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#Lakeith Stanfield

Armie Hammer’s character parallels


Maxim De Winter [Rebecca], David [Hotel Mumbai], Steve Lift [Sorry To Bother You], Oliver [Call Me By Your Name]

Part 1: [x]

~ Gif’s made by me ~

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DAY 33: “TEDDY PERKINS” (ATLANTA, 2018) dir. Hiro Murai 🎹

“Not all great things come from great pain. Sometimes it’s love. Not everything is a sacrifice.”

The first short of my horror challenge, “Teddy Perkins” clocks in at 35 minutes for one fucking whopping ride of an episode. I actually had to stop watching Atlanta for a year because this episode absolutely beat the shit out of me.

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This Three Dead Crows short-film concentrated on LaKeith’s personal well-being as well as the chaotic outside world. Over half of the video takes a look at the surrounding issues of police brutality and president, Donald Trump. Things take a turn into a more personal light, as it then cuts to Stanfield shedding light into the aftermath of when he raised concerns on his well-being last month.

After sharing alarming Instagram posts, fans, colleagues, and his peers all publicly reached out, while some reached out in private. In the video, LaKeith shares messages and voicemails from famous friends including the likes of Lil Wayne, Josh Safdie, and Chris Evans.

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THE COLONY; a literate original roleplay


Ashley “Ash” Bisbee | Deluded; Noah Centineo FC
August Adelson | Telekinesis; Samira Wiley FC
Austin Kelsey | Uninfected; Dev Patel FC
Axel Kraus | Praeteria; Skeet Ulrich FC
Cody Moon | Uninfected; Nam Joo Hyuk FC
Cosima Nasmath | Telekinesis; Amber Riley FC
Cressida Jago | Telekinesis; Chloe Bennet FC
Espen Filip Lindqvist | Telepathy; Nick Robinson FC
Ethan Kerr | Uninfected; Elliot Fletcher FC
Fleet Michaels | Increased Hearing & Sight; Hong Jong-Hyun FC
Fletcher Dahl | Uninfected; Keiynan Lonsdale FC
Issoria Feinberg | Telepathy; Josefine Frida Pettersen FC
Jelka Dreher | Praeteria; Caity Lotz FC
Jouko Kyung | Telepathy; John Cho FC
Kevin Tae | Uninfected; Daniel Henney FC
Killian Weaver | Telepathy; Jack Falahee FC
Kostya Vladislav | Telepathy; Jeremy Allen White FC
Kyra Zabala | Empatheia; Troian Bellisario FC
Leif Hjelmstad | Increased Vision & Hearing; Andy Biersack FC
Maddox Xiao | Telepathy; Christopher Larkin FC
Marcel “Hamlet” Gusterson | Deluded; Aaron Tveit FC
“Mink” Peyton Yazbek | Telepathy; Bex Taylor-Claus FC
Minka Vane | Telekinesis; Paulina Singer FC
Petra Starr | Uninfected; Kiersey Clemons FC
Reagan “Emery” Gladstone | Empatheia; Cillian Murphy FC
Rosalind Stein | Telekinesis; Kristen Stewart FC
Rhea Zaveri | Uninfected; Carmela Zumbado FC
Siobhan “Von” Whitmer | Praeteria; Kristine Froseth FC
Stacey Ricks | Uninfected; Zayn Malik FC
Tate Rothchild | Uninfected; Janelle Monae FC
Viola Rain Hackett | Deluded; Ruth Negga FC
Xavier Crane | Uninfected; Lakeith Stanfield FC


Abner Rhodes | Uninfected; JR Bourne FC
Arvo Covey | Increased Scent; Janel Parrish FC
Bode Levy Bram Lindqvist | Telepathy & Praeteria; Bill Skarsgard FC
Cooper Erikson | Telekinesis; Tyler Blackburn FC
Curtis Cuthbert | Uninfected; Robert Downey Jr. FC
Emmett Briers | Uninfected; Nico Tortorella FC
Gaius Fitrei | Uninfected; Idris Elba FC
Honor Bradley | Telekinesis; Hannah John-Kamen FC
Ireland Krii | Uninfected; Reilly Dolman FC
Kyffin Greco | Uninfected; Justin Baldoni FC
Rina Jago | Uninfected; Sandra Oh FC
Wren Phillips | Uninfected; Julian Morris FC


Charlotte Williams | Uninfected; Jessica Chastain FC
Emmanuel Trent | Uninfected; Hugh Dancy FC
Henry Liamson-Turner | Uninfected; Tom Cavanagh FC
Narcissa Shor | Telepathy; Tatiana Maslany FC 
Nouka Fang | Uninfected; Jamie Clayton FC
Perry Griffiths | Praeteria; Matthew Grey Gubler FC
Roxanne Palmer | Uninfected; Dianne Guerrero FC
Suki Yamaguchi | Uninfected; Hayley Kiyoko FC

       [      we are RADIOACTIVE;2157 was the end of the world…. ]

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