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duthea · a month ago
Tumblr media
Luffy meeting Uta when they were kids raises some questions I hope they never answer
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dbphantom · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Full credit for the idea of Rex using gear second goes to @randomguy-online!! I couldn't help myself, it sounded so cool X3
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muselexum · 18 days ago
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The Red Hair pirates spectating a fight between two children outside a bar—
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andstuffsketches · a year ago
Tumblr media
[image description: sketchy drawing on a pink background of a scene from one piece chapter 783. on the left, Trafalgar Law looks up from under the brim of his hat with a pained expression. Around him is written “Waterloo! couldn’t escape if I wanted to”. on the right, Luffy, seen from below as he attacks Doflamingo. around him is written “Waterloo! Knowing my fate is to be with you” end id]
and I have met my destiny in quite a similar way
#one piece#abba#waterloo#dressrosa#monkey d luffy#trafalgar law#lawlu#okay so.#this is based on That Scene in 783 where law says hes going to stay by luffy and also their relatioship in general like how law didnt really#expect. you know. Luffy being Luffy. and i dont actually think the song waterloo fits law or them in general except these like. specific#three lines lol but i picked it bc i like the song i like these three lines AND bc of laws name#if you didnt know. bc it doesnt really translate. his middle name Water isnt written like the english word water its written like the first#part of the word waterloo. and the end of waterloo is written the same way as law. this is on the wiki i think. so. thus. Waterloo#also i love the mamma mia films#anyway obviously waterloo the song is about a romantic relationship AND this scene is the one that made a lot of people ship lawlu AND i DID#tag this as lawlu BUT i just want to be clear that this isnt really meant to be ship art. but. you CAN interpret it like that if you want!#i like lawlu situationally but i will say i myself thought the ship was just random fandom stuff until i read this scene and thought Oh That#That Is Something okay. which is not always something i get into! but like i said this isnt ship art so much as about the relationship they#have in canon. law talking about the miracles the strawhats pull off even in wano... hes all in with the alliance now even though he didnt#wanna be! he said okay im sticking with luffy and they did it!! anyway. enjoy.#2021#image described#comic#lyric comic#digital art#injuries
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fully-caulked-wagon · a year ago
Tumblr media
Three mediocre drawings in one day? Damn. Simps work hard, but simps’ simps work harder- By that I mean I simp for both Brook and Sanji. Have yet to do fanart of Brook. Or Franky, simp for him as well but he’s not really a simp. Only strawhat members I haven’t done any art of are: Brook, Jimbei and Franky. Also kinda Loki from Fairy Tail and Miroku from Inuyasha-
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yourlocalweirdo-3000 · 7 months ago
Straw-Hat Crew — general NSFW headcanons ⚠️🔞⚠️
Luffy and Sanji have mini-scenarios with theirs :)
Characters: Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Nami, +Smoker
(established relationships)
Part two coming soon
WARNINGS: NSFW, overstimulation, cockwarming, size kink, voice kink, slight choking, and a whole bunch more that I'm too lazy to tag 😅
Very impatient.  
High libido; will take the opportunity to jackhammer into you any chance he gets.
Pretty vocal most of the time.   Maybe even whiny.
His kisses are messy; saliva dripping down his chin and everything. He'll touch every part of you with his hands. 
Loves to go down on you but says the most embarrassing shit about your genitals.  Deadass compares it to eating meat the first time it happens; like babe, sorry but that's not very flattering from your point of view.  
Gets kinda rough at times.  Won't stop fucking you even if he's got tears in his eyes. 
Will go at it for hours if you let him.  "Just one more, c'mon, please—just one more" he says after every orgasm. He'd stop if you truly wanted him to. 
Passes tf out after pounding the daylights out of you.  Learns about aftercare after that and gets better at it eventually.
     Luffy's voice is so hot when he's fucking you from behind.  His cock finds your sweet spot out of habit and he uses one of his hands to push firm pressure on your clit.  He's rocking into your body, kissing you wherever he can.  At times all he can do is rest his face against your skin, drooling. He refused to cum until you do ('cause "that's when it feels the best!"), and only when your eyes roll to the back of your head does he finally let go.   
     His pace is unforgiving even now.  He can't form words at this point, all he can do is whine and cry as he feels your gummy cunt spasm on his cock.  
Absolutely submissive. Very vocal.  The way he moans is hot as fuck; he'll whine, grunt, his voice may even crack, and the way he breathes out your name with tears in his eyes— makes blood rush straight to your groin.  
Loves cockwarming and overstimulation.  He keeps going until you cum, and he makes you cum as many times as you can.  
Kinda into being choked; he really gets hard when you're rough with him.
(If you're a woman or someone who wears panties: Definitely steals your underwear.  Loves the way your heat smells and uses it as wank-material 🥴)
Into giving and receiving praise.  
Spends all the time he can between your legs; he's immensely proud that he can make you come undone with his mouth alone. Loves the way you taste.
Likes being ordered around a little bit. 
His aftercare is divine.  He knows exactly what to do without you even saying it. 
      Imagine Sanji ploughing into your doughy hole;  load after load pumped out and still his pace never lets up.  How can you blame him when your insides are squeezing him that tightly, when your voice gets whiny and tears dot your cheeks, when your walls are so slick and relaxed that he doesn't even need to use lube to help the process along? 
    He's cumming deep inside you with a loud cry, yet again, barely slowing down, and you cum with him. It's clearly the big finale.  His voice is erotic, fit only for wet dreams and pornography, and damn it turned you on.  
     Soon enough he's slowing down, rocking into you, ensuring you're stuffed full of his seed.  He's massaging your pliable body; the ever dutiful Sanji already beginning his aftercare routine. After cuddling, showers, and getting ready for bed, you fall asleep in each other's arms. 
Prefers to be the dominant one in bed with you, but does occasionally let you take the reins.
He's got the stamina to go round after round; you better be prepared. 
Not very vocal, but he's perfect at fucking you at the right pace. 
Likes to hold you up in position a lot; both to get stronger and flex his strength in front of you. 
Likes it when you use his body while he's sleeping, so long as it's behind closed doors. 
Doesn't even know what aftercare is; when you explain it to him, he doesn't understand why going to sleep right after the deed doesn't count, but he gets it eventually.  He knows you're not trying to be needy or anything, but a little more care in this area couldn't hurt. 
(Continuation of last hc): next time y'all do it, he takes the time to hold you and rub your back. You actually fall asleep before him, for a change.
Another whiny one. 
Likes when you use the '–sama' honorific.
More on the submissive side; talks big but in reality he's kinda insecure; he likes it when you go your own pace.  
Can't go too many rounds tbh; gets sleepy immediately after a couple of orgasms.  
He doesn't know how best to please you at first but he gets the hang of it quickly.  Does his best not to leave you unsatisfied and usually succeeds. 
Rather good at kissing.  Can do things with his tongue that make you melt.
(His nose gets in the way sometimes, but y'all make it work 🥴)
Make sure you're truly alone when you're banging though, cause there is no keeping him quiet when he orgasms.  
His aftercare is decent, actually.  He's a natural.  Falls asleep right after this though; there's no way you're getting this guy out of your bed after something like that.  (Cute asf though.  Talks a lot in his sleep, says your name a lot too. vv cute <3)
Anyone with Robin as their lover is extremely blessed.  She may not convey her feeling verbally, but the unspoken way she shows her love is clear. 
So when it comes to the bedroom, she is tender.  She's a service dom all the way.   
Whatever position you may find yourselves in, she is always attuned to the way you're feeling.  
She puts her devil fruit powers to good use, too 👀👀 Just imagine all the uses of extra hands during love-making... endless possibilities.
She is so good in bed bruh, but most of all it's just really loving.  It has to be; she'd never be so vunerable with someone she didn't trust completely, and you're honored to be one of the few people she's chosen for the role. 
Her kisses and hickeys were promises; testaments to all the things she doesn't say out-loud. 
Robin loves the face you make when you cum, and she usually has more stamina than you in this area, so you're going to be making that face a lot 🥴
Her thing is thighs; they're really sexy to her.  She adores your thighs, and loves to leave hickeys on the insides of them.
Any stretch-marks, scars, or other insecurities are adored by her, proof of your own trust in her.  
She's a pro at oral.  Whatever you've got down there, she knows what to do.  The extra hands and mouths do wonders. 
Let her fuck you with the strap please she'll love you forever lmao.
Pillow princess. 
Usually likes to lay back and order you what to do, or just have you take care of her. 
Likes to tie you up sometimes though. 
Uses lots of toys, both on herself and you.  
Her toys and harnesses are always so pretty.  Nami would never own something ugly, what do you expect?
Has a thing for ruined makeup 🥴
Okay Nami is low-key really kinky. Bondage, spanking, etc. She likes to choke you a little bit, too.  
Her moans are cute asf; she tries to hold back at first, but soon she can't help but let out high-pitched whines and moans. 
Loves it when you pull her hair when you fuck her.
He's got a size kink, bad.  
