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incorrect-targon-quotes · 11 hours ago
Leona: You have no idea how much I hate you.
Diana: Oh, I do. It keeps me warm at night.
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pet-pet-peet · a month ago
What about some hcs of Malleus, Leona, Jamil, idia and Riddle with an s/o with a ridiculously laid-back and accepting family who welcome their new boyfriend with open arms, seeing him as a new part of the family? I just wanna see these boys get validation ;-;
Omg I love them and yes they deserve this acceptance ;;;;
Also, this kinda sounds like my family (even though I’ve never brought anyone home to meet them, they’re pretty chill)
I’m gonna keep the parent’s gender ambiguous as well, since I want this to be general! There will be two parental figures, though
Tw: some self-doubt (characters)
Pairing(s): Malleus, Leona, Jamil, Idia, Riddle x gn reader (separate)
Tumblr media
He’s not showing it, but he’s veeerrryy nervous
His darling’s parents? He must be on his best behavior!
You have to give his hand a little squeeze to reassure him, he’ll be fine
Both of you have the same concern, and it’s how you’re parents will react to you dating a fae
Much less the fae prince, but like- go off, be flexin
You let him know before you head out to your home that you’ll stay with him regardless of what your family thinks, he’s thankful he has that reassurance if anything goes wrong
You make it to your parent’s place and he looks so calm and charming as they open the door and invite you in
He sees that they notice his ears and fangs, and gets prepared for the onslaught of questioning-
But instead, your parents just ask if he was a fae and that’s it- like, so chill-
“Ah, you’re a fae, right? Not to be rude, just curious, we’ve never met a fae before,” One of your parents says
They don’t delve too deep into his personal life, either
He’s very pleasantly surprised, and visibly relaxes as you all have dinner
When he tells them that he’s a prince and heir to the throne in the Valley of Thorns, they react politely
“Ah, neat!”
They do ask some serious questions about what that might entail for your future together, but other than those precautions they love him!
Tumblr media
He’s not nervous at all, it’s kind of impressive actually-
You have told him about how cool your parents tend to be, so that’s mostly why he isn’t too worried
The other part is that he knows that your relationship is ultimately your decision, so he doesn’t think much of the opinions of others
He still tries to dress well, at least, so he can look the part as he knows meeting your parents means a lot to you
He’s completely calm as you knock on the door, even smiles a bit when one of your parents opens the door and greets you
Silent concerns would only be that he doesn’t want them to judge him for being a second born prince, since that’s a topic he wants to avoid altogether
He does briefly mention it in his introduction to gauge your parent’s reactions
He felt a bit..weird at how chill they were about it
“Oh, I see! Well, that’s nice.”
And he’s like wh- your child is dating a prince and that’s how you react?
He kind of likes the muted reaction, though. Too many times has his status been seen as a big deal when he’s not even in line to be King, which felt more like a punch to the face than anything
He becomes more comfortable...which is bad for you
Now he’s teasing you in front of your parents ahahhhh..
It doesn’t take long for your parents to start poking jabs at you, too-
The rest of the night is occasional questions for Leona and teasing remarks for you
Tumblr media
He’s visibly concerned
Family is a big deal to him, so he wants to make sure he makes a good impression on your parents
He’s a low-key visibly concerned, though, if that makes sense
Will ask about if his hair looks good, if he’s dressed appropriately, what he should say to greet them, etc. Asks in a calm tone, though
You calm him down and let him know that he’s fine, that they’ll love him, but he’s still concerned
His main issue is his family position, he doesn’t want your parents to convince you that he’s unworthy of you becomes he comes from a family of servants
You can kind of gather why he’s tense, so you rub circles on his hand with your thumb to help him relax
Once you make it to your parent’s door, though, he’s got the ‘just fine’ act down to a T
Smiles kindly at your parent and gives them a compliment after introducing himself
Your parents are very pleasant to him right off the bat, so that helps his nerves a little
They ask him some questions and he ends up getting to the topic of his family and their status
You can see him tense as he talks about it
Your parents are very understanding of him, and low-key supportive
“Sucks that that’s how it is, but at least you’re a good kid!”
