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#Leadership Hacker
leadershiphacker · 7 days ago
Life Lessons for Leadership with Crystal Robinson
Life Lessons for Leadership with Crystal Robinson
Crystal Robinson is a retired professional Basketball player and coach who’s played the highest level in the Women’s NBA. Today, she’s a thought leader in the space of conscious leadership, mental health, and diversity. In sharing her life and professional lessons Chrystal talks about: Join our Tribe at Music: ” Upbeat Party ” by Scott Holmes courtesy of the Free…
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soundsfaebutokay · a month ago
The new age of the geek
I just wanted to collect all the canon information we have about Hardison's humanitarian work in one place.
The Too Many Rembrandts Job
Tumblr media
SOPHIE: Why are you staying at home?
HARDISON: You know, just working with refugee groups, coordinating food drives to resettlement camps, getting medicine to aid workers. George Clooney's satellite that tracks all the war crimes? It's all software. Somebody's gotta run it.
The Panamanian Monkey Job
Tumblr media
ELIOT: What was that?
HARDISON: It's nothing. Just some NGOs freaking out about supplies in Venezuela. I got some Russians trying to crack a pro-democracy group I'm babysitting.
Tumblr media
HARDISON: (on the phone) Okay. I'll put some Ukrainian white hats on it. No, don't worry, don't worry. We'll get your people to the border, all right? (hangs up)
ELIOT: I'm just saying, dude.
HARDISON: Uh, yeah, yeah. Don't get distracted by the side gig.
ELIOT: Is it a side gig? In our line of work, you're one of the best. But in that line of're the only one, man. It's okay to grow up, realize you're not the person you used to be.
So far, he's working with NGOs in Venezuela, a pro-democracy group in Russia, white hat hackers in Ukraine, and who knows what else. Then of course there's Sri Lanka.
Tumblr media
PARKER: Where are you going?
HARDISON: Sri Lanka. Currency is under attack. If I don't do something, it could trigger a total economic collapse.
PARKER: (tearing up) Oh, great, so if I want you here with me, I'm pro-famine. Cool. (steeling her resolve) You should go. I...I...want you to do this.
HARDISON: You know I wouldn't do this without your blessing, right, babe?
The Paranormal Hacktivity Job
Tumblr media
SOPHIE: We can't have guests. We can't have innocent civilians privy to any crimes we might be committing.
PARKER: But we're not committing any crimes since Harry and Eliot are in Brunei helping Hardison with that extradition.
Did I miss anything? This is a lot. We know Hardison's a genius, that he can move mountains from behind a computer, but this requires so much more than talent and skill. He's working with groups all over the world, people who are in various states of crisis, who are witnesses and victims of horrifying atrocities. It takes a special kind of leadership, and a heart as big as the world, to do this lifesaving work.
This is absolutely the perfect arc for Hardison, given his desire for a leadership role that he expressed in the original series. In The Scheherazade Job, Nate told him that he wasn't cold enough to push the necessary buttons that a mastermind needs to push. Parker, Nate's chosen successor, is not the same kind of mastermind that Nate was, but she does have that solid core of pragmatism essential for the job. Hardison is different, and I'm so glad that instead of changing himself, he found a place where he can make a difference using his particular strengths. Hardison's warmth and empathy are essential to his leadership style, and incredibly precious lifelines for the communities he's helping. He's still fighting against the same forces of injustice and oppression, but he's doing it his way.
We all miss Hardison, and we want more of him always, but this is so beautifully done it should be a masterclass for other shows. This is how you respect a character and the viewers who love him. Like his Leverage family, I find it bearable to share Hardison only because I know that he is out there doing good work that no one else can do. But he better come home once in a while or else I'm gonna cry.
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ph1lzablade · 4 months ago
i want to see an ocean’s 11 style heist on quackity’s casino, performed by wilbur soot, bench trio, jack manifold and the syndicate (after techno’s gotten out of prison lmao). here is how i think it would work:
wilbur soot, the mastermind/distraction: with his charisma and intelligence, he makes a perfect choice in both leadership and putting on one hell of a distraction for the heist. also this mf would be so dramatic to pull a heist just to piss off quackity.
philza minecraft, the second in command: his intelligence and loyalty makes him an obvious choice to be wilbur’s right hand man. a well respected man who is a veteran at overthrowing governments and is always the voice of reason, the crew looks up to him and never questions him, even when some members are at odds with each other. (see: niki and wilbur) basically, the glue holding the group together
tommy innit, the pick pocket: while his inclination to thievery in fanon tends to be an overused trope, i firmly believe that tommy would have the dexterity and sharp wits to pull off this role. much like linus in ocean’s 11, tommy would want to become a big name in the world for his success, and is the group’s “protege”
ranboo underscore beloved, the tycoon: this man is richer than god, therefore he is the one funding the entire heist. it’s a big investment, sure, but it’ll be worth it in the end. and it will keep his family safe in the long run
technoblade, the artillery man: do i need to explain this. did you SEE how he prepared for the battle of l’manburg? if it weren’t for phil and wilbur speaking with logic, he would have blown las nevadas to hell and high water by now. whatever, he might as well have fun with a heist.
tubbo underscore beloved, the hacker: in my opinion, people don’t give tubbo enough credit for his intelligence. my guy built not one, but THREE fucking nukes. especially since he only has one life left, i don’t think he’d mind not being on the front lines (and it would give ranboo some peace of mind). if shit hits the fan, however, he won’t hesitate to jump into the action
jack manifold and niki nihachu, the getaway drivers: come on. who wouldn’t love to see the team rocket duo as the getaway drivers that provide comedic relief and fast paced action? i love them your honor /p
purpled, the inside man: let’s be real. there is NO WAY purpled is gonna stay truly loyal to quackity after what he did to his ufo. so to indulge in this theory, purpled will be the one to feed information about the casino and the citizens of las nevadas to the crew. and if he’s found out, well, what’s everyone gonna do? pvp him? right, sure.
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nevertheless-moving · 9 months ago
Unnamed Extremely Bad Plan to Defeat Darth Sideous AU - SW AU NO 9
Hopefully writing down this star wars au will help me exorcise the cringe demon that helped midwife it. Time travel au where obi-wan and Anakin come up with an extremely SPECIFIC and UNCOMFORTABLE plan to defeat Palpatine because it unfortunately, would actually work, as it capitalizes on one of Palpatine’s easiest to reach political vulnerabilities. This is not a unique plan- there are other au’s like this, but this one is mine. When searching for ways to explain exactly why this anti-sith strategy inspires such cringe and delight in myself I realized, with sinking dread, I have seen this in an Always Sunny episode...which yeah. I might be over reacting but hey, cringe is a personal phenomenon, everyone’s different.
Anyway! Uh here’s a bunch of plot that will eventually culminate in the plan. 
*Too much plot, aaaah*. **All plot actually.** ***Its 1 am and this is still a draft*** ****It’s 2am**** *****This post will be just be background I guess.*****
Force ghosts Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi have had time to yell at one another without need for breath, and have more-or-less come to terms with the trainwreck that was their shared life. I wouldn’t call them well adjusted, but they’re more stable then they were the last decade or so of their living existence. 
In haunting Luke, they end up encountering an artifact in an ancient Willis temple that offers spirits the chance to fix the mistakes they made in life. It doesn’t truly unwrite what’s been done, but it lets you create an alternate timeline. So this galaxy will still be what it is, but some alternate galaxy somewhere could at least have it better. Its almost never been used, because becoming one with the force usually lets you accept the past, but viewed objectively, Vader and Ben’s lives involved an extreme amount of yikes. They say goodbye to Luke and are flung backwards and sideways.
Anakin is holding his mother as she dies. Obi-Wan is landing on Genosis. 
Vader just barely manages to avoid slaughtering the tuskens. To be honest, he doesn’t really get why he shouldn’t- his moral compass is still pretty f-ed up. He’s fairly certain the force is just torturing him, but still he controls himself (for Padme for Luke for Leia).