But other than that he's surprisingly tender.  He looks like the kinda guy who likes it rough, and sure he can get rough if you want, but he's always sweet about it regardless.
Prefers fucking you at a slow pace, taking time to enjoy the flutter of your walls around him as you pant and moan.
Holds you close when he makes love. 
Likes doggy-style, missionary, and prone-bone positions. 
Doesn't mind a little choking, giving or receiving.
Not into quickies or public sex; more so the latter than the former.  He wants to be a good example for his subordinates, no fucking on the job. 
Into creampies, and has a little bit of a breeding kink.  
When he orgasms, there is a lot of cum— and I truly mean a lot. He gets hard again and is ready to go for another round just from watching his cum gush and ooze out of your hole. 
He'll make you orgasm again and again until neither of you can handle it, and then he'll make you cum again. 
Likes it when you scratch him up as he pounds into you. 
You can call him whatever you want, he doesn't mind, but he prefers sir over anything else. 
Service dom, and super quiet in bed. You'll have to let him know if you want him to be louder. 
He's good at kissing but his mouth tastes sickly sweet, like ash and the artificial sweetness of cigars.  
A natural with his mouth, in all the right places, iykwim 😏
Tumblr media
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thithesandofferings · 3 months ago
OP Sugar Mommies/Daddies Straw Hat Crew
Tumblr media
Straw Hat Crew as Sugar Daddies(Mommies)-
::NSFW 18+ DNI : Luffy/Zoro/Sanji/Robin/Nami/Franky/Usopp
::Tags include: Petplay, teasing, zoro being mean, secce times. Hint of the word daddy, D/s Themes
::Authors Note: This is a reupload because the original post cannot be clicked on.
Part 2 here
Tumblr media
-Whats mine is yours is his mantra.
-Will never not give you anything that you want.
-Doesnt really understand the concept of being a sugar daddy, nor does he have the concept of how much money he actually has.
He’s very confused, but if you give him plenty of food, hes happy.
Will give you his black card. Its yours now.
Not really one to initiate sex, but will fuck the shit out of you if you ask.
He just cant say no to those pleading eyes.
You dont even need to do anything to get money or sex from him.
He’s surprisingly very keen on the idea of breaking you.
Give him praise on how good he is at being a leader and you’ll be shown that incredibly stamina that hes famous for.
He’ll be greedy for it too. Not stopping until your begging him to stop.
But you asked for it didnt you? He’s just trying to take care of your needs.
Lingerie everywhere
He is so enamored by the way you look in lace and silk that he creates an entire lingerie company in your name.
Please dont tease him with walking around with his favorite work of art.
Will not hold back fucking you lovingly into the ground.
All that work he spent designing will be shredded and on the floor while he makes you scream his name.
Cannot believe you actually like him.
Cooks for you day and night. No matter how busy he is.
Gets him so hot just knowing you walked up to him and wanted this kind of relationship.
Will worship the very ground you walk on.
Eats you out like its his fucking job. Just know you’re not getting up until you completely understand how appreciative he is of you.
Will also give you his black card. Everything that he owns really.
Zoro -
You have to earn those cute little gifts he gets you
If you dont gag on his cock for more than 5 seconds, then maybe he’ll get you that diamond necklace you’ve been begging for.
Maybe add some tears and he’ll throw in a Birkin for moral support.
He’s a mean daddy.
This is his money and he’ll be damn if he gets a little pillow slut thats not gonna work for it.
Likes when you grin and act coy cause he knows he’ll have you sobbing in minutes.
Edges you for hours and the longer you make it, the more money you get.
Lowkey likes it when you nap with him- he’ll mentally think of taking a large chunk of your tuition when you sleepily nuzzle into his neck after a hard session.
Just like Zoro, Robin makes you earn it.
Into heavy petplay
Likes when you kneel and sit quietly whilst she reads a book.
Wants to see you crawl to her and beg for her money.
Grabs your jaw and coos when youre trying to explain why you need it.
She’s already put it in your account. She just wanted to see you ask politely for it.
Call her Daddy off-handedly and she’ll give you anything you want without question.
Likes to see you in the things she bought for you.
Especially likes to see you in her clothes, regardless if its something small like her socks or bracelets.
Dont bring her shopping with you. She’ll find a reason to fuck you in the changing room.
Tell you its your fault for looking so good.
She doesnt know how she got a sugar baby
It just happened.
The first couple of months will reluctantly give you money.
She knows how hard it is being poor so shes actually really generous when she does put the money in your account.
Nami has to see that you are a hard worker and willing to do anything.
Will blush hotly when you try to initiate anything.
Definitely will deny your advances until randomly she kisses you and pushing you against the wall.
You’ve just been doing so many things for her without complain. She needs to do something for you. Money is not enough anymore.
Overstims you because she thinks you deserve it.
Is like Sanji in the “You chose me? No way!”
So overjoyed that you want anything from him to be honest.
Due to his inventions and status, he has made quite the name for himself and has more than he needs.
Speaking of his inventions, dont get too curious or he’ll wanna use them on you.
Loves your tear stained face after multiple orgasm from his little toys.
If you plead and beg that you just want him, he’ll go absolutely feral.
Apologizes for going so hard by buying anything you wanted.
He wouldve done so regardless, but the fact that you’re giving him so much just makes him want to give you the whole world.
Usopp is so weak for you, would definitely consider a real relationship with you if you so much just uttered a suggestion of it.
A teasing little shit
Literally has so much money to blow, but will tell you no just because he likes to get you mad.
Thinks your little tantrums are funny. When you start to pull away from him he will quickly grab you and force the money into your hand.
Insinuates that he will fuck you, but does everything but that.
Will ruin you when you least expect it.
Doesnt ever ask for permission at all.
Calls you into his office while hes working on something, only to have you bent over his desk minutes later. Making you pay for those cute shoes youre wearing.
Likes to ruin the things hes bought for you, just so he can have another reason to buy you things- and fuck you in them.
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pink-duda · 8 months ago
♡︎Strawhats with a child as crew member♡︎
Tumblr media
❥︎@kitsumaki: I have been watching One piece at a very young age so i really look up to the characters! So can i get some platonic stuff with strawhats with young crew member (no not a teen) someone who is maybe 11- 13 y/o ??
I hope you don't mind, but I wrote several things and separated them into categories 😁
Besides, there are some people that I can't tag and you were one of them, I don't know why this is happening...
Tumblr media
The beginning of everything:
You have to be a very different child, with powers or with a Devil Fruit and no family to be able to stay on the crew, I can't see it any other way.
The best thing is that Luffy just shows up saying "now we have a child nakama on our ship :)".
At first Nami says no, kid's place is not on a pirate crew and they'll leave you on the next island with a good civilization that can take care of you.
But in less than a day you had already managed to win the hearts of most of them.
List of who you conquered first to last:
Tumblr media
General headcanons:
Luffy loves playing hide and seek with you, Chopper and Usopp.
Usopp will let you mess around with his drawing materials, it stimulates creativity, right?
Robin reads you books before everyone goes to bed.
Franky is going to make a bicycle so you can have fun, but in the end Luffy was the one who played the most.
You are the 3rd person to be served by Sanji, ladies first, child, then the rest.
Brook will tell bone jokes and new songs to get your opinion if it's good.
Nami will buy everything you want at a certain price, you are one of their responsibilities and you have to be well taken care of. (but she counts everything you spent so that when you are over eighteen she will ask for money back lol).
Jinbei will tell about the story of fish men, he will talk about racism and minorities.
You and Zoro have an appointment every single day for a nap, sometimes the others get together too.
It's funny that at parties everyone gets alcoholic drinks and you get a glass of juice or a strawberry shake.
Tumblr media
There is a lot to learn from them, but what would it be?
It doesn't seem like it, but Luffy is good with emotions, so he'll teach you how to deal with them.
Robin will teach you about general things and especially history, and will surely teach you how to read Poneglyph so don't get lost in the story.
Sanji will show you how to make certain foods, tell you when a fruit/vegetable is still good to eat and lots of other things, so you're free to enter the kitchen whenever you want (he's a softy with kids).
Franky will love teaching you how to build simple things like toys and furniture. The two of you can even build a toy house for you.
Brook will teach you rhythm and musical notes, the first instrument you played was a ukulele.
Usopp will teach you how to have a better aim and how to draw.
Chopper will teach you first aid, sometimes he's not with you and he doesn't want you to see someone dying slowly and not be able to do anything.
Nami will teach you with navigation, sometimes she loses patience, but she is a good teacher.
Zoro and Jinbei will give you basic fighting lessons, and maybe in the future they'll teach you more complicated things.
Tumblr media
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heyitsdoe · 6 months ago
Um... sorry for bothering you!😳 But can I please request sex pollen headcanons for ASL? (If you didn't write them already)
Hi there, anon! I have already done a Luffy Sex Pollen, but as requested, please enjoy some Sabo and Ace spicy content ^_^ Thank you for requesting!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Portgas D. Ace
Ace can sense something is...off with himself pretty quickly. And he is a little worried about he. All this lust, all this burning need to just touch you, or even look at you is...this can't be normal. And he doesn't know who else to ask about it, other than you.
