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#Lady Dimitrescu
badasserywomena day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look how this statue perfectly captures Lady Dimitrescu unlike all the horny one's others have been putting out. Deadly, regal, and milf.
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classyfruit21 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Part 1 - Click here!] And here it is, my friends! Part 2/X of my short but sweet RE8 fancoming "What Remains of Rotten Roots". Yes, the child has been named now! My faible for dramatic narratives is definitely showing. 馃憖 I hope you all continue to enjoy my alternative ending! Stay tuned for the next parts to find out where the heck Ethan went, what Mother Miranda has to say about all of it and how the Lords will react to learning the truth! (Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUN sound effect! 馃槰)
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yoursweetdenial2 days ago
Y/N: Wait a minute... Are you... blushing? Alcina: What?! NO Y/N: Did I get the ever-stoic, strong, and confident Alcina Dimitrescu to blush??? Alcina: No! It's just... Um... It's the heat! Y/N: Huh... It's the heat. And not that I told you "your face is freaking adorable and I bet the rest of you is too"? Alcina, blushing furiously: *voice cracks* N-no.
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outlawninaa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 back to posting regularly so I hope this will get some traction. this is my take on Lady Dimitrescu NSFW alphabet. This includes all letters from A-Z, and is approximately 1.5K words. Feedback & reblogs are appreciated.
馃 Lady Dimitrescu NSFW Alphabet
鈼斤笍 A = Aftercare
Alcina is very giving when it comes to aftercare. She will always make sure you鈥檙e taken care of and wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to have any of your wishes granted. Her favourite form of aftercare is taking a bath with you in the grand bathroom. She may not be able to fit properly in the tub, but even getting to wash you is strangely intimate and comforting to her.
鈼斤笍B = Bodypart
On herself, Alcina is actually very self conscious especially after her mutation. She hates being so tall and though she wears it with pride on the outside, she still isn鈥檛 content. With that being said, she is really fond of her shoulders and breasts. It makes her feel strong and confident, especially when she鈥檚 in the presence of an annoying man heisenberg.
On her s/o - she is really into breasts and torso鈥檚. It doesn鈥檛 matter what shape or size, she just loves that area on you and will give it lots of attention with kisses, bite marks and scratches.
鈼斤笍c = cum
The best thing about being in a relationship with Lady D, is she will make you cum 100% of the time when you have sex. Since she鈥檚 on the larger side, her fingers are perfect for reaching your sweet spot. She is also extremely talented with her tongue and will make you cum just from light licks. When she orgasms, she usually likes to do it on your face and have you 鈥榗lean鈥 her up. ;)
鈼斤笍D = dirty secret
Once heisenberg caught her masturbating and she was mortified. She hasn鈥檛 been able to look him in the eye鈥檚 since.
鈼斤笍E = Experience
With men, Alcina wasn鈥檛 very experienced. Pre-mutation, she only did sexual acts with her husband at the time, which is why she has her 3 daughters. In reality though, she really does prefer women. She isn鈥檛 that experienced with women either - but she knows damn well what she鈥檚 doing. She wears her pride with confidence too, and she knows she won鈥檛 leave you unsatisfied.
鈼斤笍 F = Favorite Position
Alcina loves any type of position that puts you in the spotlight. Scissoring is one of her faves but really she just loves missionary as well. - anything to see your face. She also enjoys face sitting and that goes both ways.
鈼斤笍 G = Goofy
She won鈥檛 necessarily 鈥榣augh鈥 but she will try to lighten the mood during sex; especially if you鈥檙e nervous or it鈥檚 your first time!
鈼斤笍H = Hairy
Alcina is meticulous with her self care, and that includes grooming. On herself, she makes sure to keep her pubes trimmed and 鈥榓esthetic鈥. On her partner she doesn鈥檛 care if they are hairy or not, but she would expect some maintenance so it doesn鈥檛 look too wild.
鈼斤笍I = Intimate
She tries to be as intimate as she can with her s/o - otherwise whats the point of sex!
鈼斤笍J = Jerk Off
It can get lonely at castle Dimitrescu - so she will indulge herself from time to time. Usually she will just use her fingers but there are times she gets her 鉁╰oys 鉁 out. She has to keep quiet though as she doesn鈥檛 want any one to hear her.
鈼斤笍K = Kinks
BDSM (mostly just bondage though!)
Squirting/Female ejaculation
Size kink (either with herself/her s/o OR with toys)
Blind folds
Degrading & praise
Hunter & prey dynamics (with her being the hunter)
Mommy kink
Wax play
鈼斤笍L = Location
Only in Dimitrescu鈥檚 Chambers. She is uncomfortable having sex anywhere else in the castle - or village - due to the fact that people can walk in and see you both at any second. At least in her chambers she knows she鈥檚 safe.
鈼斤笍 M = Motivation
Shes a simple woman, so things like seeing you wear a nice set of lingerie really get her going. However, sometimes she can be picky and lingerie simply isn鈥檛 enough. Entice her by teasing her or acting bratty and that鈥檒l really get her railed up.
鈼斤笍N = No
She isn鈥檛 into sharing, or cucking . The thought of someone else touching what鈥檚 HERS really aggravates her to the point of being enraged.
鈼斤笍O = Oral
Alcina is an amazing giver. She will not stop until you鈥檙e over stimulated and crying. Her tongue and fingers can do wonders, and if she adds in some toys or a strap on? RIP to you. Honestly a lot of the time she prefers giving oral anyways, since there鈥檚 more intimacy involved and she just wants her s/o to be happy and satisfied.
鈼斤笍P = Pace
She prefers slow, teasing and sensual. She likes to watch you wimper and beg and cry as you orgasm for the 10th time. But she doesn鈥檛 mind adjusting to a fast pace if that鈥檚 what you desire!
鈼斤笍 Q = Quickie
No. She likes taking her time and playing her role of the Dom very seriously, so quickies aren鈥檛 really a thing for her. She has done them but it鈥檚 hard for both her and her s/o to be satisfied in those situations. Plus, you risk having someone walk in or see you - which is her worst fear!
鈼斤笍R = Risk
The only risk she would take is potentially drawing blood from you. She doesn鈥檛 want to see you hurt, but she is a vampire. Seeing blood on you can be risky because she may not be able to hold herself back. But the temptation to cut you with her talons is strong鈥
鈼斤笍S = Stamina
On herself she can really only cum once and then be exhausted. This is why she prefers to wait, and edge/overstimulate you! Seeing you come undone is enough to satisfy her for the time being. When she feels done with you, then she will cum herself.
鈼斤笍 T = Toys
She has a lot! They鈥檙e hidden in a wardrobe in her chambers. Mostly there鈥檚 a lot of ropes, chains, blindfolds, ticklers etc. But she鈥檚 got a fair amount of dildos ranging from small - large, and vibrators too. If there鈥檚 anything her s/o wants she will buy it for them too!
鈼斤笍 U = Unfair
Alcina loves to tease - so her being unfair is common! She will either make you beg and cry to cum - or, beg and cry for her to stop making you cum. And yes she will degrade you for it either way!
鈼斤笍 V = Volume
She is LOUD. she loves when her partner is loud too. Cry, scream, moan & beg and she will lose her sanity. When she cums she is especially loud too, and will most likely let out curses.
