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chakytron · a year ago
Emanet 112. bölüm fragmanı I LEGACY Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish Subtitles)
Emanet 112. bölüm fragmanı I LEGACY Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish Subtitles)
Emanet 112. bölüm fragmanı I LEGACY Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish Subtitles) Category Main Description: Emanet 112bölüm fragmani, emanet 111bölüm izle, escrow 112episode trailer, Tráiler del episodio de Legacy 111, Emanet 112. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy … TopTrengingTV Hunting the most trend video of the moment, every hour every day 24/7. Youtube Video Data Published At:…
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carryingacoconutstarwars · 9 months ago
The Clone Wars Timeline
I don't know if this is super widely known information or not, but I recently found out a lot of the episodes in the clone wars are out of order, from some episodes, to arcs, to some seasons, and I thought it would be useful to post a list on here for anyone who needed the information.
1 2.16 Cat And Mouse
2 1.16 Hidden Enemy
3 3.01 Clone Cadets
4 3.03 Supply Lines
5 1.01 Ambush
6 1.02 Rising Malevolence
7 1.03 Shadow of Malevolence
8 1.04 Destroy Malevolence
9 1.05 Rookies
1 01.06 Downfall of a Droid
11 1.07 Duel of the Droids
12 1.08 Bombad Jedi
13 1.09 Cloak of Darkness
14 1.10 Lair of Grievous
15 1.11 Dooku Captured
16 1.12 The Gungan General
17 1.13 Jedi Crash
18 1.14 Defenders of Peace
19 1.15 Trespass
20 1.17 Blue Shadow Virus
21 1.18 Mystery of a Thousand Moons
22 1.19 Storm Over Ryloth
23 1.20 Innocents of Ryloth
24 1.21 Liberty on Ryloth
25 2.01 Holocron Heist
26 2.02 Cargo of Doom
27 2.03 Children of the Force
28 2.17 Bounty Hunters
29 2.18The Zillo Beast
30 2.19 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
31 2.04 Senate Spy
32 2.05 Landing at Point Rain
33 2.06 Weapons Factory
34 2.07 Legacy of Terror
35 2.08 Brain Invaders
36 2.09 Grievous Intrigue
37 2.10 The Deserter
38 2.11 Lightsaber Lost
39 2.12 The Mandalore Plot
40 2.13 Voyage of Temptation
41 2.14 Duchess of Mandalore
42 2.20 Death Trap
43 2.21 R2 Come Home
44 2.22 Lethal Trackdown
45 3.05 Corruption
46 3.06 The Academy
47 3.07 Assassin
48 3.02 ARC Troopers
49 3.04 Sphere of Influence
50 3.08 Evil Plans
51 1.22 Hostage Crisis
52 3.09 Hunt for Ziro
53 3.10 Heroes on Both Sides
54 3.11 Pursuit of Peace
55 2.15 Senate Murders
56 3.12 Nightsisters
57 3.13 Monster
58 3.14 Witches of the Mist
59 3.15 Overlords
60 3.16 Altar of Mortis
61 3.17 Ghosts of Mortis
62 3.18 The Citadel
63 3.19 Counter Attack
64 3.20 Citadel Rescue
65 3.21 Padawan Lost
66 3.22 Wookie Hunt
67 4.01 Water War
68 4.02 Gungan Attack
69 4.03 Prisoners
70 4.04 Shadow Warrior
71 4.05 Mercy Mission
72 4.06 Nomad Droids
73 4.07 Darkness on Umbara
74 4.08 The General
75 4.09 Plan of Dissent
76 4.10 Carnage of Krell
77 4.11 Kidnapped
78 4.12 Slaves of the Republic
79 4.13 Escape from Kadavo
80 4.14 A Friend in Need
81 4.15 Deception
82 4.16 Friends and Enemies
83 4.17 The Box
84 4.18 Crisis on Naboo
85 4.19 Massacre
86 4.20 Bounty
87 4.21 Brothers
88 4.22 Revenge
89 5.02 A War on Two Fronts
90 5.03 Front Runners
91 5.04 The Soft War
92 5.05 Tipping Points
93 5.06 The Gathering
94 5.07 A Test of Strength
95 5.08 Bound for Rescue
96 5.09 A Necessary Bond
97 5.10 Secret Weapons
98 5.11 A Sunny Day in the Void
99 5.12 Missing in Action
100 5.13 Point of No Return
101 5.01 Revival
102 5.14 Eminence
103 5.15 Shades of Reason
104 5.16 The Lawless
105 5.17 Sabotage
106 5.18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
107 5.19 To Catch a Jedi
108 5.20 The Wrong Jedi
109 6.01 The Unknown
110 6.02 Conspiracy
111 6.03 Fugitive
112 6.04 Orders
113 6.05 An Old Friend
114 6.06 The Rise of Clovis
115 6.07 Crisis at the Heart
116 6.08 The Disappeared1
117 6.09 The Disappeared 2
118 6.10 The Lost One
119 6.11 Voices
120 6.12 Destiny
121 6.13 Sacrifice
122 7.05 Gone With A Trace
123 7.06 Deal No Deal
124 7.07 Dangerous Debt
125 7.08 Together Again
126 7.01 The Bad Batch
127 7.02 A Distant Echo
128 7.03 On the Wings of Keeradaks
129 7.04 Unfinished Business
130 7.09 Old Friends Not Forgotten
131 7.10 The Phantom Apprentice
132 7.11 Shattered
133 7.12 Victory and Death
Cool now revel in the fuckery that is the clone wars timeline with me.
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supercorp-hosie · 11 months ago
My thoughts for Legacies 315:
1) for the Star Wars, I have no knowledge about it, I saw some parallels of characters after the episode, it seems accurate, but I still have no idea why Hope’s characters in it didn’t even have a backstory or name lmao. I’m just overall unfazed;
2) the background of the trio and Alaric! There are like so much to address and I don’t know how to fully share my thoughts in-depth organisedly. I’ll try;
3) facts first: so it’s canon that Lizzie’s mental problem is diagnosed at earliest 11, but specific time unknown;
4) Jed activated his curse earliest at 11, since Lizzie had a crush on him for two weeks. I mean who would’ve thought that, common headcannons seem to incline on Josie x Jed tho😂. That just doesn’t randomly cross my mind🤣. Anyway, it doesn’t deny that Jed and Josie could be a thing too, since the twins often have the tendency to crush on the same person? I’m feeling like 60% of the time? I mean they obviously have the same preferences for LI, bad girl or bad boy type, anyone? Rafael, Sebastian, Jed, Jade, Penelope, Hope, Finch. They kind of have this thing with new people to their lives, for Josie, Rafael, Finch, Jade(it’s arguable but I think people tend to have a whole new lens when reconnecting with a disappeared person in your life for years when you’re very young. The perspectives are not the same, like you’re meeting a new person especially you don’t really know them before);
5) especially Lizzie, she definitely has a thing for new people that seems like bad boy/girl. I emphasised on the new people here bc I don’t think ethan is exactly that type, it’s just how Lizzie imagine him to be in that AU. Raf, Sebastian, Ethan....(maybe Jed was new when she crushed on him too, who knows), more specifically, it’s Strangers to Lovers trope for her romance department, so she can imagine as much as she wants and have the wildest dreams (bgm intended). Maybe Josie’s it’s not as much like this considering we don’t know how Posie happened, and with Hope her crush is canon when she was 12, but we don’t know how long exactly the crush was and when did it started, I just have to count that not being new person into her life. But I do get that why Josie said Lizzie always get the boy/girl Josie crushed on too, mostly they have the same type and preferences. Though they can randomly blurt out characters that we all don’t even know as more solid examples.;
6) Alaric and the fact of him being quite an absent father since the twins were 11 is solid canon. I understand the need to care for Hope because the world can’t afford a tribrid went uncared for and went around killing people, but still, the different perspectives of Hope and Lizzie to Alaric are very sad. To think that your father would betray you for another child, is very sad, even for Lizzie, the more dramatic one. So I understand that Caroline wasn’t there for the twins either, another absent parent. About the mother figure being diminished here, I’ll address it in another point. What’s left for Lizzie? Josie.
