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Loki: I want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
Sigyn: I wake up at dawn
Loki, basically nocturnal: I'll make the sacrifice
#🥺🥺🥺, #oh i'm sorry what was that marvel i couldn't hear you over the sound of headcanoning sigyn and loki happily living together as space pirates, #the guardians crashed into thor why can't we assume sigyn crashed into loki in the middle of a getaway, #oh oH OH AU where Sigyn's got the soul stone and she's running from space cops, #the soul stone storyline was trash and shouldn't have worked anyways all it did was validate abusive relationships so we're cancelling that, #Infinity War still happens but Thanos doesn't have ALL the stones so he goes to space to join the space cops and chase sigyn down too, #so sigyn and loki are on the run and the avengers are chasing thanos who is with the space cops chasing sigyn (and also loki), #we're going to assume that maybe sigyn IS the soul stone kinda like the whole Avatar deal where it gets passed down the universe at random, #or maybe she just ate it idk, #so anyways they totally delay the snap and are ride or die for each other after 1 week of sharing a ship, #if Thanos ever catches up to them and tries to snap Nemesis turns up and slaps him into oblivion, #the Avengers show up and see Loki and go ''YOU!'' and Loki goes ''me?'' and Nemesis is like ''YES YOU'' and hugs him because Sigyn, #maybe they kiss and there's no way the Avengers are attacking Loki after Sigyn the Infinity Stone Vessel just slapped Thanos into nothing, #and they live happily ever after The End, #end credit scene since this is a marvel blog and endgame sucked, #anyone who wants can claim Loki is bad and point out his 'evil' traits and she just goes ''nah he's just like that and isn't it great'', #it's because she's the only sane smart person Loki has properly gotten to interact with so anyways they live together in New York now, #they're the friendly neighbourhood resident couple that you can ask for help taking down the latest city-destroying creature, #The Avengers call on them for help every now and then and when they do they can't stop pointing out how sickeningly sweet they are, #they're healthy and poke fun at each other and respect each other's boundaries and match aesthetics and mess up each other's hair okay
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Be thankful I’m not live blogging this Naruto rewatch cuz I have alot to say

#also dont comment on the fact I'm rewatching naruto, #its cuz im bored sad an avoiding my online classes lol, #anyways blown away by rock lee as always, #Kiba did That (and by that i mean have a dog and be cool), #Shino isnt in this one but he is in my heart always and forevee i can feel his spirit thankyou shino, #Naruto... what is there to say i love u bitch! when ur whiskers get all big u look cute also gay lol, #Neji hasnt **** yet so hes being brooding and cool and i want him to beat family members up again that was fun, #Choji is cute and underrated i like hes very cool actually, #Gaaras lack if eyebrows is boarderline distracting, #Sasuke is so evil ahahha i love this fool, #Urg i cant wait for Jiraiya to die tho im waiting cuz i hate him so much, #Orochimaru suck my ass challange (i could beat him. i could id just slap him? like idk why these bitches are so dramatic), #omfg i forgot abt Shikamaru 💀💀, #love misogyny like yes insult women King 😻, #which reminds me! idk why ppl act like KIBA would be the misogynist when his mother was like That tbh like hes dumb but sexism aint him, #anyways shikamaru is cool as always i like his little plans and schemes or whatever very cool, #if he was real id hate him for being smarter than me thats why i like Kiba yano we vibe like that, #Speaking of faves Shino... miss u king, #Imagine being a ninja tho iconic but i feel like i wouldnt last very ling cux i dont have a will to live strong like these ppl, #or the patriotism? theyre all like id die for my village and tbh id sell out my village for some good burritos i hate these ppl, #constantly waiting for Deidara to show up even tho ik he wont for another thousand episodes, #also LAUGJING ALL THE TIME AT the dramatic symbolism its so dramatic its barely even symbolism any more, #like when the bird feather landed on nejis hand as he was bleeding out snksks, #and the leafs blowing in the wind aaaa im laughing thinking abt it, #anyways if u read all this god bless and get well soon
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I feel like jiang cheng is too just like. outwardly Unhappy for that song… he’s not tryin to fool anyone like wei wuxian does.. he’s miserable and we are all very aware. as for the lan xichen one I feel like it’s not. miserable enough ksgdjuzksb?? but I’m gonna be honest w you here I am not majorly invested in lan xichens character so it is harder for me to Assess

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not 2 be missio on main but ahahahahahahhahshshahahahah its so close i can almost taste it