So you shouldn't be super surprised when he's hunting you down in a rush, both trying not to be too eager as the blood in his body feels like it's burning hotter than his devil fruit, and needing to see you. You'll know how to help him, won't you?
He'll beg and plead if he has to, barely able to look you in the eyes as he struggles to touch you in an innocent way. He tries, he tries, to restrain himself, but seeing you and hearing you speak and breathing in the scent of you is...eating away at his resolve at an increasing rate.
And the very second you tell him that you'll help him take care of it, that you'll let him get it all out of his system, he's on you pulling at clothes and kissing at the soft flesh of your neck.
He's thanking you for letting him take out all of this pent-up desire with your body, hands shaky and rough against your skin. He wants so badly to give more pleasure than he receives, but his mind is clouded by the way you taste, and the softness of your body against his.
Ace is vocal, muttered praises as he fucks you recklessly, with as much force as he can drive into his hips. He knows he'll leave you sore, and he knows you won't mind, but he hopes not too badly. He just can't get enough of you.
He's so exhausted once all of the pollen is out of his system, he can barely lift a finger to trace your arm in appreciation. All he can do is look at you with as much love and adoration as he can muster in his worn-out gaze.
Tumblr media
As the sex pollen swirls through his veins, Sabo can't help but think of every kinky, dirty, nasty little thing he has always wanted to do to you. Each and every deep, dark desire that has crossed his mind plays on a loop in his mind's eye.
He'll have that mischievous little smile on his face, clearly distracted as he rubs his chin thoughtfully. He's planning, plotting, anticipating a night so full of debauchery, you won't be able to walk straight come morning.
And he isn't afraid to make sure you know it too, staring directly at you, biting the corner of his lip seductively. And if he just so happens to pass you by he'll pull you close and whisper some of the many things he can't wait to try with you.
When you realize what's going on with him, the way his lust is enhanced and driving him absolutely mad, you're simultaneously impressed by his composure and incredibly antsy to see him break that facade to completely wreck you. It's when you finally try to seduce him back that he makes his move, secluding the both of you away where the rest of the Revolutionary Army would have no hope of finding the two of you...or hearing the two of you.
If you'll allow, he'll spank you, choke you, hold you down, tie you up, spread your thighs apart, taste the most intimate parts of you, all during the course of the night. For hours, he edges and teases and reduces you down to begging. He's relentless, and yet knows precisely how much is too much, to drive you wild and still have you enjoy it all.
He's, quite frankly, an absolute animal. Feral and untamable. But he tries to be. Tries to work it all out of his system while making the most of it.
And the aftercare he provides is top notch, apologetic for going as rough as he did. He asks if he hurt you, asks if you're ok, and just generally checking to make sure he didn't do anything that you hadn't approved of. The sweetness after the fact is such a contrast to the beast he'd been not ten minutes before.
Tag List: @mythyme20, @undercoverweeeb, @reokyu14, @some-piece, @athenaportgas, @sagethebootythrasher, @neferyuy, @secretsnailor
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animunerdery · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys, thanks for liking my half-assed one piece scribbles!
While I don't reblog on this tumblr (to keep it streamlined), I do follow a TON of insane artists like all of these sick one piece blogs for your viewing pleasure:
@ahou-dori prob the best doffy blog out there. incredible drawings.
@ceceru you all know her highschool AU stuff. everything she does is so full of life
@pepegle omg I love this person’s drawings so much. beautiful, simplified, just insanely good.
@avenoirn jesus christ these are so freaking good. Dem paints, dem lighting hnngg
@fangirl-of-the-end all the trafalgar lawsss. Come quench your thirst!
@8thousand another insanely good person who also reblogs other insanely good stuff.
@toboldlymuppet so intense and so goooood, fantastic shapes and those pops of color are chef’s kissss
@sameconcarne holy shit yessss what are these insane drawsssssssss.
@thebaratie great art and great art recs with the reblogssss
@mygiorni fantastic super clean super good, super cute
@peqchesssss so cute so good so sweet T_T
@cranity hell yessss so stylish and with so much attitude lets gooooo!
@bugslap oh hell yes let’s push them ink drawsssss
@humans-are-tasty hell yesss doffadile contenttttt
@dailyrebranded omg soo cuuuute diabetes inducing goodnessss
@wellfine you know this person’s comics. Gives sanji so much more depthhhhh
@deadbutnostink yes good hot boys thirst content
@sunclown yes good more thirst content for your eyeballsss
@teazingsassy yes more good drawsss
@abdocado god i love these draws so much T_T
@i-bez-togo-toshno fantastic let’s freaking go
@waybomb love these cute draws
@l208p very good very cute, very accurate modern luffy head canon 
@lorillee mostly walls of text but they occasionally also draw stuff and everything they write/draw is GOLD
@a-tsute sick draws let’s goooo. also not as much OP recently but still insanely good anyway!
@feriowind currently doing more Our Flag Means Death but holy shit LOOK AT THEM DRAWS SO GOOOOOD
@zoeychuanart plz check out my girl Zoey’s stufffff. She hasn’t updated in a while but she has the best Sanji and Nami content T_T
@kankalin really cute general stuff
I don’t know how many of these still update but they’re all great:
@doodlepiece :  everything about this dude’s drawings are beautiful, charming and engaging. i love pretty much everything about this person. I love his sanji comic, i love the simplicity of his design and shape. i love the tangibility of his textures. This guy was my all time favorite one piece blog for the longest time T_T
@nobodyanybody0 : obviously amazing minimal shapes, adorable expressions, and one hell of a painter. There is so much to learn from this person! s/he is a blessing to OP fandom.
@wanssan (aka @yongi ) : they kinda abandoned the OP blog, but it’s still awesome. s/he claims that his/her drawings are wonky, but they are far from. simply delicious line quality.
@monstertrio : super cute babies! everything she draws is amazingly cute. those lines are super expressive and the color game is on point.
@luffydraws : omg… whoever the hell this is is a genius. TOTALLY NAILS IT EVERY TIME.
@asknicorobean : I love her style so much, so loose and so warm.
and more good ones: 
@nupp : korean blog. mainly zosan.
@laskapsy : russian blog? mainly dofadile. 
@dumatree : korean blog. mainly ASL. 
@zfedraws : bunch of nice drawings all around, there’s something vaguely 90s manga about her work which is awesome.
@pitiablelaw : mainly trafalguy.
@onepancake : so many cute cartoony drawings! lots of cool western-ish redesigns.
@opdoodless : cool redesigns in a more western style!
@yaboybokuto : look for her art tags, she’s also got a warm cartoony style.
@eyerispez : i love how this person tries experimenting with different looks.
@clover-ya : the great thing about OP is the diversity of the fanbase, this one also has a super expressive western aesthetic. 
@itsamemarshallbanana : completely ridiculous one piece snapchat artist. is probably a genius. Or is an idiot. Maybe both???
There are SO many amazing artists who love one piece (even if their blogs aren’t primarily OP side blogs) which I haven’t listed here but just suffice it to say they are everywhere. for example… @thisismollym MOLLY FUCKING MENDOZA LIKES ONE PIECE Y’ALL
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sanjisprincesswifey · 6 months ago
valentine's day headcanons .。・:*:・
a/n - happy valentine's day my loves! these are just some general headcanons i have with some of my favorite characters about my favorite holiday <3 it is quite long, i got carried away but it's only because i love this holiday so much!
wc - 6.1k | warnings - some are slightly suggestive | with sanji, zoro, luffy, usopp, nami, robin, ace, law, sabo, and shanks (they/them pronouns used)
Tumblr media
black leg sanji
sanji is a giant teddy bear, big box of chocolates, and red roses type of guy on valentine’s day (even if those aren’t your favorite)
plans a romantic dinner date with wine, candles, and a finely prepared meal
the sweetest thing is that he’ll spend weeks preparing for this day no matter how long you’ve been dating
leaves small gifts around the ship for you to find all day; i say small but they probably cost thousands of berries a piece
writes you a ten-page handwritten love letter
you think he’s clingy on a daily basis? prepare to be smothered in kisses and candy-coated words all. day. long.
“sanji,” you groaned with a bashful smile, as you walked into your room with a display of presents sitting on your bed. the ginormous teddy bear sat at the head of your bed, while roses were scattered across your comforter surrounding the array of presents.
the envelope is what caught your attention though, a red wax seal closing it. you neatly unsealed it, a heartfelt confessional was inked on the multiple pages inside.
it felt like hours had passed by the time you finished reading it; your face was stained with tears, some were dried and some were still damp.
sanji was so well-spoken, he always seemed to know exactly what to say to tug at your heartstrings.
a soft knock at your door caused you to wipe your tears away, turning to see sanji with another bouquet of red roses in his hand, a nervous smile on his lips, and dressed up in a deep red button-up and tie.
