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Voice: Solarian Autumnsong

Bold what applies.
Feel free to add your own suggestions and carry it on.

► ACCENT  countrybackwoods“sailor”“noble” | dwarvish | trollish/ zandalar | human | gilnean/ kul tiran | forsaken | high/ blood elven | night elven | goblin | taur-ahe | gnome | orcish | unknown dialect

[[ Coming from an old house of moderate nobility, Solarian’s elocution is like most Thalassian elves. ]]

► ELOQUENCE educated │ uneducated │ doesn’t use conjunctions │ shortens words just makes up their own words! │ old English │dependent on mood or setting | stutters

[[ He’s well educated and it shows to the point of rambling at times. He can be talkative when he’s nervous or when he feels comfortable enough to let his herbalism nerd flag fly. ]]

► TONE loud soft room volume │ high pitched │ low pitched │seductive │velvetyspeech impediment │ abrasive │ gruff │ shrill │friendly| boomingmatter-of-fact │ toneless │ huskygravelly │ breathy │ nasal │ barking │ chatty │ condescending │ musicalsuave │world-weary  |  brash │ authoritative |

[[  Solarian’s voice is adequately deep and fluctuates depending on his mood. There’s often a rumble to it, although he can get high pitched depending on the situation. ]]

► HABITS refers to self in third person │ incorporates different languages/terms/sayings │ uses gender-specific terms │ adapts to audiencechanges pitch around animals or childrenshifts tone when lyinggives others nicknamesuses terms of respect towards others

[[ He can be painfully honest sometimes, and it shows in how weak his lying game is. It’s something he has to work on if he really wants to get into some mischief. He’s also very adaptive and loves picking up sayings and words from different people. Sol is quite respectful, and will usually address people formally unless he’s comfortable enough to be informal. ]]

Speaking Voice (Minus Aussie accent):

Singing Voice (fun fact: he doesn’t sing often because he’s easily embarrassed and doesn’t know he can sing):

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i think it had potential, dweamy. the outside was super cute (though i know he based it off of that one video that’s been on my recommended for weeks now because of him) but as you’ve seen, when you look inside it was bare as shit despite him working on it for like, what? two hours? do better gogy /j none of the dream team are particularly amazing builders, but they have the basics down. i thought it could’ve looked cute but i don’t think his heart was into it. 

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