The hero stopped in front of them. The villain's mouth went dry.
"But there's no one in the world quite like you, is there?" the hero asked. Their voice was soft, too soft.
For all of their apparent eloquence, the villain couldn't think of a single good thing to say to that. They weren't witty. They planned everything they said ahead of time, so they could make sure it was right. When they didn't - well, look how this deviation had turned out?
The villain closed their eyes. "Are you going to kill me?"
The hero's fingers skimmed along their jaw, gently, making the villain's breath quiver.
"Of course not," the hero said, frowning. "I haven't heard the end of your speech yet."
The villain's eyes snapped open again.
The hero tossed them a small smile, wicked at the corners.
"You're teasing me." The villain swallowed.
"Only a little. I do want to hear the rest of the speech, I just don't intend to kill you after either. Or ever, if I can avoid it."
"If you know how to stop me, why haven't you done it yet?" It occurred to the villain, belatedly, that they should jerk their head back.
"Because I'm enjoying spending time with you."
The villain didn't move back. Maybe it was trap, it was definitely a trap, but having someone looking at them like the hero did was about as intoxicating as it was unbearable.
The hero's grip tightened on their chin, tipping the villain's head up.
"Tell me the rest of the speech," the hero said. "I'm listening."
Someone was listening, actually listening.
So the villain did.
And that was the start of everything.
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yandere-sins · a year ago
Hey!! I love your blog, I‘m excited to watch it grow 😍🙏🏻 Can I request reader getting severe anxiety of going out after something bad happened to her (rape, accident, or similar) and Hawks is just happy to take her in and have her all for himself? Maybe he‘s even the one behind the incident 😬 feel free to include lots of touching and possessiveness!
Aah, thanks so much! I am glad you enjoy it!! I hope you like your request!
»»————-———— ♡ ————————-«« 
“Better now, Angel?” Hawks cooed, brushing his hand through your hair, entangling the strands from each other. Leaning against him, you could not deny that sitting in his lap, his enormous wings surrounding you two - shutting you out from the world - was a comfort you hadn’t known before. And yes, at least for the moment, everything seemed better.
Sniffling, you rubbed your eyes, your tears long having dried up and leaving a painful crust before you nodded into his chest while taking a deep breath. “Yeah, better. I just don’t understand why this happened to me. I really... I-” your voice broke again as you felt the burning of your salty tears rise once more. His hand drifted down your back, gently rubbing over it. The warmth of the movement helped calm you, and you just nuzzled your face back into his chest.
“Bad things happen out there, you know. it’s not your fault, Dove.”
“I- I know. But that man, he... he...”
“No, no, don’t say it,” he mumbled, kissing your head while some more tears spilled over the brink of your eyes. “It’s alright now, you’re safe here, [Name]. No one’s going to hurt you at my nest.”
You couldn’t help a small snort escaping from your lips over the bird reference, but you knew what he meant. “Thank you, Hawks...” you mumbled. “Oh, you’re more than welcome!” he laughed, and you had to join in to the joyful sound vibrating in his chest - even though you didn’t catch on to how much truth was laid in his words.
“No-” you cut off once more, bringing your laugh to an end. Pushing away from leaning on his chest, you couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed for looking at him with such puffy eyes. Maybe you were looking ridiculous, not how you wanted to present yourself. But with his sharp glare, your worries disappeared as you found hints of real admiration in them, even if they were hidden behind his discontent of you moving away.
“No, I really mean it. Thank you, Hawks. For- For always being there and saving me from that villain. As if you knew I was in trouble, you were like m-my guardian angel coming to help.”
Your words were mere stutters as you realized they were quite cheesy, but you still had the need to tell them to him, doing so the best that you could. “And now you opened your home and listen to me, it really means a lot... to me...”
By the time you finished your speech, you weren’t even looking at him anymore, your face turning a few shades redder than they really needed to be. Unlikely, it didn’t allow you to see his expression changing ever so slightly. The ever prominent smile on his lips flinching every now and then.
You were so easy.
Just a little fright, and a little heroic action any you were picking the seeds out of his hand. He probably wouldn’t even have needed to hire such a dangerous villain - a small one doing the deed of scaring you to the bone just fine. But this would have more impact. This way you’d believe him when he said,
“There are many dangerous things outside.”