鈼斤笍 W = Wildcard
She would love to try filming you both having sex sometimes - but she has no clue how a camera works. Please help her!!
鈼斤笍 X = Xray
How does her pussy look? As mentioned; she keeps it trimmed and waxes her bikini line for aesthetics. But as for her actual parts鈥
She has a bit of an 鈥榦utie鈥. There is slight discolouration but seeing how pale she is, it鈥檚 not that noticeable. She has a very sensitive clit too!
鈼斤笍 Y = Yearning
Alcina doesn鈥檛 yearn or crave sex too much. Mostly she craves the intimacy and enjoys having your company around. She can only be into sex if you were the one to want/initiate it.
鈼斤笍 Z = Sleep (zzzzz)
She will only be exhausted after she cums, but she doesn鈥檛 tend to sleep much anyways. She always makes sure you鈥檙e taken care of before drifting off!
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dana-cz2 days ago
Alcina: I hate seeing you like this.
Heisenberg: Like what?
Alcina: In person.
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running-withkn1ves20 hours ago
Lady Dimitrescu X Maid! Reader
A/N:Ahh I apologize if this is OOC, I鈥檓 always afraid of making them that way when I write! But I tried to keep in mind all of Lady D鈥檚 quirks~
Btw I just wanna state that any mention of a 鈥渟maller/weaker body鈥 is in comparison to how literally GIGANTIC Lady D is. The reader in this scenario does not have a predetermined body type other than human. Unfortunately not all of us can adorn the grace and beauty of all of Lady Dimitrescu鈥檚 9 feet, therefore I left the reader as being a weak, sloppy lil human :0
TW: Blood/biting/ wounds mentioned, possessive behaviors, forceful behaviors, dubious kissing and touching
Tumblr media
鈥淣ow girls,鈥
The tall woman shook a finger in front of their faces, bending down slightly to reach their height.
鈥淵es mother.鈥 They said harmonically. The girls鈥 voices were monotonous, but held a hint of mischief.
Your years as a maid for the Dimitrescu family gave more than enough experience to know that these girls were up to no good. No doubt you鈥檇 be in a world of hurt soon. Lady Dimitrescu stood back up, her cigarette flowing smoke near your face.
Despite your new role as a little 鈥榩laything鈥 for the three women, you still were given the dignity to wear your uniform. Well, what you assumed was for dignity was just a thrilling idea for the girls. A maid? All to themselves? To drink dry? It was a dream come true. How could they deny themselves of such a cute little helper, stuck in such a tight uniform, always being lower than the rest of them.
鈥淣ow, I leave them to you,鈥 Lady Dimitrescu said towards you in her sultry tone. 鈥滻f they get a bit rough, just indulge them. Entertain in whatever way you must. Understood?鈥
You felt yourself shake under her gaze; the woman never looked at you, usually only calling you over when necessary. But now, she stared down at you with a piercing gaze, almost scrutinizing you.
鈥淵es my lady.鈥
You bowed lightly, showing respect as she swayed towards the door.
鈥淚鈥檒l be back soon girls, don鈥檛 break this one as early as the last, alright?鈥
鈥淵es mother!鈥 The three girls giggled, whispering to one another as their guardian walked out.
Once Lady Alcina鈥檚 footsteps were too far away to hear, you felt the three girls鈥 eyes on you. Specifically Daniela鈥檚; something about the unwavering hunger in her face unnerved you. She licked her lips, eyeing you down.
鈥淣ow sisters, don鈥檛 you think it鈥檚 time we play?鈥 Daniela announced, pacing back and forth between her feet.
鈥淥h yes,鈥 Cassandra replied. 鈥淚 do think we should take hold of this opportunity mother has given us.鈥
Grabbing her sickle, Cassandra walked closer to you, her tall stature looking even more intimidating up close. All you were was a chambermaid; the most you came in contact with the masters of the house was to clean up their bedrooms and wash their clothes. So why was this happening to you?
It seemed the universe had no intentions of taking pity on you, as Bela and Daniela followed Cassandra.
鈥淚 get first cut, okay?鈥 Cassandra said with haste, licking her sharp teeth.
鈥淣o way, I found this one, you got to tear the other one apart last time.鈥 Bela argued.
While the two were busy glaring at one another, sickles at the ready, Daniela made her mark. Jumping atop you, she held your hands down, smiling devilishly from above.
鈥淢iss! What are you-鈥
鈥淨uiet now love,鈥 She interrupted your words, pressing hard into your legs as she pinned you down. 鈥淲e鈥檙e just going to take small bites now; it鈥檒l be enjoyable...for us.鈥
The woman giggled, the blood dried to her face making her look even more terrifying.
鈥淒aniela!鈥 One of the sisters behind you screamed, her pouting causing the other sisters to look towards her.
鈥淗ow dare you start without us; just for that, I鈥檓 going to get at least a leg.鈥
鈥淣ot if I get to it first.鈥 Daniela responded, biting into your shoulder. You yelled out in pain, feeling each tooth dig straight in. The agony of your flesh being torn, grew to be too much for you to handle. She bit straight through your clothes, fabric tearing with ease.
鈥淒amn thief.鈥 Cassandra muttered, ripping your hand out of Daniela鈥檚 grip. 鈥淎t least give me an arm.鈥
Opening your fighting fist, Cassandra dragged her sickle down your palm, bringing a rush of red and pain. As the burning sensation hit your shaking hand, Cassandra lifted the limb to her crouched position.
Her wet tongue gliding over the wound made you shiver, the grip being too strong for you to rip away from.
Bela got on her knees, ready to attack as well. She lifted her sickle back, ready to strike at your lower abdomen.
Before she could, the sound of a creaky door opening filled the silence. No longer was the slurping of your flesh or crackle of the fire ringing in your ears; no, it was the thunderous footsteps of Lady Alcina.
鈥淒aughters!鈥 Lady Dimitrescu entered the room, prying Cassandra off your hand. 鈥淲hat did I say!? Goodness I鈥檓 gone for a second and you can鈥檛 control yourselves.鈥
Daniela was pulled next, her teeth refusing to let go as she left deep tooth imprints on your shoulder. The girl whined, her arms reaching out to you again.
鈥淏ut motherrr,鈥 Daniela whined, stumbling back up on her feet. 鈥淲e just wanted a taste, that's all!鈥
鈥淣o, you must learn to control your desires. You are all ladies of the Dimitrescu household, you must learn to manage your hunger!鈥
鈥淲e weren鈥檛 really going to finish the maid off, just a little bite is all.鈥 Cassandra mumbled, gripping her sickle tight.
鈥淚 come back for a mere moment to wish you goodbye and this is what I come to.鈥 Lady Dimitrescu sighs, pacing around the room.
鈥淲ell, is the human dead?鈥
Bela looks over at you, procuring a response. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 believe so, mother. It鈥檚 chest is still moving. I didn鈥檛 even get a bite before these two did!鈥
Bela pointed at her sisters accusingly, sticking her tongue out at them as they made angry faces.
鈥淕irls,鈥 Lady Alcina said warningly. 鈥淚 told you this would be the last creature you get to play with. And you鈥檝e already broken the damn thing! It鈥檚 clear you need time to yourselves, without the temptation of a human.鈥
Walking over to you, Lady Dimitrescu peered downward, blowing smoke towards your face.
