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bazberkker · 2 days ago
This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Hailee Steinfeld wearing a suit in Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld only.
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lumberjackloving · 2 days ago
to everyone who will be going home to hatred and bigotry today: i see you. to every lesbian who will be asked about when she'll find a man, to every bisexual person facing slurs at home, to every trans person who must put on the wrong clothes and respond to the wrong name: i see you. the holidays can be a deeply painful time for members of the lgbtq community but know that you are not alone. i see you, the community sees you, and together we can get through this knowing that when we are with each other we are loved.
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justlgbtthings · 5 hours ago
i love this so much
interviewer: what is your deepest secret?
girl on the left wearing a rainbow shirt: i’m… [she whispers] ninety-nine
voice-over: [referring to the vine] twenty-one!
girl: ..percent lesbian!
voice-over: [in a children’s voice] i’m not afraid anymore!
interviewer: …ninety-nine percent?
girl: [tapping her feet on the ground] yep
interviewer: what about that one percent?
voice-over: ahh shi-
girl: uh spencer reid from criminal minds
interviewer: [in a higher pitched voice] [laughs] the guy that reads really fast?
girl: yeah with seven PhDs
voice-over: oh my god, what is that?!
interviewer: what does that mean?
voice-over: are you serious?
girl: he’s really smart
interviewer: [laughs]
girl: wanna see something?
interviewer: [still sort of laughing, now confused] sure
voice-over: now that we’re done with that..
girl: [zips open her backpack, places it on the ground and pulls out a flag] [she turns around to reveal that it’s the pink red and orange lesbian flag]
voice-over: ahh thats hot, that’s hot
girl: [she puts the flag on her back and holds it like a cape, then starts running] [she shouts] To pride!
[the intense “run” sound/song starts playing] [she runs off into the distance]
end transcript
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pettybisexual · 2 days ago
For Closeted LGBT People
With the holidays and family gatherings coming up, I'd like to remind everyone that you don't need to feel pressured to come out.
It's okay to be in the closet.
It's okay to still be questioning your identity.
It's okay if you're not ready to come out.
It's okay if you want to make your coming out a big thing.
It's okay if you don't want your coming out to be a big deal.
But most importantly: please only come out if you know you're safe to do so.
Have a great day and happy holidays! ♡
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faunthefaery · 20 hours ago
Something that hurts me as a sapphic nonbinary person is how much transphobia and enbyphobia there is in sapphic spaces.
No one is saying that you have to date trans women or nonbinary people. All we're saying is that we belong here. That's it. If you personally are not attracted to us, whatever, we don't want to be with you anyways (we want to be with people who actually like us believe it or not). But stop trying to throw us out because we aren't cis.
If you're trying to exclude us from these spaces because we are trans, you are being transphobic, it's not something you can debate about.
We aren't making you less sapphic, or less of a lesbian. We aren't going to turn you "straight". We aren't harmful in any way. We are just trans, that's it. We're trans and a lot of us still like women and consider ourselves to be sapphic or lesbians.
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i-am-shitpost · 23 hours ago
guys. Guys. GUYS.
I have a new cartoon crush.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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somos-deseos · 2 days ago
Es difícil estar solo, pero también es difícil amar a la gente. Creo que esta es la trampa particular en la que todos viven. Necesitamos a la gente, pero esa necesidad puede destruirnos. Cuando nos preocupamos por alguien nos domina y ¿quién sabe al final si esa persona es realmente quien creemos que es?
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wontletyouundermyskin · 2 days ago
Ekko: We both know Vi is the top in their relationship.
Jinx: As if!
Ekko: What? But Vi is all muscular and confrontational!
Jinx: Exactly.
Ekko: You're making even less sense than usual, and that's saying something.
Jinx: Vi is always in control, always ready to go, and while her Cupcake gets flustered in public, is bet you anything that Vi is not the one taking charge in bed.
Jayce: Can you two please stop taking about this now?
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xstarrydawnx · a day ago
Hi,so I decided to share some of my sexuality headcannons for some of the Encanto characters(not including the adults,abuela and Antonio)
•Mirabel is bi no doubt,I mean c'mon she has a bisexual rainbow pin on her dress
•Isabela gives off high lesbian energy
•Luisa is Aroace
•Same thing with Bruno
•Dolores is a pansexual demi-girl
•And you all know about what I think about Camilo,he genderfluid transmasc homosexual
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