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bubmyg · 3 months ago
do u ever just make ur bf suffer by showing them a show/movie that gives u absolute pain in terms of angst- no i didnt show him cloy but i want to make him watch it with me some day
dude i don’t know how u experience cloy but i would not dream of forcing someone else to watch it in my presence unless they’re prepared to see and help me through ugly sobbing
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coma-bby · a year ago
Nicole Dollanganger Q&A ( 4.13.2020 ) via Discord
Hello everyone! Nicole stopped into our Discord server to hold another Q&A! Below the cut is the full transcript. If you would like to join the server feel free to, the link is at the end of this post!
1. hamburger baby ` ͜ʖ´♡: Hi Nicole, I hope you’re having a good day ♡ what’s your favorite type of doll?
Nicole: thank u, hope u are too! my favorite would have to be german bisques
2. evancelion: hi nicole! I love the outdoors and urban exploring, especially at night. I love your album covers and on-location music videos and photoshoots. if i can ask, where do you find the pictures and locations that you use (excluding album covers that are drawn artwork)? For example, the flowers of flesh and blood, beautiful and bad EP, etc. etc.?
Nicole: for those u specifically mentioned (flowers of flesh and blood, beautiful and bad EP)- flowers cover was a victorian mourning photo, and the beautiful and bad ep was a photo of my friend matt's head actually haha - but  as for abandoned locations..for the sake of preserving those places, i don't want to disclose where they specifically are ( i just noticed that is generally a code amongst folks who enjoy exploring abandoned places).  generally the east coast tho. ♡
3. bratzaliciouz: do you have any favorite youtubers/youtube accounts you like to watch?♡♡
Nicole: i love lordanARTS !
4. cocobanana: hey nicole!! im like your #1 fan im so excited to be able to ask you a question omgomg. you are sooo cute and inspirational! you have NO idea how much your music means to me, its gotten me through some tough times. my question is what is your opinion on drakes song toosie slide? and if maybe we might see you dance to it?? i would love that!!! haha love you!!!!!
Nicole: that means so much to me!  Thank u so much.  Oh my god my opinion is that I have not knowingly (maybe on the radio unknowingly?!) heard that song.  I’ll have to listen haha
5. westernstars: does the uncertainty of how some of the more macabre aspects of the music is going to be perceived or possibly misconstrued by the listener ever concern you personally, or has it ever gotten in the way of your writing process?
Nicole: It didn’t before (like way way back), but I think at times it should’ve.  It does now tho, and sometimes makes writing a lot harder
6. kiki ♡: hi nicole! i was wondering who is an artist you want to collab with?
Nicole: Rosie Diamond & Ethel Cain ♡
7. Shrimp: Hi Nicole : ) what’s angels of porn about? I’ve heard many interpretations about it and I’ve just been wonderin
Nicole: it was abt an eating disorder feeling very tangled up with sexual relationships
8. missanthropocene: Hey nicole! Massive fan here, what is your favourite book in the flowers in the attic saga?♡♡
Nicole: flowers in the attic is definitely my favorite!  but seeds of yesterday is a close second
9. elendoll: i love you so much my darling! can you tell us when you're planning on dropping your new album
Nicole: its so hard to say with the pandemic and everything going on right now, but i've got 11 'for sure' songs for it right now and i'm using the quarantine to keep writing/work on new demos ♡
10. kieru: Nicole! idk if this is weird or selfish to ask, but I left some prints of artwork I made that were inspired by you with one of the merch guys at the Chicago Show in August, and I was just wondering if you ever got them!!
Nicole: omg yes!  i don't have them up yet (all my picture frames have been a mess since i moved) but i'm putting them up.  they are amazing!  ur so talented.  i remember when u shared the alligator blood one online way back ♡ Thank u so much.
11. coma-bby: Nicole! Im always fascinated by an artists process and im curious as to what album was most memorable/special to create? Or what album, if you can choose, is closest to your heart? Luv u + miss u!!