I’m gonna say well-adjusted!Vader sees murder in general as more of a vice than a sin- on par with having a beer. And really well adjusted Vader is willing to admit to himself that he’s an alcoholic, he seriously cannot regulate, its a problem. He really can’t let himself go, because he’ll just end up spiraling. And so he restrains himself and only seriously maims a few of the adult raiders.
Vader figures he can always come back later and slowly torture them to death if this whole ‘save the future’ thing doesn’t pan out.
Obi-wan leaves his shuttle and hides under a rock for 30 minutes. He calculates thats just enough time for him to pretend he went on an extremely effective and sneaky fact finding mission- just in case anyone checks R4′s records. Gets back in shuttle and gets the fuck out of there, much to Dooku’s chagrin, who lost sight of him after the shuttle landed and is now going to have to switch to one of his alternate start-the-war plans. 
On the flight back he reports everything to the council- fallen Dooku and the separatist leaders, the trade federation and the massive droid army, Jango Fett the clone template of the republic army (?) working for the separatists. He briefly comms Anakin, but anyone hacking into their conversations would hear only a nonsensical, rambling conversation. Later, a hacker might turn over the idea that they were speaking in elaborate code, but why would Jedi invent such a thing during peacetime?
The war still starts; at this point in the timeline it was inevitable; the artifact was only designed to give them the chance to correct their own failings, not the galaxy’s. Palpatine still gets his emergency powers. 
The same day the armies are discovered, separatist war ships take off to engulf Ryloth. The Jedi are instructed by the senate to lead the clone army and provide immediate relief-this will not be a repeat of the republic’s inaction on Naboo. It’s both better and worse than the first Battle of Genosis. So many more civilians are caught in the crossfire. The first titanic battle is not contained to evacuated droid factories, but rages across an entire populated world. The battle lasts for weeks.
The main reason this fight is less deadly is solely due to the fact that General Kenobi manages to maneuver his way into high command of the entire army.
 “I believe assumptions were made since I was the first point of contact with Kamino, Masters,” the Knight explained apologetically to the arriving high council members. “I realize its not quite appropriate, but for right now I am the Jedi most familiar with our forces and the enemies. I would, of course, prefer to cede the role to someone else.” 
The assembled Jedi can feel the truth in that statement.
“For better or for worse, advance troops were directed by the senate to land planetside and have met heavy resistance. I managed to redirect them to a more defensible position, where they can provide surface based cover fire for incoming reinforcements. The battle has already begun.” He received a grim nod of approval from Master Windu.
“I feel the need to say now, that if there’s one thing I learned from my time as a general on Melida/Dann, or in working against Death Watch on Mandalore, its that having a clear chain of command is vital for a military to succeed. I don’t need to remind some of you that leadership breakdowns were what ultimately ended both the Stark Hyperspace War and the Yinchorri Crisis,” Masters Koon and Tiin exchanged looks before deliberately sending forth a small force wave of approval, understanding where this briefing was leading. 
“I believe that unnecessarily restructuring command before the battle is won here could do far more harm than good.” The reminder of Obi-wan’s unusually militaristic apprenticeship put some of the assembled knights at ease even as it inspired a twinge of guilt in the older masters. 
“In command you are, General Kenobi,” Master Yoda finally acknowledged. “A Jedi Master you will be, once done this battle is. Have us do, what would you?” 
The battle lasts for weeks, and when its over, the commanding Jedi and Troopers involved will openly acknowledge that had anyone else been in command, it would’ve lasted months, if not years. Facing down logistical, strategic, and tactical problems on a scale unheard of for a thousand years, High General Kenobi does not falter.
Enemy reinforcements seem unending. For all their preparation, every single trooper is new to war, and secretly concerned that should they fall, they will be replaced with cadets who hadn’t even finished their training.
Obi-Wan is putting out fires before they can start. Much to their shock, clone commanders are informed that they will, for the time being, remain in charge of their troops. With a handful of exceptions, Jedi ‘Generals’ were in fact, to be treated as a cross between highly skilled commandoes and advisors with abnormally sourced field intelligence. 
“All of you have spent your lives training to lead your brothers into combat. The Jedi Masters and knights who are being assigned to your divisions have not received such training.” 
General Kenobi addressed the division commanders, some in person, some over holocomm. All focused in rapt attention as their General reordered the shape of their lives using language they could understand.
“The command structure I am issuing is designed to maximize our ability to utilize our respective strategic capabilities, while minimizing potential loss of your life. It will be our great privilege to serve alongside such an army, and while I fully expect a complementary exchange of knowledge in time, for now, focus on survival.”
The Jedi received similar briefings, tailored for their broader array of combat and military experience. Some, including Jedi Master Pong Krell and Grandmaster Yoda, were pulled aside and tasked with the essential mission of infiltrating and destroying the Droid factories on Genosis. If they were to have a chance of winning this war, they they would need to cut off the seemingly unceasing flow of droid reinforcements. 
An elite squadron of Arctroopers and Jedi field operatives were covertly dispatched, Grandmaster Yoda himself in command. Considering Count Dooku had yet to appear anywhere near Ryloth...the grandmaster had the best chance of bringing in the fallen separatist leader alive for questioning.
Shortly after they left, Anakin arrived, having finally turned over Padme’s protection to her regular guard. With the military creation vote past, the assassination risk was considered minimal. The real delay in his arrival came from her repeated attempts to join the Grand Army of the Republic on Ryloth with the intent of coordinating humanitarian assistance. Eventually he managed to convince her that she could do more good in the senate. 
After all, he pointed out, someone would need to followup the military creation act with a bill to grant clones equal citizen rights. Otherwise, the legal grey area that cloning fell under and their non-republic origin would inadvertently make the clones slaves. 
His borrowed Nabooan cruiser entered the warzone with the grace and efficiency as a small neutron bomb.
Those close enough to see its flaming descent watched in horror, realizing that the high generals own padawan would likely be a war casualty before he ever engaged in combat.
The legion nearest to soon-to-be-ground-zero, under the command of Captain Rex of the 501st, were distracted by heated combat, as the temporary barricade they had put up to defend the civilian population gave way to droidika artillery. 
While reloading, several dozen troopers happened to look up to see a speck detach itself from the hull as at spiraled in the lower atmosphere. Hope spread that the Jedi had managed to activate some sort of eject hatch. A skilled shocktrooper could probably control and and survive such a fall with luck, which mean a Jedi almost certainly could. 
A few tactical scouts charged with watching the skies confirmed that the speck was indeed a humanoid. No chute was visible, but even 8 days into the war, rumors had already spread about how Master Windu had passed off his chute mid-air to a troopers who had been damaged by suppressing fire, cushioning his free fall solely with the tank he crushed upon landing. 
Only one trooper, stationed in the town clock tower specifically to track the Padawan’s arrival and issued with a high-resolution farscope, saw the whole thing. Fortunately for his credibility later, in its current setting, the scope automatically logged photos every 5 seconds, ensuring that for years to come Obi-Wan would have a flipbook as evidence that he was not the crazy one.
CT-3609 or Blink (as he was named after winning the division wide staring contest on Kamino two year prior) forwarded the trajectory of the vehicle to command, who confirmed his analysis that it would impact two clicks out from their makeshift fort and not present a risk to civilian or trooper lives. 
As it traversed the stratosphere a figure (desperate repair droid, Blink assumed) emerged from the cockpit to perch on the nose of the ship. As it entered the troposphere, it became painfully obvious that the figure jutting out from the hull of the ship was in fact not a humanoid droid, but an unarmored human. The Jedi stood on the prow of the ship, seemingly impervious to and oblivious of:
air resistance 
centrifugal force
normal space gravity 
Blink’s slack-jawed bewilderment
the flames engulfing the ship below him
At this range, the smirk on the man’s face was visible (man? boy? kriff is he even through puberty?). Several miles above the surface he leaped, diving towards the ground like a bird of prey. 
