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Whenever I think of a sign, I think of a colour:

Aries: Red (bro idk why, maybe bc it’s daring like you)

Taurus: Green (you’re giving me calm vibes, like nature. I love nature.)

Gemini: Grey (you’re a storm of smth alright. I always have to fix smth after you)

Cancer: Orange (crabs are orange since I was 5… Plus yall neutral like orange.)

Leo: A mix between red and orange (you look good in red, I suppose)

Virgo: bronze (you’re elegant and you’d look good in bronze- kinda greek god/ess vibes)

Libra: blue-grey (like glass. Idk why really but its a vibe)

Scorpio: purple (you remind me of an intense piece of art, which I associate with purple)

Sagittarius: blue (simple and everywhere)

Capricorn: brown and dark green (also simple but mysterious ;) call me)

Aquarious: aqua-blue (yall special and I find sea water special- the one in Bora Bora and stuff…plus…you know… Aqua)

Pisces: baby blue (cuz yall like babies: innocent but immature)

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omg! your dream-brain is really loving too much! I’m glad this didn’t happen irl for you, especially being rejected like that :-( you’re a lovely person and no one should actually ever say that you!

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because mars’ orbit is farther from the sun than that of the earth, it can fall in any sign of the zodiac (unlike mercury and venus, which are always relatively near the sun). the planet influences our physical energy levels, assertiveness, competitiveness, and sex drives. mars also shows how easily we are roused to anger, as it governs the flow of adrenaline in our systems.


the fiery enthusiasm, energy, and assertiveness of mars are well complimented in leo, and this placing gives excellent organizational ability and powers of leadership. nevertheless, the individual must guard against becoming too pushy, especially with others who are less extroverted.

the emotions are positively increased, and there will be a great love of life; special pleasure will be gained from enabling others to be happy and enjoy themselves. the sex life will be full, rewarding, and colorful, but if mars is negatively aspected by saturn, energy will be spent more unevenly than is usual when these two planets are at loggerheads. there is usually a sense of drama, and while this can be fun, it must be controlled - as must a tendency to exaggerate and show off, which can become bombastic at times. there is a genuine hatred of small-mindedness and petty behavior. the temper is generally quick (almost as much as when mars is in aries), but leo magnanimity means all will be forgiven and forgotten equally quickly.

a passion for art and creativity is often shown. if painting or design is enjoyed, there is usually a flair for color - especially hot, sunny shades. if the sun sign complements the mars placing (being another fire sign, for instance), the subject will look for such colors when choosing clothes, which will also allow plenty of movement.

a need for exercise - if overenthusiasm is consciously controllled or is countered by other, somewhat more sober elements in the chart, this placing is a marvelously invigorating one. it adds a certain robustness to the health, but look to the spine, which could be prone to strain, especially if the subject is confined to an office desk for long hours at a time. a backrest chair would be an excellent and perhaps necessary investment. as leo rules the heart, you should also encourage steady exercise, whatever the age of the subject. this does not mean that they will be prone to heart attacks, but it is good to remember that the heart is a powerful muscle - a machine - and, like all machines, will work better and longer if it is kept well oiled and sensibly used. for exercise, all kinds of dancing are to be recommended, as are workouts at a well-equipped health club.


here is a hard and willing worker. in order to counter tension, mars needs positive aspects from the sun, moon, mercury, or venus, since the virgo influence on martian energy is inclined to tighten it. while there is a chance of a powerful level of nervous energy, this placing can easily make the individual edgy, tense, and pretty restless. there is often a need for constant activity; if that can be expressed in a controlled, practical way by devising and keeping to a steady routine or timetable, all will be well. should mars receive, say, negative aspects (especially squares) from the sun, mercury, or uranus, the ability to relax completely and unwind can be severely inhibited. in time, this can lead to an upset stomach due to nerves and sometimes migraines. skin allergies, again as a result of tension or perhaps due to an unacceptable diet, can also occur occasionally.