“mon ange, dinner awaits.” he extended his hand out to you as you ran up and hugged him so tightly. “i love you sanji,” his eyes shut, kissing the top of your head.
“I love you. now, come on. dinner--” you took the roses from his hand, setting them on your dresser, “i know, i know, dinner’s gonna get cold.” you interlaced your fingers together and let sanji guide you to the kitchen where he had prepared a candlelit dinner with your favorite meal.
“actually, i was gonna say dinner might be gone before we get there. luffy’s been stalking the kitchen all day.” that did sound like luffy.
the kitchen had rose petals sprinkled across the floor leading to the table and on top of the counters. “oh sanji,” you gaped, hands covering your mouth in awe.
the presentation was beautiful, but you expected nothing less than the love cook himself.
sanji pushes your chair in for you, filling your glass up with your favorite wine while admiring how your beauty radiates despite the dimly lit area.
“nothing is ever too good for you, mon coeur” sanji clutched your hand, placing kisses that trailed from your soft fingertips to your arms.
Tumblr media
roronoa zoro
the man gets lost walking on a straight path, you think he can remember a holiday?
sorry honey, but you’ll have to plan out a date if that’s what you want
he most likely won’t even get you a gift unless someone reminds him to and even then it won’t be wrapped or anything, will probably still have the price tag on, but the gift is incredibly personal
although, you won’t need gifts or a romantic night for zoro to show you how much he loves you. when you’re laying down in your bed together, late at night, just listening to his heartbeat as it beats so blissfully for you, you'll understand
zoro might feel a little embarrassed or worried that you’re upset with him for forgetting
his simple questions are enough reassurance you need that he does care and love you very much even though he can be an airhead sometimes
zoro ran his hands through his hair, staring at the display case for his swords that you had gifted him. it was made of glass and constructed of wood so fine he had never seen anything so intricately crafted before in his life.
he looked out the window, the sun was barely rising, so there should be enough time for him to find a gift for you in town.
you were laying on your bed, reading a book when zoro pounded on your door. when you opened it, your boyfriend stood before you, panting slightly with a smirk smeared across his face, “here.”
he grabs onto your hand and drops something into your palm before closing your fingers around it. cautiously you unwrap your fingers, staring at the diamond-encrusted earrings in your hand.
your eyes widened as you glanced back between the jewelry and your boyfriend, whose brow was now sweating with anticipation.
“uh, you, uh said that your mom used to have a pair just like these and so i got you something that looked like how you described them.” you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling his lips down to kiss yours.
his hands scrambled to find your waist, shocked by the immediacy of your actions but accepting them regardless. your tongue immediately dove into his mouth causing zoro to groan in response, your reaction was unexpected, but boy did he enjoy it. maybe he should buy you things more often.
zoro’s heaving, sweaty body rolled over to his side, leaning on his elbow so he could stare down at your disoriented face. your eyes were still closed from your preceding orgasm, your naked chest was slowly rising as you did your best to steady your breath.
“did you really like my gift?” he questioned.
your voice was raspy, scratchy from the rendezvous you two just had, “yes, i do. thank you.” you leaned up to kiss him, the poor swordsman just whined against your lips feeling the goosebumps on your skin underneath his hands.
“you know i love you right? a lot.” tracing over his rippling chest muscles and large scar, you situated your finger under his chin feeling the harsh stubble he hadn’t shaved in a day or two.
“i love you very much you dummy,” he smiled against your lips as you bit onto his bottom lip, before kissing him once again.
Tumblr media
monkey d luffy
hand picked flower bouquets!!!!
luffy picks flowers from whatever island you’re on and bunches them all up together. they’re a mixture of all different types of flowers, and then he’ll ask sanji, nami, or usopp to help him make them look nice
in regards to getting him a gift: food. heart-shaped anything. brownies, cookies, cake, anything sweet and heart shaped, luffy will enjoy almost everything you’ll bake him
a nice dinner date sounds fun in theory, but he’s a vacuum so you won’t be able to have any conversation over the sound of him inhaling all the food
maybe settle for a dance with him underneath the moonlight to brook’s sweet music
luffy will hug you and keep his hands all over you
the boy will tell you that he loves you every second of the day, squeezing you so tightly it’ll feel like you’re gonna pop (with love!)
“okay now what flavor of icing do you think he’d like?” sanji scoffed, searching the fridge for the icing. “does it matter? he won’t pause to consider the sentiment behind the cake anyway.” you nodded, opening the tub of strawberry icing to place in the piping bag.
“where is he anyway?” “he went with nami to the island i think,” sanji nodded, handing you the tub of vanilla frosting.
“y/n! where’s y/n?!’ sanji pointed to the kitchen where you waited for him to return, putting the finishing touches on the cookie cake you had baked him. the paper-wrapped bouquet of flowers was held firmly in the rubber boys grip, he was proud of his work and he was excited to see the look on your face when you saw them.
you flinched when he almost broke down the kitchen door, a huge smile plastered on his face that was so bright you could fall in love with him all over again on the spot. “there you are! here! i got these for you!” your lids fell halfway closed, pupils dilating at the sentiment.
“thank you luffy, these are beautiful.” you smiled, taking them from his grasp to further examine them. multiple kinds of flowers were packed together in the paper, a string and bow holding it together. “i made you this,” you sharply inhaled showing him the heart-shaped cookie cake piped with strawberry and vanilla frosting.
his eyes sparkled so brightly as he tore it from your grip. you were expecting him to swallow it whole, as he did with every other meal before him. but you were surprisingly shocked when he ripped the cake in half, handing one half to you and eating the other.
when you didn’t take it from him, he stopped chewing to look at you with a puzzled expression, “what’s wrong?” you shook your head, setting the slice back onto the plate and kissed his overly chubby cheeks, “absolutely nothing at all.”
“sorry to interrupt, but luffy, should i start playing yet?” brook, who was standing outside the door, asked the captain who enthusiastically nodded.
"yeah! come on y/n!” when you were yanked onto the main lawn, the sunny was strung up with lights that lit up the night sky similar to the stars.
brook’s romantic, soulful violin playing set the mood for the night as luffy wrapped his arms around your waist, attacking your skin with his lips softly.
you giggled but followed his lead when you threw your arms around his neck, swaying with him to the music.
“i love you, i love you, i love you,” luffy chuckled in between kisses, surely leaving a trail of saliva all over your skin. you sighed contently, even though he was excited, luffy handled you with delicacy as his lips mapped every crevice and corner of your skin.
Tumblr media
god usopp
homemade presents!
plans a romantic date but lies about the extravagance of them
you don’t mind. one, because you’re used to it, and two, what he actually has planned means more than any lie he could’ve made up
the king of cute, intimate dates! riding bikes through the streets of whatever town you’re at, walking hand-in-hand on the beach, maybe sitting down and painting or drawing one another
usopp is not as sentimental as sanji, but he will use the romanticism of the holiday to ask you to be his partner
he’s super nervous to hold your hand and kiss you, so please initiate for the soft boy <3
usopp swallowed harshly as he saw you walk down the dock to meet him at the previously agreed-upon meeting spot. he got there thirty minutes early so he could prepare himself, but when you flashed him the prettiest smile he had ever seen, all his preparations had flown out the window.
“the weather is so nice today! you know what we should do?” usopp raised his brows in response to your question, although he was actually trying his hardest to think of something fun enough for the both of you to do. “we should go for a bicycle ride!” usopp stopped in his tracks; that was actually a really good idea.
he got lucky the village on this island had a store selling just the items he was looking for. “hello! how can i help you lovey couple today?” both you and usopp gasped at the title and before usopp could protest, you took his hand in yours, an action that made your heart swarm with butterflies. "
hi! my boyfriend and i were wondering if you had any bikes that we could rent?” the lady went behind the back of the shop only for a second and brought back a light blue bike with a large wicker basket attached to the front.
“but that only has one seat,” usopp pointed out. you slapped his hand away, reaching to find the correct amount of change.
“are you sure about this y/n?” usopp’s hands grabbed the handlebars, which allowed you to reassure him by placing your hand on top of his, “yes i’m sure, now let’s go!” you sat in the basket, your feet hanging out while your hair blew in the breeze. the fruity-floral scent filling the sniper’s senses, his heart beating faster, ever so slightly as he pedaled down the dirt road.
your head hung back as usopp did an impersonation of luffy, once again. they were always so spot on. “oh, wait!” your hand gripped his and he stopped pedaling, slowly coming to a stop.
you hopped out of the basket, running over to the beach noticing a collection of brightly colored flowers that resided just by the seashore. you plucked one, inhaling its scent before waving at usopp to follow you. he did as instructed leaning the bike up against a tree,
“hey those are geraniums, only certain species can thrive this close to the ocean--” you placed said flower tucked behind his ear, your fingertips brushing against his stubbly cheek.
