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#Lan Zhan
evuwus · a day ago
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"So,without you no fate awaits me"
My first painting using my new watercolors :D
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evanescelf · 7 hours ago
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His smile at “Lan Huan”
[WeTV Interview | Wang Yibo quick questions and answers]
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silverflame2724 · 2 days ago
Inspired by mondengel’s fic.
It is currently 3:30 am. I have a flight in less than six hours. Why do I continue to ruin my sleep by writing random ideas?
Grief was a terrible thing.
It ate you from the inside out, hollowed you, took away your rationality.
That was how Lan Wangji felt when he saw Wei Ying’s sightless, dead eyes, Jiang Wanyin’s hands still around his neck.
It broke something in him when Wei Ying didn’t move. When he didn’t jump up to say it was a bad joke.
He barely even remembered his own actions, sight blinded with overwhelming grief and all-encompassing rage.
When he came back to himself, Jiang Wanyin was out cold, bruise in the shape of his fist starting to form. He ignored him.
With shaking hands, he cradled Wei Ying close, checking for a pulse, just in case. Maybe he could hold onto the hope that Wei Ying could live— There was none.
The sky seemed to reflect his mood as it cracked open and heavy rain poured from it, drenching them all. With no one else around to hear, he finally allowed him to cry, to mourn what he had lost.
He didn’t know how he made it back to the Cloud Recesses.
He had tossed Jiang Wanyin into the healing pavilion and returned to the Jingshi with Wei Ying’s— his breath hitched —Wei Ying’s corpse.
He didn’t hear the calls of his uncle, of his elders, of his remaining peers. He stepped into his house and locked the door behind him.
And then he began to clean Wei Ying up. He changed the dirty, blood-soaked robes, washed his body, redressed him in Lan Wangji’s robes. He even healed the mangled, bruised mess that was his throat.
Lan Wangji completed all these tasks and more with a dead, almost absent look on his face.
He looked at Wei Ying once more and thought he could pretend for a while, that Wei Ying was just asleep, just tired. He wasn’t dead. He wasn’t dead. He wasn’t dead.
Lan Wangji allowed no one to enter the Jingshi. So when he left, he went to the library first, to the forbidden section in which most of the books had remained unharmed, due to the powerful wards surrounding the place, and read. He remembered that there was a book here that would help him with this predicament. And within a few shichen, he found it.
It was more of a diary that a book. Lan An’s diary, to be precise. (There were rules against breaching one’s privacy. Lan Wangji couldn’t bring himself to care.) in it, Lan An wrote of a forbidden ritual, one he used to resurrect his own beloved. It called for the sacrifice of a golden core, of life force. However, specifics were…..horrible. There needed to be enough life force in a living sacrifice to sustain the resurrected person. In other words, Lan Wangji needed to find someone with not only a strong golden core, but someone who wasn’t too old.
Off the top of his head, several candidates came to mind. Including Jiang Wanyin. But Lan Wangji wouldn’t do that. For one, Wei Ying would never forgive him. But the main reason? Lan Wangji wanted Jiang Wanyin to be nowhere near Wei Ying. He didn’t deserve to be used as a sacrifice for his beloved.
Lan Wangji shook his head and continued reading, making sure that there were no consequences to his beloved. And there weren’t. If there was something, it was that Lan Wangji’s life would be tied to Wei Ying’s. If Wei Ying died, Lan Wangji would die.
And that was okay in Lan Wangji’s eyes.
All he needed to do was find a suitable sacrifice.
A find one he did. Wen Zhuliu. The man was a perfect choice. He was not only strong, but relatively young. That he was a Wen, and a dangerous one at that, didn’t cross Lan Wangji’s mind.
And right now, he was alone. It seemed like the man had gone out scouting the area ahead as well as buy some provisions.
Lan Wangji of course made sure there wasn’t any Wen in disguise that were with him. Only then did he strike, knocking the man out cold with some powdered herbs and dragging him back to Gusu.
When Wen Zhuliu woke up, Lan Wangji had already started the ritual. Wei Ying was in one array while Wen Zhuliu was in another.