鈥淐an you walk, maid?鈥
You didn鈥檛 respond, still in shock of the events that occurred seconds ago.
Alcina sighs, taking your wrist upward. Her abundance of power compared to your limp body, made you rise with ease. Tumbling, you nearly hit the floor again. Lady Alcina caught you quickly, her hand firmly pressed against your stomach.
鈥淏e careful. I can鈥檛 have any more staff getting killed.鈥 She mumbled.
Walking out, you were dragged with her, one hand in hers as your other gripped the wounded shoulder.
鈥淢other! Please!鈥 The girls behind you pouted, throwing a fit. Daniela flopped on the floor, throwing her sickle to the ground. It was clear even though she got the most out of you, she was also the most disappointed.
Lady Dimitrescu didn鈥檛 respond, merely shutting the door to the bedroom after you walked out.
鈥淭hose girls..鈥 Alcina sighed. Continuing to grip your hand, she turned away from you. She adorned her wide-brimmed hat, indicating she was going to leave the castle. Well, that she was about to, before the events transpired.
鈥淐ome with me,鈥 She demanded, pulling your stumbling form towards her. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 have any more of you playthings running away.鈥
You bumped into her back by accident, feet tripping over one another.
鈥淎h Miss I鈥檓 sorry!鈥 You pulled yourself out of her hand, walking backwards from her. 鈥淧lease I- I鈥檒l take care of this myself, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 You bowed your head, still clutching your shoulder.
鈥淚 promise the rest of the staff won鈥檛 see a thing. I just need to clean up鈥︹ Your voice trails off as she lifts your chin with her finger.
鈥淲ho do you think is in charge here?鈥 Alcina demanded.
鈥淵ou miss-鈥
鈥淪o why are you pulling yourself away from me, Hm? Acting against my orders?鈥
You stutter, unable to form a sentence as her long, pale finger digs into your skin.
鈥淚 really didn鈥檛 mean to鈥︹
鈥淚f you know any better, you will do as I say.鈥 She said through gritted teeth, hazel eyes burning holes into your own.
Reluctantly, you replied with a short 鈥淵es, my Lady.鈥
This seemed to please her, as she looked away from you--gripping you by the cuff of your shirt. Despite your curiosity and fear eating away at you, you didn鈥檛 ask questions as to her plans for you.
Through the twist and turn of the halls, you recognized that she was leading you to the way of her bedroom.
Not long after the long halls, you found yourself in front of the infamous door. Her bedchambers were right behind it; a place you had never ventured. Sure, you were a chambermaid, but that was for every other room in the house besides hers. No one entered Lady Dimitrescu鈥檚 room.
You heard rumors from the other maids about the area; they said it was decorated with the spines of men who dared to reject her, and the eyes of pretty women she was envious of. They were terrifying rumors, things that made you shiver, and caused you to speed walk every time you had to pass by her room.
But now, a part of you couldn鈥檛 help but be eager to see if the rumors were true. Thankfully the pain in your arm and hand were beginning to dull as the blood dried. There was still a pulsing pain, but it was no where near as bad as when the girls鈥 had their teeth in you.
鈥淣ow, you are to never speak of this to anyone,鈥 Lady Alcina ordered, twisting a key into the lock. 鈥淚f you do, I won鈥檛 hesitate to let my girls do as they please.鈥
鈥淵es my Lady.鈥 Even though the threats were not a usual form of communication from a lady to a maid, you knew better than to speak out of line. She鈥檇 kill you faster if you did so.
Opening the door, the tall vampire woman allowed you to walk in first. Giving a short bow, you scampered in meekly.
The gigantic room was intimidating; the ceilings were so high, filled with intricate designs. A fireplace burned brightly in the room, allowing some sense of comfort and ease to you. Despite the lack of attention from the maids, the room looked quite clean.
鈥淪it.鈥 Lady Dimitrescu demanded, signaling to the end of her bed. Walking over to it, you patted the sheets beforehand. Dust flew into the air. The bed was beautifully made with embroidered patterns and gold lacing, but it seemed to be just for show.
It was clear no one had slept in that bed for years.
You watched Lady Alcina take off her hat leisurely. She moved around the room, digging in various drawers for something she seemed to be missing. Muttering under her breath, she finally found the item she was looking for. Pulling out a roll of bandages and a rag. A bowl of water was already waiting nearby on a desk across from you.
鈥淕rab that for me.鈥 She commanded. You scurried over to the bowl, trying to balance it between your hands. Your right palm was still cut, the stinging occurring every now and then. The weight and pressure of the bowl was agonizing; Your hand gave out. Thankfully, Alcina was there in time-- again.
Grunting in frustration, she grabbed the bowl before it crashed to the ground.
鈥淎re you unable to hold things or are you too dimwitted to handle it?!鈥 Her voice was only slightly raised, but it made you shiver ten times more than usual.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry miss--鈥
Grabbing the bowl from her hands, you lightly walked over to the bed, ignoring the stabbing you felt in your hand.
The vampriric woman sighed, strutting over to you. 鈥淪it.鈥 She commanded once more.
You did as she said, watching her kneel on the ground before you. Even though she was on her knees, the woman鈥檚 height was still taller than your own. With the bowl in your lap, she dipped the handcloth in.
鈥淭his may sting.鈥
Her voice was gentle, but firm, like a mothers鈥.
You watched and tried not to flinch as she grabbed your hand. Gripping the side of the porcelain bowl with your non-injured arm, it took everything in you not to let it go out of exhaustion.
Lady Dimitrescu flattened your palm, turning it towards her. Pressing the handcloth against your cut, you felt the warm water seep into each crack and crevice. It stung a bit, but not as much as holding the bowl.
Once the rag was tainted with too much blood, Alcina dipped the cloth back in. She repeated this method several times, not speaking a word to you. Her eyebrows furrowed with concentration.
鈥淭hank you miss but..鈥 You tried not to sound ungrateful, afraid for what she might assume from your words. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand why you鈥檙e helping me.鈥
The Lady didn鈥檛 respond immediately, thinking over the question.
You took her silence as annoyance, clenching onto the bowl harder.
鈥淏ecause I must clean up after my daughters; their mess is my mess.鈥 she said with dignity. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 prefer you鈥 weaklings as company, but I won鈥檛 let my entire staff get killed.鈥
You nodded in agreement, swirling a finger around in the warm water. Oh how you would kill for a bath at the moment.
鈥淭hank you..鈥 You whispered. The woman did not respond, but from the way her face softened, you could tell she heard. Finishing wrapping your palm, Alcina removed the bowl from your lap, onto the dusty, hard bed. You looked at your palm; it looked good as new now that all the blood was mopped up.
鈥淣ow, take off your blouse.鈥
You looked bewildered, immediately shielding your arms over your chest in defense. The woman stood up, putting a hand on her hip.
鈥淒on鈥檛 be vulgar,鈥 She sneered in disgust, looking down upon you. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 reach the blood on your shoulder with a uniform in the way.鈥
Hesitantly, you looked down at the destroyed spot. It was shredded; your uniform was reduced to slivers of black and white fabric, dampened with blood. Touching the spot, you winced; it was completely raw. You looked back up at the woman innocently, hoping she would just leave it alone.
