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#Legendary Pictures
Misread closed account’s ask as “what would be Godzilla’s behavior when he and Madison start dating sometime,” but given Cold Blooded King and your whole Godzilla Boy AU thing I doubt that’s too far outside the realm of possibility lol Wonder what Mark’s reaction would be, doubt he’d be happy to find out his daughter’s dating a giant radioactive lizard

Heh, well for one thing me and the author follow each other (on Twitter, and keep it at that) and I see her fanfic following similar to the 2005 King Kong relationship with Goji and Maddie from what I have seen. As for Mark’s reaction, he totally would freak out like any dad would.

And I’m surprised you know about my Godzilla Boy AU.

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Misread flippythezilla's ask as the person saying that she is like Emma rather than saying Madison is like Emma and am now picturing Madison being stalked by some crazy lady claiming to be her mother

Oh trust me, she would definitely wouldn’t lay a hand on Madison with Monarch keeping a close eye the psycho lady. Or Madison just bitch slaps her with a close hand to tell her to leave her alone.

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Godzilla Vs King Kong

The movie comes out this year, and while unfortunately delayed till November, my Hype could not be any higher! As a huge fan of G14, K:SI, and Kotm, I am fully invested in the legendary Godzilla movies. So I would like to present this piece of art, not by me, but by a friend who made this for my birthday a few years back. It deserves to be shared Among Us Kaiju fans.

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king of monsters; HOly shit

Supercon pic… what we new gen have to cover for hardcore


Legendary pictures: See all that.


as newcomer we’ve got like one or two toys in that line up

I don’t know merch rules but uh Mothra’s a toughie eh? she’s but she’s his queen shouldn’t she get equal love?!

Godzilla newbie- Me

Months sitting in my phone that dude is multi fandom cons

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Day 3- Dating Start!

Hope, the world’s best best friend and wingwoman.

Sans is wearing a tuxedo shirt, Natalie is wearing a hoodie that says “Slightly Nicer Hoodie” on it, and Hope got a maid costume from who-knows-where.

/ / /

Awww so cute! Love the “slightly nicer hoodie”. Also, what a good friend >:D

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