attention to detail - on the positive side, the individual usually works hard and willingly, and although we cannot ever say that mars bestows patience, they are often able to work in a detailed way, leaving no stone unturned in attaining a particular objective.

the passion of mars is reduced and, while the individual may feel very strongly about such important issues as the environment and nature conservancy (and can spend a great deal of time and energy in furthering such causes), the martian influence on the sex life is uneasy, since virgo and mars are not very happy bedfellows. the discrimination of virgo versus the sexual needs of mars can clash, so look to venus (it will be particularly helpful in this respect if it makes a positive aspect to mars) and to the venus sign to see if there is a counter to this tendency. the lunar influence may help, because the emotions are not increased by mars in virgo.

a secret ambition is sometimes nurtured, but a lack of self-confidence can prevent its fruition and may even intervene when the subject has to carry responsibility for any length of time. emotional tension can be relieved by relaxation - yoga usually works well. ingenuity is present, perhaps shown in model making or the development of machines, but too much attention to detail, with a poor grasp of the overall plan, may cramp the style. the influence of jupiter or an emphasis on sagittarius may help here. if recommending exercise to the subject, cycling, hiking, or jogging will prove rewarding.


the need for love, harmony, and a good relationship are enhanced by an increased sexuality in this placing. even so, the energy of mars is not at its best in libra since, while sometimes the individual will be energetic and enthusiastic, at others they will take an extremely relaxed attitude, saying, “I can’t be bothered.” that will be the truth, although other excuses may be made for not getting moving. venus and mars are so often bracketed together that one would expect mars to work well from this sign, but the tradition is that its energy is weakened when it is placed in libra, the willpower is reduced, and there is less inclination to use the physical energy. however, mars will certainly stimulate the sexuality of libra, and should there be other planets in this sign (you will find a lot of people with neptune in libra, for instance), the quintessentially libran sense of romance and idealism will be enlivened and expressed in a more physical way.

the libran tendency to fall in love with love should not be forgotten. when mars is placed in this sign, the inclination is also to fall in love at first sight, and as a result the subject will suffer considerable heartbreak and learn lessons the hard way. look for steadying influences to control the emotions - a trine between the moon and saturn, for instance.

relating to others - good perception is usually present, and often considerable intuition, so the subject should be encouraged to develop these qualities - especially when considering a new relationship. it is important for the individual with this placing to accept that they tend to quarrel very easily. it is not a bad thing to express our feelings when something annoys or upsets us, but there can be a tendency to overdo this, so encourage the subject to think twice before being verbally aggressive, especially toward a lover.

as far as the health is concerned, there can be a preponderance of headaches, the reason for which may be slight kidney upsets. all the same, we have a sneaking suspicion that at times these might be feigned when the individual isn’t in the mood, or is feeling too lazy, for sex. on the whole, exercise may not be popular, but some form of lyrical movement can be attractive, as can a health club where there is a pleasantly relaxing social scene after workouts. encourage an interest in tennis, badminton, or squash, which will strengthen the flow of martian energy and generally speed up the metabolism, which may otherwise be rather slow.


this placing will be a focal point of the chart, since mars was the ruler of scorpio before pluto was discovered. old textbooks may declare that mars (rather than pluto) rules scorpio, but this is out of line with modern astrological thought. nevertheless, the influence is a powerful one and should be given full attention.

the heavy emotion of scorpio is intensified by the passion of mars, and it is essential that someone with this placing finds rewarding and satisfying sexual expression. do not dismiss this statement as a generalization; while we all need sexual fulfillment, if this is not forthcoming for someone with mars in scorpio, there will be resentfulness and a brooding unhappiness that may be hard to pin down if the individual is not consciously aware of their problems - sometimes obsessive tendencies emerge.