“i, uh” he coughed nervously, causing you to shake your head at how dorky he was. interlacing your fingers together you pulled him to follow you into the shore of the beach, peeling your shoes off so they wouldn’t get wet.
you leaned your head against his shoulder, adoring the hue of the sky. meanwhile usopp’s hands were growing clammier by the minute, all he could do was stare at you in all your beauty. he didn’t understand how he could’ve gotten you, but all he wanted to do now was to kiss you. oh god, did he want to kiss you.
“y/n, wait” usopp paused, halting both of you from continuing any further. he grabbed both of your hands, running his thumbs over your soft knuckles wishing he had taken more than thirty minutes to prepare.
“i really like you,” his face pinkened, and so did yours. “i’ve been meaning to, um, i really want to ask you something.” you had a suspicion of what he was about to say, but you let him continue to fumble over his words.
the sky around you changed into a pink, purpley hue and usopp knew that this was the moment. “will you be my partner?” you had to bite your lip to prevent yourself from squealing with excitement, but you sporadically nodded your head, jumping into his arms as he let out a sigh of relief clutching onto you.
Tumblr media
cat burglar nami
a candlelit dinner on the beach during sunset is how you spend every single valentine's day together, but for some reason, it’s so unique and special each time. and of course, sanji prepares the meal for you guys without you even having to ask
nami loves loving you and thus she buys you so many presents (it’s her love language). some gifts are corny and expected, fancy chocolates or jewelry, but some are sentimental, a sweater you pointed out or a framed photo of the two of you together with a note on the back
you get each other matching lingerie sets
don’t expect her to not exchange any piece of jewelry you give her for the money (she says she’s sorry!)
spoon feeding each other your desserts
this doesn’t even need to be said, but you and nami always have the most passionate sex on valentine’s day. something about the dreamy, lucid feeling in the air burns a fiery passion within both of you
you gasped at the lace teddy you pulled from the box, nami was eyeing you up and down just imagining how gorgeous you’d look in it. you laughed at how similar the design matched the one you purchased for her.
“here this is the last one,” this time it was a much smaller box wrapped neatly with pink paper and a red bow on top. “nami, you’ve already gotten me so many gifts,” you complained while taking the box from her hands, a pleased smile etching her lips.
“i know, but are you really going to deny my gifts?” her big, brown, doe eyes innocently staring back at you was answer enough.
“i don’t really have a choice, do i?” “nope! now open it!” she demanded, watching you tear off the paper, a small box underneath it.
after lifting the lid, your heart flutters at the picture frame with a photo of you and nami together inside of it.
it was your first date and you had just kissed each other, luckily usopp came by at the perfect time and was able to capture the aftermath.
both you and nami’s faces were stained with a crimson blush and an all-knowing smile that couldn’t have been replaced with anything else no matter what.
nami dug her spoon into the ice cream, doing her best to collect all the toppings in one spoonful. you opened your mouth slightly, allowing her to place the dessert in your mouth as you closed your lips around the utensil.
you hummed in response, the sweetness of the treat combatting the savoriness of the dinner sanji had made. nami cupped your cheek, her thumb wiping away a droplet of whip cream left behind next to your lip.
you leaned into her palm, allowing her to pull you in for a kiss that set your soul ablaze. her touch kept you in place as her lips began to push firmly into yours with a dominance that you didn’t mind.
Tumblr media
nico robin
bubble baths, chocolate-covered strawberries, and champagne. need i say more?
robin is a body worshiper so expect her lips to be all over you, leaving hickies all over your skin
so sentimental with her gift giving. she definitely writes you poetry
long, passion makeout sessions all day long. robin kisses you with intent, expressing how much she longs and aches for you with a single brush of your lips
not only does robin buy you flowers but she buys you an arrangement
you make dinner together! robin enjoys spending quality time with you and rather than making sanji slave away over the stove for the two of you, she’d prefer to be in the intimate setting of making dinner with you <3
robin’s lips cascade down your neck, sucking certain areas harsher than others, smiling to herself as she notices the redness that’ll soon turn purple.
you take the champagne glass that's sitting on the table just outside the bubble-filled tub, taking a sip of the pink, bubbly beverage.
”mmm, if you keep doing that we won’t have time to cook dinner,” you breathed, biting into a strawberry.
“oh well, that means i can keep doing this,” robin purred into your ear before dragging her tongue from the base of your neck to your jawline.
the bath salts and oils concocted into a heavenly scent that allowed your whole body to relax as robin’s arms, that were wrapped around your waist, and only tugged you closer to her so she could keep her lips on you.
“here,” you held the champagne glass at an angle, allowing her to take a sip from the glass just as you did.
“i love you,” you sighed, throwing your head back into her shoulder. she giggled, planting kisses until her lips were on yours captivating you in a fruitful kiss that knocked the wind out of your lungs.
you wished you could’ve stayed here for so much longer, but as the moon was slowly rising it was your signal to begin dinner.
you patted yourself dry, taking an extra minute or two to admire robin’s naked figure as she stepped out of the tub, draining out the water.
“do we really need to eat?” your question rang a light laugh from her, your arms wrapped around her waist from behind, leaning your head on her smooth skin.
“yes, but don’t worry,” she spun around in your grip, cupping your cheeks, “we can save dessert for later.” you smiled, kissing her ever-so-soft lips.
“you really didn’t have to do this,” you whispered against robin’s lips as you stared at the set dining table with one of the most elegant flower arrangements sitting on top of it.
“of course i did, you deserve it.” the kitchen timer rang aggressively alerting the two of you that the smoked salmon was finished cooking.
“it smells so good,” you commented, dawning oven mitts to pull the meal out of the oven.
“it does. i hope it tastes as delicious as it smells,” robin sprinkled last-minute seasoning while you squirted lemon juice all along the top, for some last-minute flair.
Tumblr media
portgas d ace
ace doesn’t know a single thing about being romantic, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t try for you
he’ll ask around, maybe ring up makino to ask her what she thinks you’d like
makino, in all her wisdom, will tell him to get you candy you’d like, maybe some flowers, some balloons, something that you’d like.
he’ll walk into every single store on an island until he finds the perfect gift, if he has to. ace just really wants you to understand how much he loves you and how thankful he is to have you love him <3
but honestly just surprise him babe, he won’t be expecting it and he’ll maybe, maybe, ask you to be his forever, on the spot
the type of gift giver to give you a couple things not just one
“i think i did it, makino; i got them a really nice gift,” makino chuckled over the transponder snail, not knowing whether to believe if it was actually nice or not.
“that’s good. i’m sure they’ll love it.” ace rambled on about said gift, explaining how when he saw it he immediately thought of you.
you could hear ace’s voice increasing in volume as he rounded the hallway; you settled yourself on his bed, making sure all the candles were lit and the cake you had made was presented nicely on the small dinner table you brought in. the flower petals were covering the bed as you sat down, your outfit accenting your body shape in that special way that ace always complimented you on.
“i just need to find them and--’’ as he pushed the door open, he froze in place, his eyes scanning your figure up and down. “i got to go makino. i’ll call you later.” he hung up the snail, stuffing it into his pocket before walking over to you in all your glory.
“happy valentine’s day pretty boy,” you smiled, arms latching around his neck to run through his fluffy head of hair. he swallowed thickly, holding onto your sides pushing you against the bed so you were laying on your back.
“god, you are so perfect,” your sweet fragrance flowed throughout the room, a familiar smell that made ace want to wag his imaginary tail.
his brain was running about a million miles a minute, so many thoughts rattled in his head he didn’t know which to listen to. “right back at you,” you winked, scratching that one spot on his head that caused him to whine and whimper in the absence of. “i made you your favorite chocolate cake,” ace’s eyes widened at the thought of that delicious treat you liked preparing for him.
“i wanted you to be reminded about how much i love you, ace. how special you are to me. you deserve that.” a single tear fell down his freckled face causing you to laugh lightly before wiping it away, cradling his face in your hands.
“marry me,” he breathed out, glancing between your eyes, his brows etching together in a pleading manner.
“wh-- what?” ace scrambled to pull the gift he bought out from his pocket, while you sat up, your heart beating louder than it ever had in your entire life.
“y/n,” he opened the small velvet box, a simple, yet elegant ring was displayed inside, glimmering under the light of the room.
ace propped himself up on one knee, smiling bashfully at you making you audibly gasp ”will you marry me?” you sniffed, wiping away your tears before nodding your head and running to topple him on the ground. “yes, i’ll marry you.”
Tumblr media
trafalgar law
please, have mercy on the poor boy. like ace, he doesn’t know the first thing about being romantic nor does he know anyone that could help him out so he’s faring for himself
will probably forget it’s valentine’s day
when you step into his office and plop your gift for him down on his desk is when he realizes what day it is. but he promises to make it up to you
doesn’t get you flowers because they’ll “die eventually” or balloons because the others will mess with them and annoy the crap out of him
he stresses out and panics because he can’t think of anything to get you, so when he’ll enlist the boys go search for your gift at the next island you’re at (they come back the dumbest shit)
after many hours of freaking out, he’ll sit down with you at dinner and confess how much he loves you and how that the only gift he’d ever need is you
the large box plopped onto law’s desk, startling him and slightly annoying him as you had distracted him from his studies.
