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korstudying · 2 days ago
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Week 5 vocabulary
안녕하세요~ If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I am currently studying in South Korea. I decided to share the vocabulary I have to learn every week. So if you want to study in Korea, this might be a fun little challenge for you to try and keep up! This is the actual pace, so a great way to get into the Korean study vibes~~
All the vocabulary can be found on memrise.
to ride - 타다
to get off (a ride) - 내리다 
to sit - 앉다
to get up - 일어서다
to open - 열다
to close - 닫다
to wear - 입다
to take off - 벗다
to sell - 팔다
to (ex)change - 바꾸다
to walk - 걷다
to send - 보내다
to wait - 기다리다
to smoke tabacco - 담배를 피우다
to cut hair - 머리를 자르다
to take a picture - 사진을 찍다
to make - 만들다
to come back - 돌아오다
to go somewhere regularly - 다니다
to borrow - 빌리다
to have a part time job - 아르바이트하다
to withdraw money - 돈을 찾다
mountain - 산
amusement park - 놀이공원
to play tennis - 테니스 치다
college student - 대학생
family - 가족
downtown - 시내
parcel - 택배
to change money - 돈을 바꾸다
account - 계과
to send money - 돈을 보내다
to borrow money - 돈을 빌리다
dessert - 디저트
to taste delicious - 맛있다
to taste awful - 맛없다
to be comfortable - 편안하다
to be uncomfortable - 불편하다
to be handsome / gorgeous - 멋있다
to be beautiful - 아름답다
to be hungry - 배고프다
to be full - 배부르다
to be big - 크다
to be small - 작다
to be many - 많다
to be little - 적다
to be long - 길다
to be short - 짧다
to be high - 높다
to be low - 낮다
to be good - 좋다
to be bad - 나쁘다
to be fun - 재미있다
to not be fun - 재미없다
to be difficult - 어렵다
to be easy - 쉽다
to be heavy - 무겁다
to be light - 가볍다
to be cold (touch) - 차갑자
to be hot (touch) - 뜨겁다
to be cold (feel) - 춥다
to be hot (feel) - 덥다
to be far - 멀다
to be close - 가깝다
to be bright - 밝다
to be dark - 어둡다
to be clean - 깨긋하다
to be dirty - 더겁다
to be wide - 넓다
to be tight - 좁다
to be fast - 빠르다
to be slow - 느리다
to be the same - 같다
to be different - 다르다
to be quiet - 조용하다
to be loud - 시끄럽다
to be relaxed - 편하다
to be busy - 바쁘다
to be pretty - 예쁘다
to be sick - 아프다
to be kind - 친절하다
food - 음식
weather - 날씨
feeling - 기분
meat - 고기
but - 하지만
to live - 살다
people - 사람들
facilities - 시설
atmosphere - 분위기
very - 아주
to write / to use - 쓰다
roommate - 룸메이트
night - 밤
alone - 혼자
around - 근처
to take a test - 시험(을) 보다
speaking - 말하기
listening - 듣기
writing - 쓰기
to go and get back - 갔다 오다
Mongolian language - 몽골어
two days ago - 그제
yesterday - 어제
today - 오늘
tomorrow - 내일
2 days from now - 모레
morning - 아침
midday - 점심
evening - 저녁
day - 낮
monday - 월요일
tuesday - 화요일
wednesday - 수요일
thursday - 목요일
friday - 금요일
saturday - 토요일
sunday - 일요일
workday - 주중
weekend - 주말
last week - 지난주
this week - 이번 주
next week - 다음 주
last month - 지난달
this month - 이번 달
next month - 다음 달
last year - 작년
this year - 올해
next year - 내년
before - 전
after - 후
concert - 콘서트
really - 정말
really - 진짜
really - 참
vacation - 방학
to move - 이사하다
friendship - 우정
story - 이야기 (애기)
to be sad - 슬프다
to be happy - 즐겁다
gloves - 장갑
second - 초
snack - 잔식 먹어요
night snack - 야식 먹어요
to be spicy - 맵다
facility - 시설
fridge - 내장고
wardrobe - 옷장
studio - 원룸
house - 주택
subway station - 지하철역
earlier - 아까
to swim - 수영하다
sometimes, occasionally - 가끔
sentence - 문장
in 2 weeks - 다다음주
2 weeks ago - 지지날 구
in 2 months - 다다음 달
2 months ago - 지지날 달
in 2 years - 내후년
2 years ago - 재작년
dialect - 사토리
broken - 부러
to wash the face - 세수하다
Every day - 매일
farm - 농장
before - 전
after - 후
years ago - 년 전
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randomreasonstolive · 2 days ago
Reason to Live #6547
  To learn to sail one day.– Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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beverlyhillsgang · 9 hours ago
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bellsofatlantis · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, 1950-1962
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fortuneaday · 8 months ago
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[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: It’s time for you to learn to dance in the rain rather than wait for sun.]