Like they did with Tsunotaro, they go into more questions on how your future might be, but support your relationship regardless
Tumblr media
Please calm him down, he’s gonna pass out-
You need to give him constant reassurances that he’s great and they’ll love him
So so worried
You knock on the door while he tries to appear more confident, going over how he’s gonna introduce himself repeatedly
Your parents open the door and greet him, the prep goes out the window-
Idia.exe has stopped working
You end up introducing him while he collects himself
Your parents are so amused- poor Idia-
You sit down for dinner and he starts to get slightly more comfortable when you keep your hands intertwined
Your parents ask questions for the first half so he can get more comfortable with them, too
Second half isn’t so easy, they’re having a field day flustering him
“I see why you two are dating, he has a charm when it comes to people~”
By the end of the night, your parents are grinning in satisfaction while Idia is sinking in his chair
They honestly love him, though
With how smart he is, based on what you told them, they’re comfortable with the idea of you two staying together
Tumblr media
He’s pretty held together, actually
You would think he’s be super nervous, since that’s how he gets when you ask to meet his parents, but he’s calm and collected
He even makes a few jokes with you on the way, totally fine
Your parents answer the door to him greeting them regally, which caught them a bit off guard but they rolled with it
First impressions are impressive
You have to stop one of your parents before they make a joke about his height, it’s going too well and you won’t let it turn for the worst!
He offers to help set the table for dinner, which was appreciated and accepted by your parents
They ask pretty standard questions about the future, which he answers in ways that seemed to satisfy them
He does mention his anger issues, wanting to be transparent with them
The parent who was going to make a short joke put two and two together from there
They seemed a bit concerned about it, but were willing to be optimistic when he told them he was working on it
“If you are, then I guess it’s fine. Anyway, how did you meet?”
Just straight up moves on, which Riddle appreciated
He doesn’t mention anything about his mom, which is probably for the best since that could put a bit of a damper on your parents’ moods
Overall, they like him and have faith in your relationship
*All Images are official art from Twisted Wonderland and do not belong to me. They are the Lab Coat Groovy card art
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natewriteslol · 4 months ago
Love is in the Air
Summary: When an accident during a lab experiment in Mr. Crewel’s class goes haywire, Leona just can’t keep your hands off of you. You and the gang have to get him back to normal, or would it be too late? 
Y/N is gender neutral 
Warnings: none, just close contact and cussing 
Part One --->Part Two
Tumblr media
It was in the afternoon during one of Crewel’s lectures, you were counting down the minutes to leave especially since it was Friday. You were so ready to have a movie night with all of your friends. Sending out texts to everyone, and almost everyone said yes!
Except for Leona. 
You guys weren’t exactly great friends… well you really weren’t friends at all. Sure you helped each other, and much to his dismay were partnered up for class. Leona hated you to be honest, and the only reason you invited him was because Ruggie and Jack would be there. He was their friend, senior, and fellow beastman. 
But he declined, “Absolutely not.” 
So it was pretty awkward being sat next to him in class as he stared at you… and then to be paired up for this potion making. 
The whole point of the potion was to make an incredibly potent potion that helped with the acceleration of blood flow. Makes your heart beat fast, easy right?
Not when you’re working with Leona. 
He was just being more difficult, and his activity in your project would have been useful if it weren’t so damn negative. It seemed as though the lion beastman was completely ignoring you and anything you had to say. 
It all happened so quickly, he pinched the bright blue powder and placed it in the small cauldron. 
“Leona! The frog’s toe doesn’t go with Siren Ash!” 
Leona just laughed at you, “Everyone knows this spell like the back of their hand, that’s not Siren ash it’s Siren scales. Only an idiot would mess that up.” It was only until he looked at the labels of the bags that he realized he poured in Siren ash.
You quickly jumped back, Leona was encased in the blue fog that was now turning a bright pink hue. 