7) So basically Josie had to handle herself and Lizzie’s all by her own? That’s very hard! My BFF is bipolar, we are not living together, but before, my whole situation [for being in love with her + her situation] had really been hard for me too. I couldn’t imagine what’s it’s really like for Josie. (Another point that I need to address is the real mental problem that Lizzie has) Sure Alaric might not always be absent, but the intensity of Lizzie’s perspective begs to differ. Josie had to understand what is Bipolar at a very young age; had to be there for Lizzie when she had her outburst; had to be the one constantly check on Lizzie whether she had taken her meds; had to digest the emotion impacts from Lizzie after the outburst; had to understand how Lizzie functioned when she was down. None of that are easy, and there’s no one there to ask of what Josie really feels. How Josie pent out? What does she need? Josie might feel the need to be not wanting things and always be good so that she can get the love from Alaric (I remember in season 1, Josie felt the need to lose the game to get on Alaric good side) . So she just started to suppress her voice and her needs, because Lizzie need them the most. Over time or years of suppressing in front of her dearest family, she most likely felt unneeded by her parents, and forgettable to her parents(the girl that’s so quiet that her parents forget about her, the girl that Penelope won’t fight for anymore). She needed to feel needed, so she just let Lizzie take all of her, from whom she felt needed the most. So all of these from Josie’s perspectives, it started a vicious cycle for the twins. And leads to how the twins dynamics and how Josie are in present days. But her problem was never solved, they just accumulated day by day, year by year, leaving the good and dark side from Josie being so separated and unbalanced. The inner turmoil is always there. These lead to the extreme polarity of Josie’s good and bad side. When she’s doing bad, Josie would be especially aggressive than she needed to be because that’s an instinct to compensate the lack of action before. After long suppression, once being released, the instinct would be stronger than usual and harder to get it under control. Under the influence of dark magic, Dark Josie felt like another personality inside Josie here to take over the whole Josie and protect their interests that true Josie are neglecting. Kind of like dissociative identity disorder but not really it?? It’s just an understanding that I’ve been wanting to express, but so hard to organise it, because it’s so complex. By this understanding, I do still think that Josie should still be held accountable for her actions, even when dark magic was influencing her, like even people with mental health illness should be instituted and lost their freedom. I just think that it’s not fair to think she’s straight up very evil and do nothing good for people. It’s not like she’s being dark for no reason at all. This just mean that the dog that doesn’t bark can be more harmful than people think. These doesn’t mean that when Josie goes dark, she doesn’t deserve any leniency at all while holding her accountable. (And it’s not like she’s not beating herself up for most of the things she had done) Oh and sure, Josie should do the healthy way of voicing out these needs and all, to encourage a healthy dynamics between them like she’s the only healthy one between them, but still the problem is, they both lack the environment and guidance to make a healthy working relationship between themselves. How could they know what is healthy when the environment was already lack thereof.
8) Reading Lizzie’s diaries is bad, I understand, because you literally need to understand what leads to what, to gain control when your life is a chaos, but still. It’s even worse when you have that need to confide in another person to get things out wrongly. (I was having a phone call during the diary sharing review, but this is what I vaguely get) a) Josie is confiding the contents very specifically to another person that Hope can somehow reconstruct a sequel to it? b) Josie chose the wrong place to confide it since when she gets emotional, people can probably hear what was shared. At least from what I guess I got, it isn’t stated that she spread it to the whole school nor it was spread to the whole, even if that’s the case, it may not be on purpose, and she chose the wrong person to confide in. Like about the reveal in 112, she made up that Hope talking bad about Lizzie to the whole school, but it doesn’t mean that she spread it nor the whole school actually knows. Another case is, even if the school knows, it could easily be known by any passerby to Lizzie outburst and spread in the school. From what we saw from 101, the kitchen is a public space, the utensils and cutleries breaking should be very alarming, and there are students with intensified senses in the school. By that fact itself, it doesn’t really help Lizzie in being discreet of her illness. Still, sharing your sister’s diaries after reading it is really bad. But I do get that, sometimes you really need to talk to someone that know some of the situation but don’t really know the person in question to recalibrate yourself. But that person have to be like the dead end of all school gossip but not close to Lizzie, so it can do no harm (because he/she/they literally have no use to talk to someone with all these, usually there’s this no name policy, but with Lizzie being her sister, it’s useless hiding, maybe) when you disclose something related to her pertaining your own issues. Josie should apologise for sharing Lizzie diaries, even if Hope was not meant to know that, despite her werewolf hearing. For the reading part, did we get the apology tho? I guess we had? If negative, apologies needed.;
9) From Lizzie perspective, we can see her does Josie wrong but didn’t apologise either. Like Lizzie being princess but Josie being her android, personalised valet? It just showed that during that period of time(specifically from when until when tho, that’s a question), after what Josie had been enduring, taking care of her, Lizzie thought of herself being princess but didn’t actually think Josie as her equal? Like how the Android was programmed to bow to Lizzie? That’s just the habit of the twins dynamic showing, also partly Josie mistake, but Josie does deserves to be perceived as more than that, even when she’s derogatory to herself, Lizzie should uphold that for her. Their dynamics is just sad because it’s not entirely the twins fault, it’s also due to the absent parents in the household, they didn’t know better, they can only depend on each other. They’re orphaned like Hope in a way when their parents are still present. Even though they have privileges as Alaric’s daughters, but that doesn’t help with their real situation. This is just a perfect example of how your family shaped you, but we can still fight to shape ourselves after the power that our parents have over us gradually diminished, like how they’re starting to shape themselves more now as they’re coming to age.
10) What really warms me from the Android situation, despite Josie feeling like she’s being degraded the whole time, a subject to Lizzie, is that from how Josie is the combination of two Androids, also shows that how Lizzie actually looked up to Josie. Maybe it’s not addressed, but I see that. For Lizzie, Josie can really do so much things for her, take care of her so closely that Lizzie can count Josie as her personal valet. Derogatory, yes, but that place is also very important to prince and princess, bc they can literally do nothing to take care of their daily lives themselves well, like Merlin for Arthur (I mean the actions, not the presumably romantic relationship). Without Merlin, Arthur life is a mess! And the knowledge for Android part, it means that in Lizzie’s mind, Josie actually is like the person who knows everything😂 usually that figure should be our parents😭, but for Lizzie, it’s Josie, like she knows the answer to all. It’s sad and warming at the same time. Just more appreciation will do! And the fact that the special sword that they’re finding the whole time was in Josie’s thigh, just show how the trust that Lizzie had in Josie, not even their parents can triumph it, because Josie was the one being there the whole time. So they really deserves each other despite all the shitty things they have done to each other.
11) about Lizzie mental illness, I was recommended a post informing people about how Legacies fucked up Lizzie’s illness. After my own research, I do agree with the OP, I think that Lizzie situation is more like borderline personality disorder rather than bipolar, but that doesn’t make the whole situation easy. I can provide the table I made the next time regarding that.
12) Hope being Lizzie’s villain is really fitting, lmao, the intensity of Alaric care for Hope is so much that even Lizzie thought that Alaric would betray the twins for Hope.
13) I like Hope’s look. Josie being the Android that malfunction sometimes is funny too, especially when Josie is angry the whole time, cuz it’s infuriating too🤣🤣
14) Hope and Josie during Lethan kiss is me. How they’re totally in the same team when Lizzie being like that? Hosie are both wary of their characters and backstory? Hosie rights. Hhhhhh, oh Hope might be jealous of Ethan😂 Hizzie rights.
15) Another Hizzie rights, Hope wrote a sequel to Lizzie fanfic. And..... is Hope officially a nerd too???? I can’t! Hhhhh but maybe not, or else Hope would have known who she was.
16) Lizzie says, maybe deep down I still feel that you’re the chosen one (IN HER OWN STORY)
17) Younger Hope kind of break my heart more. It’s so sad😭😭 how she’s in denial of their parents death, and blame it on herself.....no baby. How Hope just have to tell herself all that again. And about Hope being scavenger, I think it’s fitting too. Her life, like the twins, is in pieces too. She had to pick them up herself, and build a world where her heart and hope can rest safely, and that just make her not mad at Josie burning down her room gayer. She was so closed up to herself that her room is like another world for her. So forgiving Josie just because of her crush, is like Josie and her crush on Hope meant the world to her???? Hosie rights! Anyway, Josie still messed up with that.
18) Having Younger Hope saying those things to Josie, oh my heart! Josie is a protector for Hope! Hosie rights! And Hope knowing the truth to stop Lord Marshall! Malivore, and Josie just stop talking because she doesn’t want to encourage Hope to die😍😍 Younger Hope actually wants to be best friends with the twins!!!!
19) Hope literally just stop growing taller after 12/13 like I did, is fact! And I’m comforted by that, sorry not sorry, lmao!