Your eyes snapping upwards to his real quick, he didn’t even need to put on some fake sincerity. He could watch the belief wash over you, fright and anxiety about having to go out again manifesting everywhere. “You’re right,” you mumbled, body slowly crumbling into itself. But Hawks knew what to do to use that to his advantage.
Pulling you back against his chest, he settled you comfortable in his lap, puffing up his wings a little more, knowing you liked that. “You can stay here for a while,” he offered, rubbing his hand over your back again. “O-Oh, I don’t want to be a burden to you.”
“No, no. I insist. It must be scary to think about going out alone, living alone too. You know there are so many dark alleyways around your home, right? And I can’t always be there to save you.”
You gulped, realizing how true his words were.
“But I can be if you are here! It’s a big apartment, I am sure you will love it!” he chuckled, but you missed the menace swinging in it. “M-Maybe you are right,” you finally caved in, sending the widest, toothiest grin over on his lips, but you couldn’t see it as you relaxed in his hold. One arm slung around your legs and the other around your torso, it was almost suffocatily close, but he knew you wouldn’t refuse it right now.
“Good, it’s settled then!” he announced, adding a cheerful, “Roomates, roomates!” after it.
“Thanks, Hawks,” you mumbled, smile on your face too as his euphory was addicting to say the least. “You’re welcome, Dove!” he laughed back, his grip on your body growing a little too thight to not hurt.
“Might as well start to call me Keigo,” he suggested and you peaked up at that. “Isn’t that really per-personal?” you asked, red flushing back over your cheeks.
“Yeah, but I really don’t mind,” he assured you, grinning from ear to ear. “You’ll have to start on some point anyway.” The last comment irritated you, but you shrugged it off, instead leaning back against him, feeling warm and comforted.
“Alright. Thanks, K-Keigo.”
“Oh, anytime, my Angel.”
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A long list of my FAVORITE things from Incredibles 2
-Elastigirl. She’s my favorite superhero now.
-It was so awesome seeing her get to fight crime. I could go on about this for days: I love how her powers affect her mobility, the way she moves through the city is all so graceful and beautifully done. I love seeing her really get to have fun doing it--the scene where she squeals at Bob over the phone about how exciting it was saving that runaway train is a big highlight. And I love that we get to see how SMART she really is in her crime-fighting style--asking for numbers, coming up with plans on the fly, realizing when things are too easy. You wanted good female superheroes (well, I did at least), you got one.
-Also the Elasticycle was wicked cool.
-And her theme music! She was pretty much the only super who didn’t get her own leitmotif or musical identity in the first film, so it’s GREAT that she got one in the sequel.
-Which brings me to the score. It was awesome and perfectly recreates the feel of the first one.
-THE SUPERHERO THEME SONGS. I love them. They’re all on the soundtrack.
-My dad pointed this one out to me: Bob tries and fails to use his chopsticks like five times before he gives up and stabs that eggroll.
-Bob really really trying to be a good dad.
-”heeEEEEEEYYYY THE BUS IS HERE!” And later on, to Jack-Jack: “We are gonna have a great time, because you don’t ask any hard questions.”
-In the scene where he gets up in the middle of the night to go look at Dash’s math homework, I was SURE something bad and scary was going to happen, but no, it was just Bob helping his son out.
-”When was the last time you slept?” “Who keeps track of that?”
-Edna’s delighted reaction to Jack-Jack.
-One of my absolute favorite lines: “I broke my daughter. They keep changing math. We needed AA batteries, but I bought AAAs, and now we still need AA batteries...” I could not stop laughing in the theater the first time I heard that.
-The new supers. Especially Voyd. She was so cute and her powers are so cool.
-The kids getting to move through the ship and rescue their parents on their own. I just love getting to see them do their own thing
-”I renounce my renunciation.”
-The animation was good in the first one, but I mean, this is next-level. 14 years of technological advance looks good on the Incredibles. Especially the hair and water simulation. It’s gorgeous.
-All the callbacks to the original. Especially: “This is Elastigirl. I’m in.”
-Brad Bird is not afraid of a solid PG. I mean, don’t take your 5-year-olds to this movie (fun fact: I saw the original at age 5 and hated it and it took me a whole decade to give it another chance), but this is honestly a film that’s substantial for nearly every age group.
