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Cherish, fascination, crush, lust

cherish: describe someone whom you love very much.

He’s got the softest voice and the sweetest eyes, he looks so warm, as though I could get through an entire winter just in his embrace

fascination: what subjects interest you most?

Definitely music. I always find myself interested in listening to new songs, trying to learn new instruments, and practicing singing to get better

crush: make a 5 song playlist that describes your crush/each of your crushes.

1. I was an island - Allison Weiss

2. Heart like yours - Willamette Stone

3. Grace Kelly - MIKA

4. Bright - Echosmith

5. Ease my mind - Ben Platt

(For my one crush- my boyfriend ❤)

lust: what turns you on?

hmm, I don’t really… know?? 
uhm kindness? Humor? Patience? do those count? Heavy kissing turns me on, wandering hands uhh intimidation

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Well hello, my name is Putri (you can pronounce it like ‘poo’+’tree’). I’m 23 and from somewhere far far away (a.k.a South East Asia). Due to covid 19 and all apocalyptic stuff that has been happening, and I think my family just become a possible suspect for covid (because one of our neighbors is a patient and yea..) plus we’re in quarantine now, and I suddenly have so much time, SO why not writing my feelings up on Tumblr hehe. So I decided to write to someone who I have been in love with and adore since I was in 5th grade, Taylor Alison Swift. 

Well, I have no proof to tell everybody who read this that I’ve been a Swift stan since I think 2006/2007? (I can’t remember what year it is when I was 5th grade), so just believe it hahaha. Ah I don’t think nobody gonna read this, I just writing down my feeling so I don’t care. The first time I hear Tay’s song was Teardrops On My Guitar. My family has this radio that has a CD thing & I used to buy a CD about Disney songs and stuff. One day I decided to buy a Radio Disney compilation CD, and TOMG is on it. I don’t know what makes me keep repeating that song, but instantly I’m in love. I don’t have a cellphone back then until a year later, so I basically stalk her on the internet with my family computer. I wrote down the lyrics in my notebook, memorize it, and finally, I bought her Fearless album. And after I have my own cellphone, I just couldn’t stop stalking her on Twitter hahahaha. 

Then I start finding out how to save pictures from photoshoots & collect them (upload them on my Facebook) and buying every magazine that has her name on it. I went full fangirl. That’s just something about her that makes me love her, can connect with her. I love how she’s actually nice to others & relatable, not afraid to write her feelings. Oh and definitely amazing curly hair (duh). There are times when I make a fan account on Twitter, but I don’t know.. I think I never know how to make friends even in social media, and so I delete the account. I saw Swifties around the world can connect and make friends with each other on Instagram, so I decided to make a fan account too in Instagram. But again, I get confused about how do you make conversation hahaha so yeah, I delete it. 

Until today I don’t make any fan account again, I think it’s not my thing? I follow a bunch of Swifties tho, who are getting recognized by Taylor through taylurking (can we just appreciate that taylurking is the best fan-celeb interaction that ever happen to human being?!), and I’m so happy for those Swifties and it makes me feel I’m so grateful to be a Swifty. I just respect her so much and love her and feel like she’s always been there for me through her music (even tho I never be in a relationship & her songs mostly about love & breakups) BUT I always feel happy & always a ton lighter after I hear her songs & dance to it. Even tho I never met Tay (well I went to her concert once), I feel like she’s not far away, she’s humble & she always makes us feel like she’s not exclusive (u know what I mean? haha sorry I don’t really can describe my feelings & thoughts into words, and my English vocabs is limited). 

When I was in high school, Tay held her first (& I hope is not the last) RED concert in my country. I was in the middle of final exam week, and the concert was held on Wednesday. I put every effort to be able to watch her concert with my only Swifty friend in my high school & try to not fail my next exam haha. It was the best night of my life, I waved to Andrea & she waved back btw hahaha. Even tho she never came back to my country :( but It’s okay, I’m sure there are complicated stuff & decisions to make to be able to come here again. 

I also don’t have her official merch that much, I mean, it’s freaking expensive when you convert it to my country currency. So I just saving up to buy her album, a Red bracelet, and now I have one of her Lover sweater. I buy a bunch of fan-made merch tho. When she planning to do the concert here, there are so many sponsored companies that sell her merch, one of them was an ice cream company. I remember buying so many of their ice cream to get a code that you can be exchanged with her merch like t-shirt, pin, hats, etc.

But despite any of those things, I just want to say that I can’t believe I love & support her from 2006 till now. I mean that girl was MAGICAL. I used to learn piano so I can be like her, but yea I definitely can’t play piano so I give up ahahhaha but yea, I just..i don’t know..I love her so much & want to protect her at all costs (with everything I got right now). 

Lol the end. Just a random thoughts in the middle of a quarantine night.

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i am transcribing a most ridiculous dream i just had with michael einziger & brandon boyd. imma come back & post it right here, but in the mean time, here is a song they wrote about me.

will we ever get it together? survey says, not likely.

is it 1976? survey says; accurate.

happy birthday to us, y'all!

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