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indiiglow · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s a thing no one asked for
Apparently, I can’t put pictures side by side in a text post??? So, a while ago, I made Anti’s knife out of paper. I kept forgetting to post about it, so here it is. 
I did some math and I think I got pretty close to the original size, it’s actually pretty damn big but you can’t really see that in pictures. It feels surprisingly nice in the hand, I can definitely see why Anti likes it ;)
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sendo-k · 2 years ago
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syriansakusa · a month ago
my mom will be like *ruins my whole mood*
#ok i’m venting in tags#💭​.txt#/////////////#what the fucj is wrong with her lmfao... idgaf if ur pmsing or ur anxious or goin thru it you go be alone with urself and chill out#literally like go to ur room and take some breaths ? she has no chill the way she’s looking to argue with me or something#and then she’s like i’m still mad at you for doing this thing which wasn’t even that bad or mean or anything i didn’t even say anythingwrong#like OK? grow up LMAO ur the one stressing ur self out that’s not my problem. literally why r u just sitting in the living room waiting for#the next person to argue with ... find another outlet queen!#no and she does that thing where she’s like fine i’m just annoyed i’m clearly just some crazy person!! Like. girl did i say that? no tell me#did i say that? Lmfao. Maybe u are a little crazy literally leave me alone go be annoyed somewhere else and learn to deal w ur emotions cuz#ur not a teenaged girl anymore 🤣🤣🤣#omg i’m pissed sorry this isn’t even that bad but i’ve had a short temper these past couple of days#no what gets me is that i didn’t even insult her or say anything bad to her#maybe it wasn’t very sensitive of me to refute her anxious rambling by trying to intellectualize or tell her things aren’t actually that bad#but like. it was anxious rambling. so yeah i refuted shit. but i didn’t even say anything mean. the meanest thing i said was#enough i have a headache i don’t wanna talk anymore. that’s literally it ... no i wish my family members just had normal fucking ways of#regulating their anger and fuckinf anxiety. everyone except me and my twin brother are not fucking normal when it comes to anger fucking get#help#ok enough good bye#i’m just so mad cuz i finally had the motivation to exercise and then she just shat all over my mood like that!! god !!!#/#mothers#mother m
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luck-be-a-lady · a month ago
lmao what the fucj
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