鈥淩emove it. Now.鈥
You looked down, shaking. Unbuttoning the top buttons, you slid the shirt off your shoulder, leaving just enough of yourself exposed. Sitting on the bed, Alcina turned towards you.
鈥淭urn.鈥 She demanded. You did as she said, moving to face towards her so your shoulder was visible. The lady let out a sigh of disapproval while looking at the wound, shaking her head. Dipping in the cloth, you watched her slowly bring it up to your shoulder. She went at an unhurried pace, but the pressure was still painful.
You groaned unintentionally, feeling the pain sting. The warm water was nice, but it didn鈥檛 help hide the burning ache. Alcina continued to move slower; at first you assumed it was out of pity for you, but looking at her face you saw something much different.
She looked almost sickly captivated, eyes not daring to blink. Licking her lips, you saw her lipstick smudge just a bit. Her breath quivered, chest rapidly moving up and down.
Looking back at the wound, you noticed droplets of blood and water drip down your shoulder and chest.
鈥淚t鈥檚 exciting, isn鈥檛 it? Seeing blood.鈥 Voice deep, she spoke in an almost intoxicated tone.
鈥淪ometimes I just can鈥檛 help myself鈥︹ Alcina mumbled, releasing a low chuckle.
The woman gripped your face, turning it to the side. 鈥淪uch pretty flesh. I can see why my girls want to tear into it so.鈥
Her tongue darted out lightly, merely brushing at your cheek. The test of the waters wasn鈥檛 enough; The vampiric woman鈥檚 mouth assaulted you, licking your entire cheek. She let out a light moan of satisfaction, looking down at you. Her hand forced your face upwards to look at her.
鈥淥h dear鈥 I truly enjoy your fearful expressions.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 stop staring, from the blood on her cheek to her sadistic grin. Bending down, she lifted your head higher to expose your shoulder even more.
鈥淚 tried to contain myself when I saw all that blood, but it鈥檚 too hard to ignore now.鈥
She whispered against you, taking a light taste of the blood falling down your chest.
鈥淢-my lady鈥︹ You couldn鈥檛 deny that this was strange; the whole town was filled with a strange cast. Yet, nothing like this has ever happened to you.
鈥淛ust enjoy it dear.. You never know when you鈥檒l get to interact with someone so elegant and kind again.鈥
You quivered as the Lady brought your hand up to rest upon the back of her neck. She took several longing licks at your chest, each one getting closer to the wound.
Moving away, Lady Dimitrescu licked the side of her mouth, getting every inch of blood that was on her. Looking down at you, she smiled; you shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, refusing to look in her eyes.
鈥淢y dear鈥 I have a small favor in mind.鈥
This piqued your interest; perhaps you鈥檇 finally get to leave the room? Maybe run away in time without getting caught?
鈥淵es, Miss?鈥
The woman continued to dab at your shoulder with the wet cloth, staring at your wound.
鈥淭he girls have already made quite a few tears on you; you don鈥檛 mind if I make a few more do you?鈥
The Lady moved to look at you, her hand stopping from cleaning the mess. Your blood ran cold; another torture session? From another vampire? You didn鈥檛 know if you could handle this job anymore.
鈥淯h, my Lady, that鈥檚--鈥
鈥淎h, good. I knew you wouldn鈥檛 mind. Afterall, what are you to do if you don鈥檛 comply?鈥 She feigned a remorseful tone. 鈥淲e鈥檒l have no choice but to throw you to the cold if you can鈥檛 do with our requests.鈥
The woman laughed lightly, grabbing the bandages once more. Beginning to wrap your arm, you could hardly focus on the pressure she was applying.
So, it was either: deal with getting nearly killed by her, or by the weather. You decided to take your chances with the tall woman; after all, there was at least a one percent chance you could survive.
鈥淵es...of course Miss.鈥
Alcina grinned widely at your hesitant response.
She wrapped your shoulder incredibly fast, tying the bandages to stay together. You felt your movement become a bit restricted, but it was better than bleeding out.
Lady Dimitrescu turned behind her, grabbing something you tried to peer over to see. Turning back around, you saw a small silver cutting knife in her hand. It was tiny really; at least for her size. Just a bit bigger than a pocket knife. And yet something about it was so intimidating.
鈥淲hat uh鈥 what is that for..?鈥
鈥淔or me, of course.鈥 She chuckled.
You sighed a breath of relief, smiling a bit goofily at the idea, thinking she didn鈥檛 mean you. But the way she raised it so high, hovering above your upper arm, made you bring your hands up in fear. You cowered beneath them, shielding your face.
Lady Dimitrescu 鈥榯sked,鈥 a low sigh leaving her lips.
鈥淣ow now, you can鈥檛 do that or else I can鈥檛 eat. You want to serve your mistress don鈥檛 you?鈥
Lowering your arms lightly, you looked at her small smile of encouragement. Grabbing your fingers, the Lady brushed her thumbs over each digit.
鈥淚 can make sure you鈥檙e distracted, would you like that..?鈥 She asked; you noticed the increase of kindness in her voice. Never was your Lady so kind. You feared whatever game she was pulling, but went along with it for the sake of staying alive.
Nodding your head, you looked down. Lady Dimitrescu gave you a small fake pout of sympathy.
鈥淎lright my darling..鈥
Grinning, she moved forward quickly, faster than you imagined. Before you could stop it, her lips were on yours. She kissed deeply, smashing against your lips. She moaned in delight lightly against your mouth, occasionally letting go, only to move back in to attack your lips.
Her lipstick smeared against your skin, the taste getting inside your mouth. She sucked on your lower lip; before you knew it, she was running her knife quickly against the arm you held her with. Your hand shook in fear and shock as she pressed her tongue lightly inside of you. You hesitantly brushed your own with hers, feeling the saliva move to your lips as she separated.
You gasped for breath, but Lady Alcina was hardly phased, moving instead to your arm. She watched the blood run down your bicep, licking it up with seduction. Sucking on the skin, she drank from your arm.
You couldn鈥檛 help but moan out in pain and pleasure, seeing her twisted expression at the delicious taste of your insides.
鈥淢arvelous..鈥 She whispered, swiping the blade over your lower shoulder once again. You winced, but this time the cut didn鈥檛 seem as painful. Lady Dimitrescu sucked at the flesh once more, gripping your waist to move closer. With great ease, she lifted you onto her lap, your legs straddling her waist.
鈥淢y Lady I-鈥
鈥淪hut it.鈥 She commanded. Her voice filling with more desire than anger.
Licking at the two wounds, the tall woman glanced back at you.
You stared, tears pricking the edges of your eyes. Lady Alcina pressed her lips tightly to yours, giving a small peck. You could feel her lipstick drying upon your face.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough...for now. Thank you, my little dear.鈥
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hagelpaimon2 days ago
This is a continuation from one of the questions on this post
I wanted to expand on the scene and finally write my first piece of mommy Lady Dimitrescu! I hope every enjoys. Reader will be female just FYI.
Rated Explicit (18+ only)
TW: mentions of blood, a little blood drinking
Tumblr media
She hissed.
The poke of the needle into the delicate skin of her index finger never stopped hurting. For all your experience in the field of sewing and for all the countless times needles betrayed you, it never seized to not sting.