The mist left as fast as it came, leaving Leona clutching the dark wooden desk. You ran quickly to him, “Holy shit, Leona! Are you okay?” Clutching his arm, yet keeping your distance since you knew the beastman hated to be touched. 
Leona turned to look at you, his cat-like eyes going from normal to his pupils going completely blown out. 
Mr. Crewel had come, ending class early to evacuate everyone from the premises. 
“Are you two alright? Mr. Kingscholar?” Mr. Crewel asked. 
“Mr. Crewel his pupils are really dilated,” you cried out, turning Leona to look at your teacher.  
“I-I feel fine, quit bugging m-” Leona tried to growl out but was quickly stopped by a cough, a cloud of pink smoke in the shape of a heart crawled out of his mouth. He stumbled, needing support from both you and Crewel. You got even more freaked out about Leona’s condition. 
As you both carried him down the stairs Crewel however let out a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness, it’s nothing at all serious.” 
“What do you mean Professor Crewel?” you asked, confused as to this could be anything but serious. 
“Well, it is serious for you and how you plan to approach this situation. However, a failure to perform this type of potion would be deemed a great threat to Mr. Kingscholar’s life. Possibly causing some form of heart disease. However, his symptoms indicate something else more… emotional” Crewel finished.
You both placed the half conscious Leona down in the chair that sat in front of Crewel’s desk. Your teacher quickly started to check and see if he had the components to make an antidote for  the spell, yet you still were confused by your teacher’s comment. 
“Wait, what do you mean by that, Mr. Crewel?”
“Him using Siren’s ash instead of Siren’s scales made it a love potion, affecting the emotional heart rather than the physical heart, my dear,” Crewel said.  
“And while it takes a day to only a couple of hours to sink in and take effect, I unfortunately don’t have the Rosemary that I need. And delivery from the MMC (Magic Materials Center) takes up to a week,” Crewel said, frustrated.  “I ask you to please take care of him for the time being and take him to the infirmary to rest. I will be continuing research in order to fix this mess.”
You obeyed Crewel, taking him to the infirmary, thanking whatever higher power there was that  he was barely conscious. Eventually having Leona taken out of your hands by the stronger Savannaclaw students. 
You had movie night without Ruggie and Jack, seeing as they would be tending to their dorm head. But you definitely weren’t unscathed by your friends from the situation you were in. 
“H-holy shit! So you accidently made a love potion!” Ace cackled. 
“Oh my god imagine Leona being all doting on them” Deuce snickered, trying his hardest to be sympathetic to your situation but failing. 
“Hey baby~” Ace says leaning up against the wall, but he’s quickly cut off by his own wheeze. 
“You guys this is serious, I’m kinda scared that he’s in danger,” you said, leaning into the beanbag chair. 
“I doubt it, with most potion accidents they end up being all woosy and they’re fine. Don’t sweat it, Y/N!” Ace said, with a smile. 
“Thanks, both of you. I feel alot better,” you replied, feeling reassured by the both of them. I mean they’re probably right! 
What’s the worst that could happen? 
It was the next day, a beautiful Saturday morning. Everything seemed completely normal until you got a phone call from Ruggie. 
“Y/N! Get over to the Savannaclaw dorm now, it’s urgent! Don’t bring Grim!”
Shit, you totally fucked up. You were going to be torn to shreds by Leona. Knowing that you ran to go accept your fate and didn’t bring Grim.
It would be a tragedy to see your guardian be slaughtered in front of you after all. 
You have never even seen full on pissed Leona, just mildly upset or annoyed. So for Ruggie to freak out like this, you prepared for the worse. 
Once you got there breathed out a sigh of relief, “Thanks for coming, please go talk to him, Leona’s been acting super weird!” 
More angry than usual?! Oh you were in for it now. You opened the door to his room, seeing him sitting on his bed, his back turned to the door. 
You decided to start the conversation, after all it was your fault that this happened. 
“Leona, I’m so sorry. I totally messed up and I know that doesn’t cut it but I’m just really sorry-'' you stopped as he started to move over to your position near the door. Placing his hand near your face, kabendoning you. 