-I know Evelyn turns out to be a villain, but I really liked her interactions with Helen.
-Also, on that note, I guess it's kinda cool that both the main hero (or at least, main protagonistic instigator of the action) and main villain turned out to be women.
-I also liked that Helen goes out of her way to rescue Evelyn in the end. Syndrome didn’t get that chance. When she went out the window of that jet I was like, “whoop, she ded,” but no, they made sure she gets taken care of in a lawful manner. I feel like that really goes along with one of the themes of these movies in general: Everything has consequences. The heroes don’t get off scot-free for tearing up the city during a fight, and the criminals don’t get to go out like Disney villains.
-This is a really little thing, but when Bob is making that speech while under Screenslaver’s control, it sounds so hilariously false and Not Him. I don’t know if that was intentional or supposed to be funny but it worked for me.
-”You know, if it weren’t for your core beliefs, we could have been friends.” “At least I have core beliefs.”
-The dance poster behind Violet and Tony in the high school at the end of the film says “cafegymnatorium.”
-There’s doubtless more stuff I loved, but I can’t think of it right now.
-I’ve seen this movie twice within a week of its release, guys. It’s just that good.
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kazooli · a year ago
only here to say that fucking clip of Shigaraki has me H O W L I N G I literally cannot shut up SHIGARAKI A CANON DIDDLER
He literally harassses you in the menu screens and says you must like it hard, it’s a dream come true ;-;
All that can be deduced from this is that Shigaraki throws cute heroes off their game by making sexual passes at them and fondling them during fights. He likes em before they’ve gotten all jaded. The true hero hopefuls are squealers, really know how to ham up the hero/villain dynamic with all their poses and speeches, and are too consumed by their moral compass to take ‘living to fight another day’ as an option. You’re always one “Start taking me seriously” away from getting your throat creampied by him, he doesn’t think twice about using his full force on brats.
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lollyposp · 5 months ago
this is all /rp
i just saw a thing about techno's whole 'im a person' spiel on doomsday and ive just realised why that speech annoyed me so much
when he says that he follows up with 'discs aren't people' and yk it makes sense i guess,, but he's also completely failing to see what tommy means. we as the viewers as well as techno all watched tommy give up the discs when he realised what he was doing to other people and we know as well as techno that tommy has would always choose l'manburg over probably anything but tubbo
so when tommy says that people are above the government, he's referring to how technoblade never saw l'manburg as a country, he saw it as its government. he saw it as tubbo. he's referring to how techno is too caught up in his views to realise that the government isn't evil, its a child trying his best and getting nothing in return
and somehow technoblade hears that, returns with the extremely valid 'im a person' and then completely ruins any sympathy i had by immediately turning on tommy with something that he had less than 24 hours ago denounced in more ways than one (verbally, physically giving it over, reflecting on how bad of a person they'd made him and vowing to change), because he realised that material possessions weren't anywhere near the same as what other people could give him
but the issue with technoblade is that he's always the victim. he's very picky with what he decides to acknowledge if it means he comes off a wiser, morally superior and also make it seem as though he's the troubled underdog fighting against tyranny when in reality, he's the all powerful tyrant getting rid of anything he doesn't like. if he ignores the fact that tommy literally gave up the discs the day before, he can keep up that mentality and have more than one excuse for blowing up the country while also pushing it off onto tommy and making him seem like the victim again
literally in doing that, techno is painting tommy as the villain by essentially saying "im a person, but you treating these discs as something so important is a massive factor in why im doing this so its all your fault that im doing this". he's really subtly pushing the blame off himself, relying on the fact that tommy is the server's scapegoat and that most people hate him enough already to overlook whose fault it actually is that l'manburg got destroyed
so yeah that's why that speech annoyed me
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silverinkgoldenquill · a year ago
A villian who is trying really hard to be a villian but has social anxiety so the hero has to soothe them and tell them they are doing a good job at being bad (big fan of your writing!)
Hero decided it was best not to struggle in their bindings, especially considering they were tied above a tank of piranhas. The last thing they needed was to fall into that. They looked up at Villain who seemed ready to start their victory speech.
“Was this… really necessary? Feel like you’re going a bit overboard.”