“y/n-ya,” law seethed, setting his pencil down. he confusingly glanced between the box and you, but you were in too happy of a mood to care about his annoyance.
“what is this?” “a gift,” he rolled his eyes, staring up at you with a death glare that had no effect on you anymore.
“just open it, will you” law huffed, lifting the lid to see a photo album. hesitantly, he reached for it, opening it, eyes softening at all the pictures of the crew and you with law that you had filled it with.
“why-- why did you get me this?”
“for valentine’s day dummy,” law’s blood ran cold, was that today? he looked up at the calendar at today’s date, the fourteenth circled with hearts all around it.
“i’m glad you like it babe,” you kissed his cheek and left him to his studying, as he solemnly followed your figure with his eyes.
“i’m the worst boyfriend ever,” he mumbled to himself, staring at all the photos you had decorated the album with.
“listen up, y/n-ya got me the best present i’ve ever gotten for valentines’ day” “oh! did they show you the album?” “did you see all the cute photos they put inside?”
“you guys knew?” law growled, shachi, penguin, and bepo flinched, dumbfoundedly nodding their heads.
“i didn’t get them anything,” bepo gasped while the other two looked as distraught as ever. “when we surface, the three of you are going to go onto the island and find something they’d like, got it?” the three boys nodded their heads, nervously looking amongst one another.
law rubbed his temples, eyeing the three gifts they had brought back. law picked up the wrapped fish by the paper, causing bepo to wonder where he went wrong,
“they’re not a bear bepo.” penguin reminded him and bepo sighed a soft ‘oh, right’ coming from him.
“captain, shouldn’t you know what y/n wants?” shachi questioned, even though the two others were fearful for the poor boy.
law wished he could get mad, but as he thought it over, shachi was right. law should know what you would like.
without saying a word, law ran to your room not even bothering to knock on your door. “room,” .the blue sphere appeared around him instantly, “and shambles” the pillow on your bed dropped onto the floor outside your door as law fell onto your bed, startling you.
“law? what’re you doing?” you were sitting at your desk reading before law stood up and grabbed onto your shoulders.
“y/n-ya, i have to tell you something,” you were honestly frightened, the captain had never rushed into your room without consent and certainly not at the haste he seemed to be presenting.
you stood up, but his six-foot-three stature towered over you with ease. “are you okay?” you asked, noticing the vein in his forehead that only appeared when he was stressed out.
“i love you,” your hands froze just as they were about to settle on his chest, “y/n, i love you.” he clarified as your eyes glanced between his gray ones with hope, a smile cracking at your lips as you could sense the seriousness in his words.
“i love you too law,” you normally wouldn’t kiss him without his approval, but you were too overwhelmed with incoming emotions that you didn’t care about the scolding that might follow as you brought his lips down to yours.
he winced, but allowed the kiss to happen; your soft lips overwashed him with a calmness that he had never known except with cora.
Tumblr media
sabo the revolutionary
koala is calling the shots; she refuses to let sabo ruin the holiday for you both with some dumb ass present
sets up a reservation for you two at a restaurant, but in classic sabo fashion he’ll burp all night long, refuse to use his napkin, and swallow most of the food whole
you don’t mind, it’s honestly what you expected, but after the meal, when you’re walking back to the ship under the moonlight is the highlight of your night
slightly tipsy off the wine, sabo twirls you around with the luminous moon shining above you
he holds you so close to him and whispers in your ear the sweetest words you’ve ever heard him say. he’ll confess how beautiful you are to him, how lucky he is, how much you mean to him
sabo will get clingy and refuse to let you leave his grip, but you honestly don’t even mind <3
“i’m sorry to interrupt this extremely romantic dinner, but we’ve gotten multiple complaints from guests and we're going to have to ask you to leave. here’s your check” the waiter set your check down on the table, only causing you and sabo to burst out in laughter, while you left the proper amount of money and exited the building quickly.
“geez, what was that guys’ problem?” sabo rhetorically asked, swinging your arms back and forth on your way back to the ship.
you can only laugh as sabo stumbles around with your hand latched in his. “hmm, i wonder what it was,” you zest, as sabo lets another burp out.
“well, they shouldn’t say wine is on the house if they didn’t want you to get drunk.” sabo’s words are slurred, and almost incomprehensible but if you weren’t as drunk as him they would be.
sabo admires your beauty in the moonlight as you stumble around just as he was, giggling at nothing, but your hand was still latched onto his.
”do a spin,” the chief blurts out, wishing you would just obey instead of question his motive as you had a tendency to do. “a spin?” your eyebrows perk at the question, but sabo only nods in response, holding his hand up over your head allowing you to do as he requested.
you spun around, your hair flowed in suit with the wind, and your drunken smile grew wider as you felt so light on your feet.
“wow,” sabo begins, holding onto your hips once you collide with his body, “how did i get so lucky?” you giggled, shrugging your shoulders while peppering his scarred face with a litter of kisses.
“i could ask the same thing.” “no, really,” he stops you from being able to pull him back to the ship, his gloved hands caressing your cheeks in a delicate manner.
“i got so lucky to have you y/n,” you kissed his lips, they were chapped and his breath tasted of the wine he was just drinking.
“you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen.” he says in between kisses, eyes never opening, stuck in a dazed far off place.
“sabo,” you whine, his lips refusing to leave yours even when you pulled away hoping to make it back to the ship before it set off from the island.
“no, no, c’mere,” you groaned hoping you wouldn’t miss the ship, but not quite caring at this moment.
Tumblr media
red haired shanks
shanks is an old soul, like sanji he’ll plan an elaborate date night for the both of you
instead of buying a gift, he’ll spoil you and buy you anything you want for the whole day. he’s got so much money that he honestly doesn’t mind spending it all on you
instead of getting you red roses, he gets you your favorite flower in your favorite color. instead of a box of chocolates, he takes you to a bakery and buys you whatever catches your eye. instead of getting you a giant teddy bear, he’ll buy you a kitten or a puppy.
he’s one of the four emperors, money is no object for him. but at the end of the day, all the spoils and gifts are nothing compared to how he ravishes you at the end of the night
i will argue till my death bed that out of every person in the entire world, shanks is the most passionate man. in bed and out of bed.
he showers you in the most worshiping kisses, he praises you to no end and tells you how lucky he got to have you as his
“shanks, this is enough! i think i have enough presents!” it was like he wasn’t even listening to you as he handed the vendor the correct amount of money for the shoes that you thought were cute. “
tsk, can’t help myself. i gotta spoil my love on valentine’s day.” the cashier handed you to large pink bag, bidding you two a good day before you exited the shop.
you always stood on shanks’ right side so he could hold onto your waist, but this time his hand and your own were full of shopping bags.
“i don’t need this, you know.” you jest, elbowing his side while he shakes his head in opposition.
“geez captain, now we can see why y/n’s so spoiled,” lucky roo quips from behind you. “the man found the love of his life, what do you expect?” yasopp argues, shanks’ cheeks tinting at the statement.
“well look at ‘em! how can i not spoil them?!” the two men laugh and wander off after to explore the city.
just as you’re about to make your way back to the ship, a wooden cart filled with an assortment of flowers displayed in multiple vases catches your eye. “oh wow, look at these,” you pulled the bouquet of red, pink, and white tulips out of the vase, holding them up so that shanks could smell them too.
“almost as pretty as you,” you rolled your eyes, searching the paper for any price tag. “hey! how much are the flowers?” shanks motions his head to the bunch in your hands, the older woman squinting her eyes to examine them.
she glances between you two and the multiple bags in your hands, “you know what? they’re free for you two! happy valentine’s day!” you gush, but before you could leave shanks sets the bags in the ground and pulls out his wallet.
the amount of money was well beyond any estimated price, which was evident by the look on the woman’s face when he handed her the payment. “a lady like you also deserves to be treated today ma’am.” the sweet woman waved you too off as the ship came into view, the horizon taking on a yellowish pink hue.
“you’re the sweetest,” you compliment, earning a wide toothy grin from him. shanks stops you before you could walk any further, setting his bags down and making you do the same. he cups your cheek, brushing your hair out of your face to gaze lovingly in your soft eyes.
“i would have to argue and say that’s you,” your hands hugged his waist so tightly that your fingertips burned into his skin.
“yeah? well, let me show you how sweet i can be.” he wasted no time pulling you forward for a kiss that made the both of you want to skip dinner and head right to dessert.
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library-of-ohara · 3 months ago
Ohara Masterlist Part 2
Tumblr media
Hello! Here is a master list of all the works created on Ohara during the month we have been open. Every writer is tagged/linked and if they have a k-o-f-i in case you would like to tip them we have included that also! Thank you!
Remember to give everyone a follow <3 Also, I've done some warnings [ie gender sfw/n.sfw] but pay attention to each authors warnings!]
