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capriciouswriter207 · a day ago
When Sausage dies, he is alone.
He can feel it in his bones. He knows what’s coming, too - something nobody has ever done before.
How do you prepare for this journey? How do you prepare when you’re not sure what exactly will follow in the other plane of existence? When the corruption in your mind is trying to convince you it’s fine and you don’t have to prepare at all?
He tries to tell people, but they don’t listen. fWhip and Gem won’t hear it, don’t let him finish as they tell him to leave. Jimmy lets him finish but wonders if this is another trick and cannot take him seriously. When Sausage attempts to tell the Lost Emperor what will happen, Joey only encourages Sausage to die faster for his boyfriend.
Sausage returns home. At least he tried. There isn’t much else he can do. Even if they won’t believe him, they know now. Though he is surrounded by his closest friends and allies, with Sir Carlos finally by his side again, he has never felt lonelier.
Sausage drags himself to the bed, ready to lie down and just go, when a strong voice in the back of his mind pulls him away and leads him to the Summoning Circle. Sausage quickly checks if the item Sir Carlos gave him is still in his inventory (it was) as he unsheathes his sword.
The demon is getting a last sacrifice after all.
When Sausage dies, he is alone.
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tay6119 · 7 months ago
Dono: Asks about george and dream being valentines
George: Dream?
Dream: You can be my valentine if you want George :D
George: No.. I don’t think so
bottle crashing sounds from Dream’s mic
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essektheylyss · 2 months ago
It is both hilarious and insane to me on a mechanical level that Essek has an intelligence score of at least 22.
Like, Matt, what the fuck was the justification behind giving your minor antagonist and general magical resource an inhuman level of intelligence?
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ssansas-stark · 6 months ago
james was so hot when he said “get on top of me” and “that’s right- touch me, do anything, anything you want”
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prettyboykatsuki · a month ago
breaking up with kirishima for a week over something stupid and he’s a MESS 😭 it’s like those stereotypical teenage girl breakups on tv, he’s got the tissues in his bed and bakusquad is trying to pull him out of his room. plotting all the ways he can “win you back” 😭
in reference to this post
please he's so DRAMATIC. it's not that you're even really broke up or anything, just that you got into something of a big arguement and you want a little time off from seeing him so you don't accidentally make anything worse. kirishima, distressed, obviously doesn't hear you and assumes that this is the end
and like the dramatic mf he is - he goes home and is crying his ass off. CALLING THE ENTIRE BAKUSQUAD ON FT and just like blubbering about how he's never gonna see you again. mina is like okay losers we're doing self-care night
and like... an hour later he's laying his head in minas lap, a green clay facemask and pulled back hair explaining everything. sero gets the bright idea that he just has to win you back, obviously! and so the plan ensues.
he doesn't last 3 days without you. shows up to your dorm / apartment with a boombox, a mic, and a little paper notecard and starts EMBARASSING U by talking about how much he loves you. he attracts a whole crowd and you have to walk down there and tell him to shut up so no one like. calls the cops or smth
he's so funny he's like literally weeping and hugging u even though you never wanted to break up break up in the first place.
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elementalmoments · a month ago
My favorite interview with Charles is the one where they asked if he has to get team permission to do things like skiing and he said yes and then they asked how on earth he got approval to go skydiving and he laughed and said he didn't, because he figured if it went poorly it wouldn't really matter anymore how upset they were
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lulu-zodiac · 18 days ago
Do you ever just get so embarrassed for Jensen? Like, sir, people can SEE you! You're laughing just because he... said... words... and you're just openly staring... and you're in PUBLIC, you're on a STAGE, people are RECORDING this, oh god oh god, pull yourself together, it's been over a decade, how are you still this much of a mess???
oh god, only ALL THE TIME. bless him, he's just an absolute disaster. i honestly think it says so much that it's been a DECADE and if anything, he's actually got worse?? the giddiness, the unicorn laugh, the way he looks at misha like he's the entire world??? it's insane.
tbh i don't think he could stop being this much of a mess even if he tried. when he's around misha, you can literally see everything else fade into comparative insignificance. utterly, utterly helpless. the poor man is just an absolute goner.
Tumblr media
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tolkienology · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
saw this come up on my news feed and nearly died
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 5 months ago
Dave: rant about just dance in movies
Dave: you wont
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ellie-net · 2 months ago
Maotif and Scarlet luck part 5
Marinette: *glaring at the discowing outfit*
Adrien: *staring in disgust*
Dick: ...Is something wrong with it?
Adrien: Everything.
Dick: ...what?
Adrien: Everything is wrong with that.
Marinette: I should burn you in that outfit.
Adrien: *hissing* How dare you subject our eyes to such a disgrace!
Damian: I disliked you both at first, now I need both of you in this family. You're my only saving grace in this mad house
Duke: *offended noises*
Dick: *after being lectured on fashion for the past 3 hours* This is my 13th reason why
Marinette: *hissing* Your 13th reason should've been being seen in such a disastrous outfit!
Dick: I honestly have absolutely zero regrets in my life
Marinette, Adrien and Damian: *thinking about the discowing outfit* you should.
Dick: I mean, I'm glad they're all getting along but...
Adrien: *beating up a picture of Hawkmoth on a punching bag
Marinette: *beating up a picture of Gabriel on a punching bag
Damian: *sparring with Jason and Tim*
Dick: ...Can't they get along less violently?
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miggiisdumb · 23 days ago
that best friend sero post made me think of this tiktok i've been meaning to send you
- 🍀
No cuz the artist should go to jail for making him look that hot I almost creamed😕
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