You’re cornered, nowhere to run from the lion beastman. 
This was the end for y-
“What are you talking about?” He giggled, looking into your eyes. 
W h a t .
“I-I thought you were mad at me,” You said, incredibly scared that Leona had been driven to madness. 
“Stupid, I could never be mad at you,” He smiled, his fangs poking through. Leona gently placed his hand under your chin to give you a couple kisses on the forehead. 
“C’mon come sit down with me,” Leona said, taking your hand and putting you on the bed. 
“W-wait Leona!” you exclaimed, trying to wrap your head around things “Are you okay? Do you feel alright?” 
“I feel fine, even better since you’re here” he grinned. 
“But, don’t you remember the potion accident that happened yesterday? You were coughing up smoke, and you were barely conscious. I kinda have to take care of you since it was my fault and-” 
“Oh yeah, the explosion in potion’s class. Now I remember,” Leona remarked, placing his hand under his chin. “But... take care of me, you said?”
“Yeah, that’s what Crewel told me to do-” but you quickly cut yourself off since he was moving closer. 
“Hmm, I’m feeling like I need something from you, my herbivore,” he purred, placing his hand on your thigh. You felt like you were going to faint, all this attention from him was too much. 
I mean, sure you were super into him, seeing him around the NRC campus. But as soon as you got the chance to meet him, he opened his mouth…
“You stupid herbivore.”
“Enough barking you hyena.”
“I would rather die than help you.” 
Wasn’t exactly ideal. But this was completely different, a change for the better! And while it was pleasant, you realized this wasn’t really him, he was under a potion spell. And while he was incredibly disrespectful, Leona couldn’t consent to this. 
So you immediately shaped up, prying his hands off of you, “I’m sorry but I have to go talk to Crewel right now!”
“But baby-” 
“It’s an emergency! I-I’ll be back I promise!” And you were off, racing out of Leona’s bedroom to talk to Crewel. 
 Ruggie was right, Leona is out of his mind!
You came to Crewel, panting since you ran the whole way as you didn’t want Leona to catch up to you. 
“Mr.Crewel, Leona has gone crazy,” you panted out, sitting in the chair in front of him. 
“What do you mean by that, pup?” Crewel asked, as he flipped through papers. 
“H-he kept touching me, he gave me kisses on the forehead and acted as though I was his partner or something. I almost died!” you finally got out “Leona hates me, and I know he’s not in his right mind.” 
Crewel smirked, he found your situation quite funny in how flustered you were getting from all this attention from the beastmen. 
“Well, here’s the thing about this type of potion you two accidently brewed,” Crewel explained “This potion brings out the internal romantic feelings of a person.”
“So this means that Leona’s affection toward you isn’t random. His loving nature for you and others just bubbled to the surface due to the judgmental part of his brain that criticizes actions of love is completely gone at the moment,” Crewel finished. 
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Child Au
*Mc plays with Child Malleus*
Mc: *Mc hides behind the couch* Malleus where is Mc?
Child Malleus:...
Mc: *still behind the cough* Malleus where is Mc?
Child Malleus: * is really starting to panic* Where Mc is? SEBEK I LOST MC!!!
Child Leona: *Pointing behind the couch* Mc is there you idiot!
Child Malleus: *hug Mc* Mc, never disappear again.
Child Leona: You saw when Mc went behind the couch and you're still confused.
Child Malleus:... *just stare Leona*
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miraclebeliver · 12 days ago
Hello, it's me again! Headcannons where Leona, Azul, and Kalim get turned into a child due to a potion mishap. So the reader has to take care of them. :)) Have fun~
hey @thecurrator, I finally did it. this request is so adorable! and I hope you like it :)
request: leona, azul and kalim turns into a child, now their s/o has to take care of them.
pairings: leona kingscholar x reader, azul ashengrotto x reader, kalim al-asim x reader
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
you were at ramshackle when a panicked jack came running to you and dragged you to savanaclaw dorms without an explanation
when you saw this lazy child laying on leona's bed with ruggie anxiously pacing around the room
you asked if the child was leona's nephew or something because they looked similar to you
but it was leona, like, actual leona
ruggie told you that he had, for once, went to his class and had an accident in alchemy
but ruggie reassured you that professor crewel was prepairing an antidote though
leona wasn't even bothered with the whole debacle and was determined to sleep through all of it.