You eyed your bleeding digit with furrowed brows, the small bead seeping out and ready to stain. 鈥淢y apologies my lady-鈥 You were quick to move the bleeding finger away from the lady of the house but her much quicker and much larger hand wrapped around your wrist. For a quick motion it was done with nothing but delicacy. 鈥淣icked it quite deep my dear鈥 Alcina Dimitrescu鈥檚 smile was still the most beautiful thing you had ever laid your eyes on. The crinkled at the corner of her eyes, the soft dash of makeup on her eyelids, a long neck鈥
You swallowed.
It didn鈥檛 help that you had situated yourself between her legs, the skirt of her elegant dressed a contrast from your much darker clothes. 鈥淎llow me,鈥 Alcina spoke in that sensual drawl of hers, all while guiding your finger against her plush lips. It was a kiss, a press of lips to the drop of blood, you weren鈥檛 aware how much you had been holding your breath until the shape of her lips wrapped themselves around the tip of your index finger. Even in a sitting position she still towered over you, the bend of her body to reach your hand allowed you to view her chest in a much more intimate way.
A shaky exhale left you when her eyes connected with yours.
Your mouth fell open when her lips took more of your finger into her warm mouth.
And gods, you felt heat pool beneath you when she moaned pleasantly at the taste of you.
鈥淏etter?鈥 Her lashes were so beautiful with each flutter of her eyes, curled to such perfection it only made you stare in mute desire. Your brain at least cooperated enough for you to nod at her question. 鈥淢ustn鈥檛 ruin those pretty fingers, you need them for work after all鈥 Alcina鈥檚 words were muttered against your wrist, the vein there ever tempting to her teeth but years of control had her kissing the spot instead.
The swarm of emotions in your body has you inching closer to her, each kiss slithering from wrist to the inside of your elbow. For every peck you felt your heart speed up. 鈥淐ome here, pet鈥 Your hesitation was only due to not asking if you could touch her, so when she placed the palm of your hand (so very small in comparison) against her cheek, you felt a gush of air exit your parted lips.
鈥淢y lady?鈥
Gods, why did her eyes render you like stone. Frozen in spot but daring you, just daring you to do something.
Your other hand came to rest on her other cheek, cupping her face with all the gentleness you could muster. Standing on the tips of your boots you reached up to place your lips against those ruby reds. The taste of her lipstick, the copper after taste, the nip to your bottom lip.
Hunger bloomed inside of you, made itself apparent in the way you moaned against her perfect lips. Alcina鈥檚 own soft moan only fueled you more, your hands sliding down her neck. Fluttering your eyes open you stared at where your hands were, where you really wished to lay them on and it seemed the message was clear enough for the Lady to grab both of your wrists and direct them to her large breasts.
Eager didn鈥檛 begin to explain your temperament. Your hands could barely cup them but you kneaded them, caressed them and somehow by the grace of luck found her nipples through the thick fabric of the dress. In your quest you had let your lips land on her neck, the fragrance she had chosen for that evening found itself in your nose, on your lips. A large hand slid from your lower back to cup your rear and squeeze and the embarrassing squeak that left your mouth had Alcina grinning from ear to ear. 鈥淪uch a pretty little pet, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 Her words were right at the shell of your ear, mocking in tone but so softly spoken it brought a shiver out of you.
鈥淒o you desire me?鈥 Alcina pulled you back enough to stare into your eyes. The shade of her lips smeared on your chin and the corners of your mouth making her chuckle.
You nodded, that鈥檚 all you could do as you swiped your tongue across a dry bottom lip.
鈥淗ike your skirt up鈥 Was her command and like a possessed fool you did just that, bunch up the material until she could see your stockings and undergarments. Snaking a hand inside she found your folds and a large finger swiped the slit with every intention of watching you fall apart. 鈥淪tand up straight or I won鈥檛 continue, pet鈥 The threat renewed your efforts, thighs clenching as she rubbed slick from your core to the sensitive nub. The hands where her claws came out where holding your chin, making sure your gaze remained on hers. The nails there felt sharper, more capable of breaking skin more easily.
鈥淗ow long have you lusted after this?鈥 Alcina asked with a grin, the circles she was rubbing on your clit making your eyes roll inwards into your head. 鈥淪o so long my lady鈥 And it was true, you鈥檇 come several times to fix her dresses or take orders to make new ones, each time more mystified by the 9 foot tall goddess. She was one of Mother Miranda鈥檚 miracles, and what a sight to behold was she.
When she pushed a finger inside of you it took all of your resolve to not moan so loudly. The maids from the castle would make their rounds and the scandalous visual this would entail would surely reach the villagers back home.
They needn鈥檛 know your business.
They shan鈥檛 know that the Lady of castle Dimitrescu was knuckle deep inside of you.
鈥淥h god, oh-ah!鈥 You bit your lip to muffle yourself but the hand around your throat insisted other wise. 鈥淣o no darling, don鈥檛 keep those sounds to yourself, give them to me鈥 Alcina pulled your face closer to her own, lips to yours in a ghost of a touch. 鈥淢oan for me, come on鈥 be a good girl鈥 Those words had your eyes watering from the intense build up her fingers thrusting into you, her palm always smacking against your clit with each pump. You were ungodly wet, a mess that surely would stain you and her.
鈥淚 c-cant-鈥 Your mouth was agape, legs so tense they ached. The wet sounds of your folds echoing in the quiet room, Alcina鈥檚 grin only grew. 鈥淥h but you will, for me after all鈥 Her movements only quickened, finger curling and finding that magical spot. It was abrupt, so sudden and strong it made your knees buckle and fall forwards against her. You took the moment to muffle the wail that came from your very soul against her collarbones. Her thrusting hand didn鈥檛 let up until you whimpered from overstimulation.
Slowly her hand left the inside of your undergarments, shiny and slick with your release.
鈥淲hat a good little pet, look at how much you enjoyed yourself鈥 She licked from wrist to fingertip.
There was no hesitation as you dropped to your knees, pushing up her dress skirt, her amused face only ushered you under the garment.
Alcina spread her legs with a chuckle, feeling your eagerness through the kisses you plastered onto the insides of her thighs.
A small bite making her hiss in pleasure.
She leaned back, scooting down a little more in her seat to allow you to work. She felt fingers, she felt lips, she felt an urgency that was downright precious.
You licked, you suckled, you buried three fingers inside of her, all with practiced ease. It seems you had some experience already, that only further delighted Alcina.
A moan vibrated against her folds, a breathy groan that spoke that this would only make her burn once more with desire. Curiosity for the image before made Alcina hike her skirt to reveal you, and her floor length mirror allowed her to watch in lust as your ate her out wantonly. You felt a hand at the back of your head, it urged you silently for more.
You swiped your tongue and sucked on her clit feverishly as you thrusted your fingers inside of her, she tasted more divine than any woman you had laid with. Addicted, you were going to become addicted. Alcina鈥檚 thighs trembled and pressed against your head, careful enough to hurt you but enough to show you she was close. With newfound vigor you quickened your movements and honed in on her clit. You would鈥檝e given anything to see it, see her face contort in pleasure as she came against your eager tongue. You felt her hold on your hair tightened as she moaned and came down from her release.
Just as the door know began to turn.