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saturnrevolution · 5 months ago
retrogrades: a guide
Do you know that feeling when you to have the illusion that the vehicle you are in is moving backwards in comparison to the vehicle on your side or vice versa? This illusion is very similar to retrogrades. Due to the different speed other planets are orbiting the Sun with, whenever they are parallel to the Earth, it seems as if those planets are moving backwards. However, this is just an illusion, as seen from Earth for a short period of time. As astrology is all about the details, this illusion has a significant impact on our energy, both collectively and individually.
How often do retrogrades happen & what do they mean collectively?
Think of retrogrades as a period when a planet becomes more introverted, so it expresses that energy in an inwardly focused way. These are times of introspection and planning. You take a break in that area of your life in order to asses before taking action. That's why, starting things during retrogrades might not be the best idea, as it will always make you turn back and reassess what you started anyway.
The Sun and the Moon are never in retrograde. Besides these, all the other planetary bodies do go retrograde. The further the planet is from the Sun, the less often retrogrades happening.
Mercury is the one that goes retrograde most often, about 3-4 times a year and it stays in that motion for about 3 weeks at a time. Mercury rules communication, short distance travel and technology, siblings. So whenever it goes retrograde, we are likely to experience delays or feel more introverted about these energies.
Venus goes retrograde every 18 months and usually stays retrograde for about 40 days. So, whenever Venus is retrograde, we might feel more shy in our love life, feel things moving slower in terms of money or even plan to redecorate our house.
Mars goes retrograde every 2 years and usually stays retrograde for about 70 days. Mars is a fiery planet, so when it goes retrograde, it might make us feel like that fire is within us, which can mean bottling up anger or building motivation.
Jupiter goes retrograde every 13 months, lasting for about 4 months. Jupiter is all about luck and abundance, also indulgence, so this can be a time when we manifest better with our own mind.
Saturn goes retrograde every 1 year and it lasts for about 4.5 months. Saturn means rules and lessons, so it being retrograde can show a time of self discipline.
Uranus goes retrograde every 1 year and stays for about 5 months. Uranus is all about spontaneity, rebelling against the world and activism. It going retrograde can mean we feel more called to asses what we stand for.
Neptune goes retrograde every 1 year and stays for over 5 months. Neptune rules imagination, dreams and addiction. We might feel like we are having more dreams, feeling inspired, but also foggy, lost, giving into addictions easier.
Pluto goes retrograde every 1 year for about 5-6 months. Pluto is all about fears and intensity, so it can mean having to deal with some traumas from the past in order to heal from it.
Considering the fact that retrogrades are an illusion, it might seem as if they are holding us back, making things move slower. When in reality, they are helping us asses what we avoided to deal with in the first place and help us grow - so at the end of the day we are still moving advancing trough inner work.
Were you born during retrograde?
Do not panic - it is more common to be born during at least one retrograded cycle than to be born during a period when there are no retrogrades. However, the energy in your chart is felt differently if that is the case. Here's what it means:
No planets in retrograde: I see this as a straightforward chart, the energy of the planets in your chart are all expressed outwardly and this is why retrograde transits might be really introspective times for you.
Born during Mercury retrograde - these people are really good at assimilating information and details, but might have a difficult time with expressing it outwardly. It's nothing impossible, it might just take a bit of practice to feel safe enough to show their rich inner world.
Born during Venus retrograde - these people are very resourceful and know how to use their skills to make money. They might be a bit introverted in terms of showing love or when faced with love from someone else, as they like to take their time and asses at first.
Born during Mars retrograde - these people have a lot of inner motivation and strength and even if they might not show it outwardly as directly as others, they have their own way of dealing with anger or conflict that works for them and helps them succeed on their terms.
*IMPORTANT: Planets from Jupiter to Pluto are not personal planets, so if you were born under these retrogrades, the things written below will be felt less than if you were born with Venus, Mars or Mercury in retrograde.