20) For real I don’t understand why Hope is suddenly full tribrid at the end. When she fights with Malivore.
21) The gun fight and sword fight is so weird! It’s like the gunners don’t know how to shoot at all, like they’re in slow motion, difficultly level easy to the audience, it’s so fake. I’m for Hope being badass, but it seems like the show doesn’t know how to portray a good fight scene. The sword fight is like in slow motion. And if Hope is to combine magic with sword fighting, she should combine them more. I don’t feel she’s badass at all, cuz it’s literally level easy😑
22) Star Wars AU have brought up so many childhood unresolved for the trio to understand each other more and be a better team. I love them ended up being all supportive and the panda promise🤣🤣 I love that the twins just agree not to let Hope die like that. But they’re like promise that a little later than Cleo and Landon? My team Sowanby! Applause to Handon, but please don’t be together again! Strike three, no is no!
23) for MG, Jed, Kaleb, they really need to make up with each other, I’m glad that they finally made it. And Kaleb being jealous of Methan? Lmao! And MG didn’t even say Ethan name? I love Maleb bonding, and MG never left his man behind!! Another things is, what’s wrong with those boys fighting scenes? We saw them throwing valuables to distract the monster again?! What if the keys are damaged? How are you going to go home? Oh and Jed being useful!
24) Jed last name is Tien, 田/填 in Chinese, I’ve shared enough in my other post. But still WE DONT ACTUALLY HAVE JED FIRST NAME! Give us that!
25) Still, I don’t understand how the wendigo is not dead yet. And how come it’s defeated by fire this time??
26) I don’t quite actually know what’s happening with Dorian. Is he okay? I bet he is, so Emma is coming back, right? Based off what the conversation is? We need Emma, really.
27) regarding Emma, is the lack of mother figure that I want to address when stating the twins dynamic. I don’t actually know a lot from TVD or TO, I just happen to know some general things and snippets from edits. But I know Hayley’s words before she dies, like “I’m not going to teach my daughter it’s okay to let people she loves die” and paint art, have at least one epic love? But for real, in legacies, all I get for Hayley is 103, Josie paying her respects, but none other than that. It’s all Klaus. I believe that Hayley is an important figure to Hope too. But she’s not mentioned enough, it’s kind of erasing her impact on Hope?? Like Caroline too, we get her phone calls, the twins trip to Europe to treat their problems off-screen, the letter for Lizzie in 302, the recommendation for Lizzie to go to the witch retreat, but not vetted by Alaric.....yes she get all these and Jo Laughlin being there in 106 (I cried so hard). But still the mother figure is still being minimised. Like in Lizzie’s fanfic there’s never a place for Caroline? How surreal? It doesn’t make sense. (I understand the actress is just not returning). But still these doesn’t change the fact that the show is lacking a mother figure as a whole. Emma should be that.
28) Clarke!!! Like it’s predictable! But what’s unpredictable is that he went straight to shower🤣🤣🤣 I love his snarkiness! Clarke meeting Hope half naked! Holarke! Hhhhhh
I’m too tired, sharing this episodes thoughts is exhausting me. There must be something I left out, please feel free to remind me!
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cyazurai · 5 months ago
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I posted 2,900 times in 2021
2214 posts created (76%)
686 posts reblogged (24%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.3 posts.
I added 10,127 tags in 2021
#ts4 - 1897 posts
#the sims 4 - 1822 posts
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#nsb - 634 posts
#not so berry - 630 posts
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Longest Tag: 112 characters
#i was an angel that year because i was in las vegas visiting my aunt and uncle and didn't have a cat costume lol
My Top Posts in 2021
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Witchtober Day 7 - Moon
I didn’t want to be literal with this one. So she’s more of a moon goddess that was forced to stay on earth. I tried to make eyes that looked like the moon, though they don’t look as good as I hoped, so I also gave her a moon tiara, shirt, and necklace. 
89 notes • Posted 2021-10-07 22:30:45 GMT
Tumblr media
Hellooooo, everyone. I’m really nervous to post this, haha.
This was supposed to be a 400 follower gift, but... well. I’ve been suuuuuper focused on something else recently, and it’s been really difficult to pull myself away from it. And I mean, it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for months, it was beginning to become a problem. I think I was even thinking about it back when I created Wren for the Live For Something challenge.
I decided to start making Let’s Play videos over on YouTube. I don’t have a plan to be a big Sims YouTuber or anything (definitely not good enough for that!), but I just REEEEALLY wanted to do it. To be honest, that’s why I have been having a real hard time working on editing and writing my legacies on here. Real life stuff, mixed with a desire to record a Let’s Play? Yeah.
Anyway, so I now have a Let’s Play series of an NSB challenge. Yeah, another NSB. But this one is the official lilsimsie NSB, instead of the version I’m playing with the Aeipathies. Right now I have three episodes published, and one more episode recorded that I just need to edit.
I was too shy to share it until I thought I was going to get pretty far in the challenge. I didn’t want to say “please go watch my Let’s Play!” and then quit right away.
If you want to watch it, give it a like or even subscribe, here’s the first episode:
I hope you like it. 😊
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Witchtober Day 3 - Mushroom
92 notes • Posted 2021-10-04 02:14:46 GMT
Just a PSA
If you get inspired to do something new with the sims, but feel like you shouldn’t because you’re already doing something else, or don’t think it will be good enough, or any other host of reasons?
Don’t listen to that little nagging voice telling you not to do it, unless you literally cannot do it right now.
Even if all you do is get it started and never go any farther than that, go for it! If you’re excited for it and you really, really love it, just do it, because like my original positivity message says, we’re literally just here to have fun and share our love of our silly little pixel people. 
This is something I’ve had a lot of trouble with myself. I always feel like I need to focus only on what I’m already doing, and ignore the random, extreme urges I’ve gotten to start new challenges/legacies, no matter how excited I get about those new ideas. Well, not anymore! I’m not scrapping any of my legacies, but I’m going to allow myself to set those aside when the passion for those dies down, and focus on the things make me the happiest. 
If you try to force yourself to only focus on the things you’re already doing you will lose interest in the game. I guarantee it. Chasing your ideas can sometimes keep the game interesting when it starts to seem bland.
So you heard it here! Go for your dreams! Chase those ideas! Saying “I’m not feeling this legacy right now, but that one seems really fun” and going for it is perfectly A-okay!
We’re just here for fun, not for profit, after all.
124 notes • Posted 2021-11-16 04:24:43 GMT
Hi guys!
If you’re seeing this, I love you. You’re awesome, and your sims are awesome. Even if you don’t have reshade or don’t edit or don’t have the energy to post anything sims right now, you’re great! If you’re a simblr that hasn’t posted/played sims in months, you’re still great! If you play every day and post every day, reshaded or edited, you’re also great! 
Do you make cc? Recolor cc? Convert cc? Wish you could do any of that? You are also awesome!
Do you play Sim 1? 2? 3? 4? All of you! You’re all awesome.
OH, and don’t forget you Sims Medieval and MySims players, you’re also awesome. 
Basically, if you read this and are currently comparing yourself to someone else, thinking “my blog isn’t as good as it should be,” stop it right now! Your blog is fantastic just the way it is. If you decide you want to change it? Do that for yourself. Not for anyone else, or because you think it’s not good enough. 💖
And if you need to take a break for mental or physical health? Don’t worry about us. Take the break. And if you need to just quit simblr, that’s okay too. Just remember the most important thing:
Simblr is a hobby, you don’t need to feel obligated to do anything.
(And yes, I am writing this for myself as much as anyone else.)
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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sunnydaleherald · 2 years ago
The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, November 12 - Wednesday, November 13
GILES: All right, everyone! Pay attention! In just a few moments that curtain is going to open on our very first production. Now, everyone that Willow's ever met ... is out in that audience, including all of us. That means we have to be perfect. Stay in character, remember your lines, and energy energy energy, especially in the musical numbers! WILLOW: (whispering) Did anyone see that? GILES: Acting is not about behaving, it's about hiding. The audience wants to find you, strip you naked, and eat you alive, so hide. (to Harmony) Stop that. Now, costumes, sets, um, the things that you, uh, you know, uh, you, um... you hold them, you touch them, uh, use them, um... HARMONY: Props? GILES: No. RILEY: Props? GILES: Yes! (Points at Riley) It's all about subterfuge. (To Harmony) That's very annoying. (To everyone) Now go on out there, lie like dogs, and have a wonderful time. Now, if we can stay in focus, keep our heads, and if Willow can stop stepping on everyone's cues, I know this'll be the best production of "Death of a Salesman" we've ever done. (To Harmony) Stop it. (Loudly) Good luck everyone! Break a leg!