Quickly you were encased inside of her skirt as you heard voices speaking. The maid inquired of your presence to witch Alcina replied that you had gone to the lavatory. You remained still, her essence evident on your mouth, her gorgeous thighs on either side of your head. The door clicked close and you took that as your chance to crawl out and stand before the lady of the castle, a mess.
Your lips slick, hair tousled and lipstick stains over your face and neck.
You swallowed and licked your lips.
Alcina merely grinned.
Oh you were going to be special.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Say what you want about Village but this has got to be one of the best marketing campaigns for a game that I鈥檝e seen in a long time.
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sylverstormsa day ago
Miranda x Abigail ----The Song of the Crow Ch. 5
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4
Tumblr media
The notion that Miranda and she are birds of a feather was plain ridiculous to her, at first. Monsters though they both were in her eyes, she failed to see any similarities beyond that.
Time changes things.
Abigail hates to admit it, but she gradually starts to see what she once scorned;
Miranda and she have lost the most precious thing in her lives 鈥搃t was taken from them in the worst way, stolen鈥 and are clinging to the traces of what's left of it now. They would both be drifting and aimless without their goals, though others may call them obsessions...
And perhaps they aren't entirely wrong.
Either of them is willing to tear the world asunder to make their vision a reality, no matter how much blood ends up staining their hands, how many piles of skulls they ultimately stand on.
鈥淲hatever good I may have had in me, it died with Eva.鈥
It has been a while since Miranda said it, but the words have stuck with Abigail, resonate with her still.
Whatever good existed in her died with Alex, too. For years she tried denying that. She even died to prove it false. How delusional.
Glancing at her left arm now, Abigail no longer hates the sight of it, not even for all the pain and sleepless nights it has brought her. The parasite has put things into perspective and torn down all illusions she may have nurtured about letting go.
There can be no moving forward when your heart lies with the past. She understands now.
Will her vengeance bring Alex back? No. It will only give her the closure she needs.
But Miranda can have Eva with her again. Abigail cannot imagine what that must be like. The yearning alone would drive most people mad.
Then again, maybe Miranda and she are a little mad.
鈥淭oday will be your most difficult test as of yet.鈥 the blonde announces in place of 'goodmorning'.
鈥淛oy.鈥 Abigail keeps her face and tone flat.
She doesn't even want to guess what the test could be, so she simply follows Miranda to a corner of the lab, where the mysterious woman keeps all her tomes and files.
The priestess directs her in front of the modest table there, atop which lie...
...several small cubes.
鈥淵ou're joking, right?鈥 Abigail chuckles.
Miranda, now permanently off her mask and veil in the lab, gives her a smirk. 鈥淭oo easy?鈥 she asks, like she is privy to a joke Abigail is not. 鈥淪tack them up in a straight line for me, then and you get the rest of the day off.鈥
The brunette shakes her head and reaches for the first cube with her dark hand. She aims for the surface of another...
And her whole arm shakes as she tries to lower it. 鈥淲hat the hell...鈥 escapes her in a whisper. She hasn't felt this uncoordinated and clumsy since the first days.
鈥淐hild's play, right?鈥 Miranda prods.
鈥淲hat's going on?鈥 Abigail glares daggers at her.
鈥淵ou have gotten very good at transforming your arm at will, to any shape you wish. However. Combat is what it's made for.鈥 Miranda explains. 鈥淣ow you have to will it to do whatever you want, outside of its intended purpose. And that, you will soon find, is far easier said than done.鈥
'Easier said than done'? This will be hell! There are a dozen cubes she needs to align and she can't even pair the first two together.
鈥淗ave fun.鈥 The blonde pats her on the back...
And leaves her there to suffer.
By the time night rolls, Abigail has barely made it to four cubes and even that is probably out of sheer luck.
Any higher than that and she ends up knocking the whole thing over, not to mention the structure is never aligned well to begin with.
She is forced to stop when sharp, electric shocks of raw pain wrack her left side, the telltale sign something has been screwed between the connection of her mold and human halves.
Miranda is there to catch her before she doubles over.
鈥淪it down.鈥 she orders but Abigail's head is pounding and she cannot comply.
She can hardly make sense of what's happening, to her, around her, until she feels Miranda's clawed hands press her backwards, against the lab counter.
鈥淏reathe in and out, Abigail. It'll be over soon.鈥
Abigail focuses on the sound of her voice and the scent of her perfume to brave through the episode. Meanwhile, her skin grows uncomfortably hot, as though she's being submerged in boiling water, the steam clogging her lungs 鈥揳nd she's never had that happen before.
Miranda's fingers freeze in comparison when they come under her chin, to angle it in a way that bears a specific spot on her neck. A needle pushes carefully into her skin. The substance that enters her body has an immediate calming effect.
鈥淪hh, you'll be fine.鈥 Miranda's breath graces her cheek like a lover鈥檚 caress. Abigail didn鈥檛 realize how close she stands, until that moment.
With the symptoms receding, other sensations take their place. Like the fabric of the blonde's robes, softer than it looks, tickling the back of her fingers. Like the weight of her presence practically between Abigail's legs, or how her sharp claws graze at her ebony shoulder, in a way that makes the skin there beg for more.
The brunette doesn't want to acknowledge the ocean current of sensation that runs down her stomach at their incriminating proximity.
At the same time, though, she's too weak and relaxed to fight it off...
鈥淢iranda, what the hell did you give me...鈥 she slurs, eyelids growing heavier by the second.
鈥淒on't fight it, Abigail. Trust me.鈥 the woman coos. 鈥淛ust trust me.鈥
She doesn't want to. But she doesn't have another choice, as her vision grows gradient black.
It is fascinating. Truly fascinating.
Abigail's Cadou works unlike any she's ever seen. Normally, most parasites have adapted into the host's body perfectly by this timeframe, yet this one is still shifting. Still evolving.
Just how powerful will it turn out to be? How resilient?
It has no apparent weakness thus far 鈥搕he strange matter it consists of resists frost, cold, electricity and toxins鈥 other than the rest of Abigail's body not withstanding its sustained use.
Should she push herself beyond what her human half can bear, the results may be catastrophic. Her limits are yet unclear and Abigail is notorious for not properly respecting them.
Which is why Miranda didn't take any risks earlier, with the cocktail of painkillers she delivered, before the brunette could do anything stupid and potentially damage precious cells like the last time.
Abigail groans and turns in bed, blinks her dual-colored eyes open. 鈥淥h, what... Where am I...鈥 she whispers.
鈥淢y stronghold.鈥 Miranda replies from her seat at the edge of the mattress. 鈥淛ust go back to sleep and you'll be fine in the morning.鈥
鈥淚'm fine...鈥 Stubborn even when high on drugs, this one. 鈥淐an't believe I was reduced to a mess by cubes...鈥
鈥淚 told you it's the hardest test yet. You are putting to use entirely different synapses in your brain through the arm.鈥 She expected the toll would be great but so will be the fruits of her progress. 鈥淵ou may as well be starting from square one.鈥
鈥淣o, nooo, don't science me right now.鈥 The whine is so uncharacteristic it's almost comical, if a tad endearing.
Miranda looks down at her strangely, a silent observer in Abigail's following struggle to disentangle herself from the sheets.
鈥淚'm burning up...鈥 she complains, sitting up a bit. Then, using just her human hand, she tries, unsuccessfully, to rid herself of her shirt.