He pulled you into the bed with his tiny hands and cuddled you, even as child leona is strong
So now you have a sleepy child clinging to you, everywhere you went
child leona is very bratty and bosses people around more than usual, not a very well behaved toddler but he gets brownie points for being cute
but when he has his portable pillow which is you he is usually happy
he has to have what he wants to eat or he refuses to eat it
"this is why I don't go to classes, they are a pain in ass."
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
You were doing your homework in your room when Grim called you downstairs
where you saw Jade with a baby in his arms, who was crying pretty loud
the baby looked really familier so you asked him who the child was
He said Azul
Okay so the baby is Azul, you asked just to confirm which jade replied to, that, yes this is your boyfriend and now your responsibility-
He sat Azul down on your couch
and left
you looked at the small child who's lips were quivering and his large grey-blue eyes had tears
so you quickly scoped him up and peppered his face with kisses
azul was happy :)
azul is a very shy and anxious child so have to constantly ressure him that he was doing amazing and he would smile brightly at you
other wise he would be a very well behaved and gentlemanly toddler
he likes to have a balanced diet but you sometimes caught him staring at junk food, so will have buy it for him even when he says no, you didn't miss the small smile on his face after that
would open and close door for you, even though he isn't tall enough to reach the door nobs
Stop s/o he can do it by himself!
He can't do it by himself, please help him
"well, at least I-I didn't embarrass myself that much."
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
it took the news a while to reach you that kalim had turned into a child because of a potion mishap
you actually heard it from ace that this has happened because apparently Jamil has been trying to keep situation under wraps
you haven't had visited him since the exams had been coming up and assume that he was busy himself
but now you have to check up on him by yourself
if you thought he was a ray of sunshine before, you were wrong
because now he has turned into a literal sun, istg he is so bright.
He is just so happy to see you
He is one of those happy kids who are happy to be by themselves
but he is kinda bossy
see kalim was brought up kinda spoiled so he has to have what he wants let that be food or playing
but don't worry Jamil is there to save the day!
you don't really have to take care of him because of Jamil but whenever you and kalim are together Jamil's blood pressure goes up
because kailm frequently drags you to have a magic carpet ride with him
"I am glad you took care of me s/o!"
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dianamoonfall · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Zoe: *holding mistletoe over Leona and Diana*
Zoe: Oh look. You're standing under mistletoe, that means you have to kiss.
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blookity · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Afterwards, Diana and Leona arrived at the festival and couldn't look each other in the eye for more than a second.
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leafity-writes · 25 days ago
Leona Kingscholar | Hunger
Summary: What if Leona Kingscholar?
Tumblr media
Warning: Content contains suggestive themes, slightly OOC
You weren’t sure of the turn of events that had led to your current state. It started off from a small discovery—your flustered expression and your dismissal over his approaches that had caught his attention, which then developed into a challenge he wouldn’t back down from.
Leona was mostly amused by the whole exchange. It was rare for him to feel this motivated in proving someone wrong and he knew it wasn’t like him to act this way, but the reactions you gave were far more rewarding than he’d expected; he couldn’t get enough of it.
That’s why it’s unsurprising that things had led to the exact situation you’re trapped in. In the hallway, though empty of students risked the possibility of being caught red-handed easily, he’d caged you between him and the wall he’d shoved you over. Leona let out a laugh, tails swinging lazily before it wrapped itself on one of your legs.
“Fine by me, I’ll repeat it until that’s all you can think about.” his arms tightened around you, preventing you from escaping. You could feel his body flushed against yours and his breath close to your ear as he rested his chin on the crook of your neck. His hand stroked the side of your body in an agonizingly slow manner that made you feel light.