~~Restless (Season 4)~~
[Drabbles & Short Fiction]
Tumblr media
Learning To Hate (Buffy, Angel/us, T) by badly_knitted
Tumblr media
In the Shadows (Xander, Ethan Rayne, T, Yakuza AU) by madimpossibledreamer
'Til Death Do Us Die (Spike, unrated) by kerk-hiraeth
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Game (Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg, E) by EnInkahootz
Reunion (Spike/Buffy Summers, G) by Serenitey
'high maintenance' means you're a gluttonous queen (Tara/Glory, M) by Ariesgirl666
[Chaptered Fiction]
Tumblr media
Grandma Got Run Over by Sleipnir Ch. 1-3/3 (COMPLETE) (Buffy/Spike, E) by Iamblichus
Tumblr media
A Different Kind of Legacies Ch. 1 (Willow/Faith, M, Legacies xover) by btvscharmedgirl
When Love Arrives Chapters: 1-3/3 (COMPLETE) (Tara Maclay/Willow Rosenberg, M) by mmmh_hot_sauce
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soopersara · 3 years ago
I have a theory...
The timeline of Zuko’s family has never made that much sense to me. I know I’m not alone in thinking this, but the fact that Sozin and Roku were both white-haired old men in their final showdown 112 years before the events of ATLA has never sat quite right with me. It just doesn’t seem possible that they could have been that old if they were Zuko’s great-grandfathers. Cue my overly analytical brain, and a theory that I’ve been sitting on for almost a year now.
So the Avatar wiki is kind enough to provide us with dates for a lot of events in the show. The page is here if anyone cares to see where I’m drawing all this nonsense from. But I pulled out the relevant dates and stuck them in this nifty little timeline:
Tumblr media
That’s all the confirmed births, deaths, etc. that the wiki gives us on Zuko’s family from Sozin through the first episode of ATLA with a few bonus Aang-and-Roku events thrown in for reference. And there are some pretty big gaps. 
I’m willing to let the gap between Sozin’s death/Azulon’s coronation and Zuko and Azula’s births slide, though, because we have Iroh and Ozai to fit in there somewhere. Given their appearances in ATLA, I’m willing to bet that Iroh is in his 50′s or 60′s, and Ozai is considerably younger, probabably in his 40′s. So I threw in a guesstimation of when they would have been born (in blue) here:
Tumblr media
I’m not sure why their ages aren’t confirmed on the wiki, but whatever. These dates would put Iroh on the younger side (54 at the time of ATLA), but there’s plenty of wiggle room depending on how old you think Azulon was when Iroh was born and how big an age gap you think there is between Iroh and Ozai. Like I said, I can buy that hole in the canon timeline because there are reasonable ways to fill it in. 
But the gap of 58 years between Sozin’s coronation and Azulon’s birth doesn’t sit right with me. Am I supposed to believe that Sozin was eighty-two years old before he had his first son? This is a monarchy, for crying out loud. A monarchy needs heirs, and I never got the impression that the Fire Nation was that opposed to putting women in positions of power. A daughter probably could have taken the throne, so if Sozin and his wife had cranked out a bunch of daughters, I’m assuming at some point they’d give up and just pass the throne to their firstborn daughter. But that didn’t happen, so I think we’re supposed to conclude that Azulon actually was the firstborn. And again, Sozin was eighty-two before Azulon was born, and if a monarch is waiting THAT long to have children, there’s going to be grumbling from many corners of government. Not to mention the fact that menopause is a thing, and unless Sozin was doing some Henry VIII-level wife swapping (and that probably would have been seen as a stain on Sozin’s otherwise “glorious” reign), he kind of missed his chance to have kids at all. 
Basically, that gap makes no sense whatsoever. 
So here’s my theory:
Azulon wasn’t Sozin’s son. 
Sozin started his warmongering ways early enough that he might have put off the “creating an heir” thing until his 40′s or 50′s, but he had a son, who I’ll call Druk. What can I say? I suck at names, but if it was a good name for a dragon, it stands to reason that it should be a good name for a Fire Lord too. Anyway, the government was happy because, Hey, look! Sozin has an heir! Now if something happens, we know who to crown!
But Sozin’s son never became Fire Lord. Druk would have lived a normal royal life, gotten married, and had a son of his own: Azulon. And then, since Sozin lived for an absurdly long time, Druk passed away before his father, and the crown passed to Azulon. 
So then why did Zuko and Azula refer to Sozin as their great-grandfather? Wouldn’t they have known about the “missing generation” in their family tree? Mwahahaha. Never fear, skeptics. I’m this far down the rabbit-hole, I’m not stopping now. 
Sozin was disappointed in Druk in much the same way that Ozai was disappointed in Zuko. Druk had a soft side and didn’t care for the war efforts - he grew up in a world at peace, and while he probably didn’t want to speak out against his father, he never fully bought into the Fire Nation supremacy malarkey. Sozin realized that if Druk was ever allowed to take the throne, his efforts would all fall apart, and Druk would work to restore peace. 
But Sozin was a patient man. He knew that he needed an heir who wouldn’t back down from the war effort, and from very early on, it looked like Azulon would be perfect for the job. So Sozin took over his grandson’s education and did his best to distance Azulon from his father. By the time that Azulon was a teenager, he shared Sozin’s contempt for Druk and was more than willing to go to extreme lengths to further the Fire Nation’s goals. Sozin knew that he had shaped the perfect heir, so now the only problem was getting rid of Druk. 
Sozin had Druk murdered. There was some suspicion surrounding the former crown prince’s disappearance, but Sozin planned the whole thing well enough that no one could ever prove what happened, and Azulon was named as the official heir to the Fire Nation throne.
Tumblr media
So there’s my final timeline with Druk added in. Sozin and Azulon both took measures to gradually erase Druk’s name from history: Sozin mostly because filicide (I had to Google the right word for son-killing) is frowned upon, and Azulon because he thought that Druk’s inclusion in the history of the royal family would weaken their legacy. Neither Iroh nor Ozai would have ever met their true grandfather, so if Azulon never mentioned Druk and had records of his existence erased, it would make sense he would have been forgotten by the time that Zuko and Azula came along.
And why does all this matter to ATLA, aside from making Zuko’s family even more screwed up than it was already? Well, personally, I think that having moral conflict within the royal line is a better reason for Zuko’s continual inner struggles than having both Sozin and Roku as his ancestors. Don’t get me wrong, I still kind of like the idea of Roku as Zuko’s great-grandfather (although there’s gotta be a generation missing there too - it’s just basic math), but it was a huge reveal that was done very quickly, and then never touched again. And yeah, introducing a “missing” generation in the royal line would have been a big deal too, but it would have mirrored a lot of Zuko’s family dynamics really well, AND given a reason for why Iroh had so much good in him too. After all, Iroh wasn’t related to Roku. 
Also (and this might seem unrelated, but bare with me), I’m not sure I ever bought Ozai’s reasons for wanting to bring Zuko back to the Fire Nation at the end of Book 1. Like, he had three years to change your mind on the banishment. And yeah, Zuko keeps failing spectacularly, but he’s gotten a lot closer to catching the Avatar than anyone else. Bringing him back just to throw him in prison doesn’t make the most sense to me. BUT, what if Ozai found records of what happened to Druk? Azula was Ozai’s “golden child” but putting her on the throne was never going to end well, and maybe Ozai was smart enough to see that. So when he realized that skipping a generation was possible... well, Zuko’s sixteen. By the standards of most fictional worlds, that makes him an adult, and therefore old enough for a family of his own. Even if the ATLA world didn’t consider him an adult, there was a chance that he’d find a girlfriend and "accidentally” father a couple of grandchildren before Ozai disposed of him once and for all. After all, Zuko’s far less likely to produce a child who’s a raving lunatic than Azula is. He would be the logical choice for producing a new generation of backup heirs quickly. 
Anyway, that’s just what I’ve been able to come up with. Do with it what you will. It’s dark, but I think it makes a lot of sense. Also... I kind of like the idea of Zuko naming his dragon after the great-grandfather that history forgot, who happened to be named after a mythological dragon. I don’t know. I like adding layers to the meanings of names, but I hate coming up with names of my own. Go figure. Hope you enjoyed my waking-up-at-5:30-on-a-Sunday rambles!
