#Learning my worth
deliriousdemoness · 7 days ago
I don't care how cute someone looks, if they say they want to date and in the first week you've talked they have yet to ask you anything about yourself (ie. they reply quickly to talk about themselves and their interests but never even bother adding a "what about you?" to the end of sentence) they aren't cute. They aren't worth it. They aren't interested in YOU, they're interested in getting attention.
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paintingwithmyheart · 2 months ago
I am “that” person
The one who buys books specifically because they are banned. The girl who collects flowers and tries to wear them in her hair. The girl with seemingly impossible dreams, who would rather be anywhere except for here. I am the girl who is called annoying in class because I speak my mind, I am the fearless woman who will never back down from a fight.
So despise me if you wish; I’m learning not to care.
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sugarcloak · 8 months ago
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gaymersasuke · 23 days ago
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argiopi · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s about the little joys amidst the grind for survival
#my art#hornet#hollow knight#*crawls out of a gutter covered in wet leaves* sup.#i've been slowly poking at asks but it gets frustrating to have so little time to draw so i wanted to make something really quick..!#my life lately has been about the grind for survival /_\#onset of cold season means i won't be warm again for several months and i'll be usually tired and hungry#isn't it fascinating how the body responds to seasons? idk if it's from less sun or higher caloric demands from heating the body#POV you are biking to work in a downpour. it's before sunrise and cars' headlights are reflecting off the rain on your glasses#you cannot fucking see and there are branches all over the sidewalk from the wind which is strong enough to shove you around#only reason I never fell is because i've been cautious after a recent bad crash.#well now i have a raincoat and learned the lesson to bring spare pants when it's raining and i can move my knee again. luxury!#how does everyone else just keep going when it gets dark and cold all the time. i feel like a bear that should be hibernating.#can't wait to go apeass crazy during the thaw. sprint until i collapse the moment i feel a warm breeze. makes winter worth it#real self-care is using what little energy you have at the end of the day to make a meal big enough to provide several days of leftovers#*throws eggs into the rice* please you need protein for tomorrow i love you. eat well and be strong!#been falling into the habit of skipping meals because i'm too tired to cook and eat. thank you me of yesterday for not being selfish :]#I have a hot tip! if you boil a vegetable; retain the water and freeze it.#last month's accidental yam stock was this week's risotto base#don't you dare discard nutrients and flavors. you need those. they are so scarce and precious.#anyway. don't get lost in the struggle. squeeze in some art and get that creative juice out of your system.#personally i am excited for hornet to explore the arts :]#oh at least autumn is beautiful. but I moved to a place with less nature..#didn't realize how important it is to me to have large stretches of woodland. I miss my free ranging territory! suffocating in the suburbs!#well now i go to get not enough sleep. nighty night.#(huh? it's almost halloween? since when??)
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uncanny-tranny · 3 months ago
I think there are harmful ways to express gender dysphoria, and one of those ways is seeing comments under art or selfies which say, "this makes me dysphoric!"
Coming from a dysphoric point of view, I understand that sometimes, dysphoria can feel like a defense. For me, my dysphoria can manifest as me being defensive about how I feel or who I am because people have tried denying me that right. But that doesn't mean that I couldn't harm others because of this. If, for example, somebody not binding makes you dysphoric because it reminds you about how you are invalidated when you don't bind, take a step back. It isn't other trans people's responsibility to exist in ways palatable to every person out there - and expecting that enforces transphobic narratives surrounding which trans person "deserves" to be seen if at all. I know it's hard, but putting that emotional weight and toil onto other trans people merely for how they exist or look is not fair.
If you experience dysphoria in this way, you aren't a bad person. It's morally neutral at worst, and I encourage you to not feel shame but to work through and process this. You cannot always control how you feel when you feel it, but there are ways to control how you react to those feelings.
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mathildejr · a year ago
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you guys loved the jon & cats doodles so much I couldn’t stop there here’s a coloured version
edit: someone said it looks painted and that’s because it is :D it’s watercolour, I’ll add pics of the process under, and on my ig i usually show the process
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pencil-for-a-dog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok, I just made this for the pun, no gonna lie
I hope that you all see jasonette bc it was the intention
Have a happy Valentine's day!
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kennymayovo · a month ago
Tumblr media
                              ECTOBER NIGHT  -  PAGE 20
                                         [ First ] - [ Prev ] - [ Next ]
Aww Danny yah gonna get foot prints all over the dang glass man, it's such a pane to clean.