To the west, the ship made impact with the ground, sending a shockwave that shook the tower just enough for Blink to lose visual in the final moments of descent. Cursing, as while he was confident the Jedi would inexplicably survive, he really wanted to see how. The trooper scanned the droid-engulfed farmland to the north for a crash site, to no avail. Lingering smoke from the burnt countryside negatively impacted visibility low to the ground.
Rather than trying to articulate his report into words, he sent the 50-odd frames the farscope had saved, as well as the coordinates for the jedi’s projected radius of touchdown. A quick radio over to long range electro-ballistics ensured that his landing wouldn’t be marred by friendly fire.
He awaited follow-up questions on the absurd entry method, which, when they came, mostly consisted of variations on “...Is this for real?” and eventually “Can you set the scope to video for a little while?” and finally “Do you think that’s how he got the name Skywalker?”
There was a temporarily lull in fire from the west, likely a ripple effect from the ship’s explosion. From his vantage point Blink could see his batchmates using the opportunity to try and plug the holes in their barricade with broken droid pieces. Regardless of the itch to join them, he knew he couldn’t leave his post until the Jedi actually arrived in camp. Finally, a distant explosion and thick pillar of smoke gave the Jedi’s position away.
He tried to make out details, but the scope had a difficult time focusing through the haze. Manually trying to fine tune the scope’s settings, Blink caught a glimpse of what looked like half a hover tank sailing through the air to impact with a trade federation troop carrier in a fiery explosion. Several more explosions, flying droid artillery, and plumes of smoke were caught on record before visual contact with the source was established. He was mostly visible as a blue blur, lightsaber mowing a meandering path towards their location. 
It wasn’t until Skywalker braced himself in place to punch a droidaka into pieces that Blink caught actual sight of the man. Only his eyes were visible, nose and mouth covered by layers of cloth. He blurred, then reappeared on top a massive missile launcher attached to an absurdly heavily armored vehicle. A minute or so of rapid blue flashes passed, the longest he had seen concentrated in one area. Then Skywalker was gone, movement clearly visible as he for once he moved in a straight line, plowing a rapid path away from the launcher. 
Less than 30 seconds later, Blink had to wince away from the scope, as a burning white explosion temporarily overwhelmed the direct light filter. The trooper panicked for a moment, thinking he had gone both deaf and blind, but the abrupt, sucking silence ended after a moment with a deafening sonic boom. The shockwave rattled the farscope, nearly knocking it over, but Blink managed to steady it and himself in time. 
A cheer emerged from pleasantly surprised vod below. The entire droid legion that had been guarding the missile launcher and apparent ordinance bay was flattened. 
It took a moment for the realization to set in that the background noise of missile and and anti-missile collisions directly overhead had slowed pace. With the northern flank gone, artillery were able to redouble efforts to the east, and a second white hot shockwave ensued, signaling that the tide of battle had shifted. It was almost too easy for the republics electro-ballistics to tactically devastate the surrounding forces. 
Eventually some sort of win/loss programming must have set in and all forces outside of a certain radius began retreating southward, conceding the scorched land to the republic army. It was cadets work to clean up the final suicidal droid charge. 
A commotion ensued as Skywalker leapt the barricade with a mid-air flip. The vod greeted him with cheers, as they correctly assumed his appearance had something to do with the skirmish’s decisive victory.
Blink sent the video of the battle to command and quickly packed up his scope and assorted equipment. Hurrying down the battered tower, Blink thought to himself that this Anakin Skywalker was the best sort of Jedi a trooper could ask for.
uh sorry i got really sidetracked there moving on
Kenobi and Skywalker quickly become the face of the war once again
they grit their teeth a bit, but when they finally have a moment to really plan they eventually agree that to take down Sideous they have to cut off his political power in addition to everything else, and taking advantage of their public personas was the most accessible way to do so (*evil laughter*)
While Dooku wasn’t captured, Yoda heard the truth in his old student’s cryptic warnings about a Sith in the Senate, and the council begins carefully editing their release of tactical plans to the Chancellor’s office in the hopes of ferreting out the spy in their midst.
Pong Krell looses two arms in his duel with Dooku. Obi-Wan successfully hides his smug pleasure at the news. Anakin enjoys makeing comparisons between him and Grievous. 
Kenobi doesn’t allow the origin of the clones to go unexamined, although he agrees that if the public were informed that they don’t actually know who ordered them it would probably cause panic.
The ‘inhibitor chips’ are ‘discovered’ early on and Anakin leads the effort to ensure that they are phased out and removed immediately. This consists of reminding every Jedi who even hesitates about how how he as a child slave had some experience with control chips and unless you want to take a leaf out of the hutts books lets start doing brain surgery chop chop mmmkay?
(This isn’t to say that Vader doesn’t still a twinge of shame at acknowledging his slave roots. But it is eclipsed by the burning guilt that he knowingly acted as slave master to his troops for decades after Sideous wiped their minds. He tried to rationalize it to himself, after all he didn’t immediately understand what Order 66 had done to the troopers. But while the morality of murder was more of an intellectual concern than a personal one, treating people as things...)
The Kamonions are a little harder to budge, referencing contracts that they refuse to allow the Jedi to see
Finally Vader snuck into the Chief Medical Scientist’s home while she was sleeping and straight-up threatened to murder her and burn down her lab. At the risk of losing her life’s work, Nala Se complied.
Vader left with the final threat that in the event that Darth Tyranus caught wind and activated Order 66 prematurely, he would kill 100 Kamonians for every Jedi felled by troopers. Shaak Ti was pleased by the cloners sudden change of heart. Tyrannus, and by extension, Sideous, are in the dark. 
Obi-Wan frequently publicly confronts Palpatine about the troops citizen status, urging him make use of his emergency powers to grant them citizenship and full pay, with the option to leave the army should they so wish. 
Anakin manages to play off his avoidance of the Chancellor as disappointment in his perceived lack of dedication to anti-slavery efforts
Finally Palpatine gives in- regardless of what happens next, the troops will be looked after.
With 2/3rds of the troopers dechipped, Vaderkin is eager to kill Sideous again, but after several intense screaming matches and sparring sessions, the time travelers come to the agreement that even if they succeed in their duel, with things as they were, the perception of the Jedi military coop would cause mass civil unrest. The scattered sith apprentices, while individually weak, were more than capable of magnifying that fear and anger until the galaxy breaks. Darth Sideous wanted to ensure that if he couldn’t have the galaxy, no one would. 
(Vader knows this. Sideous enjoyed monologuing, and much of his plotting couldn’t be safely bragged about until after he had decisively won, leaving Vader as the unwilling receptacle for years of pent-up rants and self-satisfied gloats about the inevitability of his victory)
Continued Here
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saintzjenx · 8 months ago
I feel that I'm ugly, Aries Ac,venus Aries Pisces Sun.
I don't look at the other girls.
Hey there beautiful,
If this makes you feel better, I have yet to meet an Aries Rising that doesn't radiate boss bitch energy haha:)
Aries Rising in my opinions can be surprisingly moody and can sometimes retreat to their shells, to their "home" (Cancer 4H) when they're feeling down so that their emotions don't burden others. In their younger years I do see a lot of Aries rising struggle with how they come off to others, literally body image issues( Libra 7H/think 7H as a "mirror") But tbh it is because of that that stop you guys from seeing your unique charm. Take Rihanna for example:
Tumblr media
Being ruled by Mars, Aries Rising and Aries Venus are not just fire and drive and passion. Mars is also activation, adrenalin, bravery, leadership but also poison, pestilence and rebellion. Mars also rule over both soldiers and sensuality, ignition and defence. Having Mars in your first house make you on who literally feel and experience everything first hand, hence you feel things more than others, you experienced desires like no one else but also gone through bullies like no others. (Mars rules desires and bullies) I hope I'm making sense here! But to me, Martians need to start absorbing the same energy they give out for free to people. Your loyalty, your assertion and your daring nature is what makes you you.
