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#Lady Love

Synopsis; Y/N and Chadwick are back for another film and it’s even dirtier (to me at least). Part 2 to Lights, Camera, Action! you nasties! This one is very nasty! I wouldn’t advise you to read around people! You’ve been warned!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

You had been ignoring Chadwick’s advances since your last film together 2 months ago. You didn’t care to become a couple. You came to fuck and get paid, as dirty as that sounded, it was the absolute truth. You chewed your gum as you sat down on the casting couch flipping through a magazine. No one was in here but you and this was the only place people didn’t bother you. You sighed as you sat the book down and looked around. You remember being on this couch a few years back, oh how times have changed for you. You chuckled as your phone buzzed with 80 more Instagram followers and 100 and something more likes on your only fans promotion post. You didn’t even have content up there yet, you assumed people followed you because they saw your “work”. The door opened and Chadwick walked in as you scrolled on your phone. 

“I’ve been looking for you”

“And I hate that you’ve found me”

He chuckled as he sat next to you. He was about to flirt with you like he always. You playfully rolled your eyes as he leaned over and looked in your phone. 

“You got an only fans?”


“Why? You do porn”

“So? More money”

“You know I really like you Y/N”

“No, you dont…you like fucking me”

“That too. You wanna hang out later today?”


“Why not?”

“I’m shooting another scene after me and you wrap up-no pun intended”

He laughed as he rubbed your leg. He did turn you on but you like to keep things professional-regardless of the occupation. You couldn’t afford to get in a relationship with a coworker, you had shit to do. You politely moved his hand and went back to scrolling on your phone. He sighed in frustration as he looked at you. 

“Why do you do this to me Y/N?”

You smirked as he stood up and walked to the door. 

“I guess I’ll let all of it out in about 40 minutes”


He smirked as you quickly glanced at him leaving. You liked amusing him and yourself. You really did like him but you didn’t wanna make this a big issue. It was just porn. The scenarios and situations arent real. Lola burst through the door, smiling. You uncrossed your legs and looked at her. 

“What is it L?”

“Soo…we’re having a threesome scene…with Chad”

You made a face as you looked at her. You and Lola never had a threesome or a lesbian theme together. This was definitely intriguing to you. Lola was your best friend, this would be weird as hell. 

“Please say something, it’s already awkward Y/N”

“Let’s do it…don’t be weird afterward though”

Lola gave a nervous nod as she stood up. You didn’t have a problem with it. You did girl on girl before but Lola was probably nervous because it was you. Neither one of you sees each other that way. 

“Don’t be nervous L, its only 50 minutes. You cant take seeing me naked for that long”

“Its not you… it’s him”

You laughed as you looked at her. 

“Now what do you have to be afraid of when it comes to Chadwick?”

“Does it hurt?”

“Girl-you’re a whole ass adult asking me does d*ck hurt”

You laughed more as she folded her arms in a pouting motion. Lola was white with a big bust and dark hair with a couple of tattoos. The type of bitch you would move out the way for in the street. She shouldn’t be scared of a little BBC. 

“It’s not funny Y/N, I’m serious”

“No L it does not”

“Okay good…I won’t be on him that much since I know he has a thing for you”

“How thoughtful, L. Seriously I don’t have a thing for him… it’s cool”

You both left the room and got dressed. There was no plot this time, you all were just gonna get straight into it. This cut downtime and you were glad because you wanted to get this scene over with and get straight to the next one. You walked onto the set with Lola behind you and you laid on the bed. Ian walked over to you two with his headset on. 

“Alright girls, we’re just gonna get straight into it because I got a lot to film today with other stars. Just get straight to in and Chadwick-wherever he may be right now- is gonna come in and we’re off after that”

You both nodded your heads as he walked to his chair. He yelled action as soon as he sat down and Lola looked at you as you both smiled. She leaned in and kissed you as you groped one another. This wasn’t awkward for you, you just pretended you didn’t know her. Your kiss intensified as you started undressing each other. She smiled as you took her breast into your mouth and sucked on her n*pple. She moaned and giggled as she kissed you again. Now you both were naked and completely ready to go on with the scene. She went down on you and you did the same for her. You smiled as she l*cked and s*cked on your cl*t. You had to give it to her, she was good at giving head. She f*ngered you until you c*me on her fingers. Without noticing, Chadwick had eased his way in beside you. He kissed you as Lola gave him head. He rubbed your bud as he moaned in your mouth. You smiled and pulled away. 