“Hey herbivore, did you know?” you could feel the rumble of his chest as he spoke, his drawled out voice audible only to your ears sending shivers down your spine. “Everything you do drives me crazy, did you know that?”
His smirk ghosted against your skin and you froze on your spot. It was a form of mockery—a taunt that tested your limits. You almost let out a shriek when you feel a cold sharp nab on your neck. He knows what he’s doing; he’s doing it on purpose.
“Wait—” You couldn’t finish your sentence as he crashed his lips into yours. Any sound you made was swallowed hungrily by the beast who had you trapped in his intoxicating kiss, leaving you weak in his arms as you feebly clutched onto his clothes. Only by the mercy of the Great Seven were you given the chance to pull away, taking in as much breath as you can. Your bleary eyes close to tears were only able to focus on the sight of his emerald eyes that were staring at you like a lion would at its prey craving for more.
His face was no longer smiling.
“I’ll make sure you won’t forget it.”
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swallowingseawater · 26 days ago
Leona random fluff hcs
I’m avoiding a test right now so instead have some nice hcs of my favorite lion. ( reader has curly hair here bc I said so)
Tumblr media
You and Leona oddly share a lot of things for your hair even though you two have different hair types. Nothing is safe from this man. Your satin scrunchies? They’re his now. Your deep conditioner? He already opened it and used it. YOUR SATIN PILLOW CASES?? Stolen.
When you eventually try to take them back, he simply just grabs them out of your hands and says he’ll just buy you new ones. But you both know those replacements will eventually find their way back to his room.
When you asks why he uses your things he’ll give you plenty of excuses from “ yours don’t get knotted in my hair” to a simply “ why not” Leona is lucky you love him.
Whenever you two take naps together when he thinks you finally fell asleep he’ll run his hands through your hair breaking any of the knots that formed throughout the day and will even scratch your scalp when he’s in an even softer mood.
Leona will square up with Cheka anytime he visits. There is no way in hell Leona will let the “brat” hog your attention. He usually loses though and Cheka returns home with cute matching braids like his uncle, which of course you did.
You still will not have tail rights, but that won’t stop you. When you eventually are able to catch him off guard and finally grab. Leona use his tail to smack you, at least it’s a gently slap.
Crewel will be stricter on you compared to before it’s bad enough that Grim is a delinquent but for you to fall too not on his watch! You’ll probably be the last person he assigns to go to the botanical garden especially since he knows a certain lion will be there ready to keep you there during class.
On days that your feeling sick while he personally might not give it to you he’ll order Ruggie or someone else in Savanaclaw to send you a care package. If he’s feeling extra motivated that day he’ll stay with you, though he’ll tell you it’s just so he can have an excuse to skip classes.
He will force you to play against him in chess just so he can bully you see your frustrated face as you try to win.
Leona might try to drag you back to his home during vacations so he won’t have to be completely miserable. If he can successfully without the headmaster stopping him, Leona will soon find out this was a complete mistake since now he has to introduce you to his entire family.
When you return from the break with him, he’ll return with five years cut off his life and you with dozens of embarrassing stories told to you by his older brother. Don’t tease him about this too much, he’ll pay you back five times as much.
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natewriteslol · 4 months ago
Hiya! So could I request Leona when his s/o absolutely adooooores Cheka? (Cmon, those cheeks look so squish-able! Gonna pick up and hold the baby!)
maybe some crumbs of building a family... o3o
A/N: Who doesn’t love Cheka tbh, hes too cute :( 💕💞
Y/N is gender-neutral
Characters: Leona Kingscholar
Warnings: none, except it gets a lil emotional
-He is very annoyed that you’ve taken a liking to Cheka
-I mean, who would want to deal with a little mongrel like that? (Other than his goody two shoes brother)
-Ugh! And when you start saying yes to babysitting him? And that Cheka is over at his dorm more often?