a tendency toward excess - there is wonderful potential in this placing, and if the emotions related to all spheres of life are allowed to flow positively, we find brilliant engineers, miners, specialists in the wine trade, and many other professions who have mars in scorpio. on the negative side, jealousy can be a problem, and in extreme circumstances, the subject may show vengeful tendencies. there will be a love of good food and sometimes a liking for really living it up!

here are the ones who go all out; for instance, when they decide they need to lose weight, they will go on a severe crash diet - then have a large and calorific celebration once they have achieved their goal! if the love of food and drink gets out of hand, it may be that they are compensating for a lack of emotional fulfillment. try to talk problems through; there may be a tendency to gloss over difficulties, as the subject can be very secretive. it is vital that these people are emotionally involved in their careers because, while moneymaking is immensely important to them, the forceful and highly charged energies of mars should be fully expressed through work.

the physical energy of mars will be plentiful, and as the placing adds considerable determination (often stubbornness), heavy exercise - and sometimes martial arts - are usually enjoyed. water sports are also very popular. as the genitals are governed by scorpio, any inflammation or slight problem in that area should not be ignored. mothers of babies with this placing should take particular precautions to avoid diaper rash, which could cause above-average discomfort.


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Astrology observations :)

(this is a compilation of all my previous notes)

🌻I noticed that Taurus suns are either supeeeer shyy or very sociable and popular, there’s no in between

🌻Literally every Capricorns sun/moon i’ve met had a lot of family issues, usually strict or missing parents.

🌻I noticed that Pisces people tend to have trouble waking up, they also sleep A LOT and EVERYWHERE

🌻The house your jupiter is in indicates where you’re gonna meet your partner [Exp : Jupiter in 10th might meet their partner at work, Jupiter in 12th might meet their partner in a hospital.]

🌻Pluto in 2nd house likes wearing black

🌻Jupiter in 9th loves astronomy

🌻I noticed that the sign in your 11th house is usually the sign of one of your close friends. I have scorpio in my 11th house and my best friend is a scorpio moon and dominant while she has pisces in 11th house and i’m a pisces moon and dominant

🌻I noticed that moon signs act more like the stereotype than sun signs

Example : Scorpio stereotype is that they’re intimidating, intense etc but almost all Scorpio suns i know are very sweet and bubbly, on the other hand Scorpio moons are very dark and intense.

🌻Libra/Taurus/Cancer/Pisces mercuries have the best voices

🌻All leos i know LOOVE cats !! 

🌻I believe that when we are kids, we act more like our IC in our sidereal chart, and when we are teens we act like the IC in our tropical chart.

Exemple : I used to be soo innocent and shy as a kid, i was very timid and naive and i couldn’t defend myself, but when i became a teenager, i became VERY bold and brave and confident. I have Pisces IC in sidereal and Aries IC in tropical.

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Zev’sonya: *stands in the kitchen, drying tears*

Leave-it/Leo: !!! *Runs over and grabs her shoulders* “Who did this to you??”

Zev: *confused* “Uh… I’m just cutting onions.” *Holds up knife, gestures to kitchen counter behind her*

Leo: *Grabs the knife, shoves her aside with fire in his eyes* “Let me at ‘em!” *Chops with a vengeance* “Take that! And that! And that!”

Zev: *Leans over, peeks over his shoulder, raises her eyebrows as she sees him chopping away and doing it quite well* “…The carrots were kind of mean to me too.”

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(The seven at a ‘take one’ Halloween candy bucket)

Percy: takes two or three, but sneaks more even if no one is there

Annabeth: takes one

Jason: takes one or two

Piper: takes five

Leo: grabs the whole thing and runs

Frank: takes two and only two.