Miranda takes pity in her losing fight against fabric. Without much thought, she reaches forward and hooks a golden talon where the material kisses flaming skin on each side, guiding it the rest of the way up.
Abigail's soft hiss 鈥搕he way her lips part, it has no right looking so sensual鈥 at the drag of her rings isn't something she expects, though. Neither is the little candleflame of interest it sparks in her own stomach.
She's seen the brunette's body before. Her shirts always pull just enough in certain spots to hint at contours built from years of training... but only now does she really look at the fine lines laid bare, made even more prominent in the highlights and shadows cast by the pale moonlight.
鈥淵ou should lay back down.鈥 Miranda suggests.
Abigail gives her a dopey little grin under her tousled hair. 鈥淵ou should make me.鈥
It's more a reflex than rational decision on her part when Miranda presses her down with a palm to the sternum. For a moment, barely half of a second, she entertains the idea of pinning her with her full weight rather than just her hand.
Miranda leans closer to her pretty face, studying it like a scientific oddity. 鈥淏e careful what you wish for, Abigail.鈥 she says.
鈥淥r what?鈥 the brunette husks back. For once in her life, she鈥檚 not fighting against Miranda.
And the blonde won't deny it; there's something about the notion and visual of having Abigail submit to her that's... tempting.
鈥淵ou're so very...鈥 Miranda whispers, mouth hovering an inch above hers. 鈥... very...鈥 Claws toy with the idea of digging just a little harder in, of marking taut skin. 鈥...high.鈥
She pulls back with that, cutting any sort of contact clean with the retreat. She hasn't wanted for anything physical in dozens of years and having that human urge now is both a surprise and a nuisance.
Whether it is best for her to satiate it or ignore it is up for debate; but this is not the right time, either way.
Abigail can't tell up from down at the moment and she would probably have trouble recalling her own name. No reason to give her more things to regret tomorrow , should she even remember the night at all.
Normally, it's not like Miranda to think about others.
And she doesn't care about Abigail, not really 鈥搒he lacks the capacity for it, she's convinced鈥 but the sight of her doesn't leave her as stone-cold as that of everyone else's.
The blonde finds her important for what she represents; a perfect mix of human and mold cells not too far from what she is trying to create as Eva's new body.
And if the other woman can manage to make those two worlds harmonize together under her will, then Miranda's theories will be proven correct before the ceremony. She can guide her daughter to achieve the very same.
Abigail鈥檚 very existence is a sign; a message, a light at the end of a very long tunnel Miranda has been walking for years.
The brunette doesn't take long to fall back to sleep.
Eyes blue as the moon cast her one last look over a black-clad shoulder. Then, Miranda leaves for her own chambers, shedding accessories as she goes.
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yxnn711420 hours ago
Tumblr media
a young and vulnerable monstrosity, one of her finest creations.
curiouscat request on twitter!聽
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angstyanon02 days ago
Hi, my name is AngstyAnon馃槢 and you鈥檙e watching Disney Channel鉁
A headcannon about Alcina Dimitrescu x Y/N that can transform into a wolf 馃惡 First time it ever happened:
Transformations always hurt. Once every month at the full moon, you would transform into a ferocious and violent wolf.
It was as cliche as it sounded, down to every stereotype about werewolves you could ever think of. The full moon, needing to eat red meat, having wolf like tendencies.
You were human, but once a night, every month, on the full moon, from the time the moon fully rose until the sun came up, you were a wolf.
Alcina, being a vampire, understood that the transformation could be painful. She was born with a rare blood disease and she remembers when she had become immortal.
When you had first told her, she didn鈥檛 believe you. She thought you were trying to be funny or cute in your own weird way. You were a very quirky and dorky person and Alcina had thought that your dog-like tendencies was part of your charm.
Until you transformed. You took her outside on the first full moon at the castle and told her to watch quietly from a safe distance and waited for the moon to fully rise. She watched you chuckling to herself as you sat down on the forest and watched the moon fully rise.
You had told her not to approach you when you turned, the wolf part of you is an untamed beast and would attack and kill the first animal it saw. That included humans鈥.
Though you knew Alcina was more than capable of handling herself, you didn鈥檛 want to attack or hurt her just in case.
She laughed at you still unbelieving, but agreed to stay a safe distance away from you. Alcina waited on the balcony of her castle, sitting in a chair watching you for a few minutes as you laid on the grass waiting for the moon to fully rise.
You were at least 50 meters or 150 feet away from her and you refused to turn around and look at her for fear your wolf side would scale the castle and attack her.
Plus, she was on the second floor of the castle. She had assured you that a he would be safe and that she could handle a mere 鈥榙og.鈥
You knew that the creature you turned into made an actual dog look like a little cat. You were a large, tenacious and ferocious beast and Alcina would be in for a surprise once she witnessed you turn.
And, to say that Alcina was surprised was an understatement. She watched you struggle and convulse on the grass, thrashing and twitching around.
First, your body had begun to grow 10x its size and fur appeared all over your skin. You had screamed out into the night and it turned into a howl once you had fully transformed into a gigantic, ferocious wolf.
Your clothes had ripped from your body when you had fully transformed and your wolf mind took over your human one.
You ran into the forest in search of an animal, some bloody meet to sink your fangs into.
You were starving, it felt as if you hadn鈥檛 eaten anything in months. You used your hightened sense to sniff out an antelope and chased it down, ripping the flesh from its body.
Blood dripped down your furry snout as you ate every piece of meat off of the antelope. It still wasn鈥檛 enough.
You hunted for the entire night, killing deer, antelopes and even a bear. All of the fur on the front side of your body was covered in blood from your ears and down to your paws.
You ran through the forest in the night, tackling one animal from the next and chasing every living creature down your path.
You could鈥檝e given Cassandra a run for her money!
Alcina waited up the entire night for you. She could hear you howl and heard the screams of your prey in the night.
She couldn鈥檛 believe you were being serious, and she was quite impressed with the size of your wolf.
You were right, you were not a dog as she had teased you. You were a large wolf, about five times the size of a normal wolf and you weighed close to half a ton. Standing on all fours, you were over five feet tall.
You were a beast, a mindless, murdering machine, and you killed everything and anything in your path. All you felt was anger and rage inside of you.
At the break of dawn, you started coming to your senses and you made your way back to the castle.
You were seven miles deep into the forest, and you knew you had travelled farther than that during the night.
You ran fast and hard with one thought in your mind: Lady Dimitrescu.
You wanted to take her, to please her and show her all of the animals you had killed. She would be so proud of you!
As the sun began to rise, you started to think more clearly and realized how stupid that idea was. Why would Alcina Dimitrescu want to see all of the animals you had killed?
She would think of you as a monster, run away from you or maybe even attack you. You had only ever showed one of your past lovers your wolf form and they had been terrified of your strength and the beast you turned into.
You didn鈥檛 want a repeat of that again. Why did you even tell her in the first place? Why you were heading back to the castle? The human side of you was telling you to run away, but the beast鈥檚 desire was stronger.
You could see the sun rising in the horizon of the east and saw the Castle through the branches. 鈥淩un away! Don鈥檛 go!鈥 the human side of you said. 鈥淔ind her! Love her! Please her!鈥 the beast growled back.
