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#Lan Wangji

So I’m all for Wei Wuxian’s right to be a dumbass. As a dumbass myself I understand him on a whole different level.








Lan Xichen was right, his feelings were clear as day.

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I can NOT stop thinking about how, for Untamed!Lan Wangji, the whole “what is right, what is wrong?” speech was rhetorical, he meant he believed Wei Wuxian was in the right, and meanwhile Novel!Lan Wangji was just like

screenshot of a textpost which reads "I\'m sorry that I choose my favs with my pussy and not my moral compass. wish I could be as boring as the rest of you."

(ID in alt text)

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it’s a mdzs halloween special!

summary: wei ying’s got to work the haunted house shift for his brother but that’s too much blood to just be a costume.


Originally posted by mikans-stimgifs-blog


“Wei Ying”

Said man almost couldn’t hear his name above the noisy atmosphere of the carnival. But since he’s going to be portraying a zombie, Wei Ying guesses that he has to hone in on his hearing sooner or later. Wei Ying looks up, meeting eyes with none other than his boyfriend. He smiles a bit (though not too much) before he catches Lan Zhan speed walking towards him.

He doesn’t know what’s caused him to walk in such a manner until Lan Zhan roughly grabs his wrists.

“What happened to Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan quietly questions, eyes roaming around the blood that’s splotched on his cheeks and all over his hands. Wei Ying doesn’t even have the pause to get a word in before Lan Zhan speaks again. “I left you for 15 minutes, how did you get all of this? Who did this to you?”

Lan Zhan’s quiet mumbling is beginning to morph into frantic talking so Wei Ying jumps at the pause that his boyfriend has to take to breath.

“No it’s okay! It’s fake blood” Wei Ying explains. He removes his arms gingerly from Lan Zhan’s tight hold, pouting at the stain that it’s already making on the cuff of his boyfriend’s baby blue sweater.

“Aw, Lan Zhan it’s stained your sweater-”

“But, why do you have so much fake blood on you?” Lan Zhan asks, blinking down at Wei Ying confusedly. If Wei Ying didn’t have so much blood on his hands, he would have pinched Lan Zhan’s cheeks. 

“I don’t know, that’s what the costume lady did.” Wei Ying answers. Although Lan Zhan looks almost back to normalcy again, Wei Ying still catches the tense of his eyes whenever he stares at Wei Ying’s (fake) bloodied form. 

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying begins, when he sees the smallest of pouts make its way onto Lan Zhan’s face.

“It was supposed to be our date today,” Lan Zhan mumbles quietly. If Wei Ying didn’t know any better (he does not know better), he would think that Lan Zhan was whining.

The Lan Wangji was whining.

“Hey, I just have to stand in for Jiang Cheng for like an hour, and I promise I’m washing all of this off and running right back to you.” Wei Ying promises.

“Will wait for Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan replies and unceremoniously, plops right down next to Wei Ying at the table he’s sat at. 

“Oh Lan Zhan, you don’t have to wait for me. Go out and have. You have the tickets might as well see what the carnival has lined up” Wei Ying tries to coax his boyfriend.

“Only want to go with Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan replies easily. He sounds so much like a child that Wei Ying can’t believe it. He’s about to try and convince his boyfriend to explore the carnival when the flap of a nearby tent opens. Someone calls out to him, probably the costume designer.

“Okay I’m coming!” Wei Ying yells back as he gets up from his seat. Wei Ying sighs as he watches Lan Zhan make himself comfortable in his seat.

“You’ll wait for me?” Wei Ying asks, because his boyfriend always does the most for him. 

“Mn. I’ll wait for you” Lan Zhan replies, looking at Wei Ying. 

Wei Ying smiles at him before disappearing into the costume tent.

Lan Zhan’s words are all the momentum he needs to scare as many people as possible.

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The Untamed Character Chart


I couldn’t find a character chart that I was happy with for The Untamed/Chén Qíng Lìng, so I decided to make one myself!

The first one, “Past,” depicts characters and relationships as they are at the beginning of the flashback (starting in Episode 3), and the second chart, “Present,” depicts characters and relationships as they are at the moment Wei Wuxian is brought back to life (Episodes 1 & 2, then when the flashback ends in Episode 33).

As usual, click for higher quality. I hope this helps!

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The Untamed / MDZS / CQL / Lan Wangji POV  / WangXian


The evening air is warm and still, quiet but for the faints sounds of nature. 

Lan Wangji sits, more peaceful than he’s felt in a while, and listens to Wei Ying hum a beloved song as the man runs a fine-toothed comb through Lan Wangji’s hair.

His scalp has been hurting for most of the day, the silver guan pulling heavier than usual. He’s been looking forward to getting back home and taking it off. He hadn’t expected Wei Ying to even be there, let alone for him to take one look at Lan Wangji as soon as he’d stepped into the Jingshi, and start fussing around the room, pulling his combs and oils and ribbons together from their resting places, and shooing Lan Wangji to change into something more comfortable.

Now, they sit together, and Wei Ying has taken his hair pieces off, one by one, with infinite care. He’d only hesitated for a moment, before his fingers lightly tugged at the knot of Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon. (He’s getting used to it now, Wei Ying taking off his ribbon. He never thought it would be something he would ever get used to, someone else touching it, removing it, and he’s getting used to him combing his hair like this.

It’s not a routine, really. But Lan Wangji hopes that one day, it will be.)

“Honestly, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying whispers, his voice sounding both scolding and teasing. “We need to get you a different hair piece. Something simpler, that doesn’t pull on your hair so much. Your hairline will suffer in time otherwise.”

Lan Wangji just hums, non-committal. He’s not sure if he wants to change it, if it means Wei Ying will spend less time with his fingers in Lan Wangji’s hair. “I will think about it.”

“Good.” There is a smile in Wei Ying’s voice, and ah, Lan Wangji wants to taste it. 

Later, though. 

After Wei Ying finishes combing his hair.

Lan Wangji can wait.

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Why do I keep falling for otps/characters that are similar in very random but oddly specific ways?

For example: the grumpy repressed gay guy who was brought up to hold laws/rules in very high value and the reckless and chaotic (and demonic) bisexual he falls in love with

Now am I talking about wangxian or malec? (Both, the answer is both)

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Chapter Three of The Second Life of Sandu Shengshou:


Jiang Cheng has to tell his siblings. He has to. He knows this. He wants to do this.

Jiang Cheng is terrified of telling his siblings.

He’s still terrified even as he drags them back to their shared room at Cloud Recess and locks the doors with a warding talisman. The talisman doesn’t harm anyone who tries to enter the room but it does act like the warding Wei Wuxian had created at the Burial Mounds. No one can enter and no one can tell what is going on inside the room until the talisman runs out or is cancelled.

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