Hazel: takes the smallest one, the least popular, so that other kids can have their favorite

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Today, October 27, 2020💫

Astrology Transits by TripleAqua💜


Originally posted by datnicky

  • Pisces Moon 20° conjunct Pisces Neptune 18° (2° orb)- 0535 EST

Dreamy, passive, unbalanced. This is the energy that can be felt today. This can make us hypersensitive, which can weaken our nervous system and create unknown or easily influenced anxiety. We may want to be alone with our thoughts early in the morning. Avoiding the truth could be possible as well. Expect to have realistically, vivid dreams with a heightened imagination. Emotions run high, so unexplained crying or overreactions can become present.


Originally posted by samuelantonioroncalminano

  • Scorpio Mercury rx opposite Taurus Lilith- 0633 EST

Challenging secrets may be revealed. Taurus Lilith encourages us to survive & stand our ground. With this energy, some may have to do whatever is needed to be done to survive, despite external judgement. In turn, this can create a hostile conversation or unpleasant realization. Something that no one wants to acknowledge could find its way to the surface.


Originally posted by funmetaljoker

  • Pisces Moon 20° sextile Capricorn Jupiter 20° (exact 0° orb)- 0950 EST 

A really positive energy that can bring us social success and material gains today. Can create a positive outlook on life with the feeling of sincerity. Interests may peak in art/crafts. Optimistic & feeling good.

  • Pisces Moon 20° sextile Capricorn Pluto 2 2° (2° orb)- 1353 EST

This energy awakens our sentimental endeavors. We actually will feel enjoyment with action and adventure. There may be a desire to travel or plan a trip. Be sure to double check any reservations or planning with Mercury & Mars still in retrograde!

*The 3 favorable aspects of the Pisces Moon and Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto gives us a powerful opening for spiritual stimulation. Meditation could bring an awakening or epiphany. These aspects also gives us stronger imaginations, gain in sympathy, positive outcomes in legal cases, and intense feelings of love and interests.*


Originally posted by anon-i-mus

  • Venus leaves Virgo & enters Libra ♎️- 2133 EST (ends November 21, 2020)

Today is a big Libra energy day! With both Venus & Mercury entering Libra within minutes apart, a break from any negative astrological transits should be in order. Venus enters it’s home sign of Libra bringing friendly, kind, and extremely personable influences. We can find us taking interest in all things beautiful; music, art, fashion, creativity, poetry. Libra Venus can help us remember what we love about the people closest to us & put us in a better mood for compromising.

  • Mercury rx leaves Scorpio & enters Libra ♎️- 2149 EST (Libra Mercury rx goes direct November 3, 2020 & enters back into Scorpio on November 10, 2020)

With all the Libra energy happening at once, the urge to show off our artistic talents can emerge. The collective should show a higher aesthetic sense and we should all seek harmony & balance more than usual. Mercury rx encourages us to face our shadow, and in Libra, it brings out relationship issues & karma once again to make sure we are working on finding healthier connections & eliminating any extra baggage that is in the way of finding balance. It can bring up issues from September (when Mercury was in Libra then) and invite us to review the lessons we went through before entering intense, deep Scorpio for a second time. Any underlying manipulation or controlling dynamic needs to be uncovered and solved. This means communication with the people we love needs to be open & honest.


Originally posted by milhistoriasincreibles

-TripleAqua 💜🔮

Natal Chart Interpretations🪐, Tarot Readings 🔮, Holistic Healer🌿, Crystal Healer 💎

💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫

Venmo~ TripleAqua

Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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The Signs Respond to ‘Fuck You’ :

Aries: “Buy me dinner first and we’ll see.”

Taurus: “You forgot the ‘May I’ part.”

Gemini: “When, where, and how?”

Cancer: “Right now? Honey, we’re in public.”

Leo: “Oh, honey, you wish.”

Virgo: “I would but, i have standards.”

Libra: “Get in line sweetheart.”

Scorpio: “Ooo that's my job not yours.”

Sagittarius: “I mean if you say so…”

Capricorn: “sorry my Schedule is Full”

Aquarius: “No thank you.”

Pisces: “Oof I’ll pass on that one.”

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