#IM KINDA STOKED DOE, #omgomgomgomg ., #i do wish ... that a few songs would be on the physical albums tho ngl. like in between darker the weather and this new one when they were, #released, #i know sing to me probably wouldnt even be allowed. considering kojima probs has some rights or some shit, #but... ok. ok so if i were asked what i think the most important...missio songs were?, #i'd easily be able to say bottom of the deep blue sea is like. their BEST song., #not even just bc its good. its fantastic. not to mention the ... lack of better worda here but: its kinda tge most significant i think, #(can i exist is a close second but since deep blue sea is like...arguably most known? and its in more than a few games?), #(i think its their most significant. and its just... it hits man idk. i know for me at least it was the first song i heard and i was like., #bro shit this is good. and then immediately after that my brother played KDV and im like slapped in the face, #bc the first lyric is such a ... slap in the face. but irrelevant, #SO LIKE CAN I EXIST IS IMPORTANT. IT GOT THEM STARTED. DEEP BLUE SEA IS MOST KNOWN... RAD DRUGZ WOULD BE MY THIRD ON MOST SIGNIFICANT., #BC ITS SO UNLIKE CAN I EXIST AND DEEP BLUE SEA. B U T: I THINK THET SAID IT DID BETTER ON CHARTS THAN BOTH THE FIRST TWO?, #plus its funny... like... its like... anyone who listens to it is like lmao this is an energy. if u dont already know missio. and thats what, #dwight was sayin in the documentary: they need a balance of music that they want to make but also listeners can enjoy... regardless of why, #as rad drugz is more 'relatable' for a sort of audience that they have..., #BUT ALL IN ALL. THOSE THREE ASIDE I THINK ARE MOST 'SIGNIFICANT'. but what do i wish was more significant?, #FUCKING LOVE ME WHOLE. LOVE ME WHOLE IS SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. ITS SO GOOD. I LIKE. KINDA WANNA SAY ITS BETTER THAN, #BOTTOM OF THE DEEP BLUE SEA. IT JUST HOLDS SO MUCH EMOTION: EVEN THOUGH IT DOESNT HAVE ALL THAT MUCH LYRICALLY. LIKE ITS REPETITIVE, #BUT IT DOES IT REALLY WELL AND HEAVILY WITH THE FEW IT DOES HAVE, #it is so FUCKING good. but since it doesnt fit that 'audience' it got CUCKED as digital on the documentary OST., #im so UPSET. about that. ITS SO GOOD. and no one will get to appreciate it like i feel like it should be. FUCK, #im... i love... oooo im missio on main fuck. im so excited for oct 23. somethings gotta keep my scared, #and uncertain of the future ass alive during all this stupid pain bullshit, #that im afraid i'll never figure out... and ngl... some of that somethings really is missio, #that sounds dumb. like the 'music saved my life thing' ppl be kinda makin fun of doe and callin g cringe... but man..., #they kinda be DO killin darth vader with their mf-ing kickdrum lmaooo, #ooooaosiisjxjejcjdidu missio on main. sorry im excited. shut the fuck up
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bro u had so much shit that u pulled that wasn’t even tied up properly and then you disregard everyone else and how they feel about the situation YOU CAUSED that you LIED ABOUT and decide oh but it would be so cool if a half gem half human existed :) yeah I guess i just won’t take any responsibility in this kid’s upbringing aside from leaving them some vague ass video tape! also i’ll continue to lie to my closest friends right up to the end so it’ll be even harder for them to raise the child that i dumped onto them. u know. three gems and this unknown musician, all of whom know next to nothing about parenting. anyway i guess i’ll stop existing now :) if anything goes wrong i guess my infant child will have to answer for it one day and get extremely traumatized in the process since he’s dealing with most of this as an adolescent!!

like goddamn…. just get an abortion

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Yall know that polyamory is the solution to all of your shipping problems right? I’m not talking about throuples everywhere or giant polycules for everyone and their brother (heh).

Relationship anarchy exists. V-style relationships exist. There’s as many possibilities for relationship arrangements as you can possibly dream of.

I just think it’s funny in CQL- land, for me personally, because any fic I’ve read that has wwx shipped with someone else literally just. Does not even mention lwj’s name or existence. I think it’s hard to have those two existing near each other and logically write them out of being head over heels for each other. And I want to just take people’s hands in mine and tell them it’s actually ok to leave that dynamic in your fics with wwx/anyone else.

You can have feelings and/or be in a relationship, complicated or not, with more than one person. This… should not be new information.

I’m trying not to complain because not everyone is into poly stuff and although my relationship anarchist ass can’t really understand that, I am aware of it. I just find it slightly hysterical that so many writers would ignore a key character’s existence instead of adding any less-than-monogamous dynamic, even in the smallest amount.

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hi nico! this album slaps so hard bro this was hard to rank aaa

give ‘em hell kid> the ghost of you> cemetery drive> to the end> i’m not okay> helena> you know what they do to guys like us in prison> i never told you what i do for a living> it’s not a fashion statement it’s a deathwish> thank you for the venom> hang ‘em high

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insomnia said write, i’ve been rolling a stupid cliche high school au around in my head for a bit, here it is; just a snippet because as with anything where killjoy names don’t really work it’s a little awkward and idk if i would ever write a whole thing for it but here we go:

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#pi's personal, #funpoison, #danger days, #my writing, #high school au, #he ha anyways here’s. all my hc names for the Fab Four i guess!!, #idk if i would ever write a longer thing cause it’s just so weird using civilian names even if i have solid headcanons for those, #just like i kinda think a pride and prejudice au would slap but u can’t rlly use kj names in the regency era, #i got away w it in Star Wars but idk how i would do that with aus where names like party poison and kobra kid aren’t gonna fly, #wee oo i think it’s p clear who everyone is but just in case...alex is party jamie is kobra diego is jet and damien is ghoul, #i like when ppl give ghoul d names they fit. anyways batman reference :D, #anyways this au is fun to think abt when i don’t have 2 use civilian names. i think it’s delightfully stupid, #imagine. ghoul n party after they get 2gether and it’s just like., #band director and cheer coach simultaneously: pls :( please do what ur supposed 2 b doing this is a football game, #ghoul n party: *ignoring them and halftime completely to sit on the bleachers and hold hands*, #you’ve heard of the cheerleader/quarterback dynamic now get ready for cheerleader x marching band nerd :), #ghoul plays snare drum n he and kobra r bes frends :’), #jet n poison r on the cheer squad :>, #wahoo., #i did absolutely nothing in high school and i hated every minute of it but i love hs aus. go figure., #the one thing i did do was sleep thru my morning ap english class all of senior year and still get an A fuck you dr jackson, #n e ways party in this au is like. actually scratch that party across all universes is like, #waht if we kissed. adn heldw handss
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