Vinnie Hacker, a Tiktok famous teen star is also an Aries Rising.
Tumblr media
I feel that people, including Aries Rising themselves don't see how Aries Rising can be so similar to your sister sign Libra Rising! You both deeply care about how you come off to the world and both are so passionate when it comes to their close relationships. Yet both are also so dismissive of their own feelings sometimes, carrying the "good vibes person" character in every group aka everyones go to therapist, to the point where they're just used to suppress their own feelings.
Pisces Sun in my opinions have always been so unique LOL. I truly love that about you guys. I hate that you reject your sentiments and feelings so often and cope with it by using your self-depreciation sense of humour. Pisces sun, fire heavy people are sooo prone to this tbh💀 My cousin in my pf right there, she's also a Pisces Sun with Aries Venus, Sag Moon. it would take sometimes for you guys realize how special you guys are and hopefully one day you'll realize that you don't just have to see your worth in relationships only but also when you're by yourself alone with you and your thoughts.
Tumblr media
Hope this gives you some peace of mind boo,
saint jenx
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leadershiphacker · a month ago
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith is,“The Workplace Therapist.” He’s the Founder and President of The Worksmiths, an Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of the book, The Hot Sauce Principle. In this fascinating conversation you can learn about: The reason there is so much dysfunction in the workplace.The best survival tactics for eliminating dysfunction.How to stimulate urgency and avoid panic when driving…
Tumblr media
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grimoirebabylon · 11 months ago
Color Correspondences
The associations/correspondences of colors are really interesting, particularly because these associations are sort of a thing embedded in the collective consciousness. Saying "black magick" immediately conjures up the idea of evil, we know "black hat hackers" are bad guys because of the word "black" (honestly, the black/bad - white/good dichotomy is kind of racist, but that's a different post). I thought it would be interesting to analyse a bunch of data about color correspondences in witchcraft and figure out which correspondences are most prominent/consistent from list to list.
These lists are organised from most common word to least common word, but all of the words listed appeared at least three times in the entire data set for that color.
white: purity, peace, cleansing, truth, spirituality
innocence, protection, healing, moon, unity, light, purpose, balance, consecration, divination, magick, clarity, lavender, balancing, strength, purification, death
pink: love, friendship, healing, harmony, romance
compassion, self, spiritual, emotional, affection, children, passion, cups, nurturing, femininity, beginnings, fidelity, partnership, protection, emotions, calming, honor
purple: power, spiritual, wisdom, psychic, spirituality
intuition, meditation, divination, royalty, sensitivity, insight, ambition, astrology, justice, healing, influence, contact, spirits, evil, independence, government, wealth, soul, clairvoyance, moon, connection, spirit, communication
red: passion, strength, fire, courage, love
sexual, action, power, life, lust, health, vitality, survival, war, anger, root, sex, potency, conflict, mars, physical, fertility, mercy, danger, independence, competition, ambition, leadership, astrological, aries, sexuality, protection
brown: earth, stability, animals, grounding, home
concentration, lost, house, animal, endurance, balance, locating, blessing, construction, pet, nature, protection, healing
green: growth, prosperity, luck, abundance, money
fertility, earth, healing, nature, love, acceptance, youth, success, employment, harmony, plant, peace, beauty, marriage, weather, envy, jealousy, life, balance, body, health
yellow: air, happiness, solar, confidence, learning
inspiration, imagination, communication, sun, creativity, self, intellect, memory, concentration, persuasion, charm, plexus, success, power, travel, life, healing, fool, knowledge, intuition, intelligence, divination, wisdom, mental, mercury, joy
blue: truth, protection, water, peace, healing
patience, communication, wisdom, meditation, focus, harmony, tranquility, moon, throat, forgiveness, astral, mind, calm, fortune, organization, projection, sleep, spiritual, understanding, happiness, power, sincerity, spirituality, creativity, justice, emotional, subconscious, people, jupiter, trust, psychic, calming
gray: loneliness, contemplation, negative, tarot, glamour
influence, wisdom, neutrality, knowledge
silver: moon, psychic, intuition, meditation, dreams
stability, goddess, communication, feminine, awareness, luck, gambling, divination, lunar, divinity, victory
gold: energy, sun, fortune, health, success
abundance, prosperity, divination, luck, justice, luxury, wealth, masculine, understanding, solar, attraction, god, strength, divinity, positivity
orange: success, energy, creativity, ambition, vitality
justice, courage, legal, joy, celebration, attraction, sacral, fire, action, opportunity, strength, communication, sun, happiness, encouragement, business, fun, harvest, opportunities, wands, adaptability
black: protection, banishing, death, negativity, binding
negative, grounding, repelling, absorbing, safety, unhexing, uncrossing, endings, patience, rebirth, wisdom, learning, reversing, releasing, defense, scrying, hexing, divination, banishment, justice, karma, strength, control, stability
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smallblueandloud · 2 months ago
Daisy and Hunter ;)
send me two characters and i’ll talk about their dynamic!
daisy and hunter fascinate me, because they are SO similar and canon has NEVER explored it? i think they both fall back on their personal relationships when in times of stress. hunter has his four (4) people -- bobbi, mack, izzy, idaho -- and no one else. daisy has a slightly larger circle -- when we see her at the height of her trust issues, s2, she has like six close people + a handful of others who are tentatively trustworthy -- but at her core, just like hunter, she's suspicious of large, faceless organizations.
i think it would've been cool to see them connect over that! and also talk about why they're still different. because although daisy is suspicious of large organizations like hunter, she's more of an idealist than he is, although she probably wouldn't admit it. she believes in people working together, even if she doesn't know them, as long as everyone gets a say in what's going on. decentralized leadership is very much her style.
hunter, coming from the military, is much more cynical about how decentralized leadership can really be. and he's right! but so is daisy.
anyway i think they appreciate how snarky the other is and enjoy making dumb bets. in canon, they never really got to the point of being close friends, but i think they each still realized how uncomfortably similar they were. they're probably the two members of the main cast most likely to have met outside the circumstances of the show. daisy would remind hunter what it's like to believe in something, and hunter would remind daisy how to be confident in herself (especially after her hacker boyfriend whose name completely escapes me).
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Okay, my robot train headcanons. Here I connected the first and second seasons, that is, the supposedly non-existent continuation of our beloved first season. Here is my personal opinion, performance, imagination and so on. Sunnyland is located behind the Intercontinental Railroad. It is always sunny there, and all the additional and rather powerful energy comes from the sun. Of course, if some "dark forces" force the sun to hide, then the energy will be lost. If this ever happens, then trains collect some energy into capsules (not into energy balls). The inhabitants of the Sun City were waiting for the arrival of our familiar characters (prophecies, signs, all things). They have heard about them, and they know roughly their appearance, abilities, and so on. At the beginning, everything goes smoothly, but then Train X makes himself felt
Let's move on to the characters
Maxie was the last to be created, as the others wanted to have someone similar to Kay. By the way, Kay and Maxie immediately found a common language. But here Sharon and Kay.. well, they don't get along very well, as they are constantly fighting for leadership. Jose and Alf get along well as they have similar personalities and responsibilities. Duck and Maxie are good friends too, they are something like a children's duo. Duke.. Duke Duke Duke. After his confession about the virus and other things, everyone shied away from him. But still, later they began to trust him. True, it took a long time. Jeffrey, Victor, Gary and Jack are friends, so it's understandable that they get along great. Selly and Genie... they get along pretty badly. Since they are both scientists and hackers, there is a kind of rivalry between them. Only Selly is distinguished by the fact that she heals the trains, and the Genie is engaged in their updates. Plus, the Genie has such a personality.. they constantly quarrel, and their friends calm them down. By the way, Genie suspected Duke most of all and did not trust him. Maybe Genie could blame Selly for not finding the virus earlier. By the way, Selly and Sharon are best friends (after Janne). I love the fact that Selly could get tired of the company of boys. Like she was the only girl robot train. Gary. He is such a character that appears out of nowhere. Like in my fanfiction there is an earthquake, everyone is like "what was that??" and then all of a sudden Gary comes out of nowhere and is like, "ThIs CoUlD bE MiStEr X's TrIcKs," and all that "damn, maybe Gary is right." It doesn't surprise anyone that he appears so suddenly
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Modern day spy (aka james bond) AU
With Kakashi ofc
Idk if I'm missing anything else
Please and thank you and congratulations!