Scoots in last second to post a new page-aHA mADE IT! OOooo we inch closer and closer to a page I just cannot wait to show you guys!~ 💖
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ace-and-gay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hoolyelina’s #razdtiys but i go overboard
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jester-step · 17 days ago
okay but barbara kean and edward nygma both started out as good, friendly people, both struggled with a darker side of themselves, both dealt with drug use and childhood abuse, both had downhill character arcs in S1 that culminated in a traumatic event triggering a mental breakdown, both became flashy villains with a flair for drama and violence, and ofc they’re both bisexual icons
my POINT is their chemistry and parallels were wasted on Ed’s revenge arc and we were robbed of them being not only an iconic power duo but also besties 💔
#i will die on this hill#the scenes where barbara asks ed for help with the court and where they’re torturing mayor james live in my head rent free#yes barbara wanted smth out of him but it’s so obvious how much fun they had together!!#i can’t remember if it’s canon but i keep seeing ppl mention that barbara gave ed the drugs he used in 3x15 and just#the IMPLICATIONS#like they mentioned she struggled with drug abuse in S1 and then never brought it up again like???#there were so many opportunities to point out the many parallels in their backstories and we got NOTHING#also i see the appeal of shipping them but their friendship is infinitely more interesting to me#bc barbara grew up being told her self-worth was defined by her beauty and charm and learned to use those as tools for manipulation#and yet when she tries to do that w ed (trailing a finger down his jaw etc) he looks completely Unbothered#i just like the idea of their relationship being completely platonic and him liking her bc she’s clever and dramatic and fun#but barbara still flirts w him for fun bc he’s unaffected and only has eyes for a certain penguin anyways#basically i want an AU w no isabella and where barbara and ed’s friendship grew organically from their tendency to be Dramatic Bitches#this is completely incoherent but anyways it’s pride month and i’m bi so my opinion is Correct /j#barbara kean#edward nygma#the riddler#gotham#gotham tv#gotham fox#also i think they both had their Villain Moment in ‘under the knife’ in S1 so some of these parallels must’ve been deliberate#and then they were just NEVER brought up like WHAT
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poisonedsimmer · 2 months ago
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☠️ Poison ☠️ @ladykendalsims said everyone should show off their sims in this. I was already planning and working on this before that but well here enjoy this! lol ⬇️ Before and after skin shaders ⬇️
Tumblr media
Exact same pose, exact same camera position, almost exact same lighting, one is slightly darker, but as you can see, it alter not only skin texture but the way shadows work and just YES just yes!
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chitsangenthusiast · a year ago
Tumblr media
(a fun lil screenshot "redraw" but make it paper!)
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pnkmoneel · a year ago
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It feels like it has been a lifetime and some more since I started working on my Undercover AU for @aftgreverse and I finally get to share the art!
My idea was brought to life by @Jostensfoxden’s fic Dangerous Habits
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saraorsomeart · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
troy and abed and annie in the (good) morning! 🎶
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pieklalat · a year ago
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The Clone Wars Appreciation Week - Day 1 (favorite character)
“The name’s Rex. But you can call me Captain or sir.”
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chaggle · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
(Click for hq!)
Here's some close ups and line art :D
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iirc don't minecraf.t foxes fall asleep if the sky light level is 14 or lower?
I have a personal headcanon that fox!etho accidentally falls asleep in enclosed areas or caves if he stays in there for prolonged periods of time. The hermits sometimes have to go out and look for him to wake him up.
Maybe he has like a pet pig or chicken to keep him awake but also has to not give into the temptation into eating it or he'll just go to sleep akdhskxnsk
You can interpret this drawing either as Etho accidentally overworking himself or he just literally fell asleep in the afternoon as he was working on his project for only a couple hours and Iskall had to go look for him, or both! or neither :]
The reason Etho hasn't posted an hc episode was because he went strip mining for redstone and fell asleep and the hermits couldn't find him for 4 weeks /j
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heartoftheancientsea · a month ago
I love that I can now recognize when a lesson has appeared in my life, so that I can instead treat it as an opportunity rather than enter a victim state
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amaranth · 3 months ago
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nicky goal on N1KY night = chaos 🍎
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itstruthtime · 5 months ago
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Gleeful Paintbox Project ↳ Week 2: Mash-Ups [ 3 / 4 ]
"We took the jagged and the smooth the angry and the sad, and the joyful and created something new. Mash-ups aren't always pretty. But they're worth the risk."
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