The man was tied down and gagged, and to prevent any unforeseen situations, had been fed a muscle relaxer. He wouldn’t be able to move for just enough time for the ritual to work.
Lan Wangji stared at the resigned look on Wen Zhuliu’s face with cold, cold eyes and activated the array.
Wei Wuxian woke up.
Now that wouldn’t be odd if the last thing he remembered was that he was dying, that his brother had strangled him.
He groaned, feeling sore all over and took stick of his surroundings. It looked……surprisingly Lan-like? Did the Lans somehow find them? But then how was Wei Wuxian alive? Did he perhaps only die for a few seconds? Wei Wuxian has seen people with no pulse get revived by the healers if they were quick enough. Maybe it was the same situation?
The door opened, startling Wei Wuxian out of his thoughts. He looked up, only to see Lan Zhan walking in with a tray full of food.
“Lan Zhan! Nice to see you!” He waved awkwardly.
“Wei Ying. You’re awake.” Lan Wangji replied, somehow sounding relieved. He put the tray down and came very close to Wei Ying, checking his pulse.
“Hmm? What’s wrong, Lan er-gege? You look almost worried!”
“I am—was.” Lan Zhan said, heartbreakingly distressed. “You…..had no pulse. I was… to get it back again.”
“Oh, so you saved me?”
Golden eyes locked with his, “Mn.”
Wei Wuxian broke out into a grin, hugging Lan Wangji. “Thank you, Lan Zhan!” He was surprised the other didn’t throw him off yet. “But how?”
“I have been trained in the healing arts. It is nothing special.” Lan Wangji said, not really answering Wei Wuxian’s question.
“I……see. But—*GROWL*” Wei Wuxian’s stomach decided to interrupt.
There was a slight huff from Lan Wangji as he guided Wei Ying’s stiff, sore body to the table.
“You laughed at me, didn’t you Lan Zhan?”
The corner of Lan Zhan’s lips twitched.
“You did, didn’t you!” Wei Wuxian pouted.
“…….Eat your food.”
Wei Wuxian wanted to argue, but in the face of rather good-smelling food, he couldn’t refuse. He took a bite and flavor burst on his tongue. It wasn’t spice, but it still tasted amazing.
“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! This food is amazing! Who cooked it? I must know so that I can ask for more later! The food here is so awfully bland!”
Lan Wangji didn’t answer, slowly chewing his food. Wei Wuxian thought he looked a little pleased.
“Lan Zhaaaaaaan~ don’t ignore me!”
“If you finish your food slowly, I will tell.”
“Can I still talk though?”
“You’re not going to berate me for speaking while eating?”
“I do not wish to see half-chewed food in your mouth.” Which was as good of an answer as he could get.
Wei Wuxian pouted, but was inwardly pleased. Lan Zhan was actually having a conversation with him! Maybe they can be friends, after all!
Lan Wangji on the other hand gazed intently at Wei Wuxian, eyes somewhat thoughtful. He successfully saved Wei Ying. But how could he get Wei Ying to agree on continuing to stay with him? Seeing the other in his house, in his clothes, looking every bit alive awakened something dark in him.
Oh. He wondered somewhat idly. How could he keep Wei Ying by his side forever?
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jiang-yanli-s-soup · 2 days ago
Song: Luo 落/ fall
Singer: Ai Chen 艾辰
I brought a ray of spring breeze  
The spring breeze is also drunk  
Folding willow leaves, looking at you lightly,
But frowning , you said that old dreams are broken  
Can't solve the knot of the past
Phoenix-tailed butterfly falls on your eyebrows and eyelashes
Wiping away a tear  
I want to make you smile for a moment
Language: Mandarin
**again, it's not my language so please forgive me if there's any mistake**🙏💓
Loved making it🤗💖💖✨
Now tell me, do you like it? 🙈✨
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claumschiff · 2 months ago
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As long as we're together does it matter where we go?
A little study from a pinterest's photo with them ❤
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ceru-draws · 18 days ago
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🐇 Bunji 🐇
Prints available on Redbubble! [X]
[do not repost]
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