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There’s something utterly enchanting about doing Latin translations late into the night. The utter silence of the witching hour, switching on the ceiling lamp seems to be an act akin to blasphemy so you work in the warm glow of your desk lamp. You’d light candles if you had any proper ones. The only sound is the soft scratch of pen on paper. You could summon demons with a single misspelling; the sea of possibilities. Your heart soars and drops simultaneously when you check the answers and find you’ve done all the exercises correctly. No demons appear. Next time, perhaps.

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The music of Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Ghana 🇬🇭 has been inspiring me so much lately, the roots run deep into the earth, the Djembe, the drum, the soul. I am so grateful to the originators of these sacred rhythmic expressions.🌍

#Africa #Roots #Home #Mother #Culture #Tribe #Beats #Rhythm #Feel #Earth #Grounding #Soil #Blessed #Drums #Congas #Bongos #Latin #Afro #Dance #Share #Care #Love #Life #Heal #Studio #Record (at Little Cheddar Studios)

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thursday! almost done with the week. i’m gonna try and push through most of my work today cause it’s a friends birthday tomorrow and i want to be able to celebrate w her.

that means:

archaeology reading

latin quiz

ENVS readings

budget forms

and ENVS assignments are all getting done today.

(i know i keep saying budgets but for real today i will finish it!)

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learning latin is so intriguing because like from day one it’s basically 101 ways to disembowel someone

like whenever someone asks like ‘oh how do you say how are you in latin?’ I’m like uhhh … sorry ma’am … we’re actually fresh out … could I interest you in the varying ways to call someone a bastard? the intricacies of roman politics? war tactics perhaps?

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You remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right? It was a show about a Valley girl who was ordained by fate to kill vampires. It was a lot of fun. 

In the fourth episode of the fourth season (Fear, Itself), a demon is accidentally summoned. The above is a screencap of the book with the summoning spell. The text under The Mark of Gachnar is Irish.  

A translation starts like this: “A special bus lane is to be opened in Dublin…” and continues in a similar riveting vein.

Should Hollywood be lobbied to make Irish their go-to demon language in all their movies instead of Latin? Sure. Why not? It has to be more interesting than, “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit…" 

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