- switch anon
Tumblr media
Modern Spy AU
Words: 2055
Note: My Dear Switch Anon, you can always have something as beautiful as this <3
Hatake Kakashi- Technical Operations Officer
Hatake Sakumo: Intelligence Operative
Maito Gai- Special operations officer
Shibi Aburame- Hacker?
Shikaku Nara- cryptologist
Yoshino Nara- Spy Catcher
Inoichi Yamanaka- Intelligence Analysis
Choza Akamichi- Agent Handler
Haruno Sakura- Trainee of Hatake Kakashi
Rock Lee- Trainee of Maito Gai
Tenten- Trainee of Maito Gai
Shino Aburame- Son and Trainee of Shibi Aburame
Kakashi has known about his father’s job since he was a kid. Unable to put Kakashi in any school, and always cautious because of his job in the business, Sakumo always kept his son close. Raising him around his co-workers, having him taken care of by a nanny that was checked and approved by the organization, and even allowing Shikaku, Choza, Inoichi and SHibi to teach Kakashi about the things that they did when he was young.
When Kakashi was about twelve years old, Sakumo found himself helping a civilian hide himself away from some people who had put a hit on his head after he witnessed a hit. A sloppy job in Sakumo’s opinion, but the man is an old friend of his and he refuses to leave him to fend for himself in this situation. Along with his old friend, Maito Dai, comes his son. A very energetic, in-your-face kid that overwhelms Kakashi at first.
Needing someone to take care of Dai’s son while they sort things out, Sakumo decides to pay the nanny a bit more to take care of both kids. It’s not Kakashi’s favourite solution at first, but as the days go by he finds that he enjoys Gai’s company. Growing up with a nanny and not being allowed to go to regular schools, Kakashi isn’t used to hanging out with other kids.
When Sakumo finally sorts everything out and has a new life for Dai and Gai, Kakashi is upset to have to say goodbye to them. Recognizing his son’s hurt, Sakumo promises that they’ll keep in touch. He’ll always be available to Dai if they need him, and they’ll need to make check-ins to ensure nothing bad has happened.
For years Kakashi and Gai continue to keep in touch through messages sent by their fathers, and through them, Gai learns how to decipher messages even though he has never thought about being a spy like Sakumo before.
On Gai’s eighteenth birthday, he gets into contact with Sakumo. Requesting to train under him as a spy so that he can help people just as Sakumo helped Dai.
When Kakashi and Gai see each other again, they’re a little surprised by how much they have grown. The two of them didn’t share many photos, and never had video conversations, so they didn’t realize just how much their friendship had changed.
Growing up, Kakashi always loved training under Shibi the most. Although he wasn’t all that interested in hacking, he found that Shibi had the easiest time explaining things to him and was the person that he enjoyed spending his time with the most.
For Gai, his favourite training is Yoshino. Seeing the woman in action is a treat that he never thought he would want, and just having the knowledge of what she can do to an enemy puts the fear of the universe into him. How Shikaku can be married to such a deadly, terrifying woman he will never know, but the man seems happy in that marriage so he’s not going to question his taste.
When they first start taking on jobs, Kakashi and Gai are put under the leadership of Choza Akimichi. As their handler, Choza gives them their jobs and provides them with the information that they need to get their work done. When things go south, he always has plans set in motion to get them out safely.
Thankfully, things don’t go south often. Kakashi and Gai are surprisingly effective as a team. Even when they work with others, such as Genma, Ibiki and Rin. The only times that they have a mission go south is when something unexpected happens that cannot be properly adjusted for no matter how hard they try, or when the information they are given is insufficient.
At the age of 26, after years of being an effective team for the organization, Kakashi and Gai are presented with some trainees that Shikaku thinks would learn best from them.
Gai is assigned Rock Lee and Tenten. Two orphans who are otherwise not known by anyone, but who were picked up by Inoichi during a mission when he saw them standing up to some bullies picking on a much younger person. Recognizing their potential, Inoichi decided to ask if they wanted a chance to get away from the lives they had, and both of them jumped at it.
Kakashi is only assigned one trainee, but he’s more than happy with that. Haruno Sakura is a force of her own, ready to learn everything that he has to teach her and more than happy to be thrown into hand-to-hand combat training against Lee and Tenten every once in a while.
Although Kakashi only has one official trainee, he does also work with Shino Aburame once in a while. Helping him to expand his skill sets even though the kid knows that he wants to be a hacker just like his father.
What Shino refuses to admit to Kakashi is that he has had a little bit of a crush on the man ever since he was a kid sitting on his father’s lap watching Kakashi learn about Hacking. A fact that Tenten and Sakura both pick up on quickly, and tease Shino mercilessly for.
Shino is thankful that Kakashi never seems to notice, but where he thought his crush would go away if he saw Kakashi in action and was able to pinpoint imperfections in the man he finds it getting worse.
Seeing the way that Kakashi hands a spar with Maito Gai, a man who is physically stronger than him and more agile, has Shino is on the edge of his seat wondering if there really could be any negative qualities in Hatake Kakashi. No matter how hard he looks for one, he cannot find them.
Sakura always gets a kick out of watching Shino when he can’t tear his eyes away from Kakashi-Sensei. She thinks that it’s the cutest thing ever, and while she doesn’t understand what he sees in the older man, she is more than happy to try and embarrass him in any way that she can.
Thankfully, even the longest-standing crush is bound to go away. Shino never finds anything about Kakashi that he particularly dislikes but the more time that he spends with Tenten the less he finds himself thinking about the older man. And before he knows it, all he can think about is the way that Tenten moves when she’s sparring with Lee, her sharp wit, and the way that she smiles whenever she sees him.
Where Sakura used to tease him about his crush on Kakashi, she instead tries to push him towards Tenten. Always suggesting that they practice some of their skills together, spar, or just hang out whenever they get a break from training. She does this both because she thinks the two of them would make a cute couple, and because it gives her the chance to spend a little quality time with Lee.
Although they’re training recruits, Kakashi and Gai still do missions where they’re needed. Where they can listen in or even watch through the camera, their students do get a better idea of what goes on during missions.
It’s usually a fun experience for the kids. Seeing the way that Kakashi smooth talks himself out of all sorts of situations, or how Gai can go in and take out a threat with ease. Watching Kakashi show them how to tap phones, break into buildings, plant cameras, and everything else that he needs to do to gather information is enlightening for all of them, and Sakura is always taking notes to improve her methods and approaches to the same situations.
Kakashi’s favourite thing to do for training is to find all sorts of different locks, manual and digital, and throw them in front of Sakura and Shino to see how quickly they can pick them or override them. Naturally, it never takes Shino long to get past the digital locks, but when it comes to the good old-fashioned dials and key locks, Sakura has him beat by a mile.
As good as Kakashi and Gai are, not every mission can go perfectly smoothly. Things go wrong. Adjustments sometimes can’t get made fast enough, and people get hurt.
Seeing Kakashi being brought home on a stretcher one day after a particularly bad mission is one of the worst moments for not only his father but all of the kids as well. To have to face the true danger of the job that they’re taking on, and not knowing if someone they care deeply about will be able to pull through.