-Leona can’t stand it
-Butttt… he can’t deny that he’s starting to take a liking to Cheka
-He thinks its because Cheka is with you
-Not because he actually likes the little beast, no way…
-One time when you were over at his castle, eating dinner with his family, he started to fantasize
-You were so caring towards Cheka, always holding him, attending to him, giving him forehead kisses
-You would be an amazing parent
-Leona starts to slip a smile as he eats
-And it’s just his luck that his brother pops the question,
-”So Leona, after graduating NRC do you plan on starting a family with, Y/N?”
-He chokes on his drink, making those around him giggle
-You were shocked by the sudden question, you haven’t really thought about starting a family with Leona yet
- “O-oh well we’re still super young but maybe! I do really love kids” you said with a smile, trying to clear the air of the baby talk on you both
- “You’d be a great parent, Y/N! They’re super nice and cool!” Cheka interrupted enthusiastically
-Once dinner had ended, you both were heading down the hallway to Leona’s room
-The castle was so huge that you both ended up alone on this path
- “I’ve thought about it” Leona said, looking forward
- “Thought about what?” you asked, confused on his sudden serious tone
- “Starting a family with you,” he said “while I know I’m young, my biggest concern is not being enough for my children. I want them to be loved, not have a second best father.”
-He paused, collecting himself “I can’t deny it. I’m afraid of being a bad parent.”
-Leona squeezed your hand, walking faster “But whatever, forget what I said.”
-Ah, typical Leona
-Once you got to his room, you gave him a hug and smiled at him
- “Well, you know what I think?”
- “That you’d be an amazing father” you said beaming at him
- “You’re smart, strong, reliable, passionate and kind. You’re a good man, Leona.”
- “I trust you” you finished, and those words truly meant alot to the lion-man
-Leona pulled you into a hug, holding you for so long you didn’t know when he was going to let you go
-But that’s okay
-Look out world, you might have some of the best parents coming soon in a couple of years!
“Leona baby, are you crying?”
“Ah herbivore, y-your eyesight is worse than I thought.”
“Aww, c’mere my big baby!”
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pet-pet-peet · a month ago
I was reading the Twst manga and they made a brief mention in a chapter about Leona and Epel that Leona is soft for the cute, quiet types...sooo....reader inspired by the teapot mouse from Alice in Wonderland (gentle, typically sleepy, but easily frightened)
I also added Lilia because I’m a simp for peepaw
Tw: slight description/mention of fear
Pairing(s): Leona, Lilia x gn reader that's like the Alice in Wonderland teapot mouse (separate)
Tumblr media
He’s so soft for you
His instinct to protect you can knock him out of a dead sleep if necessary, no joke, it’s so cute
Loves to take naps with you, since you get sleepy when you’re relaxed
Both of you like the botanical garden, since it’s nice and warm
You’re just as hard to wake up as he is, facts
If you start getting panicked he gets uber-protective, defense level 10,000
Someone scared you? He found dinner
There’s a particular way he gets sometimes, and it’s always when you visit him in his dorm
He acts tough and gruff, but if one of the dorm members hurt you he’d genuinely be pissed
You make his emotions skyrocket, but also get him to be the most calm he’s ever been it’s amazing (bringing out the most)
Tumblr media
He loves when you want to fall asleep around him
If he’s feeling sweet he lets you rest on his lap, brushing his hands over your head as he hums or speaks gently
If he’s not, don’t..don’t fall asleep around him
He’ll wait until you brink REM and then scare you awake
It feels like those dreams about falling where your body jolts up
He knows how far he can and can’t take things, so he can startle you but not scare you too bad
He learned them the hard way, unfortunately for you, with trial and error, so the beginning of your relationship is a bit rocky
If he finds out someone else scared you, he prioritizes calming you down
If it keeps happening from the same person, he’s gonna have to kindly ask them not to anymore ^^
He’s still same ol’ Lilia, but he loves to have you around; it makes life at NRC much more entertaining~
*All Images are official art from Twisted Wonderland and do not belong to me. They are the Lab Coat Groovy card art
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Tumblr media
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