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rocklandhistoryblog · a month ago
Tumblr media
The new episode of “Crossroads of Rockland History” is now available for streaming!
Topic: The life and artistic legacy of the late Sidney A. Simon (1917–1997).
Broadcast originally aired Monday, April 18, at 9:30 am, on 1700AM WRCR Radio
Or on any major Podcast platform (Apple, Stitcher, etc.)
On the occasion of an exhibition of Simon's works at the Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center (Pearl River, NY), two of Simon's children, Teru Simon and Mark Simon, joined Clare Sheridan to share memories of their father, his art, his life and their own recollections of growing up in Rockland County.
About the artists: Sidney Simon was an American painter, sculptor, muralist, art school cofounder (Skowhegan), and American Official War Artist. One of his sculptures, the Four Seasons Fountain Sculpture, is located at One Worldwide Plaza in New York City. A small maquette of this monument will be on display, along with other works by Simon, through Fall 2022 at the Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center.
Teru Simon is an artist working in the mediums of ceramics sculpture, pottery, painting, and prints. She attended Bennington College and received her undergraduate degree from UWW at Skidmore College and her masters in fine arts through Vermont Studio Center and Johnson State College. She spent more than thirty years teaching art to all ages in public and private schools and colleges and retired from teaching in 2011.
Mark Simon is a graduate of Brandeis University and the Yale School of Architecture. He worked in several architecture offices before being hired by Charles Moore, his former teacher and dean at Yale. They collaborated on a number of homes, and in 1978 Simon was named a partner at Moore Grover Harper, which eventually became Centerbrook Architects. Mark is a pioneer in the practice of “green” architecture, beginning with his design in 1973 of an Earth House that was built into a hillside and decades later continues to take advantage of the clean heating and cooling energy of terra firma. Today Mark’s practice ranges from private houses and highly crafted furniture to commercial, institutional, academic, and religious projects. His innovative design has been noted by Time Magazine and the New York Times, among others, and he is the recipient of 112 architectural awards, including the prestigious American Institute of Architects Architecture Firm Award received by Centerbrook received in 1998.
Learn more about Sidney Simon
Learn more about the Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center
Crossroads of Rockland History, a program of the Historical Society of Rockland County, airs on the third Monday of each month at 9:30 am, right after the Will and Jeff morning show, on WRCR Radio 1700 AM and www.WRCR.com. Join host Clare Sheridan as we explore, celebrate, and learn about our local history, with different topics and guest speakers every month. If you want to listen to the broadcast, and you aren't local, simply download the TuneIn Radio App on your smartphone or tablet and search for WRCR. After the show, the broadcast will be available for streaming anytime on all major podcast platforms. We are pleased to announce that many of our archived podcasts are also available on all major podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts; Stitcher, Google, Alexa, etc.).
The Historical Society of Rockland County is a nonprofit educational institution and principal repository for original documents and artifacts relating to Rockland County. Its headquarters are a four-acre site featuring a history museum and the 1832 Jacob Blauvelt House in New City, New York.
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flo-nelja · 3 years ago
Femslash: how alone I am
A meme taken from @convenientalias and @fucktheg0ds. Basically, ranking all my femslash ships by percentage I’ve written. Only based on AO3. I tried to count the gen fics with femslash pairings too, since they appear in the tags.
Most ships I have written only one time, even if there are exceptions.
First, all the non-rare femslash pairings I have dabbled in!
Emma/Regina (Once upon a Time) : 0,01% (1/10368)
Korra/Asami (Legend of Korra) : 0,03% (1/3747)
Luna/Ginny (Harry Potter) : 0,1% (1/1047)
Willow/Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) : 0,1% (1/1027)
Pearl/Rose (Steven Universe) : 0,1% (1/908)
Cosette/Eponine (Les Misérables) : 0,2% (1/594)
Belle/Ruby (Once upon a Time) : 0,2% (1/492)
Homura/Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) : 0,2% (1/463)
Jasper/Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe) : 0,2% (1/417)
Aurora/Mulan (Once upon a Time) : 0,3% (1/306)
Hermione/Luna (Harry Potter) : 0,3% (1/296)
Azula/Ty Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender) : 0,4% (1/263)
The comfortable ones by femslash standards, I don’t count the writers. Most of them are actually bigger, but they are old, and most of the fics aren’t on ffnet. I can usually find people to squee with me.
Kaylee/River (Firefly) : 1% (1/114)
Mystique/Destiny (Marvel comics) : 1% (1/112)
Raven/Angel Salvadore (X-men movies) : 1% (1/88)
Yoruichi/Soifon (Bleach) : 1% (1/74)
Utena/Anthy (Utena) : 1% (4/259)
Sakura/Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) : 1% (1/65)
Dorothy/Relena (Gundam Wing) : 2% (1/56)
Karolina/Xavin (Marvel Comics) : 2% (1/56)
Wendy/Mabel (Gravity Falls) : 2% (1/48)
Marietta/Cho (Harry Potter) : 3% (1/36)
Juri/Shiori (Utena) : 3% (2/71)
Mina/Vanessa (Penny Dreadful) : 3% (1/35)
Winry/Sciezska (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) : 3% (1/31)
OK, getting into the rarer ones!
Mireille/Kirika (Noir) : 5% (1/21). This one was bigger, it’s an old one.
Phèdre/Mélisande (Kushiel’s Legacy) : 5% (1/21). Canon kinky foeyay ship! Quite big relative to the size of the fandom.
Reiko/Hinoe (Natsume Yuujinchou) : 5% (1/21). It is an old fic and it has gotten so much bigger now! I should read the new fics!
Pearl/Connie (Steven Universe) : 5% (1/21). An unwholesome ship that antis hate. ^^
Kitty/Illyana (Marvel) : 6% (6/107). Quite a big one, but also one of my favorites, so I’ve written quite a bit of it! I’m glad it got big, really (by femslash standards), it was not that much when I’ve started.
Brunnhilde/OFC (Thor movies) : 6% (1/16). I wish Brunnhilde’s dead girlfriend had a name. I’m sure it would make the ship bigger.
Artemis/Iphigenia (Greek myth) : 7% (1/15). Another creepy ship, that I love.
Retsu/Isane (Bleach) : 8% (1/13). I was deep in Bleach fandom once. I wrote a lot of combinations. Most of them were jossed.
Spinsters (Once upon a Time) : 9% (1/11). They were in only an episode, at the time I hoped we’d see more of them. I know in the fairy tale they’re sisters, but they’re also three, and I will stay persuaded that Rumplestiltskin, after him mother left, was raised by two lesbian spinsters fairies.
Mabel/Candy (Gravity Falls) : 10% (1/10). I’m honestly suprised it’s not bigger. There’s one femslash ship in Gravity Falls and it’s eating all the other possibilities.
Gamma/Zimmy (Gunnerkrigg Court) : 10% (1/10). Lots of people ship them but the fandom and the ship are not easy to write.
Gerda/Little Robber Girl (The Snow Queen) : 11% (1/9). Most people love it, but most fairy tales rewriting are published as original stories.
Te Fiti/Moana (Moana) : 12% (1/8). I’m glad it exists, even if it’s small.
Artemis/Callisto (Greek myth) : 12% (1/8). Canon sens unique, horrible ending canon aussi.
Dawn/Amanda (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) : 12% (1/8). I actually love this one a lot!
Dani/Rahne (Marvel comics) : 12% (1/8). I hope there will be potential in the movie.
Lain/Alice (Serial Ewperiments Lain) : 12% (1/8). It used to be bigger on ffnet, really.
Orihime/Tatsuki (Bleach) : 13% (7/53). Another ship where I didn’t just pass and actually stayed a lot
Leah/Illyana (Marvel Comics) : 14% (1/7). Canon in an AU!
Cassandra/Helen (Greek myth) : 14% (1/7). It was honestly for a challenge but greek myth is so easy for crack ships
Storm/Mystique (X-men movies) : 17% (1/6). The dynamics I like is AoA!Ororo crushing on Raven, and it’s very hard to find, most of these fics are FoeYay for the first timeline.
Natasha (Avengers movies)/Mystique (X-men movies) : 17% (1/6). Quite common for a crossover actually!
Cecile/Merteuil (Les liaisons dangereuses) : 17% (1/6). It’s a friend’s ship, it was nice to write!
Nancy/Yomiko (Read or Die) : 20% (1/5). Another old one.