There was a war going on inside of your mind, an internal struggle. You were fighting against the beast and couldn鈥檛 get a grip of yourself as you ran across the field of the castle.
Alcina was waiting outside at the front of the castle. As soon as you saw her, you gave in to the beasts demands and bolted towards her growling and panting out.
The Lady of Castle Dimitrescu watched as her wolf-turned lover began to turn once more. Y/N was running towards her, shrinking down from her enormous size and the fur began fall off immediately.
Alcina watched in both amusement and concern as she saw your wolf face turn back to your human face, your fur turning from a dark, jet black and back to your normal hair color.
You were no longer covered in fur and your skin was back to its normal color, but you were still covered in blood and dirt, and there were multiple contusions and lacerations scattered across your body.
You had been running in all fours and as you had changed back to your human form, you kicked yourself off the ground and ran on your feet again.
You were exhausted, absolutely drained of any energy that remained, and your entire body ached. Sweat dripped down your body as you panted and stopped running, falling down on the ground.
Alcina walked over to your naked, dirt-covered body and turned you around, lifting you up into her strong arms like a babe and carried you inside of her castle as you panted trying to catch your breath.
She laid you down in her luxurious bed, not caring that it was now covered in blood, dirt and sweat and went into the bathroom running you a hot bath.
You had fallen asleep in her arms and occasionally groaned. When Alcina came back to wake you, you tossed over in the bed and fell down on the floor.
You woke up and looked around furiously, growling and shaking like a newborn wolf. It was normal for you to do this after your transformations, you sometimes couldn鈥檛 differentiate between your wolf mind and your human mind.
It took a few seconds for you to realize where you were and who you were. You looked up at Alcina and shrunk back down into the ground. 鈥淎lci- what- wh- how-鈥
She shushed you and approached you slowly trying not to startle you as you looked around at everything. Your senses were still heightened and you could hear the maids in stirring and waking up in the morning as well as the sounds that came from the forest.
You could feel a panic attack starting and held your ears, trying not to listen to any of the sounds around you. You felt like a monster, like a scary beast that haunted children鈥檚 dreams.
鈥淵/N?鈥 Alcina asked watching your run your fingers down your face and punch the ground. 鈥淒raga mea, it鈥檚 alright.鈥 she said, scooping you up and sitting down on the ground with you in her lap.
You growled deeply and could smell the meat on her bones. You took her arm and sniffed it, feeling drool dribble down your chin and pushed yourself off of her.
The beast was telling you to bite, to sink your teeth into her skin. You had never tasted vampires blood before.
Instead, once you had pushed yourself away from the countess and fell back into the ground, you sniffed your own skin, smelling some of the animals blood on it and bit down, licking up the blood and gnawing at your skin.
Alcina was quick to stop you, she grabbed your arms and held your hands down, keeping you from biting yourself again as the panic inside you set.
You were panting out and whimpering like a beaten dog and you blinked a few tears away. 鈥淒raga, Y/N, how can I help you?鈥 Alcina asked.
You opened your e/c eyes up and looked up at the Countess. Concern and worry was flooding her golden eyes and she looked truly scared for you, afraid that you would but yourself again. 鈥淢eat,鈥 you said, 鈥淚- I need meat!鈥 you growled at her.
Alcina got up and called for one of the maids to gather some of the leftover steak from the previous night. It was an odd request, but the maid did as was told anyways.
Soon enough, a plate was sent up to you and you ate every piece of the steak until there was none left. Alcina watched as the juices ran down your face and chuckled a little as you shook the meat in your mouth every now and then, like a wolf that had killed fresh game.
Once you had devoured the meat, you felt yourself calm and stumbled back falling to the ground.
Alcina rushed over to you and pulled you into her lap. 鈥淒raga mea, are you alright?鈥 She sounded really worried for you.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you muttered quietly, feeling the ache, bruises and lacerations on your body again. 鈥淚鈥檓 just tired.鈥
鈥淟et鈥檚 get you in the bath and then you can lie down, my love.鈥 Alcina said, carrying you into the bathroom and placing you in the tub gently.
Immediately, dirt and blood began to fill the tub and Alcina took a wash cloth and began to clean your body. She washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner and washed off all of the blood from your face and upper body.
You relaxed in the tub and let Alcina run her hands through your wet hair. It felt nice to have someone take care of you after your transformation. Normally, you would just go home and eat whatever food you had and then lie in bed for hours until you felt strong enough to wash your body.
Having Alcina do it for you and comfort you this way felt amazing. 鈥淪o鈥 you鈥檙e not scared of me?鈥 you asked Alcina as she poured water over your head.
The countess laughed at you and it made you look up at her in wonder. Was she truly not afraid of you? 鈥淢y dear, do you know who you鈥檙e talking to?鈥
鈥淏ut鈥 I thought you would be terrified of me. I鈥檓 a monster, a ferocious beast!鈥
Alcina looked into your e/c eyes and kissed the top of your forehead. 鈥淚 suppose I should be honest with you, since you have been honest with me, draga mea. I too can transform, take the shape of a terrifying creature as well. I do not wish to discuss every 锟糳etail with you about it, but only Mother Miranda and myself have ever seen my other form.鈥
For a minute you thought she was making fun of you and you felt angry and hurt, but you remembered previous conversations you had with her.
She had mentioned turning into a monster before to you, had called herself a monster even. You reassured her every time that she wasn鈥檛, that she was a beautiful, voluptuous woman.
Looking at her face and reading her emotions, you knew she wasn鈥檛 kidding. She was being serious. You had always wondered if their were others like you out in the world, and after meeting Alcina and her daughters, you were thrilled to know that there were!
She wasn鈥檛 a werewolf like you and you thought she couldn鈥檛 transform, but apparently she could. Maybe it was another vampire transformation she turned into?
You decided not to ask any more questions, Alcina was very self-conscious about her blood disease and you didn鈥檛 want to make her feel uncomfortable. Knowing that she too could transform into something unhuman was enough.
鈥淭hank you for telling me this. I thought I was the only one that could transform. It鈥檚 nice to know that there are others.鈥 you said, voice scratchy and weak from growling and howling all throughout the night.
Alcina kisses you and finished washing your body, then helped you stand and wrapped a towel around yourself. Your legs were still shaky and it took a while for you to get out of the tub and Alcina helped you. She walked you back into her room, steadying you by placing a hand behind your back to keep you from falling.
Once she had gotten you back into your shared bedroom, Alcina dried your body off and helped you get into your underwear and pajamas.
There were new sheets on her bed and all of the blood and dirt had been cleaned off. How much time had passed? Even the plate of steaks had been removed from the room.
Alcina sat you down on her bed and began to clean up your wounds, bandaging your cuts and putting some ice on your bruises. It felt cold against your skin, but it also felt nice.
Alcina pulled the curtains back, darkening the room and held you in the bed as you slept, cooing at you and pulling locks of hair from your face.
She dubbed you, 鈥渓upul mic,鈥 and after asking her what it meant, you smiled into her neck and wrapped your arms around her body.
She held you close to her and kissed your forehead as you relaxed into her. 鈥淩est well, lupul meu mic,鈥 Lady Dimitrescu said, running a hand through your hair and holding you close to her.
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For anyone who needs it, please have Maggie giggling to herself about calling someone a "human pest" on a print and not being able to stop, to brighten your day 鉂.
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