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The guy in Barnes and Noble asked if it was alright if he added a 5 cent bag to my $100+ order. I get there’s probably a very good reason for that but you’ve got to be fucked up if you flip out over a 5 cent bag after spending $100 on books 😂😂😂

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Only besties in the White House now. Kamala, Doug, Michelle, Barack, Joe, Jill 🤪

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i just gave that anon what they wanted ; n;

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first photo is on the DSMP server and the 2nd was their recording server LOOL

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tsk, tsk, tsk,,,, OFCOURSE HAHAHAH,,,

im a simp for giyuu. thats it.

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exile arc sucked but i just noticed dream shielding tommy from mexican!dream who was ominously standing from a good distance and i can’t stop laughing

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When I first got the puzzle I was saying I would be happy if I at least made my money back but seeing the probability layed out I’ll be over the moon if I get at least 10 dollars 😂😂😂

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No practical answers? Fuck yeah here we go

Latin because why tf not?

Elvish from LOTR bc damn that’s cool but it seems real hard

English would probably be pretty cool

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