Born during Jupiter retrograde - these people are most likely to make their own luck, they seek to find meaning in life and to explore. If they put their mind to it, they can be great manifestos in terms of their spirituality. At the same time, outer abundance might come only after they figure out this inner meaning.
Born during Saturn retrograde - these people have their own set of rules and order in which they thrive. When someone invades this order, they might feel disturbed. The key here is not to change their order, but to learn to communicate their needs better.
Born during Uranus retrograde - these people are sure of what they believe in, they might get random sparks of ideas, but they might feel as if some of their ideas or interests are too "strange" for others to understand and might want to keep it to themselves.
Born during Neptune retrograde - these people are more sensitive in nature and prone to feel the hurt of the world, they are empathetic, but might find it difficult to express their feelings fully at times.
Born during Pluto retrograde - these people might deal with a lot of inner fears, but they are really good at hiding them and they usually enjoy doing inner work and finding the cause of the fears and past traumas alone.
if you repost outside of tumblr, please tag saturnrevolution insta
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introvert-unicorn · a year ago
What You Can Say Instead of The Word Beautiful
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lortay · 2 months ago
It's Fall!
Japanese Seasonal Vocabulary
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
Happy first day of fall, friends! I thought it would be fun to learn some vocabulary related to this time of year and share it with you all!
fallen leaves
cold weather
(hard) candy
Whenever I was doing research for this post, many of these words had multiple spellings. If there are any mistakes, please let me know! Stay safe and stay spooky :)
* originally posted as コーン (kon) - less commonly used
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lovelybluepanda · 20 days ago
Food for thought in regards to your goals
I had a few eye opening moments recently and i thought to compile a post about these thoughts
Motivation isn't what keeps you going
Motivation makes you start. That feeling of energy and desire cannot last for days, weeks, months, years. It lasts a few hours at best. Then you have passion or interest. Once you pass this stage, you deal with the difficult part, the unknown and all the new.
That's the middle stage where you either give up or you keep being persistent.
Persistence is built over time
This is a skill that you build. It's the cousin of a feeling called "stubborn".
However, unlike "stubborn", you need to be flexible to be persistent. You fail, you learn, you change your way, you try again. You keep doing this until you achieve your goal.
Brains go places
You provide the directions for your thoughts. If you feed your body bad food, you'll throw up. Unfortunately, your brain can't do this. That's why it's important to realize what you're thinking.
Expecting others to be able to change your own thoughts won't work. You're the one who can change things, others can give you suggestions only.
If you think you can change, then you can. If you think you're doomed, then you are. What do you feed your brain with?
Think of excuses
I went to a job interview yesterday and i asked of the desire of the students to learn a new language. The manager of the studio told me "they always say they're tired, they don't see the point, they don't have time, they don't want to or that it's boring". After i left that place i realized that those students are very good at finding excuses but that's very similar to people who actually achieve their goals.
If you can find excuses not to do something, imagine if you focus the other way, finding solutions to do something. That's persistence, resilience, discipline, call it what you want.
For every excuse, you can find a solution if you try.
Analyze your actions and thoughts
The "I'm tired" excuse made me think of this. Taking breaks is important but not many think of the quality of the activities they do after they said that.
Instead of sleeping or having some self-care ritual, people tend to go for watching TV, scrolling through their feeds with hell knows what sort of content.
The "I'm tired" excuse is synonym with "I'll do anything but invest into something important to me because that's taxing". If you need a break, take one that actually brings you some energy or helps you manage that tiredness better.
Being indiferent about what you do isn't going to make you any less tired.
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audioyoga · 4 months ago
Sun Salutation Summer - starting with Mountain Pose Tips
For the rest of the summer, we’ll be exploring the Sun Salutation, it’s different stations, modifications, breathing, different ways to use it toward different goals.  Starting with the basic, Mountain Pose:
Tumblr media
Namaste, Corinne
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i learned about "lonely negatives". These are words with common prefixes or suffixes such as "dis-", "in-", "un-", "-less" but they don't have positive counterparts such as the words "disgust", "disappoint", "reckless" - they don't have "gust", "appoint", or "reckful" as their opposites (x)
Tumblr media
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macrolit · a month ago
All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.
James Thurber (1894-1961) American cartoonist and writer
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earthbending-idiot · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of these things people say might not sound offensive to you but to people who wear these types of religious coverings it is and is a form of micro aggression. AND THIS GOES FOR ALL TYPES OF HEAD COVERINGS NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION OR BELIEF
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