“You think?” Villain asked with a sudden uncertainty. “I...uh… I mean, maybe? Look, I’m trying my best, you don’t get to judge me. You think it’s easy being a villain and thinking of new things?”
Hero furrowed their eyebrows. “Uh… sorry?”
Villain sighed and sat down on the step near the lever to lower them down to their very grisly death. “I’m the worst villain ever.”
“Well, I wouldn’t say that. You caught me, didn’t you?” Hero pointed out. “[Supervillain] is still trying to do that.”
Villain sighed. “That’s true, I just- I get nervous. I want to be the biggest baddie going and I just… I mess it up and second-doubt myself.”
Hero never thought they’d end up in a situation where they felt the need to reassure a villain. “Nah, you’re really good at being a baddie, but… I think there are other things you could do other than kill me, wouldn’t you like to get one over on [Supervillain]? That’d make you look so villainous, and they’d be so jealous of you!”
Villain looked up to them with a glum face. “That sounds amazing, but how?”
“Don’t kill me, lower me down on the ground, and lock me up instead. Then you can show off the fact you’ve caught me, and-” Hero gulped looking at the fish beneath them, “you’re really good at intimidating me.”
It worked. Good God, it worked!
Villain moved the crane and lowered them down away from the tank and untied their ankles from the crane. “Fine, I have a cell you can go in!”
Hero had to force their breath of relief back. “Uh, good job.”
Like my stuff and want to support what I do? Then maybe consider buying me a Kofi?
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opbackgrounds · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
This was the line that made me fall in love with Kuro. You see a lot of series where characters like Kaya try to appeal to the better nature of the villain and succeed. There’s a place for that, but if an author can’t be bothered to have that sort of redemption be truly earned then I’d much rather have an unrepentant asshole who gets his face punched in by the hero. 
Anyway here’s the speech in full because I love it so much
You’ve really grown in the last three years, and I’ve been by your side for all the changes, haven’t I? Even before your parents died and you became ill, you and I spent a lot of time together. We went sailing together, took trips into town, and when you had a fever, I stayed by your bedside day and night. I suffered with you...laughed with you...I was your humble servant!
I humored you, Miss Kaya, in all your silly dreams, and I endured it all for today. The day I could finally kill you. I, who was once the dread Captain Kuro bowed and scraped to a spoiled little girl, and catered to her every whim day and night. Can you fathom my humiliation?
Perhaps I’m the only one, but that’s almost a Crocodile-level verbal smackdown, which is fitting because Kuro is in many ways a prototype to the Crocodile-style villain that Oda is so good at writing. 
Tumblr media
And of course Luffy interrupts his villainous monologue by punching him in the face, and it is glorious
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loki-freyjason · 2 years ago
All right let's break down Thor's nasty little speech to Loki.
You faked your own death – I disagree with that, but a reasonable thing to assume.  (And can you blame him for wanting to avoid life imprisonment?)
Stoke the throne, stripped Odin of his powers – again, fair enough, but not really directly relevant?  And let's be honest, these sort of things are pretty common in a monarchy anyway, so don't act like Loki's some sort of horrendous villain for carrying out a peaceful coup.
Stranded him on Earth to die – again, what the fuck Thor, what sort of decent person blames their brother for their father's death right after watching him die??  Odin himself said that it was his “time”.  How dare you?!
Releasing the Goddess of Death – Loki had zero knowledge of Hela, and it was Odin's fault from keeping it from them.  Odin chose to follow Frigga to Valhalla (where he doesn't belong), so he released Hela himself.
I get that Thor's grieving and lashing out, but this is just continuing the pattern of using Loki as a scapegoat.  Loki has done bad things = Loki can be treated like shit for everything and anything, whether it's his fault or not.
Would you like me to go back further than the past two days – this also really pisses me off.  Most of the stuff you're accusing him of happened over the last several years, not the last two days, that's just when you found out about it.  You've been gallivanting across Midgard, haven't been back to Asgard at all despite the fact that your father is now all alone because his wife and other son are dead.  You tell Loki off for letting the Nine Realms get into chaos but you weren't doing a damn thing about it either.  And you knew when you abdicated, you were leaving Odin without an heir, or even Frigga to act as regent if he died.  What sort of situation do you think there would be, then?  Civil war or even just political instability is okay if it results from your actions, obviously.