You sat on his face as Lola continued to give him head. You moaned as he grabbed your ass and licked at your throbbing bud. You swirled your hips as he squeezed your cheeks with both hands. You all moaned in unison as you started getting more excited. You climbed off his face and sat on him as Lola licked at your bud while you faced her. She kissed you as he rubbed your cl*t. You threw your head back as she sucked on your right breast while caressing the left one. He kissed your neck as you felt yourself c*mming. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you felt yourself oozing out. Chadwick grew bigger inside of you and pulled out, covering Lola’s face as she kissed the tip. You eased off of him as “cut!” was yelled. You smiled as someone brought you a robe and a towel. You cleaned Chadwick off as Lola wiped her face. It was a tad bit awkward for you so you couldn’t do anything but laugh and they did the same. Chadwick grabbed your hand as he looked back and forth between you and Lola. 

“That was fun…I finally got my scene with you and L. My life is complete”

You snatched away and playfully rolled your eyes. Lola smiled as she sighed. 

“Well, I’m gonna go get cleaned up. See you guys later…lets do this again ay?”

You both nodded as she walked away. You tied your robe up as Chadwick looked at you. 

“Now that the tension is broke…can we do lunch? Maybe get to know each other a tad bit better, outside of our work?”

You thought about it for a moment. What could a little lunch hurt? He was attractive and charming. Why not? You smiled as you looked at him. 


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Austin (Lakeith Stanfield) is a professional hacker and theft. He knows how to break into any cyber system in under 30 minutes and he does so without a trace. One day while trying to decode a website’s database for illegal activity, a mysterious voice comes from the screen. The voice calls herself “Laila” and she appears to be a real person and not computer-generated. She asks Austin to help her take down men in a corporate company who is responsible for the assault and disappearance of her sister as well as other young women. Austin agrees, unaware of what “Laila” is about to take him through in the next 48 hours. 

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Eöl telling Turgon that ‘[I]f in Aredhel your sister you have some claim, then let her remain; let the bird go back to the cage, where soon she will sicken again, as she sickened before.’ juxtaposed with the Charlotte Brontë quote ‘I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will, which I now exert to leave you.’ is just… the absolute best imagery, it’s poetry and it makes me cry, thank you for your time.

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10:10 PM EDT May 20, 2019:

Robin Trower - “Lady Love"
From the album Live

Last song scrobbled from iTunes at

James Dewar very famously re-recorded his vocal parts in the studio–but you can still hear echoes of the vocals as they’d been recorded live through the monitors, in a sort of reverse echo. Either because of, or despite, this, the album sounds great.

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Tagged by @twink-hux

Rules: tag nine people you’d like to get to know better

top 3 ships

  • Thranto :)
  • Rhack / Kylux (guilty pleasure reads but there’s so much creepy shit trending in their fancontent its put me off it entirely tbh)
  • Psyren (maya x krieg… they give straights rights)

last song

  • Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina) by Sponge

last movie

  • last one i saw in theaters was The Lighthouse and it was the most confusing and visceral homo erotic experience of my life. last movie i actually watched was Girl on the Third Floor and it was a fucking terrible horror metaphor movie about a man feeling trapped by the nightmare of commitment he has to give his wife and family. imagine not lovin ur wife, could not be me.

currently reading:

  • i am illiterate so i only read fanfiction in my spare time, but my dad got me this fuck off huge comic Black Hammer i’ve been needin to get started

what food I’m craving right now:

a really cold and crunchy caesar salad

I tag (only these few because i dont interact w hardly anyone else on this site):@bambrassknuckles @codariidoescrimes

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Sup peeps,

So, guess who had to wake up at 6:07 am this morning ( it’s currently 8:55 am) to walk down to the shops? That’d be me and the fam. So here’s me, sleep deprived as shit, along with my family, who’re also sleep deprived, and all of us are chronic illness people and were walking down to the shops at 6:30 in the morning. We had to be carded in through the door at Coles, and the only reason the four of us were allowed in ( me, my two cousins and aunt) was because my aunt is legally blind. We had to go to Woolworths afterwards because Coles didn’t have two things we needed, and then waiting for a taxi (which arrived as a van), an old lady walks up to us. And she goes, “ are you health workers?” Like no lady, we’re just chronic illness patients (my cousin actually said this to her and I fucking died inside). And all this happened before 8 am in the morning. Like, dude, there were people who were full on wearing gloves with masks and then there were people with fucking thongs on, and we passed a lady jogging. Jogging! Why are jogging lady holy shit! So yeah, that was my morning, hope every one else’s went a better. Not to mention the food shortage lately, so I do hope y'all are doing okay with that shit.

The White Crow


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