Dante/Rose (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) : 20% (1/5). Very visible but so creepy!
Lust/Martel (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) : 20% (1/5). This one was a random generator.
Maria/Saki (Shin Sekai Yori) : 20% (1/5). Canon but not endgame.
Yuzu/Ururu (Bleach) : 20% (1/5). Bleach phase again. I loved this one for absolutely no reason.
Cinderella/Cinderella’s stepmother (Fairy tales) : 20% (1/5). For an exchange!
Basira Hussain/Daisy Tonner (The Magnus Archives) : 20% (1/5). The fandom is growing and this ship too!
Souma/Kendappa (Rg Veda) : 22% (2/9). Another of the very old ships! It was my first femslash fic, but I found only recently the courage to write it!
Suzie/Gwen (Torchwood) : 22% (2/9). Used to be a bit bigger, bu never as much as I wished. I have only one fic, but in French and English.
Gyokumen/Hwang (Saiyuki) : 25% (1/4).  For a kink meme!
Kushana/Nausicaä (Ghibli) : 25% (1/4). I actually really love this one and have another in progress
Chizuru/Rika (Yami no matsuei) : 25% (1/4). Characters of the tome; I’m almost surprised not to be the only one.
Kumi/Yuri (Alien 9) : 25% (1/4). Another ship I really love. I wish they ended together.
Sarah/Lavinia (A Little Princess) : 25% (1/4). For an exchange, a very good prompt asking for power games.
Rei/Nanako (Oniisama e) : 25% (2/8). Yeah, love this one too!
Storm/Yukio (X-men comics) : 25% (2/8). I will ship them forever. But they haven’t been that shippy recently. Greg Pak disappointed me.
Kotoko/Sumomo (Chobits) : 25% (2/8). It’s so cute. ^^
Acolyte/Radiant Goddess (Lady of the Shard) : 33% (1/3). The main ship! They’re so cute, but cute is not what I write easily
Chloe/Kirika (Noir) : 33% (1/3). Used to be bigger, even if it was not the main ship.
Dante/Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) : 33% (1/3). I’m just kinky. ^^
Emma/Firestar (Marvel Comics) : 33% (1/3). Same.
Emma/Selene (Marvel Comics) : 33% (1/3). Same.
Claudine/Luce (Colette) : 33% (2/6). Oh yes, another of my favorite ones! And formative too, I was a teenager!
Gwen/Carys (Torchwood) : 40% (2/5). Whoniverse1000! Only one fic, but an English version and a French one.
Atsuko/Michiko (Michiko e Hatchin) : 50% (1/2). Should be far bigger. It’s Foeyay, and so obvious! (small fadoms curse)
Acolyte/Old God (Lady of the Shard) : 50% (1/2). The creepy mind control one ^^
Cristo Canyon/Tomie Katana (Lastman) : 50% (1/2). I’m alone with a friend.
Ozen/Lyza (Made in Abyss) : 50% (1/2). Yeah, not alone! I was surprised going back in the tag and finding another fic, actually!
Hi’iaka/Hopoe (Hawaiian mythology) : 50% (1/2). Same!
Marnie/Anna (When Marnie was here) : 50% (1/2). It is was not incest, if could be big ^^
Sistah Spooky/Mindf**k (Empowered) : 50% (1/2). Alone with another friend. This one should be huge, I’m so annoyed it doesn’t even exist. It has all the tropes I love (except that I wanted a good ending, but why are people not writing fix-it?)
Nemu/Kuna (Bleach) : 50% (1/2). I’m alone with the same friend.
Chizuru/Misato (Bleach) : 50% (1/2). Still the same friend
Cora/Anastasia (Once upon a Time in Wonderland) : 50% (1/2). Yeah, rare mentor/protegee ship! I with the only other fic was not so gen-ish, otherwise it’s good.
Mikuru/Haruhi (Haruhi Suzumiya) : 50% (1/2). It’s actually big outside of AO3?
Akira/Shiina (Naru Taru) : 50% (1/2). Very dark fandom, dark ship, I’m still so sad it’s not a Thing.
Rei/Fukiko (Oniisama e) : 50% (2/4). Romantic canon one-sided incest!
Callisto/Karima (X-men comics) : 67% (2/3). It was just so shippy in Excalibur. With tentacles. But well, obscure like all the Marvel pairings with a few brilliant scenes but no long history.
Old God/Radiant Goddess (Lady of the Shard) : 75% (3/4). Yeah! Enemies with a past, and it’s totally canon! So much my kind of ships! It could be so big if the fandom was bigger!
Dani/Hela (Marvel Comics) : 100% (1/1)
Luna/Valeria (Marvel Comics) : 100% (1/1)
Psylocke/Selene (Marvel Comics) : 100% (1/1)
Karima/Monet (Marvel Comics) : 100% (1/1). All Marvel pairings where I like an interaction once and had to write about it (for Luna and Valeria, it’s even only the potential of an interaction)
Tracy Zenkova/Annabelle Chang (Lastman) : 100% (1/1). I had to write it once, it’s canon after all, even if Annabelle isn’t my favorite.
Anlise/Renge (Namesake) : 100% (1/1). Canon mind control! But secondary characters in a small fandom. I still wish I were not alone.
Agathe/Nagîna ( Mesdemoiselles de la Vengeance) : 100% (1/1). Very small fandom, French historical children’s book. THe ending is a bit too heterosexual for my tastes.
Phoenix/Acolyte/Radiant Goddess/Old God (Lady of the Shard) : 100% (1/1). It’s the canon ending, but quite hard to write, especially when you’re more interested in a specific relationship. Small fandom anyway.
Malen/Rue (Princess Tutu) : 100% (1/1). Character of the week with a crush on the dark magical girl!
Nemu/Rangiku (Bleach) : 100% (1/1)
Chizuru/Lisa (Bleach) : 100% (1/1)
Chizuru/Rangiku (Bleach) : 100% (1/1). Bleach crack ships!
Dante/Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) : 100% (1/1). Just because it was super-hot
Empowered/Ninjette (Empowered) : 100% (1/1). More crack.
Amber/Bai (Darker than Black) : 100% (1/1). This one I really love, and I wish it would be bigger! To me, Amber is as shippable with Bai as she is with Hei, though in different ways. But it’s almost unheard of.
Jheselbraum/Pyronica (Gravity Falls) : 100% (1/1)
Darlene/Shandra (Gravity Falls) : 100% (1/1). These two are crack pairings written for a personal challenge. I’m nor surprised I’m the only one.
Harriet Jones/Astrid Peth (Doctor Who) : 100% (2/2). From whoniverse1000. Once again it’s only one fic, but I translated it, so two versions.
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Disney+ New Releases: December 2021
It’s almost December and you know what that means: it’s Star Wars time. Yes, forget all the arguments about Die Hard being a Christmas movie because the Star Wars franchise has been shockingly consistent with its holiday release schedule. With its list of new releases for December 2021, Disney+ has the latest Star Wars project to drop on or around Christmas.
The Book of Boba Fett is set to premiere on Dec. 29. This spinoff of The Mandalorian will feature Temuera Morrison reprising his role as the galaxy’s most enigmatic bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Following the events of The Mandalorian season 2, Boba and his partner Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) now have a major stake in the galaxy’s criminal underworld, and will do whatever it takes to keep it.
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How The Book of Boba Fett Changes the Bounty Hunter’s Original Star Wars Story
By John Saavedra
The Book of Boba Fett: What to Know About the New Star Wars Series
By John Saavedra
While The Book of Boba Fett is beginning this month, another major Disney+ series will be saying goodbye. Hawkeye will premiere its sixth and final episode on Dec. 22. Sounds like Marvel wasn’t kidding about its holiday season bona fides.
Other than those two big hits, it’s a relatively quiet month for Disney+ originals. The Will Smith nature travel docuseries Welcome to Earth premieres all episodes on Dec. 8. Some fun library titles also arrive this month like Edward Scissorhands (Dec. 3), Tron: Legacy (Dec. 10), and Encanto (Dec. 24).
Here is everything else you can find on Disney+ this month.
