scarew0lves · a day ago
draw a monty !!Hope you like it☺️
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i love him and i love it THANK YOU !!!
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radiationdude · 11 months ago
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“what if, LOTR but little animated animals.” by jessica a. m
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psychictaledreamer · 2 months ago
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samijen · 11 months ago
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his ice star when using Glacial Waltz 🥺✨
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aphrddt · a month ago
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Happy to announce that i’m still in my mountain goats era
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fridayiminlovemp3 · 8 months ago
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lena-luthor · 9 months ago
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norstappen · 2 months ago
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Max Verstappen © Laurent Charniaux F1 Mexican Grand Prix ~ November 7, 2021
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deerlingdarlingg · 18 days ago
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again, my headcanon is a lil different but i saw a txt post and was like, could yOu iMagINE???
colors by @taintedtiggs
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childofblackmaria · 2 months ago
💝 One Piece men and how they would realize they have a big fat crush on you (PART 3 - Whitebeard crew edition)
[part 1 w/ Law, Zoro, Shanks & Smoker] [part 2 w/ Sanji, Sabo, Kid & Rayleigh]
Tumblr media
Ace and love, well - it's complicated
growing up he had a hard time believing that he was worthy of love, let alone being able to love and care deeply
which is probably why the realization that he has fallen for you hit him like a truck late at night, when it's just the two of you hanging out on deck
a soft "i'm so glad that i met you" would slip out from your lips and Ace's would feel his face burning despite him being able to literally turn into fire
he would pat your head or something (wondering how one's hair could feel so soft) with a big grin, playing it cool as if his heart wasn't racing at the speed of light right now
Ace would consult with his Council of Elders (Marco, Izou, and Thatch who did not agree with that name) about his newly discovered feelings for you and of course they would root for him to confess ("ah, young love!")
which he will do in the most feral way, like blurting it out when you just got mad over a stolen ice cream or when you're both on cleaning duty ("hand me that broom, please?" "i love you." *bonks you with the broom*)
Izou would be over the moon when you ask him for help with your makeup
inviting you into his cabin felt a bit strange at first but not in a bad way, more like something familiar, as if this was were you belonged anyway
when you took a seat in front of his mirror, investigating the different tins and utensils, Izou couldn't help but smile widely
sitting in front of you, he takes you face into one hand, gently tilting it in different angles, thinking about how nice it would be to kiss you on the spot
WAIT did he just think about kissing
calming himself while roaming through different shades of lipstick (you just know he has the range), he would find the perfect one for you
scooting a little closer to you, he would notice just how long your lashes are and how his heart was now beating in a different drum
Izou would place his thumb on your lips when applying the lipstick, just to die inside when you accidentally (or not) give it a little lick ("it was just a reflex, sorry" "what kind of reflex would that be??")
better prepare to be dolled up forever now because this man just found his favorite canvas
Marco is a night owl and so are you, both finding peace when everone else was asleep
he would always smile when he saw candle light flickering from the library, knowing he would find you there huddled up in a big armchair
if you're awake, he would say good night to you in a low voice; if you fell asleep over your book he would gently take it out of your hands (placing a bookmark of course) and throw a warm blanket over you, not wanting to wake you up
in return you would also sneak into the infirmary sometimes, bringing him either tea or a cold towel for his tired eyes. you would always stay around, watching him sigh in relief with his legs up, buttons of his shirt loose, smiling whenever you were talking about your current obsession ("yeah, i'm really into bird watching at the moment")
so whenever there was a knock at his door, Marco was hoping it was you, only you
it's no surprise when one day a big armchair will be moved into the infirmary just for you, so the two of you can always be together by night (and day, because honestly, why should he ever leave your side again?)
if you're a foodie, congratulations for making Thatch fall for you
you won't even need to activate the puppy eyes™ to get your favorite meal, your plate will always be full
Thatch would find you raiding his kitchen for a midnight snack but instead of shooing you away like everyone else, he would allow you a seat on the kitchen counter while he prepares a little something for you
and he would get SO nervous with you watching him cook
like this man has been cooking his whole life and yet he would get flustered when you sneak a bite and compliment him, standing awfully close next to him
Thatch's happiest moments throughout the day will be when you pop into his kitchen, just keeping him company or munching the leftovers before anyone else can (needless to say he would threaten everyone with a knife who dares to touch the meals he saved especially for you)
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rubygashes · 22 days ago
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kagender · 29 days ago
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cottaegecore · 5 months ago
you give someone a sense of happiness that they can’t find anywhere else. your existence is love in its purest form
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psychictaledreamer · 4 months ago
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Time 🕰 🙇‍♀️
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mountaingoatsuserboxes · 7 months ago
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ademonandascientist · 4 months ago
🌹 Your F/O knows how cruel this world can be. And when they look at you, seeing the pure love and adoration you have for them, they vow that they won’t let anyone or anything in this world hurt you.
🌹 Whether you realize it or not, your F/O is there whenever they can be to be your personal protector. Anyone who might hurt you or make you uncomfortable will soon realize that your F/O won’t let it slide. Be it through overt means like telling them off or even throwing hands right then and there, or through more subtle means, such as bringing you close to them whilst casting the danger a death glare.
🌹 Either way, the message is made clear; “If you put a single hand on my beloved, I’ll end you.”
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fridayiminlovemp3 · 11 months ago
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coffee and cigarettes - sade andria zabala
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lambi-belle · 3 months ago
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Bows and ponytails 🌈🍎
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wicked-sugar · 3 months ago
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Jane, Lily and Dolly
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