It’s two weeks that Kakashi ends up training under Gai, and practicing the skills that Kakashi has already taught her. Wondering if the man would be able to continue her training after the injuries he received, or if he would be one of those people who is forced to retire young because of the damage to his body.
Thankfully, Kakashi is a stubborn man. There’s a lot of healing to do, but he’s not someone to give up on the job he worked so hard to get. Even when he has to make adjustments due to the injuries that never quite heal perfectly he’s still able to keep going.
Knowing that her teacher isn’t going anywhere, Sakura finds a new excitement for the things that he has to show her. Pays a little more attention when he’s sitting there with her carefully going over the different methods of tapping someone’s phone or sneaking a tracker on their person.
The first mission that Sakura, Lee, Tenten and Shino get is with supervision from all of their teachers and with Kakashi as the handler. They have been training for years at this point and the goal is simple. Sneak into a high-profile politician’s building, steal some important files off of his computer, and get out without being caught. Lee is the distraction, Tenten the guard, Sakura the one to go in and get to the computer, and Shino the hacker.
As soon as Sakura gets to the computer and puts in the USB that Shibi gave her, Shino gets to work downloading everything that they need. There is a close call, with Lee unable to keep the target distracted for quite long enough. Thankfully, Shino can get the information in time and Sakura makes an escape through the window and sneaks into the other room to avoid being seen. When the coast is completely clear she leaves the building and meets up with Lee and Tenten.
After a successful mission, the team is treated to dinner on their Sensei’s. It’s the first time that all of them go out together, and they end up having a blast. Of course, the job is never mentioned, and instead, they talk about a ‘successful business meeting’ so that people have no idea the true nature of their celebration.
The information that they get leads to the politician’s dismissal from office and a few new targets being placed out into the world. Targets that Kakashi, Gai and their students are certain they will have no problem taking care of.
As any good Spy does, Kakashi and Gai have competition in their field of expertise. Rivals, as Gai likes to call them once in a while.
Kakashi’s Rival is from another organization, Uchiha Obito. Although he’s not quite as smooth and stealthy as Kakashi he is very good at his job and has proven more than capable of keeping Kakashi on his toes. Rin always likes to joke about the little rivalry that the two of them seem to have built, enjoying the looks that Kakashi gives her whenever she mentions Obito in front of him.
Gai’s rival isn’t a part of his organization but is instead a man who takes jobs from whoever will pay him the best. Kisame Hoshigaki is a formidable foe who Gia has found himself face to face against before, always struggling with him to come out with a successful mission. The problem for Gai is that he never actually remembers who Kisame is, so every time they meet again Kisame will say his name and Gai will ask him ‘do I know you’ This upsetting Kisame more every time that it happens.
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owlswatch · 6 months ago
Sylens seemingly in charge of the new gang by himself in HFW prevents some interesting problems. He was never the face of the Eclipse; he was the mastermind behind it, and the team hacker. He isn't personable, doesn't have the kind of charisma or weird draw that Bahavas or Helis did. So one option is that he continues to be the team's weird hacker and there is someone else in charge.
Or, in the interim, he's learned how to motivate people of their own accord; the fellas wrangling that robot boar want something only he can give them. They're willing to turn on him as soon as he can't provide them a doorway to that goal any more. It's not really about him.
Or, hey, he's Lance Reddick; he does have the capacity to sell good leadership. Maybe he's read "how to make friends and influence people" on the long walk west and is more charismatic now.
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Who's the best live action Cyborg?...let's discuss!
Tumblr media
Smallville Victor: Didn't get a lot of time to shine due to unfortunate end. But he's the first live action Victor Stone/Cyborg that I know of
Tumblr media
Doom Patrol "Vic": Arguably the best of the three when it comes to flushing out his backstory (imo), leadership qualities.
Tumblr media
DCEU "Big Daddy" Victor Muthafriggin Stone: Arguably the best in showing his family dynamic. Great representation of his mother and father as proud parents. Shows him as more than an athlete...he's a genius hacker.
Let's talk about it!
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azspot · 10 months ago
As he descends into the fever swamps, Trump has largely given up any pretense of governing. His public schedule remains empty, and his private meetings appear to focus on how he can stay in office. Today we learned that Russian hackers broke into the email system used by the leadership of the Treasury Department, but the cyberattack from Russia has gone unaddressed except to the extent the president tried to blame the attack on China (although he has made no move to retaliate against China for the attack). He has made little attempt to shepherd any sort of an economic relief bill through Congress. And, most crucially, he is silent about the epidemic that is killing us. As of this evening, more than 18 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus, and at least 319,000 have died.
Heather Cox Richardson
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leadershiphacker · 14 hours ago
Finding Neutral with Kevin McCarney
Finding Neutral with Kevin McCarney
Kevin McCarney is a successful entrepreneur, owner of the restaurant chain, Poquito Mas, public speaker, and mentor. He’s also the author of Big Brain Little Brain. Kevin has managed to flip neuroscience into easy to digest language. You can learn about: Neurological responses in our big brain and little brain.What the Little Brain Activators and Big Brain Boosters are and how we could use…
Tumblr media
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tiramisiyu · 5 months ago
【恋与制作人】 MLQC: Chapter 36 “The Battle of the End” Summary
Translation Masterlist
Summarized Chapters: [to be updated]
Spoiler alert: Please note that all content in this post is content that has not yet been released in the global server.
Tumblr media
In a place with the “dial of the endpoint of time” and innumerable stars, Victor opens his eyes, seeing the planets rotate like usual
Victor hears footsteps pass by but ignores it, watching planets as they appear, then fall
Victor suddenly sees a faraway, shining one rise, and reacts, with the pocket watch clacking in his hand. Someone standing in the light is bowing to him
???: Are you returning now?
Victor: It’s almost time.
A glittering glass cup appears before him, but when he touches it, it shatters
The dial makes the first ticking sound it’s ever made; the time door starts activating
Victor passes by the dial hologram and walks to the end of the path
MC is walking amid white mist in a dream. There’s a massive dial turning and she hears footsteps accompanying a large figure
MC: You’ve returned?
>Though I knew I was in a dream, I wanted to see his face again.
But the figure vanishes in mist again, leaving a bell sound
MC wakes up at dawn to a bell sound, which seems to vanish after
There’s a melodious tune echoing; MC wonders where it’s coming from
There’s only a few tents in the plaza, when the plaza was filled last night
The bell sounds again; MC searches for the source of the music, which seems to be a tent
Right when MC plans to touch the tent to get in, it – and several other tents – deflate. There’s no one in the tent, only a machine with a flashing signal light that’s playing the music
Kiro suddenly appears, saying that he’s coming to deal with this
Tumblr media
Kiro: This melody was published online by several hackers last night. When you listen to only this, it’s a tune with no significance, but when a bell rhythm is added to it, then it’s not that simple.
Kiro turns up the volume; MC hears a password, then sees “error” onscreen, followed by an accelerating countdown
Kiro hacks the countdown, stopping it, then stopping the music
A metal strip with a crystalline bell also comes out of the machine, and Kiro gives the ball to MC, which has “A” written on it
When MC touches the ball, she sees Black Queen on a throne, surrounded by people; when she listens to the ball, she hears Black Queen say “Here, witness my coronation and the restoration of this world…”
MC: The purpose of her coronation is to replace me, but why is it so sudden?
Kiro: I’m guessing that it’s because the plan was wrecked. Last night, she started using the hackers that had been controlled by the black cards to transmit the melody. They split up to different places and used different channels to transmit the sound of the bells, which can achieve her objectives within the shortest time.
MC: I get it. She wants to use this sound to tell those who have been controlled by the black cards about the coronation time and location.
MC notes that there must be multiple bells; Kiro says that he has already dealt with it all
MC asks to take the bell; Kiro agrees, calling it her admission ticket, then says that he’ll have to go get his admission ticket
Tumblr media
Kiro: Miss Chips, I’m heading off now. See you later.