KEY: GN - Gender Neutral Reader F - Female pronouns used M - Male prounouns used DFAB - Female bodied reader/ no pronouns DMAB - Male bodied reader/no pronouns
Tumblr media
++Lev [@dxvilmanlev]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
Pokemon AU - Kid Pirates [SFW] Morning After - Thatch/Rayleigh [Sugesstive-GN] Giving them flowers - Smoker/Shanks/Corazon [SFW-GN]
Tumblr media
++Maxx [@sugxrslushy]++
Hit by a 'truth truth' fruit - Kid [SFW-GN] Comforting their S/O - Law [SFW-GN] Law after helping his trans S/O - [N/SFW - MTF] Wisdom tooh removal - Law [SFW-GN] Helping S/O who has night terrors - Law/Ace [SFW-GN] Soft Dom - Robin [N/SFW-F] Jerk off instructions - Robin/Perona [N/SFW-DFAB] Holding Hands Headcanons - Strawhats [SFW-GN] Talking to reader about his garden - Usopp [SFW-GN] Dirty things in public - Zoro [N/SFW-DFAB]
Tumblr media
++Meli [@kaizokuwritings]++
General Headcanons - King [Suggestive]
Tumblr media
++Star [@ztarvokwrites]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
With a S/O who likes to scare him - Buggy [SFW-GN] Capturing Axe Hand Morgan -Cobi/Hellempo [SFW] Spending time with their S/O - Dellinger [SFW-GN] Spending time with their S/O - Franky [SFW-GN] Comforting their S/O - Robin/Luffy [SFW-GN] Need to know - Sanji [SFW-GN] Sengoku losing Corazon [SFW]
Tumblr media
++Sunny [@missallsundaes]++ [Tip Them Here <3]
Giving them flowers - Corazon [SFW-GN] Yandere Harpy Marco - [N/SFW - GN] Morning After [Suggestive - GN] Sengoku losing Corazon [SFW]
Tumblr media
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rowan-rites · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This masterlist is INCOMPLETE and will probably stay that way because holy shit I wrote a lot and can’t find it. I will try my best to keep it up to date but it probably never will be. Keep in mind it was six pages long in google docs, I low key gave up and will be adding stuff as it appears from my queue.
Comedically Over Confident S/O (fem)
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Yandere Luffy with a nerdy darling
Yandere Luffy Snapping
Lavender Tea and Sake: (GN) Reader
At Starbucks
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
What clothing he’d make his darling wear
 Kid Pirates:
Eustass Kid:
Comedically Over confident s/o (fem)
Yandere with a nerdy Darling
Yandere with a nerdy Darling
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
At Starbucks
As a husband
Comedically over-confident s/o (fem)
Nothing Yet
Buggy the Clown:
General N/SFW Headcanons  (no excuses just shame)
Yandere!Buggy with a nerdy darling
Shanks (and Benn):
At Starbucks
 Whitebeard Pirates:
Edward Newgate:
Cockwarming with yandere white beard
Portgas D. Ace:
How they kiss you (GN)
General Headcanons 1 (GN)
General Headcanons 2 (M)
Comedically Over confident s/o (fem)
At starbucks
Pet Play (Puppy!Ace) (GN)
How they kiss you (GN)
At Starbucks
Thatch with a daddy kink
How they kiss you (GN)
As a husband  
How they kiss you (GN)
General Headcanons 1 (M)
At starbucks
Monkey D. Garp:
Reward (Inspired by @cherryshigarkis slutty old man collab, but not a part of it)
N/SFW headcanons/thirsty ramblings
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Garp forced marriage  
Yandere Garp pet names list
Yandere Garp is NOT a sugar daddy thank you very much 
More Yandere Garp
Starbucks barista darling
Yandere N/SFW headcanons
Darling saves Ace at marineford
Happy Birthday (Feat Sengoku)
Yandere!Koby headcanons
Yandere! Koby is a secret perv
Koby wet dream(afab!reader)
Yandere!Koby Praise kink
Pegging Koby
is yandere!Akainu a sweetheart? (Suggestive)
 Please search for his tag, as I know I’ve written for him but cannot find it
Autograph (AFAB reader)  (part of @lawscorazon curious cat Collab)
Yandere!Borsalino headcanons
Uniform inspection Scummy!Kizaru x fem reader (i wouldn't describe it as normal but also it could be argued for or against yandere. Either way mind the trigger warnings)
Nothing Yet
Happy Birthday (Feat Garp)
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Roger Pirates:
Gol D. Roger:
 I have something for him, but it’s all poly
Yandere Rayleigh
Addicting Oden x male!reader (shameless smut)
Gol D. Roger AND Rayleigh:
Giving Darling Amnesia
Crying During Sex (Yandere)
Shameless thirst pt. 1
Shoulder Riding
Nothing Yet
Dragon watching him punish darling (NON-CON, all sorts of crazy shit)
Introvert Darling who loves books
Trying to kill him via cooking
Punishments +dragon
Getting married to yandere sabo
Trying to kill Dragon
Flat fuck friday yandere sabo n/sfw headcanons
Wearing his hat
Monkey D. Dragon:
Monkey family as delusional Yanderes
Trying to kill Dragon (As Sabo’s darling)
Princess Vivi:
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Hysteria (rough draft/rant/thirst)
Hysteria (the actual fic) 1800s doctor!Law (fem) (for adultery, doctor’s abusing power, and general kinky shenanigans)
Darling who developed Stockholm Syndrome (features Sabo on top)
Introvert Darling who loves books
More book worm darling
General yandere rambling
More yandere law
Yandere Law kinks
Nothing Yet
Nothing Yet
Baby 5:
Nothing Yet
Rob Lucci:
Getting Kidnapped
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muselexum · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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0risha · a year ago
☆ — black s/o | sanji, zoro, law, luffy & ace
Tumblr media
someone ( tumblr deleted the ask so I have no clue who sent this request in ☹️) REQUESTED :: general romance headcanons with sanji, zoro, law, luffy, and ace with a black s/o??
TAGS :: mentions of alcohol and being under the influence (zoro obvi), fluff, slight dressrosa spoilers in law's part.
NOTE :: sorryyy that this took so long. if you're seeing this, I hope you like it. and make sure to take care of yourself as well!! these were so fun to write. NOT PROOFREAD. i'll proofread it later :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
zoro definitely admires you from afar. it's not likely that he'll smother you in endearments all the time, only on rare occasions.
I mean...there are moments where he will but that's only if he's had endless amounts of sake.
when that happens, his words are slurred and his cheeks are flushed. it might seem like he can handle alcohol well but that's only when he has to be on guard. he only truly enjoys his drink when he's around someone he trusts.
so, when he's in a drunken haze and you're trying to get him to go to sleep, he's clinging to you affectionately and telling you how lucky he is to have you. of how he can't wait for you to witness him finally become the greatest swordsman. his speech always ends with him staring at you for way too long under the moonlight. even under the influence, he's too embarrassed to openly tell you how pretty your skin looks, how pretty you look.
he's muttering everything underneath his breath. you hear it all of course. the only thing you can do is nod with a small smile until he finally falls asleep on your shoulder. there's not much of a chance of him remembering anything when he wakes up. and even if he did, and one of the crew is hassling him, he'd deny it with every fiber of his being.
alsooo, I headcanon zoro as someone who loves to act annoyed when you play with his earrings but internally, he finds it cute. he knows that you like the way they look on him and sometimes he acts cocky about it 🙄
he's always smirking when sanji comes around and you're by his side. just to make the cook jealous and it works....the next thing you know, they're bashing heads like nobody's business.
Tumblr media
it's safe to say that sanji's head over heels for you. it's custom for him to shower you in compliments as soon as you wake up — heart eyes and all, with a side of breakfast of course.
he's so protective for no reason. it doesn't matter how long you've been together, he still can't believe that you chose him. so if someone as much as talks to you longer than 'necessary,' he's lurking behind you with fire in his eyes and legs.
he's kind of delusional lol and calls zoro jealous because he's in relationship with you but zoro could literally care less.
he treasures your opinion over anyone else's. if you show slight distaste over a meal he made, he's sulking for the next two business days.
if he shares his childhood with you he doesn't really expect you to comfort him —express instances of shock, yes but comfort him? no. when you do, he falls even harder for you.
he never lets you do much of anything. according to him, gods/goddesses are meant to relax. you're grateful for his attentiveness but you still do what you need to do, of course.
giving is a way of affection for sanji me thinks. so he's always gifting you with things; jewelry that he's seen your gaze linger on, clothes that he thinks will make your skin look nice etc.
he might go overboard sometimes but nami's always there to knock him down a few notches... literally.