Nicole: hi!!! ♡♡ heart shaped bed is nearest and dearest to my heart bcuz i feel like it came rly close to being a swan song record.  it was made during very bad years/an intensely abusive situation.  so it will always hold this heavy weight 4 me!   also matt and i put so much blood sweat tears into that damn thing haha :heart:
12. archangelofteeth: Will you ever be doing covers again? I've been listening through a lot of your old ones and it's so cool to hear your take on them ♡
Nicole: i really wanna properly cover i've written a letter to daddy haha
13. yungnick: favorite meme at the moment? of all time?
Nicole: it has to be the guy crying smoking a joint
14. dollface: what makes you cry?
Nicole: recently my dog had an emergency surgery and i was crying nonstop all the time.  i would do anything in the world to be able to communicate a few things to him like, 'were gonna be back to get u soon' 'its going to be ok' and have him understand
15. dualiper: Hey Nic, dualiper from twitter here (we always talk there lol), how this whole covid-19 thing affected you during this process of recording the next album? stay save, luv u ♡
Nicole: hey!!  it put a lot of visual plans on hold,  but using the quarantine to keep writing has been fun, i feel like because of this it's going to be a really long record ..
16. Bunny: Is there anything you want to let your fans know? Like anything you've been excited about or enjoy and just haven't found the right situation to tell anybody?
Nicole: this is such a cute question.  one thing i'd like to let u guys know is that i fucking love u and appreciate u all so so much.  i have a lot of anxiety around most social media stuff (as im sure most do), and i feel like that makes it really hard to interact sometimes.   im so excited abt this discord bcuz it feels like a wonderful place to be able to talk  ♡ thanks for being such wonderful and loving ppl.
17. gray: nicole are u still close friends with grimes
Nicole: we live on opposite coasts,  but i love her so much.  she's an amazing, amazing fucking person
18. laudanumat33: One of the most striking songs you've written has been "Cement."  At first I thought you were addressing another person or possibly making a distant references to the film "The Cement Garden" (unlikely, but still).  However, as time has gone on I've wondered if you are actually addressing yourself, but wasn't sure how.  Recently I read somewhere that the lyrics might possibly be related to River Phoenix and letting the idea of him go.  Was that the case?
Nicole: Thank u ♡ it was about how u can't possess/own people
19. Space Angel: Do you plan on making physical releases for your next album? And is there a reason NBL and HSB didn’t have physical releases?
Nicole: Yes I do!  for both Natural Born Losers and Heart Shaped Bed, it was a decision mainly based on wanting to get the music released online first.  especially with HSB, it had  been so long since the last record, and putting off the release for even longer for vinyl felt like the wrong call.   but i have plans for both of them!!
20. ana: Hi Nicole! Love you, I’ve been a fan since almost 2 years. Was just wondering, are you planning on releasing Heart Shaped Bed album on SoundCloud?
Nicole: omg i should do this later tonight , its wack i havent already!
21. nathanresi: hey nicole!! i was listening to the new code orange record and was certain i had heard your voice somewhere on the first two tracks! are the backing vocals on ‘swallowing the rabbit whole’ yours?
Nicole: i did samples 4 (deeperthanbefore), Swallowing The Rabbit Hole & Cold.Metal.Place  ♡
22. ༓ shinigami ༓: would you redo or do part 2's or 3's of any songs?
Nicole: so far all the songs for the new record are all entirely new songs,  but the 1 that im always tempted to 'redo'  is only angels have wings.    the demo of it was way less watered down in terms of lyrics and when i went back and listened to it i regretted chickening out /taking out some of the lyrics 4 the album version
23. dollface: what do you do when you have writer's block? love you so much btw, the beauty of your art is just /chef's kiss/
Nicole: oh god, the only thing that really helps me i guess in the end, is to write even when i hate every word.  and to not obsessively edit and micro manage while i'm going...  i think usually my writers block comes from critiquing it while im writing it.   so i tell myself to keep going until i've finished 'the draft' .  ugh im sorry if this is not much help.  always having a book to read on the side definitely helps too!
Nicole: hey guys!  im so sorry i didnt get to all these questions,  but thank u so much for being here again!  im rly excited to come back and also to chat a bit more casually too lol ♡ u guys made my night.  hope everyone is safe and hanging in there.  there were a bunch of questions pertaining to favorite books/songs/artists things like that; im gonna get back to u on these and post later- in case anyone is hunting for extra reading material or some new stuff to listen to during these times ♡  . !!
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