This is just classic “exaggerate Loki's badness” crap.  Oh yes, lots of people do terrible things, but look at my brother, look how much he destroyed in only two days.  Poor me, to have such a brother.
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When disney makes a live action Tarzan, they’re gonna spend a bunch of time “answering” questions that nobody is really asking in order to pave over minor plot holes in the original; all their live action remakes do this.
Like, maybe cinemasins or some other youtube review show asked “why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?” And in the movie they’ll show that he shaves his face with a sharp rock of a piece of glass that his ape mom recovered from his human parents Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. And right before anyone can ask why Tarzan would feel the need to shave when everything other animal is covered in hair, they’ll explain it away that Tarzan has unconscious memories of his parents, and remembers seeing his dad shave, so he instinctively shaves too, which further alienated him from the rest of the gorillas.
And the leopard that killed his parents will talk in this one, with the voice of Scarlet Johansson, and it’ll taunt him and call him “son of man (derogatory),” even though it shouldn’t know what a man is.
And for no reason they’ll reveal that Clayton used to be a pirate, and that he is the reason Tarzan’s parents’ boat sank in the first place. He’ll also taunt Tarzan and give some cartoon villain speech like “you’ll never be able to save your precious gorillas! Oh whats this? This one must be your ‘mother.’ I think her head will look perfect above my mantelpiece!”
What they WON’T explain is how Tarzan was able to tell Jane his name in human language when it’s shown that he usually speaks in gorilla noises. Like, wouldn’t his name be “hoo-ah-ee” or something? Do the gorillas really articulate his name, “ah ooh ah ha hee hee Tarzan ha hoo hoo ha ah?”
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denkamis · 5 months ago
bnha characters as cheesy valentine’s day tropes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist. | valentine’s day event masterlist.
warnings: none! some swearing, but a lot of fluff for the best boys
characters: shouto todoroki, denki kaminari, eijirou kirishima, tamaki amajiki
notes: dedicated to @nekomanagers / @meilbox ,, for being the most supportive human being in my life and undoubtedly the reason i have been posting so much of my work here on this blog. thank you for dealing with all of my shenanigans on and offline, and for picking me up when i felt like i couldn’t. <33 i love you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shouto todoroki
flowers & chocolate as gifts
he’s one for the classics
he buys you the most gorgeous flowers, ones that are most definitely your favourites mixed in with an arrangement of others that all have particular meanings to them
he also got you expensive truffle chocolates, and also some cheaper ones that you really like to snack on
he’s so thoughtful, it makes your heart melt
literally so sincere as he gives it to you too, has a whole ass speech prepared
shouto came home after work a bit later than you had expected him to. perhaps he got caught up with some hero work, a report that needed to absolutely be filed today or a villain that just wouldn’t let up. either way, when you heard the front door to your shared apartment open, you came running over to greet him. as you turned the corner to see the front door, there stood shouto with the most breathtaking bouquet of flowers you had ever seen in your life. it was a myriad of colours and petals of all kinds standing out against the white of his suit. since when did he have time to change after work to surprise you like this? his usual aloof expression was replaced by a soft smile, one that was reserved for you and only you, “happy valentine’s day, my love.”
he strolled over to you, initiating a kiss that was slow and passionate. it made your heart melt right on the spot, your face erupting in nothing but pure warmth. “shouto, these are beautiful,” you told him as you took a moment to admire the different flowers that went into assembling the collection in his hands. “these ones mean gratitude, and this one here means love. truth is the white coloured one,” he pointed out, guiding you through the meaning of each individual one that made up your special gift.
he snuck a glance at you, your face radiant with how much you were smiling at his thoughtful present. “i also bought you a few of your favourites,” shouto gestured to the vanity you two kept by the door. you turned to see a very expensive box of truffles and a few hershey's kisses paired with more of your favourite corner store chocolates.
“it wasn’t too much, was it?” shouto asked quietly, watching as your jaw dropped at the sight of the truffles. didn’t you hear a rumour once about how those ones literally had gold integrated into their wrappers?  “no no, it’s wonderful. this is.. you’re so sweet,” you giggled, tapping his chest as a signal for him to lean down so you could kiss him again. no matter how many times shouto gifted you flowers and chocolate on valentine’s day, you got the same butterflies as you did when he first gave you these heartfelt gifts back in high school.