Tumblr media
▶︎ LAW
just like zoro he's not the type to openly show affection. only because he's a little shy and he's not too good with expressing his emotions.
but he does fuss over you a lot.
i think law is the type to give you little gifts in exchange for his usual quiet demeanor. not extravagant gifts like sanji but little trinkets here and there. he's a doctor, so he might know the right products to get for your skin 🤔
law's the type to get jealous but keep it inside. we all know how cute bepo is and you can't help but to gush over the bear's adorableness. you know that one moment where law yells at bepo, stop being so cute! yeah it's a daily occurrence.
it would be hilarious if you ever went with law whenever he's with the straw hats. he feels betrayed whenever you laugh at his morbid shock of things that transpire.
he tries to keep you from the straw hats (especially sanji) because they're reckless but it never works out. if you're close with nami, he has this image in his mind where he thinks you're going to become a thief or something but it's stupid because you're a literal pirate 😭
there might be a little angst in your relationship; especially being that law's only purpose (at one point) was to get revenge for corazon. when that's revealed things might get a little rocky but after the events in dressrosa, he treasures you more and is sure to tell you that —with a few apologies.
ohhh and as his s/o, there's a great chance that you like his voice. he never really understands —he thinks you're weird to be honest — but he does find it kind of cute. he might get flustered when you tell him.
Tumblr media
omg this boy is in love with you. he shows you off any chance he gets. he's clingy too, always catapulting himself to be by your side or wrapping his arms around you.
he's not scared to express his love for you at all times. you both could be walking on an unfamiliar island and he's giving you the loudest kisses on your cheeks, lips, forehead and neck, he's just shameless.
he feels the most pride when you proclaim your beliefs in him being the next pirate king.
if word gets around that you're with luffy and since the government sees him as such a huge threat, there's a high chance of you being pursued at an alarming rate.
luffy would feel terrible if you ever got hurt and he'd probably question his abilities/strength. just make sure to comfort him as much as you can.
if you're in a relationship with luffy, you both would share similar traits; sometimes reckless, always persuaded by food, a little dull in the head etc. though, you'd have to be the one to get serious or else you guys would just be terrible.
you guys spend most of your time on top of the ship's figurehead admiring the sea. if you fall asleep, he'll carry you to bed with the brightest smile on his face.
I don't think luffy really gets jealous. not because he doesn't care but because he doesn't notice. someone would have to point out if anyone's getting too touchy-feely with you.
if you guys ever argue (it's not rare, luffy's really stubborn) his way of apologizing is sharing his food with you :) that's his number one portrayal of love.
Tumblr media
▶︎ ACE
out of everyone I think ace would be the most private about your relationship with him. he's analytical, he knows his status and he'd beat himself up if anything ever happened to you.
BUTTT when you finally get a wanted poster he's going wild with happiness and running around the moby dick. showing you off with a bragging tone.
now, the biggest sign of affection in this relationship is definitely cuddling and sleeping. it makes sense. ace knows he's warm, you know he's warm. it's perfect.
ace is really touchy too, so when you both are cuddling his hands are grazing past your hips, waist and whatnot. he'll nip at your neck every once in a while to check if you're asleep.
you both serve as entertainment for the whitebeard pirates; falling asleep at random times, fighting over food, and crazy stunts.
ace loves when you play in his hair. his head will be on your lap while your fingers lull him to sleep.
he likes to play in your hair too, if you let him, especially if you frequently change your hairstyles.
jealous ace is scary; eyes low and a small flame on his fingertips but he plays it off with a smile. he's not the type to get physical but his words are cunning and sharp-edged.
ace really wants you to meet his brother. both of the most important people in his life meeting is bliss to him.
sometimes ace questions his place in the world. he has thoughts of being unwanted, of being the son of the man who everyone has tales of misfortune from, of not being loved but one glance or smile from you is enough to momentarily dispel them.
Tumblr media
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tsunderedoctor · 11 months ago
Hi!! You're work is awesome and I would like how Law, Zoro, and Ace would react to having an s/o who loves to listen to metal/heavy rock? Thank you you're amazing!!! :))
I cry-! You are way more amazing, anon!! 💖💖
Babes Below~!
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Tumblr media
I feel like I am going to get cancelled for this headcanon lmao, but I think Law likes jazz music or some sort of instrumental type music. Maybe when he was younger (late teens to early adulthood) he might have listened to heavier music, but now he just listens to softer music to help study/keep him awake during late nights.
Now as for you liking it, he really doesn’t care, as long as it doesn’t give him a headache lol. He’s really an old man in a young man’s body, so he will complain about his ears hurting or getting migraines. 
The rest of the crew (Penguin and Shachi are the leaders in this) encourage the music and would so get down with you. It makes them feel more like actual pirates, that rough loud sounding, non-respecting authority kind of way- definitely their type of vibe. 
There are a few songs he does like though. Man is huge on what lyrics say, so if this song talks about something he feels strongly about, he will like it (could have the craziest beat, but the lyrics are golden)! Nightwish or Evanescence for some reason are bands I think he would be chill with.
Roronoa Zoro
Tumblr media
The type of music Zoro would listen to depends on his mood. If he’s wanting to work out or in a fight, he appreciates your heavy metal music, it helps get his blood pumping and the adrenaline going from the loud beat of the drums or that nice guitar solo. 
Now if the man is more tired or sleepy, he will probably just drown out whatever you’re listening to without a care. You could even ask him if he liked the music and he wouldn’t even realize you were playing anything (I live for this man’s ability to fall asleep hard, like I wake over anything-).
Franky, Luffy, Brook, and Usopp would totally be down to listen to your music and jam out with you. The others usually watch in amusement (Robin, Chopper, and Jinbei) or dismay (Nami and Sanji). 
Similar to Law, there is a few songs he likes, but rather going off on lyrics, it’s the beat he is down for. Will have a whole workout regime just based on your songs and will request you do them with him (it’s his romantic gesture, babe is trying-). Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden come to mind for bands for him!
Portgas D. Ace
Tumblr media
Ace is a mixture of liking and hating heavy metal! He likes some of the songs that fit this genre of music, but the more darker/scarier songs, the boy is out. He has this fear that someway somehow Makino will find out he listened to music about dissing your parents and will  come after him. He’s also afraid someway somehow Luffy will hear the music and want to be like the singers- he just wants to be a good big brother example! 
There are a few songs like I said he likes though, and he will totally rock out with you and have fun. Despite his fears of not being a good big brother or person in general, he still wants to have fun and live his life while he can!
The Whitebeard crew can go either way, similar to the Straw Hats, there are some who are cool with it (Thatch, Marco, or Haruta) and some who hate it with a passion (Izo). 
I can see him liking bands like Three Days Grace, Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park come to mind for me, I feel they aren’t really heavy metal, but they still can be mixed with similar bands. Boy is just a softie on the inside and gets scared easily lmao.
Tag List: @chloe-nanami @musical-apple @luxiditea @macdonaldsmanager @onepieceya @undercoverweeeb @fantasyfairysworld @athenaportgas @iam-gaaras-loveintrest @xxtoothachexx @simpforroses @portgaslari @lukasismissing @chocolate-n-cheese @avatar-of-thevast and whoever else wants to join in!
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goingmorry · a year ago
Tumblr media
Suggestions: CLOSED
Current Event: Switchin' the Positions for You~ & Blessed By The Gods - 400 Followers Milestone
NSFW tagged as #thot level: maximum percent
Last Updated On: August 10, 2021
Tumblr media
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
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When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 2
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you ask them to kill an insect
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 1
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When you're quiet but physically affectionate
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
Cyclamen - female reader, jealousy, fluff
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 2
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When you ask them to kill an insect
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
Everyday Life - Monster Trio
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 2
ASL Brothers -> when you introduce Smoker as your fiancé
Reacting to thirst tweets
When someone flirts with their crush
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General [NSFW]
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When their crew notices scratch marks on their backs [NSFW]
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Fleeting Memories - female reader, established relationship, fluff, angst
Jealousy - NSFW, female reader, jealous sex, PIV, unprotected sex, creampie
Everyday Life - Monster Trio
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 1
When strangers body shame you in front of them
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you're physically stronger than them
When someone flirts with their crush
When you ask them to kill an insect
When their crew notices scratch marks on their backs [NSFW]
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 2
ASL Brothers -> when you introduce Smoker as your fiancé
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you ask them to kill an insect
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
Blind Date - heartwarming sibling relationship, light arguments, budding romance
Everyday Life - Monster Trio
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 1
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you're physically stronger than them
When someone flirts with their crush
When you ask them to kill an insect
When their crew notices scratch marks on their backs [NSFW]
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 2
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you ask them to kill an insect
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
Jealousy - NSFW, female reader, jealous sex, oral sex, dirty talk
ASL Brothers -> when you introduce Smoker as your fiancé
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
None yet.
A-Z Alphabet Kink [NSFW]
A-Z Alphabet Fluff
When some guy asks them if you’re single - Part 1
When strangers body shame you in front of them
Reacting to thirst tweets
When you ask them to kill an insect
Things they say or do that ruin sex - Part 1 | Part 2
The Art of Domesticity - domestic fluff, sexually suggestive themes, male and female nudity, established relationship
Thief of Hearts - female reader, fluff, flustered and touch-starved Law, mutual pining, but Law doesn’t know it’s mutual yet
Picture Perfect - female reader, hurt/comfort, photography AU, idiots to lovers
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