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Wednesday, December 1
Disney+ Originals – Disney Insider – Episode 111 “Alice Through the Years, Creative Directing DWTS, Princess Provisions” – Hawkeye – Episode 103
Friday, December 3
New Library Titles – Christmas… Again?! – Disney Holiday Magic Quest – Edward Scissorhands – Ice Age – Ice Age: Continental Drift – Mickey & Minnie Wish Upon A Christmas – Million Dollar Arm – Mr. Popper’s Penguins
Disney+ Originals – Diary of a Wimpy Kid – Premiere – The Rescue – Premiere
Wednesday, December 8
New Library Titles – The Chicken Squad (S1, 4 episodes) – Gabby Duran & The Unsittables (S2, 11 episodes) – Life Below Zero: Northern Territories (S1) – Muppet Babies (S3, 4 episodes) – Spidey And His Amazing Friends (S1, 4 episodes) – Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (S8, 10 episodes)
Disney+ Originals  – Welcome to Earth – Premiere (All Episodes Streaming) – Disney Insider – Episode 112 “Star Wars Action Figures, A Beauty and the Beast Anniversary, Disney On Ice” – Hawkeye – Episode 104
Friday, December 10
New Library Titles – Tron: Legacy
Wednesday, December 15
New Library Titles – Disney’s Magic Bake-Off (S1, 4 episodes) – Gigantosaurus (S3) – Life Below Zero (S17) – Science Of Stupid (S8)
Disney+ Originals – Foodtastic – Season 1 Premiere (All Episodes Streaming) – Hawkeye – Episode 105
Friday, December 17
New Library Titles – Home Alone 4 – Home Alone: The Holiday Heist
Disney+ Originals – Arendelle Castle Yule Log: Cut Paper Edition – Premiere
Wednesday, December 22
New Library Titles – Minnie’s Bow-Toons: Party Palace Pals (S1, 5 episodes)
Disney+ Originals – Hawkeye – Season Finale
Friday, December 24
New Library Titles – Encanto – King Tut In Color – Lost Tombs Of The Pyramids
Wednesday, December 29
New Library Titles – T.O.T.S. (S3)
Disney+ Originals – The Book of Boba Fett – Premiere
Friday, December 31
New Library Titles – 80s Top Ten (S1)
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Tumblr media
imma be real with you, chief. i am not used to people asking me about my interests/hobbies without ulterior motives or without already being an established friend; that is a learned distrust in me, and so i sat with this for a few days so i could… chill tf out cuz not everything is a conspiracy theory. so im sorry about this being late (not that there’s a due date on replying to asks, but you get what i mean, i feel like i should apologize in this specific case), that knee-jerk skepticism @strangers taking an interest in me is something im working on. so, again, im sorry. i have that kinda shit learned, but that doesnt mean its true. im sure youre lovely and thank you for being patient and understanding ♡♡♡
but as for your actual question..
yes, it is totally okay to ask me questions about my fic ideas. my distrust is very generalized, nothing against this specific subject at all (+im trying to work on getting rid of that distrust anyway), so of course you can ask about it ♡ thank you for taking an interest in it so much that you actually looked through my blog, thats super sweet and considerate of you!! im touched ♡♡♡
and because i lowkey feel bad about assuming the worst about this ask (im sorry again, i really am trying to unlearn that behavior) im gonna go beyond what youre asking– should you choose to read it.
immediately here is my title + current summary idea, but if you want even more, i have overshared much of the explanation of my summarized premise (would you believe it is not even all of my premise?? jfc) under the Read More. however much you wanted from this question is up to you. the summary is much more succinct (it took me.. so many tries… to get it to something not-too-long and that is apt/makes sense) but if my summary makes you want to read/know more, there is more below the Read More ♡♡♡ thank you again for your question! i hope you enjoy what you read ♡♡♡
Inauspicious Stars
The name “Miyaguchi” doesn’t literally mean “gold-digging, quirk-sexual family of Stanford wives and trophy husbands” but their reputation supersedes anything to the contrary. That’s just your fate if you’re born into the name. The Miyaguchis just are the Buff Family; they just are built on quirk-marriage and the mantra of “every little bit helps” as part of their family values. It just is, plainly and simply, the sad truth of the matter that Miyaguchis make heroes but they themselves are not one.
Or at least, they never have had one until Motoka Miyaguchi decides to try anyway. She just has to believe in herself first. OC/? every romance i write is slowburn, bby
(also, yes i really did have “every romance i write is slowburn, bby” as a part of my “official” draft of this story’s summary lmao. and its the only part of the summary im confident is gonna stay put lmao rip)
Tumblr media
(at least i can always make myself laugh. thanks past!me, that stupid as hell line made start giggling all over again lmao)
firstly, i wanna shout-out that my title is a Romeo and Juliet ref if you were not aware. it fits this story on many levels but i wont bore you with that rn cuz it touches on spoilers. but the quote the title itself is from is said by Romeo specifically: “…O, here/Will I set up my everlasting rest/And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars/From this world-wearied flesh!” (5.3.109-112) the line, it being spoken by the hero of the play, along with other pieces of analyzed context makes it increasingly clear how this quote is applicable to Motoka
anyway. actual story. my bnha oc fic is about a girl named Motoka Miyaguchi. as is already established (but i will reiterate anyway to confirm clarity) she comes from a family built on quirk marriages, usually arranged. the Miyaguchis (the surname meaning “the opening/mouth” of “palaces/celebration/places of worship” fittingly it’s almost like i chose it on purpose) are often reffered to as the “Buff” family. as stated better above, the Miyaguchis are not heroes, but they help make heroes. they usually marry people who, because of their quirks, are almost heroes so that their combined quirks up the chances that their children can become heroes (last name makes sense now, huh?? cuz they help make the doorway into become a pro-hero and the riches/celebration/worship/etc that comes with that). Motoka herself, as a child, was briefly engaged to a “quirk failure” in another family who her quirk could help salvage his genetic lineage rather than potentially doom his kids to share his same kinda fucked up quirk set– but not anymore, she’s no longer engaged, it’s fine (it’s actually probably not fine), she’s been single for a few years now, it’s fine (mmmm? [x] doubt)
the Miyaguchi family is seen as v controversial, they’re famous to the bnha world like the Kardashians/royal family are famous to us. they’re rich, they “do nothing”, they get into a lot of tabloid magazines, and the most famous members of the family are usually also the most widely hated by the public (Motoka tends to stay away from those relatives, but her dad is arguably one– tho he’s renowned as a sleepless, genius hermit, so like. he’s not as bad as the Kim Kardashians and whatnot of the family. being a “hermit” means he legit avoids the media, so at least there’s that, but still most of the people he meets tend not to like him) like the most famous example of peeps hating on of the Miyaguchi family is the Iidas/Miyaguchi beef. which runs deep, the Iidas do not like the Miyaguchis at all, they think the Miyaguchis are trashy gold-diggers and the Miyaguchis hate how snobby and elitist the Iidas are. because the Miyaguchis do go by their own code of honor tho, they aren’t all harlots (they’re just “stereotyped” as that). almost perfectly fitting a Buff family (as well as a family that may ask you to please go into a loveless marriage), again, the Miyaguchi motto is “Every little bit helps”. a moral and grand idea, fitting of heroes, that can be twisted into an understandably toxic mindset about sacrificing yourself and ignoring your own individual needs because whats a little more??? isnt “helpful” good??? you have a duty to your family, afterall. and considering all the distrust the Miyaguchis get, they tend to really retreat back into their family for safety in a Us VS Them way, making the pressure of “honor your family legacy, fulfill your duty”  i n t e n s e. at one point Motoka gets pissed at a v distant cousin for making actions and assumptions towards the individual as more important than the collective, the idea of sacrificial pawns, and calls her a “disgrace to your Miyaguchi blood” because Miyaguchis are raised to protect their own, family (chosen or biological) and future generations over all else. so this is  meant to be an example of one of those virtuous things that can turn into a vice, a noble idea that can become toxic, when pushed to an extreme y’know?? i love that kinda shit, its v dynamic and fun to explore for me
so yeah, Motoka does genuinely love and adore her family. she lives with her aforementioned hermit father, her grandparents, and her big sister (whose quirk is essentially Spidey-Sense)– and also eventually also one of her cousins moves is, but Noriko (mY BBY) isnt there until around the sports festival in the timeline of it all. Motoka and her mother aren’t talking. and if Motoka could have her way, theyd never talk again 