Tumblr media
denki kaminari
fancy dinner date at an expensive restaurant
the entire bakusquad was EGGING HIM ON for something good on valentine’s day okay
he’s been talking big game about some kind of secret plan he had in store for the both of you
he bought you an outfit that not only suited your style, but was elegant and absolutely stunning as it complimented your figure
he pulled out all the stops for you
he wanted to be classy, so he reserved a table for two at one of those rooftop restaurants so you two could dine and enjoy each other’s company
“like grown ups” as denki says
you were sat at a candlelit dinner for two near the edge of one of the most highly rated restaurants in your area. denki had really gone all out, wanting to treat you like the resilient and beautiful partner you were to him with a night that would be unforgettable.
and unforgettable it was.
you two were arguably the loudest ones at the restaurant, laughing and overall just having a good time amongst such high class individuals. denki was making faces at you across the table, making you choke back on the red wine you were having. “and then bakugou slapped that dude! it was crazy, y/n, super fucking wild,” he laughed as you nodded your head in agreement. denki sure knew how to talk, filling in conversations with anecdotes and playful conversation topics sprinkled in with compliments for you. he loved you so damn much, he felt like his electricity quirk was on all the time with you from how much you turned his brain to mush.
he couldn’t get over how gorgeous you looked tonight, with your hair done and your outfit styled to perfection. like, that was all his? and a personality to match? damn! he felt like for once, he was doing something right in his life for you. he wasn’t the dumbass everyone constantly made him out to be. he was trying to be the best for you, and if he could make you happy for the rest of his life, then nothing else mattered to him.
your waiters came back with two platters in hand, with outrageously small portion sizes that could feed maybe a small cat at best. the two of you stared at each other with blank expressions. oh no, this would not be enough to appease your appetites. each of your plates were worth twelve thousand yen, so you really couldn’t get more. on top of that, denki had prepaid everything for tonight anyways. what was worse was that the food tasted like a rat’s ass, yet the two of you dined like kings regardless. well, you pretended to at least. as you were suppressing your disgusted expressions out of kindness to both the waiters and the other guests, denki couldn’t help but stare at you. you were his person, and although the dinner wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be, he knew that you dealt with so much more of him than anyone else was willing to. that meant more to him than words could even express.
that, and he immediately bought you apology mcnuggets after you two left. then you two really ate like kings.
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima
long captions to their s/o on instagram
this mfing SAP
he has everything planned, he made like 3 drafts beforehand and even had bakugou proofread it for him
he had all the different pictures he wanted to post too
this is a little unrelated but mans definitely showed up to your house with red roses and a suit
your phone buzzed, indicating that  you had received a new notification from instagram. after taking your phone off the table and entering in your passcode, you tapped into the instagram app and saw what had caused the tiny ping.
eijikirishima has tagged you in a post!
the first photo was an oldie, but a goodie. it was of you and eijirou at prom together back when you both graduated from ua. he looked absolutely stunning in the darkened suit he had bought, right beside you in a matching colour scheme. though the picture was in fact a meme in itself, as he posed like that one will smith picture gesturing to you with the goofiest smile. you remembered telling him that he was absolutely banned from wearing crocs that night to the dance. it was a good thing you had saved him from that utter atrocity.
the next picture was a photo of you with the puppy you had adopted together. you had named him bean, to which eijirou had expressed was the manliest name he had ever heard for a tiny pomeranian puppy. you were pressing a kiss to bean’s nose, the angle of the photo showing off your loving nature that he had fallen for.
the last was a picture of you sleeping against him during a long train ride for a mission. it wasn’t the most flattering picture eijirou had of you, but it was certainly one of his favourites. you looked so at peace, cuddling against his side with a tiny line of drool running down your chin. he was smiling in the picture, his eyes solely trained on you with the most wholesome look on his face. he was so utterly in love with you, and this picture couldn’t have showcased that look any more clearly.
the caption read as follows:
Hey bros! It’s Valentine’s Day, which means that it is my duty to post about the most amazing person I’ve ever had the pleasure of dating for about five years now! Y/N, we’ve been through so much together over the years, we’ve had ups and downs and everything else in between but I’ve been fortunate enough to remain standing here as the person you can confide in, much like you are that person to me. You’re my rock. I continue to find so much more to love about you every single day. I hope I get to spend the rest of my days with you, my best friend, my partner throughout everything. I love you so so much, pebble. I hope we get to stay just like this forever, and grow as we go along.
needless to say, many happy tears were shed that day.