MC: Wait, Kiro, promise me that you’ll stay safe.
Kiro: Don’t worry. Didn’t you say before that I’m your all-capable superhero? There’s nothing that a superhero can’t do. You, though – you also have to be careful, got it? I will go find you very soon. 
Kiro then heads off
MC goes into the BS building, thinking that “if everything started here, then it would also end here”, and heads up to the top floor
There, she sees a central throne surrounded by people, which MC blends into
Tumblr media
Black Queen appears, declaring that the disasters will stop and they will all become normal people after this night
Black Queen also says that Black Swan will be here to witness the de-evolution, as the pioneers of Evol evolution
Helios walks out
Tumblr media
Helios: Tonight, I will lead Black Swan to accept the de-evolution of the Queen. Black Swan has acknowledged that Evols have brought disaster. We have decided to stand behind the Queen and save humankind from danger together. Under the leadership of the Queen, everything will recover, and everyone will arrive at the endpoint of evolution. We usher in an eternal peace.
MC is very surprised by Helios’ words, realizing it’s Anole, not Kiro
Suddenly, Kiro appears
Tumblr media
Kiro: Who allowed you to use that face to kneel to a counterfeit?
A dagger stabs fake Helios’ clothes in place
Tumblr media
Kiro leads a line of people forward; Anole and the people attack, and Kiro puts the dagger at Anole’s neck, drawing blood
Kiro: You should be grateful that you’re an Evolver, and thus still have some worth.
Kiro: I command you – from now onwards, live using only your own face, and never appear in front of me again.
Anole reverts to his original face and jumps out a window
Tumblr media
Black Queen: Whether something is real or fake – is that important? Helios, I welcome the joining of the real Black Swan. The Evol you all have given me will obtain the thanks of all humankind.
Kiro points the dagger at her, but Black Queen is unfazed
Black Queen: Would you really hurt me? You won’t. We all know that this world is almost at its end. You need the existence of a Queen, and I can bear this responsibility. To you, there is no difference between me or her. We have the same memories, and I remember all the past with you. In the future, we’ll also build a world of normal people, a world without conflict. Isn’t that good?
Kiro gradually lowers the dagger
Kiro: … Alright.
MC runs up, but Kiro signals to her, so MC attacks Black Queen with her white light power
But this does nothing the Black Queen, who attacks with a black ball; Kiro rushes to tackle her, putting the knife at her neck
Kiro: I command you, return all the power you have plundered.
Black Queen is unable to resist, and the black light in her hands enters her chest to de-evolve her powers
MC feels that her actions look like she’s acting, then notices that Kiro’s golden eyes are becoming blue – and then Black Queen attacks Kiro with a black whirlpool, to which MC counters with her white light
Black Queen backs up into the shadows
Kiro says that what happened with him just now was Evol waves, and her Evol can affect all Evolvers now
MC suggests giving chase to Black Queen; Kiro stops her, saying that she has to take the initiative to attack
Kiro hands a position locator to MC, linked to a chip Kiro just placed on Black Queen
Kiro carries MC on his back as MC deals with their attackers using her power, the two of them talking when the attackers are cleared
Tumblr media
Kiro: I won’t leave you behind and go alone. So don’t worry.
MC: I won’t worry, because even if you go to another world, I will find you, just like how you found me.
Kiro: Those are your words. Although, I’ll only protect a world with you in it.
They arrive at a dark door; MC goes through it as Kiro fights off the crowd behind them, noting that before the end approaches, he had something more important to do
MC heads down the stairs, entering a coronation room that’s exactly like the one before
Black Queen signals the crowd to attack MC, as MC uses her power to defend, not daring to do anything bigger without knowing the situation
Tumblr media
Black Queen: Did you really think your own power was enough to beat me? Unlike you, I’ve never waited for miracles. If only one Queen is to exist, that can only be me.
Tumblr media
MC: Though I dislike this identity, I definitely won’t hand it over to you!
MC tries attacking Black Queen, but her power seems to have been swallowed when it nears her
Black Queen escapes; MC chases, but finds herself in an identical scene, again and again
MC notices that Black Queen might’ve set this up to expend MC’s stamina, and has been sucking up MC’s power to collect it
MC also notes that there’s something crystalline that’s been accumulating in Black Queen’s hand - a crown
MC strikes the crown before it lands on Black Queen’s head, then hears a resounding clock chime as she seems to see the dial of a clock tower split and hear the sounds of a violin and voices
Tumblr media
Victor appears before her, pulling her into his arms as the crowd backs up
Black Queen: I didn’t think you really would return.
Victor: I thought you’d already learned when to shut up.
Black Queen: Noticed that she can’t beat me, so you returned to deal with me?
Victor: I won’t help her deal with you. You are her problem. As she is right now, she completely has the ability to deal with you.
Black Queen: Then I look forward to how she “deals with” me.
Black Queen vanishes again; MC attempts to pursue, but Victor says that she needs time to recover power
Victor holds the crown up to MC, asking why she broke it; MC says because the queen can only be her herself
When MC asks him where he was, Victor says he went to the Time Administration to deal with some issues, with only one very important thing left to deal with
Time starts to reverse at Victor’s command as they walk, restoring MC’s energy (to her surprise)
They arrive at the original location at the top of the building,
Victor: Have you thought about what to do?
MC: I’ll make this ritual end completely. She won’t have a chance to repeat this again, and I won’t give her the chance to hurt this world again. Every person can have the same or different views on every matter, and she does not have the right to control them.
Victor: In this world, I only acknowledge one Queen.
Tumblr media
The crown scatters into pieces in Victor’s hands, as do the black cards in the hands of the crowd, who begin to regain their senses
MC walks up to the round platform, announcing that everyone can leave
MC: This ritual was just a deception, but de-evolution is real. It’s just that de-evolution will not bring anything good for the world. After you leave this place, you can choose to resist Evols, but I hope you will make a judgement after you have gained a full understanding on the matter.
MC: I don’t know if having Evols is a good or bad thing. But I’m happy to be an Evolver, that I have the power to protect those who are most important to me.
MC shatters the throne with her power
MC: The deception has ended, but our lives will still continue. After tonight, I hope to see you all being truly proud.
The crowd gradually leaves, including No. 93, who MC catches a glimpse of
MC walks off to face Black Queen as Victor waits for her
MC finds Black Queen looking at the little crown in her hand
MC: Why are you doing this?
Black Queen: Isn’t this what you want to do? You’re the one who can’t refuse the weakness and escapism in your heart. I want a world where Evolvers have been de-evolved – in essence, this is what you want. After experiencing enough pain, who wouldn’t want such a world… A world where everyone is normal, lives a stable life, where there are no Evolvers. And all they need to do for this is give up something little…
MC: It is precisely because I’ve experienced enough pain that I’ve given up such thoughts. I’ve persisted up till now, not to sacrifice anyone or anything in exchange for so-called typical stability. Instead, it’s because I hope to have the power to walk until the end.
Black Queen: Do you really think that?
MC: Yes.
Black Queen: If you are sure that these are your true thoughts, then try it. See if your persistence and so-called power can hold on until the end in desperate times.
MC reaches for the crown, and when she comes in contact with Black Queen, a feeling of darkness and despair rushes at her
She then sees the fusion of the two worldlines of light and dark, and destruction in Loveland City, then sees “him” –
At the end of the end, I saw him -
Tumblr media
⊳ Victor Li Route
MC finds herself in darkness, her body in severe pain. Sensing someone get near, MC sticks out the knife in her hand on instinct and hears that person grunt in pain – it’s Victor
Tumblr media
MC: Victor… why didn’t you dodge?
Victor: I won’t let you get hurt again.
Time stops as Victor pulls MC into his arms
Victor: Urk… don’t be scared. Don’t cry – perhaps this is the price that I should pay. So you were in this much pain back then.