Motoka herself is a v fun character, to me at least. she gets angry and snippy (one of my favorite things ever is when she first meets Bakugou– thanks to her growing up with a psychological profiler for a grandfather– Motoka deduces his fragile ego and finding power in strength and intimidation, and then she shocked me by deciding to knock this asshole snarling at her down a peg.. by calling Bakugou “Peaches”. i love it so much, its so petty, it doesnt even affect Bakugou too much, but Motoka brings it back every time she’s mad at him anyway as an additional needle that pisses him off), which her anger is necessary for her quirk to qork, so it makes sense that she’s familar with the emotion. but because of her upbringing, Motoka does try to perform this kind of “perfect housewife” personality. and its hard for Motoka to know how much of herself is this learned performance and how much is her actual personality (is she really a nice person or is she acting nice as an appeasement to others? she’s never quite sure and it unnerves her). cuz Motoka knows she has a real personality outside of that upbringing– she does have a couple of lifelong friends (who are also.. her only long-term friends so far…), though its scary that Honenuki and Awase both seem so destined for “greater” things than her (and are even meeting and making friends with “greater"people than her at UA). but, in the meantime, she enjoys reading this manga called Two Piece (a One Piece genderbent reboot), watching every episode of The Nanny Rulebook as it airs (and for a terribly, bad soap opera/cheesy J-Drama kinda tv show, its has had a p long run-time and also, yes, Motoka has memorized the theme song and, yes, i made up “the dumbest possible” theme song for it), and Motoka loves going head-to-head with Awase in Battle of Brotherhood (a battle ropg that’s recently also become a mobile game app, she and Awase decided to share the same guild and beating hard quests been a great stress-reliever for whenever she’s frustrated), and Motoka also lowkey has “a thing” for burning stuff (nothing scary or anything! just stuff like receipts and holding matches until they almost burn her fingers-- it’s not a problem, it’s totally not an addiction, and, no, it has nothing to with that thing that happened when she was a kid, this is nothing, it doesn’t say anything about how  Motoka feels like she has no control of her life, of course not, she’s just quirky, really, it’s fine, everything is fine). these interests (or “interests”) help Motoka confirm within herself that shes not “brainwashed” by her upbringing because none of those interests are v ladylike or befitting a housewife. which Motoka then uses as evidence as to why she doesn’t feel grown-up enough, why she doesn’t feel ready for such a huge thing as marriage, she just needs more time-- to do this at her own pace, which serves as her initial spark of motivation to branch outside of her family’s goals for her
but anyway. Motoka’s own quirk is a bit complicated (i did a whole family history of quirks to logic out how her specific quirk could sensibly come into being cuz thats important to me, im v proud of her family’s quirk sets) but for brevity’s sake: Motoka can make unlucky shit happen. specifically, she can trigger unlucky shit to happen to whoever/whatever she’s mad at (and that she can see). it can get dangerous, to be consumed by anger and risk herself/others safety by being too angry and inducing a too-catastrophic freak accident (she once almost got a herself and another kid hit by a car the parking break had been “left” off through her quirk) and almost got them both killed cuz she was so mad. so, as a result, Motoka has had to learn to simmer her anger down through different outlets– so that she can instead focus that anger>>quirk into enacting smaller, unlucky things. like, she can make gadgets break (as long as she has a good idea how it works) or enable an opponent to land on some bad footing while she’s fighting them or to induce smaller, more controllable freak accidents to happen, like a flowerpots falling on someone’s head. her quirk doesn’t help endear people to want to be around her, especially considering the suspicions based on her family’s reputation already. but yeah, she does follows her family name, Motoka’s quirk really is just a glorified “Buff” (don’t say that to her tho) which makes you wonder how she got into 1-A
well, it’s cuz she didn’t.
Motoka’s only really even applied to UA because her grandma views UA’s attendance sheet as a rudimentary list of dating profiles. this, and college, are Motoka’s only times in life that she can potentially have a love-marriage rather than an arranged one (not that arranged-marriages are bad, Motoka’s big sister is very happy with her future wife for example, says having their grandparents narrow potential partners down made dating a very stress-free experience where she was confident in her partner’s matching values– and Motoka did enjoy getting to hang out with that kid who was her fiancee for a hot minute, they grew to be good friends). the romance pressure is from Motoka’s grandmother, mostly, but her less-immediate family members are also v interested in one another’s love lives and Motoka is “getting to that age” where she really start thinking about her future. Motoka’s grandfather isn’t an echo chamber of his wife, however. he’s the more “liberal” one in their marriage, but in the sense that he says Motoka can either “become a rich man” or else she’s “got to marry one” (“or woman, if you’re like your sister”) in order to ensure that Motoka’s future will be secure and stable after the adults supporting her current life-style pass on 
so her years at UA are also kind of her one chance to try to make it big if she wants to avoid (or, at least for now, a better word would be “procrastinate”) getting engaged>>married so quickly, which Motoka kind of wants to do. she wants the luxury of a free timeline, to do what she wants at her own pace, but to get it, she’s gotta figure out how support herself and the most straight-forward, “my family cannot fight me on this if i do it in this way” method to accomplish Motoka’s goal would be UA’s Hero Program 
being in the Hero Program, in either class, would make this whole thing much easier, buying Motoka more time (cuz she is fully expected to “collect” potential powerful suitors while she’s at UA and being in the Hero Program’s isolationist curriculum helps negate that expectation a bit while also exposing herself to powerful quirk-users her grandmother would support as suitors) and it’d guarantee Motoka a successful and high-paying job immediately out of UA/college (as opposed to trying to find some high-roller job with a degree and a non-Hero-skillset right out of college) which would buy Motoka even more time (and buy Motoka her grandfather’s support that, no, Motoka is fine and doesn’t need to start looking for a spouse right now if she doesn’t want to-- her future is independently sustainable), and ergo would also not be pissing anyone off cuz “Every little bit helps” right?? she’d be doing good, helping people-- so getting int the Hero Course would be so great
so it’s a real fucking shame that Motoka is in General instead, but Motoka’s always been pretty unlucky in that kinda way (and if Motoka’s own quirk has taught her anything-- she is fully capable of changing the luck of the draw)
so thats my premise. it gets shockingky more complicated as i plot everything out (im still only at about Season 3 in the anime in terms of plotting (tho i still want to plot more candid moments and threads between Motoka and her “suitors” throughout S1 and S2)) i also just have no motivation to actually write it rn cuz… school winter is coming at the end of this month, and my scholarship pays my rent so long as i take a full load so that shit takes mega priority rn like, fuck, man (+i hate online learning. this semester is gonna be so hard..)
but yeah, i like the idea. its a fun premise and i think Motoka is a fun character to have a kinda harem around. i really dont know who shell end up with. i also really love the Miyaguchi family and their craziness. and i love the ideas ive had so far as to how and why Motoka connects to who in the bnha cast that she does, and how shit progresses (like Noriko… my darling bby girl… i wish she was a part of the story much sooner, i love her). my favorite thing tho is def exploring the shit bnha has established in its worldbuilding but hasnt explored. i have several of those veins of thought that i am v excited to explore via characterization (i often create characters as answers to questions i have. the Miyaguchis came from the initial question of “What about the people who actively pursue quirk marriages tho?? This cant just be a one-off, occasional individual like Endeavour, this idea has gotta be more wide-spread for it to have an actual NAME and REPUTATION– How did it get that reputation?? Is there anything good about it?? Any positive spin or variation esp since Endeavor already shows THE WORST side of it???”)
but yeah. thats Motoka. shes a really fun character and her storyline so far has also been a really fun ride to plot out ♡♡♡
i assume this answer went beyond what you were asking but thank you for indulging me if you read this far!! i again apologize for making you wait for such a needless reason. your question was v sweet and adorable and-- once i stepped outside my own head and reassesed my knee-jerk reaction as unnecessary-- it really made my chest warm and heart glow at your honest and simple interest in what ive been working on. feel free to ask more questions on anon, off, or in my DMs maybe (im v drained these days tho and instant messaging takes a specific kinda energy i dont always got, so my DMs are not a guarantee that i will reply quickly– but my track record so far is that, whenever im spoken to, i will almost always reply well within the week) im v much a person who likes spoilers so i dont mind sharing more and spoiling my own story in private at this plotting stage. but as of rn??? i cannot share more cuz, alas, it is way past my bedtime and i gotta sleep lmao
anyway, i hope you enjoyed! have a good day!! much love!! and thank you again! ♡♡♡
Tumblr media
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Emanet 112. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish subs)
Emanet 112. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish subs)
Emanet 112. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 112 Promo (English & Spanish subs) Category Film & Animation Description: Abone Ol / Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2TLyNnG Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the … TopTrengingTV Hunting the most trend video of the moment, every hour every day 24/7. ⚙️ Published At: 2021-02-08T18:20:54Z…
Tumblr media
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