Tumblr media
tamaki amajiki
love letters in their shoe locker
for all the days leading up to valentine’s, tamaki put a different letter in your locker
mirio hyped him up asf to even get him to write what he was feeling towards you
and he was still nervous as hell and had mirio stand guard so that you didn’t accidentally walk in on him shoving weird notes in your locker
but unfortunately for tamaki, mirio isn’t a very good watchman
and so you caught him in the act, right on valentine’s day ironically
it was the end of a long, rather eventful day at school. you had gotten a few confessions from some other students, to which you turned down due to someone else being on your mind. for the past few days, you had begun collecting small letters in your shoe locker. the notes were short, handwritten with small doodles and even a recipe or two for you to try. it seemed like this person was reaching out to you to express their true feelings, their intimate and romantic feelings, towards you. and you couldn’t help but feel the same towards them, whoever they were. this admirer unveiled small details about themselves to you, yet hadn’t revealed enough for you to piece together a name. so here you were, sprinting down the hallway as soon as the bell went to try and catch a glimpse of this mystery individual who had been leaving you such sweet writings for you to cherish.
you rounded the final corner and there you saw him. before that happened however, you first you ran into your classmate and good friend mirio, who let out a tiny “oof” at the sudden contact. you apologized to him in a rush, explaining in a rushed tone that you needed to go meet someone. he nodded and waved to you before realizing that he had one job and tamaki was definitely going to kill him later.
only slightly out of breath, you saw a mess of indigo hair and shaky hands sliding your latest note into your shoe locker. as he turned to leave, his face drained of colour at the sight of you. he slouched further, retreating into himself. he looked around nervously for an excuse as to what the hell he was doing shoving letters into your locker. though, you beat him to speaking first.
“it’s you.”
tamaki’s throat felt scratchy and swollen, his entire form shaking as you slowly, calmly made your way towards him. “i- i can explain, y/n,” tamaki barely murmured, his nerves beginning to get the best of him yet again. “your words, they were so intimate. you were so well spoken on paper, i just had to meet you in person,” you confessed to him with a patient smile on your face. you stood a relatively safe distance away, not wanting to overwhelm him by your presence. you had just caught him in such a compromising act, after all.
“i read all your letters,” you went on, “every night before bed, i read them, tamaki. i even tried out the udon recipe you gave me and it was the best udon i had ever had. everything you said in your letters, the confessions and the other, more personal stuff… is that all true?”
tamaki, though he felt frozen beneath your warm gaze, had the courage to nod his head. “i didn’t know how else to tell you,” he admitted, hands now covering his face in shame. suddenly, gentle fingers grasped at his shaky ones as you uncovered his face to the light that was you. “i like you too,” you said finally. it felt like a chord had snapped inside of tamaki’s mind and all his feelings came crashing down in a deep crescendo of emotions all for you. it was all that he had ever wanted from you: a response.
Tumblr media
all works © denkamis 2021.
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khattikeri · a year ago
If Dabi being Touya is revealed and true, I really hope Shigaraki gives him one of those "it's your power" speeches in the middle of a fight (between other heroes, not each other), but with a sicker, more villain-like twist.
Midoriya and Shigaraki have a ton of parallels, but this would probably be the nastiest one to drive in how similar the heroes and villains are.
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rhiaemrys · 27 days ago
Okay, so while I'm new to Tumblr, I'm not new to fandom spaces, but I'd just like to get this out there with all the morally grey server stuff going on.
So like, c!Dream is a bad person, flat out, a jerk of the highest order. Actual child abuser and an all-around not-nice guy who really seems to enjoy chaos and manipulating people for his own designs. Designs which he paints has being the "moral high ground" as he wants a "big happy family".
However, none of this stops you from being able to like him. He's a terrible character in the sense of a bad person, but so much fun to have on-screen. His speech to Tommy in the prison? A masterpiece sends chills down my spine. c!Dream is a fun villain! And you can like him just for that.
Tl;Dr: You don't have to justify your liking of c!dream if you don't want to. He's one of those characters that are just,, fun to hate man.
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