MC desperately shakes her head
Victor: It seems like it has been a long time since I was with you in such quietude. A dummy like you is always running around, unable to stay by my side quietly. Having you listen to me really is the conundrum of the century.
MC: I won’t run around in the future…
Victor: But your promise is too late. MC, if this is our ending, are you scared?
MC: I’m not scared.
>I shook my head, and my tears fell in my mouth, with the taste of incomparable anguish.
Tumblr media
MC: I’m always chasing your silhouette, and I’ve never been scared. Because I know that you will always be waiting for me there. Victor, if you really disappear… then I will accompany you to be forgotten by this world together.
Victor: Still such a dummy at the end. That’s also fine, I can’t be at ease if you’re alone… This time, I won’t leave again.
Victor’s voice becomes weaker and the knife falls, as MC no longer has the strength to hold it
The warmth surrounding MC vanishes as bits of light dissipate into air
MC collapses and closes her eyes
>Victor, we once stepped over innumerable timelines and futures and embraced each other. If everything will eventually obliterate time, we’ll disappear like dust into the wind. But luckily, we still have our final promise.
Before MC loses consciousness, she hears the sound of seconds ticking
 ⊳ Lucien Xu Route
MC is in a rainy place and witnesses a truck collide with the road guardrail
Suddenly, she is embraced as a sudden force knocks them over; MC sees that it’s Lucien, his eyes closed, his face pallid, not breathing at all
Lucien opens his eyes and reveals a faint smile
Tumblr media
Lucien: Silly… were your scared?
MC: … No.
Lucien: Then why… do you look like you’re on the verge of tears?
>A simple sentence, yet it seemed like it took all his strength to speak each word. In the dark night, the fresh red blood pooled under his body, staining the rain on the ground wet, startling to behold.
MC: Be-because I…
>What answered me was a kiss that he dropped on my hair, gentle yet cold, staying like so for a while.
Lucien: Everything you want to say – I understand it all. So don’t be afraid. I will be with you… This is not an ending – instead, this is us, walking to the end. Don’t cry anymore, be good.
A light comes from Lucien’s palm, lighting up the raindrops around
Tumblr media
>A warm light fell on my body, slowly dispelling all the anguish and unease in my heart. That familiar yet fierce feeling surrounded my heart again… like a silent confession.
Lucien: Now, it seems like I can finally embrace you without misgivings. MC, I like how you look when you smile. Promise me, alright?
>I replied with a sound, but I didn’t hear Lucien’s voice again. His hand on my back slid off, and the lights shrouding our bodies gradually became weak and dissipated. The breath on my head had nearly disappeared too. The frigid rain fell without stopping on our bodies, as the strength in my body drained out. The muddled sirens of ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars grew near, and I faintly glimpsed the light of dawn on the edge of the sky, and the shadow in my heart was also illuminated. I used my last sliver of strength to embrace him, and my eyes slowly closed.
>So it turns out, at the end, all memories related to you are dazzling and beautiful.
Tumblr media
MC: Lucien… thank you.
 ⊳ Gavin Bai Route
MC finds herself in a burning room and calls Gavin’s name
Tumblr media
Gavin appears before her, blowing away the fire near her, but this makes the fire grow bigger
Gavin holds MC in his arms, promising to take her away from here
Suddenly, the ceiling collapses, and Gavin only has time to pull MC to dodge
MC sees Gavin on the ground in pain, but his eyes still look comfortingly at MC as his wind weakens
Gavin stands up, moving bit by bit towards MC
>What hurt me more than facing death was seeing Gavin injured in front of me again. Perhaps this time was the end. After a few long minutes, he finally arrived by my side, raising a hand to wipe my tears. His fingertips brushed past my face, his movements gentle… just like wind. In an instant, my tears fell more fiercely.
Gavin: I’m sorry. I couldn’t save you and take you out of here.
>Amid the glimmer of tears, I saw his amber eyes shine in the sea of fire, like they had really become gems. I slowly moved my neck, wanting to shake my head to tell him that the one who should apologize is me. But the hot, smoky air had already taken all my ability to breathe and think, and a burning pain that gouged at my heart invaded my thoughts, leaving me unable to move again.
Tumblr media
MC: I’m sorry, Gavin, I couldn’t do as I promised to you…
Gavin: You don’t need to apologize. MC, regardless of where, I will always be with you…
>His words sounded like a farewell.
>The intense fire finally reached my back, and my last breath was thus engulfed by fire. The leaping flames blurred my vision.
>Chaotic overlapping images of Gavin’s face appeared before me, and the fire climbed up his windbreaker. I reached out, wanting to grab onto something at the end.
Tumblr media
>At the same time, he reached out, pressing lightly against the back of my fingers, as if making a silent promise to me.
MC: Here with you, this ending is already enough…
Gavin: Our ending will be a new beginning.
Something collapses again as MC closes her eyes
Gavin: Sleep. I’ll be with you for tonight’s dream…
 ⊳ Kiro Zhou Route
MC wakes in a surgery room, her vision blurry – as she wonders why she’s here, sudden pain makes her black out
Kiro: Since you were deprived of your Evol, I will return mine to you…
MC feels a power accumulating in her body, but dissipating at the same time; power melts into her blood, followed by more pain
Doctor: … A severe rejection phenomenon occurred… Experiment failure! Start final rescue measures…
MC can hear the sounds in the surgery room, but can’t hear Kiro
Suddenly, he holds her hand
Kiro: Don’t be afraid, I’m alright. Don’t be afraid.
>Not the slightest bit of panic or despair, comforting me just like normal.
Tumblr media
Strength flows back into MC’s body, and she sees Kiro
Kiro: I’m sorry. The experiment wasn’t successful.
MC: That’s alright…
Kiro: I promised that I would do lots of things with you. It seems like I’ll have to break the promise.
>Strange – even in this moment, there wasn’t the slightest bit of gloom or frustration at me in his eyes. They were clear as a endless sky. As if he had long accepted this ending.
Kiro: Don’t be sad. You’re… the Miss Chips that I want to be happy forever. I’ve said before – I will always be with you. So MC, wait for me. I will find you very soon.
MC vision darkens as Kiro’s voice seems to get farther
Kiro: I have always been chasing the light. Finally…
MC blacks out, hearing nothing more
>I was still surrounded by the familiar aura, like all the times of pain and despair in the past. At least we can embrace each other at this end. Kiro, this time, we… finally did not miss out on each other again.
MC opens her eyes to the Black Cabin, seeing Black Queen standing in front of a door
A light releases itself from MC’s chest, and Black Queen closes the door before her, which then disappears
Tumblr media
Black Queen: Do you truly feel that you can save the world?
Tumblr media
MC: This world belongs to each life on it, not us.
Black Queen: Perhaps. Looks like I’ve lost this time. I hope you can always protect your beliefs – otherwise, shadows will eventually befall again behind you.
MC: But shadows will never affect the light.
MC illuminates the Black Cabin, and Black Queen begins to look blurred. MC tries to reach out to her, but only feels nothingness
Black Queen: Regardless if time goes back or forwards, doomsday approaches. He recorded this a long time ago…
Black Queen’s voice fades as light fills the space
MC wakes at home in front of her mirror, realizing that it’s just like the first time she met Black Queen
MC says goodbye to Black Queen, noting that this world will only have “this” version of her now
MC sees a little crown on the table, as if indicating that everything she just experienced was real, and places it in the drawer
Anna calls, telling MC to check the news – it’s about how Loveland is starting rescue projects against the unusual disasters, led by STF, Ultima Bioresearch, LFG; KEY will also be helping, as well as Black Swan leader Helios
MC suddenly experiences an earthquake, and rushes out to see a crevice in the ground – the natural disasters haven’t stopped
The news ends by saying that this plan is called the “New World Project”
Tumblr media
A blue-eyed man walks up to a door, from which a mechanical voice says, “Please enter the New World Project clearance password.”
The man enters “For My Queen”
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